Second Official Trailer for Jaden Smith's Karate Kid Remake

February 23, 2010
Source: Yahoo

Karate Kid Trailer

Everything is kung fu! Sony has just debuted the second theatrical trailer for The Karate Kid remake (via Yahoo) starring Jaden Smith as the kid and Jackie Chan as Mr. Han, the Mr. Miyagi like mentor he meets. This is pretty much a repeat of the first trailer we saw last year, but it looks a lot more polished, and we get to see more footage of his training and of the beautiful side of China. I've got to say, I'm sold by this, I totally want to see this, I don't care if it's a remake, this looks great! I'm a sucker for inspirational movies and they pack tons of those lines from Jackie Chan in this. I don't know, I think they pulled this off. Do you agree?

Watch the second theatrical trailer for Harald Zwart's The Karate Kid:

[flv: 598 284]

You can also watch the new Karate Kid trailer in High Definition on Yahoo

The Karate Kid, directed by Harald Zwart (The Pink Panther 2), stars Jaden Smith, Jackie Chan, and Taraji P. Henson. Smith plays Dre, a skateboarding video game buff who moves to China after his single mother is forced to go there for work. Unable to speak Chinese, Dre finds it hard to settle in, and gets beat up by the local bully. Chan plays Mr. Han, a maintenance man who spots his black-eye and offers to teach him both martial arts and Chinese, so he can defend against all the kung-fu students. Sony is bringing The Karate Kid to theaters everywhere starting on June 11th this summer. Will you be seeing this in theaters then or not?

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Harald Zwart +Jaden Smith= FAIL

movie mike on Feb 23, 2010


Nah! Actually looks decent.

Klaus_Komix on Feb 23, 2010


Jackie Chan looks amazing. great casting there

DoomCanoe on Feb 23, 2010


At first I was a bit miffed that they were doing it with much younger actors than the original, but having been sated for teenage angst and fighting with Never Back Down, I think this actually looks very good. The fly scene at the end is awesome.

Luc on Feb 23, 2010


Someone hit me with a '' Spining song Kick '' This is a razzie of the year movie...'' I will teach you Kung Fu '' what an insult to the original...It's called KA-RA-TE...why teach him Kung Fu. Jackie may look all Yoda and shit, but come on!

Lazarus from Sparta!!! DEATHKLOK RULES!!!!!!!!!!!!!! on Feb 23, 2010


i wouldn't see this if i was given FREE tickets.........nor will i dirty my netflix queue with this crap.

beavis on Feb 23, 2010


The Kung Fu Kid... they even say it in the movie... this is gay lol... but the movie looks kinda nice... lets see how Jackie holds up...

Ricardo on Feb 23, 2010


Jesus Christ #5, give it a break already... They have to market this, and Kung Fu Kid really won't pop into alot of peoples heads... anyways...not like most people will notice the Difference in Karate and Kung-Fu... yay for fancy looks decent...

zeldaprimed on Feb 23, 2010


The only fail I see in this is that it's called Karate Kid, and they do Kung Fu, since they're in China. Karate is from Japan... Maybe should be called Kung Fu Kid? Or something... Other than that it really looks decent. Or maybe my expectations were super low? don't know... but looks OK to me.

Petteri. on Feb 23, 2010


Jackie Chan looks pretty badass in this, but I'm still not entirely convinced by Jaden. He's slightly less annoying in this trailer than in the first one, but I at 0:33 I still just wanted to slap him.

Craig on Feb 23, 2010


is this a joke "ill teach you real kung fu" but the title is called The Karate Kid what is wrong with the film studio just change it to The Kung Fu Kid apart from that the trailer actually looks good way better then the first trailer.

tazz on Feb 23, 2010


I thought they were changing the title to kung fu kid. It doesn't make sense calling it karate kid if it's about kung fu.

Bob Dylan on Feb 23, 2010


The trailer is pretty good. Yeah, they should've changed it to Kung Fu Kid though.

casshern on Feb 23, 2010


Someone better say sweep the leg or I'm gonna be pissed.

Chad on Feb 23, 2010


Very surprised for me to say this, given the inevitable love I share for the original, but... I'm sold. Fly swatter at the end was perfect, got a big grin from me.

Mark D on Feb 23, 2010


SHould at least be better than "The Spy Next Door."

David on Feb 23, 2010


"Im going to teach you real kung-fu" why the fuck is this shit call "karate kid?" CRAP....

LC on Feb 23, 2010


"Sweep the legs"

Cobra Kai on Feb 23, 2010


i hope this fails. no respect for countrys or the use of proper names. sometimes i wish some of these studios would go bankrupt. no one has respect for anything any more.

d on Feb 23, 2010


Like everyone else, I have a serious problem with the name of the film, but I get it, stupid Americans need the original title, its all marketing. Other then that, this is actually looking pretty impressive to me. I want to see it.

Mike on Feb 23, 2010


Glad to see I'm not the only one who thinks this actually looks really good! 🙂

Alex Billington on Feb 23, 2010


It's nice that they clarified that it's all really Kung Fu, though I really wish they would emphasize on why it's titled "The Karate Kid" other than the fact that they're capitalizing on the name (if there is any reason at all in-movie.) This doesn't seem as big as an offense as Best of the Best, though (yet.) I remember them referring to everything as "Karate" even though it was all Tae Kwon Do.

Frame on Feb 23, 2010


I like the trailer too...however it would be more awesome if Jaden smith has more buff look he's too thin.

dex on Feb 23, 2010


i just hate that kid any other kid and maybe i would have watched it but that kid just messes the whole movie up. I smell a flop!

TheLOLrapist on Feb 23, 2010


Though this doesn't look amazing, it certainly looks a lot better than all the other crappy kids movies coming out these days. I wouldn't go see this myself, but I'm not the market here. I think this should be great for kids.

FancyMonocle on Feb 23, 2010


That kid is doing some intense maneuvers in the trailer, this will at least be decent

yo on Feb 23, 2010


Hey Dex? More buff? Do you even have kids? This is exactly what a kid his age should look like. Buf(ness) doesn't equal strength. If you understand the Karate Kid concept at all it's not about the strength in your body, but the strength in your heart, and the power of the mind to convince yourself that you are capable of anything. This was the same premise in the original and looks to be the same premise here. What makes this re-invisioning all the more interesting is the racism angle from the perspective of an african-american in an american-influenced asian society; whereas the original simply dealt with the issues of class minorities in America and it's attitudes towards violence, and it wasn't until the second Karate Kid that they started looking at the clash between Asian and American culture. Should be a good watch.

Cisco on Feb 23, 2010


I'll see it for Jackie Chan. It should be called Kung Fu Kid, mainly because he's don Gung Fu and not Karate, also Kung Fu Kid is more catchy.

Xerxex on Feb 23, 2010


“I don’t know [what it’s going to be called],” Chan admitted of the film, which is due to hit theaters in June. “Probably ‘Kung Fu Kid’ in China and ‘Karate Kid’ in America. Maybe a different title? I don’t know. But mostly we’ve called it ‘The Kung Fu Kid.’”

Dark Fist on Feb 23, 2010


A good trailer does not necessarily mean a good movie. They are obviously trying to sell it by keeping the title 'The Karate Kid' and not changing to 'The Kung Fu Kid" or anything else, because people are familiar with the former. I think I will wait till the real reviews come out before I decide whether I should watch this movie.

Ron on Feb 23, 2010


Jackie Chan is there... so, no questions asked, I'm in... 😛

Leave a Comment on Feb 23, 2010


the black kid would be the underdog WHEN THE FUDGE WELL THE YELLOW MAN GET LEAD

eric on Feb 23, 2010


Okay to all the idiots who are dissing this.... yeah I love the original Karate Kid but if you look at the fight scenes they are pretty vanilla and basic in the original. The fights between Daniel and the bullies are so watered down and stiff compared to the fight choriography of today and just by looking at this new trailer. Honestly Jaden Smith looks like he actually learned Kung Fu and how to fucking fight and looks like he could bitch slap old Danielson any day of the week. So give it a chance, see the movie first and then pass judgement afterwards !!! NUFF SAID



I'm a sucker for Chinese landscapes and choreography, plus the streets remind me of my hometown so it's 50/50

Jaf on Feb 23, 2010


They Just F****d up. I don't really mind a remake of The Karate Kid. I don't really mind some of the changes they've made, like being in the Orient (which, incidentally, is a throwback to The Karate Kid Part Two), or the fact that Jaden is playing Daniel and Jackie is playing Miyagi. But to completely change his style from Karate to Kung Fu.........That's just low. Did you know that The Karate Kid was based on a true story? Miyagi was a real person, although he was already dead by the time the movie happened. the movie was made to honor his memory and his prize student, a man named Daniel, was pivotal in making the first three of the four films. Jaden Smith seems like a good actor, like father like son they say, but this movie isn't even worth the moniker of Remake. I agree with #9 and #12. Call it Kung Fu Kid, and I might, MIGHT, watch. It does look good. It just doesn't deserve Karate Kid.

Gaijin on Feb 23, 2010


Would this fail/succeed/be accepted/criticized if it weren't called Karate Kid?????

Nick Sears on Feb 23, 2010


HOLY CRAP....i heard Joe Espisito's " you're the best" at the very end of the trailer.....awesome

JNYCE on Feb 23, 2010


I thought this would be utter crap when I read they where remaking the karate kid but I must say that this looks better than I could have dreamed of and jackie seems to have nailed it. I will certainly see it and give it a chance Jaden seems to have trained a massive amount to pull this of or they just fooled me with high end cutting

loser on Feb 23, 2010


can`t get fooled again 🙂

loser on Feb 23, 2010


Doesn't look too bad to me. 🙂

Sabes on Feb 23, 2010


I wana see it 🙂

DaftPUNKFAN on Feb 23, 2010


Shut up to all the people HATERS!! u are the people that make the movie industry bad.

Sam on Feb 23, 2010


why? really? why? this looks awful. the only part that looks cool is the first scene with jackie chan. and in the scene it looks like he's about to beat the shit out of some 12 year old kids. so that's just weird. now i'm sad. help?

Brian Ricci on Feb 23, 2010


Sam thats a bold claim, actually since we all hate on lackluster productions and demand high quality films we make the film industry realize they suck and we hope they will churn out better films, as for this it looks pretty good.

Xerxex on Feb 23, 2010


Looks watchable and seems like they captured the heart of the original. As well as some great Chinese culture thrown in with some nods to the first. I'll watch this.

Brandon on Feb 24, 2010


did i hear a version of the red warrior from the last samurai soundtrack??? looks like a fun watch

Tom Cruise on Feb 24, 2010


I was really worried about this when I heard they were planning on making it but the trailers seem to have swayed me somewhat, I like that the movie doesn’t take itself too serious, the fly scene with the music from the Original Karate Kid playing in the background is a good example. Jaden is getting more and more like his Dad every day and your can really see this in the trailers. It’s not going to be the original and those of you out there judging it on this are wrong. I say go and watch it and then judge it on its own merits. You’re never going to get as good as the first Karate Kid as we were kids then and were not now. Jackie looks awesome as the new mentor. I guess only time will tell eh!!!

Dar-El on Feb 24, 2010


Too bad for the kid that he didn't get his fathers genes, he's a midget just like his mother.

Darunia on Feb 24, 2010


#16 u actually watched that crap??? This looks pretty decent btw love the fly scene. gave me a chuckle

Nick on Feb 24, 2010


I think it looks good for what it is. Karate Kid the original holds a lot of memories for me and thus it's better in my mind that it actually is. The less said about the horrible sequels the better. So I'm not sure why people are so upset about it being remade.

harv on Feb 24, 2010


50" I know what you mean Harv, I recently got the hold of "The Monster Club" again another huge kids movie along with The Karate Kid, I had to turn it off, it was soooo bad lol and I remember that being possibly the best movie ever when I was 11 or so!!!!

Dar-El on Feb 24, 2010


This looks great!

Robbie on Feb 24, 2010


Hey 51... did you kick wolfman in the nards? It's Monster Squad.... and I had a similar experience. The karate kid was a landmark franchise when I was a kid - but i have to say - I understand that it needs to be updated for a fresh audience. looks like they are doing an okay enough job for me to keep out of it and let the young kids have their fill.

Ryan B on Feb 24, 2010


Trailer looks better than first one ! Chinese karate with music from Last Samurai hehe !!!

TimSalabim on Feb 24, 2010


Well, I beliave that if the movie was called Kung Fu Kid every single one of you would say: "Ahhhh nooo this is the remake of Karate Kid, they just copy the history". i love this and i loved the serie. I'm totally in.

D. on Feb 24, 2010


SWEEP THE LEG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lazarus from Sparta!!! DEATHKLOK RULES!!!!!!!!!!!!!! on Feb 24, 2010


OK now this is looking better! This second trailer gives me a little more confidence about the film but I still doubt I'll see it in the theaters. Netflix for sure though! Also, aside from the whole "I will teach you Kung-Fu" but it's still called The Karate Kid, did anyone think it was funny that they used the score from The Last SAMURAI during the first half of the trailer? I had to laugh at that:)

Marc on Feb 24, 2010


Oh, I guess 46 and 54 did:P

Marc on Feb 24, 2010


Hey 53 "Wolfman got Nards" lol

Dar-El on Feb 24, 2010


Johnny Bobby Get Him!!!

Eric B. on Feb 24, 2010


I grew up in the 80's, so the original film holds a special place in my childhood. So I was not thrilled when they announced they were remaking this with the Artist formerly known as the Fresh Prince's son. I like Jackie Chan, but I still believed that the remake was destined to be DOA when it hits theaters. Then, I saw the teaser. Now, the theatrical trailer. I can't believe I'm saying this, but the more I see, the more I'm impressed. This could deliver the goods. If it does, I'll be the 1st to admit that I was wrong. Seems the negative tide against this movie is turning...

D. LaRusso on Feb 24, 2010


I can't wait! looks like it'll be entertaining and the action look legit. I would have been more satisfied to see one of those kids in the last airbender movie instead of who they picked. Action looks way better. Yay, I'm so gonna take my nephew to see this!!!

Nuika on Feb 24, 2010


Action looks cool, and Jackie Chan is a master at this. The movie was filmed in Beijing, and for those who like soundtracks, look for "remember the Name", performed by Fort Minor.

Voice123 - Trailer Voice Over on Feb 24, 2010


They just may have pulled this off. The tone of the trailer seems just right; but I'll wait, until after I've seen it, (whenever that is) before I say they definitely got it right.

Dave Lister, JMC on Feb 24, 2010


Also, did anyone else notice the song playing, on the radio when Jackie Chan swats the fly? Nice easter egg nod, to the original film.

Dave Lister, JMC on Feb 24, 2010


Kid: "What's your name?" (Chinese) Asian Guy: "Dude, I'm from Detroit" hahaha

Abe on Feb 24, 2010


China= Kung Fu, not Karate. Japan=Karate henceforth do not send a kid to China to learn Karate. That is all.

MMH on Feb 24, 2010


Also, did anyone else notice the song playing, on the radio when Jackie Chan swats the fly? Nice easter egg nod, to the original film. Dave Lister, JMC said that at comment 37

JNYCE on Feb 24, 2010


This is a far better trailer thatn the first one Jackie chan in this trailer looks good you get to see him train Jaden Smith, Even thought the young lad he dosen't have any presants on screen he looks bland not like is father Will Smith he acts like is mother Jade pinkett Smith.

Cineprog on Feb 24, 2010


so, even when the main character IS a black guy, he still HAS to say the token black guy's new one liner 'that's nasty'

ChrisUK on Feb 24, 2010


i'd watch it.... cause i love jackie chan. and i love when asian kids beat up black kids... jk jk!!! lol

Roderick on Feb 24, 2010



Mac on Feb 24, 2010


stop making remakes. this gives me another reason to dislike Will Smith, he has to buy the rights to the movie and put his kid in it. you teach kung fu but yet its called The Karate Kid. what a waste of money, again

Andrew on Feb 24, 2010


I think what everyone needs to understand is that Hollywood could careless if they rape your childhood or not. They will do what they want whenever they want as long as people keep going to see these remakes/reboots/re-imaginings. So if you want them to stop dont go see them or steal them, make sure they don't make any money. Because if they do, they will continue to chloroform your childhood and do as they please with it.

M. Night Shamalamadingdong on Feb 24, 2010


I gave this movie a lot of grief from day one, but this trailer actually made it look like it had a lot of heart and wasn't just an undercooked nostalgia cashgrab attempt. I'm genuinely interested in seeing this movie after seeing this trailer.

chrishaley on Feb 24, 2010


I would be completely cool with this movie if they had not called it "The Karate Kid". They are staining their whole marketing and turning off the older audience who remembers and loves the original. This movie may do well, if it is any good, which I doubt. However, I think even small children are smart enough to ask, "why is it called Karate Kid, when it's about Kung Fu?" Yes, please answer this question, someone, why?

Eric on Feb 24, 2010


Gee, first of all, it's called the Karate Kid!!! Get over it already!!!! This second trailer sold me...beautiful photography and settings. Jackie Chan looks great. Now, hopefully they will have a decent enough amount of the Buddhist/Taoist philosophy in it (but not too much as to turn off the critics or fanboys, who seem to have a great amount of scorn towards anything that even hints at spirituality!) Never thought I would be looking forward to this....very surprised!

kitano0 on Feb 24, 2010


I understand completely why they call it "The Karate Kid" From a marketing stand point, it's a much better name than calling it "The Kung-Fu Kid" mostly because there is more a market for the former name than the latter. Having said that, the more I see of this film, the more I think this will probably be a decent film.

SkaOreo on Feb 24, 2010


This looks like a lot of fun. Not sure why people are so caught up with the whole kung-fu/karate thing. It's a remake, and they decide to go with kungfu instead of karate, but they're using the original title, who cares. Looks like it could be a great mindless flick. The trailer actually looks really fun.

Riki on Feb 24, 2010


this does look awful,i woulda prefered a power rangers movie instead,which this looks like. they screwed the karate kid with this remake.i can go to china,film myself training karate or some other thing,fight some random guys on the street,and there you have it a move wayyy better than this.

Spider94 on Feb 24, 2010


How many comments does it take for these dumbasses to realize that THESE GUYS ARE CALLING IT KARATE KID WHEN THE ART THEY'RE PRACTICING IS KUNG FU!!!! IN CHINA!!!!! Use the internet directors, producers, script writers, PEOPLE!!!

A Japanese Guy on Feb 24, 2010


wow, looks way beater than the first trailer. the needle is rising on my "hope its good o' meter". Kara-Te originally meant "China Hand" before it was changed to "Empty Hand". Kung Fu loosely translated means skills acquired through hard effort over time. it can be applied to things other than Chinese martial arts. don't get to hung up on names. no one will ever ask you if it is a Karate kick or Kung Fu kick when you put one upside their head.

Karl on Feb 24, 2010


Still dont understand why is it call Karate Kid. They did a remake on trailer but not the title. Since when Japan is under ruling of China..?*shurg* movie wise, looks decent.. but then again previous movie by Jackie Chan pretty lame.

HanDsomepiG on Feb 24, 2010


i was just happy to hear the original karate kid song that was awesome haha

SPLINTER on Feb 24, 2010


Man, that looks horrible. How old is Jaden? like 8? and there's a love story between him and that little asian girl? Kinda awkward. I love that they used the theme from the Last Samuari in the trailer to try and make the movie more epic than it is. This looks so bad. Pat got an Oscar nom for his role. Anyone think Jackie has a shot for beating up little kids in the trailer?

Hien on Feb 25, 2010


The fly swatter shot is so classic!!!! And there are some visuals in the trailer. ...don't get lost in the title and the specific martial art.... anyone can be nit picky about stuff like that. The most important thing is the spirit of the story.

DJ SID on Feb 25, 2010


May be good, may be bad, but I like Jaden Smith. I'm still seeing this... And I'll blame it on my sister if it sucks. XD

Lar on Feb 26, 2010


I hate to admit it, but I don't remember anything from the original The Karate Kid. I'm positive I watched it one day during my karate class (it was one of those lazy days where we would get together and watch movies to relax)...but that was A VERY long time ago that I barely (i.e. "don't") remember anything from the original. However, after watching the first trailer last year, I have been stoked for this remake. I know I should watch the original again (which I will, duh!) before I make any solid opinions. But I have to say, that this looks pretty damn good despite what many people say. Not to mention Jaden Smith is in it! I've only seen him act a small number of times in The Pursuit of Happyness and The Suite Life of Zack and Cody. I don't recall much from the movie (wow, I have a bad memory), but he was pretty good on the suite life. Nonetheless, he's so cute and I can't wait to watch this movie. (The trailers are SWEEET!)

fluffnight on Feb 26, 2010


74 you've got it all wrong the there not tring to still or rape as you put it your childhood there tring to give kids to day the ideals of the past of what the movie stood for why cant anyone understand that come on do you really think kids today will watch any movies from the past no they want new movies its the same with remaking songs as well there just tring to reach this generation im happy they are doing it because i doubt my kid will sit through old movies she always wants whats new. by the way everyone needs to get off of jaden i thought he looked good and come on he is still a little kid stop degrating him and get off the name factor its a name gezzzzz i saw karate kid i liked it i learned things from it that i want my daughter to learn and now she will i will definitly be taking my daughter to it.

done-with-the-whining on Feb 26, 2010


BULLSHIT FLAG!!!! 10 yards #35 HAS NO CLUE WHAT HE/SHE IS TALKING ABOUT!!!!!!!!!! Mr. Miyagi was NOT a real person. grow up people and get a life.

#35 is a JACKASS on Feb 26, 2010


The trailer, I hate to admit looks sweet. However, Karate is Japanese, not from China! I just can't drop it. I'm sorry. The movie looks like a good rental and I'm sure they put some thought into it. But really, Kung-fu kid or any other thing does not sound any dumber than Karate Kid which really is not that cool sounding.

Eric on Feb 27, 2010


Couple of moments in there were it feels like your looking into the eyes of Will Smith. Man does he look like his Dad. But far more mature than Will was at that age. Perhaps that came from a loving, grounded home. Wish him lots of luck.

Bryanmakeup on Feb 27, 2010



SLee on Feb 27, 2010


Here is a little Easter Egg for you all. the original cast will make a small cameo in the film. Its quite good actually because Jackie will put the karate kid in this place and that is right before he tells Dre that he will teach him real kung fu. You won't see it in the trailer, well not in this one. You have to seach for the old trailer they set out a few months ago. There were three trailers two were about the same and looked kind of like this one and the one has the cameo parts.

ValiumJunkie on Mar 2, 2010


#90, unless, of course, you count Chojun Miyagi, the founder of the Goju-ryu style of karate. But, as far as I or anyone else knows, he had no prize student named Daniel. I'm as curious as anyone about the title, but even with thirty years of karate training, teaching, competing, and promoting under my belt (pun intended), I still can't manage to get too worked up about it. On the other hand, whereas I look forward to an influx of potential new students generated by the film, I don't relish having to deal with the confusion the title will inevitably cause. In any event, I'll be taking thirty or so adult and child students to see it on opening day, and good or bad, I'll love it. I wonder if Jackie Chan will give young Mr. Smith a car. BANZAI!

Nezumi on Mar 4, 2010


I guess the apple does fall far from the tree. Will Smith should have invested in more acting lessons for his kid. Thanks to Jackie Chan, this movie might not be the worst movie of the year.

Big H on Mar 6, 2010


you stupid racist idiots who trash this movie without even seeing need to shut the hell up .the movie actually looks like it will be pretty good.jackie chan is the man and has been for many many years.he already cemented his legend no matter what you negative idiots have to say.

kt lew on Mar 7, 2010


I just took a shit that looks better than that feces.

Jon the Rob-ot on Mar 15, 2010


I so totally agree. Cant wait!!! PS i love love Jackie Chan

Nancy on Mar 15, 2010


I'M IN!!!Jackie Chan is Awsome in this so far as I ca see.Little Jaden's got it.Those eyes show it all. Hes got a little of his fathers bravado which will be cool to see. And I love the location change.It'll be good to see this story from another geographic perspective.

max on Mar 18, 2010


Maybe the little kid's last name is Karate?

Outlaw on Mar 20, 2010


jon the robot 98 .you are the biggest idiot of all. someone needs to take a shit on your head

kt lew on Mar 20, 2010


1) Jaden is 100% bankable. Anyone with a kid knows that. Boys want to be him and the girls adore him. 2)Kudos to the parents - excellent marketing strategy. Get him opposite some of the biggest names in Hollywood, at 12 he is a leading man and set him up to be hearthrob. Brilliant! Everyone of your "tweens" will be spending your money to see it. 3) Do some research - it's called Karate Kid because when he moved to China that is what he knew - karate. The other kids are basically mocking him.

MuvEBuff on Mar 25, 2010


Jaden is some hot stuff sexy im 11 and black2

kelly on Apr 3, 2010


Watch out Justin Bieber - I think you just got some competition. And as the parent of a 8 year old girl - my wallet just got lighter.

Native ATL on May 13, 2010


Jackie chan beats up like 6 ten years olds... you dont even need to know kung fu to beat up eleven year olds, he probably did it to get closer and to touch the main character sexually

nicholas on May 17, 2010


this looks really good. hopefully all the bashers will stay home, usually they are the ones that go to see movies so they can be loud and annoying to everyone within 10 rows of them.

Sharon on May 23, 2010


I have found out why the movie is called "The Karate Kid" and not the "Kung-Fu Kid". and I can tell you, in the context of the movie, it makes perfect sense. I suppose I could point out that criticizing a movie before you have even seen it is stupid, but then this is the internet. 😉

cinemabandit on Jun 5, 2010


All those with negative comments about the new Karate Kid are entitled to your ridiculous comments. I'm so glad the put actors in that really know the art. Ralph didn't know the art AT ALL and it's clear Jayden has practiced. Trust me, no just "picks it up" like that... And the movie will ignite an increase in martial arts to many - young and old. The movie is inspiring - facing your fears. As a martial arts enthusiast the fight scenes alone get a thumbs up. Jackie Chan and Jayden Smith were great additions to the remake!

Great Karate Kid remake on Jun 13, 2010


i bet i would be really good in karate kid too and my dad practices it with me a little bit i dont know it great but a little bit

maria on Jun 17, 2010


I watch this movie today and I give it 5 STARS!!!! I highly recommend it to EVERYONE and ANYONE who loves ANY movie genre, this is amazing. You can't afford to miss out on watchign it! Jaden Smith is a brilliant actor. He's really good-looking, too. *Swoons* If only he went to my school...

Mara on Aug 13, 2010

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