Rumor: Bradley Cooper is the Top Contender to Play The Flash

October 11, 2010

Cooper / The Flash

Though it's not exactly that big of a story, Deadline recently reported that the scripts for Green Lantern 2 and the slowly developing adaptation of The Flash will be turned into Warner Bros. sometime between Thanksgiving and Christmas. No big deal. However, we are somewhat interested in a recent rumor that pegs a familiar name to another DC Comics property. Moviehole is saying Bradley Cooper, who was once a major contender for Green Lantern before the role went to Ryan Reynolds, is the current favorite to play the Barry Allen iteration of The Flash. It would be quite an interesting switch considering Reynolds was once up for The Flash as well.

Of course, since a script hasn't been turned in, we're likely a few months, if not more, away from getting an actor officially attached to the project, but it is an interesting prospect. After his success in The Hangover and his proximity to grabbing the role of Green Lantern, WB and DC Comics are still quite interested in making him a big "part of the family" with a role like this. Though nothing is certain yet, one fact may already be clear: Greg Berlanti might not direct The Flash despite previous rumors. Deadline has a source who says, "He won't want to direct it because he kinda wants to do something in between size-wise first before attempting something that large." Of course, if WB likes the script (which he helped develop after writing Green Lantern) and wants him to direct, then it's not entirely out of the question. Do you like Bradley Cooper as The Flash?

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To this day, I always thought Bradley Cooper would have been a better Green Lantern than Ryan Reynolds. I'm waiting for some/any footage from the new movie to prove me wrong. I think Ryan Reynolds would have been a better Flash.

Ron on Oct 11, 2010


I completely agree with you #1 Although i agree, i'm not totally against Ryan Reynolds playing Green Lantern and Bradley Cooper playing the Flash. I don't like judging a movie before i actually see the movie. Here's hoping both movies are good.

AcornPenguin on Oct 11, 2010


faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack Bradley Cooper sucks plz no. I've only seen him in the Hangover and the A-Team but he hasn't displayed anything that shows he has any real talent. At least Ryan Reynolds always leaves the movie better than when he found it and is just waiting to live up to the potential he has hinted at in past movies. I wish they would give Flash to Neil Patrick Harris but he's probably getting to much up there for the studio's liking. Off the top of my head he's my favoite for this.

silver on Oct 11, 2010


Usain Bolt should play the flash.

hamish on Oct 11, 2010


#3 just lost all creditability by bashing cooper but waning NPH WTF lol NPH plays himself every movie(literally is called by his real name in every movie) lol

nelson on Oct 11, 2010


YES YES YES!!! Bradley Cooper is the perfect Flash!!!

Bryan on Oct 11, 2010


"NPH for flash", That is the funniest thing i heard all day. NPH is the most annoying actor in my opinion.

will on Oct 11, 2010


Bradley Cooper is perfect for Barry. Make it happen.

asgfsfds on Oct 11, 2010


I love NPH for what he does, but The Flash? Surely you jest...

peloquin on Oct 11, 2010


yes please! he's the only one for the role.

Xerxex on Oct 11, 2010


Im with Xerx. Although, Reynolds and Cooper should switch costumes...

Solo Calrissian on Oct 11, 2010


What an amazing casting choice this would be! Just imagine the Justice League movie, wooa... Barney as Flash? Have you been eating mushrooms?

Ricardo on Oct 11, 2010


Bradley Cooper playing the Flash? HELL YES!!!!!!!!!!! =D

sharktopus on Oct 11, 2010


@ #3 Watch Midnight Meat Train. I thought he was great in it.

Dan on Oct 11, 2010


Dammit they got it backwards!!! Ryan is the pefect Flash and Bradley should be sad.I think Bradley is a lil too old for Flash.

Terry the Saint on Oct 11, 2010


Ok i feel ok about this but i wana see footage to feel better. Though NHP has been getting crap on this i want to remind all of you hes voiced the flash on several occasions and done a fantastic job. Though either way I would still need footage.

man on Oct 11, 2010


Totally agree with #1.... but suffice to say, I can put my money on Cooper as the Flash....

Iggypop on Oct 12, 2010


ZOOOM ZOOOM ZOOOM!!!! I'll be back benfore the banana hits the floor.. ZOOM ZOOOM ZOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM!!!!

Evilb on Oct 12, 2010


he'd be a great choice but wouldn't he play a better Wally west? Wasn't that the adaptation Reynolds was up for?

Jay on Oct 12, 2010


i can see a lot of movie reviews on the internet and i usually buy dvd movies with great reviews :;:

Acne Health Remedy %0A on Dec 2, 2010


BRADLEY would be the best FLASH ever!!!! cmmon all you Ryan-should-be-Flash people....Get a life!!!

Yashinks8 on Jun 25, 2011


Michael Rosenbaum should be the Flash. He has the voice and the body type.

Mr Ritchy on May 26, 2012

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