Shawn Levy Bringing TV's 'Deadliest Warrior' to the Big Screen

September 15, 2010

Deadliest Warrior

Wait, what? This is about as odd as that Ice Road Truckers movie. Paramount has officially announced (via Deadline) tonight that Shawn Levy's 21 Laps Entertainment will be bringing Spike TV's original hit series "Deadliest Warrior" to the big screen. So is this going to be a feature or more of a pseudo-documentary? The show is "Mythbusters"-like challenge that pits two different types of warriors (Spartan vs. Ninja, Viking vs. Samurai, etc) against each other using various tests and experts to prove which is the deadliest. I've seen an episode and it's fun, but as a feature film? That makes no sense. What the heck is the story going to be?

Paramount says the film's storyline is being kept under wraps, so we have no clue. "Spike has some of the most innovative and forward-thinking content on television today, 'Deadliest Warrior' being no exception. The property has proven its ability to engage audiences across multiple platforms," said Paramount's Film President Adam Goodman. "We hope this is the first of much future collaboration with Spike." So there will be more Spike TV shows adapted into feature films soon? Oh goodie. This just seems like an odd idea, but if Levy found a hook to tun the show into something badass, I guess I'm at least curious to see what it is before criticizing it further. If you haven't ever seen the TV show, you might as well check out the official website.

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I can not think of how the show can transfer the the silver screen. I'm a huge fan of the show. But it's a show. It's like making a Pawn Stars movie.

Daniel felts on Sep 15, 2010


This is like making a "pimp my ride" movie

wylles on Sep 15, 2010


By far my favorite show, but I will REFUSE to watch any fictionalized macguffin-ated story about some "magical amulet that pits these warriors against one another in a DC vs Marvel-like showdown for the honor of their blah blah blah....." The show is awesome because of it's existing formula. If paramount wants to throw money at this, make the "imaginactments" better 😉

Solo Calrissian on Sep 15, 2010


shoot me in the face. this show is awful. same question as everyone else. Dear God, why must we do this and how? Also, Spikes lineup? Jail? Pawn stars? Scrappers? This? Innovative thinking.. I think not.

drew on Sep 15, 2010


Really guys? You can't think of how they would make this into a movie? Here you go: Samurai vs. Spartans. Done. Maybe add in Ninjas. Or maybe Comanche? Seriously, it's that simple. Just two sides going at it in a war. Ridiculous? Yes. But that's the route it could easily go. And sequels would be very easy to make.

Aaron on Sep 16, 2010


I was getting flack from my girlfriend (not kidding) because I saying this show uses the same plot every episode. Two groups show up. Shit talking and one-upsmanship ensues. Adjudication provides resolution. Boring.

Prestron on Sep 16, 2010


So of the hundreds of original ideas out there they could throw money at they want to turn this into a movie, wow the lunatics really are running the asylum.

DOOMzilla on Sep 16, 2010


How can you not see how they can make a movie from the show? If you just take the concept from the show fighter vs. fighter you can make a movie. Thats all mortal kombat, tekken, doa and other movies are about. Very simple to write a movie around that.

Hale18 on Sep 16, 2010


SLOW FADE IN and TILT UP: Barren sandy dunes near the ocean in the middle east. Warriors, out of focus coming running over the sand, exploding it's serenity with their footsteps. They are revealed to be PIRATES, and as the camera continues to tilt up, we see their ship has been wrecked in the surf behind them, some ways in the distance. The PIRATES hear metal clashing and stop moving. They look forward as the sun rises in front of them, obscuring everything... CUT TO: 400 years later, soldiers from the US ARMY hide behind pieces of rubble and debris in the middle of a middle-eastern war zone. Bullets ricochet all around them and the camera is frantic. LIEUTENANT DAN is yelling out orders and firing above their junk barricades at an unseen enemy. All of a sudden a bomb goes off, fire and an explosion in close-up- JUMP CUT: A PIRATE firing off a Blunderbuss, we see the shot flying out of the old school hand cannon and into a CRUSADER KNIGHT! WIDE SHOT Knights squaring off with pirates, the draw their long swords and slash into the pirate scum, dicing them into pieces, but some of the pirates run back up the dune behind them to higher ground, firing shot after shot into the KNIGHT'S armor, killing many of them. As the last of the pirates scramble over their protective dune, a creaking of large wheels can be heard nearby- CUT TO: 400 years later, heavy tank rolls in, bulldozing over the bodies of dead TALIBAN scum. We see our hero, LIEUTENANT DAN sitting victorious on the metal edge of it, cigar in mouth, AR-15 in hand. As his tank rolls through the streets he pops off shots into windows of neighboring innocent houses, cackling to himself. The tank lurches to a stop. A man pops out of the top and announces that they've hit something and can't go any further. LIEUTENANT DAN jumps off the side of the tank to inspect what they've hit...his eyes focus on something he can't quite believe...A GIANT TREASURE CHEST- CUT TO: PIRATES hauling their GIANT TREASURE CHEST back to their ship, in a last ditch effort to escape their pursuers. WIDE SHOT The knights and soldiers load up a Trebuchet with a firey, oily stone and launch it into the air towards the PIRATES. The pirates near their ship to secure their TREASURE CHEST when they hear the air WHOOSH from above them- CUT TO: LIEUTENANT DAN, using the butt of his gun to pry open the GIANT TREASURE CHEST, he calls for help from a LOCAL BOY who stands watching a safe distance from him. We cut to a close-up of the BOY as he takes a few carefully placed steps back...We hear his MOTHER calling for him, and he runs away. LIEUTENANT DAN curses to himself and with all his strength, pushes the GIANT TREASURE CHEST over onto the ground, knocking it open, revealing 1000's of dubloons and various classical jewelry and beads. DAN is amazed at the sight of this, the gold reflecting in his greedy western eyes. At the same moment, he hears a ticking and looks down. The GIANT TREASURE CHEST was hiding an IED beneath it, that he has now triggered. LIEUTENANT DAN: Oh, shit!!!! DAN is blown to bits, and the tank right behind him is rocked onto it's side. The BOY and his impoverished family runs out into the street, and grabs at the coins and jewelry that are covered in LIEUTENANT DAN'S blood and viscera- CUT TO: Blood and viscera, blown all over the sand. The KNIGHTS come upon the GIANT TREASURE CHEST that sits in the sand amongst dozens of scorched PIRATE corpses. Our Hero KNIGHT, GLABIUS ANDRONICHUS, removes his helmet and unsheathes his long sword, hacking at the lock on the TREASURE CHEST, sparking it. GLABIUS calls to his men to assist him, but hears no reply. He turns around, and sees- GLABIUS is surrounded by a small group of NINJAS who have silently beheaded all of his fellow KNIGHTS while he was at the TREASURE CHEST. CLOSE UP on GLABIUS, he screams: NINJAS?!?!?! CUT TO BLACK TITLE CARD: DEADLIEST WARRIOR HEAVY ROCK MUSIC BLAH BLAH BLAH

LINKFX on Sep 16, 2010


I have a feeling this turn into a Mortal Kombat type movie. They will have some sort of time traveling device that will bring history's greatest warriors together for a tournament of sorts.

Johnny G on Sep 16, 2010


Maybe if they showed something like... "Voltron! Defender of the Universe, made out of 5 different robot lions. Optimus Prime! Leader of the Autobots, a transformer, capable of disguising itself as a trailer. Who... is... deadliest???"

Luis M on Sep 17, 2010


this is gonna be sick

Carson on Sep 28, 2010


i predict time travel!

Last B. on Dec 9, 2010

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