Rumor: The Avengers Will Be Fighting Off Skrulls Come 2012?

May 20, 2010
Source: ComicBookMovie

The Avengers

There's a new unconfirmed rumor going around, from ComicBookMovie, revealing some potential villain(s) in the upcoming The Avengers movie. I don't want to dwell on it too much, because a) I don't really want to reveal any big spoilers for a movie that is at least two years out, and b) this is such a very early rumor, it's almost all speculation and anything could happen with the script by the time they start shooting (remember, Joss Whedon still isn't even officially attached as director). That said, the rumor states that The Avengers will battle the shape-shifting alien race known as the Skrulls, which appeared in The Ultimates comics.

CBM says that they've confirmed with "two other sources close to the production" that the Skrulls will be one of the main villains in the movie. Of course, there's also a rumor that Loki (who begins his big screen reign in Kenneth Branagh's Thor next summer) will appear in The Avengers and he may even "gain control over" the Hulk and cause him to unleash his fury; Hulk was the big villain in Vol. 1 of The Ultimates comic series. And beyond that, they say that another alien race called the Kree will have a presence as "Earthly allies." So we've got at least two alien races, potentially an evil Norse god, and a bunch of superheroes all in one epic comic book movie coming up in 2012, or at least that's what early sources are reporting nowdays.

For those who don't know, the Skrulls are green-skinned reptilian humanoids with large pointed ears. They are known for genetic and molecular instability, and genetic diversity, due to "Celestial experimentation." I referenced The Ultimates earlier because every decision Marvel has made regarding The Avengers movie so far, including the characters that will be in it, have been the same as in The Ultimates. It seems like they're trying to replicate that storyline in the movie, which is why there are rumors about Hulk and the Skrulls. But with Whedon rewriting the script, you never know what will happen. Will the Skrulls be good villains?

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I'm not sure who I want as the main villain, but I know I don't want it to be the Hulk. If he's a part of the team, that's fine. But another movie where the Hulk is on the run and has to be tracked down? Please, no. Either way, my ass will be in the seat at midnight on May 4 that year.

Rorschach90 on May 20, 2010


personally I think they should fight Darth vader and the jew hunter from inglorious bastards, that would make way more damn sense then the skrulls

indyjack86 on May 20, 2010


Sounds cool, the ultimate universe has some of the best writers marvel has to offer, let's hope they go that way. They already have spiderman aiming that way. Don't know bout the skrulls though...

Abelbassist on May 20, 2010


The Kree Skrull thing sounds awesome bring it on,

Loser on May 20, 2010


Duuuuude, awesome. Though, with the Skrull, they'd have to involve the Kree and also Super Skrull. but Super Skrull is a Fantastic Four villain. Precarious position.

Angry Chief on May 20, 2010


If this expects to be taken seriously, it will need a massively balanced script, everyone giving everything they've got (acting and directing), the Hulk NOT as a villain, and at LEAST a 2hr35min length. F*ck it, go for a Lord of the Rings feel and make it 3 hours of excellence. This is the real deal. God damn I want this to succeed.

Cracky on May 20, 2010


"Skrulls, which appeared in The Ultimates comics." Eh... You do know that the skrulls was the big villains in Secret invasion?

Tomb on May 20, 2010


The Skrulls have been part of Marvel lore going back to the 60's. Nothing wrong with using them. That being said, and I've said it all along, The Ultimates 1&2 would make a HELL of a movie. Seriously it READS like a movie. So yes the Kree/Skrull invasion, unleashing Hulk as a weapon, the Black Ops Avengers etc. This would be epic. So the Skrulls as the villians? please yes!?!?

harm on May 20, 2010


Hah, I should read the whole article befor commenting. 🙂

Tomb on May 20, 2010


"So we've got at least two alien races, potentially an evil Norse god, and a bunch of superheroes all in one epic comic book movie coming up in 2012..." and that is exactly where all of this should the comic books...

blasphemer on May 20, 2010


The feature film will never be as good as the animated movies... But I still can't wait. Particularly if Joss Whedon directs.

Marvel #1 Fan on May 20, 2010


And there's nothing wrong with Hulk being a "bad guy" as such. It makes more sense if he is because the team has to have problems to start with and Hulk getting angry would be one big problem. He just shouldn't be the main "bad guy". So Loki should not take control of him.

Marvel #1 Fan on May 20, 2010


watch the movie hulk vs,in hulk vs thor,loki controlled the hulk and brought him to asgard to wreck stuff up

Spider94 on May 20, 2010


Hulk needs to be the Villain

Colt on May 20, 2010


*Hulk and namor

Sofa-king-we-tawd-ed on May 20, 2010


Oh crap pre teen Ultimate's what a joke this movie will be if they do that. and spiderman someone said they are happy about them butt raping spiderman by doing the ultimate's thing.

Jimmy Love on May 20, 2010


the hulk was always the reason why the avengers came together, back in the sixties and in the ultimates. he's not the bad guy but the reason why they needed to come together so that would make the most sense.

Loki on May 20, 2010


Yep, hulk

L on May 20, 2010


brilliant idea. start of with a bang. I am tired of origin movies. I couldn't care less about all of the melodramatic crap in superhero films. I crave action with tons of ass kicking. less ordinary humans (except Shield operatives) and boring speeches. super hero films should follow the format of a GREAT Asian action/kung fu film - tons of quality fight scenes strung together with clever dialog and a good story. we all already know that the heroes will win in the end, so make it a thrill ride (not a tangled annoying mess like Transformers - not a tangled annoying mess like Transformers........). the Ultimate Avengers animated had Hulk as the villain and fought aliens with Nick Fury and Shield. there are many different Super Skrulls to throw into the mix. "bring on the bad guys"!

karl on May 20, 2010


@Harm I totally agree, the Ultimates read like a movie so they should try to base it on that. Besides I think Ultimate skrulls are so much better than the ones in the regular marvel universe. Secret Invasion was kind of a joke.

Nate on May 21, 2010


I do like Ultimates 1 and 2 as a movie but the thing is if they just use that they lose so much awesome original stuff. Should be good but a little worried about that.

dude... on May 21, 2010


i hate chris evans as cap. lets hope he dies b4 filming lolz

Tom on May 21, 2010


Skrulls? Cant remember, are they the space hobos that wrote across the USA with a laser in FF? Or the (same?)ones that had taken over a farmtown? All they ate was milk and eggs I think it was?? 🙂 Nice touch, FF fighting off them, Avengers comes and saves the day, lol.....dont care really...never "understod" Avengers?

David Banner on May 21, 2010


what a load of bollocks,it will be loki taking control of the hulk maybe with the help of the enchantress, they will do battle the avengers. simple.

deadpool 72 on May 21, 2010


Ya hulk was the first villan in the ultimate universe but just to correct u the scrulls were not, it was the Chitauri, the scrulls were in the regular marvel universe

Andyl1977 on May 21, 2010


I think they're headed in the right direction although....I agree with some others who have stated, if they do this, ...then what? I'd like for them to take some of the best elements from the 616 universe and Ultimate universe and make an epic trilogy with each film being about 3hrs long. Maybe the first film could portray the Avengers geting Hulk from Loki's control The second could deal with a terroist orginization such as Hydra, Masters of Evil, or something... and the 3rd would be a full blown out battle of Avengers vs. Skrulls! All the while we would see the Skrulls had a hand in each film.

FUBLU on May 21, 2010


DUH? I saw this all coming after after Iron Man. "You just stepped into a bigger universe." Marvel is spending the big bucks to bring their big stories to the screen. That means Ragnarok. That means Skrull. That means Hydra and the Red Skull. That means Loki. And with Marvel's "Make a minor Marvel Movie character on a smaller Dazzler." Then, when you got The Dazzler, Black Panther, Falcon, Iron Fist, Power Man, Black Cat, Dr. Strange, Namor, Black Bolt and the Inhumans all in the can, in their smaller films, and have been established... Then Marvel can do something in movies Fox Studios could ever dream: After the large arcs, when new movies come out, any Marvel cameo of any established Marvel character can appear in a minor/cameo appearance in any movie. Also, any character established...for the first time...the actor taking that role OWNS the very first incarnation of that persona. With Cameron's gear, it could be possible to theoretically digitize a particular actor in the character role they are portraying by digitizing enough footage that it is quite possible those actors will be immortalized in time by their portrayals on a scale never seen. It will also allow them to be in games. Marvel is a powerhouse, let's hope Disney doesn't fuck them up.

Zantorian on May 21, 2010


Sorry I meant Kree-Skrull Wars.

Zantorian on May 21, 2010


Hey, if you like the avengers, check out my new superhero short film. Thanks, AE

AdamEbert on May 21, 2010


The skrull storyline could work, i'd much rather see someone like Ultron be the main villain though

Daiteechu on May 22, 2010

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