Sly Stallone Pushes the Limits in New 'Expendables' Featurette

July 29, 2010
Source: Apple

New Expendables Featurette

On August 13th you're going to have to make a tough choice - The Expendables or Scott Pilgrim (or both!). To help support one choice, I'm featuring this new behind-the-scenes featurette for Sylvester Stallone's The Expendables. Apple has been posting a series of featurettes each week for the movie with a different focus each time. This one is on an injury Stallone received that put him in the hospital while fighting Steve Austin on the set. Sly is now 64 years old but it's still impressive to see him kicking so much ass (and getting so beat up) on set. Don't watch this if you get queasy easily, as it's not censored and these are real injuries. Enjoy!

Watch the "Fighting" behind-the-scenes featurette for Sly Stallone's The Expendables:

You can also watch this Expendables featurette, plus three others, in High Definition on Apple

The story follows a team of mercenaries who head to South America on a mission to overthrow a dictator.

The Expendables is both written and directed by legendary action actor and filmmaker Sylvester Stallone, who has also directed Paradise Alley, Rocky 2, 3, and 4, as well as the most recent Rambo movie. This is a Nu Image / Millennium Films production developed by Avi Lerner and Les Weldon. Lionsgate is bringing The Expendables to theaters starting on August 13th later this summer. We first featured a trailer for this back in October of last year but it got pulled, then the official trailer debuted back in March. Still excited?

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damn 64 and still moves like he is 30.

Abel on Jul 29, 2010


Stallone is the greatest, I'll be seen this movie first then Scott Pilgrim...Can't wait 🙂

akumared on Jul 29, 2010


geez kudo to stallone he is the man no fucking two ways about it, more respect to the man. Movie looks great and I can't wait to see that fight scene in the movie with Austin.

hater on Jul 29, 2010


Viewing priorities. Expendables >>> Scott.

Al on Jul 29, 2010


Even the making of the movie is bad-ass. What does that tell you.

danielvutran on Jul 29, 2010


Why not just do a double feature? cath a early show of Pilgrim and than Expendables?

ryderup on Jul 29, 2010


sly is awesome! still!

c-bass on Jul 30, 2010


I've just grown a full beard while watching this featurette! This movie is going to be awe-some! I can't wait to see it, and the same goes for Scott Pilgrim. So, august 13th is going to be a day to remember!

Yonix on Jul 30, 2010


alex, why are you and others amazed at stallone at 64?......it's common knowledge he takes steriods/HGH.

beavis on Jul 30, 2010


Both, Scott at Midnight because I want to watch with Edgar Wright fans.

shadow on Jul 30, 2010


What choice? I'm seeing The Expendables. No interest in Scott Pilgrim. None...

RPD on Jul 30, 2010


I wish you could post all the clips cos i can't watch on apple.

dex on Jul 30, 2010


I smell a double feature! I'll actually get my 10$ worth not to mention being able to actually use my popcorn tub free refill for once.

peloquin on Jul 30, 2010


No matter what they ever say about Stallone, one of either things is true, the guy is either hard up for cash or takes the craft of film making deathly serious.

Johnny Neat on Jul 30, 2010


i love the comics but something like The Expendables happens once in a lifetime. Expendables first definitely.

Logan on Jul 30, 2010


Looking forward to this. Stallone!!

filmfan111 on Jul 30, 2010


Haha choice? Scott Pilgrim? not a chance in hell. Definitely Expendables. Put Expendables in first for that weekend and I want to see Eat Pray Love crush Scott Pilgrim, plus I cant stand Michael Cera anymore.

SomeDude on Jul 30, 2010


Stalone is such a bad ass! I'm seeing this over pilgrim for sure!

indyjack86 on Jul 30, 2010


Fuck yeah Sly is a Mac user

Alex T. on Jul 30, 2010


I think I'll see this, then Scott Pilgrim on the same day.

lamar on Jul 30, 2010


jean claude must feel like an idiot for not being in the film now this could of kicked started his action career, fuck i cannot wait!!! if they make a sequel, please get the rock in it! or even better, there should be a rock/austin ACTION movie!!!!

ces on Jul 30, 2010


Van Damme is actually in Kung Fu Panda 2. So there's more money there for him

Rashad on Jul 30, 2010


Dude both, duh.

Da Man on Jul 30, 2010


i'm actually a little more interested in Scott Pilgrim but i predict the the Expendables beats it out at the box office.

John Stamos on Jul 30, 2010


Who's more of a man Sly or Michael Cera? If you watch Scott Pilgrim instead of this you're either a woman or you need to be castrated.

Alex T. on Jul 30, 2010


Steroids are a beautiful thing!

Telltale Twin on Jul 30, 2010


Stallone awesome devotion...mos def will watch! @ Alex T, Question, Does an awesome Friday night in your world include strapping on some tight wranglers, getting a case of Bush beer, watching some Texas Walker Ranger, smashing beer cans over ur head, while reminiscing about high school....just wondering? First Cera 2nd Stallone for me , I don’t judge my movies by whoever is manlier. Sorry, since my castration my estrogen does all the talking:)

McWilly on Jul 30, 2010


@27. Don't single out anyone. It just makes you look like a prick. Whoever is manlier isn't the only factor you should consider in prioritizing your movies. The Expendables should be before Scott Pilgrim on everyone's list because it is a first in movie history. People have been waiting years to see something like this. While on the other hand comic book adaptation movies tend to be a dime a dozen. Not to mention Michael Cera always plays his characters the same way. Instead of paying to see Scott Pilgrim just watch Juno and Kick-Ass back to back. I guarantee you those movies are both better than Scott anyways. I agree it's not always about what's manly, but a testosterone filled event like this is hard to come by nowadays and as a guy you should take advantage of it. Michael Cera can wait, he's going to look like a 16 year old boy for the rest of his life anyways, you'll get plenty of him.

Alex T. on Jul 30, 2010


there is no question....to hell with scott pilgrim

trey m on Jul 30, 2010


@ 28... I agree with most of what you say, but I think Scott Pilgrim is the first of its kind as well. It's a hybrid video game, comic book, comedy, and action film with a very unique art direction thanks to Wright. I'm still torn on which I'm going to see first, but it doesn't really matter because they're such contrasting films that seeing them one after the other isn't going to tire me out or ruin the experience whatsoever.

peloquin on Jul 30, 2010


Fuck Scott Pilgrim, I leave that movie to the hipsters, this is the film I have been waiting for all summer.

JTMoney on Jul 30, 2010


Because of this featurette, I'm gonna buy a ticket and watch this movie in theatres.

nem on Jul 30, 2010


@ Alex T...Don’t make bold stereotypical comments towards peoples personal preferences, makes you look a tool. Thought to argue on what i would see firts is little null because I wanna see em both, but I will retort "comic book adaptation movies tend to be a dime a dozen" well in all retrospect this can be said about 80's style brainless action packed movies "dime a dozen" This however is not my opinion but is clearly yours towards any movies with comic book back ground. "Not to mention Michael Cera always plays his characters the same way". Sly is the exact same, well there was that movie where he played a fat depressing cop. Blah "Michael Cera can wait, he's going to look like a 16 year old boy for the rest of his life anyways, you'll get plenty of him." and some will say will agree had plenty of Sly. Not me though, unless its another Rambo, Rocky Etc. "Instead of paying to see Scott Pilgrim just watch Juno and Kick-Ass back to back. I guarantee you those movies are both better than Scott anyways. "Well I don’t know agree. Juno was a completely different type of movie. Kick Ass didn’t have Cera in it. They are the same genre but different concepts. I enjoyed them both, so doesn’t change my opinion towards Pilgrim. “testosterone filled event like this is hard to come by nowadays and as a guy you should take advantage of it” no prob there, I like me some testosterone action driven movies I agree with Peliquin completely! But all in all I like both Ideas I will see em both...

McWilly on Jul 30, 2010


Sorry bout the grammer didnt proof read : )

McWilly on Jul 30, 2010


Gotta admire his dedication, his willingness to not fix an injury and keep the film rolling is great. beavis c'mon man, that's heresay!

Xerxex on Jul 30, 2010


@ #33. You're doing what the typical sore loser does in an argument. You say some bullshit about people's personal preferences blah blah blah......but if you really believed that you never would have singled me out to begin with. By saying something about me picking on someone else's personal preferences you just make yourself look like a hypocrite when you then go on to attack mine. You're making yourself look like an ass. Grow a brain. By the way how were any of my comments "stereotypical"? If I wanted to say something stereotypical it would be something like "Only gays like Michael Cera." but I didn't say it.

Alex T. on Jul 30, 2010


Why would I bother with Scott Pilgrim at all? This movie however looks pretty good... still not 100% sold though.

Syphous on Jul 31, 2010


This is the only film that can make Chuck Norris tear up with joy and satisfaction.

Mir on Jul 31, 2010


Alex T, You pulled the BlahBlahBlah line, nice one Hahaha, what did I lose? Oh well u amused me for a min. I like how u know what i would do. To answer your question, this is stereotyping, "Who's more of a man Sly or Michael Cera? If you watch Scott Pilgrim instead of this you're either a woman or you need to be castrated." See special guy, what your doing is stereotyping a group of people who prefer pilgrim by referring to them as women or basically hinting toward lack of manly hood. so I will leave you on that note and go grow a brain, I heard they have a great fertilizer at Home Depot. Heheheh Oh I am a dick and I did single you out. I love f’n with tools

McWilly on Aug 1, 2010


@39. Now you are just providing me with more and more evidence that you aren't too bright. Instead of confronting the actual argument in my last post you try to demonstrate to yourself that you are clever by using things I said in the past like "grow a brain" against me, with minimal effect I might add. In no way, shape, or form did you even try to form a counter argument against me calling you out as a hypocrite. I'm glad you've announced that you are a dick, but if thats you trying to admit I was right about you being a hypocrite it really doesn't count. If you're anything like me than you believe being a hypocrite is one of the worst things you can be. If that is the case than trying to substitute the word "dick" with "hypocrite" is a cop out. You know to be completely honest with you my initial comment was truly all in good fun to get a laugh from people that found it amusing. It wasn't against anyone in particular. I'll admit it was a dick comment so I'm sorry if you took it personally. But honestly, who's more of a tool the guy that says something about a group or the guy that singles out one person in particular. If you were trying to play hero and save all the commenters on here from my horrible comment, than you really failed at making me out to be the bad guy. I'm sure since your such a big comic book movie fan, that you know one thing the hero never does is lower himself down to the same level as the villain. Since you did that you're really just fighting me for the sake of fighting, which brings me back to my belief that you aren't as bright as you think. By the way you shouldn't use words like "special guy" and then soon after that say something like "grow a brain". You see the word "special" has become synonymous with "mentally handicapped". So it kind of sounds like your belief is that the mentally handicapped just need to grow a brain, but the fact is they have a brain it's just not exactly like mine or yours. I'm fine with the fact that it was really just you saying "You're a retard" because I honestly don't give a shit what you think of me, but other users on here might be offended by your insinuations whether they be intentional or not. Peace and good luck to you in the future.

Alex T. on Aug 1, 2010


Geez guys, please keep the fighting to a minimum. You can talk and argue about The Expendables and how badass this looks, but don't go on any personal attacks, that's just not necessary here. Thanks. -Alex

Alex Billington on Aug 1, 2010


@T. Youre false morality amuses me , I win! 🙂 Sorry Billington its hard to resist. I will stop.

McWilly on Aug 2, 2010


^You still don't get it do you. There is no winning.

Alex T. on Aug 2, 2010


@Billington. I'm sorry I dragged this out so long but once this guy attacked me personally, I took it as a chance to point out to him how to look less like a teenage boy when arguing. Whether or not he learned anything is really up to him. But yeah I should've stopped a long time ago. If you notice my comment wasn't even directed at a group that he should consider himself part of. My comment, which was just a joke really, was directed at people seeing Pilgrim INSTEAD of the Expendables. Even McWilly admitted he was seeing both. I guess it just goes to show you how someone's reading comprehension can be jeopardized by their blind rage. Once again I apologize. Peace and good luck. By the way I really enjoy reading your articles.

Alex T. on Aug 2, 2010


I don't see the correlation between, "The Expendables" and the so-called "Scott Pilgrim" flick, ;)! Stallone's flick is gonna ROCK! I will be checkin' this flick out on opening night! The rest of the flicks will be in my Netflix queue!

Spider on Aug 5, 2010

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