Indie Comedy 'The Winning Season' Trailer with Sam Rockwell

August 6, 2010

The Winning Season Trailer

Lionsgate has finally debuted an official trailer for Grace Is Gone director James C. Strouse's sophomore effort, an indie comedy called The Winning Season that initially premiered at Sundance nearly two years ago. Sam Rockwell stars as a former coach who is given a shot at redemption when he is asked to run his local high school's failing girls basketball team. In addition to Rockwell, this also stars Emma Roberts and Rob Corddry. This actually looks more commercial and broadly comedic than I was expecting. That said, I always love Rockwell and this could be one of those comedy gems that (sadly) no one notices. Take a look!

Watch the official trailer for James C. Strouse's The Winning Season:

[flv: 562 318]

A comedy centered on a has-been, misfit coach (Sam Rockwell) who is given a shot at redemption when he's recruited by the local high school principal to coach the school's floundering girls' basketball team.

The Winning Season is both written and directed by American filmmaker James C. Strouse, who's feature debut was the Sundance Audience Award winner Grace Is Gone, although he's also credited for writing the Lonesome Jim script. This film first premiered at the Sundance Film Festival in early 2009 and was picked up by Lionsgate at the fest but has been held for a release since. Lionsgate is finally bringing The Winning Season to limited theaters starting September 3rd. Visit the official website:

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Generic story, generic characters, I love Rockwell and that may be the only reason I end up seeing this.

Sroe on Aug 6, 2010


"What you girls know about basketball could fit in a thimble." Good to see Rockwell in comedy again, Corddry is always funny, and Roberts is a rising star. Can't wait.

Xerxex on Aug 6, 2010


"The Best Part of Being Kenny Powers is Being Kenny Powers"

Jimmy Love on Aug 6, 2010


that voice over reminds me too much of the south park episode where stan has to coach the hockey team

Janny on Aug 6, 2010


i watched the trailer, and had no reaction......i didn't love it - i didn't hate it - reaction at all...............and i don't think that's a good thing. so, i'm going to pass

beavis on Aug 6, 2010


Wow...there's been some really solid trailers today. After such a lackluster Summer I now have a bit of hope for the future.

peloquin on Aug 6, 2010


Sam Rockwell did this one before Moon-phew! This one: *yawn* btw 🙁

David Banner on Aug 6, 2010


what the heck is sam rockwell doing in that royal turd?

Brian Barajas on Aug 6, 2010


two words: Sam Rockwell.... this didn't offer much in terms of character development or anything from what I saw. Still, you have a likeable cast who just might be able to save this run-of-the-mill storyline.

Eli on Aug 6, 2010


Didnt watch the trailer but by the synopsis didnt Martin Lawrence already do this movie.

Hale18 on Aug 6, 2010


Two words: Sam Rockwell... that being said, the very likeable cast will surely bring in a wider audience if people actually have the guts to sit through this run-of-the-mill heap of garbage that is the storyline.

Eli on Aug 6, 2010


this movie looks like one of the most under-lit movies I have ever seen. Either that or it's just poor compression, but man does the image look way darker than it should... Still, looks funny, at least passable humor.

LINKFX on Aug 6, 2010


oh god! that trailer absolutely sucks but the movie might.... MIGHT be decent

DoomCanoe on Aug 7, 2010


Sam Rockwell = WIN! 😀

crimsonJackal on Aug 7, 2010


Oh poor Sam Rockwell....from Moon to this? Somebody needs a paycheck.

Napping Duck on Aug 7, 2010


Man. I love Sam Rockwell, but this isn't what I was hoping for. It looks very cliche and unfunny. Reminds me of "Rebound," which isn't a good thing.

FancyMonocle on Aug 7, 2010


this could be good.

sickdoghats on Aug 7, 2010


I feel like this movie is good. But the trailer makes it seem awful.

Gary M on Aug 7, 2010


"What you girls know about basketball could fit in a thimble." Rockwell does comedy well, Corddry is always funny, and Emma Roberts is rising. I'm in.

Xerxex on Aug 7, 2010


Emma Roberts can make things rise

Jimmy Love on Aug 8, 2010


I have the feeling that I saw about 100 movies just like this one. am I the only one feeling this?

felipe on Aug 8, 2010


saw this at sundance, more of a "dramady" than this trailer makes it out to be (at least the cut they showed there). not great, but not awful either and sam rockwell was very funny.

Rusty on Aug 9, 2010


i was the first one to comment on this topic why am i #17? i hope your not re-aranging peoples comments to your liking because that would be really lame.

sickdoghats on Aug 9, 2010


I saw the film when it was at sundance, it's really good, Jim Strouse has a pongient and thoughtful voice as a director, Sam is Great, all the girls are Great, Margo Martindale is GREAT, ok so i agree this trailer sucks but i'm going to see it again, just to see if it's different from the cut they showed at sundace.

omey on Aug 10, 2010

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