Scream 4 Gains More Cast, But a New Script Creates Problems

July 2, 2010
Source: Zap2It, The Wrap

Scream 4 - Woodsboro

Apparently the people of Woodsboro aren't the only victims as Wes Craven begins shooting his slasher film sequel Scream 4. Lauren Graham's departure from the project seems to be only one of many problems that recent re-writes have brought upon the production. Despite the fact that the film gained new talent today in the casting of Alison Brie ("Community") and Mary McDonnell ("Battlestar Galactica"), Zap2It reports that much of the cast isn't pleased with the new direction the most recent draft of the script has taken. The source of the problem seems to be that writer Kevin Williamson has been replaced with Ehren Kruger.

Originally, Williamson was a source of much excitement from franchise fans, especially since the best of the series (the first two films) came from his mind. Meanwhile, Kruger was responsible for the lackluster, shark-jumping sequel Scream 3, not to mention last summer's favorite film to hate Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen. The news of dissension amongst the cast concerning the script came this morning from Zap2It and then they followed up with word that Williamson is no longer involved with the project at all (really?), and that the proposed sequels to follow Scream 4 (as a trilogy) seem to be up in the air along with his departure.

So what the hell's the problem with the new script? Well, Lauren Graham's departure is due to the re-write which reduced her part from "a fun role" which "had some meaty scenes" down to a role where "she had like four lines." Meanwhile, apparently Hayden Panetierre's character "used to be really sharp" but has been "dumbed down significantly" and the Heroes actress is "beyond frustrated with the changes." One might be thinking why horror master Wes Craven isn't keeping everyone in line, and the director addressed these issues ever so briefly via an update on Twitter stating that "I have not been given control of the script."

Apparently a representative for Dimension Films and Scream 4 said that they'll have corporate bullshit and damage control an official comment as soon as possible, but until then we're left waiting to see if all of this is legit or not. This doesn't sound good at all, but stay tuned for any more updates. Anyone else concerned?

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No Kevin Williamson? Wes Craven not in control of the script? Ehren Kruger taking over? What was once a bright shining star of hope for a rebirth of this franchise is now no more than a candle, snuffed out before it could even begin to burn.

Deathtoll 2010 on Jul 2, 2010


Fuck I was looking forward to this until all of this shit started going down. Keep us updated please.

carlos on Jul 2, 2010


Foreboding tells me this isn't going to happen now. Fuck politics and all their bullshit!

Sean on Jul 2, 2010


Leave it to the Weisteins ruin a franchise better well enough left alone

Amanda on Jul 2, 2010


i swear if they mess up this movie i'll burn down they're studios....AND BRING KEVIN BACK!!!!!! :(((((

Dimitrij on Jul 3, 2010


F*** Ehren Kruger. Bring back Kevin Williamson. This movie doesn't belong to Ehren Kruger. It's Wes and Kevin's Film. Why the f*** does Ehren Kruger have to re write the script. Who on earth gave Ehren Kruger control over the script.

Justin Santos on Jul 3, 2010


this film will flop at the box office,their was only one good scream movie the first one.

deadpool 72 on Jul 3, 2010


that's not good news. like other's i was hoping for a new trilogy because i thought the scream movies (1-2 at least) was a fresh take on this type of film. now that they got the transformers writer on it's going to be a big hot mess. i doubt there is hope for the film, but i just pray that characters like "the twins" from transformers are not thrown into the mix.

Christopher Sullivan on Jul 3, 2010


This movie is no longer on my 'To Watch' list. Way to go Dimension!

Bash on Jul 3, 2010


Man, such a bummer. That is just so much bad news in one movie article.

Cracky on Jul 3, 2010


This was going to be such a great birthday present for me next year. Now I'll probably skip it entirely. Seriously, what the hell is the studio thinking? This is like having James Cameron saying "Hey, I want to write and direct a new Terminator movie," and then the studio saying, "Actually, we know your versions were the most successful, but we're gonna have McG do it instead..." Apparently Dimension does not like money, which will work out great for them next year since this movie will now earn them none. Movies used to be about that fun creative spark flourishing. Now it's all about a board room full of assholes trying to suffocate it.

Outlaw on Jul 3, 2010


"I have not been given control of the script." I'm sorry WHATTT????? THis is Wes Craven for fucks sake! He's work on so many horror films why in the HELL does he not have a say in what script gets used? For that matter why would the studio bring in a writer that fans hate and pisses off the cast? If your going to bring in a new writer fine, but not one that fans already have hate for!

shadow on Jul 3, 2010


Two Words: Scream 3. Ehren Krueger? Are you kidding me? That was the worst film in the series by far. After watching it, they really never needed to make a "Scary Movie" because the series seriously parodied itself. When I heard Williamson was back on, I got so excited. I grew up on these movies and they would not be possible without his first script that sold Wes Craven in the first place. Wes said Kevin's script is part of the reason he decided to direct this one and now that it's not that script anymore and he has no control over it this movie is going to suck. I hate saying that because I LOVE these movies. I've been waiting for 10 years to see this type of hip, scary film come back and now Ehren Krueger? I would rather see Kevin Williamson and Wes Craven make a sequel with a bunch of nobodies and a home video camera in one of their own back yards...

Matt on Jul 3, 2010


well i went from a huge supporter of this film to boycotting it in 1 article bravo Dimension

DoomCanoe on Jul 3, 2010


This is messed up. That is all.

Nada Nuff on Jul 7, 2010


man hopefully they get the probs worked out... I'm really looking forward to another good slasher/horror movie...just saw Grimm Love the other day and it was awesome!

alanabanana on Sep 24, 2010


All my friends will be boycotting Scream 4 due to Neve Campbell's participation in a smear of the Alberta Oilsands. Her participation only furthered the untruths about the development. BOYCOTT SCREAM 4

Shana on Oct 1, 2010


Kevin is the man, he knows how the scream movie goes. And to not let him write it is bullshit like what the fuck come on man. sheesh

Hodie on Feb 28, 2011

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