Roger Ebert Reveals His List of the 10 Best Feature Films of 2010

December 17, 2010
Source: Ebert's Journal

The Social Network / Roger Ebert

Who's next to reveal their Top 10 of the year? None other than beloved Chicago critic Roger Ebert, whose complete list was written up in a fantastic post on his blog with explanations and info on all of them. At the top of Ebert's list this year is David Fincher's The Social Network, which has been topping lists left and right, but he's got a couple other solid picks, making this a Top 10 list I can actually get behind, unlike A.O. Scott's. I'm also very happy to see Inception on there, along with Roman Polanski's The Ghost Writer, plus Black Swan and The King's Speech are already two of my favorites from this year. Read on for his full list!

"I've returned to the time-honored tradition of ten films arranged in order from one to ten." And they are…

Roger Ebert's Top 10 of 2010:
1. The Social Network "David Fincher's direction, Aaron Sorkin's screenplay and the acting by Jesse Eisenberg, Justin Timberlake and the others all harmoniously create not only a story but a world view, showing how Zuckerberg is hopeless at personal relationships but instinctively projects himself into a virtual world and brings 500 million others behind him."
2. The King's Speech
3. Black Swan
4. I Am Love
5. Winter's Bone

6. Inception "Inception led me to speculate that my mind, at least, generates architectural pathways, and that one reason I responded to Inception is that, like all movies, it was a waking dream."
7. The Secret in their Eyes
8. The American
9. The Kids Are All Right
10. The Ghost Writer
"This movie is the work of a man who knows how to direct a thriller. Smooth, calm, confident, it builds suspense instead of depending on shock and action. The actors create characters who suggest intriguing secrets."
Read His Full Best of 2010 Article

Ebert also gives a Special Jury Award to 127 Hours, saying "it's rather awesome what an entertaining and absorbing film Danny Boyle has made here," which I can agree with. He also lists a set of second ten best films including: All Good Things, Carlos, Chloe, Greenberg, Hereafter, Monsters, Never Let Me Go, Rabbit Hole, Secretariat and A Solitary Man. My big quarrel recently has been with The Social Network topping so many lists. Don't get me wrong, I think it's a great film, but I don't think it's good enough to get the #1 spot. I just don't think the script and story structure are as perfectly conceived as everyone is saying. I liked it, but I hope it doesn't go all the way to win Best Picture, I still prefer The King's Speech, which totally wowed me.

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<3 So okay with this!

Lolly on Dec 17, 2010


Sweet list. Agree about Social Network. It might be the only mellow drama film that will win best picture over a big sci-fi film and NOT get me pissed off about it. Its still playing at my local cinema after 2 months, which is a really long time for that kind of film, so I might check it out again.

John.E on Dec 17, 2010


The Kids are alright? The most anti-man and Anti-father figure movie I have ever seen? With a stupid and unrealistic cheating plot? (Lesbians who watch gay male porn to get horny. Really? A Lesbian cheating with a man and then everythings fine after? Come on. ) I never get why people like Ebert. I disagree with 99% of his reviews. He dosent get todays movies (Read his Kick-Ass review to see what I mean)

Ryan on Dec 17, 2010


I see all these top 10 lists from the critics and don't understand why Toy Story 3 doesn't get any recognition. Seems to be vastly overlooked.

Chris on Dec 17, 2010


I'd not get the love for Winters Bone. I don't usually go for claustrophobic slow paced movies though so that might explain it. Glad to see The Social Network getting so much attention.

Moon on Dec 17, 2010


He was a little harsh on The Fighter (only 2 1/2 outta 4) I like his opinion but tend to disagree with him a lot...his list is pretty good.

Xerxex on Dec 17, 2010


he looks like one of those ventriloquist dolls in that picture

lego on Dec 17, 2010


he is missing his lower jaw lego.

Xerxex on Dec 17, 2010


where is toy story 3 on the list? major misstep by ebert.

troy on Dec 17, 2010


1. The Social Network ???? im sure Roger getting old and loosing his mind.most of people hate this shit movie "The Social Network ".the worst movie of david fincher.I HATE The Social Network !!!

Ed on Dec 18, 2010


The Social Network was one boring movie.

dee on Dec 18, 2010


1. Black Swan 2. The King's Speech 3. Toy Story 3 4. 127 Hours! 5. The Town 6. Inception 7. The Fighter 8. The Social Network 9. The Kids Are All Right 10. Rabbit Hole I mean come one Roger!

dee on Dec 18, 2010


That's the creepiest picture I've ever seen on FirstShowing

Dan W on Dec 18, 2010


I thought The Social Network definitely deserves all the accolades it gets, it's Fincher's best movie thus far and the one that will be part of his legacy. I also appreciate The American getting number 8, vastly underrated film, it's like a Terrence Malick directed spy movie. Also #3 - If you disagree with 99% of Ebert's reviews, then you must hate a lot of good movies. I really can't see anyone disagreeing with 99% of his reviews (which are all predominantly positive), so I just assume your exaggerating. His Kick Ass review is the only one of the year I can think of that might be worth debating over. Plus, there is no critic in the world that you will agree with all the time, so bashing all critics that write a review you disagree with will just send you down a spiral of infinite sadness and pessimism. Just some positive advice for you and the many others who share your opinion.

samir on Dec 18, 2010


In fact it's unbelievable that a pretentious kitschmovie like Io Sono l'Amore or an empty photographer's feat like The American appears in this list, while The Road and Another Year are missing.

Jeroen Poldermans on Dec 18, 2010


Social Network is certainly not better that Fight Club!!! That's an outrageous comment you made there pal 😛 I didn't think the movie was that great. The screenplay was good, so were the actors, and of course Fincher allways delivers. But idk, the story of Facebook is good on itself, and I already knew most of it, so when I left the theater I wasn't amazed by it. The only thing I will remember from that movie is the Henley Sequence, that was mesmerizing, so beautifully done in all aspects.

Ricardo on Dec 18, 2010


1. Enter The Void (it counts for this year, what with the January re-edit) 2. Animal Kingdom 3. Winter’s Bone 4. Exit Through The Gift Shop 5. Inception 6. Kick-Ass 7. Monsters 8. The Human Centipede 9. Restrepo 10. Although I haven't seen it yet, I'm sure True Grit will be on this list somewhere. worst: The Town, Daybreakers, The Book Of Eli, Edge Of Darkness, Frozen, Hot Tub Time Machine, Date Night, The Other Guys meh: Shutter Island

norm on Dec 18, 2010


The Town? are you kidding me?

Barry on Feb 9, 2011


"The American" is not a empty photographer's feat. I don't know what to say to you, you're a lost cause. It was a throwback to French films like Le Samourai and Army of's power really lay in it's homage, but I would not say it was a empty photographers's feat. It either clicked with you or it didn't. Clooney was really great in it, I thought all the characters were very good, especially his whore girlfriend. The Social Network spun it's wheels too much, in much the same way Inception did. They are technically brilliant but heartless films that speak to nothing of human nature. Would have loved to have seen actual human fragility or anything dealing with human nature on display in either. The cinematography and acting and directing in both of those films were great, the flaw lay at the script level unfortunately. In many ways, the Social Network is like a 21st century sequel to Fight Club...elitist masculinity run amok on an obsession with and dreams.

LINKFX on Dec 18, 2010


Just wanted to say I finally saw Inception and I have no clue what was so great about. Fun sure but nothing original, nothing great (except visually it was cool), and WAY to predictable with all the hype.

tra la la la la di da on Dec 18, 2010


The American made the list but Toy Story3 did not ??? Come on !! Agreed with the rest of the list though.

tester on Dec 18, 2010


Ebert is terrifying. Can someone tell me the specific purpose of these "best" lists? Honestly. I wouldn't be a movie-goer if I couldn't form my own opinions. So: I believe Yogi Bear should be on this list.

Cracky on Dec 18, 2010


Kings Speech all the way. Still have to see True Grit though.

Al on Dec 18, 2010


"The Kids are alright? The most anti-man and Anti-father figure movie I have ever seen? With a stupid and unrealistic cheating plot?" Alright, Rush Limbaugh

Dave on Dec 18, 2010


@#12 - I really like your list, but I can't agree fully, because there's still a lot of movies listed on this whole page I have yet to see. But I think that's the whole point of any of these lists (deep down)... to highlight movies the critics see and hear about, but the general public probably haven't seen and get them curious. I checked out trailers for a few of them and now I would like to see them, where I would otherwise have gone on never even hearing about them. I think Black Swan is sad to be put at 3. It left me and my friend stunned, even though we're kind of movie buffs, and there's always things you can see coming. We spent some time discussing it and recalling the most impacting moments visually and psychologically. I think 127 hours deserves a spot, and possibly Toy Story 3. Unfortunately with Toy Story 3, it might be the simple stigma of an animated movie. Just like they will probably never award an animated film best picture, but make a category for animated movies instead. It's really unfair seeing as animated films have all the genre's that get individual awards and it's hard to pit them against each other just because they're all animated. Also, just my opinion, but it sounds like a lot of people got a little distracted by the action and visuals of Inception, and missed the messages (though brief and a long time to really get to, I'll agree) about the human mind, memories, suppression, etc. Yeah, it wasn't given much depth or fleshed out, more like it was used dramatically to give the action story, but I wouldn't say it wasn't there at all.

SapphireD910 on Dec 18, 2010


Forget the list, which is fine, might I add. I'm in love with the picture.

Alex G on Dec 18, 2010


Social Network is definitely better than Fight Club. Fight Club was Fincher growing up, Social Network is Fincher all grown up. Fight Club is definitely as fun and entertaining as Social Network, and both are very good. Fight Club does make some good commentary on masculinity and consumer culture in America, but the way it does it is not as subtle, mature, and gimmick-free as the way Fincher and Sorkin did it in Social Network. Social Network focuses on character 100% of the time, goes by lightning fast, but still ends up making great commentary on human nature, social culture, and the nature of business in America. And I would also add that The Social Network is as much Aaron Sorkin's movie, than it is David Fincher's. I think everyone can agree that its Sorkin's best film easy.

samir on Dec 18, 2010


norm @18 I WONDER WHY "THE HUMAN CENTIPEDE" IS ON YOUR LIST, You must be a masochist.

dlfellow on Dec 18, 2010


or a saddist.. whatever

dlfellow on Dec 18, 2010


I hate ebert.

Colt on Dec 18, 2010


I can't believe TSN is being lauded over Fight Club. The latter was a fully-realized film, not a director "growing up".

calm like hindu cows on Dec 19, 2010


@30 I can't believe it too. These guys must be insane 😛 Let's see if ten years from now we talk about The Social Network the way we talk now about Fight Club... The thing is, The Facebook's story is great on itself. And the movie gives a very partial take on it.

Ricardo on Dec 19, 2010


Personally, I think The Hobbit is the runaway best picture of the year ... Sorry, I meant 2012.

Bilbo on Dec 19, 2010


Saw The Social Network last night, held my interest well enough but doesn't even crack my top ten.

norm on Dec 19, 2010


I'm confused....i mean..i agree that black swan should be at the top...but ebert gave it 3 1/2 stars in his review, and he definitely gave over 10 4 star reviews over the how does a 3 1/2 star movie get into his top 10

CrabbyApple on Dec 19, 2010


I hate ebert too because he badmouth all the movies i liked

Richard on Dec 19, 2010


Ebert looks like Seth Brundlefly.

Bum Love on Dec 19, 2010


LOL! @36 I had to google "seth brundlefly" to see what you mean. That's funny! Ebert does look scary!

Jedibilly on Dec 19, 2010


I'm constantly surprised to find Winter's Bone on so many top 10 lists for 2010. The movie was as boring and bleak as it's setting.

bob on Dec 19, 2010


"The Secret in their Eyes" is the BEST movie all over world, but it's from 2-0-0-9.

what on Dec 20, 2010


I have no issue with the list except The American which I though was poorly crafted. Winter's Bone is a really good film if you missed it. I would have Inception topping my list and perhaps Social Network (which I liked) would come in at 10 getting knocked off by True Grit after I see it.

khembra on Dec 20, 2010

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