Robert Rodriguez Offered to Direct Marvel's Deadpool Movie

June 14, 2010

Robert Rodriguez / Deadpool

While director Ruben Fleischer is busy working on the action/comedy 30 Minutes or Less, starring Jesse Eisenberg and Aziz Ansari, the writing duo behind Zombieland, Rhett Reese & Paul Wernick, have been busy writing the script for Fox's adaptation of Marvel's Deadpool. Since the writers were attached to the project back in January, we haven't heard much of anything about the film focusing on the "Merc with a Mouth," but word comes from Prod Weekly (via The Playlist) that an offer is out to Robert Rodriguez (Sin City) to direct the comic book movie, which will see Ryan Reynolds reprising his role as Deadpool.

Obviously nothing about this is official because Rodriguez has only been offered the job, which means that he's not even attached to the project, a status that in itself isn't always a sure fire deal for directors, actors, etc. I gotta say, knowing how much of unique anti-hero Deadpool is in the Marvel Universe, Rodriguez is a decent pick for the job, but it seems like a dream choice for producers. With the plethora of other projects Rodriguez has lined up at Troublemaker, I can't see him taking this job unless he has a secret passion for Deadpool or absolutely loves the script. Stay tuned! Who should direct Deadpool if not Rodriguez?

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He would make it awesome!!! I'm just worried about the script...Zombieland was awesome and all, but the moive got old fast to me.

Xerxex on Jun 14, 2010


I just watched "Full Tilt Boogie" last night about the making of From Dusk til Dawn which really made me respect Rodriguez as a film maker even more. I hope this is true, but I also hope he gets to work on the Sin City sequel so I'm torn. And why is Sin City 3 listed on his IMDB page when there's no 2?...weird And Xerx, what do you mean by got old fast? If someone comes to my house and hasn't seen it yet I pop it in every time and love to watch their reactions. I guess I wouldn't enjoy watching it alone anymore because the twists, cameos, and one liners are what make it good, but I'm wondering if that's what you meant by "got old".

peloquin on Jun 14, 2010


PERFECT PERFECT PERFECT. This is who i always saw doing this

movie mike on Jun 14, 2010


I can dig it, lets see it happen.

chlordane on Jun 14, 2010


I want Sin City 2 dammit! Good choice though.

Moviegimp on Jun 14, 2010


I'm down. But like you said Alex he's got so many other projects. I'm just happy to see this movie is still pushing forward. Ever since I was a kid I've dreamed of a Deadpool movie. Once Spider man came out I felt a small glint of hope. Then once all the other lesser-known comic characters started getting movies I knew he would one day grace the big screen. F all the other comic book movie adaptations out there. Deadpool will make them all look foolish. And he'll tell the audience while he's at it.

Dan W on Jun 14, 2010


I agree with #3, he would be perfect perfect perfect for the job.

Syphous on Jun 14, 2010


YES! I can see Ryan/Deapool mixing with him.

Aimee on Jun 14, 2010


Peloquin I watched it once with a group of friends laughed my ass off, but they the didn't know who Bill Murray was! How could not!? Then My Brother and Father and I saw it together and laughed are asses off especially at the Bill Murray part (proper rasing on my Father's part "Caddyshack, Ghostbusters,Groundhog Day, and Stripes). Then I saw it the third time and I was done with it, good movie I'd watch it again but its novelty did wear off about mid-way through. I still rate it an 8/10.

Xerxex on Jun 14, 2010


Rodriguez is one hell of a director. It's a perfect match.

Candy Castle on Jun 15, 2010


I like the idea of RR doing it but my dream would be Shane Black writing and scripting it - he is the godfather of 90s one liner action movie that Deadpool was born from!

Sumit on Jun 15, 2010


agree with Xerxex. Zombieland was cool but washed out at the end. why, because I have seen plenty of Zombie movies and other than the great cameos it was okay, not ground breaking. a good script is is essential to any movie, especially super hero movies. not sold on Ryan Renolds yet. keeping my fingers crossed.

karl on Jun 15, 2010


matthew vaughn or quentin tarantino.

deadpool 72 on Jun 15, 2010


I think it could be a good mathc, but doubt that Rodriguez would take it. Thinking along the lines of the character I would look to maybe Mark Neveldine & Brian Taylor (depending on Jonah Hex turns out of course), Tommy Wirkola (Dead Snow), or even Guy Ritchie. You can't tell me Guy Ritchie would have the sensibility to pull this movie off!

Eric on Jun 15, 2010


Danny Trejo will be like deadpools enemy

pulp fiction212 on Jun 15, 2010


Huge awesome news

meatcarnage on Jun 15, 2010


If robert rodriguez does this the comedy will not suffer!!!! The action will be crazy cool too!

meatcarnage on Jun 15, 2010


It should be a guy by the name of Brian Smrz. He directed all the cool action in a good chunk of the movies of the last decade. Was a stutman before that. He is responsible for the Nightcrawler sequence in X-Men 2. Best part of the movie. AND directed the Deadpool action at the beginning of Wolverine. Just did Knight and Day. Have never seen any director as involved as he is and dedicated to whatever subject he tackles. They never give movies to the guys who SHOULD be doing it. They always choose the Rock and Roll image over skill. Look him up on IMDB. He is a second unit director that doesn't quite get the credit he deserves for making other directors look good.

Cine man on Jun 15, 2010


damn... i've been saying rodriguez would be perfect for deadpool for aaaaaggggeeeessss. and he would be. he'd nail the violence/action, the humour, the satire/homages of action movies and comic books. it would literally be a match made in heaven... or hell, whichever you prefer. fingers and toes crossed. 😀

theaceofknaves on Jun 16, 2010


I'm hopin' for Edgar Wright to direct, personally.

Adam Komar on Jul 2, 2010


Does anybody else remember when Zack Snyder was offered the chance to direct X-Men Origins Wolverine? I think he would direct the shit out of a Deadpool movie and he probably wouldn't have allowed Wolverine to become the continuity demolishing disappointment that it became. I think he'd have to ease up on the slow-mo, I don't think Deadpool is a slow-mo kinda guy. But I think Snyder's pretty good at keeping his style fresh and he'd make it super violent, and super faithful. I wanna see Deadpool talking about how he hopes that enough of his fans from the comic come to see his movie and about how he thought Wolverine was actually kind of a good popcorn movie. That's my dream. And if Snyder does do slow-mo, then Deadpool could talk about how neat the slow-mo is while he's doing it. End of dorky rant.

Da Man on Jul 2, 2010


But yeah Robert Rodriguez woulde be the shit, too. Or fuckin Mathew Vaughn or the foreign dude who did Wanted. Those Mark Millar comic book movies rocked the balls.

Da Man on Jul 2, 2010


The Wachowski brothers would be awsome if R.R. is not available. Think about it. The inventors of "bullet time" combined with the fourth wall breaking "Merc with the Mouth!" I have mangasms thinking about the possibilities! Don't get me wrong, I am still exited for Mr. Rodriguez, but who better for "second string" directors? I mean that with absolutly NO offence to the Wachowski brothers. E-mail me at if you think I'm wrong. I dont think i am, but i could be

brad scott on Jul 2, 2010


If he turns it down then they should defiantly hit up The Director of Kick Ass or even the Wickouski Brothers aka the directors of the Matrix Triogy & Ninja Assassin. ........I probably spelled their name wrong though.......sorry WORD WORD!!

IcyOne on Jul 4, 2010


Rodriguez is a great choice for this. Shane Black would of been cool too. Vaughn could of been decent, but he's directing First Class.

The Dude on Aug 3, 2010

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