Second Cheesy Official Trailer for Alex Pettyfer's 'Beastly' Appears

December 3, 2010
Source: Moviefone

Beastly Trailer

It's what's underneath. CBS Films has debuted a second official trailer for Beastly, the new contemporary teen-focused take on Beauty and the Beast starring Alex Pettyfer. We haven't actually featured any trailers for this before, even though there was one earlier this year, but that is mostly because this honestly doesn't look that good. Anyway, Moviefone has debuted the latest trailer and I suggest most of you stay away, as it's probably just going to make you angry, considering it looks about as cheesy as anything can get. I guess the only good part is Neil Patrick Harris has a role as his blind mentor. Watch at your own risk.

Watch the second official trailer for Daniel Barnz's Beastly direct from YouTube:

A modern take on the "Beauty and the Beast" story where a New York teen (Alex Pettyfer) is transformed into a hideous monster in order to learn how to see past all false surfaces and discover true inner beauty.

Beastly is both written and directed by Daniel Barnz, whose feature debut was the charming indie Phoebe in Wonderland with Elle Fanning. The script was adapted by Barnz from Alex Flinn's novel of the same name. After delaying the film for quite a while, CBS Films has finally set Beastly to open on March 18th early next year. Personally, I am going to be seeing Simon Pegg & Nick Frost's Paul that day. Anyone interested at all?

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yh very cheesy best part...nph!

A5J4DX on Dec 3, 2010



beavis on Dec 3, 2010


um is this directed by the director of twilight!!!!??????? lol

8=D on Dec 3, 2010


They had me at "she's very into roses". Had me laughing that is. It's like powder with staff infection from shooting Heroin. Seriously though. Girls loves pretty boys. Girls like emo boys. Girls like boys with tribal tattoos. Girls dig scars. Pretty boy with tribal tattoo-looking scars in full emo mode = DUUUHH

Akirakorn on Dec 3, 2010


if he sparkled, then they would've had 80 million dumb teenagers thinking they can get so lucky with this life...

Jericho on Dec 3, 2010


horrible , terrible digusting. Makes you wonder about the people who greenlight these projects.

Dee on Dec 3, 2010


I just threw up a bit in my mouth.

Rops on Dec 3, 2010


Now I know why NPH is blind in this movie, even he didn't want to see it!

jvj590 on Dec 3, 2010


Good one #8!

N. on Dec 3, 2010


This is hypocritical garbage. Even his supposed ugliness has a hip look to it lol.

JimD on Dec 3, 2010


I wish I could go back in time and never have clicked play.

McWilly on Dec 3, 2010


so....... this is there idea of a live action Beauty and the Beast? X_X

Phai Giron on Dec 3, 2010


HAha h ahh ahah ahhahahahah ah ha h ahahhahahahhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaa. It sucks being rich and good looking. Not far off this girl But seriously c'moooooooan.

Crapola on Dec 3, 2010


The novel was actually a really good YA adaptation of the original Beauty and the Beast tale. The issue with this is that they seem to have changed some major aspects of the story and felt the need to only cast pretty people. If they'd stuck to the novel, this could have had potential to be a good movie for the junior high/hs set.

Emma on Dec 4, 2010


One of the most offensive trailers I've seen in a long time.

JC on Dec 4, 2010


I thought the same thing #10. Should've had a hump or limp or something. I'll see it when it comes on cable.

arjones on Dec 4, 2010


Garbage. Surprised to see Alex Pettfer again though. Remeber when he was in Stormbreaker.

John on Dec 4, 2010


............ummmmm....................Their are no words to what the fuck I just saw.

I have no name on Dec 4, 2010


is that Arabic on his eye brows?

DiR3cT on Dec 4, 2010


LOL NO THANKS. But Alex Pettyfer is damn fine. Damn fine.

fem!anon on Dec 4, 2010


Doesn't look worse than Freddy Got Fingered...

The Credenza Kid on Dec 4, 2010


@#11 - Ditto. I thought it might be a decent re-telling for teens, but like #10 said, even his ugliness is done in a way to make it seem hip. I mean, I can image some "rebellious" teen doing some of that to himself, scars aside, to feel unique and cool. Ugh!

SapphireD910 on Dec 5, 2010


Oh... My... God...

ryderup on Dec 5, 2010


The scars and tattoos ok, but would ppl not question why he has metal shit on his face?

gnjnmjrtm on Dec 5, 2010


Well in a sense I can understand why they chose to portray the beast that way, because in our society today people can consider an appearance like that to be ugly and even "Beastly". Other than that, this looks like some sort of hallmark special. Better than Twilight is my argument. :/

Vivipwns on Dec 5, 2010


@ The Credenza Kid. Freddy Got Fingered is one of the best films ever made, it's fucking golden. I found some treasure

Crapola on Dec 6, 2010


if i was rich and looked like that guy i would be just the most kick ass super villain ever

DoomCanoe on Dec 6, 2010


You're all being quite really rude over a movie. That is what it is just a movie. Its actually adapted from a novel that was quite good. To say the you nearly vomited or to claim it is garbage is really offensive to the creators, author and actors. So it may not be your idea of a great movie, so what nobody is forcing you to watch it. Whilst it may seem dumb to you it may be a movie that others would enjoy seeing. To bad mouth something over the trailer is just ignorance.

Random on Dec 28, 2010


Wow. This is so hypocritical. They're claiming looks aren't what's important, but not only is Alex Pettyfer not even unattractive in 'beastly' form, naturally the girl that sees past his supposed ugliness is beautiful. The real test would have been, Would Alex Pettyfer's character have been able to fall in love with HER if she wasn't beautiful?

Random Girl on Feb 28, 2011

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