Ridley Scott Confirms: Both Alien Prequels Will Be Shot in 3D

April 24, 2010
Source: Collider


Just yesterday, we reported a big story where Ridley Scott finally explained what the concept and story of the Alien prequel that he's currently developing would be. Yesterday was also the same day when endless amounts of 3D news hit (and it looks like Sherlock Holmes 2 is joining in on the 3D fun, too) and although we already knew that the prequel would be in 3D, Scott confirms that they're actually going to shoot it from the start in 3D. "Absolutely" was the answer he gave when asked if that's what they would be doing. In fact, they're going to be using more advanced cameras then the ones James Cameron used on Avatar. Read on!

You may have also noticed that in the headline that we said "both Alien prequels." Well, Collider was one of a few sites at a roundtable interview with Scott, who confirmed that there are indeed two prequels they're developing. Why only two and not a trilogy (as rumored)? Well, it seems like that's the story arc they came up with. "It'll be two. It'll be prequel one and two. Then Alien 1." So believe it or not (I am so excited to hear this), Scott's very next project will indeed be the Alien prequel. When asked if he'll shoot them back-to-back, he said that "at the moment, I'm just trying to get the first one out." That screenplay is on its fourth draft.

The anti-convert-to-3D backlash has been getting stronger, so it's great to hear that Ridley will be shooting this highly anticipated prequel in 3D from the start. If only more filmmakers would push for these kinds of choices, instead of letting the studio claim some post-production BS like "3D enhancements." Head over to our article from yesterday to read up on other details about the prequel. And stay tuned for more updates!

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I'm still a bit undecided about this, I would love to it but then again I loved the mystery of the first film, I hope these two films don't take that away by wrapping up everything in a bow

ozzie memz on Apr 24, 2010


Is it just me or was anyone else underwhelmed at the 3-D presented in Avatar? I mean it wasn't all that great...unless you want subtitles in 3-D. I'm hoping that a 2-D option will be available for the films. As for the prequels I'm already pretty much sold on it, Scott knows what he's doing and if he wants it to be about the Space Jockey and flesh that into a sequel then I'm all for it! In regards to Sherlock Holmes, how can we take it seriously? There better be a 2-D option!

Xerxex on Apr 24, 2010



Al on Apr 24, 2010


I hope this prequel won't be all about the Space Jockey's. I mean it would be nice to see some humans in there. Aliens running around in 3D could be cool, aslong as they're scary. The AVP films made them so silly and hardly scary like they were in the first 4 films. Still pretty excited to see Scott returning to space. It's been a while.

Hellboy on Apr 24, 2010


as the war rages on......more and more men fall to the traps or 3-D.. We are loosing this fight.

movie mike on Apr 24, 2010


I don't care. Only if they have a 2D version of the films. Can't wait

Daniel Felts on Apr 24, 2010


That, and they should also charge equally for the 3-d films.

Rafi on Apr 24, 2010


Big fuckin surprise! I'll be in the 2D theatre.

People's Champ on Apr 24, 2010


As long as it's shot in 3-D I'll watch the 3-D version - but I don't have to pay to see movies. I'd never pay extra to see something in 3-D unless it's a classic like Creature From The Black Lagoon.

Stimpy on Apr 24, 2010


Never thought Id say this , but I just lost respect for Ridley Scott

MMH on Apr 24, 2010


The ONLY reason so many films are being converted to 3D isnt because its to enahance the story but to justify higher ticket prices. They better be careful because people are going to catch on and stop paying the additonal money just because the movie is in 3D. The ony fun 3D movies I've seen are some of the animated ones for the kids. Heck even Avatar wasnt that amazing because of the 3D.

JimD on Apr 25, 2010



Panna on Apr 25, 2010


I couldn't believe how much 'more' I enjoyed Avatar in Blu Ray than in the theaters. Screw 3D if that's the case.

Hattori Hanzo on Apr 25, 2010


I trust Ridley. But in the same time I am highly sceptical. Three people could convert me into a 3D fan - Cameron, Scott and Fincher. Cameron did not succed. I guess it's Scotts time to try.

ryderup on Apr 25, 2010


This whole thing is bad enough with prequels and some boring origin story but now they want to go 3D. sad. I expected someone like Cameron to create away to make bad movies and sell them but Scott?

tra la la la la di da on Apr 25, 2010


Its nature trail to hell, In 3D!

Jimmy Love on Apr 25, 2010


I plan on not seeing anymore 3D movies in the theaters and just wait for them to come out on BluRay 4 months later. The craze that needs to catch on is the 4k resolution using the RED camra systems. Now I've never seen a movie like this but come on quadruple the resolution how freakin awesome does that sound my friends.

CLAW on Apr 25, 2010


Face huggers popping out at you in 3D. No thanks. I'd rather watch one of those youtube screamer videos..

U.G.T.F.O. on Apr 25, 2010


alright i like it because i think theyd do a really good job of this in 3d, but i thought it was another trilogy or only two prequels now?

harrison on Apr 25, 2010


There is a powerful mystery in the first alien film that I kind of hate to see revealed. I'm concerned it will eliminate that amazing vibe in the first film. On the other hand, if Ridley can make these prequels truly meaningful without screwing with what is already established, I'm all for it. He's a great director and it should be awesome to see him return to this. Maybe he can take the 'franchise' out of aliens and just deliver a scary as hell sci-fi movie.

scott on Apr 25, 2010


I think this is going to ruin the integrity of the originals. Look, 3D is this new wave of the future, but this would be way better to leave it in the standard format, or even IMAX, but not 3D!

Jason on Apr 25, 2010


#4 consider this, wetland yutani knew about the aliens on that ceased ship, that's why ash came along before the mission even started as mentioned in the first film. They knew about it which means there had to have been some previous contact. I can't wait! And seeing Aliens scurry about in true 3D?!?! Amazing. I can't wait, only really excited because Ridley himself us at the helm.

Linkfx on Apr 25, 2010


Re: Alien prequels (plural) A single prequel is a chancy idea at best if you respect the original storyline. Two is going to the well one too many times after you've finished scraping the bottom of the barrel, whatever D it's in. #15, you said you "expected someone like Cameron to make away (sic) to make and sell bad movies..." So you think the first two Terminators, Aliens, True Lies, and Titanic are bad movies? Not sure why you are even on this website. You thought the water tentacle and the T-1000 were cool at the time, didn't you? I'm going to guess that a lot of the newly-minted 3D haters who now despise James Cameron first went to see Avatar (after an anticipatory wait) and enjoyed the experience despite the obvious flaws in the script. Now all the other Hollywood people are jumping on the lucrative bandwagon, and a backlash has developed. I resent the movie companies' kneejerk response too. It's something lower than Pavlovian. But...don't resent Cameron because he's successful. He's the leader in this. The others are the followers. Whatever you may think about the 3D craze (and yes, it's going to mess up some things before it settles down, but it's not going away), James Cameron made some of the best movies of the last 30 years and you know it. I'm not related to him. I don't work for him. I just recognize sustained creative genius when I see it. In the last century, many people, after first being amazed by electric lights, thought they were a pernicious fad.

zubzwank on Apr 25, 2010


Stop moaning film fans. At least Brett Ratner isn't directing!

JohnJ on Apr 25, 2010


@Zubzwank Tra la la la la di da has been here for a long time. And James Cameron's 3-D technology was not as good as he claimed it to be.

Xerxex on Apr 25, 2010


So have I.

zubzwank on Apr 25, 2010


@23 If creative genius means stealing other people's ideas, then I do agree that he's one hell of a creative genius.

U.G.T.F.O. on Apr 25, 2010


A new Alien movie by Ridley Scott can't be a bad thing. If he wants to film it in 3D from the onset I will accept it as part of his desire to make a visually appealing motion picture. I won't judge a movie based on its special effects. The Matrix wasn't good due to the special effects alone. I think the argument against 3D is as valid as the (continuing) argument against CGI: slapdash production value can hinder the storytelling and extremely well crafted special effects can't salvage a piece of shit. Another set of prequels have proven that. I'm just happy to hear that Mr. Scott is taking a rest from making another sequel to the Period Adventures of Russel Crowe.

ScottyR37 on Apr 25, 2010


As Have I, I'm just saying.

Xerxex on Apr 25, 2010


As I have said befor.....F**k 3D!

D on Apr 25, 2010


Re: stealing other people's ideas-Watch Mario Bava's Planet of Vampires, followed by IT, The Terror From Beyond Space. Then watch Alien. Go ahead. You will find it an interesting cinematic experience. It might give you some ideas about who steal's whose ideas.

zubzwank on Apr 25, 2010


Yeah... I'm sick of 3D. It's getting ridiculous. This post was doubly bad news. Not only am I pissed that these Alien prequels will be 3D, but my most anticipated sequel, Sherlock Holmes, will be too. That... that really blows. They better have NO gimmicky shots, cuz I'm gonna be seeing these in 2D, thank you.

chazzyO on Apr 25, 2010


Passing on these 3D flicks and going straight to the rental or cable or Blu-ray versions.

casting couch on Apr 26, 2010


It's a rough time in movieland when virtually every single A-list director is returning to the stories (now we call them franchises) that made them famous: Ghostbusters, Indiana Jones, Alien, Star Wars, on an on and on. And only one established director continues to push into the new: Cameron. Sad.

Johnnie Walker on Apr 26, 2010


Sam Worthington as the huge Space Jockey guy!

Bob on Jun 13, 2010

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