Sam Rockwell is Putting on Some Spurs for Cowboys & Aliens

May 3, 2010

Sam Rockwell / Cowboys & Aliens

With the highly anticipated Iron Man 2 hitting theaters this week, Jon Favreau is keeping his name all over movie news this week as he sweetens the cast for his upcoming adaptation of Platinum Comics sci-fi western Cowboys & Aliens with Heat Vision reporting that Sam Rockwell, who can be seen as Justin Hammer in Iron Man 2, has joined the cast. Daniel Craig, Olivia Wilde and Harrison Ford are already signed up while Rockwell will play a bar owner named Doc who joins in the pursuit of the aliens. I can't express how pleased I am that a talented actor like Rockwell is finally his getting his due diligence with some truly kick-ass roles.

Apparently the role he'll be playing was smaller and actually called for a heavy-set man to play the part, but once Favreau and writers Alex Kurtzman, Roberto Orci and Damon Lindelof learned that Rockwell wanted in, they re-tooled and expanded his role in the script to make him a key player. Now that's what I'm talkin' about! Moon was much more than one small step for the man, and certainly one giant leap for mankind who now gets to enjoy Rockwell's fine work in another highly anticipated summer movie, but this one won't see release until 2011. We'll keep you updated! Anyone else as excited as I am for Cowboys and Aliens?

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Best. Cast. Ever.

Xerxex on May 3, 2010


^^^^ Psych! Not a big fan of Rockwell, but it was great in Moon. Too bad Fav doesnt get Vince Vaughn for this, he was a badass cowboy in South of Heaven.

People's Champ on May 3, 2010


Finally? Have you forgot Chuck Barris or more recently Sam Bell

vladimir on May 3, 2010


@ #3, vladimir, Yes, Chuck Barris was a great turn for Rockwell. What I meant was, it's great that a film like Moon, which was an amazing showcase of his talents, got him into big, fun movies like Cowboys & Aliens and Iron Man 2. Hope that clears things up.

Ethan Anderton on May 4, 2010


Sam Rockwell is great, he was even good in iron Man 2 which was terrible, well not terrible, but pretty silly.

Crapola on May 4, 2010


awesome news!!!!

ray on May 4, 2010


Let's not forget about Rockwell in The Assassination of Jesse James -- he was top notch. I knew he was destined for greatness after his "breakout" role as the villain in The Green Mile. His performance in Moon was just a cherry on top of an already excellent career.

stew on May 4, 2010


rockwell brilliant in moon,the assassination of jesse james.he was good in iron man 2. looking forward to this one big time.

DEADPOOL 72 on May 4, 2010


favreau is a freking genius. first he get's dr. jones and Bond together, but now this?! Can't wait!

indyjack86 on May 4, 2010


Sweet F'n cast. I thought Rockwell kicked ass in "Confessions of a dangerous mind". Glad to see he's getting his time.

the douche on May 4, 2010


This is the best news on here in a long time. I love Rockwell....and Craig....and Ford. This cast is insane.

Chazzy O on May 4, 2010


Alex...not for nothing, but sometimes being the wild card isn't too bad a place to be in Hollywood. As long as the roles are good he can do whatever he wants, but he has to be careful. Think about other actors who almost jumped the shark when they became popular. Sam Jackson: After Pulp Fiction he started taking any role he could find and still does. His stock fell for me. Gary Oldman: After LOST IN SPACE his career took a downturn. Benecio Del Toro:He's had some up's and down's, but Wolfman could have spelled disaster for this brilliant actor. there's no way you can tell me that there's some accept shitty roles/or do it for the money, clause in their contract. They just have to be careful. I think Sam is a smart guy and will do the right thing. I mean he was in the first Charlie's Angels...but that happens to be the one I particularly liked 🙂

jeffrey on May 4, 2010


@ #12, jeffrey, First, my name is Ethan Anderton, and I wrote this bit of news. Second, you speak the truth mostly. But don't forget, Lost in Space sucked with or without Oldman, and though that's evidence of a bad move into a big blockbuster, you never really know if you're getting into a movie that's going to be praised. Every job an actor takes is a big risk. Third, Charlie's Angels was shit (I know you enjoyed it, but I have to disagree), however, Rockwell was still good even in a movie like that. But yeah, thanks for your input! Cheers!

Ethan Anderton on May 4, 2010


"Apparently the role he'll be playing was smaller and actually called for a heavy-set man to play the part, but once Favreau and writers Alex Kurtzma, Roberto Orci and Damon Lindelof learned that Rockwell wanted in, they re-tooled and expanded his role in the script to make him a key player." This makes me nervous, look what happened when Terminator Salvation did something similar.

shadow on May 4, 2010


This guy should be gunning for Oscars, not getting stuck into junk like this that does nothing for him. Looks like Favreau's determined to drag everybody down.

SlashBeast on May 10, 2010

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