Shane Black Directing Sony's Pulp Comics 'Doc Savage' Movie

February 22, 2010

Doc Savage

The Man of Bronze is headed to the big screen! It was discovered late last year that Shane Black, writer of great 80s films like The Monster Squad, Lethal Weapon, The Long Kiss Goodnight, and director of Kiss Kiss Bang Bang as well, would be writing the script for a Doc Savage movie in the works at Columbia Pictures (aka Sony). Variety is now reporting that Black will also be directing the movie (only his second time) from a script he's writing with newcomers Anthony Bagarozzi and Chuck Mondry. Neal Moritz and Ori Marmur, of Green Hornet and Battle: L.A., will be producing through Mortitz' Original Film production company.

Doc Savage was created by Henry W. Ralston in 1933 and became a popular character in the pulp mags of the 1930s and 40s. He is a physician, surgeon, scientist, adventurer, inventor, explorer, and researcher. A team of scientists deliberately trained his mind and body to near-superhuman abilities almost from birth, giving him great strength and endurance, a photographic memory, a mastery of the martial arts, and vast knowledge of the sciences. Doc is also a master of disguise and an excellent imitator of voices. He uses his skills to fight evil all over the world. "Doc Savage is an icon, a character with limitless possibilities."

"We have had a great experience working with Neal to bring another classic character of the era, the Green Hornet, to a new generation of fans, and we think he and Shane make the ideal team to bring Doc Savage back to the bigscreen," Columbia co-president Matt Tolmach said. Apparently Shane Black is a big collector of antique detective books and pulp fiction, or so Variety says. I was surprised by this, but I still think they made the perfect choice hiring Black to direct. We learned last time that he will be keeping the setting in the 30s and that "Doc needs to have his Fabulous Five. It will be an original Doc Savage story that attempts to encapsulate the feeling of the whole collection of Lester Dent's work." Definitely looking forward to this!

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Yes! This is gonna kick ass!

MonsterKilledThePilot on Feb 22, 2010


Christian Bale as Doc Savage If they want to go younger hot of Thor Chris Hemsworth

Loser on Feb 22, 2010


Sam Worthington for Doc Savage

gamus on Feb 22, 2010


I'm with #2 that or Josh Holloway.

Xerxex on Feb 22, 2010


I'm sick of the same guys helming all the comics and blockbusters. #4 might have struck gold with Josh Holloway, bout time someone gives him a movie. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang was a great film, I'm shocked Shane Black hasn't directed anything since.

Akirakorn on Feb 22, 2010


Count me in!

Ben on Feb 23, 2010


I though the original Doc Savage man of Bronze was a right Laugh, it was too far fetched to take serious i hope Shane Blacks Doc Savage will be more Serious. As far casting Doc Savage What about Robert Patterson.

Cineprog on Feb 23, 2010


the original doc savage the man of bronze is great not to be taken seriously movie,the fight at the end is a classic they use every form of combat,boxing,wrestling & martial arts.dwight "the rock" johnson for the man of bronze he would be perfect,i really hope they make this film so they re-release the original onto blu-ray.



I'm for Christian Bale on this, I love that guy, he would be absolutely perfect for this, the way he is so intense and focused which is the feeling I get when I read about Doc Savage

Scott McHenry on Feb 23, 2010


John Hamm seriously, the most pulp looking man alive. If you've seen Mad Men you would hands down agree.

zomb on Feb 23, 2010


John Hamm is an interesting choice; what about Channing Tatum? Could anyone get behind Jude Law?

Orcasisla on Feb 23, 2010


as long as this is NOTHING Like the doc savage movie in existence then it might be ok.. I hate to say it but the only way something like this concept can work is if its treated kinda tongue in cheek like "the mummy" its too over the top to be indiana jones-ish (although Indy was somewhat influenced by the Doc Savage Pulps) but Id like to see if something like that can go over in this age, they seemed to pull it off with Sherlock holmes so who knows?

lando on Feb 26, 2010


Wanted to point out that it is not “pulp comics.” It's a common misconception that the pulps were comics. The pulp magazines were fiction magazines, with very limited illustrations inside and filled with short stories, novels and serialized stories. The first “official” pulp magazine was published in 1896 and they thrived as a popular, inexpensive entertainment source through the first 30 years of the 1900s. Comic books didn't appear until the mid-1930s (and then just reprinted the newspaper comic strips). Doc Savage predates (and influenced the development of) the superheroes of comic books by a half-dozen years. Beginning in 1933, the character appeared in monthly novels published in “Doc Savage Magazine.” Over 180 novels were published through 1949.

W.L. on Feb 26, 2010


Believe it or not, Superman was spawned from Doc Savage. Note the similarities: Clark Savage Jr. /Clark Kent, Man of Bronze/Man of Steel, Fortress of solitude (North Pole)/Fortress of solitude (North Pole). I am looking forward to this movie, especially if it helps to give Doc Savage a better image than the first movie. I still read the paperbacks on occasion, of which I have all of them (Bantam Printing in the 60's and newer), and have always hoped for a great Doc Savage movie. Casting for the lead character is vital, as well as for the "Fabulous Five" and Patricia Savage.

JediKnyte on Mar 22, 2010


A Doc movie is long, long overdue. Marvel characters in film are doing so well, both batman & Superman have been rebooted, now it's time to return to what influenced their creation- Doc, the Shadow et al. Having been a fan of Doc's novels since the 70's (and I have to say the camp '75 film) seeing him on the big screen with a well scripted, well directed and well produced film would make this geek super-happy. The look of the recent King Kong film for 30's NY, the action content of the Indiana Jones films and of course top notch casting of not only Doc but the 5 as well. My choice for the Man of Bronze- Dwight Johnson. For the 5: Ham- Adrian Brody, Monk- that's a toughie, (Brendon Gleason, but maybe now a bit too old) Renny- Jason Statham, Long Tom & Johnny- again tough choices. Roll on Doc Savage the Movie!

chucky on Mar 23, 2010


I read the novels years ago, and was so much fun. Hopefully they can get actors to physically fit the parts rather than just go with current big screen names. I'm not sure how well it will go over with the current generation , as the Doc Savage values may be judged as very corny . Having said that, his ideals could sure use a resurgence today !

Wayne on Mar 27, 2010


My thoughts on possible casting: Doc Savage (6’-0”) – Dwayne Johnson (6’-4”) Long Tom (thin, not tall) – Orlando Bloom (5’-10.5”) Renny (6’-4”) – Brian Steele (6’-7”) Monk (just over 5’) – David Faustino (5’-3”) Johnny (tall, gaunt) – James or Oliver Phelps (6’-3”) Ham (slender) – Jude Law (5’-11.5”)

Eric on Apr 1, 2010


I think that dwayne johnson or randy orton would be good picks

george petrisko on Apr 7, 2010


Doc: Josh Holloway 6'1" Perfect physical specimen but not bodybuilder Ham: Charlie Sheen 5' 10" Fit & Well Dressed Monk: Jack Black 5' 6" Simian Build Renny: Michael Rappaport 6' 4" Taller than Doc Long Tom: Cillian Murphy 5' 8" Thin wears a monocle Johnny: Adrian Brody 6' 1" Tall & Gaunt

Bryan on May 9, 2010


Sorry about the mistake above of course Johnny wears the monocle.

Bryan on May 9, 2010


Randy Orton, WWF wrestler has the height, build, facial features, hair style for the James Bama image of Doc Savage, would make a great selection. If they pull this off with a serious script and movie similar to the Indy Jones Raiders/Temple of Doom films, it could be a big hit and expose new fans to Doc Savage. The recent Captain America gives hope this could work out great!

Anonymous on Aug 3, 2011


Description of Doc Savage is a physical giant in neighborhood of 6'6" to 6'8", whichever actor gets this part will need physical size and build to accurately portray the character. Doc is big man, bodybuilding, muscles, great strength and endurance are attributes from his physical training received at the hands of scientists who prepared him for his career. A good choice for Monk would be Andy Serkis, actor who portrayed the King Kong ape in filming for the recent (2005) Peter Jackson movie with Naomi Watts.

Anonymous on Aug 3, 2011


They will fuck it up

Me on Mar 11, 2012

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