Sam Jackson: Nick Fury Not in Thor, Avengers Shoots February

April 19, 2010
Source: Collider, IESB

Samuel Jackson as Nick Fury

After hearing that Joss Whedon will be directing The Avengers (not to mention re-writing the script), it would appear that the planets are aligning and Marvel's plan for an ensemble superhero movie is coming together. One of the driving forces, at least on-screen, is S.H.I.E.L.D. agent Nick Fury as he tries to bring together The Avengers. Collider and IESB both attended a roundtable interview with the man behind the eye-patched badass, Samuel L. Jackson, who revealed that he will not be appearing in Thor, but did say that The Avengers is supposed to start shooting in February and is as much his movie as any other heroes.

Apparently Nick Fury's absence from Thor was just as surprising for Jackson as it is for us, but the actor confirms he will be shooting scenes for The First Avenger: Captain America sometime this summer. As far as Thor goes, obviously it wasn't in his hands to decide, but he's not sure why he won't be appearing in it:

"I have no idea. I'm not in charge of making those decisions. I thought I was. They said I was in the trades, and I was like, 'Oh, I've got a job!' And then, I called my agent and she said, 'Nah, you're not in it. They misprinted.' I was like, 'Well shit, they need to pay me just ’cause they put my name in it.'"

And as far as seeing a Nick Fury solo film anytime in the future, it doesn't sound like there's any solid plans for that yet as Jackson said, "The Avengers is my own starring vehicle for that character, pretty much." No doubt Fury will have a big part, but with Robert Downey Jr., Chris Hemsworth, Chris Evans and hopefully Edward Norton all coming together in this, it'd be nice to see Fury get his own film to grow as a character. However, these appearances in Iron Man (soon Iron Man 2) and Captain America have slowly introduced us to the character, so maybe that's just how it's going to be. Do you want to see a Nick Fury movie?

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Man, Jackson shills for a job as though he's going broke. Man likes to work.

Audioout on Apr 19, 2010


If they made a Fury movie, thats cool If they dont, just the same. With Thor, Cap and The Avengers movie coming I dont see them fitting it in. Surprised they arent filming Avengers and Avengers 2 back to back.

People's Champ on Apr 19, 2010


hahaha, "Well Shit.."

Nick Sears on Apr 19, 2010


' I was like, 'Well shit, they need to pay me just ’cause they put my name in it.'" hilarious

DoomCanoe on Apr 19, 2010


samuel l. jackson kicking ass with an eye patch? I'd pay to see that.

Chris H. on Apr 19, 2010


a Nick Fury movie? Sure, why not.

Craig on Apr 19, 2010


Avengers has a big risk factor. All the superheroes together on the big screen hasn't happened and wolverine and spiderman 3 have shown that too many characters is hard to do. It's not a freakin comic, animation, or video game.

Branden on Apr 19, 2010


Yeah, I think by the time The Avengers rolls around we would have got a good idea about Nick Fury's background. Maybe Thor doesn't join The Avengers at the end of his movie like in the case of Iron Man and Iron Man 1. Instead it most probably part of the storyline of The Avengers; how he gets recruited. I hope they have Edward Norton/Hulk in the Avengers movie. That would be bad ass!

Ron on Apr 19, 2010


Nick Fury´s movie..Yeah..course..with David Hasselhof behind the eye patch....of course.. jajajaj just kidding guys.. well, Hope Avengers movie worth it all the expectation... please Josh take your time to do this .. -!!

Sakyo on Apr 19, 2010


I'd see anything with Sam Jackson, I was even one of those 4 people that paid to see Snakes on a Plane. So that is a "yay" for Nick Fury movie.

Ben on Apr 19, 2010


Agree with #8. There's no real need for Fury to appear in Thor. Besides. Thor is a god, who essentially can teleport. He'd be the hardest for Fury to get in contact with. Alls that is needed is for one of the other Avengers characters to make even just a background appearance to hint to the audience who don't know the Avengers, just that it's all connected.

Marvel #1 Fan on Apr 20, 2010


I'd see anything with Sam Jackson, I was even one of those 4 people that paid to see Snakes on a Plane. So that is a "yay" for Nick Fury movie.

dresses1 on Apr 20, 2010


Finally good news...

drunkimus on Apr 20, 2010


A Nick Fury movie will be right up there with a Jar Jar Binks movie. Fury is not a star character, just there to move the story along.

BecauseIsaidso on Apr 20, 2010


Whoooaaa #11 ... You are in this Super hero shit way to deep ... Time for you to get some fresh air LOL

Anne on Apr 20, 2010


This is shocking? Figured as much....

tra la la la la di da on Apr 20, 2010


Man...!!! I can't wait to heard more news of more superheroes joioning this would be cool to have wolverine there too......

John on Apr 20, 2010


I think you mean Chris Hemsworth, not Liam Hemsworth.

George on Apr 20, 2010


It's Samuel L. (Muthaf%&#in) Jackson, I watched Snakes On A Plane (regretfully, but it was a descent comedy) and it's cool to see him in these films without a solo effort. Plus I agree with the dude that mentioned Wolverine, it would be cool to see him in The Avengers...even as a background character...regardless this will be cool to see

Dude on Apr 20, 2010


Um... Ethan, that's CHRIS Hemsworth as Thor. Liam Hemsworth is Chris's brother and is not--as far as I know--appearing in the Asgardian epic. Then again, Branagh seems to have assembled a cast about as big as that of 'Intolerance,' so who knows what actors might appear in this thing?

Chris L on Apr 20, 2010


Ok I am not sure why most people are surprised, reason being is that the Avengers Movie seems to be closely linked to the Ultimate Universe and Nick Fury didn't meet Thor until the birth of the Avengers it seems. So I already knew Nick Fury wouldn't have met him until after the other Heroes were established.

NeoSlyfer on Apr 20, 2010


I thought it was Chris Hemsworth who was playing Thor not Liam Hemsworth. Sorry not to see Samual L Jackson in Thor though has Nick Fury.

Cineprog on Apr 20, 2010


@7 Yes the Avengers will need to balance a lot of characters, but with Joss Whedon directing, that shouldn't be a problem. Characterization is Joss Whedon's specialty. Just watch Serenity. Even with a huge cast of characters, he's able to give everyone their chance to shine. He is a brilliant man, and I can't wait for the Avengers.

Andrew Geczy on Apr 20, 2010


Jackson is one of the things that could have a negative effect on the Avengers. He's just about paychecks these days.

Jake the snake on Apr 20, 2010


@ Chris L., George and Cineprog You guys caught my mistake. My bad. It's been fixed. Thanks!

Ethan Anderton on Apr 20, 2010


@ 12 Don't feel bad man, I paid for Snakes on a Plane too... Makes me wonder though, I can see it now... "I'm sick of these mother(blank)in' super-villains on this mother(blank)in' plane!" Gold!

DarkRaven18599 on Apr 21, 2010


It makes Sense to leave Sam Jackson out of thor,that leaves a gaping wide whole open in the upcoming Avengers movie, it would be better to have a sub-plot on the recruiting of thor to the avengers cause while threat of disaster lays eminent. going all out on just focussing on a bunch of super heroes and their great battle and action scenes isn't everything to making a good movie.

Rio911 on Apr 22, 2010


Avengers needs Ed Norton in it as Banner/Hulk ! we know its going to have R Downey Jr , Evans, Hemsworth, Jackon and Johansson ... but we need news on NORTON , The Incredible Hulk rocked!!!

PaulT on Apr 22, 2010


nothing against SLJ, but the is no more Nick Fury than he was the head MF in charge of the Jedi....bad casting choice....slinging people into roles based on their popularity rqther than their suitability can more often than not be detrimental lto the film as a whole...dont say you werent warned...

spanky on Apr 23, 2010


I think using Jackson as Nick Fury was a terrible idea. No offense to the black community but Nick Fury was not a black he was a white hero. So why take an original white character and have a black man play him i think it was actually a really bad choice. And personally i don't think Sam is that great of an actor as it is i think the director could've picked a way better acter sorry sammy but lets portray Fury how Fury should be.

Flash13657 on Apr 27, 2010


to portray fury as he should be then you need the coolest person you can find aka jackson seems right to me

Forbes_febrof on Apr 27, 2012


No. 29, and 30 I don't get you guys point, and i do think that the black community should take offense. We seem to be forgetting that most of the Marvel movies that have came out resembled a film spin-off based on the Ultimate Marvel universe, and i feel obliged to bring to you attention, that Ultimate Marvel's Nick Fury is a black guy, furthermore his very appearance is based on Samuel L. Jacksons', he gave them his consent way back in 2002 to use his likeness for the character (see here: I'm not even black and I know that! Having Sam Jackson play the film role as a character based on his appearance, and his trademark film persona was an excellent idea. Next thing you guys are gonna tell me is that you are fine with the fact that the film adaptation of the Asian inspired cartoon; Avatar: the last airbender has an almost completely white cast. But no offense to the white people i guess!

Rio911 on May 6, 2010


I hate the Ultimates. Although their artwork is superb, their writers piss all over the original Marvel Universe characters and stories. This mixed bag that we keep getting from the movies needs to stop. Either make movies about the Ultimates so I can skip them, or make movies about the real characters. Don't give me the real Iron Man and Ultimate Nick Fury in the same story without some kind of explanation other than pc bullshit. To Number 31: "I'm not even black and I know that!" You should stop getting offended on behalf of other races.

Comic Book Fan on May 9, 2010


with the kind of mainstream success seeking large pay-day seeking studio execs in charge, know one is ever gonna get the mainstream marvel comics made into movies, the Ultimates kind of aims to attract fans as well as people who don't take comic books seriously, and that is the exact approach that is being taken for all the marvel films. and senor Comic Book Fan; my son is half African-American and he is the one who drew my attention to 29 and 30's comments, and his way of stating his disagreement was rather vulgar.

Rio911 on May 10, 2010


Addendum to 32: I'm very aware of Ultimate Nick Fury having Samuel L. Jackson's likeness in the Ultimate Line comics, and it is actually exciting that Jackson himself regards his inclusion so highly that he is participating in the films. That is really unprecedented. Can anyone recall another comic book character drawn to look like a particular actor, and then that actor taking on that role in the film version? I can't. (Although I recall a character in Swamp Thing being drawn to look like Sting.) All that goodness aside, I at the very least would like an explanation in the film as to why the Nick Fury of the films is the one from the Ultimate Universe. I don't care what the explanation is - cross-reality story, time travel, whatever. Just explain that there was a Sergeant Nick Fury during WWII who was white and became head of SHIELD before the Sam Jackson version took over. It could be expository dialogue. Just address it. That's all I ask. Then a Nick Fury film would not only be okay, it would fit the MU stories better. Is that asking too much?

Comic Book Fan on May 10, 2010


Re-cast Please. Hes just awful for this role.

DR T on May 10, 2010


Sam Jackson is really wrong for this role. Nick fury is ripped and older but huge in the comics. I agree with DR T I hope then change Sam J out for someone else before Avengers hits. Hes Awful!

2257-Ironman on May 10, 2010


The worst part is no one has signed a petition to get movie whore jackson to stop acting. He was good in starwars but Soul men- Snakes on a plane- Formula 51- may as well just cast Stallone. At least hes ripped enough for the role and can act better then Yeller jackson!

Maradone on May 10, 2010


I agree Sam Jackson for this role is so wrong!

Mam0192 on May 10, 2010


your i.p. address gives you away but nice try.

jake the snake on May 10, 2010


Samuel Jackson as Nick Fury is more of the jews in hollywood trying to replace white men in their social narrative with coons. Whether it is James West, the Omega man, Heimdall or other roles, they are constantly trying to push the lowest and dishonorable race as heroes to white kids. Now as we all know blacks are the closest you can get to being monsters and still appear human (Murder, cannibalism, serial rape, gang rape, social parasitism, carriers of disease, and yes even serial murderers ), so to put them in the role of hero further reduces peoples ability to be prepared for the unpredictability of black behavior and violence. I am sick of this crap. It is an obvious attempt to make blacks into a paragon of goodness when they are in fact the exact opposite. Really, who would make such monsters appears as the good guy? Only people who hate you.

A guy on Jun 29, 2010


As if people of other races don't do such are so blind...

Taylorshaquille173 on Jan 17, 2011


He's not blind, HE'S AN ASSHOLE!!!

Isa777 on May 4, 2012


I also believe that Samuel Jackson is not a perfect fit as Nick Fury. I think Stephen Lang would've been a better choice. He played the played the part well as a badass in Avatar and Public Enemies. This is such a huge dissapointment for me

A marvel fan on Jul 6, 2010


# 40 AKA A Guy. You are the most racist piece of crap whose comments i have ever had the displeasure of reading. You are without a doubt the absolute biggest douche-bag in existence. I would like to strap you to a metal chair and hang you over a bonfire, while the fires slowly heat makes the chair burning hot and in turn your genitals. Then maybe the white hot pain that you feel would be more in synch with your uber-racist attitudes. I cannot believe that racist scum like you exist. And for your personal information the most notorious serial killers, in history were and continue to be white people. I think someone should super glue your mouth to your butt to clearly illustrate the fact that you truly do suck A$$. I will pray every hour from this day forward that Will Smith and Samuel L. Jackson gang rape your mother, while Eddie Murphy, George Lopez and Hugo Chavez busts a nutt in her face. Eat $hit and die slow Adolph; guys like you are the reason black people hate us so. P.S. I hope Samuel L Jackson does well in this movie!

Rio911 on Jul 6, 2010


Any chance of Avengers being good is now gone with Whedon on board. All of his characters are the exact same - boring, sarcastic, emo. Maybe he'll come up with more stupid, childish words the main characters can say to avoid actually cursing.

Ilpalazzo on Oct 8, 2010


Can we please get #40 removed? Racism has no place here. No place anywhere. So "A guy" please kindly f**k off. @#42 I get why you got so het up (really do) but that comment is over the top. Could we just get all these comments removed and chat about Marvel? Personally i don't like him but do like the character and don't mind the ultimate/original mix. Don't think it needs explaining really, the movies are a new universe based on the marvel one rather than an identical world!

dude... on Dec 7, 2010


Some people don't like the truth. #40 is completely correct. Liberal altering is ruining the true legacy of marvel characters. And you guys are the best example of liberal scum trying to inhibit free speech and getting posts removed.

Guitaromega9000 on Jun 28, 2011


and you're an obvious troll using an obvious sock puppet. Go back to 4chan with the rest of the socially retarded script kiddies and newfags.

Fiachra on Jul 8, 2011


um, theres BEEN a nick fury movie.

Vendingmachine on Apr 10, 2011


no offense to black comunity, but selling a character, in exchange of the image of a popular actor, is absurd, lame, and cool would it be to see that Black Panther, is George Clooney, just becuase he offered to do the job...Would be as insulting as having a cheap ass overactor playing nick fury... When i saw black nick fury, is was already expecting a shemale spiderman, and Hulk to turn into a green werewolf, then lests call captain america, captain capitalism, right??? Marvel sold the awesomeness of its soul, movies are for retards that dont even know how to read, or think is boring, so the just rather to sit on their asses while eating popcorn and drinking a beer, to hallucinate with a piece of shit of a movie, based on effects and soundtracks, cliches all over, and no real point at all, but being "kick ass"...Fucking lame... Nick Fury is white, no a dog, not a vampire, not an alien, not Samuel L. Jackson...

Weaselheart on Jul 30, 2011


I', black and I agree that Nick Fury should have been white, and I would have preferred to have seen George Clooney play him, but what's done is done now.  Besides, that racist Asshole #40 just made me happier that Nick Fury is black in this movie.  Maybe it'll keep another lame ass generation like the one he spawned from from coming into existence.  Personally, I dislike it because its like let's set it up to kiss this black actors ass rather than do it right. =)  Some gay, waaay to artistic bullshit for me, but I'll go see it tomorrow anyway. =)  According to this Ultimate Universe (which I saw the Anime for, but have yet to read a comic from), he is pretty much dead on (obviously where the Sam Jackson butt smooch began).  I didn't appreciate him playing Hondo in S.W.A.T. either.  Personally, I feel that Marvel HAS black characters that are as cool as the rest of the Marvel Universe each with their own unique story to tell.  What is funny is how before 1997 everyone thought the Super Hero Genre of films was dead, and then a little known character with sharp teeth and a sword made his debut on the Big Screen, and he just happened to be African American.  After Spawn flopped disastrously, Wesley Snipes breathed life back into the Super Hero Genre of films which was slowly becoming cliche and D.O.A.  Now how would people like it if now that Vampires are big business and Blade proved to be a huge hit, they decided that in the Ultimate Universe he is a white guy now and only made movies with him being white?  That would suck as much as Sam Jackson sucks playing Nick Fury, although courtesy of #40's comments, I sure can't wait to see him play Nick Fury! =)  Anyway, my point is that Marvel has hidden characters just like Blade that have never had an opportunity to show how cool they can be.  Nick Fury was never a top seller and Sheild was boring.  I'd rather see Black Panther represent black people in this movie.  I'd like to see a Black Panther movie period.  Also, there's the Falcon, Captain Marvel was black for a while, and also female.  That could be a great movie, as well as Rage from the Avengers, and I thought 50 Cent would be great as Luke Cage in a Power Man and Iron Fist movie before he lost all that weight to play a cancer patient.  Oh, and EVERYBODY knows that Will Smith should star in the next Green Lantern Movie now that Ryan Reynolds is out.  He's perfect for the Justice League movie too if they base it off the cartoon that was so popular 10 years ago (Wow, 10 years... has it been that long?)  Anyway, I've said enough.  Time to go pray that things are done right in movies from now on.  Salam!      

Isa777 on May 4, 2012

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