Roland Emmerich About to Start Shooting a Secret Sci-Fi Project

October 29, 2010
Source: Heat Vision

Roland Emmerich

I guess alien invasion sci-fi movies really are all the rage right now. Though he's been working on his period drama Anonymous, explosive German filmmaker Roland Emmerich has apparently been secretly working on another small project. Heat Vision reports that Emmerich is already preparing to shoot a film called The Zone, another "found footage" sci-fi film, like Cloverfield, that revolves around an alien invasion. No other plot details are known, but Emmerich will cast improv-based unknown actors and work with a $5 million budget. Whoa! Give or take Anonymous, he hasn't worked with a budget less than $100 million since 1994!

For those who need something to grasp onto regarding The Zone, apparently two of the leads have just been cast (or so they say). We don't actually know the actors' names yet, but here are the character breakdowns: one is a "haggard journalist in his 40s or 50s" and the other is a "black man in his early to mid 20's, the cameraman." I already have a feeling this is going to be a cheesy Roland Emmerich version of Cloverfield and Monsters mixed, which may or may not be cool to see. What I guess I mean is that the problems with his movies mostly lie in the script, and it might be cool to see him tackle "found footage" style sci-fi action story wrapped around an epic alien invasion. Come on, this is the guy who brought us Independence Day!

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how does he keep getting the right to makes films?

Xerxex on Oct 29, 2010


What a hack.

your face on Oct 30, 2010


See nothing wrong with Emmerich.He makes silly,passable,friday night popcorn cinema that will never appeal to the Citizen Kane crowd.I enjoyed 2012 but I wont be watching it again.

tir na nog on Oct 30, 2010


2012 worst movie ever made......

mk on Oct 30, 2010


@#3: I agree, with you there. I never saw that pre-historic thing he did; it just looked way too stupid. However, I did catch 2012, on Netflix instant; and it wasn't as bad as I expected it might be. It was worth a look once and that's about it. I'd never spend money adding it to my library. @#4: I understand your sentiment, I offer no argument or rebuttal, outside of saying that I have seen far worse movies than 2012. Howard the Duck and Ang Lee's Hulk spring immediately to mind.

Dave Lister, J.M.C. on Oct 30, 2010


What a joke this guy is....needless to say this movie will suck. Thank god for guys like Nolan and Cameron...keep giving those guys blank checks...hacks like Emmerich should just give it up all ready.

gshauger on Oct 30, 2010


@#5 You think 2012 is better than Hulk? LOL

gshauger on Oct 30, 2010


@#7: As far as my enjoyment meter is concerned, yes; 2012 was miles ahead of Ang Lee's Hulk. The qualifiers are as follows: I made the opening day trip out, to see Hulk. I was expecting a great comic book action flick; what I got was a bloated mess, with ridiculous hulk-dogs, boring tone and some of the slowest pacing I've ever encountered, in a "summer blockbuster". If I had not been, at the screening with friends I would've walked out. It was as bad as Batman and Robin. As for 2012, I never bothered to spend the effort, to go and see it, at the theater. It was obviously a ridiculous premise; and Roland Emmerich is... well Roland Emmerich. When I finally did watch it, it was through my Netflix instant viewing via my blu-ray player. Basically, it cost me next to nothing to see it; pair that with absolutely no expectation, of high quality storytelling, and I was slightly surprised, by it. Again, I'm not calling it a great movie, I'm not really even recommending it; but if someone was determined to watch it, I wouldn't tell them they were wasting their time. However, I would classify Ang Lee's Hulk as a complete waste of time. How anyone could recommend it is absolutely mystifying.

Dave Lister, J.M.C. on Oct 30, 2010

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