Shortlist of Directors to Helm 'The Man of Steel' Quite Enticing

September 23, 2010
Source: Deadline


Having one of cinema's most respected directors taking the Superman reboot The Man of Steel under his wing is exciting in itself, but the shortlist of directors in contention to actually direct the film is exciting, too. Deadline has the scoop on the candidates that Christopher Nolan and Emma Thomas are considering to help Superman take flight. While longtime filmmaker Tony Scott is included on the list, the rest is comprised of directors who've risen to prominence fairly recently like: Matt Reeves (Cloverfield, Let Me In), Jonathan Liebesman (Battle: Los Angeles), Duncan Jones (Moon) and also Zack Snyder (Watchmen). Read on!

Apparently Nolan has already started meeting with some of these directors, and a few of them already have immediate future commitments that could count them out of the running. Liebesman is set to direct Clash of the Titans 2, Tony Scott has a few different movies lined up, and Zack Snyder has been developing Xerxes for a little while now. It wouldn't be that big of an issue to work around their schedules if WB and Legendary Pictures didn't have to get this released by the end of 2012 to avoid potentially losing the character rights in 2013 (a judge ruled in favor of the heirs of Superman creator Jerry Siegel after some discrepancies with the property rights). Nolan is supposed to have his choice for director into the studio sometime in the next few weeks, so stay tuned for the big announcement. So who do you want to direct The Man of Steel?

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None of the above. I think a dream would be for David Fincher or Steven Spielberg to direct. Cast a adult man in the role-no models, no pretty boys-just an old school type of mans man in the role. Set it in the 1930's and REDUCE his powers to what they were originally so he's not some invincible god like character.

uberman on Sep 23, 2010


No idea who should direct, but Jon Hamm should be Superman.

Craig on Sep 23, 2010


I co-sign for Craig. Jon Hamm is definitely the GROWN Superman we need.

Big Boss on Sep 23, 2010


You know #1... depending on how the Captain America period piece movie goes, a 1930 or maybe 50's Superman Period movie might actually be pretty damn sweet and something studios might actually go after.

Stevo on Sep 23, 2010


Duncan Jones dear god yes. that sounds so awesome, Snyder could be cool too, Tony Scott no, Reeves maybe, Liebesman meh

silver on Sep 23, 2010


I want Terry Gilliam.

tivdatsun on Sep 23, 2010


Nolan spoke at the LAFF this year, the director listed Tony Scott as one his biggest influences. The director made it clear that he strongly admires Scott’s work just saying...

nelson on Sep 23, 2010


Jones if picked from this list...I agree with #1...but will the studio do that? HELL NO!

Xerxex on Sep 23, 2010


Please do NOT give this to Zack Snyder... ugh.

Kevin on Sep 23, 2010


seriously...John Hamm would be epic for it!

nightshade on Sep 23, 2010


I'll just say this...if anyone can produce a Superman movie that is not re-hash, updated and's Nolan. Whomever he picks, I will be in.

The Credenza Kid on Sep 23, 2010


Of that list, Reeves.

Cody T on Sep 23, 2010


Two of my favorite directors are on the list, but must important, make it work, no more silly stories, they have a lot of material to reinvent the franchise, the Nolan way.

Alexander Gramlich on Sep 23, 2010


M Night Shyamalan 4 the win!!

rascalcub on Sep 23, 2010


Jon Hamm as an older, more experienced Superman going toe to toe against Darkseid or Brainiac (something he can actually hit for a change) and directed by Peter Berg.

Pete the Geek on Sep 23, 2010


John Hamm in a dual-role as Superman and Black Adam.

Zac on Sep 23, 2010


Duncan Jones all the way!!!

LINKFX on Sep 24, 2010


I disagree with the period piece set in the 30s to 50s. It'd be like Peter Jackson's King Kong remake, don't get me wrong it was cool but after a while it just loses something long term. I say W/B should have the guts to stick with Routh - He was great in that movie and quite frankly really resonated with the character that Christopher Reeve built which is the first thing the saga needs as well as consistency in the face so that our generation as well as our children can identify. Secondly, give him someone/something to punch and bring the movie/character closer to the Doomsday comics era where Superman was truly at his peak in terms of his powers and his duty. Don't reintroduce/reinvent - Make him focused - Bring the A game and kill it! Just like that scene where he's sleeping in space until he heard a distress call or when he flew up in the sky to bask in the rays of the yellow sun before an aerial fight - THAT STUFF IS COOL AND WE WANT THREE HOURS OF IT!!! Don't be cowards: Fix the problem with the kid, Lois and the new husband. Have him get mad for God's sake - He's an orphaned child who grew to be a man on earth not a plant that needs water to react. Don't make Lex Luthor a fugitive anymore make him a corporate God and have him do what he does best - wreak havoc and blind side the man of steel. FIGHT for the Truth, the Justice and the human way!!! That's a man of steel that I can believe would fly....

Bobby on Sep 24, 2010


Uwe Boll!!!!!!hehehehehehe!!!!i dont care about superman...most boring superhero eveeer!!!so are the movies!i still go for Uwe Boll!!!

splinter on Sep 24, 2010


Whoa #2 Jon Hamm would be amazing.

Cody w on Sep 24, 2010


I am totally for Snyder 10000% and imagine they might have chemistry similar to early Lucas/Spielberg. Jones is a choice I feel will lend itself to similarly to what Singer did so I'm not leaning towards it. Reeves I think would be a great choice especially with Nolan guiding him. Also after hearing Reeves talk about Let Me In, I believe he would be as concerned with story as Nolan. They seem to be on the same wavelength. Although if Green Lantern is as successful as both 007 reboots (Goldeneye and Casino Royale), then I believe Martin Campbell would be prefect for this...ah the joys of wishful thinking right?:P

Marc on Sep 24, 2010


I'd love to see Jon Hamm as Superman but as he said this week, that at age 39 he's too old and said he'd refuse the part for that reason. It would be interesting to see Duncan Jones direct, a little risky, but I bet his take on Superman would be different.

Hattori Hanzo on Sep 24, 2010


i hope its Duncan Jones #1 u cant be serious having Superman in the 1930s is the worst idea the character need to be in our time. #18 Routh should not come back he was just a Christopher Reeve look-a-like not Superman. every actor who played Superman all did not look like each other the same way we had different actors who played Batman. Routh did not play Superman he played Christopher Reeve and thats not a good thing.

tazz on Sep 24, 2010


Superman needs to be tested mentally and physically....he needs to come to go to the edge....he needs Nolan plain and simple

trey m on Sep 24, 2010


I wouldn't mind Richard Kelly. He does some amazing things with visuals and if you give him a good script he could make you a great movie.

Ben on Sep 24, 2010


Either Chris Nolan or Michael bay. Also bring Brandon Routh back for the role. he should be 30yrs old by now.

RICKY on Sep 24, 2010


What about Wachowsky Brothers? they already have prove it all. Remember dudes! they are the visionary n revolutionary creators and can handle super-subjects like these! They've got abilities to turn comics contents into live action proper way. #26 i agree! bring Brandon Routh back!

sur@z on Sep 24, 2010


#1 Uberman - You can not reduce his powers, lol. He's Superman. Reducing powers would just be a total different character all together. Some people don't like him because he's too God like, well shit it's good to have 1 character reflecting that shinning light, yada yada. Reducing his powers and setting it in the 30's or 50's would never happen.

blueorangeny on Sep 24, 2010


duncan is the only name on that list worth being excited over. we need an intelligent approach to superman, not another action movie.

jimmey on Sep 24, 2010


#18, I agree with you COMPLETELY!!!! they need to keep brandon routh and work off of superman returns!

timbo1 on Sep 24, 2010


I lol'd at #6. Because it would rock. Also: Hamm for Superman, and Snyder to direct.

Cracky on Sep 24, 2010


How about Neill Blomkamp?

Brock on Sep 24, 2010


I'm for Reeves and Snyder....easily! I hope Nolan "recommends" Reeves or Snyder. The others just don't cut it IMO and Scott is past his prime! I wouldn't be surprised if Jones gets the gig either, since Nolan may have a soft spot for smaller indie guys like him with no big time film experience. I think with Nolans' producing and storytelling abilities mixed with Snyders' visuals and intense action sequences would make for a DYNAMIC filmmaking team that can execute the type of Superman film we have been waiting to see for many years! Imagine the marketing for the The Man Of Steel film announcing: "From the Creators of the Batman Trilogy and the Director of 300 and Watchmen" Also, if Zack wants to take his filmmaking to the next level, then collaborating with a talent like Nolan is the way to go.

DKnight007 on Sep 24, 2010


Nolan isn't crazy about heavy use of CGI so i dont think he'll pick snyder. I mean he isn't against CGI but i think synder's complete green screen approach + CGI is not what Nolan likes to do.

wAHHH on Sep 24, 2010


I'd love to see Jon Hamm as Superman. But i doubt he would pull off a young Man of Steel. If they go with the "older" cast, then im all in for Hamm. I would also like to see Duncan Jones give this franchise a decent reboot. Also Sam Rockwell as Lex, This would be epic on so many levels. Just my opinon.

Mr. Big on Sep 24, 2010


I am taking the long shot: Richard Donner....!

MJ on Sep 24, 2010


I don't care because whoever Nolan picks is going to do deverything Nolan says and the co-director will just be there to tell Nolan if it looks good or not. Either way Noan is in comp;ete control and that's why i'm happy

max s. on Sep 24, 2010


Has to be Zack Snyder. His style will introduce a gritty element to Superman that's been missing.

Black Dynamite on Sep 24, 2010


What would be wrong with Tom Welling being Superman? Hes done a great job on Smallville for the last 10 years. I say he deserves a shot to don the Suit!

Brent Corbin on Sep 24, 2010


"Also Sam Rockwell as Lex, This would be epic on so many levels." -THIS THIS THIS, but I'm pretty sure they said Lex won't be the villain in this one "What would be wrong with Tom Welling being Superman? Hes done a great job on Smallville for the last 10 years. I say he deserves a shot to don the Suit!" -because he's a bad actor

silver on Sep 24, 2010


Zack Snyder is a Michael Bay with a better agent. 300 and Watchmen were NOT great stories. I'd hate to see how either of them would butcher THE MAN OF STEEL. With that in mind, let's give David Yates a chance at the helm.

Isaiah on Sep 24, 2010


That a no brainer, Tony scott should direct it. The guy directed some great movies in the past and he can do it again.

girum on Sep 25, 2010


I could really see Duncan Jones given this role. His work on Moon was visually stunning and the story was excellent. He has had little chance to prove himself, but let's not forget that Nolan was in a simialr situation when given the Batman series. Not to mention he has a connection to Nolan through his father David Bowie.

the weatherman on Sep 25, 2010


Marc Forster From that list, Tony Scott, no contest.

Deved on Sep 25, 2010


I'm only interested if Tony Scott is involved, otherwise they should let this franchise die.

Julie on Sep 26, 2010


I have been trying for hours to think of something that could possibly be more boring than another Superman movie....just cant seem to think of anything....

bone on Sep 28, 2010


Superman needs emotional range. His greatest weakness wasn't necessarily Krytonite. It was his love of human beings. Although I think Jon Hamm is great, at 39 he may not be able to carry the franchise to a newer young audience. Singer tried to appeal to both new audiences and old by bringing in young actors to an older storyline. That blew up in his face (Although I enjoyed the film, it was horribly flawed). As far as actors to play Superman: What about Jake Gyllenhaal? What about James McAvoy, or possibly Chris Pine? Who could direct? I'm not overly excited by the list up top, but I wish someone would consider Neill Blomkamp. I think he's talented. With a fair budget he could make an incredible Superman. I also wish J.J. Abrams would ask for the job. He would be a great fit for that film as director.

ModernAmericanMan on Sep 29, 2010


Zack Snyder

alfredo on Sep 30, 2010



Werrdeynow on Jan 8, 2011


retain ROUTH, replace BOSWORTH, bring back DONNER!

Werrdeynow on Jan 8, 2011

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