Rumor: Gremlins 3 Still Coming & (Surprise) Will Be in 3-D

January 25, 2010
Source: MarketSaw

Gremlins 3-D

We've known for awhile that there have at least been rumblings of a possible return to the little monster movie of the 80's, the Steven Spielberg produced, Joe Dante directed Gremlins. Although Dante himself expressed doubts about the studio (WB) asking him to return after an apparent failure in the direction of the cartoonish Gremlins 2 (which, I don't care what anyone says, I love that goofy movie), there's a chance that the film will be going ahead without him as Market Saw reports that a Gremlins 3 is in the early stages of development and, like everything else these days, the sequel will be bringing the Mogwai into digital 3-D.

Of course this news should be taken with a huge grain of salt, because Market Saw hasn't exactly become known for their accurate "scoops" recently. This is the same site that was so damn sure that Dr. Connors/The Lizard would be the villain in Spider-M4n, and before that movie was scrapped, one thing was certain: The Lizard was not the villain. However, if there is even the remote possibility that a Gremlins sequel is on the way, then we're all in for a huge disappointment.

Usually I'm up for giving remakes a chance to see what their all about, but this has disaster written all over it for several reasons. First: flmmaking today doesn't allow for a Gremlins film to have the same charm and impact it once had in the 80's. The horror/comedy is all but extinct with very few actually getting it right recently (Shaun of the Dead, and even bits of Jennifer's Body come to mind as the most successful). It was the 80's when other such horror comedies as An American Werewolf in London, Beetlejuice, The 'Burbs, and even Killer Clowns from Outer Space shared a happy, and homegrown combination of spooks and laughs. Now is not the time.

Second, technological advancements in special effects combined with a desire for 3-D almost guarantee that the crafty use of puppetry, that made the original Gremlins such tangible and thus creepier little monsters, will be thrown out the window. I don't know about you, but I just don't think I can handle seeing a Gremlins movie without slimy little puppets, and especially without a super cute fuzzy animatronic Gizmo. Making a Gremlins movie without the trademark puppetry is as disastrous as feeding the Mogwai after midnight.

Third and finally, I'm just absolutely sick of revisiting all my favorite movies from my childhood. No matter how much excitement I have for a return to something like Ghostbusters, I just wish that new, original films would come along that myself, and today's kids, could end up loving just as much as Ghostbusters as well. Almost everyday we hear about a new remake, reboot and whatnot, and it really is getting unbearable. I'm just hoping that this ends up being one big rumor and nothing more, and that a Gremlins sequel will never ever see the light of day. After all, they are scared of bright lights. Do you want a Gremlins 3-D sequel?

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I think that Gremlins 3 would be cool. Just change it, like Star Trek! Get some good writers, and it could be awesome! On the other hand... it could be complete and utter poo...

Ramone on Jan 25, 2010


I could go for a 3rd Gremlins. Each movie was great in their own way. But since the first was more horror and the second more comedy, the franchise has no solid footing on which to expect which kind of sequel they come out with. Personally, I hope they opt for scary. Either way, Im in. As for CGI....its just the times, as puppets were back then. Puppets have their charms but if done properly, CGI could add a lot to either a comedic or scary movie. I'm sure it'd be a hybrid of the two. Bring it.

Voice of Reason on Jan 25, 2010


The only Gremlins 3 I would want to see is one directed by Joe Dante. He's the only one who can capture the proper tone. Why did he fall out of favor with Hollywood while others from his era like Zemeckis are still going strong?

Jeremiah Daws on Jan 25, 2010


Gremlins 3D = 😀 And yes... im going to miss the puppets... But at least its a sequel and not a remake... Remember what they did to Freddy Krueger... :s

Dreckent on Jan 25, 2010


Germlins 3 and 3D? That idea pretty well sums up bad movies and this childish 3D fad .. I think I'm going to puke in 3D.

Sanka on Jan 25, 2010


Oh yes! Gremlins, Aliens and Ghostbusters were my favourite movies when I was a kid! Dante did a fantastic job with the first one, and made a great parody of it in the second movie. He MUST direct the third one.

Ambient on Jan 25, 2010


If it's a horror comedy, then they should take a page from Zombieland in the comedic timing dept.... (hire its director??) Gremlins is an 80's movie with an 80's appeal, much the way Adam West Batman was for the 60's and needed a Tim Burton reinvention (the same way Burton's needed a Nolan reinvention) to stay fresh. Just my take. I'd love to see it succeed

Jomba Joose on Jan 25, 2010


i love the fuckin gremlins watched all the time when i was younger

Jerrane on Jan 25, 2010


Love Gremlins! HATE 3-D, what the fuck is going on in cinema, that people "popping" out of the screen in a good thing?

Xerxex on Jan 25, 2010


Seems like the 3rd Gremlins film has been in development for a long time now. Not too surprising it's going to be in 3d, even though it makes me wanna puke.

Crump's Brother on Jan 25, 2010


The first Gremlins outing was a far superior film because the Gremlins looked scarier, the stoyline rocked, and it had a darker theme than the sequel. Gremlins 2 was too lighthearted for my taste (all except for Batgremlin and Mohawk).Give this film an R rating and I will be interested. The five rules those politically correct Hollywood filmmakers should instinctively follow on this film is the storyline/characters that made the 1st Gremlins and Gizmo famous, 2nd: AVOIDING AT ALL COSTS turning it into a silly spoof fest, 3rd: attempting to remake the 1984 film, 4th: going completely lazy and using no puppetry, and last but not least: failing to give it a big budget motion picture release.

Dan on Mar 6, 2010


No. They can't do it like they used to. They've forgotten how. If they want to contact me to write and direct it though, I know it can be done right. ;^)

Mark Green on Mar 16, 2010


Please make a Gremlins 3 I loved the first 2 movies they were really scary and cool thanks. I watched them 2 days ago and when I was young. It would be cool to bring back the set with the same actors and actresses lol. i hope this hits theathers soon 3D- is so cool.

Brittany H on Mar 29, 2010


Don't do it. Please, please don't do it, I love Gremlins, hell I've watched our VHS of the original (and best in my opinion) probably over 3 hundred times, but a 3rd one is just going too far. And putting it in 3D is a very awful idea. I'm begging you, don't ruin something that's so wonderful. Like they did with Childs Play. That just broke my heart.

Xylina on Apr 24, 2010


i think grimlins is the best soo do as much as you can she is wrong!!!!!

Chantal on Jan 24, 2011


Well this is not saying when grimlins 3 is coming up sooooo this is not realy good. I'm not trying to be mean if you think i'm trying too!!!!

Chantal Forster on Jan 24, 2011


it wolud be aswome but billy's son sholud have gizmo

Dmartinez on Aug 1, 2011


We think there should be a Gremlins 3... what happened to the saucy girl gremlin in the end of 2... would be awesome to see new technology and 3D....

Gsmith55 on Feb 12, 2012


we think there should be a gremlins 3 because in the END of gremlins 2 the batgremlin and the 2 stripy gremlins didnt die.Brooke aged 6.

Brooke Leah Smith on Feb 12, 2012

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