Second Full-Length Trailer for Cruise & Diaz's Knight & Day

March 29, 2010
Source: IMDb

Knight & Day Trailer

20th Century Fox has just debuted a second full-length trailer for Knight & Day starring Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz over on IMDb. We saw the first trailer for Knight & Day back in December, but this one has a whole bunch of new footage, mainly in the later half when we see them getting chased everywhere. I've got to say, as cheesy as this looks (running of the bulls, come on?!) it does look quite hilarious, or at least Tom Cruise does. I still don't like Cameron Diaz, at all, and she's the only bad part of this. But otherwise, I'm in, I'm looking forward to having a fun time with Knight & Day. I don't think they give away too much either.

Watch the second full-length trailer for Knight & Day from YouTube:

An action-comedy that follows a fugitive couple on a deadly adventure where nothing is what it seems.

Knight & Day, formerly known as Wichita or Trouble Man, is directed by New York-born filmmaker James Mangold, of 3:10 to Yuma, Walk the Line, Identity, Kate & Leopold, Girl Interrupted, and also Cop Land previously. The screenplay was written by first-timer Patrick O'Neill whose only other writing credit is on a TV show called "Dead Last." 20th Century Fox is bringing Knight & Day to theaters (thankfully not in 3D, as far as we know) starting on June 25th this summer. Looking forward to seeing this in theaters or not?

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Edge Of Your Seat Thrill Ride!!! Wouldnt waste my time. Hey Tom, Call Spielberg!!

People's Champ on Mar 29, 2010


I dont wanna see it, couse I dont wanna cruise to get my money, couse i dont like him (couse, guess why...)

GOD on Mar 29, 2010


Typical garbage

bubba b on Mar 29, 2010


This actually looks better than I thought and Crazy Cruise jumping on the sofa only made me like him more. The scientology video showed me that He had the balls to be just as crazy as he could possibly be and that`s cool.

Loser on Mar 29, 2010


#4 I never thought of it that way. Good point.

Quanah on Mar 29, 2010


Has a bit of a True Lies vibe about it. I'll give it a go.

cinemabandit on Mar 30, 2010


It looks worth taking a look to me... love Tom Cruise's slapstick comedy and one-liners... Moreover, Cruise & Diaz combination is a box-office bomb!

Pedro Lopes on Mar 30, 2010


this character isn't much of a stretch for cruise - he's just as crazy in real life. (and just as entertaining - whether he's ranting in real life on a youtube video or cracking one-liners in a movie like this) and diaz looks to be putting out her usual MISERABLE performance......why/how does she get work? i figure to watch on dvd but won't be paying theatre prices ot see it.

beavis on Mar 30, 2010


Cruise might be bat shit crazy these days, but he's still the fucking man. And he can be my wingman, anytime.

Hellboy on Mar 30, 2010


Can't wait to see this, can't remember the last time we had a funny, purely for kicks action movie. Now we get Kick-Ass, Knight & Day and Scott Pilgrim in one year. Sweet.

Ben on Mar 30, 2010


hellboy your too funny, and anyone willing to part with the bucks should realise that it looks like 2 washed up actors in a run of the mill story, used fx, stale one liners dreamed up by execs from the science religion to force more reel time of cruise on us. or maybe im just envious and wanna be him

mydongleislongle on Mar 30, 2010


Mangold + Cruise = I'm in!

Q on Mar 30, 2010


HAHA! Looks fun! Nice to see Cam back in an action flick and Cruise doing more humour. That laugh he does, make him seem nuts.

KB on Mar 30, 2010


MUUSEE! - Looks enjoyable, Tom Cruise is looking ace funny. Miss Diaz, not so much.

Gabs on Mar 30, 2010


Hum... let me agree with #10, it's a funny action flick. And Alex, i'm your fan, don't like Diaz? This is not a oscar movie, there is no complexity in this, she is made for this. She is hot, pretty as hell and, god, she put a smile in my face. Tom it's a great actor, don't need to point it out. I'll definitly watch this. Seems good.

D. on Mar 30, 2010


Tom Cruise looks quite funny. I hope this is good and he continues to do comedy!!

dave13 on Mar 30, 2010


Surprisingly the action doesn't look to bad, this looks far better then the bounty hunter or the new one with aston kutcher

Jack Package on Mar 30, 2010


That looks hilarious and action packed

Nick Sears on Mar 30, 2010


This is one movie that is going to give me EXACTLY what I expect... and I'm OK with that. I'll see it.

Gonnarentit on Mar 30, 2010


Tom Cruise freaked me out for some time, but after Tropic Thunder I think he's making a pretty good come back. I was expecting this to be more of a comedy than action. Don't want it be another Mission Impossible. He needs to stick with the comedy.

Chris on Mar 30, 2010


Cruise is a bad-ass. I can understand why some people don't care for him, but he still kicks! Diaz looks good in this, they seem to have genuine chemistry...

kitano0 on Mar 30, 2010


Action reminded me of the Mission Impossible series. Maybe because they all had Tom Cruise! Looks interesting. But I am not convinced on the 'comedy' part just yet. Something seems off. When was the last time you seen Tom Cruise in an actual comedy?? And please...... Jerry Maguire was freakin' LONG time ago and doesn't count!

Ron on Mar 30, 2010


Looks GREAT!!! Love that the old Tom is back and have always loved Cameron Diaz (those who don't fine but I think she is a great actress and all stars have a bad movie once in awhile give her a break) Can't wait to see this movie in the Theaters, definietely seeing the day it come out!!!!!

Steph on Mar 30, 2010


I think I am frightened now with how much I agree with Alex on things. That's no fun. I'd rather disagree and argue a point. Whatever, I also think Cruise is actually kind of funny in this. I don't like Diaz. Not just in this, but in anything. What's her appeal now? The best she ever looked by far was in the movie that got her started which was The Mask. I think her voice is annoying as well.

jjboldt on Mar 30, 2010

25 it supposed to be a comedy too? Didn't get me

Jaf on Mar 30, 2010


Its cheese, but as I said with The Expendables, its fun cheese. Im in .

Al on Mar 30, 2010


23 - Tropic Thunder

Al on Mar 30, 2010


I'm impressed.I dont usually like Tom Cruise Vehicles but I like "crazy' Tom in this one and Diaz is swingin.

max on Mar 30, 2010


"Screenplay was written by Patrick O'Neill"....and then rewritten by a half-dozen others including Scott Frank, Dana Fox, Laeta Kalogridis, Tim Dowling, and James Mangold himself. I mean this is already the third title on the damn thing. Just another Fox factory-produced mess that feels older than it's two stars look...

Johnnie Walker on Mar 30, 2010


A Must See! Looks GREAT!!! Cruise is still one of the best!

Ramon on Mar 30, 2010


You know what I still love Crusie and could care less about his religion, and Diaz looks good as usual so I'm pretty much sold, the best line was "Nobody follow me, or I kill myself then her!"

Xerxex on Mar 30, 2010


Yup, I'll also give it a go, perhaps even one to see with my wife 🙂 #31 I caught that line too, very funny and throwaway 🙂

Mike Kingscott on Mar 30, 2010


Okay, this looks totally bad-ass. For me, it's the reverse - I think Diaz is what saves Cruise. Especially since he just doesn't convince me as a heterosexual. But boy, can he run around and shoot stuff!

Ian Carruthers on Mar 30, 2010


I did not laugh or smirk at this even one time. I can see it coming in 4th the weekend it comes out.

Boring on Mar 30, 2010


hmmmmehhh. keep muse out of it please.

blum on Mar 30, 2010


Looks hilarious. Oh and I for one loved hearing Muse in the trailer. Fits perfectly since so much of what Matt Bellamy writes is about conspiracies and such.

Pete on Mar 30, 2010


Wow Muse.....glad to see there getting recognized but totally chose an unfit song.....lyrics and sound wise.

Cody w on Mar 30, 2010


They should have got Megan Fox instead of Diaz!! Both are bad actors; at least Fox is hot. Guaranteed box office success!!

Ad on Mar 31, 2010


I'd rather beat my head against the wall.

David on Mar 31, 2010


Haha the face of Cameron in the Picture at the top looks just weird. Looks like a Cameron Diaz BobbleHead 🙂

reimstein on Mar 31, 2010


i heard muse and then got hooked

sanjay on Apr 1, 2010


Looks like a fun date movie, I'll probably give it a go and Tom Cruise can be funny when he wants to. I think he's a better actor than people have been giving him credit for in the past 6 or so years. It's odd to me that so many people don't like Tom Cruise's acting because of his crazy religion (and it is crazy) though I'm curious as to how many of those people are christian's and believe in talking snakes, talking burning bushes, and in creation.

Zeroenna56 on Apr 2, 2010


The trailer graphics and rating card at the end were SUPER. Nicely done 😉

Ells on Apr 2, 2010


This trailer wasn't gonna leave an impression on me until they started playing Uprising - how awesome (and unexpectedly) that fit in!

Calle on Apr 4, 2010


The running of the bulls and Diaz turning on the motorbike and yelling MAGS firing off rounds... turned me off... up to that point it looked enjoyable.

Matthew on Apr 5, 2010


might be a good flick with likeable actors in the lead roles, think i'll pass give me Salt woohoo

KittyKhem on Apr 6, 2010


Will definitely see! Love the trailer.

Eva on Apr 21, 2010

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