Rumor: Harrison Ford Aims to Kill Off Indiana Jones in Next Film

December 20, 2010

Indiana Jones

Take this with a huge grain of salt as plenty of Indiana Jones sequel rumors that we haven't highlighted have come and gone just as quickly, but this new rumor does seem like a viable path for the franchise. Showbiz Spy, whose reliability is in question simply because they're a gossip site, is reporting Harrison Ford has told creator George Lucas and series director Steven Spielberg that he would like the iconic adventurer to meet his end in the fifth adventure. Furthermore, as the end of the fourth installment seemed to hint at, the fedora and whip would be picked up by Shia LaBeouf's character and Indiana Jones' offspring Mutt Williams. Uh-oh!

Once again, this is a huge rumor at this point, but considering Ford's age and the aforementioned hints in the conclusion of Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, it makes a lot of sense. Apparently Lucas is "resisting the notion" and Spielberg is "considering it." Frankly, if Indiana Jones is going to meet his doom, I think that should be where the franchise ends once and for all. First of all, a spin-off featuring an adventurer called Mutt Williams sounds like a a terrible Air Bud-style, direct-to-DVD version of Indiana Jones. Second of all, I'm not so sure fans of the longtime archaeologist are going to be quick to follow Shia LaBeouf to a franchise that aims to capture the same nostalgia and sense of adventure that the original films delivered decades ago.

Of course, who knows when we might see the next Indiana Jones adventure anyway. While LaBeouf has mentioned being pitched an idea for the sequel by Spielberg once before and even said the story had been "cracked," there's definitely not a script that we know of yet (though Ford has said there is a "germ of an idea"). In addition, it sounds like Spielberg has already planned the follow-up to his historical drama The War Horse as we've heard that the director is officially attached to helm the adaptation of Robopocalypse. Harrison Ford's reps have already denied this rumor, but let's stir this hypothetical pot. What do you think?

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the originals were amazing and fun to watch, the perfect balance of cheese and seriousness. They completely ruined it with the last film. COMPLETELY. Please Lucas/Spielberg, DO NOT make another Indiana Jones adventure...

one on Dec 20, 2010


I thought the last movie did kill Indiana Jones 😉

Brad on Dec 20, 2010


Indy should die. But so should Shia LaBeouf. Replace him with an actual actor and I think it could work.

Syphous on Dec 20, 2010


Hahahaha, @2 that made my day:) I hate to think this but I'd rather see it rebooted than continued (Timpthy Olyphant would be my choice). Crystal Skull was insanely idiotic and an insult to the series...let's just forget 4 ever happened and be done with it.

Marc on Dec 20, 2010


I went into the 4th one with such low expectations that I was actually somewhat pleasantly surprised. It was bad, don't get me wrong. Anyway, getting back to the point -- I'd do it. I'd kill him off in such a way that it is hard to determine if he is really dead, or maybe he's just in permanent but awesome retirement. Don't forget about that young indiana jones show... if they wanted to keep with that timeline he's got to lose an eye, but keep right on living for awhile.

dRailer on Dec 20, 2010


The 4th Indy was just as good as the first Indy if not better. They will never be able to capture the magic of ToD or LC.

Knawx on Dec 20, 2010


No kill Mutt instead,not Indy!!!

Terry the Saint on Dec 20, 2010


Mutt is such a stupid name for a potential hero. They better come up with an idea to change his name. George Lucas really ruins his projects. We really don't need George involved anymore!

Jedibilly on Dec 20, 2010


They should kill completely the franchise especially if shia still be leading the cast!! The last movie WAS SO BADDDDDDDDDD. I don't know why Spielberg always wanted Shia in most of his recent movies (transformers, eagle eye). The movie was just a blockbuster because people were just curious and excited to see this movie. But I think most of them hated it afterwards. I know I did! Did I say Shia is the most overrated actor in hollywood now? 'nuff said!

fredrick on Dec 20, 2010


I washed my hands of Spielberg and Lucas after the fourth one, so I'm out.

Xerxex on Dec 20, 2010


This was the same thing Harrison Ford wanted for Han in "Return of the Jedi," by the way.

James on Dec 20, 2010


It wouldn't be in canon though. In The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles, a 90-something year old Indy is telling stories from his younger years. Dude lives to a ripe old age.

Jim on Dec 20, 2010


Actually, it was Empire Strikes Back's director Irvin Kershner that thought Han Solo should die at the end of the movie. Harrison Ford was fine with that but George Lucas basically said "No F!@#$-ing way!".

Patrick on Dec 20, 2010


I'm curious as to why sites report these false rumors without waiting to check their facts? It seems everyone posted this story and then Ford's reps completely denied it hours later. Is it such a slow news day that we report everything? Please let us know the facts, this just creates more online conjecture.

bubbatwo420 on Dec 20, 2010


Im fine with that. Indy is already dead anyway.

Fox on Dec 20, 2010


This had better be just a rumor. I swear if Shia le douche is the next indy I will hurt someone.

Risk on Dec 20, 2010


Im diggin #5s suggestion for the next indy.

Cody w on Dec 20, 2010


@12 George Lucas wanted to kill Han Solo not Harrison Ford

ddot3 on Dec 20, 2010


The "fourth" movie was pathetic and doesn't belong in the Indy franchise. Lucas and Spielberg had a chance and they nuked it.

nurhachi on Dec 20, 2010


@13 Very true. I thought the same thing in reading that. I say stick to the canon. I also say, no matter how much I would like another film, let it end at Indy 4.

ModernAmericanMan on Dec 20, 2010


@ 9. Jedibilly on Dec 20, 2010 Mutt is such a stupid name for a potential hero. They better come up with an idea to change his name. George Lucas really ruins his projects. We really don't need George involved anymore! (Shia LaBeouf's) Character: Mutt Williams is the son of (Karen Allen's) Character: Marion Ravenwood Williams. He has a very curious and adventurous side, not to mention a great appetite for thrills. It should come as no surprise to find that he is the son of (Harrison Ford's) Character Henry "Indiana" Jones, Jr. His real name is Henry Jones III... Jedibilly did you even pay attention the the movie???

DrEvil7926 on Dec 20, 2010


When did a Fourth Indy Jones film come out? To my understanding, only three films exist. HH

Have Hope on Dec 20, 2010


Sorry numero 5, but going from Harisson Ford to....TIM OLYPHANT????!!! Are you insane?! No, no, no, no, NO. HH

Have Hope on Dec 20, 2010


i thought Shia and the CG ground hogs killed Indy

Steve on Dec 20, 2010


depends on there definition of 'kill off' if he finds some artifact to take him somewhere along with whats her face and then declared dead? or remove there own series ending when he died of old age in 2000... or its another Lucas/Spielberg play on words......

Jericho on Dec 20, 2010


Exactly Steve, CG groundhogs, who needs that in there life? I actually threw up a little when they came on, what was the fecking point in them? And the friendly anti-nazi monkeys? Sheeeyit. Lucas is a tool.

Crapola on Dec 20, 2010


I share the same feelings with of the people on this site. I don't really think it matters, make 50 movies, with or without Indy, they'll do it anyway. There's the original 3, and then they had spin-offs from that, so whatever. I have my 3, and I now know from watching that rehash of a 4th film that I won't get another one like the original 3. Same thing happened with Star Wars... how... ironic.

DougC on Dec 20, 2010


The original 3 Indiana Jones films were amazing. The 4th film was a complete disaster. Maybe the 5th film will bring honour back to the Indiana Jones franchise. I hope it does because they will have to do something really really bad to be worse than the 4th film so bad infact that the entire audience would be scratching their eyes out half way through, that is how bad the 5th film will have to be. Its like a wise man once said, 'when you have hit rock bottom, the only way is up'.

James on Dec 20, 2010


Kill of Indy? long as all the other characters die too...preferably in a divine flash of ghoulish light and mist.

The Credenza Kid on Dec 21, 2010


@#22 Dr Evil whatever, Of course I did pay attention to the movie. I a big fan of Indiana Jones! I just wished they made his name differently, it was bound to become a household name if it took off in future sequels. I just don't like the sound of "Mutt Williams and the Raiders of the Lost Ark", for example. Didn't you pay attention to my comment!???

Jedibilly on Dec 21, 2010


Jedibelly says George Lucas really ruins his projects. We really don't need George involved anymore! Well Jedibelly, as quoted from the above article Apparently Lucas is "resisting the notion" and Spielberg is "considering it. Seems to me that Spielberg is the culprit here.

Hattori Hanzo on Dec 21, 2010


Man, the whole concept of the Indy movies (Scheming nazis, thrilling chases, a little cheese, one-liners, exotic locales, lost treasures, fucking ADVENTURE) is pure cinema gold. I literally, seriously, get a slight stomachache when I think of how these films are coming along. It makes me so disappointed. No rage, no bitter feelings-- just disappointment. I couldn't tell you how heartbroken I was when Shia LaBeouf showed up. Killing Indy is the best course of action. Just kill him and kill these fucking movies.

Cracky on Dec 21, 2010


Okay, they kill of Indy and the series is finished, all you Lucas haters will be happy and you cannot complain anymore. You can't have an Indiana Jones movie without Indiana Jones so if they do a variation of the series in future movies, stay home. End of story!

Anne on Dec 21, 2010


Yeah, this is what all the best action & adventure movies need - the last half hour to be a string of mawkish, overly-dramatic post-death scenes courtesy of a past-his-prime George Lucas.

Chris on Dec 21, 2010


I don't get the problem with the name of Indy's son. Afterall, both Indianna and Mutt are named after dogs.

Sanka on Dec 21, 2010


#2 captured my sentiments.... on a side note, the fourth movie didn't kill Indiana Jones, it just raped him... didn't you see the south park episode

Janny on Dec 21, 2010


I love this franchise and even enjoyed Crystal Skull (until the horrible ending). I believe in Spielberg and have no faith what-so-ever in Lucas

Haz on Dec 21, 2010


Indiana will never die,because he did drink water of eternity indiana jones and last crusade...i hope Spielberg remember that!

Edward on Dec 21, 2010


I would be Severely disappointed if indy died, to the point that it would change my opinion about the series, most notably what Lucas & Spielberg did to the fanbase for an extra buck... Just my opinion. Besides, wasnt he an old man with an eye patch in the chronicles? That said, I wouldn't mind a story with Mutt & Short Round looking into the supposed "death" of Indy as a Macguffin... (The actor who played short round is in his early 30's and is a real life martial arts expert). he could pass the torch THAT way. Fidora? MAY-beeeee... Whip? Hell, Effin No.....

Solo Calrissian on Dec 21, 2010


@Edward #39 Glad you mentioned this — I was thinking the same thing! Surely they're aware of this, right!? right…?

ambiguish on Dec 21, 2010


people people please....mutt is a nickname, its found out during kotcs that his name is henry, just as his father. i am a huge indy fan, and have come to grips with the notion that all great movies from the last 20 years that are adorned with a sequel or remake are never up to par with the magic before cgi...with that said, i will still be an indy fan if this movie is made, and i will see it, if for only the few seconds they can capture that past indy feel, just to remind me how great the originals were.

AC on Dec 21, 2010


terrible idea, retire him to teaching but you cant kill indiana jones, i dont think even old age will take him.. i think id be okay with a reboot though

harrison on Dec 21, 2010


I think Shia is a pretty good actor. I just think that the only movies the majority of people have seen him in have been bad movies. Really, watch Transformers 2. That movie is complete dog shit, but watch Shia and what he does. He totally sells the giant robots that are walking around or shooting at him or trying to kill him or whatever. Those robots are there because he's so good at making it look like those robots are there. There are times when he will shift his gaze between real actors and the giant robots like it's a perfectly natural thing. The other actors don't do that so much. The other actors barely even seem to notice that there are giant robots around at all. They rarely ever look directly at them, and only when the shot requires that they be looking at the robots. Shia will glance over and "look" at them, even when they're not in the shot or when they didn't really even do anything in the scene. You give that kid a halfway decent dramatic role and I bet he'd knock it out of the park.

Squiggly_P on Dec 21, 2010


I agree Squiggly_P he's underrated.

Xerxex on Dec 22, 2010


this film series seriously needs to end so im glad!

A5J4DX on Dec 22, 2010


Indiana Jones should've been left alone after the Last Crusade. I mean the 4th installment wasn't that bad, and had some pretty cool action scenes like with the army ants and the jungle scenes, but overall it didn't compare to the first three films. Plus, and this is me personally, I really enjoyed the first three due to the old filming picture shows of the 80's. Nowadays, the pictures are so perfect with special effects and computer work, it makes some things too realistic and not genuine. For example, Shia swinging on the vines with the monkeys (and all the monkeys being computer made) looked sadly unreal. If there is another film made, Indy could meet his doom or he could become MIA making it so that no one would know if he's truly dead or not. That's my opinion

Jake on Dec 22, 2010


Whenever I hear the words "reboot" or "sequel," a tiny sliver of hope for the future of movies dies a horrible and violent death. I grew up on the Indiana Jones movies as a kid. Raiders of the Lost Ark was the movie that inspired me to become a film student. As a die hard fan, killing off Indiana Jones is one of the worst ideas I've ever heard. What makes the series/character so damn good is the memorable adventures. He is an "eternal" legend in my opinion. Actually showing him die on screen would severely ruin my outlook on the character and in a way, the fourth one has come close. I wish someone would grow some intelligence or at least smack Lucas and Spielberg. Crusade was the end of an adventure that didn't need resurfacing. However, many years down the road, I wouldn't be close-minded to a tale of Jones' son as long as Shia isn't part of it. The only actor I have ever seen that could possibly ever play a Jones is Josh Holloway from Lost.

Cory on Dec 22, 2010


So a truly great archeologist rises out of no where, we witness his success and the only way to end the franchise is to kill him?

Fisherr on Dec 26, 2010


Just to add, I agree with Cory in saying that if, and only if, there was a new film portraying Indy's son, Josh Holloway would make the best fit actor for the job

Jake on Dec 26, 2010


(Shia LaBeouf's) Character: Mutt Williams is the son of (Karen Allen's) Character: Marion Ravenwood Williams. He has a very curious and adventurous side, not to mention a great appetite for thrills. It should come as no surprise to find that he is the son of (Harrison Ford's) Character Henry "Indiana" Jones, Jr. His real name is Henry Jones III… you people are all stupid , move with the times ,Shia LaBeouf is perfect for the roll .... how can any of you say that he is a bad actor , the 4th indi film was just as good as the 1st 2nd or 3rd film ..... as for River Phoenix if he was still alive (RIP 1970-1993 ) he could never of played indi's son , because he already played a young indi ....... shia labeouf has not done a bad film yet . Disturbia Transformers 1 an 2 and Eagle Eye , an a small part in Constantine , i.robot give the bloke a break ..... i for 1 cant wait to see indi 5 with shai in it , if it is made that is ....................

sy keen on Dec 26, 2010

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