Rumor: Avatar 2 Has Already Started Early Pre-Production?

January 27, 2010
Source: SlashFilm, io9


Earlier this week, James Cameron's Avatar finally passed Titanic to become the highest grossing movie of all-time. With that kind of extreme success, it's obvious that 20th Century Fox wants to get things going on a prequel as soon as possible. I've heard rumblings that they want it ready right away. Now SlashFilm has heard from a trustworthy source that they've apparently already started hiring technical crew members for Avatar 2, the eventual sequel to the monumental blockbuster. Cameron confirmed a few weeks back that the sequel is definitely in the works. And I expect James Cameron will be back to direct it as well. Read on!

I'm sure we won't hear any official confirmation from Fox about this for a while, most likely because they want to hammer out some deals and make sure everything is 100% go before announcing that a sequel is in development. In addition to SlashFilm's report, which says that crew members are signing three to five year contracts, io9 separately heard from Avatar production designer Robert Stromberg who said that "we've chatted about certain things" and that when he sees Cameron next week "I'm sure we're going to talk about it." He also says that "we have to think about topping" Avatar, which is going to be quite a challenge.

I have a feeling that Cameron hasn't even written the screenplay yet (he's probably still on vacation), but considering how much work will go into making this movie, it's good that they're starting now. It won't take another 10 to 12 years to finish, but with rendering times of around 36 hours per frame, it's going to take a while to finish this sequel. For now that's all we've heard on Avatar 2, but as always, we'll keep you updated.

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It may be the highest grossing movie of all time, but it was not that amazing. I liked it, it was fun to watch, CGI was great...but story, acting, directing was mediocre. take into consideration inflation...and Avatar is only ranked 26th highest grossing movie of all this forbes article on yahoo movies: It basically says that Avatar is great, but it will never be Star Wars (#2) or Gone with the Wind (#1). The price of tickets, especially for 3D IMAX is FAR greater than it was for Titanic or the original Star Wars movies... I'm not a I said I enjoyed it, but its lame that this movie is creating more stir than the Dark Knight.

one on Jan 27, 2010


I liked Avatar. The visuals were Eye Candy, but the story was so predictable and simple. I think the only challenge that Cameron will have on the sequal will be to have a better plot and maybe some twists that we wont see coming. Other than that I don't think he needs to make the effects better because they were fantastic. I really don't think Avatar needs a sequal though. I'd rather Cameron buy back his original Terminator rights and make his version of Terminator 3. Then we can all forget about those other two wannabe Terminator films.

last son on Jan 27, 2010


Agree with One.

Xerxex on Jan 27, 2010


Mediocre at best.

Nasty Nate on Jan 27, 2010


Everything #1 said verbatim.

Cody on Jan 27, 2010


I really need to see this film.

Mega Jet Jaguar on Jan 27, 2010


I'm glad Cameron said they will concetrate more on story and will also deliver better visuals than avatar.

Pupu on Jan 27, 2010


I thoroughly enjoyed "Avatar" while I was watching it... ... but I instantly forgot about it after I left the theater and haven't thought about it since. *shrugs*

graffiti bandit on Jan 27, 2010


Why does the article say prequel. Wouldn't it be a sequel.

Neo_3 on Jan 27, 2010


Meh. I loved Avatar so much, but thats because its exactly what I want in movies. Great amazing graphics, romance with a slight-to-heavy "forbidden element", im also a tree-hugger. :/ I know its one of my favorite movies now. Titanic and Pride & Prejudice are other favorites xD I think it deserves to be way up there in the "best movies" thing, but even I admit its not #1. Thats forever taken by Titanic. 😀

Flyte on Jan 27, 2010


People need to realize that yes tickets prices are higher but many people CHOSE and continue to CHOOSE to see the movie in IMAX 3D or 3D. Therefore, that gives the film merit in itself. It has hopefully restored faith in going to the movies for the masses. No its not number one, but who cares.

Jason McGuire on Jan 27, 2010


One said it best, with the article. I said it long ago that Avatar still won't be close to #1 not only 'cause of inflation but also 3D Imax is as much as two or sometimes 3 reg price tickets and that's the $8 ones. Not the $6 I used to pay only some years ago...well about 6 but it seems like yesterday. It'll be forgotten like Titanic and won't hold a more important, if you will, record like most Oscars. Well, tied with Ben Hur but you get the idea.

tra la la la la di da on Jan 27, 2010


Im a big Avatar fan.. To those that say it will be forgotten, how? Its made the most money.. To those that say inflation this inflation that, who cares, times change get with it.. The fact that people are willing to pay that much to see it, and it made so much, is astonishing enough. In Australia to see Avatar in 3D IMAX is $22 so i assume most of you have it cheaper than us.. Bring on Avatar 2, and if its $28 i'll still see it twice, and it'll break another record...

MiKa on Jan 27, 2010


This has already broken all the records and it has been out less than a month and a half....once this is done playing in theatres it will destroy any record out there...."inflation" or not...I'm amazed at how much success this movie has had, seeing as though most people didn't even hear about it till about a month before its premier...the sequel will be much more successful. CAN'T WAIT!

RonDizzle on Jan 27, 2010


Avatar a 400 million dollar movie with hundred dollar script. Wouldnt take too much for the sequel to be better. The sad thing is the sequel could be better but wont make as much money as the original.

Rod Kimble on Jan 27, 2010


If 10 people see a movie at $5 and 5 people see a movie at $10 which movie will have more people talk about it? One will be popular and the other will make money. Its that simple.

Idiots on Jan 27, 2010


this thing might be the highest grossing movie of all time that doesnt mean its going to be a memorable classic it was just to cliche and predictable theres a reason people are still talking about 2001 still today and its not because of the effects

rowdy on Jan 27, 2010


"Avatar is only ranked 26th highest grossing movie of all time" is bullshit. It's US only and rerelease gross isn't calculated properly. Titanic is true #1 worldwide properly adjusted, with Avatar not that far behind.

BoqK on Jan 27, 2010


No#18: "DOMESTIC GROSSES-Adjusted for Ticket Price Inflation" in link below as u refer to, Avatar at no#26 is the US gross only. Gone with the Wind is from 1939, and no#1 on the list, a buck in '39 was worth a whole lot more back then compaired to today, and ticket prices really cheap compaired to today. The Forreign market is not calculated in Gone with the Wind's earnings in the link above, for that look here and get confused: Foreign: $201,500,000. When this $201,500,000 was earned, I do not know. If it can be calculated the same way as the original, pre re-release Domestic Total Gross: $189,523,031, I do not know, but it looks like to be a huge figure. ALL DOMESTIC GROSSES: no#99 is Gone with the Wind, $198,676,459 (1939) not adjusted for inflation, multiple releases. Now...Titanic has made in total...what was it...$3billion-$3.2 billon with cinema and dvd sales/rentals, cable ect. So I think this has the lead still? If it's not Star Wars? If you really wanna lay it on the line, Star Wars might be the highest grossing film-with a franchise, total merchandise receipts from franchise since 1977: $17.5 billion( Anyhow, "but with rendering times of around 36 hours per frame" what?? It took that long? I wanna do the math, but Digital Cinema? Is it 24frames a sec or is it more? I'm sure it will go faster today, but that is timeconsuming work! Buy come CRAY's and get the job down faster Cameron! Or are CRAY's a thing of the past....odd that I should remember CRAY...seems they are still here....On that note, anyone know what computers were used rendering Avatar?

David Banner on Jan 28, 2010


Well i was talking adjusted worldwide theatrical runs only, no dvds/vhs/etc Even then, no way GWTW made more than $2.6 bn Titanic easily beats this with about $2.8+ bn And with all generosity, StarWars made much less than $2.2 bn Avatar will make it in a few weeks for sure But really beating Titanic? - not so sure

BoqK on Jan 28, 2010


I loved Avatar and i think it should be getting all the praise it gets but i just rented District 9 last night and wow what a better movie. Everything looked so much more realistic. While the machine that the people got in in Avatar looked cool it still looked like cgi. The machine that aliens got in in District 9 looked so realistic. All that with the budget they had made me very impressed. Also im getting tired of these inflation arguments. Just count the amount of tickets sold and use that as the base of the argument.

Hale18 on Jan 28, 2010


god damn it , i don't understand why people blame the movie for the "predictable story" do you watch movie for the story? or the story presentation? i agree that the acting and the writing were mediocre as hell, but i thought the story was well presented with emotional ( well maybe not) , caring people. people who say that the story sucked.- it's like hating the incredibles because there is superheroes in it and it's been a thousand times, or it's like hating gladiator or a WW2 flick ( like band of brothers) because it's been done! the story that is. what is important is the story PRESENTATION, i always thought, how the director chooses to deliver the story. but i thought wrong, apparently. James Cameron did an excellent Job here, but i wont doubt that Avatar 2 will be a money grab. eh.

Jack on Jan 28, 2010


so wait.. is it a sequel or a prequel? or both?

harrison on Jan 28, 2010


If there going to do Avatar 2, I hope the storyline will be better thought out than Avatar and that what needs to be up most in the minds of James Cameron if he is going to be on board for the second Avatar film if fox gives him the green light Storyline, Storyline, Storyline.

Cineprog on Jan 28, 2010


To all of the above posters who obviously know the difference between mediocre filmmaking and brilliant filmmaking: the history has been made - it's right in front of you in all its humbling glory. And you can't see it... It's so sad.

James on Jan 28, 2010


Loved Avatar and plan to watch it again but I would like to see him take on Battle Angel. Hopefully he'll get around to making it one of these years.

Moe on Jan 28, 2010


Come on you morons. You take every chance you get to bash the movie. This is about a sequel, not another place to rant about why you think it is or isn't #1. I think only 1 person above actually even commented on the actual article Alex wrote. I for one can't wait to see a sequel. The world is full of good story possibilities. I'm sure Cameron will be up for the challenge.

Pete on Jan 28, 2010


Movie was excellent. Story was excellent. Visuals were excellent. Quit your whining. When the sequel comes out you will all go see it. Bunch of stupid internet warriors. Grow up.

Vold on Jan 28, 2010


@Vold I couldn't agree more. And if I hear someone else say that the only reason Avatar seems so big is because of higher ticket prices I'm going to scream. Everything is inflated, minimum wage is higher, the price of gas is higher, everything costs more.

NoNo on Jan 28, 2010


Star Wars original trilogy; changed the world. Not only did it have great special FX it had a plot and characters people could relate to. Avatar is like a fart in the wind, it'll soon be gone and everyone will be glad. Yes, Avatar was great visually but that's all it was, the story is weak and tired!

Adam on Jan 28, 2010


The amount of hate this movie gets is unbelievable. I am glad you think the movie sucked, but a few million people, with their 1.6 billion dollars disagree with you.

9mm on Jan 28, 2010


OK people, we get it... The story's been done before.. yada, yada, yada.... but it was still entertaining, and isn't that the whole point of what a movie is suppose to do, Entertain us? Two Billion dollars says that it was. Don't forget that Titanic took Months before it got to 1.8 billion, it took Avatar less then 2 months, so factor THAT into your Inflation comment....

The One on Jan 28, 2010


Oh well, since when epic blockbusters got unpredictable stories, pleeeeze give me an example 🙂 And anybody complaining about lack of depth in characters - come on, there are literally droves of such types in real world, even some authorities like dubya as an example 😉

jg on Jan 28, 2010


You last 3 posts, wipe your mouth when you're done bobbin.

Chickenhead on Jan 28, 2010


@34, you want Next? Come on baby!!! I've done all kinds of heads, but never a Chickenhead before.

The One on Jan 28, 2010


still haven't seen avatar,gonna wait for the blu-ray release let all this fucking hype die down & watch without everyone saying how fucking great it is.

tobi,leader of the akatsuki on Jan 28, 2010


I know why this movie gets so much hate. It is because it clearly defines the line between good and evil. Evil people find themselves identified in the evil side of the movie and scream. They don't want this kind of movies to be successful because nice/normal people who appreciate this movie feel identified with the good side. Nice people feel hopefull after they watch this movie. Envy is a common trait among haters. They can't deal with it and post in these forums to try to destroy the positive feelings of people who enjoyed Avatar. Haters, get off my back. Life is good when movies like this reinforce my hope for a better world, where there is no room for envy and hate.

Enki on Jan 28, 2010


I agree with #38 lol, avatar is the new most OVERRATED movie ever made.

guh on Jan 28, 2010


Enki WTF?? the story is bullshit thats the reason of the hating nothing deeper. But let's be real here it did change cinema but is more with the technology than any other thing. TDK kicks this movie's ass everyday and twice on Sundays.

Eldivo23 on Jan 28, 2010


While I haven't seen Avatar, I believe its pretty much a sure bet there will be a sequel. I mean it is the HIGHEST grossing film worldwide! They are going to turn this into a franchise. James topped his own record and since its a little hard to do a Titanic part 2, the studio is going to be all over this money maker!

Lexy Lee on Jan 28, 2010


People say a lot of stupid shit... That being said, nobody is saying that Avatar is the best movie ever created but in comparison to half the crap we've seen in the last decade, mediocre story aside, Avatar is a pretty fun movie. The Dark Knight? I've been a huge Batman fan since childhood and I definitely enjoyed the movie but I honestly think that movie incredibly overrated, if not more so than Avatar. You have to at least give Avatar credit for being something somewhat original and the success it is having is pretty insane considering it is a new IP. (Nothing is THAT original, so don't get me started on that) People harping on about the box office numbers in regards to higher 3D ticket prices are absolutely retarded considering that is part of the Avatar experience itself. If they could have done it with Star Wars or any other mentioned box office hit you think they wouldn't have? 3D Star Wars will probably arrive in a few years I'm assuming. If you're offering something extra, why wouldn't you charge for it? Granted without 3D, Avatar wouldn't have been successful, but it wouldn't have even been made with out it so why even argue the fact. One of the biggest things to consider in my mind when comparing Avatar and "inflation adjusted" box office numbers is the simple fact that there is a HELL of a lot more competition these days when compared to when Star Wars or Gone with the Wind came out. You're always going to be big if you're the first do something and if Star Wars hadn't come out something else similar probably would have sooner or later anyway to take it's spot in history. Those kind of massive box office hits weren't as common back then and of course they attracted loads of people. Big movies are a lot more common these days so even though there is a lot of interest, there is definitely less than there was 30+ years ago. Not to mention the poor economic situation the world is in at the moment, I don't think that was going on when other mentioned box office hits were released. Yes Avatar's script and acting could have been better, but saying the directing was bad is completely ignorant. I'd like to see your list of directors that do action sequences better than James Cameron. Yeah, action scenes... people seem to forget that this movie was ultimately nothing more than an action romp. It wasn't supposed to be extremely deep, but people are never satisfied. Ahh the internet, a cesspool of talentless haters.

random ass on Jan 28, 2010


Avatar was a good film. Period. Ok, the story has been done before, so had Star Wars, nothing wrong with a classic story. Acting was a bit underdone? Not too bad really, better than some bits on Star Wars. See, I liked Avatar, loved Star Wars, it's just entertainment, guys, nothing to get worked up over. And seriously, the ones that say they "hate" it, grow up for gods sake!

Rick on Jan 28, 2010


Ugly people seeing their own faces in a mirror and start hating mirror... now THAT's predictable!

Truth on Jan 29, 2010


Why do so many people have such a hate on for Avatar...i mean wow... well what ever to each there own i just thought i would mention fo all the people that keep yelling about inflated ticket prices being the reason that avatar is number one and its all bull and come on its not that good...yada yada yada...ok 1. the movie has only been out for lets estimate 6 -7 relax its gonna make a lot more money and continue to keep climbing. 2. inflated ticket prices for 3d is often the claim i hear from anti-avatarians well how about this in a climate of economic insecurity and the world economic crisis a movie that cost more to get into has been almost constantly sold out for 6 weeks now? hmm well maybe we should look at that...maybe avatar if it came out two years ago would have been the highest grossing film in 2 days hmm...see thats the problem with hypothetical situations THERE NOT keep quoting your price adjusted lists and we avatar fans will keep stating the fact that in 6 weeks Avatar has made more money than any other movie ever made including movies that were released some 50 years ago and have been re-released on VIDEO, DVD, and BLUE well as multiple special discs and revamped additions(im talking to you star wars) so in 10 years when the triple box set of extended cut special features discs of avatar come out on mega-blu ray or what ever we have at that time and avatar has made 700 billion dollars then we can finally get you to shut up.

steve on Jan 29, 2010


wow after readin all these posts i'm not alone! if massive amounts of CGI is all that rates a movie then move Avatar to the #1 spot. My anticipation for this film was very high and couldn't wait. Actually found a baby sitter so I can go see it. Total let down!!! It started off good but it was too predictable and totally unfair. If i'm watching a movie I don't want to see something that is not possible. No way all those flying tree hugging hippie smerfs would get pass that hail of machine gun fire and rockets. But anyways besides that... Moves back in the days used to cost 4-6 dollars now its well over 10-15 depending where u go... I personally wil not want want to see a sequel if its anything like the original. predictable and pointless... but everyone has their own cup of tea i suppose...

bjorn joseph on Feb 8, 2010


Loved Avatar. It's a great movie . Can' wait for the sequel. And of course the tickets cost more. What do you expect? Thckets staying the same prices for 10 years? Prices change. And it's only been here for 2 months. Watch it for the great movie it is and stop trying to find flaws. If you don't like it then don't watch it.

Valentine on Feb 22, 2010


o wow some ppl just wow.... okay 2 the ppl who say Avatar isint a top 5 grossing movie of all time u need 2 take an IQ test.... it's #1! iight but the inflation deal.... gone wit the wind #1 seriously tell me how many movies from the 30s or 40s r top 100 movies even wit inflation..... there were no other good movies so ppl whatched gone wit the wind seriously times were much tougher then and ppl wanted 2 whatch movies now u have ppl getting onto computers (all of us) and kids on video games.... they rnt whatching movies now r they? avatar might not be #1 but the movie is top 5 seriously if ur gonna say the movie isint #1 at least say a good movie is..... star wars titanic something decent I FELL ASLEEP whatching gone wit the wind the movies horrible. 2 the ppl who say avatar won't win as many awards as w/e movie yea maybe not it's called competition seriously the movies u guys r naming didn't have competition Avatar did/does look where sherlock holmes is on the all time list look where the book of eli will end up valentines day might hit 100mil.... so might shutter island.... Avatar top 5 PERIOD

Xavier on Feb 23, 2010


I can not really see much of a sequel other than the hum ans come back in greater numbers and take over.

Cole on Feb 24, 2010


OH MY GOD! THE ONLY REASON IT MADE SO MUCH MONEY IS BECAUSE THEY HAD HUNDREDS OF PEOPLE SAY IT WAS GOING TO BE EPIC. so for those who are interested in a business, hire hundreds of people to say your stuff or whatever you sell is epic, and you will have a million customers

mattmb619 on Feb 25, 2010


So I really enjoyed the movie. I've always been a pretty big nerd when it comes to fantasy and make believe worlds and this movie achieved all that with astounding success and that is why so many people are able to disregard the "predictable" story line. So what if the star-crossed lovers thing has been done to death? It works and people enjoy it. The world that James Cameron created is amazing, and I think we should all look at the race he created as being part of the story. The way they look, the way they interact with all sorts of biology, all this was created by Cameron while touching upon certain aspects of Hinduism. This movie has much more to offer than a predictable story line. Predictable doesn't mean shitty. It was incredibly well done and the world has recognized it. I can't wait for the sequel because I think James Cameron has so much more to create; so much more Na'vi history, Pandoran history, perhaps explore other moons and planets which could have an even more unique biological makeup...Cameron has created one of the greatest movie experiences for Sci-fi nerds and regular movie goers alike.

Jessguy on Mar 3, 2010


Sequel will be better because the story line will be more in depth, Cameron said it himself. Other than that you are all nerds. You are not critics, your opinions don't matter. The massive amounts of money that are in Cameron's pockets right now are really all that matters. You went and saw the movie, and if you didn't know going in that it was "dances with wolves" story line, well then you are a retard. You knew the plot, you knew what you were going to get out of it. And if you don't like sci-fi or action, don't see the movie. You went on the site to complain, well you should have searched the internet and found out more about the movie than wasting you time. The movie was something I nor anyone in the film industry has every seen before, and I remember the "dances with wolves" story to be pretty good. So what someone recreated it in a different fashion. Enjoy it for what it is, a great and epic movie. So for all those who hate it, shut up and don't see the sequel. As for me, I am excited to see what the plot will be and what I can expect to be different than the first. Either way the 2nd Avatar will probably make boat loads of money again. Whether its good or not, after how well the first one has done, the majority of the people who have seen it will go and see the sequel. Even people who hated it will go just to bitch and complain about it. There are always people who are looking to shit on a parade. Well thats my 2 cents, see ya at the sequel.

uGuysAreNerds on Mar 7, 2010


one thing is for sure. i know it wont be a pocahontas story. plot? humans still eager to get resources and come back for revenge??

PAblo on Mar 24, 2010


Personally, I could care less what "haters" say about this movie. I never heard of the movie, never read reviews, and didn't even knew it existed- until I saw it. Inflation? This isn't politics, go back to your Government forums to someone who gives a damn about the price range and whine to your heart's content. As for popularity, I for one, do not care how much popularity this movie has- it was still epic in my eyes. I loved the movie. The storyline was much more than I expected it to be, the only better storyline I could think of is the story to whatever game I play that allows me to take free control and make my own story. For you people that say this movie sucked and it's inflated, overrated, and popular just because some few people said it would be Epic.. I advise you to go back to kindergarten and re-learn how to understand the world around you a little better. Some of you can't spell or use grammar worth a steaming dinosaur poo, but that doesn't mean I have to hate on you.. now does it? Excellent work by an excellent director thinking outside the box of realism. After all, if it were realistic, it wouldn't be interesting and this movie would have used the Leap of Faith in vain. Well done, James Cameron. Sequel, yes please. For all those that will hate on this post, either post your own or go home, because the original rerun saying hate posts won't even fly with a rock you could throw 4 feet away. So, wake up.

Drithe on Apr 10, 2010


Yes, atlast someone who is not fucked up to say stupid and unreasonable shit bout Avatar. Thanks Drithe:)

kbabee <3 on Apr 28, 2011


I liked the movie; I am looking forward to the sequel. It was the best CGI I have ever seen. Sigourney was outstanding. Cameron did a great job. The movie made more money than any other movie has before. It is the highest grossing movie of all time. Anyone who says it’s not is in denial. Why does inflation have anything what so ever to do with the statement “highest grossing movie of all time”? If a movie makes more money because of IMAX pricing, it’s because the movie was made in 3D to be show in IMAX theatres because IMAX charge higher prices and therefore the movie will make MORE MONEY, Avatar deserves to be highest grossing movie for several reasons, one being because Cameron was smart enough to think of making it in 3D so it would make MORE MONEY. Pablo, Drithe, Ill see you at the sequel!! Respect!

OzExpert on Apr 10, 2010


I think avatar was the most amazing movie ever made. The idea of a sequel is fantastic. I don't think a third avatar, which Cameron has thought of, is necessary. But i wonder what the story is going to be about when Cameron wants to focus on the oceans of Pandora....

Jay on Dec 17, 2010


agree with u jay, like u said avatar 3 isnt really that nesseccary but who knows wat Cameron got up his sleeves. im sure its gonna be just as mindblowing and remarkable as the first one:)

krysten on Apr 26, 2011

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