Sony Will Be Rebooting Spider-Man All Over Again in 2012!

January 11, 2010


Amy Pascal: "A decade ago we set out on this journey with Sam Raimi and Tobey Maguire and together we made three Spider-Man films that set a new bar for the genre. When we began, no one ever imagined that we would make history at the box-office and now we have a rare opportunity to make history once again with this franchise." Sony just announced (via ComingSoon) that they are rebooting the Spider-Man franchise from scratch, taking Peter Parker all the way back to high school, in a new movie due out in 2012. It looks like they're finally saying goodbye to Sam Raimi and Tobey Maguire and everyone from those past movies!

Columbia Pictures and Marvel Studios will be now working together on a brand new Spider-Man movie that "focuses on a teenager grappling with both contemporary human problems and amazing super-human crises." The script that they are using is one written by James Vanderbilt that will re-tell the origin story of Spidey. This new chapter in the Spider-Man franchise produced by Columbia, Marvel Studios and Avi Arad and Laura Ziskin, will have an entirely new cast and filmmaking team. Raimi will not be back, Maguire will not be back, Dunst will not be back. I do hope they bring J.K. Simmons back as J. Jonah Jameson, though!

“We have had a once-in-a-lifetime collaboration and friendship with Sam and Tobey and they have given us their best for the better part of the last decade.This is a bittersweet moment for us because while it is hard to imagine Spider-Man in anyone else's hands, I know that this was a day that was inevitable,” said Matt Tolmach, president of Columbia Pictures, who has served as the studio's chief production executive since the beginning of the franchise. “Now everything begins anew, and that's got us all tremendously excited about what comes next. Under the continuing supervision of Avi and Laura, we have a clear vision for the future of Spider-Man and can't wait to share this exciting new direction with audiences in 2012.”

I hate to say it, but this is just one gigantic cop out. We knew Sony was having problems with Spider-Man 4 and Sam Raimi and the script and so on. They couldn't see eye-to-eye on villains for the next movie (which is a ridiculous problem to have to being with), but instead of working it out, they decided to throw the entire franchise out the window and start from scratch. Come on? Does anyone really think this is going to fix the problem? I don't want to watch a new Peter Parker become Spidey all over again. Sony was already on the edge after Spider-Man 3, but I think now they might lose all of the fans that they had built up over the years.

Here's the thing. I absolutely loved Sam Raimi's version of the Spider-Man world. Sure, Spider-Man 3 was awful, but Spider-Man 1 is a great origin story and Spider-Man 2 is still one of the greatest comic book movies ever made. Rebooting this from scratch means they're going all the way back tot he drawing boards. Who is going to play Peter Parker? Zac Efron? Taylor Lautner? Some young actor you don't like? And what are they going to do to the story and the style to differentiate it from a franchise that ended just barely three years ago? We've got another two years on this, but come on. Is there any hope for Spider-Man now?

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Hot damn, didn't see that one coming!

Keith on Jan 11, 2010


smart to scrap, dumb to reboot, Thank God they're done for now though.

bubba b on Jan 11, 2010


Wow! Careful what you wish for! We may get a worse movie than spidey 3! Parker back in high school? Sounds like garbage.

Jake the snake on Jan 11, 2010


This is stupid. <---period. Like you said we already have recently seen the origins of spider man.

Dan W on Jan 11, 2010


Yesterday it took a few decades to come up with a complete re-boot, today a few years seem enough to Sony... while they are at it they should also re-boot Iron Man, Batman and so on... complete nonsense let me tell you !

mattverny on Jan 11, 2010


I think it was a good move. People praise Raimi way to much, but his Vulture idea was super bad. It would have been another Spider Man 3. Get a better Director. Sounds like it will be like Ultimate Spider Man to me. I do like this idea, as the Ultimate series is more like a movie. Maybe we will get to see a good Venom, as Brock is his High School chum in the Ultimate. Did you guys seriously want to see his Vulture idea? I doubt it. Stick to horror, Raimi.

Ryan on Jan 11, 2010


i'm calling it now. this marks the beginning of the end of the comic book movie decade of dominance. this next decade is going to be dominated by video game movies. Modern Warfare, Halo, WOW, etc whenever they are released. the past generation grew up on comic books and created the demand for those types of movies. this current generation is growing up on video games and will create the demand for these movies.

bam bam on Jan 11, 2010


I'd be all in if it was being rebooted by MARVEL STUDIOS, but this is ridiculous.

Mongol on Jan 11, 2010


Later Tobey!

Nasty Nate on Jan 11, 2010


This is absolutely retarded. So we have to watch another origin story? Fuck that shit. I'm fine with Raimi's Spiderman.

SkaOreo on Jan 11, 2010


excellent,green goblin for villian with rubber mask & pumpkin bombs,not done like the 1st film he looked like he was in the wrong film,he could of took on iron-man.james cameron or j.j abrams to direct,new cast as well & give it back to marvel.

tobi,leader of the akatsuki on Jan 11, 2010


EPIC FAIL! This is absolute horseshit! Rebooting a movie franchise that's only eight years old? What kind of morons work at Sony, anyways?!

deltavoyage on Jan 11, 2010


Epic Fail. Huge Cop out. Its a horrible plan and will surely result in some sore butts. It's like a kid that has a toy and doesnt want to share it. So instead of sharing, they destroy the toy and say " NO ONE CAN HAVE IT NOW!" Then, they want to go out and get a new one. This is so lame. I can't describe my frustration over this. How will i cope... I know. New Live Action TMNT is coming out! I can smile a little. But i still feel like crap. This is such a damn failure.

Wow on Jan 11, 2010


7&8 are both totally right. If it was being redone by Marvel, I'd be so so happy. And I can totally see Comic Book Movies coming to an end. A little sad to see them go, they were so fun. Video Game Movies... Ouch.

Littlehippie on Jan 11, 2010


While I didn't like the choice of The Vulture to be the new Villian in Spiderman 4, I would have preferred to see that movie over a reboot again. I'm so sick of reboots I could scream And I especially don't want to see Spiderman back in High School dealing with all the BS that gets put into anything that deals with High School. By that I mean almost all movies that deal with stuff going on in High School that are action or comedies is just an excuse to throw as many products in for marketing as possible. Terrible Idea, unless the new Spiderman is directed by an A list director with an A list cast and has a NEW villian I won't see it in theatres. Spiderman has so many villians to choose from if they re use any of the ones they have already SOny should lose the rights to Spiderman

AJ on Jan 11, 2010


Smart move. Rami is campy and over the top...too light-hearted, terrible movies. There is no way Spider-Man can stand against movies like X2 or The Dark Knight. At Alex, you're an idiot- Spider-Man 2 is NOT the best comic book movie ever made, TDK is. Pretty sure it had huge Oscar buzz and actually brought us one of the best performances of our generation (Heath Ledger as the Joker) Spider-Man has always been cheesy. If it were in the hands of people who knew how to make a good film, we would be closer to something like the Batman, X-men (minus X3) and Iron Man franchises. Remaking movies, especially if they have been made so recently, is almost always a cop out and rarely does it work out for the better. Hollywood needs to STOP with sequels and remakes. Nothing is original anymore..its a shame.

one on Jan 11, 2010


If Spider-Man has always been cheesy (including the comic books), then didn't Sam Raimi do it right?  Batman and X-men were rarely campy, so the dark Batman and X-men movies make sense.  Likewise, classic Spider-Man (the one that everyone remembers) has always been lighter fare (with the exception of the newish emo comic books that have come out) so Sam Raimi was the perfect choice as a director - king of camp.  As for Iron Man, that movie did NOT take itself seriously at all.  It was just Robert Downey Jr. being Robert Downey Jr. in an iron suit - without him, that movie wouldn't have been nearly as good. There was a reason why the first 2 Spider-Man movies made it into the top 20 highest grossing films of all time!  Raimi must have done SOMETHING right.  However, I think one reason why the 3rd movie didn't do as well (besides that fact that he crammed way too much in one film) was that Raimi's campy side got the best of him (although, I admittedly enjoyed that movie for just that reason, but can see how some people who aren't used to his sense of humor could be put off). The official reason why Raimi isn't doing a 4th one is because Sony didn't like the villains he came up with (he wanted to do the Lizard or the Vulture since he set up those characters in the previous films) and didn't want to give him the time he wanted to make the movie.  So this obviously wasn't about Raimi making good movies or not - it was simply a disagreement.

Cheesey on Jan 30, 2012


Seriously this is just junk. No I was not happy completely with the Spider Man franchise but after Jon Favrou showed Raimi how to make a comic book movie I had hopes of him doing Spidey 4 better. Sadly a reboot interests me, NOT AT ALL. I don't want to see another GD origins story! Seriously the fans are in their late teens, 20's, 30's and we're not at all interested in another DAMN HIGH SCHOOL MOVIE!!! Seriously this and Xmen High School BULL SH*T just annoy me. Where are the adult themed movies? Cmon Zack Snyder and Christopher Nolan aren't the only ones that can do it!

harm on Jan 11, 2010


I feel really strange about this. On one hand, I knew that the Sam Raimi version had its greatest moment already (sm2), but on the other hand I still felt that he deserved to make a comeback from the third movie. This move I fear will end the legitimacy of comic book movies. All the ground that was gained by movies like Batman Begins and Iron Man will be rendered naught. You can't just reboot movies when you have a disagreement with a director. I love my comic books as much as the next guy, but don't think I will continue to support a movie just because of that. There is only so much you can ask of a fan.

germs on Jan 11, 2010


....If the reboot is going to be as bad as I think it will be, this is going to be the second franchise I refuse to let my children see after Star Wars episodes 1-3

RPH on Jan 11, 2010


Astounding! This is a pure - dollars and cents game. Sony knows making Spider-Man 4, with everyone's overblown salaries, elaborate CG fight sequences and complicated storylines would cost waaaay more than starting fresh, still having CG, but simplifying the script. And at the same time, they also know ANY Spider-man film will pull in a minimum of... oh I don't know, $ 350,000 domestically, probably more. A reboot is so much more profitable, AND they get what THEY want, no questions asked. I'm actually extremely interested in this, purely for a statistical, analytical point of view. I want to know if people are so dumb that they can be entertained by the same basic storyline over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over again... and over... and over... don't get played by the formuuulaaaa

Dan the Fan on Jan 11, 2010


lets reboot the dark knight while were at it. and star trek.

ron on Jan 11, 2010



Daniel Felts on Jan 11, 2010


I guess they want someone who will follow orders better. Studios hate when directors don't do what they say. They end up going back and just re-editing it and re-shooting it to absolute shit, anyway. I guess Sony wanted to outdo Fox on the shitty studio award. Classy Sony, classy.

Stev0 on Jan 11, 2010


I still think they could have salvaged the franchise with some heavy retconning a la "Brand New Day" without losing everything they'd established. Who knows? Maybe that's what they have in mind for their "clear vision of the future" of the franchise. With Raimi I had an idea of what to expect with another Spider-Man movie, for better (Spider-Man 2) or worse (Spider-Man 3). But now, it could be "The Dark Knight" awesome or "Superman IV" awful. The old saying rings true here. At least Sam Raimi was a devil I knew.

Outlaw on Jan 11, 2010


Well alot of people did fuss about Spider-man 3 , so how is this such a surprise. Believe me I was one of them who just was turned off by part 3. I can't say I am unhappy about this...Spider-man 1 and 2 were great movies...Anyone whom says otherwise is a moron!!! Sure they did have their faults Power Ranger looking villain Green Goblin, Organic Web shooters (They will fix this in the reboot hopefully) Gwen before MJ...But all in all Spidey 2 may be considered the best superhero move second to Dark Knight. But Spidey 3 was a monstosity, not only did Sony force Venom down Raimi's throat , but Raimi did a **** move by bastardizing the whole Uncle Ben death, having it be an accident and Sandman being a part of it...THAT IS THE ONE TRUE THING THAT SCREWED THE SPIDEY FRANCHISE TO ME, any other *TRUE* Spider-man fan would agree. So here is to a reboot...Keep Peter Parker young, Make Spider-man more of a smartass, Gwen should come before MJ, dont even introduce MJ in the first movie. Flash Thompson should be a bigger part of tormenting Peter. Oh as for a villain ? I cant think of a better start than Scorpion !!! MAKE IT HAPPEN...Nuff said True Believers....Oh yeah and R. Lee Ermey as J.J. Jameson would be fantastic.



This is bad doubt about it, never know. The new director and cast might have a new vision that is different enough to be thought of as a worthy movie. Nobody thought that any new batman reboot was gonna be good, then look what happened. Not saying it will happen but we should be definitely open to hearing who's involved before we instantly shun it as being a travesty

movie mike on Jan 11, 2010


Well, after Raimi tottlay screwed up with SP3 (OK, big box office, but that film was rubish - nothing compared to SP2 not even mentioning "Dark knight" as an comics film etalon), i think it was OK for him no to come up with some SP4 bullshit with "vulture"- common, guy in "bird's suit" Wt*? So ending the franchise would be better than ruining it completely (like Terminator salvation did), but on the other hand, making a reboot, after only 3 -5 years, is waaayyyy too fast! If only they are not getting some bad-ass director, and showing it on S3D. But i can easily see the origins of such decision - high school flicks are quite popular among teen audiences, so why not make on, which involves superheros? Sony probably is expecting to make some money, and they will. What threatens me, is that they (Hollywood) will start to reboot everything, if this is successful, and i don't give a cr*p about comic book stuff, just don't touch Starwars or Indiana! (Still i would lowe to se Episode 7 in S3D) 🙂

KR on Jan 11, 2010


People complain, cry and stick their noses up now. But I bet when a new trailer debuts in 2011, we will once again have a bunch of band-wagon riders posting how excited they are, and how smart they were to do this. Just saying.

Knawx on Jan 11, 2010


A guy I'd like to see as Spider-man is the kid from Almost Famous. He is young looking, he's a good actor, and he's not too big of a name. He's got a good Peter Parker type quirk about him.

Pricetag on Jan 11, 2010


aww come on! are you serious! tell me this is a joke! i think the should remake the first 3 x-men movies (cause there was alot missing out in those movies, characters, villains) i dont want to see the whole story of peter going on the feild trip then getting bit by a spider, finding out of his abilities, watching his uncle die just continue with the movie!, forget the past and continue!!!!!

Said on Jan 11, 2010


Ever since I started watching the TV-show "Heroes" I drew that the conclusion that Milo Ventimiglia (Peter Petrelli) would be the best actor ever to play Peter Parker. He looks like him, has the same manerisms and is already experienced with super-powers. He would be the best thing to happen to the reboot!

Vitor on Jan 11, 2010


"Columbia Pictures and MARVEL STUDIOS will be now working together on a brand new Spider-Man movie..." Hmmm... reboot X-men next and they're on to something.

graffiti bandit on Jan 11, 2010


CHRISTOPHER NOLAN FTW! =) lol, what can I say.. I never got bit by the spidey, I enjoyed the movies but you'll never hear me mention it as iconic or memorable. So for me this is probably the best move.

Matthew on Jan 11, 2010


You they will add spidy to the avengers now?

icepickjr on Jan 11, 2010


Superhero reboot is a bad thing ? Are you all idiots..... Batman Begins is far superior to the Burton Batman movies and I wont even consider the Schumacher Batman movies as toilet paper. As for the Ang Lee Hulk...we got a reboot not 5 years later and bam....a way better movie....So it looks like we are 2-0 for reboots as a good thing in regards to superhero movies....WHO CAN MAKE A BETTER ARGUMENT...Try...LMAO

TRUE SPIDERMAN FAN () on Jan 11, 2010


Took balls from Sony, but it's an incredibly smart decision. Kudos for Sony to think longterm, Spiderman 3 made some pretty serious damage, and sometimes it's better to know when you should just take a break and start over before you find yourself too deep in that hole.

Darunia on Jan 11, 2010


James Cameron DID always want to do a Spider-man film. Maybe now he'll get his chance! I'd be down for him doing one. Also, I hope they do add Spider-man to the avengers. It might be cool to add him as a kid superhero who makes jokes and stuff like he always did in his spider-man sort of way, but have him clearly in over his head since he is just a kid. I REALLY hope James Cameron tries to get in on this.

Pricetag on Jan 11, 2010


I'm not mad at this decision at all. I'd be down for anything after the travesty that was Spider-man 3. Not to mention I never understood why Tobey Maguire played Peter and Dunst played Mary Jane. Bad decisions all around.

sean on Jan 11, 2010


This is a good move, I hated Dunce and Tobey...Only person I liked was the Newspaper owner guy and James was the only reason I really liked the first two...I'm not even really a spider man fan either. And what is with all the complaining half the people here are so hypocritical, people wanted to get rid of Dunce and Tobey now there actually doing it AND starting over should be a good thing...Him starting back in high school ( i'm sure senior year or Junior ) give more opportunity's for how they can go with it and start with the"not so major villians" an work there way up, they did horribly with Venom and now they get a chance to make it better is amazing.

Kris on Jan 11, 2010


THIS IS CRAZY!!!!!!! This is too surreal to be believed!! They are going to reboot a film franchise that has made almost 2.5 Billion dollars worldwide( was highly regarded by fans and critics alike and I don't care what you TDK diehards say..SpiderMan 2 is not only a better overall comic book movie...but it was the first superhero comic book movie to seriously get Best Picture consideration. As has been said...the last movie was just 3 years ago!! I have heard of recasting certain parts....God knows I was ready for Kirsten Dunst to hit the road...but to reboot everything is RIDICULOUS! I agree that they needed to add some kick to this franchise but WOW! Well I can't wait to see what will be the result of this. All I know is if they cast some douche from Twilight or the CW network to be Peter.....this movie will not get my money and it should not get yours either.

JAY on Jan 11, 2010


A Spiderman reboot with a new storyline how same ol' Peter Parker becomes Spiderman? That's kinda boring, since we've seen it already a hundred times.. I would love to see an alternate reality Peter Parker, something based on Spiderman's SPIDER WARS SAGA where there like five Peter Parker's/Spiderman's. Powerless Spider-Man, regular Spider-Man, Octo-Spider, Scarlet-Spider, Armored Spider-Man, and Six-Armed Spider-Man, any of them would be interesting to see!!

AjiNn on Jan 11, 2010


This is probably a good move. I think everyone should check out what was done with the Spectacular Spider-Man cartoon series. It's the best re-telling and updated version of spidey anywhere. It all takes place in high school but does a good job of focusing on character and his evolution. If they base it off of that, then I think they're good.

Jo Momma on Jan 11, 2010


Bottom line: SM 3 sucked big time! Raimi lost his credibility with Sony. The executives look at the stars for alignment and guidance, I say they made the right decision.

voxfux on Jan 11, 2010


sorry to all u die hard spidey fans but after how crappy the Reimi-Maguire series turned out, this is just pointless but almost in a way necessary in order to right the wrongs and start over but because of the failure to truly finish a story (the way Spider-Man 3 ended didn't do the series justice), this is indescribable. whatever they write for this one, even if its a success fan-based and money wise, its also gonna be criticized for why it wasn't even the original reboot story and what not other details. to all u producers, actors, directors, and industries, this is gonna be a waste of investments from companies, time for actors and directors, and most likely not worth the paycheck for u producers who earn gross. if ur wondering why, its because a movie has to make money for u to get payed and this probably won't make that much...point is- WASTE OF TIME AND RESOURCES!! and to JAY: yeah Spider-Man 2 was good but of three films it doesn't exactly give a whole lot to the dignity of the series it still sucked. batman begins and the dark knight both were critically acclaimed and had some of the best acting performances that just sold both yeah Spider-Man 2 was good but it can't stand on its own if its in a series

cooper on Jan 11, 2010


didnt see it coming. but honestly doing a reboot within 8 years of the first movie is stupid. thus why reboots are always 10 to 20 years apart. oh an i think they should let toby do one more spider man. its a garenteed 500million. an they should do it with carnage, black cat, hell venom. thats gross a billion

luke on Jan 11, 2010


I think they should do a complete makeover of the Spider-Man story, just to make it different from the comics. Make Aunt May a super bitch whom nobody can stand. Uncle Ben could be a secret child-molester, which would explain a lot of Pete's hangups. MJ could be your common-garden variety slut, maybe an exotic dancer and drug addict. Why not even give Peter a different name. Peter Parker sounds lame. Instead of the Daily Bugle newspaper, make Jonah Jameson a high-octane cable news pundit, like O'Reilly. The movie should invent its own villains too, stop depending on those stale old villains like Green Goblin. Go for something more topical, like a serial killer or drug smugglers, terrorists, etc. For that matter, give Spidey some more modern problems, like struggling with homophobia, and turning out to have gay proclivities, like eighty percent of his fan base.

parickkelley on Jan 11, 2010


TRUE SPIDERMAN FAN () those reboots were so good because of what the actors, staff, cast, etc made it into, not because oh yeah its superhero and everyone is gonna go see it. not everyone is a comic book lover or superhero lover; some people just aren't into that sorta thing. i know i'm not but i loved The Dark Knight because it was a kick ass movie. the other reboots succeeded because they had substance and other qualities that made them better (ex: jack nicholson as the joker was horrible compared to heath ledger who really got into and understood the character; RIP Heath). thats how they succeeded. Prediction for the new Spider-Man series: 3 movies; i bet not a one makes over 300 million at the most

cooper on Jan 11, 2010


YES! We might actually get a Spider-man that can quip. Also I agree with #42.

imthinking.tyler on Jan 11, 2010


If Sony is smart, they will make a deal with Marvel (Disney) to fold Spidey into a larger Marvel universe, make him relevant in a world where the Avengers roam. Yes, Disney would have to share the profits, but would also share the costs and fanboys around the world would rejoice that Spidey was coming back to a broader Marvel Universe. They can go ahead and go it alone and retell a story people already know and won't be as interested in seeing again - put that would be a mistake.

Matt on Jan 11, 2010


I like the idea of getting a new director and new Peter parker + Mary jane (because maguire is FAR TOO OLD and out of shape as seen in Spider-Man 3: triple chin Maguire in the shower). But I don't like the idea of a reboot. I would just prefer if it went the "Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban" route.

george Caltsoudas on Jan 11, 2010


so there is still a possibility for james cameron or david fincher to come back to direct their versions

Darrin on Jan 11, 2010


#46, no offense to u about my opinion but it is an opinion, u just described a prequel for hancock who is exactly what u want: a modern made superhero fighting crime instead of supervillains my suggestion to u is watch it! u might be satisfied

cooper on Jan 11, 2010


If we're lucky, Disney will buy the rights off of Sony and let Marvel Studios handle a reboot between now and 2012.

Imagine on Jan 11, 2010


It is for the best. Raimi did not did a disservice to Spiderman. thank you HH

Have Hope on Jan 11, 2010


Yeah! What he said...

Mega Jet Jaguar on Jan 11, 2010


i agree with #53...if there is gonna be a reboot u need to just let marvel handle everything but disney has to step in and buy the rights. Sony only produced one completely well liked Spidey film in SP2, so who knows what they might do to a whole new reboot

cooper on Jan 11, 2010


EXCLUSIVE (3RD UPDATE): Sony confirms Justin Guarini has been cast as Electro!

Louis Plamondon on Jan 11, 2010


!!Let's pray for a Sinister Six movie!!

Frightened Inmate #2 on Jan 11, 2010


seriously worst idea ever. the spider-man franchise has made over 2.5 billion worldwide, wiping that completely out seems like such a waste.

wow on Jan 11, 2010


im scared they might make it a Twilight version of spiderman

talli on Jan 11, 2010


Im actually glad to hear this. I hated tobey as spidey as well as dunst as MJ. This could be good. It could also be crap but Id like to see a new take on it.

Johnny Crow on Jan 11, 2010


so dumb... this is disrespectful to fans. this reboot bs is annoying. i won't pay to see another spiderman 1. ...this sounds fake btw.

Nick on Jan 11, 2010


The problem with comic book movies, and adaptations in general, is that they feel they can reboot at any time. Spider man was a film series all its own, and to ignore what they had and start a new for the money is the greediest and dumbest thing in the world. Sony is the new 20th Century Fox.

Al on Jan 11, 2010


Tobey i Peter Parker no one can replace him imo

nelson on Jan 11, 2010



Ajax on Jan 11, 2010


Thank God!!! Tobey Maguire was WAY out of his league. It should have been Topher Grace to begin with...I still think they knew it and that's why he was given Venom (a role Topher should NOT have had).

Kevin on Jan 11, 2010


This is terrible news, I hope its just I wild rumor to get everybody back on board cause if its true, this will go down as one of the all time bonehead blunders in studio thinking. Heck, while were at it lets reboot the Transformers franchise!

Matthew on Jan 11, 2010


Tobey was bad enough but anyone else now of days will be way worse, guaranteed. Never the less, if this is totally true, JJ needs to stay the same. Changing that actor would be Marvel's biggest mistake next to thinking that they can reboot and not lock it away for awhile. SP3 is not old enough to be rebooted and the first two were actually good unlike Xmen if they rebooted that or Fantastic Four which were fun at best, but nothing a change in dynamic and script could make you forget the others existed. Also, the actors are replaceable, save Michael Chiklis who was an awesome Ben. We do have another 2 years so I guess it's ok. By then SP3 will be "ages" old and we'll be ready for anything new. I will say, they should hold off on The Lizard, as the Connors build up in the first three is what made waiting for the Lizard so much fun. Scorpion or Rhino would be a great simple start.

tra la la la la di da on Jan 11, 2010


When they killed Venom spidermans greatest nemeses they killed the franchise. Honestly i was never looking forward to spidey 4 because it had no hope for any good villains :(.

subcelsious5g on Jan 11, 2010


Alright...... So since this IS going to happen, let's just get over the shock of it and get on to what will truly make this reboot live or die....CASTING!! I would love to see Peter Parker: Jesse Eisenberg Mary Jane: Kristen Bell Whoever they roll will be interesting.

JAY on Jan 11, 2010


Hi there, all, I would have been here sooner, but I was climbing to the top of as many buildings in L.A. as possible in order to proclaim how ABSOLUTELY EXCITED, RELIEVED, AND HAPPY I am that Sony has chosen to reboot the Spider-Man franchise. This is good, people. Very good. Now, if you've read any of my articles even tangentially related to Spider-Man, you should know I'm not a huge fan of Raimi's work within the franchise. I'm also not a fan of Tobey Maguire's portrayal of Peter Parker. Not at all. So I'm approaching this news from a different angle than a lot of you, I'm assuming. I think we can all agree that Spider-Man 3 is atrocious, though. How they treated such a monumentally important character like Gwen Stacy is indefensible. How they used Venom was just plain poor. And how they ret-conned Ben Parker's death--by shoe-horning in Sandman--is simply bollocks. Guess what? Now we don't have to worry about any of those horrible choices! Rejoice! Granted, those choices are to be attributed to Sony more so than Raimi; and, of course, this reboot could end up being horrible, validating every one of you here that is fervently against this turn of events. But I ask you this: Let us not think about what could have been with rose colored glasses. What could have been--namely, Raimi's Spider-Man 4, no matter how much time he was given--could have been bad. Let us also not think about what might be on a cynical slant. Because what might be--this fresh take on the web-head--might be awesome. Dare I say, amazing. Aside from my excitement being centered around what we fans will be able to pry away from the dank jaws of Spider-Man 3 (Gwen Stacy, etc.), I'm so very excited to see Peter Parker in high school and LOOK LIKE HE'S ACTUALLY IN HIGH SCHOOL. What a novel concept. I'm excited to see the young love and high school drama foiled by this boy who has too much thrust upon him, more than any teenager should have to deal with, while still protecting his city from the likes of the Green Goblin and Electro and Mysterio and Doc Ock and Sandman and The Lizard and Venom and Carnage and maybe even himself! I'm also thrilled that Sony is not pulling a Brand New Day and ret-conning the events of Spider-Man 1 to 3 and pseudo-rebooting the franchise. They're going all the way. I like that. At least, I like what could be. And what could be is something akin to Marvel's reboot of their own property, Amazing Spider-Man: Ultimate Spider-Man. I love Ultimate Spider-Man. When that book came out people scoffed at it, too. And look at it now. Bendis's work on USM was some of the best across any and all of the Spider-Man books over the last decade. If that's the type of film--the tone as well as the characters and relationships--that we have in store for us, then color me gleeful. As for casting... I don't know. Zac Efron? Anton Yelchin? Preferably an unknown who can storm the scene and own the character of Peter Parker like Daniel Radcliffe has owned the part of Harry Potter. But for goodness sake, keep J.K. Simmons as JJJ. You just can't top 'im. Same goes for Elizabeth Banks as Betty Brant. Allow them to survive, and move on with the rest. Have hope, my friends. At least for me, this is what I've been wanting. This is the start of something great. CUT TO: 2012 Wow, guys. Remember back in 2010 when I wrote that overly excited comment about the prospect of the rebooted Spider-Man franchise? Yeah. So. Sorry about that. BACK TO THE PRESENT No, but seriously. Open minds. Clear eyes. Full Hearts. Can't lose. And long live Gwen Stacy... until she, well, you know.

Brandon Lee Tenney on Jan 11, 2010


Couldn't they just have left well enough alone? Scrap the Spidey franchise, move on to something else.

RC on Jan 11, 2010


Huge fucking fail. Sony must be comprised of some of the most incompetent idiots in the movie industry. All the people saying "Oh James Cameron will direct, JJ Abrams will direct!" Uh, wrong. Those two directors are actually smart and wouldn't touch this clusterfuck with a 10 ft. pole. Get ready for Bret Ratner's version or maybe a real jewel like Uwe Boll. Jesus H. Christ, Sony, a reboot? WTF...we already saw an origin story. This is just plain old fashioned communism (apologies to Buford T. Justice). Sony can chew my beanbag if they think I'm shelling out $10 to see a retread version of Spiderman. What's next? The Schindler's List remake starring the Jonas Brothers? Fuck's wrong with you Sony??

mrjzn on Jan 11, 2010


Along with never watching a re-booted Spider-Man based on the Ultimate comic series... I will take this one step further. If Sony decides to reboot Spider-Man, I will never buy a Sony product for as long as I live. Who's with me?

The Man With No Name on Jan 11, 2010


worst news I've heard in a lllooooonnnnngggg time! Its true, this franchise is only 8 years old, and you want to reboot it already? Its not like rebooting the Friday the 13th series or the Nightmare on Elm Street series.....those were all back in the 80s! Unbelievable how stupid Sony execs are.... yes Spider-Man 3 was garbage and it did screw with the entire series esp with bringing in Sandman as the one who "accidently" killed Uncle Ben Parker. But noooooooo!!!! this is horrible. Not happy. Loved Spider-Man and Spider-Man 2. Both solid flicks.

Conrad on Jan 11, 2010


dumb dumb dumb dumb

notes on Jan 11, 2010



Voice of Reason on Jan 11, 2010


It is too soon for a reboot, but that's not what really bothers me. The studio doesn't want a director with a vision, they just want someone who'll do what they say... If that's the way their approaching this new series, it's doomed from the start.

Mark on Jan 11, 2010


Sure sounds like sony... Playstation 1, Playstation 2, Playstation 3

meatcarnage on Jan 11, 2010


sounds like a great idea to me. comics change writers and artists all of the time. getting attached to one single interpretation of any story gets old quick. I truly enjoy all of the various comics, movies, animation,etc. I would rather take the chance of seeing something new and being disappointed than seeing the same thing and being disappointed. just make a good movie and try not to squeeze money out of people and waste their time. I agree that Spiderman 2 was one of the best adaptations of a comic book. Spiderman 3 was painful to watch. I have seen more bad superhero movies than good ones. change gives me hope that they will try harder to make it better. I look forward to the future Wolverine re-boot.

Karl on Jan 11, 2010


Yeah. This is complete and utter shit. Why would they do this? Just delay Spidey 4 and work out the script and villain issues (seriously?) and at least keep the old cast and hire a new director. Cop Out was the perfect way to describe this.

????? on Jan 11, 2010


I like what Sam Raimi & Toby Maguire brought to the franchise. It's light, bright, and campy. But should they want to change the tone of the Spider Man universe, they should watch NBC's HEROES, a good balance between heavy-duty drama & PG-rated emotional accessibility.

Sutton on Jan 11, 2010


I appreciate this. Good to give it to someone else. Please don't reboot it, just move on with other stories.

LINKFX on Jan 11, 2010


It's official Spider-man is no more. As for the Reboot, it sounds like Dragonball Z all over again weak weak weak and super weak.

Madnezz344 on Jan 11, 2010


I love Sam Raimi and I will admit that I disliked Spiderman 3 but rebooting the franchise now when they've already put out three movies is just stupid. Hulk was understandable but this is just idiotic.

joe on Jan 11, 2010


This is horrible news! They probably make the new one into a tween-Twilight-emo-saga crap! Someone please put some sense into these people!

Ron on Jan 11, 2010


how about they give up on the spider-boy franchise and make him a spider-man, ie get him an older more experienced actor, dont go back to high school... and lets get some good bad guys, have him fighting whole crime syndicates

harrison on Jan 11, 2010



bumbay18 on Jan 11, 2010


omgsh~~ yes! Chris pine..he is so hott! he would make an awesome spiderman!! love him!!! <3

vaniitaylor on Jan 11, 2010


They should re-tell it and be more true to the comics (if I remember correctly), and should't feel the need to kil off the enemies... put 'em in jail like in the comics so you can re-use them: FIRST TRILOGY 1. Parker gets his powers, the blonde girl getting killed by Green Goblin in the end. 2. Have a small part with a minor villain like Eclectro. Make Doc Ock the main villain, end with Parket not being able to be with MJ. 3. Have a small part with Vulture maybe. Green Goblin returns. End it with MJ knowing that Parker is spider-man. SECOND TRILOGY Three-story arc of the sinister six. Set up the included members in the first trilogy and have the forming and executition of the supergroup here in the second.

ryderup on Jan 11, 2010


Thank-you to all the worthless pathetic "fans" out there that can't just appreciate what they're given. The current trilogy was a great trilogy. Granted it could have been done better. But y'know fuckin what almost every fucking movie ever made could have been done better! There isn't a single movie ever made that pleases everyone. Most don't even please half the viewers. And so a bunch of tossers who can't appreciate what they're given and who probably aren't even Marvel fans come online to these websites and other forums and talk shit about the movies and talk shit about the casting, etc and suggest rebooting the franchise and the dick heads and Sony read about it all. They do their research, there's no doubt about it. And so what happens? Because Sony (or any other studios for that matter) don't hear the opinions of the real fans who have better things to do than argue with dickless jerks, the end result is the fuck heads who are ruining it for everybody else get their way. So now Spider-man is gonna be rebooted. What a fucking waste of fucking time. They had better not re-do Green Goblin and Doc Oc, even though they're two of the biggest villian in the Spidey franchise. If they're going to bring them into it, they'd better do it after a few movies and not straight away. The last thing we need to see is the same fucking story told over again in a way that won't be as good anyway. Sony = pathetic and dumb pieces of shit who need to learn they are in the high positions they're in because they're smarter than the general public and know what works better. And if they're not smarter then they need to quit or be fired and put someone smarter in there. Fuckin shit!

Pissed off me on Jan 11, 2010


I hope this shows all you idiots who thought Raimi had too much power that Sony was always the assholes in the relationship, to be careful what you wish for. I hope you douches are happy.

Reality on Jan 11, 2010


Reboot it's almost as dumb as a remake...well in this case it's not alot different anyway.

d1rEct on Jan 11, 2010


the spidey franchise is dead.

Xerxex on Jan 11, 2010


Uhh Chris Pine....Are you idiots who mention him kidding he is supposed to pass as a highschooler....The point is to hire a 18=20 year old actor that can carry 3-4 films over a decades time. Hell if Sony was smart they would start production asap and start filming 3 movies ala Lord of the Rings and release them year by year like the Harry Pooper movies. Anyway Chris Pine is a good actor but bad idea as Parker/Spidey Try to google aussie actor Jason Smith = 18 Years old, relative unknown Jason Smith - Peter Parker/ Spiderman Hayden Panettiere - Gwen Stacey R. Lee Ermey - J. Jonah Jameson ??? - Harry Osborne & Norman Osborne - Do not even mention a Goblin until the 2nd or 3rd film Some Jock dude - Flash Thompson Some old chick- Aunt May Some old dude - Uncle Ben Jason Stathum - Scorpion (Part 1 villain) Gerard Butler - Kraven the Hunter (Part 2 villain) hope DC dont cast him as Zod Lets do this !!!

TRUE SPIDERMAN FAN on Jan 11, 2010


Yo Sony, I'm really happy for you and Imma let you finish but Sam Raimi made one of the best Spiderman movies of all time!

Captain Obvious, saving more lives than science on Jan 11, 2010


#46 best comment ever!!!!

nick on Jan 11, 2010


#94 Killing both Uncle Ben and Gwen Stacey in the first movie is too much of a fuckin downer...leave the Gwen Stacey death for part 2...actually since they should not use a Goblin (that would be the one to kill Gwen in the first place) SAVE IT FOR PART 3....but seriously lets not make the first movie too depressing bud.

True Spiderman Fan on Jan 11, 2010


Wow....I'am so disappointed beyond belief! This pretty much marks the uprising of terrible reboot movies and all the creativity that is lost in hollywood. I thought that the Spiderman films were all very good so I can't see why they wouldn't give Sam Raimi full creative control over the franchise and go with the vulture storyline. All I have to say is thanks a lot Sony for ruining what was a very successful franchise and don't expect me to pay my hard earned money to see the reboot!!!!!!!

James on Jan 11, 2010


oh, good. Raimi gone is excellent news. And depsite what anyone says, he was VERY RESPONSIBLE for the final version of Spiderman 3. YOU SEE THE FANBOYS DO NOT KNOW WHAT THEY WANT. They say they hate Raimi, and Sony kicks him out. Now that he's gone, they ar crying for him. Sony and Marvel want to make money. Which means they want to please you. There is no way they will make a film which they would not want you to watch. Trust their judgement, because if the film is crap, then they lose and YOU win. Right? (trying to explain the mechanics of major corporations to over-emotional fans is tedious) To 2010 and Beyond! NO RAIMI! PRAISE GOD! PS. Alex Billington is rather biased and unashamed in forcing his opinion on people. Please understand.

oly on Jan 12, 2010


#103 Maybe right. Who knows 🙂 Leave the death of Gwen Stacy to the second film then, then you have the entire first film todwell into the highschool years and its dilemmas. Maybe set up Green Goblin in the first one and have the killing of Gwen in the second, than the main villain in the first ione could be Electro or someone. And I bet that Shia Lebouff wil be Spider-Man.

ryderup on Jan 12, 2010


Maybe Cameron called them up and said if you reboot it I will come? Now that would be a reason for a regoot I have to admit.

Michael P. Shipley on Jan 12, 2010


Make James Cameron's version. He wrote a really cool Spiderman script back in 1998, but Sony and Marvel had other ideas. If they made a JC Superhero movie, it would not only be much more cooler, it would probably make a ton more money. I hope we see the emd of all this comic book madness in Hollywood. Give us some real cool vi-game adaptations: Gears of War, Halo, World of Warcraft, Quake, Modern Warfare, Splinter Cell, FEAR, Mirrors Edge, STALKER, Black, Dead Space. This is what kids wnat to day. Comics are so 2003.

Jamie Hameron on Jan 12, 2010


Yesssssss, About time peeps, Ive always wanted to see the dorky school kid that I used to read in the comics, I Want to see him in High School and dealing with all that comes with that as well as his new found powers, they just need to do this right and picking the right person to play Peter is the be all and end all, they must get these characters right, Peter and MJ are pivotal to the success of the movie, don’t get me wrong I liked Tobey as Peter but I think they could have done better and please don’t get me started on Kirsten as MJ there just too many open wounds there, not to mention we get a new suit again. Someone to play Peter Parker, what about Michael Cera, I think he has the right mix of teenage geek and hero, cant think who would play MJ though…….. I for one am very excited to hear this...... Roll on 2012

Dar-El on Jan 12, 2010


Tobey as Parker was alright, could have been some better choises, Dunst as Mary-Jane was just straight awful and the way Rami handled one of my favorite villians (Venom) was absolute shit. Also I think that success finally got to Rami's head which is why he's making crap movies. I hope a more true to the comics reboot is in the works.

TheSaint on Jan 12, 2010


7: I totally agree with ya'. This looks like the end of comic based movies. I was really disappointed with Spiderman 3. I loved Kirsnten Dunst as MJ and Maguire as Parker, but that's all I'm gonna miss from Raimi's version. Although I don't see the point to start it over from the origin. Like somebody else said in these comments, sounds like they're gonna make the Ultimate series. I don't think that'd too good, but hey! they'll make a lot of money, aren't they?

Chucho on Jan 12, 2010


well finally 😀 but please, please get Simmons, Mollina, Dafoe in their respective roles. they were perfect castings ok you may as well get Dallas Howard as G Stacy 😀 well till more is revealed lets keep our fingers crossed 😀

burak "Daequitas" on Jan 12, 2010


I love how all you morons say you will never go see this new reboot. I love how all you basement dwelling, mouth breathing virgins, scream and whine about a reboot when we all know that you are the ones that will be camped out in line waiting for your ticket to the midnight showing in 2012. Get real. This is the best idea I have seen in a long time.

Reciprocity on Jan 12, 2010


The Vulture was a bad idea. Raimi is out because he came up with that bad idea and he wouldn't give up. Now Sony wants some obedient director. We can expect to see Venom and Carnage in the same movie (maybe 1 or 2 more bad guys just to see some over-crowded and lame job). And to see it from the beginning, the same/similar story? No thanks. Not to mention that it would be odd to see other lead actors. Maybe Daniel Radcliffe for Spidey? Yeah right.

me on Jan 12, 2010


Boy do I feel like kicking some executive butt right now!!!

Dan on Jan 12, 2010


While Tobey, Raimi and Dunst were unlikely choices from the beginning, it all just miraculously worked (except for Dunst) and the series became a phenomenon. Sure SM3 jumped the shark (hardly Raimi's fault) but will someone please hit an executive in the head for deciding to scrap EVERYTHING before now. A shot at redemption would be far easier that a soup to nuts slash and burn approach to (most) everything that was working prior to now. Tis a sad day indeed:(

Marc on Jan 12, 2010


I'm calling it here and I'm calling it now. Raimi goes to Marvel and makes the greatest comic book movie of all time to shove it in the face of Sony - The Avengers!

Jake the snake on Jan 12, 2010


In my opinion the Spiderman movies were awful and disappointing, they were helping other comic movies to be released, but they are not that good. At least for the european moviegoers.

mich on Jan 12, 2010


Put Spidey to rest. I don't care about a reboot. I hope Raimi will now focus on World of Warcraft and perhaps bump up ahead of scheduled production.

twittwit on Jan 12, 2010


who cares? a movie is a movie. and every douche bag that posts a comment on this will go see the movie or pirate it anyways. after said video is then watched they will bash it more. spiderman needs a fresh coat of paint in homage to all the great new comic book movies coming out. so get over it, and in 2012 if the movie looks like shit, go find it online, watch a shitty cam of it. and than when it comes out on dvd, youll rent it and watch it with your jailbait girlfriend while you get blown.

tim on Jan 12, 2010


Don't Re-boob! Leave it alone for a year or two, see if there's still a market for it. As far as any true to the comic nobody has gotten it right. Let someone who knows the comics write a script and find a fresh face for Spidey/Parker.

Adam on Jan 12, 2010


Wow. Honestly I'd rather no more spidey movies to be made rather that start all over. That is so redundant. As good as the first one was, which was great, I always felt it was held back because of the origin story. I know it has to be told and all, but the second one was so much better because that was out of the way. And now they want to start everything all over from scratch. My prediction, it won't flop. It will probably make a lot of money, but it wont be anywhere near as good. But that doesn't matter to Sony does it. Regardless if it sucks major balls, the money earned will drive another and a whole new franchise no one wants, but can't help but to see, is born. THIS SUCKS!!!

Efrain on Jan 12, 2010


Spot on concerns... Twilight with webs instead of fangs - you see it the same as I do #40, #60, and #86

Dusty on Jan 12, 2010


Teenage spiderman? This is the stupidest idea i've ever heard. finish the story arc with a 4th one and let the dust lie a few years before coming back to it. endless remakes are a complete waste of time. i am genuinely surprised so many other posters on this have praised the new direction they're taking. It's idiotic and is going to kill all the fanbase the last 3 films have made

Sanjay on Jan 13, 2010


Spiderman is Teenage. and what fan base for the movies??? the spidey in those movies isnt even the spiderman that we fans have followed thru out 10s of years.. no web shooters no gwen stacy as the first love no fresh off the oven MJ organic webbing, bahh.... Dunst's lame looking gaze... the best SPM flick of the three was number 2 followed by first one and dont mention the last one. i am glad they canceled the 4th i am glad they intend to bring a fresh look but i am really concerned that Sony will again find a way to screw it too 🙁 marvel should get the rights back for SPM and do a righteous one the first SPM was kinda looked succesful due to its way to long waiting period. fans have been fed rumors of corolco pics doing it, then cancelin then Cameron scripting it then canceling the need to see it on screen was so big that an ok but not super SPM film just provided the relief... what are the pros of the films and the cons make a list you ll see what i mean why they sacked the 4th one and ging for a new beginning. (and i again emphasize, Please NO SONY, and definetely no FOX either :P) some one who understands the comic relates to the character and loves spidey should pen it and director should be all those + a uniquely visionary who could bring what we have read and loved and felt in the comics to the screen. then again, we can only hope right cheers. lets hope for the best who ever thinks of us fans/followers/comics buyers/readers anyway 😀

burak "Daequitas" on Jan 13, 2010


Spider Man reboot = TWILIGHT in tights. Mark my words!

PDC on Jan 13, 2010


u know what i like the idea of spidey actaully looking his age and all that teenage stuff but please please please get some one that loves spidey as much as the next person ok some one with a vision and i agreee 100 percent with the harry potter comparison but be very care full sony u have lots lots lots of work to do if reebot is the way u wanna go

alan on Jan 13, 2010


Michael Angarano. 'Nuff said.

Jon on Jan 13, 2010


DONT CALL IT SPIDERMAN 4 ! ! ! give him more muscles - make spiderman less of an emotional love wimp and make a darker story that makes you want to see spiderman in a hardcore fight and not like an over the top bendy ballerina one. ---WINNER---

daz on Jan 14, 2010


I disapprove! It would be way too lame to scrap the whole series, some good writing could make up for the bad writing of spiderman 3. They could make it so mysterio or shield or some shit saved venom or cloned harry, or have Norman Osbourne alive somewhere and the one from the first movie was a replica Osbourne created... like come on hollywood we don't need a reboot, we need people who can work with the established characters and stick to storylines.

Anonymous fan on Jan 16, 2010


I aint a spiderman fan boy i know nothing of the back story but i REALLY enjoyed the raimi movies and im sorry to hear this from this non-fanboy prospective i cant understand saying the third one was truly awful? I did find it disappointing and I thought they just tried to do too much in one movie but it still had more wit and style than the majority of summer blockbusters since...

rep6 on Jan 17, 2010


Obviously not many people know how truly incredible the ultimate Spiderman comic is on this here forum. Not it isn't a Twilight thing and never resembled it back when it started in 2000 or 2001 I can't remember. I think it is a bold move but I also think it is a great possibility for a live action Ultimate Spiderman. OPen minds folks. please.

Garrett on Feb 3, 2010


I hope if they really want to reboot the spiderman movie all over again , they choose David S Goyer and Christopher Nolan to handle the job . Both of them have done an extraordinary jab making the new " batman " movie .....

Rito on Feb 5, 2010


No reboot... just have Spidey / Toby make a strong cameo apperance in the Avengers movie. That would be so fun!!!

DJ SID on Feb 9, 2010


Le Hebblethwite. A common Spiderman florist. The fact that he is skinny. And small. Wiped out by Mr. Living Dead. You should "REBOOT" Spiderman 'coz that 1 waz crap.

Kevinmpson. on Feb 10, 2010


rebooting Spider-man after only 8 years of it's first movie debut is absolutely stupid. Yes, I agree that Spider-Man 3 was kinda lame. The only reason I say so is because they didn't dig deep enough into Venom and Parker's use of the black symboite suit. this is just proof that all movie makers want to do is get the $ from new movie-goers. It's a numbers game. By their calculation, since 2002, there is a whole new generation of kids 13-8 years old that weren't able to see the first 3 Spider-man movies. now, they are wanting those kids' $ and hoping the people who saw the first 3 will come and watch this. Spider-Man is too fresh to reboot. I dont' get it. Marvel needs to step in and put their foot down on this and keep the Raimi Spider-Man universe alive. My only suggestion is QUIT KILLING OFF ALL THE VILLIANS!!! This also could be just rumor and Sony and Raimi do reach an agreement and continue on with Spider-Man 4 and no re-boot. we shall see, but this is one life long Spidey fan that WILL NOT go see the re-boot version, if it happens.

shane wilmes on Feb 10, 2010


I have to say I am shocked to read the responses on here. I've been a huge Spidey fan since I was a kid, but as excited as I was to see him on the big screen the last 8 years I knew the whole time that the movies were complete crap compared to what they could have and should have been! Yesterday I would have been amazed to find even one person that liked the first spider-man movie, today I find out you loons are everywhere! Only movie in the world to waste a face like Willam Defoe by putting it behind a terrible looking power ranger mask! Seriously, has anyone here seen a power rangers villain? It was HORRIBLE! I admit sp2 was far better than the first but I want to throw up every time I see the happy go lucky "Raindrops keep falling on my head" scene in sp2 or even worse the scene in 3 where he is walking down the sidewalk winking at girls and spinning around like an idiot...AUGHHH! I cannot think of anything good that came out of any of these movies, and this is coming from a guy who owns all three and enjoys watching them, purely because it is spider-man. So, that said, I am shocked and disappointed that everyone here is not ecstatic about the fact that the series is being rebooted. Emphasized the "booted" as in boot the original three! I hope that this reboot will be inspired by the likes of batman and iron man and if it is done with even half as much passion as those I think it will see success far beyond it's predecessors. Knowing that I am in disagreement with the vast majority here let me at least say this: If nothing else we now have the opportunity to see venom again, and to give some justice to his character! Arguably the best villain of all time was disgraced in spider-man 3! Ugh, to think of him ever bonding with the likes of Tobey Maguire or Topher Grace... people, that was not venom! And let the flaming begin, but I will tell you this; if they make this new movie with more grit, more wit, and less camp then you will be throwing the first 3 out the window.

compsciguy on Sep 22, 2010


I think Somy Pictures gave the fans a huge smack in the face for screwing up "spiderman 3" and now that they're rebooting my favorite comic book character it pisses me off. It's bullcrap and a reboot is NOT necessary, Avi & Sony should not have forced Sam to use a shitty storyline that made the third film "too" complex and I honestly HATE the dancing scenes in Spiderman 3 I felt it killed the film and the reboot idea is retarted. I think Sam Raimi knows how to make a Spiderman film really well. also I can't understand why would Sony want to re-start the trilogy when the movies made HUGE amounts of money?! The whole trilogy made 2 billion dollars worldwide so why would the studio want to reboot a storyline that everyone loves and does not care about seeing it again and not paying for it again. Most people I know, don't care to see him becoming Spiderman again, and also the first film in 2002 is what got me into liking Spiderman. Overall I hope the reboot sucks and I was totally looking foward to seeing Spider-Man 4 by Sam Raimi.

John on Oct 3, 2010


In agreement with all that think a reboot is a bad idea, just because Spidie 3 wasn't great doesn;t mean the whole Raimi crew have to go because of some disagreement in script. Sony are shortsighted and thinking of their pocket, in the hope of getting interest from the new generation of teens and ignoring those who loved the Raimi films in the first place.

BBBrookes on Oct 13, 2010


I SWEAR SONY IS HELL!!!! If you have a SONY BRAVIA flat-screen size 72" TV in your house or a £2 million SONY projector, I guess you smash it to pieces and go towards other studios like Panasonic, PHILIPS, SAMSUNG and TOSHIBA. for those of you who think the whole franchise was horrible from the start and you blame Sam Raimi for that, FUCK YOU!!!! "Sam Raimi's a terrible director" I heard because you keep saying so. "Kirsten Dunst was a terrible MJ" I heard because you keep saying so. "Spider-Man 3 was terrible" I heard because you KEEP FUCKING SAYING SO!!!! Look at the original Spider-Man franchise, it has quality in everything: quality actors, quality script, quality effects, quality acting and quality passion on the fans. Now look at the reboot: SONY has no passion or interest for the reboot, it's like they just said 'Fuck You' and stuck their middle finger up at Sam Raimi, the Script is odd and weird, it looks like they're writing a horror film and not a film for children anymore, Andrew Garfield looks nothing like Peter Parker or Spider-Man,Tobey Maguire was the best, Emma Stone looks nothing like Gwen Stacy,Bryce Dallas Howard was the best,they say that it will be based on the Ultimate Spider-Man comics only so now they are complicating it for themselves and making the script tougher,Mary Jane is not going to be in the reboot at all when they said the film was based off the Ultimate Spider-Man comics and she was in it and finally does the director, the writer and the producers have passion to do the reboot or do they just want to do it to fuck Spider-Man on the ass. I'll tell you what to do.First of all, Read the comics and then watch the cartoons, if you still think the franchise was bad, you're lost!!!!

Baurushan99 on Jan 4, 2011


I am a big fan of all super hero movies but I think any reboot that happens in less than the last few years is ridiculous. I completely understand the reboot of superman after Christopher Reeve but then a third one coming right away made me pissed. Now another reboot but of spiderman is beyond stupid. I agree with a few of you that said that the end of the super hero movies is coming. They are all gonna bomb. The best ones I agree are Christopher Nolan, true hero!

Joe frack on Aug 27, 2011


Sony is ignorant for this.. I have lost all interest in Spiderman now.. This was by far the worst idea ever....... FAIL

Steve on Sep 13, 2011


its already made, coming out in 3 months

Asfaseasfas on Jan 30, 2012


I hope this movie is gona be so good because i love spiderman movies alot.

Superherosrocks55 on May 9, 2012


Stupid reboot, we want Spiderman 4, this movie is like a movie before Spiderman 1. I want Sam Raimi and Toby Mguire come back. We don't want to see the Spiderman story again. WE WANT SPIDERMAN 4!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sarabveer on May 28, 2012

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