Confirmed: Marc Webb Directing Next Three Spider-Man Films

January 19, 2010
Source: Vulture

Marc Webb

We first heard rumors a few weeks ago that Sony was looking at bringing on 500 Days of Summer director Marc Webb to take over the upcoming Spider-Man reboot. Well, NY Mag's Vulture is claiming that Sony will soon officially announce that Webb will be directing the next three movies in the freshly rebooted franchise. Apparently Sony's top production executive, Amy Pascal, totally loves Webb and really wants him for this because she "thinks he'd be perfect to explore the conflict within Parker." I certainly hope that's the case, and if there's anyone I have complete faith in to deliver an awesome Spider-Man movie, it's Webb.

As we know from the original news last week, this upcoming Spider-Man reboot will be an origin story and focus more on Peter Parker's high school years. Vulture also says that it "will focus far more on the private life of Peter Parker." Although that sounds like it's just a different way of saying that it'll be an origin story about his high school years. Either way, having Webb take over this franchise is some of the best news I've ever heard, especially because two weeks ago when this was originally announced, I was honestly expecting this reboot to just plain suck. Now I think it could even top Raimi's. I suppose we'll find out soon enough!

Update: Sony has just released an official press release confirming that Marc Webb has indeed been hired to direct "the next chapter in the Spider-Man franchise." But they don't say that he's signed on for all three. However, I don't think they will say that until the new one does well. Amy Pascal states: "The key for us as we sought a new director was to identify filmmakers who could give sharp focus to Peter Parker's life. We wanted someone who could capture the awe of being in Peter's shoes so the audience could experience his sense of discovery while giving real heart to the emotion, anxiety, and recklessness of that age and coupling all of that with the adrenaline of Spider-Man's adventure." Marc Webb also released this statement:

"This is a dream come true and I couldn't be more aware of the challenge, responsibility, or opportunity. Sam Raimi's virtuoso rendering of Spider-Man is a humbling precedent to follow and build upon. The first three films are beloved for good reason. But I think the Spider-Man mythology transcends not only generations but directors as well. I am signing on not to 'take over' from Sam. That would be impossible. Not to mention arrogant. I'm here because there's an opportunity for ideas, stories, and histories that will add a new dimension, canvas, and creative voice to Spider-Man."

I know that 500 Days of Summer wasn't everyone's favorite movie from last year, but I do think Webb is a perfect fit for this, at least coming from what I saw him do in 500DOS. I can't wait to see Webb's version of Spider-Man. He's certainly capable of bringing us a great Spider-Man movie. Do you think he'll deliver?

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ugh, it will take either a very imiginative and patient audience or an absaloutly astounding film to make this interesting. good luck. but for me, this is just depressing news, i wanted spidey 4, i didnt like the third, i didnt even really like the 2nd, but a whole new franchise it just a boke idea

dave on Jan 19, 2010


Everyone knows it won't be hard to top spiderman 3, but locking into a new trilogy without seeing how fans will react to the reboot seems just silly to me... but then again i don't make hundreds of thousands of dollars (perhaps millions) as an executive

Janny on Jan 19, 2010


Hmm. If it's high-school Spidey, he's probably the right guy for the job. But three movies implies some obvious growth. Has this guy even directed an action sequence before? I won't get down on him without seeing it first, though. I hope he does well.

Shane on Jan 19, 2010


Well, although I am still disappointed about the reboot, they made a good move here. There is potential here to make a great Spiderman saga

Keith on Jan 19, 2010


I don't know about "complete faith" but Sony could have made a worse choice I guess. I loved 500 days but isn't that his only film?

Jim on Jan 19, 2010


I totally trust Webb to deliver an awesome film, and I think he is one of the few directors that have the vision to take such a storyline and not turn it into a high school telenovela. I am convened on the cast and who Sony might be pushing for. Gordon-Levitt would do a great job, but we all know that when it comes to Teenage girls, other options are on the table, and I really hope we don't see Pattinson or Lautner anywhere near this.

Shoshingo on Jan 19, 2010


I just hate reboots so friggin much. I mean, if he's so great, why can't he just do Spider-man 4, 5, and 6, and pick up where the last trilogy left off? I'd much prefer a soft reboot like the Bond movies did (before Casino Royale) than starting over from scratch. I mean, as a comic fan, the origin is the most re-told old hat story there is. Then of course there's the fact that they'll just use the Green Goblin over again, which is the OTHER most often told story in the spider-verse. Would it have been so bad if Marc Webb started his franchise in the Raimi-universe, just spinning it to fit the story he wants to tell? Why does it HAVE to be a reboot? Why do movie audiences have such a hard time grasping continuity?

DRM on Jan 19, 2010


Webb has 1 film and that is 500 days of summer that is it 1 film under his belt never done cgi never done action too big of a risk

nelson on Jan 19, 2010


and Alex you think webb can top sm2 please be joking lol he has made 1 film and now he can top raimi's whole trilogy really?

nelson on Jan 19, 2010


First I was mad because I thought Sony was going to hire a bullsh*t director after Raimi, but now I'm very curious what Webb is going to do with Peter Parker.

Candy Castle on Jan 19, 2010


I guess a soft-reboot might work too, but the upside in all of this is that starting the character from scratch will force them to (hopefully) bring in characters & scenarios not visited by Raimi in the past. Also, the studio might be considering a fresh reboot in order to tie this new franchise in harmoniously with the Marvel universe in the big screen, which would also mean that the actor playing Peter Parker will likely be signing on for more than just one film, a-la Samuel L. Jackson.

Shoshingo on Jan 19, 2010


Ah a noob to take over the the franchise, so the execs can have complete control over him. Sounds like Fantastic Four all over again.

Dan on Jan 19, 2010


Im still kinda shocked at the whole reboot idea but now done.

Cody on Jan 19, 2010


I don't have a lot of time to comment, but I want to ask. Did anyone else notice the irony of the last name of the new director and the franchise he'll be taking over? Webb... Spider-Man... Spider-Webb... must be somethin' to it. Haven't seen 500 days of summer yet, not sure if I will, but I'll make my judgment when I see a trailer, and start seeing the faces of the new cast. Maybe this time they can actually get teens.

Dresden on Jan 19, 2010


I say give him a chance on the first movie. If it flops then its a disater. No one ever though Peter Jackson would have an epic movie trilogy especially, if I am not mistaken, his last movie before that was The Frighteners. You never know. The movies are like the Lottery. You win some you lose some. Not all Directors have a track record. Look at Speilberg, Good track record, but recent movies have been so so like War of the Worlds etc. Give him a chance and lets see what he can do.

Spider Man on Jan 19, 2010


I don't understand why everyone is so opposed to Marc Webb? Is it because you didn't like 500DOS, or you wanted someone else to direct this, or you just don't think he's qualified (for what reason?). Please explain why, you can't just hate him for no reason. Sony chose him for a reason, at least, and I think they've made a great choice.

Alex Billington on Jan 19, 2010


@Alex Billington - I've got to say that I agree with you, this could very well be a smart choice. It shows that Sony has taken some incentive, it proves that they are going for something different, and not just remaking the original series, but actually rebooting it. I'll need to find out more about the production details before I can completely say for sure, though. It makes me wonder what kind of budget the new Spider-man movie will have. I know that Marc Webb's 500 Days of Summer only had a budget of $7.5 million, so I'm curious to see how he spends the budget that Sony gives him. Sony choose him, so I'm sure they have confidence in him. Right now, the important thing is who they cast as Peter Parker, as well as rest of the cast. If they pick a choice similar to that of their chosen directer, I'm sure we'll be surprised. I doubt very much they'll pick the obvious choice, but one will just have to wait and see.

Victor Paul on Jan 19, 2010


I am 23 years old and a HUGE comic book fan and I couldn't be more excited about this movie. Just go watch some of Webb's music videos (especially Jimmy Eat World's "Work" found here... and then (500) Days of Summer and then go read Ultimate Spiderman volume 1 (which can be found at many libraries, at your local comic book store or in the graphic novel section of your local bookstore) and then tell me that Webb isn't a good fit. From the description and the way they are talking it sounds like this will essentially be an Ultimate Spiderman movie and because of this it becomes a film about being a teenager just as much as it becomes a story about being Spiderman. I for one am extremely excited and I couldn't say that about Spiderman 4 after the debacle that was the third movie

jpooch21 on Jan 19, 2010


I honestly don't know anything about the director, I never saw 500DoS. I just hate the idea of doing a reboot. If he were just taking over from Raimi, and CONTINUING the franchise but with a new direction and cast, I'd have no problem with it. I mean, retrospectively, "Batman Forever" was a really successful movie, despite it's faults. And as a child, I had no problems with Val Kilmer taking over for Micheal Keaton. Now imagine that same principal applied without Joel Schumaker being crazy, and instead use a decent director, (which you say Webb is), and I don't see any reason why they HAD to do a reboot. In fact, we know why. The ONLY reason they're doing a reboot, isn't to tell a "better" story, but to cash-in on this "Twilight" teenybopper fad. It's a purely superficial monetary decision, that is decided by the studio (who, let's remember nixed the Lizard and Vulture, and god knows who else. So you can imagine the small list of villains they ARE okay with) and they completely don't care about the characters or telling a legitimate story. This is Vanilla-coke Spider-man.

DRM on Jan 19, 2010


All else being equal, I was hoping to see a movie based on Stan Lee's The Amazing Spider-man. I'm not a fan of the Ultimate Spider-man series.

The Man With No Name on Jan 19, 2010


btw... I mention my age in the first sentence because this movie will be aimed at a younger audience when compared to Rami's take on the character. Those movies were essentially based off of the early years of Spiderman and stories from the 60s. I feel with the hiring of Webb that this will be a much more modern version of Spidey and before people get worried about that remember that this did work in the comics (quite spectacularly despite initial hesitation from fans) with Ultimate Spiderman as I talk about in my above post.

jpooch21 on Jan 19, 2010


cant say i'm particularly excited to see him as a director, but im open to the idea. I didn't see him do anything spectacular in 500 days of summer though.

misha on Jan 19, 2010


Alex, let's see his general lack of experience in movie making and his zero experience with cgi, action scences, etc? What has he done to deserve the movie? Oh a movie that lost to the hangover and he's cheap

sixzeroseven on Jan 19, 2010


I say give the guy a chance, (500) Days of Summer was good and I think he can do it!

Xerxex on Jan 19, 2010


Contrary to Sam Raimi, who have done lots of genre, cult, b-movies before Spiderman, Webb made one comedy/romance/drama. I'll repeat: Webb made not an action movie, not a superhero movie, but a romance. So, so far, until i see a trailer, i have absolutely no confidence in Webb - but hey, it's a great opportunity to him, and i wish him the best, of course. Then, let's compare 500DOS with the first big movies of the following director's: - District 9 (Neil Blomkamp) - Moon (Duncan Jones) - Memento (Christopher Nolan) - Pi (Darren Aronofsky) - The Evil Dead (Sam Raimi) See the difference here ? How does 500DOS stand before these instant cult-classics? I just think that Sony wants to do a Twilight|New Moon out of Spiderman, thinking first of teenage conflits and romance, leaving action, and a story, for the end. But hey, SM3 sucked, Sam Raimi lost his place, and i could be wrong about Webb.

Fox on Jan 19, 2010


@ALEX You think they made a good choice because you met the guy, you interviewed the guy, you liked him IN PERSON, and you really liked 500DOS. Now put yourself in the place of a normal person, who has never spoken with the dude, and happens to be a Spiderman fan. The guy has nor background on action, on special effects, no stylist references aside from one movie we can see, we don't know how good he is at casting, managing a 150/200 million budget movie, that added to the fact of his lack of background in the areas i've mentioned, the guy will have to shoot 3D. I'm sorry but there are alot of good storytellers out there, doesn't make them all good choices to direct a movie like this. You have to look at it from a different standpoint, think as if you actually had the ability to choose the director from a list, and you have available: a) Matthew Vaugh b) Zach Braff c) Francis Lawrence d) David Fincher e) Alfonso Cuaron f) Ruben Fleischer You choose b) !? If you do then more power. But understand why most wouldn't.

Darunia on Jan 19, 2010


Do I think he can deliver? Maybe a pizza but certainly not a spiderman film!

Jimmy Love on Jan 19, 2010


I am against this only because I am strongly against re-boots in general, especially one so soon on the tail of the original trilogy. I loved (500) Days of Summer and Marc Webb's work on it but I have to agree with people that his version of Spider Man will probably be more skewed to younger audiences. Why can't we let Peter Parker grow up a little?

Pale Paul on Jan 19, 2010


@Alex I'm against this whole thing. i loved 500days of summer and did enjoy Webb's directing, but everyone has got a point. Rami was fighting with Sony to make Spiderman his way... so what did they do. Boot him, restart the whole thing and grab a director who (like #8 said) has only one true movie under his belt. (like #12 said) It sounds like they just want complete control over the entire series, and they know they can control a new director who has (until now) never even been apart of such a gigantic franchise/project. Truth is when i saw 500 Days of Summer i didn't think "This mans directing style is perfect for an superhero action flick!" no i thought "This man has blended an almost indie-style if camera work with a realistic take on the world and its characters its perfect for comical drama". Though that take may work (and we will see), its not really Spiderman. Personally i think its absolutely ridiculous to try and reboot the Spiderman series this early after the trilogy's end. Honestly i hope this new one flops as bad as the original Hulk and leaves a large scar on the face of movie remakes. Just like "Let the Rright One In", "The Incredible Hulk", "Sympathy For Mr. Vengeance" and many more movies lately; this is happening to soon degrading the original flick and the people behind it. Spiderman 1 changed super hero movies, bringing them to Blockbuster status. After that came out Heros were (and still are) everywhere. No ones going to remember that, they are going to watch this new one, call it better cause they dropped another 14$ on yet again the first Spiderman movie and that will be that. the worst part is the only people that should bringing back this franchise should be Disney/Marvel. which you know they will in 5 years, giving us yet ANOTHER take on Spidermans origin story. to sum this rant up. its just fucking stupid

DoomCanoe on Jan 19, 2010


Spider-Man Films is a good film I LIKE IT particularly the Spider-Man go to rescue the man in danger looking forward it

led display on Jan 19, 2010


#8 agree. i LOVED 500 days of summer but i'm still uneasy about this decision. and frankly i would rather see Webb do other projects first. he's got a distinct "indie" style i would like to see more of which he probably can't carry into a summer mainstream blockbuster.

CL on Jan 19, 2010


i got bad news guys according to Hollywood Reporter this is the following The studio holds sequel options on Webb, who will now tackle a Jamie Vanderbilt script that sees a "Spider-Man" movie that will look and feel very different from the big movies that went before it. The plan for the movie is to be in the $80 million range and feature a cast of relative unknowns (so you can quash those Rob Pattinson or Gordon-Levitt rumors at this point). And the story will be pared down to center on a high school kid who is dealing with the knowledge that his uncle died even though the teen had the power to stop it. The touchstone for the new movie will not be the 1960s comics, which were the inspiration behind the movies by Raimi, who grew on up on them, but rather this past decade's "Ultimate Spider-Man" comics by Brian Michael Bendis and Mark Bagley where the villain-fighting took a back seat to the high school angst.

nelson on Jan 19, 2010


why is spider-man getting rebooted. just redo spiderman 3 just tell everyone they fucked up and we finna redo that hoe and get venom right!

donp on Jan 19, 2010


If you want to reboot something reboot Dragonball.. Now that shit needs to be rebooted nobody seen it and it sucked.

donp on Jan 19, 2010


80$ Million!? No way. That's almost half the budget of SPIDER MAN 1.

Darunia on Jan 19, 2010


Do you think he was chosen cause he was the cheapest out of all the directors? Focusing on the private life of Peter Parker. Why don't they just call it the orgins of Peter Parker, not orgins of Spiderman. I liked what this director did with 500DOS, it was a great movie. And this will be a great challenge for him indeed. But I want to know what he's going to do for Spider-man not Peter Parker just in high school... I think we need to hear more about the script though. I believe that's what we are all complaining about. We got a brand new director with no knowledge on what exactly the script is going to be about besides Peters personal life? What about the spider-man side? What villians are going to be involved. Also wasn't Jamie Vanderbelts script suppose to origanially be for Spider-man 4 & 5? not a re-boot?

The_Phantom on Jan 19, 2010


Here's the thing. While most of these superhero directors (Raimi, Nolan, Favreau) have little experience in the big-budget action genre, the thing was that they had a fairly good portfolio. The thing with Webb is that he only has ONE movie. Is he a one hit wonder???? I doubt it, but that is why people are cautious of him. Most people are cautious of the whole damn reboot. I think personally, like most, they should have recast Tobey and found a replacement for Raimi (like James Bond) and went on with it. It is not that Webb is a bad choice, he just does not currently have enough to back-up his claims. However, the shit will really hit the fan when they announce the cast. No matter who it is there will be bashing. Kinda hope for Emma Stone though as MJ 🙂

Ryan on Jan 19, 2010


They certainly could do much worse. I don't know much about Webb, except that he's bringing a whole different angle to S.M., which is a good thing. We've seen one vision of the character, now lets bring on another. The casting is going to be so important to this movie. I wish Marc well in his endeavor.

germs on Jan 19, 2010


Listen everyone let's not jump the gun yet and decide here and now that this film is gonna suck some big ones. I think Webb has a great style and I loved 500 DOS, for me it will be about the casting let's hope they get a unknown who fits the part well for spidey but if they cast Zac Efron I will not watch the film ever and I know most people just say that and end up being first in line but I will never watch it if that happens.

CLAW on Jan 19, 2010


hey guys chill man i agree with Alex that these movies will be a different teen age look in to spidey's life and yea i think marc webb respects raimi and the first 2 spider man movies and i think we have to give him a shot at least the first one, i mean Sony is not retarded as some people might think here

alan on Jan 19, 2010


WELL.....A director means shit if paired with a bad lead, my final judgment on Webb, aka Spider-Man, lies with who helms Peter Parker

Voice of Reason on Jan 19, 2010


As a longtime Spider-man fan who's been and still collecting all the Spidey comic books since I was 8 years old (I am now 32)....I think everyone has been bitching and whining entirely too much about this Reboot. I personally thought the Raimi Spider-man movies were great....Aside from Part 3 of course *HORRIBLE*.....Part 1 was good, Spider-man 2 is IMO is ranked 3rd as the greatest superhero movie of all time (THE NOLAN BATMANS ARE RANKED HIGHER) So me thinking Raimi could of salvaged Spider-man 4 was in high hopes as long as Sony and Avi Arad stayed out of Raimi's way (THEY ARE THE REASON SPIDEY 3 WAS HORRID, FORCING VENOM ON RAIMI). But they wouldn't let Raimi do what he needed to they are now rebooting. I know most peoples problems are having to see a ORIGIN story once again. I gotta admit even that makes me kind of weary. But I am going to remain positive hoping that this Reboot will fix some of the mistakes Raimi made along the way (Yes even though I think 1&2 were great, they had problems) 1) Gwen Stacey came long before Mary Jane Watson...Raimi botched a possible Gwen Stacey death by having MJ as the focal point in Peter Parker/Spideys life 2) Use mechanical web shooters this time 3) Stop killing off every villain like Raimi did ...Green Goblins death is fine but killing Doctor Octopus and Venom was a dumb move. 4) Stop revealing Spider-man identity to every damn villain , Green Goblin and Venom fine, but Doctor Octopus and Sandman....Wrong 5) Last but not least, The Bastardazation of Uncle Ben's death in Spider-man 3 ruined alot for me, the whole Sandman being responsible, it being a accident, and the whole lame forgiveness thing between Spiderman and Sandman just turned my stomach....Let the Uncle Ben death be what it is, its the reason Peter Parker is Spider-man and to put your own twist on it is just a dipshit move and is about 90% of the reason Spider-man 3 to me was bad. That and the whole rushed Venom nonsense .......................................... But seriously all it would take is a simple formula and creativity to make the reboot EPIC I'm hoping for these type of title changes to distance itself from the Raimi movies Movie 1.....THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN: Yes this is the origin, Introduce all the main players that will be used through much of the next 3 films....Peter Parker, Aunt May, Uncle Ben, Harry Osborne, Gwen Stacey, Flash Thompson, Betty Brant, and J.J. Jameson Also introduce other charecters but do not make them villains or even really hint at much until other films when it calls for it....Norman Osborne, Eddie Brock, Dr. Curt Connors Include the whole Peter Parker bite by a radioactive (not genetically altered) Spider, Peter dealing with bullys, the death of Uncle Ben, being in love with the unattainable Gwen Stacey.....and the villain ....Here is to hoping they just use Scorpion , similar strength and a good enough threat to Peter who is just learning to use his powers. Have Curt Connors in the movie and hint that he is trying to grow back his arm using Lizard DNA or maybe have him just transform at the end of the first film and then just end it (Cliffhanger for part 2) Movie 2....THE SPECTACULAR SPIDER-MAN: This should be the balls to the wall action we need by having to origin out of the way. Introduce the Lizard in full glory....Have Parker figure out who The Lizard is and have him trying to capture and cure him....Enter Kraven the Hunter *GOTTA BE GERALD BUTLER BABY*, hotshot hunter that is trying to go after and kill The Lizard.....Spider-man will have no part of that and ends up fighting not just the Lizard but also Kraven trying to prevent Connors death.....maybe towards the end of the film have Norman Osborne hinting at a Goblin formula. Movie 3...WEB OF SPIDER-MAN: Have Norman terrorizing the city as the Green Goblin, encountering Spider-man along the way.....Somehow GG finds out who Spider-man is and begins tormenting his family and friends.....Finish the movie with a grand aerial battle and the eventual death of Gwen Stacey at the hands of Green Goblin.....end the movie with Peter grieving and vowing to give up being Spider-man..... Perfect set up for any other Spider-man movies that maybe some other director can take the mantle for....but continue the Franchise this time!!! Keep the basic premise of the Spidey costume, don't try to update or change it too much Rounder at the base and bigger eyes on the mask....maybe do away with the silver lined raised webbing and go for a Black embroidered look on the webbing, change the Spider on the back of the costume to the old look *IF YOU DONT KNOW WHAT I MEAN ABOUT THAT, DONT WORRY BOUT IT* Otherwise dont revamp the look too much DAMN I SHOULD BE HIRED TO DO THIS SHIT....I'M OUT !!!



But can he direct action scenes? I'm imagining (and hoping to God) that this reboot will be a lot like Ultimate Spider-Man. USM is my favorite comic series right now. The way Bendis shows the drama and comedy in Peter's high school life is absolutely incredible but there are also a lot of intense action scenes. Can this guy with only one feature under his belt direct an action scene? A few action scenes for that matter?

Garrett on Jan 19, 2010


An $80 million budget all but guarantees that this will be Twilight/Smallville with Spider-Man. I mean, you'll never create anything as spectacular as the subway train sequence from Spider-Man 2 with this budget in this day and age. I realize some would argue about District 9, but that movie was shot with a non-union crew in Africa with nonactors playing the roles. The train sequence took ages to put together. Eh... forget it. You win, Hollywood. I now demand you remake Iron Man because it's been, oh, about two WHOLE years already. Also, everyone in that was totally old... it needs an all teenage cast, with a broody Tony Stark whose Iron Man armor sparkles in the sunlight to appeal to 13 year old girls. Get on it!

Jerry on Jan 19, 2010


Webb may be a good choice but it's ridiculous that they are rebooting the franchise so quickly. Sony only cares about money.

jake the snake on Jan 19, 2010


#45, very true. This was a theory (and only a theory), I got from another site. After Sam Raimi quit Spider-man 4, Sony didn't want to continue the franchise, but decided to reboot, even though they knew it was too soon for a reboot, just so that Disney's lawyers couldn't swoop in and start checking over Sony's deal with Marvel. Apparently Disney would like to have all the Marvel brands in its control by 2017. I don't know any of their sources on this, so it just seems like wild specualtion to me, but there you go.

Mark on Jan 19, 2010


There is only one Spiderman series. Tobey McGuire and Sam Raimi. This is the end of reboots and comic book movies.

Nick on Jan 20, 2010


Personally I feel like Spider-man never worked as a movie. And I don't blame anyone in Hollywood for it either because I honestly don't think Spider-man could ever have worked as a movie or ever will.

Alex T. on Jan 20, 2010


Sony was pretty damn shrewd with this whole thing. They rebooted so they don't have to pay big salaries to anybody, make the thing cheap (comparatively) and focus on the "high school angst" over the action as they mentioned in the press release and target the Twilight-audience. Voila! Profit without spending blockbuster prices.

Terry on Jan 20, 2010


I loved 500 Days of Summer so I think Marc Webb is a pretty good director. BUT I really don't want to watch a Spiderman reboot, especially when the movies are pretty good and did well at the box office. The first movie was released in 2002 and the 3rd came out only 3 years ago - that's too soon for them to remake the series. It's obvious that Sony just wants to make lots of money from tweens. Let's all boycott the movie.

Cindy on Jan 20, 2010


AWESOME! Spiderman was created to be a teenage superhero. You people are really comic illiterate.

toddf on Jan 20, 2010


even though many people and fans hate this reboot idea.... its one of the smartest ideas that Sony has come up with. Especially with the mega success of Twilight. This film will/should refresh it for a younger audience. Its all about the $$$$$. This will be a huge box office hit.......

negropolitan on Jan 20, 2010


@Alex_Billington The issue that certain people could have with Marc Webb is that he is fairly inexperienced. Yes, (500) DAYS OF SUMMER was fantastic, but, other than music videos, Webb has directed nothing else. Spider-Man fans were excited when Raimi received the franchise because we all knew who he was and felt he was qualified. No one knows if Webb has even read a Spider-Man comic. While I think Webb is a good director from what I've seen, but I still don't know what his Spider-Man film will be. I don't feel the franchise needs a reboot because Twilight and 3D have become Hollywood's newest fads. I'm not bothered with Webb, but with Sony.

nitroslick on Jan 20, 2010


Don't like the choice at all! He's unproven, only has one feature film under his belts. This won't be the Spidie reboot/continuation I was hoping for. Shame on Sony!!! They should have stayed with Raimi and worked out their disagreement(s) and moved forward. This is going to be designed for tweens. They'll cast some young hot stud who the girls all go crazy over and make a boat load of cash. Doesn't mean the film will be any good. One can hope though, perhaps I'll eat my words and Webb will create a solid film.

K on Jan 20, 2010


How about Lily Cole for MJ, is it too bold?

powx on Jan 20, 2010


I dont care who makes these movies, i just think a reboot or an origin story is just not necessary. the first movie has not been out that long. just pick up where we left off and go from there. Im ok with replacing all the actors as well. I just dont want to see a new movie with the same story told all over again.

Dre on Jan 20, 2010


yeah i think he should be alright but he are some of my idea's that i think should be done,1st JAKE GYLLENHAAL for PETER PARKER(donnie darko) 2nd MARY ELIZABETH WINSTEAD for MARY JANE WATSON 3rd the villains for the trilogy should if possible two in the 1st two films GREEN GOBLIN & DR OCTOPUS 2nd KRAVEN THE HUNTER & THE LIZARD 3rd SANDMAN & VENOM (added with the four from the other films ENTER THE SINISTER SIX.)as in the comic's SPIDER-MAN use to get help from other marvel charactors to tackle THE SINISTER SIX,so if sony could sort their fucking heads out,wouldn't it be so fucking cool if other charactors could x-over just picture say SPIDER-MAN,IRONMAN & DEADPOOL VS THE SINISTER SIX THAT WOULD BE WICKED.4.the title for each film should change as well like instead of calling each film SPIDER-MAN 1,2 & about calling them THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN,THE SPECTACULAR SPIDER-MAN & WEB OF SPIDER-MAN.

tobi,leader of the akatsuki on Jan 20, 2010


So we're putting all our faith in a guy who's one movie is a romantic comedy? Maybe he'll be great but I can't see how he's earned the trust that so many people are giving him.

trat on Jan 20, 2010


As a long time Spider-man fan and reader of this site, I have to say that I'm in agreement with most of the previous comments. I loved Raimi's origin story and I really don't want to see it again. I'm a big fan of Webb, but he just doesn't seem right for a big budget action blockbuster. I wish they would have just picked up where Raimi left off because it's going to be very hard for me to fall in love with the characters again when they're recast. I don't think this is going to go well and it makes me wish that Disney would've fought for the rights to the film back from Sony so at least we could rest assured that Marvel would be involved. Please don't let me down Mr. Webb...

peloquin on Jan 20, 2010


Klaatu barada nikto

Adam on Jan 20, 2010


I see twilight bullshit written all over this. That's all I have to say.

Agent Zero on Jan 20, 2010


I'm fine with webb, as long as he don't make spidey dance.

dex on Jan 20, 2010


To answer your question Alex, he is not qualified because he hasn't done anything like Spiderman. What makes you think he IS qualified? You say, "if there's anyone I think can do this, I think it's Webb." What a load of crap. I can think of several more directors that can present Spriderman that are more qualified and proven. I loved 500 DoS, but that was a romantic comedy/dramedy. This is freakin Spiderman, compeltely different. All the nerds are annoying. They think that movies should be just like the comics...give me a break. There is a reason they do things differently and make tons of money in the process. They don't care aobut appeasing your every nerd need.

branden on Jan 20, 2010


You know what I'd like to see? Some sick parkour scenes instead of a CGI Spiderman, that would rock! Hey how about Luc Besson as director instead?

Victor on Jan 20, 2010


@ 60 I totally agree with you

Victor on Jan 20, 2010


I guess comments are deleted if it makes the editors look stupid.

branden on Jan 20, 2010


Also, you jokes still have "Raimi going back to basics with Spiderman 4" on your featured articles...

branden on Jan 20, 2010


@ 66 and 67,i agree with you all the way,now watch my comment get deleted like last time on this page 🙂

Spider94 on Jan 20, 2010


I've said it before, I'll say it again. We've had enough with this Spider-man wanna-be Twilight Saga! It's about time Parker grew up. Last thing we need right now is to turn the Spider-man franchise into a Brazilian soap-opera. When will Marvel / Sony finally admit that without Todd McFarlane's vision Spider-man is just plain "Smallville"?

MajesticXIII on Jan 20, 2010


I really wish marvel never did the ultimate's thing, ruining all the great marvel works that came first. and if this goes the way of the ultimate's then this really will blow chuncks! by the way chuncks is my dogs name!

Jimmy Love on Jan 20, 2010


Trilogy? What about the first film? ... For the love of GOD... starting to dislike film, it's just so business.

Dan the Fan on Jan 20, 2010


why cant they just make a spider-man movie based off of oh you know.....SPIDER-MAN! (the original one from the original comics not the crappy teen angst Ultimates garbage.

Jon on Jan 20, 2010


how could anything be worst than ramsi's spiderman ??

sam on Feb 17, 2010

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