Roman Polanski Looking to Shoot 'God of Carnage' Next Year

July 17, 2010
Source: Vulture

Roman Polanski / God of Carnage

In case you haven't heard, the Swiss Ministry recently released filmmaker and alleged criminal-at-large Roman Polanski rather then extraditing him back to the United States to answer for his past. You may remember back in January we reported that the filmmaker was hard at work developing God of Carnage, the adaptation of the dark comedy stage play of the same name. Now that Polanski is free and likely to stay as far away from the US as possible, Vulture reports he's hard at work preparing to shoot the film next year. The story follows two sets of parents brought together by an altercation between their respective children.

Just because Polanski has been freed by the Swiss doesn't mean the drama surrounding his decades old sex crime has been swept under the rug. You can be sure US authorities will do everything they can to make him feel the full force of the law. But if you're one of those people who doesn't care what racist rant Mel Gibson yelled, what space overlord Tom Cruise believes in, or what Roman Polanski does with girls, then this is just another piece of news. Personally, I'm looking forward to seeing what Polanski does with such an intimate and isolated story. Now we'll have to see if he's interested in casting the play's original cast, which included James Gandolfini, Marcia Gay Harden, Jeff Daniels. Anybody still a fan of Roman Polanski's work?

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Belongs in jail.

Heckle on Jul 17, 2010


I’m tired of people talking about how she “blackmailed him”. That’s one messed up situation, but it does NOT change the fact that Mel used THOSE words to insult her. You could hate someone with all your might for all I care, but the choice to use THOSE words is what makes him what he is. A flat out racist. You cannot blame alcohol, anger, or anything else. Especially after he already faced very public scrutiny for that drunken arrest not too long ago. He’s had a few good movie roles, but he does NOT deserve any special treatment because he is responsible for some HORRIBLE movies too. Here’s a list of the 4 Worst Mel Gibson Movies…

Mick on Jul 17, 2010


I just finished watching The Ghost Writer 5 minutes ago so I'm glad to see Polanski making films again despite his history because he's a brilliant film maker. I'd say that it was the best political thriller I've ever seen so I look forward to his work in the future. Just because he's a rapist does that mean I'm supposed to hate his work even if it's really good? I guess I'm torn on this one morally...

peloquin on Jul 17, 2010


i liked "the ghost writer" too. and if he's making movies, i'm going to watch if i'm interested. my watching a movie he made doesn't have any bearing on his personal troubles. however, i think he belongs in jail. if that was any one of us - we'd be doing time.......the rich and famous shouldn't be above the law; and, his being in the pen won't stop other great movies from being released. and #2 - this is about polanski, NOT gibson.........that being said- those phone conversations were taped WITHOUT GIBSONS KNOWLEDGE OR PERMISSION and she PLANNED it. then she released those private calls to the public. i'd say both (mel and oksana) are losers but the only one clearly breaking the law is oksana. we had a president impeached (nixon) partly because of illegally taping phone conversations. this woman isn't above the law is she? and no, like polanski, gibson should be punished for any actual crimes he commits. right now he could be in trouble for death threats and domestic violence and she IS 100% in trouble for illegally taping private phone conversations and possible extortion. and by the way - being a racist (which gibson is) and making racist comments IS NOT a crime - it's just pathetic, foolish, idiotic behavior.

beavis on Jul 17, 2010


meh to polanski altogether. as for who cares what he said? it was between him and his ex, not our business. if gibson makes true on his threats then I'll be worried for her. polanski may have been responsible for some great films, but he is also responsible for the crime he commited and got away with scot free and the support of a lot of people, fuck him is all I gotta say.

Xerxex on Jul 17, 2010


"Fuck him" doesn't cut it. Someone's gotta go there with a shotgun and shoot off his elderly shriveled balls. My view is, if he doesn't want to show up in court, gloves are off.

Suggestion on Jul 18, 2010


I really don't understand why would people be judge for what they do or say just because they're famous. We are all doing "bad stuff", don't you even think we are not.. So I really don't care about their "ordinary" lives. The only thing I care is their work, since it's good enough to care. And for that reason YES, I'M LOOKING FORWARD TO ANOTHER POLANSKI'S FILM!!!

Christina on Jul 18, 2010


How can hollywood stars work for this piece of garbage? Do they keep their daughters in another country?

spud on Jul 18, 2010


How the heck is he not in jail?! Guess enough money and the right studio connections can buy you a get out of jail free card.

lazlo on Jul 18, 2010


"From the Pedophile who brought you...."

Geoff on Jul 18, 2010

11 about this trailer intro for mel: "you've heard his rage on the phone; and NOW he brings this rage to the big screen in......"

beavis on Jul 18, 2010


Well he is still a pedophile no matter how you look at it, and if his stupid-idiotic wife(putting it nicely) it enabling him to be around minor then she should be locked up as well as he should! She's endangering her children just by living with this sex freak!

Kim on Jul 19, 2010

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