Sony Already 'Kicking Ideas Around' For a Karate Kid Sequel

June 16, 2010

The Karate Kid

Of course they are! If you didn't already hear, Sony's The Karate Kid remake with Jaden Smith and Jackie Chan earned an impressive $56 million this past weekend, blowing past its $40 million budget and raking in some good earnings on its opening weekend. There's no question that Sony is already thinking about sequels (though it's now confirmed by Deadline and, because let's not forget that the original Karate Kid had not just one, but three extra sequels, the last one arriving in 1994 with Hilary Swank taking over as the new student. I just really hope we don't see three increasingly-worse sequels for this new Karate Kid as well.

No writers have been hired, but Sony's production president Doug Belgrad says, "we've been talking about it for weeks already. We didn't want to jinx anything but we knew we had a playable movie and we were pretty excited about it. So we're already kicking ideas around." As for director Harald Zwart's return: "I would absolutely love to do a sequel. I think working with those guys was the best part of my career… If they want me, I would love to do it again," Zwart told EW. Having seen it twice, I can certainly say I'd like a sequel, I just hope they can improve upon the original, and not deliver something worse. Is anyone else excited?

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The original sequels, to the original film (I need Advil, after typing that) were not very good at all; so I couldn't care less if they do sequels to this one.

Dave Lister, J.M.C. on Jun 16, 2010


i havent seen the new movie yet but now it just seems that their going to pimp the karate kid name for all its worth even if its not really karate any more

rowdy on Jun 16, 2010


I'd be happy with sequels if they maintain the core actors (Jaden, Jackie, Taraji) and their substance. There is room to move forward from the story (I won't post any spoilers here, but if you've seen it you probably know what I'm talking about) and I'd be interested in what they could produce from that situation.

Daniel on Jun 16, 2010


My most awaited film movie of Jackie Chan, I was watching the full thriller of this and it really great. I cant wait to watch this with my family 😀

Jessica on Jun 16, 2010


Saw the film and the only good thing about it was Jackie Chan otherwise it is a waste of time. This is the 3rd time that Jaden Smith has ruined a film for me... Also, he has been extremely annoying "pimping out" this film through the talk show and interview circuit. I really hope he inherited his mothers genes and turns from acting to a failed singing career.

Even pedophile's don't like Jaden Smith on Jun 16, 2010


Daniel (#3) used a psychic to read my mind and posted it above.

Nada Nuff on Jun 16, 2010


Karate Kid part 2 was awesome. Better than the first.

Tony on Jun 16, 2010


It would be great if they could put Ralph Machio in the sequel as sort of a side master. Then it would be an actual "Karate" movie. Most martial arts masters learn multiple forms so it would make since. Yeah, I know that Jackie would smack Machio around like a girl in real life. But, if you follow the movie mythologies, it would make since if Machio came back as a master.

Tony on Jun 16, 2010


I meant "sense." Not "since"

Tony on Jun 16, 2010


Jackie won't like that, he has said over and over again he don't like doing sequels exspecially the Rush Hour ones and I don't blame him because Rush Hour 3 was utter shit I'd rather wipe my ass on a cactus tree then watch Rush Hour 3 again it wasn't Jackie's fault I just can't stand Chris Tucker and that 3rd installment was built around him when it shouldn't have. Sorry for going off topic but anyway I haven't seen Karate Kid (or Kung Fu Kid as I like to call it since that is the politicly correct title since this story is based on Chinese KUNG FU and not Japanese KARATE) because it is not release in the UK til next month but by watching the interviews Jackie and Jaden have done on Youtube it seems to me that Jaden is a cocky little shit just because his daddy is Will Smith and if he acts like that in the film then I don't see why they should make a sequel.

Carl on Jun 16, 2010


for all you haters hating on jaden u'all jus jealouse cause hes a cute kid and have more many than ur ass, i think the movie is great, kidsand adults can watch it and love it, i would def see the sequel so bring it on love the MOVIE IT WAS GREATTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT

latonya69 on Jun 16, 2010


Ralph Macchio VS. Jaden Smith - greenlight it! "This time there are two...KARATE KID TWO (Part VI)."

Outlaw on Jun 16, 2010


@ 12... I hope Ralph Macchio's career picks up again someday. I think he deserves another shot in the spotlight and if Rourke and Downey can do it so can the karate kid.

peloquin on Jun 16, 2010


Get your facts right. There were 4 Karate kid movies. Three with Ralph Machio, and one with Hilary Swank.

GUY on Jun 16, 2010


Seems #5 is just an idiot and hates jaden smith for no reason, cause if Pursuit of happiness was ruined for you i feel VERY bad for you.

Kris on Jun 17, 2010


@15... There is no chance that you can not feel as bad as I felt watching this poor excuse of an actor. I do no hate this kid, but I can have an opinion when I pay money to films he attempts to act in and so far this kid is disappointing me.

Even pedophile's don't like Jaden Smith on Jun 18, 2010


Come on people, the only way to bring back the karate kid is to make a movie with Ralph Macchio involved and ensure it has absolutely nothing to do with the most recent movie!!!!! There are endless avenues that could be taken, but please, when will people stop making remakes just because they can. No one puts thought into movies anymore, it's all about how much will be made at the box office.

Tthorls on Mar 26, 2011

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