Rumor: That Red Sonja Film Has Been Offered to Megan Fox

April 4, 2010
Source: Pajiba

Megan Fox

After a recent casting addition that brought Rose McGowan aboard the brand new Conan film, rampant speculation began that she might be playing Red Sonja, a well-known character from the Conan universe. After all, she has been attached to play the character for a couple years in a Robert Rodriguez produced adaptation, despite endless delays getting the project started which Rodriguez recently confirmed himself. Though he cites a desire from other producers to get Conan off the ground first, Pajiba has discovered that all previous developments on the project have been nixed, and an offer is now out to Megan Fox to star.

This sounds like a better idea, not only because McGowan isn't really young enough to take on a potential franchise like this, but because Fox is going to need a new franchise where she's not just the love interest. With Red Sonja, she can still be stunningly hot, potentially badass and rake in the money from fanboys who just want to see her fight in the skimpiest outfit that PG-13 will allow. And let's be honest, McGowan is to Rodriguez what Helena Bonham Carter is to Tim Burton. We get it. Stop working together on everything.

So this news coupled with Rodriguez' somewhat disassociating words about the project makes a Red Sonja cameo from McGowan all the less likely, but it sounds like the feature project is still moving along in some capacity. Though McGowan and apparently director Douglas Aarniokoski are off the project, producers are looking for someone to take another pass at David N. White's script as this new incarnation of the project takes form. Fox hasn't shown much actual talent yet, but she might be able to pull this off. McGowan is one kick ass chick, but I'm just not sure she was right for Red Sonja from the start. What do you guys think?

Rose McGowan's Red Sonja

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Jimmy Love on Apr 4, 2010


I'm generally disappointed to see any role go to Fox. She's just not a very good actress. Or, rather, she's yet to show that she is. I have very little faith in her considering her current body of work. There are other actresses that can, you know, act that could take the role and actually do something with it.

Steve Wallace on Apr 4, 2010


Fox rocks! I'd watch this.

Hellboy on Apr 4, 2010


Eh, Fox was the best actor in Transformers 2. Not really a compliment to her as much as an insult to the rest of the terrible cast, know...there was a point to this comment, but I'm not sure what it was.

DinoChow on Apr 4, 2010


I think she can do it, I want to see her become more than just a pretty face.

Xerxex on Apr 4, 2010


Apart from being hot, I think she can actually act. Jennifers Body proved that. * That was a joke too btw.

Hellboy on Apr 4, 2010


Everytime I see Rodriguez's name, I cry a bit more inside at the idea that Sin City 2 will never be 🙁

SasQ on Apr 4, 2010


I dont think she can even lift a sword. I think McGowan is a way better fit for the role than Fox. If she passed on the Laura Croft role, why would she take this?

People's Champ on Apr 4, 2010


Oh god laura Croft would have really sucked.........................................

SHANEDAV on Apr 4, 2010


Fox is hot, I don`t believe she will take this part. But I don`t know. I am waiting to see how Passion Play turns out, she is supposed to be great in that one.

Loser on Apr 4, 2010


shouldn't be fox (i'd probably still watch it.)how about giving mary elizabeth winstead a shot,she was good in deathproof,scott pilgrim vs the world,die hard 4 & don't they want her for the thing prequel.

DEADPOOL 72 on Apr 5, 2010


Christina Hendricks is hot, busty, and can act. If she trained and a bit more toned she'd be perfect for this.

The_Kid on Apr 5, 2010


I like Megan Fox, I'm not too tabloid about what she does outside of film, so don't have an opinion of her outwith of film. I'm with The_Kid on Christina Hendricks too though, maybe her sword fighting skills aren't up to Megs though?

Crapola on Apr 5, 2010


Its all eye candie for the fanboys, she not good enough to play Red Sonia as a actress "she Crap" take Jenifers Body it was rubbish. She would be better for the is part Milla Jovovich, she would make a better Red Sonia than Megan Fox.

Cineprog on Apr 5, 2010


"So this news coupled with Rodriguez' somewhat disassociating words about the project makes a Red Sonja cameo from McGowan all the less likely" A Red Sonja cameo in Conan was never "likely" in the first place: Conan and Red Sonja are owned by different companies. It doesn't matter whether Rose is playing a different character: outside of a ten-second scene with an unnamed red-headed warrior woman, there's no possibility of Red Sonja appearing in a Conan film, any more than it was possible back in the '80s.

Taranaich on Apr 5, 2010


I like McGowan and wanna see her in more stuff, so I kinda wish she had kept it. But this honestly isn't a project I'm all that excited about, so I'm kinda ho-hum on casting.

Nada Nuff on Apr 5, 2010


Hmmm.... After Brigette Neilsen, it's not like Fox is following the most scintillating actor ever to bring the role to the big screen. Can Megan Fox act at all? Does she actually have talent? Or is she just eye candy? Can any Red Sonja movie ever made ever actually be a quality movie? Or are they always simply going to show a hot redhead running around in skimpy fur? I'd love to be suprised on both ends. I'd love to see Megan Fox bring actual acting chops and hotness to Red Sonja and I'd love to see Red Sonja actually be a good movie with the bonus of the main character actually being hot instead of using Red Sonja to cover up the fact that after the writer thought about Red Sonja, read the books, read the comics, thought about her tits and ass, fapped, then totally went brain dead from page 2 of the screenplay on...

cintilla on Apr 5, 2010


"...not only because McGowan isn't really young enough to take on a potential franchise like this" nice dude! 🙂 Fox as Sonja? Nah, wont work, no way u'll get Fox to put on 20-30 pounds of muscle needed for the role. Is it only me, or does Rodriguez projects move very, very slow?

David Banner on Apr 5, 2010


If Ms. Neelson could do it back in the can Fox.

Clover on Apr 5, 2010


If Megan Fox is actually going to be in it, I'll have to definitely pass. I'll be passing the Jonah Hex movie as well because of her. She just cannot act. Jennifer's Body was the last straw for me.

pixelblink on Apr 5, 2010


Not into it. She's a stuck up hack who makes everyone around her miserable. I'd be happy if the earth opened up and swallowed her, where she would stay for years slowly being digested in Sarlacc style.

Bryanmakeup on Apr 5, 2010


Should could put out (no pun intended) a 2 hour film of her just sitting in her room reading, and I'd still go see it. As long as she were in a nighty.

Brian on Apr 5, 2010


fuck that. mcgowan couldve nailed it

megalodon on Apr 5, 2010


Ridiculous. Fox is what, 90 pounds at the most? This role needs an intense actress who has screen presence, and with enough physical stature to convince people she's an actual bad-ass. Hilary Swank comes to mind as someone who could put a lot of depth into the role. Fox is cover-girl material, and that's about it.

scott on Apr 5, 2010


Always a bunch of pram-queens, get a real athletic woman with some real muscles, can't fight with titties & botox lips!

Me on Apr 5, 2010


@21 just close your eyes when she's onscreen like I plan to. I'm going to see Jonah hex no matter what. Please be a late April Fools joke!

Daniel Felts on Apr 5, 2010


Personally, i am glad to read this. I think Megan Fox gets a bad wrap way too much. She's best known for playing Mikaela from Michael Bay's terrible Transformer movies. Sure she wasn't very good in those roles. what people seem to neglect, is that those were "Michael Bay movies" not Megan Fox movies. Michael Bay doesn't really "direct" women in his movies, he throws them into high octane scenes (and movies) just to keep the audience entertained while nothing else is going on! I enjoyed Megan Fox in Jennifer's Body very much. Not academy award winning, surely no. But still good! I thought she was funny when she had to be and scary when she had to be. Megan Fox is totally, totally hot that without the shadow of a doubt. But she's got potential. She just needs better scripts to be chosen for. Let's all see how Jonah Hex plays out, hmmm?

Conrad on Apr 5, 2010


Nielsen's performance in Red Sonja wasn't exactly Oscar material, so at least in that department Fox wouldn't have too much to worry about. They're both bad actresses, period. But Brigitte Nielsen at least looked like an amazon and swung that sword with some kind of purpose. Last time I saw a pic of Megan Fox she was disgustingly skinny, and I have a hard time believing that she could kick anyone's ass, let alone wield a huge sword without decapitating herself. Now, if she takes some time to gain weight and build some muscle...maybe. Who knows. I agree with everyone that said McGowan would have been prefect. She was badass in Planet Terror, and she would have nailed this for sure. What a shame.

SuicidalOptimist on Apr 5, 2010


as long as shes nude I am there!

fater on Apr 5, 2010


She is so over-rated. I dont really care if i see her in any other movie

D on Apr 5, 2010


#2 Said it best. Megan is HORRIBLE. She is ruining movies. Yes she looks good, but the girl has no chops. Stick to porn or something.

LL on Apr 5, 2010


I would love to see christina hendricks in this role.

Chirstina Hendricks Gallery on Apr 5, 2010


Doesn't matter to me, never heard of Red Sonja, plus Megan Fox sucks as an actress, so if they want to ruin it, I don't care, wasn't going to watch it anyways.

M on Apr 5, 2010


Not fox. Almost anyone but Fox. I like Rose McGowen or the Christina Hendricks idea.

Osbourne Cox on Apr 5, 2010


Really #33 stick to porn?

Xerxex on Apr 6, 2010


I just don't understand why everyone just wants to hate on Fox, if anything you should hate the media for blowing her up into what she is know. Fox has only been in what three movies? Two were Transformers all that required was her to look pretty, then Jennifer's Body well that too required her to look pretty and act dirty, she hasn't had a chance to show if she can act in something different. At least wait until the Jonah Hex trailer drops to see if she can hold her own against Josh Brolin.

Xerxex on Apr 6, 2010


IMO Stick with Rose. Megan lacks the tough Chick element, to carry an entire movie like this. Megan Fox is one movie like this away from being the chick on terminator 3... She went from being a poor man's Angelina to an even poorer man's Rose McGowan. Not bad company to compare to in the looks dept, just the body of work. No offense to her, but all I've seen from her so far is a trailer of her rising from a dirty lake and running in slow mo on transformer movies. but Maybe this is her Niche in Hollywood. They can't all be Scarlet, Portman or McAdams... Infact, besides looking hot what has Alba ever done??? Bottom line, not her kind of movie. She needs to look hot in something else she can pull off before she becomes wayyyy too overrated for her own good.

jomba joose on Apr 6, 2010


o ya go for it this is the best choice megan fox Im in

sam on Apr 7, 2010


Sure, give it to Megan Fox and lets have Uwe Boll direct while we're at it...

Nexus7 on Oct 27, 2010


I want Rose she has the better look and body for it. But don't get me wrong Megan Fox is beautiful, but she just doesn't have that badass appeal nor is Megan's body built like an amazon, like Rose body can be. I strongly feel that Megan Fox would ruin it. Because she doesn't have the look nor the body for this movie.

kida on Jul 30, 2012

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