Shortlist for Spider-Man: Josh Hutcherson, Jamie Bell & More

May 27, 2010
Source: Heat Vision

Spider-Man Candidates

With screenwriter Alvin Sargent putting the finishing touches on the reboot of the Spider-Man franchise from director Marc Webb (500 Days of Summer), the casting process to find the new webslinger is in full swing (see what I did?) and Heat Vision has the latest on the shortlist for some of the fine young actors in the running. From the age range of the actors it's clear Webb is going for a younger actor to take on a Peter Parker that will be in high school dealing with knowledge that his uncle died even though he had the power to stop it. That and his DNA has transformed to give him spider-like abilities. So who is in the running?

Let's go through the candidates from youngest to oldest. First there's Josh Hutcherson (Journey to the Center of the Earth, Bridge to Terabithia) a name that's been thrown around a bit previously, who's the youngest, but most experienced, actor in the running at 17 years-old. Since his family friendly fantasy fare, he's also got a role in the Red Dawn remake and apparently puts on a great performance in the Sundance film The Kids Are All Right. Also on the teenage end there's Frank Dillane, a 19 year-old British actor who played a younger version of Tom Riddle (aka Lord Voldemort) in Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. Sure it was a small role, but Robert Pattinson got killed by Voldemort in Goblet of Fire before becoming a sparkly, swooned-over vampire.

There's a handful of actors in their 20's including Alden Ehrenreich, who was discovered by Steven Spielberg after he saw the young actor in a comedy video at a bat mitzvah of his daughter's friend. Talk about the right place at the right time. He caught a big break by starring in Francis Ford Coppola's film Tetro from last year. Then the oldest actor in the line-up, at 27 years-old, is Andrew Garfield who has already worked with some impressive directors like Terry Gilliam in the Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus and David Fincher in the forthcoming Facebook centric film The Social Network.

However, my personal favorite name on the shortlist is Jamie Bell (King Kong, Defiance). The 24 year-old Brit has quite an acting background, and I think his performances have been more impressive and extensive than the rest of the actors (aside from Hutcherson) combined. From an inspired performance as a kid in Billy Elliot, to a fun role in Jumper, and plenty of drama with Defiance, he definitely has the acting chops. And no doubt that his most recent special effects heavy work with Steven Spielberg and Peter Jackson as the title intrepid reporter in the forthcoming Adventures of Tintin franchise gives him quite an edge.

Of course until we get an official announcement from Columbia, we'll hear more and more names just like when Captain America was still going through its long and arduous casting process. As a matter of fact, Heat Vision even points out that a studio spokesperson said, "There have been a number of names floated online and almost every week, someone calls with a new rumor. We are not commenting on the casting process or rumors such as these." So what do you think of this casting line-up for Spider-Man?

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oh noes

shichibukai on May 27, 2010


kid on the far right is the only one I've ever seen before

Antioch on May 27, 2010


this is so crap, its goin to turn into one of those, down with the kid, hipster, modern crappy things. the last series wud have been grand had they just made the 4th as good as the 1st 2

dave on May 27, 2010


Or they could just not reboot the series?

Movieraider321 on May 27, 2010


what is a "bat mitzvah"?

Janny on May 27, 2010


i'm probably the only one, but i think logan lerman would've been a great peter parker. i can totally imagine him with the suit.

feeheeheeheeny on May 27, 2010


Andrew Garfield. Having seen Boy A and Imaginarium, and really looking forward to Red Riding, I am positive that he is a quality actor, even better than Tobey Maguire. If he were to be Spidey, I might actually give this reboot a chance.

Emerson on May 27, 2010


I'd say Joseph Gordon-Levitt!

Robbie on May 27, 2010


I liked Logan Lerrman for Spider-Man, I thought he was a great fit.

Ben on May 27, 2010


... Loving the casting ideas so far! Young relative unknowns is an awesome way to go... I'm looking forward to Marc Webb's interpretation of SpiderMan more and more. ...

Mondo Jay on May 27, 2010


I think that this is merely a lineup of some great and others potentially great young actors. But don't you think that the role of Spideman should be played by an all american boy? If anything I think that Josh Hutcherson could pull it off. That's not to say I don't admire the other runner-ups.

Eli on May 27, 2010


Personally IMO I say dude on the far right or dude on the far left... @10, you're spot on in terms of acting chops, but Hewett's neck is as long as the dude in the middle pic. That's look funny in the spidey outfit (Giraffe man?? hahahaha) just as thought 😀

jomba joose on May 27, 2010


Alden Ehrenreich. What a great choice that would be. He was fantastic in Tetro.

notes on May 27, 2010


"Levitt" I meant. (not Hewett)

jomba joose on May 27, 2010


So they ditch Tobey Maguire because he's too old. Half of the actors on this list are the same age Maguire was when he was originally cast. Get ready for another reboot in another 8 years.

Cloudy with a chance of beefaroni on May 27, 2010


Anybody but Hutcherson. Watched Cirque Du Freak last night and if you need a representation of his acting skill, watch the scene where he threatens the Vamp to hunt him down. Made me turn off the movie, not joking.. girlfriend was pissed at me. Frank Dillane to me LOOKS the most like Peter Parker has always been portrayed as a young kid. Got the same hair and face. If he can go all lack o english accent on us then my vote is for him. Loved his performance in Harry Potter.

Hedgehog on May 27, 2010


This whole reboot is gonna fail, really cant believe there going through with this.

Cody w on May 27, 2010


Who said Joseph Gordon Levitt??? Hahahahaha!!!! Are you fukin kidding me?!?! And to #18, it can't be any worse than the first three. I hope they do it and do it right. I've said it before, bring on the Sinister Six, made up of Doc Oc, Scorpion, Vulture, Rhino, Shocker, & Electro. Anyway, I don't know who the kid in the middle is, but he's got than long and gangly spiderman look to him, although Jamie Bell is a great actor. All you queers pry fantasize about him from "Billy Elliot" so you know what I mean. And yes I am the REAL Alec Baldwing ladies and gentlemen!!!

Alec Baldwing on May 27, 2010


Who said Joseph Gordon Levitt??? Hahahahaha!!!! Are you fukin kidding me?!?! And to #18, it can't be any worse than the first three. I hope they do it and do it right. I've said it before, bring on the Sinister Six, made up of Doc Oc, Scorpion, Vulture, Rhino, Shocker, & Electro. Anyway, I don't know who the kid in the middle is, but he's got that long and gangly spiderman look to him, although Jamie Bell is a great actor. All you queers pry fantasize about him from "Billy Elliot" so you know what I mean. And yes I am the REAL Alec Baldwing ladies and gentlemen!!!

Alec Baldwing on May 27, 2010


I kinda wish Justin Chatwin would get the part. Or at least be in the RUNNING. Sure, Dragon Ball Evolution was a horrible movie, but that wasn't his fault. He's not too old, has the right look, and is in shape for the part.

DRM on May 27, 2010


Boy A was great so I'd love to see Garfield take the part on acting chops alone, but I'm also hesitant to see the role of such an iconic American hero go to a Brit.

peloquin on May 27, 2010


I don't care who will play Spidey. I don't think I'd pleased about any actor they chose at the end. If I had to pick one of these guys, I'd go with the kid from Journey to the center of Earth or the Young Voldemort one. It won't matter, if Tobey Maguire was able to pull it off, then any of these kids can do it also. Anyway, any short-list for the girls playing MJ or Gwen Stacy????????

Chucho on May 27, 2010


This kid from Billy Elliot seems the best, he was amazing in that movie. I don't know any of the others. And the 2nd guy from the left, he could be Tobey Maguire's older brother, no joke. Who do you guys think will be the villain?

Ricardo on May 27, 2010


if theres no joseph gordon then my next pick would be jamie bell and then maybe garfield, but please no, not josh hutcherson, that would be a huge mistake

LaP on May 27, 2010


Second from the far right. Total creep. Also: this reboot is going to fail very badly. This is the dumbest thing I've ever heard of, as far as movies go.

Cracky on May 27, 2010


Do the people in hollywood ever even read spiderman?

Ricardo on May 27, 2010


So long as Tobey Maguire is out, I'm happy!

Kevin on May 27, 2010


i really though Logan Lerman was a great choice...althought I'd be interested in seeing Jamie Bell, too.

vlad on May 27, 2010


fuck them all...well maybe Jamie Bell. I say go for Tyler Hoechlin from "Road to Perdition." He's 22 though...Bell is 24. All right my vote is for Tyler Hoechlin. Here's a pic of him: Yeah I posted a pic of a dude...what of it?

Xerxex on May 27, 2010


I think they should get Justin Beiber...and then make this the movie where Spider-Man gets hit with a massive stream of RAID and dies, all four limbs turning in on his torso... Naw. Even though that would be entertaining, I still wouldn't pay $8.00 to see it...

Frank N. Stein on May 27, 2010


Spider-man used to be such a great character. Wow Sony, Marc Webb. Thanks for killing Spider-man!

Jimmy Love on May 27, 2010


I absolutely adore Jamie Bell as an actor (Billy Elliot, Undertow) and quite like Andrew Garfield (Boy A), but I just think they'd be wrong for the part since they're both well past their teen years as well as British. American superheroes should really be getting cast with American actors.

Emma on May 27, 2010


Well, whoever they pick out of these, I'm not looking forward to seeing it..

cuband on May 28, 2010


Are you serious! There really going along with this! That is so crap I thought this was a random joke cause Spiderman 4 wasnt happening Im pissed Sam Raimi should come back and fix this shit. The 4th in my opiniun had a great idea and story for Peter and Mj I liked the idea they were going to get married in new york, I liked the idea that Aunt May passes of old age and I also liked the idea of The Lizard coming in to be the next villian what a fucking waste of time doing those three movies and there fucking going to do a remake only by fucking 5 years!!! Its a fucking shame that columbia and marvel are doing this shit so they have to remake a populur superhero again fucking hell. Plus I hope Josh Hutcherson should not, should not absoluty fucking not get the part he fucking annoys me that kid ditching school living the fantasy life!! He may be good in some movies but hes just gone too far to get more attention I hope he chokes on a cow dick !!! please out of all the actors being chosen its a fucking pile of cowdun who would chose jamie bell how could his accent fit into a role of an american hero hes fucking british. He wouldnt even be able to sound like an american fuck me is this what it came to in the future of movies sequel to sequel remake to remake you guys have no idea what your doing!!! fuck me James Cameron in on it as well what a fucking piece of shit that is why dont you get that fucking Shia Labeouf he seems to be in everything and seems to be not bad at doing roles that are populur even though people think hes overated cause I dont really fucking care any more.

Michael Morley on May 28, 2010


What in the name... You're vocabulary must be terrible if the only adjective you know is f******. And Jamie Bell has played an American before so get your facts right, prick.

Kaboom4eva on Jul 8, 2011


You mean Spider-Man set in Smallville does not appeal to you?!? Weirdo.

Bee on May 28, 2010


If any one of these is going to play the role of Spider-man then the whole Series/Franchise couldn't be more royally fucked-up by the SONY studios...!! I can only see/imagine "Zac Efron" in the role of a new Spider-man. Of-course Zac would have been perfect for a young "Superman" but I think he's got a face of a Super-hero that can fit into Superman or Spider-man. Spidey

Spidey on May 28, 2010


seriously though? A reboot? The Spiderman movies were not anything spectacular, and when I think about it they were quite bad, but with all of these superhero movies and remakes of classics and videogames to movies going on, who really gives a fuck?

Eli on May 28, 2010


Jamie Bell or Christopher Mintz Plasse would be good Spider Men. Spiderman is esentially a nerd so McLovin and Billy Elliot seem to be the ones to beat

Jeeze on May 29, 2010


Jamie Bell

silver on May 30, 2010


Garfield !!!!!!!! he is a gooood actor

Darren on Jun 7, 2010


Josh Hutcherson fits the part he’s young and a great actor not Jamie bell he’s 2 old 2 be in high school

Sober on Jun 10, 2010


Whoever said that Jamie Bell wouldn't be a good choice because he's British is confused and didn't think about what they were saying. A British person can do an American accent. He's done it before. Duh. Jamie Bell is SUCH an amazing actor and deserves a bit more recognition. He also has a great sense of humor, is great at acting, and he doesn't even LOOK like he's 24, so who cares? He can pull it off easily.

Haha on Jan 1, 2011

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