Rumor: Joss Whedon on the Short List to Direct The Avengers

April 1, 2010
Source: IESB

Joss Whedon - The Avengers

It's a bit unfortunate that a big rumor that might have legitimate grounds has to hit on April Fool's Day, but alas, this rumor is real (unlike IESB's fake story that Hugh Laurie was cast as J. Jonah Jameson in the Spider-Man reboot - oh how I wish that was true). Apparently the rumor may have a reliable source too as IESB says the same insider who tipped them off to Spider-Man 4's indefinite delay on production before the aforementioned reboot came to fruition has told them fanboy favorite Joss Whedon is on the short list to direct Marvel's highly anticipated adaptation of The Avengers. Honestly, this sounds too good to be true.

Whedon not only has plenty of experience in film and television (he's currently working on the anticipated horror film Cabin in the Woods), but has also played around with plenty of iconic comic book characters, as he's written for series like the Astonishing X-Men and Runaways (one of the comics I am dying to see transferred to the big screen). Honestly, his directing The Avengers would be pretty close to a dream come true for many fanboys and girls, but as of now this is to be taken with a grain of salt. We're still waiting to see Thor and Captain America hit theaters before The Avengers can assemble, but stay tuned for updates.

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April Fools......... Thanks FS

Ryan McCarthy on Apr 1, 2010


Actually thats not that bad of an idea. After seeing Serenity I could see him pulling that off. He gets alot of bad cred cause of his ridiculous sitcoms but he can handle a film well. Whedon knows how to do ensemble heroes well also. I personally would like to see Danny Boyle but that just wont happen.

Cody w on Apr 1, 2010


If this does happen, I bet Eliza Dushku will make her way into the film.

John on Apr 1, 2010


this is were you are all wrong.we wont see capt. america and thor before they asemble,the will finish filming when thor and captain hit theaters.

kure on Apr 1, 2010


i must admit i'm not a super Whedon fan, but i loved Serenity. i think he would be near perfect for the Avengers. lets see if he can ratchet up the "epicness" with a bigger budget. and forget Letterier on that Avenger's short list. i'm kind of glad to hear Clash of the Titans is getting crap reviews because i know he would never do the Avengers justice. or Y: the last man for that matter.

CL on Apr 1, 2010


Not only Dushku, but Nathan Fillion as well....I hope!

Chris on Apr 1, 2010


Wont happen.

People's Champ on Apr 1, 2010


Seriously, no. Plus, The Avengers should be directed by someone who directed a Marvel movie before.. just saying

[A] on Apr 1, 2010


nathan fillion for hank pym!!! dushku for wasp

jojoe on Apr 1, 2010


its got be an april fools,if its true he wouldn't be that bad a choice. my choices would be 1.jj abrams 2.matthew vaugn 3.james cameron

DEADPOOL 72 on Apr 1, 2010


This is not funny, wherever you got that this info from I hope is wrong.

almartva on Apr 1, 2010


well he did write some of the best wolverine/xmen comics ive ever read

josh on Apr 1, 2010


I'm hoping this is a joke. Joss Whedon? R U kiddin' me?

Nada Nuff on Apr 1, 2010


Joss Whedon is awesome. He would be great for this. His attention to character development is amazing.

Vold on Apr 1, 2010


He would be a great choice. Give him a chance.

Jake the snake on Apr 1, 2010


You know an april fools joke where you state repeatedly its not a joke, isn't funny right? But if it is true... I'm not sure how I feel about that. And I'm a big Whedon fan.

harm on Apr 1, 2010


Actually on second thought, bring on the Whedon, bring on the awesome. Too bad he couldn't get Mark Millar to jump in on it with him to write. Together that would be mind blowing.

harm on Apr 1, 2010


No, the real joke is that it's still being written by Zak "the Hak" Penn. I can't wait for an Avengers film written by the same guy who wrote Elektra, and Ghost Rider, and that awful FF movie, and Inspector Gadget. I'm sure it will be great and not suck at all (sarcasm).

Pete the Geek on Apr 1, 2010


Can someone please tell me why Whedon is so well respected? He did Buffy but that as meh at best. Serenity was good. But other then that is he any good?

WB Exec on Apr 1, 2010


He should write it too. Screw Zak Penn!! Joss Whedon should only direct Joss Whedon scripts.

DinoChow on Apr 1, 2010


I think he would be a great choice, go out and get one of the Buffy seasons that show was amazing in so many different ways and Angel was just as good. Then throw some Firefly on top of that, yeah if this is true it's really good news, VIVA LA BUFFY!!!!!

CLAW on Apr 1, 2010


I would love to see a Whedon directed Avengers movie. His ability to bring individual characters strengths and weaknesses to light without overshadowing the rest of the cast would be of great use in a gang-up film of this nature.

DarkRaven18599 on Apr 1, 2010


@19 Google Dr. Horribles Sing-Along Blog.

Cody M on Apr 4, 2010


Whedon's all wrong for this. His sensibilities are suited to television, not cinema. Serenity was a TV movie that somehow made it's way onto theater screens.

SlashBeast on Apr 17, 2010

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