Ricky Gervais Slays the Golden Globes - Favorite Moments?

January 17, 2010

Ricky Gervais

There's no doubt that awards shows are long-winded and usually boring. Every now and then, though, there comes a host who dares to lead an awards show with great humor, gravitas and yet, seemingly, without care. This year at the 67th Annual Golden Globes, comedian Ricky Gervais was that host. Along with all the traditional topical jokes at the industry's expense, Gervais slammed just about everyone from the Hollywood Foreign Press Association to NBC to Mel Gibson and yes, even his own penis. Not an hour into the show, he quipped: "One thing that can't be bought is a Golden Globe. Officially." Discuss more highlights below.

Some of Gervais' best jokes were during his introduction to the awards show. Rewatch that opening here:

All videos have been removed by the studio - sorry!

Gervais continued making humorous statements throughout, including this harsh one: "This next category is a bit of a downer really. It's for writing." But Gervais wasn't the only highlight of the Globes. While he was funny for most of the first half, the focus eventually got back to the awards themselves and the talent took it away as best they could. One of my favorite moments was hearing Christoph Waltz's speech (watch it below) for winning Best Supporting Actor (for Inglourious Basterds). Not only did he mention every name on his "thank you list" but he wrapped it all up neatly in a speech that related to the Golden Globe itself.

All videos have been removed by the studio - sorry!

Another one of my favorite parts of the show tonight was the Cecil B. DeMille Award segment, including the introductions by Robert DeNiro and Leonardo DiCaprio and Martin Scorese's beautiful acceptance speech talking primarily about his love for film. And if you're reading this site, you probably have a love for film as well. Although Scorsese eventually turned his speech into an advertisement for The Film Foundation, I think DeNiro and DiCaprio's introductions were some of the best I've ever heard (including the amusing "I've hear there's even videos on the internet of Marty having sex with film"). Rewatch that moment below:

All videos have been removed by the studio - sorry!

I've got to mention two other great moments: Jason Reitman's wonderful acceptance speech for the Best Screenplay for Up in the Air and, odd as it may seem, Arnold Schwarzenegger's introduction to Avatar. I loved Reitman's speech because it was so heartfelt and full of inspiration. Reitman always gives speeches and talks that are full of true, honest emotion, and that's what I love about him (and about his films). The Arnold segment was just hilarious because he couldn't really pronounce Avatar and I loved his joke about NBC and how the money Avatar made is being used by the government. Rewatch Reitman's speech here:

All videos have been removed by the studio - sorry!

Personally I think Ricky Gervais did a fairly good job hosting the Globes, although Entertainment Weekly seems to think he bombed it. Then again, the Golden Globes have never had anything more than a mediocre show. Some great speeches, some good winners, some bad winners, but overall an enjoyable three hours. It's certainly made me more excited for the Oscars! But for now it's time to quickly look back at the 67th Annual Golden Globes and discuss what your favorite moments were (if you even had any). What did you think of James Cameron's speech for Best Drama (watch it here)? What other moments were your favorite?

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Mel Gibson's sobriety

ctSF on Jan 17, 2010


yeah, he dropped the bomb on Mel. Intro was great too!

Nick Sears on Jan 17, 2010


I agree Ricky Gervais did a good job with the event, was it his first with anything on this scale? (The bit on the "writers" was one of the best.) Kind of sensed things were a bit off with his timing, but I think it was the acoustics with the room and crowd reaction? The sound level with the audience seemed constantly muted to compare with the stage microphone, both with Gervais and anyone else up on stage. Otherwise, many great moments tonight, as you highlight many here.

qbits on Jan 17, 2010


Judging from only the first 4 minutes i think Ricky Gervais was absolutly hilarious

Kalli on Jan 17, 2010


Here's the video of Arnold Schwarzenegger presenting "Abadah":

Matt on Jan 17, 2010


Gervais was hilarious. He seemed a bit nervous though which surprises me, but he pulled it off well. Christoph Waltz's acceptance speech was awesome. If you really listened to it you realise he didn't simply write down names of people he wanted to thank. He prepared for the speech by crafting an actual speech one with an introduction, main points, and a conclusion. It's nice to see an intelligent acceptance speech for a change instead of just a list of names.

Jordan on Jan 17, 2010


I don't think Gervais was any good at all. In fact, I think he was down right disgusting. He made a mockery of his fellow actors - as well as other "third world" nations. Very bad taste, especially given the recent earthquake in Haiti. What a moron. Is that the best Hollywood can do? Hiring some unfunny bloated Englishman to host, what is considered to be, a very presitgeous event. It's same with all these Australians everywhere. It's like any Aussie with a decent pair of tits or some stubble on their chin are hired for major roles these days. Like the England, they're just another backwards country who wouldn't have a pot to piss in if it wasn't for America. Why do we give them jobs? Why the hell would they cast Sam Worthington? Here's a novel idea - hire an established American actor. And I also thought Hugh Jackaman was one of the worst Oscar hosts in recent memory. I think it speaks volumes that we need to hire foreginers to do our job for us.

Kyle on Jan 17, 2010


You're a dick.

Mark on Jan 9, 2012


Scorsese getting th Cecil B. Demille award was very good, I dig Robert Downey Jr alot but I dont understand how he won in that category. (Musical & Comedy?) Wish Q would've won Best director. Good for Jeff Bridges, good actor he just doesnt make too many very good movies. Waltz's speech was excellent and so was Monique's, she was so brutal in that movie it's almost hard to root for her. Never thought I would ever say it but Sandra Bullock deserves the award. God, I love Cameron doesnt win Best Director and Best Film come Oscar night.

Frightened Inmate #2 on Jan 17, 2010


Love both Ricky Gervais and Mel Gibson!

Jennie Ang on Jan 17, 2010


hahahah thank you number 5!!!! i was going to make a post about how he said that ABAda lmao

zach on Jan 17, 2010


Yeah I loved Christoph Waltz's speech, and although I don't believe that Avatar should have won Best Drama, Cameron gave a good acceptance speech.

Xerxex on Jan 17, 2010


I also agree that Christoph Waltz's speech was the speech of the night. My vote was for The Hurt Locker for Best Drama. Avatar is great in it's own right but definitely not for the category of Drama. Ricky Gervais did a hilarious job of hosting! That's what hosts are supposed to do; warm up, loosen up the crowd and ease them up throughout the event. Check out this clip of Julia Roberts and Tom Hanks ripping NBC.

Ryteous on Jan 18, 2010


#7 Kyle! You must feel like a real big man putting actors from other nations down. Being Australian I am insulted by your pathetic Rambling. America has great actors, but so does the rest of the world. I for one would never put your nations actors down. Get over your crap about being #1.

last Son on Jan 18, 2010


yawn another made up awards show for slaves to watch

Derp on Jan 18, 2010


I agree with #13 last Son. #7 Kyle is an idiot! I'm an American that lives in the Bay Area, California and we flourish, accept and encourage a melting pot of diversity. Who in the their right mind would want ALL american actors ALL the damn time?! That would be an unappealing snooze fest. You sound very uncultured for someone who commented sympathy for the Haitian earthquake victims. England and Australia are our allies and they fought side by side with the U.S. in WWII. If you ever watched the movie Australia (it doesn't sound like you have) which stars Hugh Jackman (yes the Hugh Jackman you despise) the Japanese Bombed the City of Darwin during WWII, the same forces that bombed Pearl Harbor. So get your facts straight, think before you speak and get your head out of your Jeff-Zucker-Loving-Dukes-of-Hazard-Confederate-flag-flying-Redneck-Inbred-Ass!

Incongruous on Jan 18, 2010


#7 Take the Dark Knight as an example as it is the fourth highest-grossing film of all time It was written and directed by an Englishman, Batman was played by a Welshman, the Joker played by an Australian, and the other best two supporting actors in the film are English. So I guess we British and Australians are doing something right 🙂 Hollywood has become a Mecca for talent from all around the world. It shouldn't matter where someone comes from if they are good at what they do.

harv on Jan 18, 2010


Seems as though #7 - Kyle - is a racist. His post was essentially - "Dem dam durty immigrants, dere stealing our jobs!"

Dan on Jan 18, 2010


They took our jeeerbs!

Randy Marsh on Jan 18, 2010


I'm not Gervaise' biggest fan but thought he did a decent presenting job. Do the crowds at these functions ever go wild for the presenter?

napoleonblownapart on Jan 18, 2010


Gervais and Robert Downey Jr were the only good parts in a night to be forgotten. The thing was more akin to the MTV movie awards than anything. How does a movie with mediocre story telling, mediocre script, mediocre characters, ends up as winning best Drama.... It was a slap in the face of everybody in that room who even tried to make films. Even Cameron thought Katherine should've won. Honestly i don't have any probs with him winning best director though, as Avatar, with its B.O and special effects, overall is quite the feat, and i have to give him props for that. But best movie?

Darunia on Jan 18, 2010


i thought the awards were very boring....Gervais only came out every now and then. Honestly, I thought he was going to be more prominent throughout the show and more funnier.

talli on Jan 18, 2010


Kyle: "The England" nice one, you've proved you're a Moron now move along, nothing more to see here.

CHACK on Jan 18, 2010


ricky gervais is not funny and im british, he thinks he's gods gift to comedy id rather watch that dodgy movie jennifer lopez made a few years ago with ben affleck than watch ricky gervais , moron, boring over hyped

thepeoplesmovies on Jan 18, 2010


#7 ..............Using your words (and spelling). I AM PROUD TO BE A "FOREGINER" FROM THAT LITTLE BACKWARD NATION YOU CALL "THE ENGLAND". I am also proud of Ricky Gervais, who uses Irony to all its full effect, that being so those of us from a backward nation UNDERSTAND IT, and those bigots from around the globe just scratch their heads and vent their ignorance for all to read. Oh and #22, your movie collection msut be a hoot...............

Barry on Jan 18, 2010


#22 I AM SO SORRY!!!!! I was of course referring to #23, you know, the one who casually calls Gervais a Moron while freely admitting he is entertained by "that dodgy movie jennifer lopez made a few years ago with ben affleck".

Barry on Jan 18, 2010


Fix those ugly teeth!!!

Ambient on Jan 18, 2010


Ive never seen that dodgy jennifer lopez movie, i just know it was so bad due to its publicity. as for calling ricky gervais a moron i refered toward the numerous of times he has been on british television (all networks) boasting hes the best and 75% he's craked a joke and in return no laughter. No ones better than anyone and anyone who publicly state on tv (which gervais has done)they are the best and better than others is big headed and a moron. He is still living off the ghost of the office a joke that was ok years ago when it was on but now running very thin.. everyone is at same level no one is better than no one ricky gervais included. As for abusing another person's country ive never done it, never will.

thepeoplesmovies on Jan 18, 2010


#7...Just shut up.

guh on Jan 18, 2010


I gotta admit, I never really thought much of Ricky Gervais nor his brand of comedy. That all changed last night as he was the most hilarious and outspoken host the Globes have had in recent memory. His opening monologue was funny and the jabs he took at Steve Carell and Mel Gibson were priceless. I thought he ROCKED! 🙂

Spider on Jan 18, 2010


Comment has been deleted by moderator.

Dan the Man on Jan 18, 2010


...Where's XerXex when he is needed!!!?

Dan the Man on Jan 18, 2010


"Let's get on with it before NBC replaces me with Jay Leno". Nice.

Vic on Jan 18, 2010


HEY!!! I'm right here DAN!!!! Behind #7 insanely stupid comment!!!! CAN YOU SEE ME????

Xerxex on Jan 18, 2010


Hey Xerxex, didnt see that comment earlier - sorry boss

Dan the Man on Jan 18, 2010


#7 Kyle.....What an absolutely priceless post.......I can't resist picking that apart for a wee discussion.....(I'm from The England by the way). I find your comments a touch insulting to 'Backwards Englishmen and Australians' so lets just take a brief look at your part of the world shall we...... "I don't think Gervais was any good at all" - That's obviously due to the fact that nothing he does will ever appear on 'America's Dumbest home videos'. In fact I don't suppose anything comical that originates from a 'Foreginer' will ever be as good as getting together with some Good 'ole boy's & sitting around in your trailer drinking hooch, taking turns to make sweet love to your dog and having a Good 'ole chuckle at the 'TeeeeVeeeee' whilst watching Happy days... "He made a mockery of his fellow actors - as well as other "third world" nations. Very bad taste, especially given the recent earthquake in Haiti" - Uh oh....Quick somebody turn on the PC alarm & call the thought police....A statement from a citizen of a country, that by far, sit's top on the list of "Greed at the expense morality"... "It's like any Aussie with a decent pair of tits or some stubble on their chin are hired for major roles these days. Like the England, they're just another backwards country who wouldn't have a pot to piss in if it wasn't for America" - Well 'Yeeeeeeee Haaaaaaaaaaa' and God bless the U.S of A...if it wasn't for America what would the whole world do????...On a more serious note however, actually we would have a 'Pot to piss in', and a very big and deep one at that...but your Bankers took all that away from us so that you total f*ck-knuckles that couldn't even read a mortgage contract could pay for their very own trailer. PS...May I suggest the next time you're heading out for some 'Ribs & Chickn' or going to Walmart to pick up some shells for shooting 'Those Pesky varmints'....drop buy your local Library (If of course you have one, or even know where it is!!) and grab a few History books.....or at worst pick up a newspaper.... "I think it speaks volumes that we need to hire 'foreginers' to do our job for us" - This last little snippet of philosophical insight is absolute gold......You weren't complaining when England & Australia helped you out in Iraq'istan, doing that little 'Job' for you, did you eh??? Not to mention the Aussies that fought along side you goons in Vietnam and helped weed out the enemy 'cos you idiots were walking around covered in aftershave and smoking pot in the jungle. And obviously a quote of that sort wouldn't be done justice if I didn't mention all the Mexicans in your country doing all the jobs you lazy bastards wont do, for slaves wages. Honestly......and Americans wonder why the rest of the world cant stand them!!!!! I grew up thinking the founding fathers and original migrants to America were fair and brave....the older I get though, the more I'm starting to believe it was just the 'old countries' getting rid of their low-end DNA. Kyle...You've done your fellow countrymen proud! Let's all face facts...NBC went out on a limb hiring a host that doesn't mind making fun of his own industry (Where's the crime in that?), what did they expect? I must admit it was fantastic to watch a bunch of overpaid, self-congratulatory back slappers get brought down a level (Whatever their nationality). By someone, who in my humble opinion, is a great comedian.

Paul on Jan 18, 2010


Its cool Dan, lol. Oh and its not laugh out loud, its a tie-fighter. l

Xerxex on Jan 18, 2010


@35 Well Said, oooh boy - someone got ripped a new ASSHOLE (@#7)

Dan the Man on Jan 18, 2010


Hey Paul don't lump all of us Americans in the same category as #7.

Xerxex on Jan 18, 2010


Apologies Xerxex, I certainly did not mean to generalize. I just happen to be an Englishman that lives in Australia and as such felt doubly troubled by his remarks. Enough, in fact, that I felt obliged to reply to him in a manner of his own to make my point. Trust me, Ikve also lived and worked in the US (which I very much enjoyed) and know for a fact that you're a great bunch. Apart, obviously, from individuals such as Kyle. Don't worry, we also have idiots like him in England and Australia too! Perhaps he needs to get himself a passport and travel a little (although I fear he wouldn't be intelligent enough to complete the application form) 🙂

Paul on Jan 18, 2010


Its cool, Paul...for the most part I actually agree with you, #7 is part of the group that ruin the image if their nation, and sadly that group is getting bigger and lunacy!

Xerxex on Jan 19, 2010


I like that Ricky Gervais made fun of writers, most comedians can't make fun of them, because they write all their material. It was funny when the writers went on strike and the big talk show 'comedians' ended up looking silly.

Crapola on Jan 19, 2010


Kyle, white America as you know it would be the Native American/Aztec nation if THE ENGLISH hadn't come over on the Mayflower and other 'boats' to seed your great country. Ditto the Spanish, Germans, Irish, Italians, half of Africa etc. You complain about Hugh Jackman, what about Mel Gibson? Martin Scorsese - Italian, Arnie - Austrian! Are you one of the many Americans who doesn't even possess a passport? I do hope so!

Sara on Jan 19, 2010


Kyle... Yeah, we don't need no stinkin for'ners here in this cuntry. That's why we remake all thier moovees to maek are own moovees that are beter an look moer awsum lololololol. Wat do yu meen it were hostd by tha hollywud foren press? there's cuntrees besidez ares? Like "The England"? OMG!!! Ignorant pile of crap. You know what the US does? The US causes economic meltdowns. Corporations here need to save money and protect their bottom line, so they export all of our jobs to third world nations using extortion tactics that eventually drive those local economies down the drain, then they use the cheaper labor to produce goods that they can then re-import into the US to sell to rich fat ignorant fucks who don't give a rat's ass that a ten year old is making their t-shirts and shoes instead of getting an education. If these people don't have a pot to piss in it's because we took their pot away so they'd be forced to work for pennies a day in one of our factories. Further, of the films that are produced in the US annually, more and more of them are remakes of foreign films. This would imply that these films are actually pretty good, so why remake them? Because ignorant douchebags such as yourself don't have the patience (or reading ability) to read subtitles and are prejudiced against any film that doesn't feature well-known US actors, and fuck knows you can't be bothered to learn any other language. You cretins usually have a hard time learning the single language we speak here. The fact that most of this country is made up of dipshits such as yourself has made me debate whether I should stay here. The only problem with leaving is that the stigma would follow me around. The US is not the 'greatest country on the planet'. It's just filled with a lot of rude, egotistical morons.

Squiggly_P on Jan 20, 2010


Ricky was by far the most entertaining thing about this years globes and I'm happy to hear that he'll be hosting next year as well.

Ricky Gervais Show on May 20, 2010


Ricky Gervais was by far the most entertaining thing at this years globes and i'm happy to hear that he'll be hosting next year as well.

fordj on May 20, 2010


You can listen to all the old radio shows Gervais did with Karl Pilkington and Stephen Merchant at

Ricky Gervais Show on Aug 21, 2010


The best thing is I downloaded all my movies in the last 8 years, so I know I didn't gave any money to those fuckers working in such a bullshit industry that's gonna end soon anyway.

Yoshi Gouji on Jan 17, 2011

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