Second Crazy Trailer for Pierre Morel's From Paris with Love

January 4, 2010
Source: Apple

From Paris with Love Trailer

Speaking of Pierre Morel (who just got hired to direct Paramount's new Dune adaptation), Lionsgate has just debuted a second and final trailer for his new film From Paris with Love, over on Apple. We ran the first official US trailer for this back last September, so its been a while since we've seen anything, but I'm still pretty pumped. I'm not sure if this will be better than Taken or not, but it does look like it's going to be a hell of a lot of fun. I think I prefer Liam Neeson just a bit more, but I love seeing John Travolta this crazy and Jonathan Rhys Meyers doesn't look half bad either. Watch the trailer and let us know your thoughts!

Watch the second trailer for Pierre Morel's From Paris with Love:

[flv: 598 248]

You can also watch the second From paris with Love trailer in High Definition on Apple

From Paris with Love is directed by French filmmaker Pierre Morel, an ex-director of photography and cameraman who went on to direct both District B13 and Taken previosuly. The screenplay was co-written by prolific French director Luc Besson (Fifth Element, Angel-A, Taken) and Adi Hasak (Shadow Conspiracy). This was filmed entirely in France in late 2008 and was only picked up by Lionsgate for US distribution in early 2009. From Paris with Love explodes into theaters everywhere starting on February 5th next month.

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Great trailer. I can see myself watching this at least three times. Bravo.

The Man With No Name on Jan 4, 2010


Not interesting. Pass.

Angry Chief on Jan 4, 2010


It deffentially looks like alot of fun. I mean gunfights, explosions and a bald Travolta kicking ass equal a must see in my book.

wrongturn687 on Jan 4, 2010


John Travolta kicks ass! I'm there! 🙂

Spider on Jan 4, 2010


SWEET, this is a must see actiongasm!

Xerxex on Jan 4, 2010


Nice to see Travolta give the hair piece a break.

In-Rainbows on Jan 4, 2010


I have always thought Travola play a great whacked out bad guy ever since Broken Arrow.

Steven Hodson on Jan 4, 2010


what a waste of money...i'm talking the actual making of the movie, trailer, and the eventual ticket people [won't] buy. lame title too. when i see stuff like this i think back to the cut scene from the first ep. of 30 rock when the two guys in hollywood are promoting 'the rural juror' and they come to the consensus that what they made is great and then one says something along the lines of 'i love that we can work on coke'. that's what this movie is--regurgitated, bored, nothingness....and i haven't even seen it! but Angry Chief has got it right....this is not interesting.

doubtful on Jan 4, 2010


first season* of 30 rock....not sure what ep.

doubtful on Jan 4, 2010


# 2&8 you guys suck this is gonna be good

This Movie Will Rock :) on Jan 4, 2010


@10 You can dream, friend.

Angry Chief on Jan 4, 2010


I'm with Angry Chief, looks like shite! It's good to see Meyers in a big role in a big movie, wish it was something better than this.

Frightened Inmate #2 on Jan 5, 2010


Too much action, not bad.

Fisher on Jan 5, 2010


This Trailer pumps, John Travolta as Charlie Wax what a name Hay. Lionsgate should have a winner with this film also with Luc Besson on Board it should Rock with Action. 🙂

Cineprog on Jan 5, 2010


looks like non-stop "action-porn". i'll definitely see it...........who doesn't love a great action movie. and yea, alex.....liam neeson is soooo much better than travolta.

beavis on Jan 5, 2010


Digging the action...the rest looks shitty but looks like some serious bad guy killing there.

Cody on Jan 5, 2010


You think Liam Neeson would fit the role that Travolta's now playing? You're of the chart nuts! Neeson was just perfect for his role in Taken, but he wouldn't be in this movie.

Robbie on Jan 5, 2010


i really dont understand why people bitch about guys like nic cage...i so fuckin hate travolta with his whiny voice and mr potato head face i could take on a gunfight with him... just kiddin, but i really think everyone could have done this job...BETTER!!!

jojoe on Jan 5, 2010


Although he was great in a role like this in Faceoff, I am not going to see this one.

branden on Jan 5, 2010


I have the same problem with this movie as I have with The Book of Eli. While I think they both movies look really good in the action department, I have a hard time buying the lead characters. It's just weird to see Denzel do crazy action scenes with leg kicks and swords when I still have the fat old dude from Pelham 123 in my head. Yes, he was the action-y type in Training Day, but I just don't see him as a martial arts guy. And yet he does look more believable to me than Travolta in this one. Travolta was awesome in Face/Off as the looney villain, and he was never cooler than he was as Vincent Vega in Pulp Fiction, but in both movies he still had style, was wearing suits and far from rampaging his way through a movie in Bruce Willis style. I might still watch this, but to be honest...seeing him dressing like this, with the shaved head and earrings, I was sort of embarrassed. Kinda like you'd be embarrassed if your 50+ year-old mom/dad would still shop and Hot Topic and GAP and go to a club with you and hit on your friends.

SuicidalOptimist on Jan 5, 2010


Bah, I can't type today. >.<

SuicidalOptimist on Jan 5, 2010


Well said @20. Very tough to get behind Travolta and the bald head isn't bad-ass, it's almost laughable. Looks like they might be trying to channel some of the innovative albeit absurdity of Shoot'EM Up but with less flair. Sorry Besson, you're a god, but you can't hit a home run every time. Also, as much as I just loved TAKEN, I'm going to pass on this despite having Morel as the director.

Marc on Jan 5, 2010


I dont know about this... If nothing else good comes out that weekend I might check it out since a lot of stuff blows up.

Mr.Mr. on Jan 5, 2010


Great! Must see!

Razor on Jan 5, 2010


Travolta's character looks exactly like the character from Palhem 123 The movie looks promising. But I'll probably pass

Ellz on Jan 5, 2010


I saw this movie a while ago and its is a great action film. John Travolta Really puts on a Awesome performance!! Its Really funny over the top action what more can you want i'm going to see it again just to see if they made any changes.

Dude on Jan 5, 2010


Hey.... its gotta be better than Taken. This looks like it takes itself way less seriously than Taken... which was crap.

Chazzy on Jan 5, 2010


looke wicked....

tir na nog on Jan 6, 2010


woooow john did some pretty darn cool moves 😀 i loved the scene where he dissambled the gun as he got out of its way .. heheheh and was it funny or not the guy falling and banging to the railings of the stairs 😀 man i love Pierre s take on action 😀

Burak "D'aequitas" on Jan 8, 2010


Meh....looks like your run of the mill action flick. Does anyone else get Colin Farrel as Bullseye from DareDevil when they see Travolta in this?

Cmurder on Jan 8, 2010


'John Travolta is Bruce Willis!'

Grey on Jan 13, 2010

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