Rough House Lands the Rights to a 'Barefoot Burglar' Movie

April 13, 2010

The Barefoot Burglar

If you didn't already know, Danny McBride, Jody Hill and David Gordon Green now have their own recently founded production company called Rough House Pictures, and Variety reports they've added a new project to their roster as they will produce the film Taking Flight: The Hunt for a Young Outlaw based on the nefarious activities of Colton Harris-Moore (seen above), one of the most infamous Frank-Abagnale-worthy teen criminals, known as "The Barefoot Burglar," who has been seen on more than a few news outlets in his successful evasion of police and FBI in the theft of cars, boats and even planes (see Time). Holy shit, right?

The teen is still at large, has taunted authorities, and has a huge Facebook following as well. He is a suspect in more than 100 crimes, mostly felonies, in the Pacific Northwest since escaping from a juvenile facility in 2008. Harris-Moore was dubbed "The Barefoot Burglar" after being seen running barefoot from the scene of a crime. Rough House is looking for writers to pen the script for this project, which is anticipated to be a directing gig for David Gordon Green (Snow Angels, Pineapple Express). But with no script yet, and the project still only in the very early in development stage, anything could happen. Still, stay tuned to see how this project ripped straight from the headlines plays out both in the industry, and in real life. Sound good?

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This kid is such a legend in Washington. Hope this turns out good. 😀

Erik keating on Apr 13, 2010


Sounds awesome!

Movieraider321 on Apr 13, 2010



tra la la la la di da on Apr 13, 2010


Awesome. This guy is my modern antihero and i love him for it. Everything he does i secretly wish i could do in my off time. i saw an article on him through Nightline and just wondered when the movie would be made, so this makes me excited. i bet Rough House will do an interesting job, if they do it.

Ian Kuah on Apr 13, 2010


Oh yeah he's such a big hero....the kid is insane and just plain's easy to make a hero out of him but honestly he just kind of creeps me out.

Linkfx on Apr 13, 2010


He is a loser and it's pathetic that we're making him famous. To the families on Camano Island who have to lock their doors and sleep with a gun on the night stand, I hope their aim is true when that scum finally makes a mistake and breaks into the wrong house.

BearPants on Apr 13, 2010


I'm from Camano Island - this douche is on the news all the time. All my extended family lives up there still. Dumb kid is gonna get shot some day breaking into the wrong house.

Antioch on Apr 13, 2010


I think comparing him to Frank Abagnale is ridiculous. Wait to make a movie about him until we see if he repents of his wicked ways and makes something good of his life. I would NEVER support seeing a movie about something like this with the kid still at large (I live just outside Seattle, by the way).

Pete on Apr 13, 2010


I agree with the last few posts, I honestly havent heard as much about him as you guys, just a couple of articles. But the fact that there making this dumb thief out as a hero astounds me and shows everything thats wrong with Americans. I heard a comparison that hes like a feral child....yet stupid teenagers worship him for stealing and crashing planes, just sad. Wont give this movie any money though Im sure the followers will flock to the theaters.

Cody w on Apr 13, 2010


How is it so bad? There are so many movies with antiheroes who do so much worse than this kid. Yeah, so they are fictional and Colton Harris-Moore is a real menace. It seems like people just target what he is doing just because its so extraordinary and lucky. If we really want to complain about someone, why not make it the people who rape and murder others? i'm not necessarily condoning what this guy does, but it's not so bad in comparison with everything else that is done contrary to the law. i think he will eventually get caught, and he would deserve it. But i have to admit that it's pretty amazing, and its definitely a story that would make a great movie. BTW - i agree with #8 that a movie should probably wait until the end of his true life story.

Ian Kuah on Apr 13, 2010


It all depends on how the movie is done...and since it's being produced by these guess is its going to be a rowdy comedy with little redemptive value. Lets face it there isn't exactly a Speilberg at Rough House pictures. BUT, it would be possible to make a movie about something like this and have it be a commentary on society, culture, and morals whether the kid is still at large or not. What he's done is somewhat remarkable, and considering he's been on the news so much as it is....he's pretty much already been sensationalized by our media. All thats left is for hollywood to immortalize him in a film. Well...until he gets caught, then he can be incarcerated as well! (where he'll probably write a book)

ImaginaryVisionary on Apr 13, 2010


sure, why not...take a punk ass thief and make a national hero out of him...personally, I hope he crashes and burns next time he steals an airplane...

newfignewton on Apr 13, 2010


Everyone here is ridiculous. Don't you ever get tired for rooting for the good old Captain America Boyscout hero? The Anti-Hero makes something bad, fun. Who cares if he stole all this shit, there are people out there killing, raping, human trafficking. It's material items, he hasn't killed a single person. This would be very VERY different if they were glorifying a rapist or a child molester, but they are glorifying a thief much like Catch Me If You Can and the Ocean series did. Let them have their fun. This will be a fun movie.

Movieraider321 on Apr 13, 2010


Amazing do all this real life crime and they make a movie from you. Of course :sacrcastic:

M on Apr 13, 2010

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