Rob Zombie Halts 'The Blob' Remake to Direct 'Lords of Salem'

September 22, 2010

Rob Zombie

It's been over a year since we heard the somewhat troubling news that musician-turned-filmmaker Rob Zombie had his eyes set on remaking The Blob. Well, today there's simultaneously good news for both those who hate and love the dark, twisted films from Zombie's disturbed mind. Deadline reports the director has shelved his remake of the 1950's horror classic in favor of directing The Lords of Salem, the newest project from the Haunted Films banner (run by the creators of Paranormal Activity) which was also behind James Wan's TIFF featured film Insidious. Details on the supernatural thriller can be found below.

The story follows residents in contemporary Salem, Massachusetts as they receive a demonic visit from a 300-year old coven of witches. Zombie is writing the script himself and he says there wasone simple reason that he became far more interested in The Lords of Salem. Zombie remarked, "What excited me most was Jason [Blum from Haunted Films] saying, you can have total control over the script, casting and final cut. I said 'I’m in.'” So those of you who loved the hell out of House of 1,000 Corpses and The Devil's Rejects should be pretty pleased. Though Zombie had said he had complete creative freedom for The Blob remake, he explains why he was no longer interested in the project:

“I wanted to break away from anything related to preexisting material. The remake train is getting pretty tired now and when I made Halloween, everybody complained, either that it was too much like the original or too different. I like that people either love or hate what I do because it’s better than being in the middle, which means forgettable. But when you do an original premise, they take it on face value and after three years of not being able to win on Halloween, I just couldn't go through that again.”

Well at least he was smart enough to recognize how unnecessary the remake would have been. Honestly, as I've pointed out, since I'm not a fan of the horror genre in general, my criticism of Zombie's work seems unnecessary. But I know that hardcore horror fans really love his twisted take on the supernatural and suspenseful. I can't say that I'm excited for a new project from Zombie, but I'm at least relieved that it's an original one instead of a remake of a classic film like The Blob. Zombie will work on the script while he's on his next tour and hopefully shoot sometime next year. What do you guys think?

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I think it's safe to say i'm pretty fuckin amped for this movie.

Peace Love & GaGa on Sep 22, 2010


Hilarious coincidence - I was in the middle of listening to Rob Zombie's "Dragula" when I saw this article. While I haven't seen any of Mr. Zombie's films, I will always support new and original genre movies.

Tim Monforton on Sep 22, 2010


The bigger studios could learn a lesson or two here. How about allowing more film makers to do what they do - instead of intereferring all the time. Rob Zombie is not always my cup of tea (although I really enjoyed 1000 corpses), but he is one of the few horror film makers who can create 100% original material. Forget Halloween, those were crappy films to begin with. I hope he learned his lesson trying to remake shitty films from the 80's. He should stick to original material. Would also love to see him adapt two of his horror comics - "The Nail" and "Bigfoot."

tEDDY bESS on Sep 22, 2010


I gotta watch me some Rob Zombie movies so I can form an opinion on this shit. I live in Salem, I'ma go see this. I wonder if they'll film it around here.

Da Man on Sep 22, 2010


Welcome back Mr. Zombie 😀

Toucmyinfection on Sep 22, 2010


"The Blob" was already remade, in the late 80's anyway.

Dave Lister, J.M.C. on Sep 22, 2010


Oh how I love The Devil's Rejects, I want him to make another film like that.

Ben on Sep 22, 2010


I will never understand complaining about halloween remake, the first one was one of the best horror Remakes of all time! (lets compare it to new nightmare... geez halloween shoud get an oscar!) and halloween2, got some unwanted moments but overall the best thing was that the movie (h2) became more a drama then a horror! how often do you see that?!

gfdgd on Sep 22, 2010


Whatever He wants to do I'll go see but a blob remake would be kinda cool even more so if from him

Jimmy Love on Sep 22, 2010


I haver to laugh at you morons who think Zombie is cool or a master horror film maker. If there was an American Idol type show for amateur film makers, Zombie would only get to the final 4. He's a no talent ass making an mockery out of the film industry the way Clay Aiken is the music industry. He's like the rich guy who self publishes a book and then thinks of himself equal to a real writer.

Brian on Sep 23, 2010


If you are such a wonderful filmmaker that you assume you are able to judge people as such, then why aren't you in the film industry? What movies have you made that people love? Didn't think so.

=) on Apr 17, 2012


I think Zombie shoukd stick to original material instead of remakes. I hated both his Halloween remakes (although no where near as bad as new The Nightmare On Elm St). I do think he has some talent...but i think he needs a good producer to rain in some of his ideas! I think he needs to learn that less is more...

vegasdanny on Sep 23, 2010


#11 - Bang on.

Adam on Sep 23, 2010


I liked The Devil's Rejects but that's about it. I agree with #11.

Hattori Hanzo on Sep 23, 2010


Who is Rob Zombie??

The Observer on Sep 23, 2010


If Zombies a no talent ass making a mockery out of the film industry, then that really shows how low and slimy the film industry has become.

Jimmy Love on Sep 23, 2010


let me guess... his wife will be in the movie....

none134 on Sep 23, 2010


Remakes never turn out too good.

Tech on Sep 23, 2010


Why won't Rob do Tyranasaraus Rex, about the wrestler turned vigilante! That was what I was hoping he would have made next!

jah p on Sep 23, 2010


I bet his wife be one of the witches.

venomous on Sep 24, 2010


I am a Horror fan and I love Zombie's The Devil's Rejects, his other movies are so so.. I like that he's doing an original film for a change, but I would have prefered it was Werewolf Women Of The SS.

Lincoln on Sep 25, 2010


I wanna see Rob Zombie remake Killler Klowns from Outer Space, now that would be some good shit 

Appleeater19 on May 20, 2011


No. Not at all.

Gormetal on Jun 25, 2011


I'm pissed he isn't doing it. Okay... so remakes are often (not always) terrible, but I honestly don't mind them because the originals are often dated works that no one watches except for their nostalgic and kitsch value. I thought Zombie's remake of Halloween was amazing (but H2 was a god-awful mess). Let's face it: the original Blob was silly and the 80s remake was a passable attempt that had far more amazing potential. For something as potentially horrifying as a killer protoplasmic blob that eats flesh, you need a twisted mind like Zombie's to do it justice. It needs to be sick and he's good at sick. Cronenberg and Barker do sick well too, but Cronenberg would spend most of the movie talking about the blob and about 10 minutes actually showing it, and Barker would probably have somebody having sex with the damn thing. I love that Zombie doesn't want to be the directorial version of Steve Martin, but I'd really like to see him make this bad-boy. That and Night of the Living Dead. (WITHOUT George Romero's inappropriate humor, atrocious dialogue and ham-fisted social commentary!)

Oa1965 on Sep 26, 2011


rob zombies movies are complete white trash like he is

Sohappy1999 on Feb 7, 2012


I think he's clever

Raygun31 on Apr 3, 2012

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