Rumor: Spielberg Again Considers Directing 'Robopocalypse'

September 20, 2010
Source: Vulture

Robopocalypse / Spielberg

Earlier this year when it was still anyone's guess as to what project Steven Spielberg would bless with his directorial skills, there was a rumor floating around that he was seriously considering Robopocalypse, the story about the human race's attempt to survive an apocalyptic robot uprising. Though Spielberg is currently busy shooting the project he ended up choosing instead, an adaptation of the novel War Horse, the folks at Vulture say there's a chance the movie could end up in Spielberg's lap again. However, don't get too excited, because like their source says, "With DreamWorks, everything is potentially a Steven project until it’s not."

We've got some time to let this rumor simmer before Spielberg even thinks about choosing his next project so this should be considered no more than a continuation of the previous rumor. Having said that, the prospect of Spielberg getting back into big budget sci-fi (and not just injecting certain elements into Indiana Jones mythology) is certainly a great one. War of the Worlds was released over five years ago so we're about due for another science fiction romp from Spielberg. Plus the director may have gotten thirsty for his own robotic project after developing Real Steel which Shawn Levy stepped up to direct.

If you don't recall, the project comes from a yet-to-be-finished story from Daniel H. Wilson, the robotic engineer turned author behind a similar sounding book (also being turned into a movie) How to Survive a Robot Uprising. Apparently a brand new draft from writer Drew Goddard (Cloverfield, Cabin in the Woods) has just been handed in and everyone in town is itching to read it whether Spielberg directs or not. Because when a project gets passed down from Spielberg it's as good as gold because everyone wants a project that was considered to be good enough for the iconic director. For now consider this just a rumor, but we'll keep you posted when and if we hear anything about Robopocalypse.

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Well, just direct something allready!! Jeez, he has had many balls in the air that fell flat last years

David Banner on Sep 20, 2010


I want Spielberg to put an end to all remakes by remaking the movie that started the whole summer blockbuster industry: Remake JAWS. It would be such a friggin statement on the state of the industry, not to mention that it'd be so ironic...and it would make a TON of $$$$$$$$$$$$$.

uberman on Sep 20, 2010


Give it to Jackson or Blomkamp. Spielberg is an old hack.

tEDDY bESS on Sep 20, 2010


#1 -did you read the above article? he's currently directing warhorse - and from what i read about the plot -should be an excellent movie. #2 - jaws is perfect as it is and i don't see the need for a remake - i'm curious : why do you think a remake would be "ironic" and a a "statement of the industry"? #3 - i'm not a fan of every one of spielbergs movies - but he's far from done and certainly NOT a "hack". just since 1997 he's done films like "schindlers list"; "saving private ryan"; "catch me if you can"; and "munich"......amoung others. - i don't know what you're basing your post on.

beavis on Sep 21, 2010


Every great movie will eventually be remade with the way things are going. And since this seems to be the case, why not re-make your OWN iconic movie, hence JAWS, which was a major headache for Spielberg to make but is indeed a classic. Could it be made better? No, but it could be made different, adhering closer to the source material and with a much more realistic shark fer certain. It would set Hollywood abuzz and certainly would be epic in terms of the take home, esspecially if it was very well done in all sincerity. If Spielberg did something this audacious, it would be the final word on remakes once and for all and we could all move on. Oh, and I am looking forward to WarHorse. Nobody does it better.

uberman on Sep 21, 2010


thanks for the reply, uberman! your comment on every great movie will eventually be remade is (sadly) probably true. i don't like seeing as many remakes as there are, but i guess that's the way hollywood wants to make money nowadays. and, i'm totally stoked for warhorse - i really like the storyline.

beavis on Sep 21, 2010


I agree-It takes alot to get me out to see a movie, but War Horse will be one I will go see based on both the material and the director. See ya at the movies, Beavis.

uberman on Sep 21, 2010


So Spielberg is considering making the Terminator without the time travel aspect? That's dumb.

Alex T. on Sep 21, 2010


beavis: Yes, I can read. Just borred with hearing about all the projects Speilberg for the last 3-4 years(?) is gunna do, then doesnt. He's had alot of project-or balls-that have fallen flat. Not only on directing, but as producer, writer ect. War Horse will prob be a good movie, but its his Sci-Fi I am after

David Banner on Sep 21, 2010


i understand completely, david. same problem exists with del torro - he's been connected with MANY films in the last 2-3 years - only to change his mind, for some reason - hopefully he stays with "mountain of madness".

beavis on Sep 22, 2010

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