Rumor: Robert Pattinson Might Play Kurt Cobain in a Biopic

April 9, 2010

Robert Pattinson / Kurt Cobain

This isn't official by any means, so don't start getting angry that Edward from those damn Twilight movies will be playing Nirvana's legendary singer and guitarist. RadarOnline is reporting a rather unreliable rumor that 23-year-old actor Robert Pattinson might indeed be playing Kurt Cobain in a biopic in development at Universal called All Apologies. Unfortunately, the site references quotes from the UK Sun, who we all know is the absolute worst bullshit gossip rag in the world, and can't be trusted. They say that Pattinson has been "in talks" with Cobain's widow Courtney Love, who has picked Pattinson as her top choice. Oh really?

"This is a big money deal for Courtney -- she has agreed to the film on condition that she gets to decide the main aspects of the project including director, casting, screenplay and music," the source said. "Robert has been calling and emailing her non-stop… she has been a bit wound up by his manners, but he is her number one choice to play Kurt."

I obviously don't believe that for a second, but it's the rumor of the day, so I thought it'd be good to mention anyway. There is actually a Cobain biopic in the works, so that part is accurate, but that doesn't really mean anything. In February we reported that Oscar nominated writer Oren Moverman (The Messenger) would be revising the screenplay for a biopic (setup at Universal) but that's all we know. Maybe they are considering Pattinson and honestly, the guy's a great actor, he's just caught up in everything vampires and screaming girls right now. This could be his opportunity to prove himself again post-Twilight. We will let you know!

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This story is false, confirmed by The Playlist: Thank god!

Jordan Raup on Apr 9, 2010


I'm not really into this story, but despite that I hated the twilight flicks, I actually think Robert Pattinson look like a desent choise. ..if they handle it right

rbj on Apr 9, 2010


jared leto should play him

nelson on Apr 9, 2010


Let's all bitch and moan together!!!

People's Champ on Apr 9, 2010


hell no, not that douche bag (he really is one in real life) :(, if he does i will organize a mass suicide to commemorate the real Kurt Cobain

DaftPUNKFAN on Apr 9, 2010


No....just no. Charlie Hunnam or Jared Leto, Better be a non true rumor.

Cody w on Apr 9, 2010


Bad day to post this news alex, just saying. I don't like Kurt Cobain, but this wouldn't make sense

Ricardo on Apr 9, 2010


PLEASE FUCKING NO! (that needed caplock)

Stevo on Apr 9, 2010


I know if this is the truth I'll end up like Kirk before the movie's over... shotgun under my chin and my toe on the trigger... UGH

Kent Lundblad on Apr 9, 2010


I'm not a Cobain fan, but Pattinson would have been completely miscast. I would rather see Mike Vogel, or Charlie Hunnam.

Xerxex on Apr 9, 2010


I don't know much about Cobain, but thinking of casting Pattinson as him must be a joke. The guy sucks.

M on Apr 9, 2010


Eh. I don't care for Nirvana nor Cobain. But yea Leti would look and act better.

Daniel Felts on Apr 9, 2010


Leto* my bad

Daniel Felts on Apr 9, 2010


I'm sure he could play him quite easily. It seems only the fans make him out to be some sort of amazing figure, he was a mediocre musician and if he didn't kill himself he'd have probably died of an overdose after years of putting out rubbish. Junkies... Courtney will only be saying yes to the film to buy clothes and pay off her ridiculous debts, doesn't sound like it'll be a very objective look at his miserable life.

Crapola on Apr 9, 2010


no no no they have it all wrong, Joe Anderson is the perfect cobain

boomtastic voyage on Apr 9, 2010


^^^ worst comment ever. KNOCK IT OFF

Kent Lundblad on Apr 9, 2010


^^^ I've never wanted a random commenter to walk into moving traffic so bad in my entire life... As some one named after Superman I take offense to the idea that ANYONE would EVER consider that stone faced DOUCHE for Superman.

Kent Lundblad on Apr 9, 2010


I have a baaaaaaaaaaaaad feeling about this...

Wylles on Apr 9, 2010


I'm not going to lose sleep over it. Gotta be better than Last Days.

Finer Things Club on Apr 10, 2010


He may be a good actor but he is so wrong to play Cobain. Leto would be a good choice but Giovanni Ribisi would be an interesting one.

AW on Apr 10, 2010


Hope they cast Michael Pitt! Again!

Martin on Apr 10, 2010


Robert Pattinson is a very good actor. Stop this bad comments, he could to do a good job.

sunshine3000 on Apr 10, 2010


NO FU***** WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! have to be kidding me, what an insane comment. He cannot even define timing in a frame!!!!!!!!!!

Clover on Apr 10, 2010


I seriously hope this is fake. He's been OK in what I've seen him in, but his vibe is just totally wrong for Kurt.

e on Apr 10, 2010


You know what screw everyone who is talking about the dead Kurt Cobain..especially if your not American cause we all know you would not understand anyways..its a story and hes dead and cant take up for himself so shut the fuck up your not perfect. And Letto from 30 seconds to mars would do great..but Pattinson would to. So lets all stop acting like anything you write or say really means shit. Nobody is perfect.

Blue on Apr 11, 2010


@26 BWAHAHA! So if ur American, you cant "understand" Cobain? 😀 Funniest hillbilly commentator ever!

Martin on Apr 11, 2010


if ur NOT I mean.

Martin on Apr 11, 2010



smackyou on Apr 11, 2010


Id watch it if it has rob blowing his head off at the end! lol

KidNVS on Apr 11, 2010


I never liked Pattinson, he looks like he is taking a shit in his pants when he is on screen. Go back and watch, it's on his face and thinking..."Damn, I think I just shit my pants this bitch is talking to much, can't she smell my shit yet?"

JJ81 on Apr 11, 2010


Please just don't make this movie... Nirvana just doesn't fit into the movie category <--- Born, raised and still living in Seattle

raven1 on Apr 12, 2010


@Raven1 I think you're wrong. Everything fits into a movie category. The fact of the matter is the best Kurt Cobain movie that could ever get made already was made and it's called "Last Days"

Kent Lundblad on Apr 12, 2010


If this is real we riot.

Peace Love & GaGa on Apr 25, 2010


Robert Best Actor at this time.

????????? ?????? ???? on May 2, 2010


I would say Charlie Hunnam is hands down best choice for the role

lorraine on May 4, 2010



Rollhouse on May 5, 2010

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