Ridley Scott Diving into 3D By Investing in 3D Tech Company

May 25, 2010
Source: Vulture

Ridley Scott

Back in April we heard from Sir Ridley Scott himself that both of his forthcoming Alien prequels would be shot in 3D. Though we had previously heard Scott was eager to convince Universal execs to convert Robin Hood to 3D in post-production, that story turned out to be false. However, the source of Scott's lingering (or maybe it's sudden) ambition to go 3D crazy may have finally been discovered, as Vulture reports that Scott is now in negotiations to get an ownership stake in one of the top manufacturers of 3D glasses and projection systems - MasterImage 3D. I guess if I owned my own 3D tech company, I'd want my movies in 3D, too.

Cleverly, Scott has named a new production company called Scott Three Productions (a play on words from his own production banner Scott Free Productions). As I've said many times before, although there's plenty of hate for 3D, especially if it's converted in post-production, if it's done properly (shot in 3D), it can certainly add to the theater-going experience. In addition, and certainly the real driving force behind the 3D craze and likely Scott's ambition, is the fact that the higher percentage of grosses for movies like Avatar, Alice in Wonderland and How to Train Your Dragon came mostly from 3D showings, for better or worse.

Scott is hoping that the new increase of 3D and digital theaters will make MasterImage 3D a much stronger competitor over the dominant 3D tech companies like RealD and XpanD. Vulture points out that, "unlike some of its competitors, MasterImage 3D equipment is purchased outright by movie theaters, and does not demand royalties for each ticket sold, as is the case with RealD." Ouch. In addition, they point out that the studios' money grubbing paws are holding onto more of the grosses than they used to, even with big names like Ridley Scott, so this would certainly be a new source of income. I guess that all makes sense financially.

The real question now is if Scott's investment will make him rethink his reluctance to re-release the original Alien or other classic Scott movies like Blade Runner in 3D. Let's hope not. Let the 3D debate continue!

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It's time for Ridley Scott and others like him to protect their reputations and concentrate on making good movies instead of relying on this childish 3D eye candy crap!

Hattori Hanzo on May 25, 2010


The sooner this 3D fad is over the better! However, I'm concerned studios are now seeing 3D as means to force up ticket prices and hence profits. Badge a movie 3D, even if it has limited 3D content, and bingo, you can charge the movie goer more cash!

Bash on May 25, 2010


This is mearly because he's been looking at the box office profits and has put down the failure of Robin Hood to the fact that he's lacking behind in the fad of 3D. I am already growing tired of the format.

dom on May 25, 2010


Can't wait till every movie is in 3D so I don't have to hear about it.

Lincoln on May 25, 2010


Hey dom, how is Robin Hood a failure when its world wide gross is already over $190?

Lincoln on May 25, 2010


We already have Blade Runner in 3D. Slap your BD Blad Runner on a Samsung 2D-3D conversion set and it is there TODAY in your home. It wasn't shot in 3D so this is as good as it gets and it ain't too shabby ").

McGrubber on May 25, 2010


jeez they are all drinking the Kool-Aid? News Flash 3-D is a not that great or in the words of the great Christian Bale "Hey its fucking distracting!" @McGrubber Blade Runner should have never gone 3-D.

Xerxex on May 25, 2010


It is in my home. @Xerxex why the hate? Can't we just enjoy 300 at home in psuedo 3D peace without the hate, just like any other 3D set owner.

McGrubber on May 25, 2010


you can, but Blade Runner was a mistake in 3-D. I hate 3-D as a whole.

Xerxex on May 25, 2010


Fuck. No. Just... stop. I'll do it. I'll find another hobby Hollywood. I swear. This isin't funny anymore.

bozo on May 26, 2010


I believe 3D will take of soon as most manufacturers have already started to incorporated 3D technology into their flagship sets, consumers who just want the very best 2D image quality will end up buying sets that also happen to do 3D. Manufacturers are also including 2D to 3D conversion as standard too, such as DDD groups Tridef technology on Samsung 3DTV's. The gaming industry is also due to release 3D consoles, the new Nintendo 3DS is due out soon. The Nintendo 3DS has a unique 3D screen that can be viewed without glasses, as shown in this link: This screen is rumoured to be made by Sharp Corporation as they hold patents for this kind of technology: The new call of Duty game due to be released November 9th 2010 will be released in 3D. The current Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2, Become the best selling game of all time: Below is a link for a review of the new game in 3D: {'Once we'd shown people, the top comment I got was 'Now I've gotta go buy a 3D TV'} In addition to the TV and gaming industry, 3D will also be available on mobile phones next year; this is the same technology as the Nintendo 3DS screen:

Jamie on Oct 8, 2010

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