Rhys Ifans Cast in Unknown Villain Role in Spider-Man Reboot

October 11, 2010
Source: Deadline

Rhys Ifans

Hot on the heels of the recent announcement of Emma Stone taking the role of Gwen Stacy, the lead female and love interest for Spider-Man, it looks like we now have a villain cast for the web-slinging franchise reboot. Deadline is reporting Sony Pictures has cast British actor Rhys Ifans in an unknown villain role. You may not know the actor's name, but you've likely seen him in quirky roles in films like Notting Hill, Pirate Radio and a great supporting performance in last year's Greenberg. In addition to this Spider-Man casting, Ifans is likely to become more familiar following his appearance in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.

The real question now is what villain will Ifans portray on screen? The inclusion of Gwen Stacy as Peter Parker's love interest over Mary Jane Watson seems to suggest the the series could start with Green Goblin again (the villain responsible for Stacy's untimely death in the comic series). However, since Sam Raimi's Spider-Man used a very similar scenario to threaten Mary Jane's life, there's no guarantee that Gobby will be included. There have been vague rumblings of Venom, which would be nice after he was treated so poorly in Spider-Man 3, but there hasn't been any confirmation just yet. If Ifans takes the role, we'll likely find out soon so stay tuned as the story develops. Which villain would you like Rhys Ifans to play?

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Jackal was obsessed with Gwen Stacy. Could be a nice addition to a reboot by adding a new villain to the mix.

LetterJ13 on Oct 11, 2010


Totally in agreement with LetterJ13 - the Jackal. He'd be soooooo good at it.

Ian Carruthers on Oct 11, 2010


He'd make a heck of a Vulture...

Don Shanahan on Oct 11, 2010


Here's my two cents: Go the Christopher Nolan Batman route: First installment: Minor-ish villain, maybe The Lizzard or heck, even Doc Ock, since he was Spidey's original arch-nemesis. Follow up with Green Goblin, death of Gwen Stacy, powerful, dark second film (the "Dark Knight" of the series) End (assuming they're only doing three films) with Venom.

James on Oct 11, 2010


interesting for me. I think, but worth watching.

wesley king on Oct 11, 2010


do Mysterio, I've always wanted to see what he would be like on film. And please for the love of god have Carnage in one of the films!

Xerxex on Oct 11, 2010


I like where poster #4 is going, but we all know that the studio's gonna want to make at least 3 films so why not save the emotional and powerful 2nd film for the 3rd installment that way there's a big moment that can be part of the emotional core in the next one or two films also THEY BETTER MAKE SPIDERMAN FUNNY.

silver on Oct 11, 2010


I hate this actor, and I'm tired of green goblin. Doesn't look good 🙁 So far Emma stone and Marc Webb are the selling points for me on this one.

Ricardo on Oct 11, 2010


"Minor-ish villain, maybe The Lizzard or heck, even Doc Ock" Really? You consider those two villains minor? I would say they're the two most prominent and well know villains in the series. I'm thinking that we're about to see Shocker make his on screen debut due to Ifans' build and overall appearance. ...I'd love to see The Jackal though too.

peloquin on Oct 11, 2010


Electro hopefully.

Audioout on Oct 11, 2010


Willem Dafoe rocked the Green Goblin. Have no desire to see another actor in that role - hell, there are so many bad ass Spider-man villians to choose from.

Rex on Oct 11, 2010


He should play either Electro or Jackal! =D

sharktopus on Oct 11, 2010


I like Rhys Ifans (especially liked his work in Notting Hill...hilarious), but I just can't see him realistically playing anyone in Spider-Man's rogues gallery. Like #8, Emma Stone and Marc Webb are the big selling points for me on this, and that's not a lot to hang a tentpole film from. I'd like to think Sony knows what it's doing, but then...I saw Spider-Man 3, so I know they haven't got a clue.

Outlaw on Oct 11, 2010


I'd like to see a spider man film made, and not The SONY SPIDER

Jimmy Love on Oct 11, 2010


My neighbor is the human resources guy at Sony. He mentioned something of ELECTRO at our house the other night. This is a serious and legit comment. Can't exactly confirm. But its generally most likely.

Zach on Oct 11, 2010


Electro would be cool. I wouldn't wanna see Carnage until a 4th or 5th movie, though. I'd like them to space Venom over 2 movies (have Spider-Man lose the black suit at the end of one and the next movie have the villain be Venom with a better Eddie Brock than Topher Grace) and then perhaps the next movie do Carnage.

Corey on Oct 11, 2010


Im really hoping for Lizard for the first villian but this guy look like a vulture or carnage

Antoni05 on Oct 12, 2010


He'd be a good Electro. I'm guessing the main villain will still be Green Goblin, and Electro or similar will be the hired help. 1st film, Osbourne in the shadows, Spidey gets a beating from a couple of villains. 2nd film, Osbourne is revealed, kills Gwen at the end of the movie. 3rd film, Osbourne finally gets his comeuppance. Harry takes over the Goblin mantle opening up a possible 4th film. They may also go the Sinister 6 route at some point....

Matt on Oct 12, 2010


if not Green Goblin then I can see him as Electro or Lizard.

Amy on Oct 12, 2010


Why is everyone calling for Electro? He doesn't have enough appeal to stand on his own. If Sony shot down the Vulture, why on Earth would they let Electro go through? Sony wants fan appeal, it's why Venom was in (and butchered in the process) the third film. Rhys looks like Cletus Cassidy, but it is too early for Carnage. Honestly, I just don't know. Venom is my favorite, always has been, always will be. I want him treated right, with proper set up, a solid actor, and a worthy story, and now is not the time for him. It may be time for Eddie Brock, but not yet time for Venom. Let's see what happens. I'm pulling for Lizard this time around. No excellent performances (Dafoe, Molina) will be stomped on, and the fans' hunger for Dr. Conners will be fed.

Chris on Oct 12, 2010


peloquin well put some people just because there not your favorite villains dose not make them small character. Still i gotta agree with james that they shouldn't drag this out. Im real excited to see how Nolan's gonna close out his batman franchise and i like dragged out series just make me appreciate the originals. Now on the character id personally love to see Rhys Ifans play carnage who is a cereal killer even before binding with the alien symbiote from venom. That woulda kinda suck if they didnt involve venom but hey maybe if the runtimes like 2 hours - 230 they can have venom two and have spidey and venom fight carnage like in the comics. Now I feel like hes gonna end up playing vulture which kinda sucks i always hated vulture but hey maybe then can reinvent him and make him badass kind of like raj al ghul (not saying he wasent cool originally but christopher nolan has an act for those things)

Rich on Oct 12, 2010


Sorry i had some spelling mishaps i was rushing i feel like dragged out series just make me appreciate the originals less.

Rich on Oct 12, 2010


I think the Jackal would be a great fit to start the franchise off with. Lets say they do 6 movies (thinking big here). Part 1: The Jackal- start it off with his obsession with Gwynn Stacey. He research into cloning and artificial limb replacement using a unknown specimen of DNA (could be Wolverine’s Healing Factor or variation of the Super Solider Formula )with the help of fellow scientist Kurt Connors and Otto Octavious is all being funded by Norman Osborn. After several failed attempts using lab rats, etc..the project is now leaning toward using spider and reptilians possible test subjects. After one enhanced spider is loose its bites Peter during a trip to Norman Osborn’s lab with Harry, and several other students including, Gwynn , Harry, Mary Jane, and Eddie Brock. The movie ends with climactic battle between the Jackal (please not in costume) and Peter at OsCorp , which results in Otto Octavious is gravely injured and put into a coma after his artificial mechanical limbs are bonded to his back. I have more but I thought this was a start.

Shaun on Oct 12, 2010

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