Sound Off: Adam McKay's The Other Guys - Your Thoughts?

August 6, 2010

The Other Guys

Now that you've seen it, what did you think? Arriving in theaters everywhere today is the new buddy cop comedy from Will Ferrell and director Adam McKay called The Other Guys, this time featuring a face we haven't seen in the comedy world in a while - Mark Wahlberg. It's arriving late in the summer, but word is it's one of the better comedies of the year. Is The Other Guys truly one of the best comedies of 2010? Did it live up to all of your expectations? How were Wahlberg and Ferrell as a duo? Was it actually funnier than it looked? If you've seen it, leave us a comment and let us know what you thought of The Other Guys!

I have not actually seen The Other Guys yet due to the chaos surrounding Comic-Con, but I wanted to open the floor to discussion as the movie is getting great reviews and I know a lot of people will see it and want to talk about it. I will update this area with my own thoughts once I get the chance to see it this weekend.

What did you think of The Other Guys? One of this year's best comedies or one of its worst?

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Well then, anyone anyone......bueller!

LV 426 on Aug 6, 2010


It's bad.

Angry Chief on Aug 6, 2010


Appearing alongside Will Ferrell was even a bigger mistake for Wahlberg's career than being in The Happening. Well, at least this piece of junk will get a lot of Razzie nominations this year. My word of advice for those of you contmeplating handing our you hard earned cash to see The Other Losers, er, I mean The Other Guys is give your money to a needy charity instead of encouraging Hollywood to make more of this crap.

Sam Shadey on Aug 6, 2010


#3: I agree 100% with your comments about The Other Guys ..... As for Will Ferrell, when it comes to acting or being funny, he's on the same level as David Spade or Geroge W. Bush.

Hattori Hanzo on Aug 6, 2010


I love both of these actors, while I haven't seen it yet, I think this one will not disappoint like Dinner for Shmucks did.

OST on Aug 6, 2010


Not great, not terrible. Not upset that I spent $7 watching it. Michael Keaton and Will Ferrel were great.

carlos on Aug 6, 2010


Just came back and it was not that bad. Anytime a movie can make you laugh out loud more than three times is good in my book. You just have to appreciate the way it pokes fun at all the buddy cop movies. Go with your tongue firmly in your cheek and you will have a good time.

Weezy1 on Aug 6, 2010


Supprisingly funny. Not hilarious but worth a watch.

Marc21qw on Aug 6, 2010


I saw that this had a 78% Fresh on Rotten Tomatoes, so I took a chance today and saw it at my local theater. What a piece of crap! I can't believe this has gotten so many good reviews. I walked out of the theater thinking was there something wrong with me? Did I just not get it? I laughed a few times, but it was ultimately too long, predictable and just flat out 90% of the time NOT FUNNY and BAD. I'm really thinking they paid off a bunch of reviewers for a good review because this movie stunk. What a shame.

What Are They Smoking on Aug 6, 2010


Saw the movie with little hopes. I enjoyed it but was depressed with Sam Jackson and The Rock not being in the whole movie. If anything those two had a much better chemistry and Ferrell and the short guy. Anyhow, some good funny laugh out loud moments but the pacing was way off. Michael Keaton was also hilarious, he stole a lot of scenes from the other guys and shopping and Bed Bath and Beyond will be much different from now on. Definitely a matinee:)

dee on Aug 6, 2010


Duplicate Comment Removed

What Are They Smoking on Aug 6, 2010


WHAT!??!?!?! How could you guys not like this movie!! I have to think that the first three reviewers are simply too jaded from watching Inception one too many times. It starts out completely solid and continues to deliver. The problem some people might have is that Will Ferrell doesn't play the complete moron that he has in movies like Talegdega Nights or Blades of Glory, he is still wierd but not like those characters. The theater I was in (at 2:00 pm) was packed and I haven't heard people laugh out loud like that since I saw Dodgeball. This is a VERY funny movie that will NOT dissapoint like Dinner for Shmucks. Oh, there is a scene after the end credits. Make sure you stay for it!!!

Craig on Aug 6, 2010


I don't know why most people who commented didn't like it. I quite enjoyed Step Brothers and would put this right up there with it. If you people don't find Will Ferrell funny, then don't go to his movies. I'm not trying to sound like one of those people who say "If you dont like _______ don't see it" because that never actually defends a movie. But if you generally don't think you're going to like it before hand, as matter of factly as you put it, then why bother?

Al on Aug 6, 2010


The movie was funny as hell.

A Dogg on Aug 6, 2010


I don't know what are you talking about.. this movie was awesome and very very funny..

Zim. on Aug 7, 2010


the first half was classic, but it kind've died down by the end of the movie. overall, the movie is not bad. I left the theatre quoting them. I thought it was funny.

ed on Aug 7, 2010


I hope it's not one of those movies where the best parts are in the trailer. After being dissapointed in Cop Out. I need a break from buddy cop movies.

Cream of Sum Yung Guy on Aug 7, 2010


Sometimes funny and sometimes wastefully stupid. Watch it on DVD.

Graham on Aug 7, 2010


I saw it last night. While there were some funny parts it just kept getting stupider and stupider. There was so much stuff that just had no reason being there. If they kept with the cliche' buddy cop movie ideas, which was where the movie was at it's funniest, it could have been well worth it. But the movie fell way short of a few good jokes, with un-wanted comedy, and throw away scenes. Good job by Keaton, and Wahlberg though.

Nick on Aug 7, 2010


If you see one Will Ferrell movie, you've seen them all, same old tired man-boy role, different costume. His rountine got boring after Elf

Anne on Aug 7, 2010


THIS MOVIE WAS HILARIOUS!!!! THE FUNNIEST MOVIE I'VE EVER SEEN!!!!!! I don't know how you guys didn't like it but i loved this movie

max s. on Aug 7, 2010


It was not the worst movie this year but was still a big let down, cant blame Will Ferrell or Whalberg they played there useual roles. The movie had a lot of great one liners but eventually managed to kill the jokes over and over again. Towards the end you dont care about the lack of story but just want the movie to end. This movie did not help out anyones career, it actually took them another step back.

justincredible on Aug 7, 2010


This was the funniest movie of the year so far. Even funnier than hot tub time machine

Dave on Aug 7, 2010


#22 i thought Keaton did a great job to me his career needs a jump start. The movie was funny and had some great one liners the only problem for me was the actual case they had to solve it really didn't make any sense to me. it bounced around a lot on what was happening, but i took that as a way of saying that is what buddy movies are like the action not the story. All i can say is the trailer for RED was awesome willis just steps out of the car.

Movieguy on Aug 7, 2010


Sloppily done and not entirely coherent (although not as bad as "Cop Out"). Despite that, there are a handful of very off the wall scenes that are quite funny. I wished it could have been a whole lot better. As somebody said here, not terrible, not great.

Captain Midnight on Aug 7, 2010


I haven't read the specific comments on RT for this but I've noticed with a few exceptions most comedies rated say 75+ are horrid pieces of utter crap. Most notably I think of Funny People when I say that. People do not go to a comedy to drool over acting or story or cinematography or anything else they give out awards for, they want to be entertained and they want to laugh. I'd say this is a pretty average 3/5. I will also point out that I never cracked a chuckle over Elf which I believe is Ferrel's highest rated movie. In my opinion its almost as unfunny as Strange Wilderness. The silliness is more or less on par with Schmucks but while the Schmuck's trailer made it out to be perhaps even more silly than it is (and its plenty silly) the trailers for this made it seem a bit more serious, if one could ever confuse Will Ferrel for being in a serious movie, Stranger than Fiction excluded, than it actually is. It actually attempts to drive the story its riding on unlike Anchorman or T. Nights which makes it a bit confusing to place when we have a typical clever financial plot and also characters jumping 20 stories to their death. The political commentary during the credits was amusing but out of absolutely nowhere. Did Moore come over for a day during post production? This was worth watching if you like this kind of comedy but there are better choices. Probably better suited for Netflix

Aaron on Aug 8, 2010


worth a few laughs but i wouldn't suggest it to any one

DaftPUNKFAN on Aug 8, 2010


The people who are ragging on it probably didn't even see it but just wanna say something. This movie was hilarious. Not one of the greats, but was worth the money. It was good to see Wahlberg in a comedy. The jokes were funny, Keaton was funny, and made the movie that much better. It did kind of get slow, but then at the end I just had to bust out laughing when Damon Wayans Jr. said. "I hope you like prison food... And penis". Hilarious. Good movie go check it out if you have any doubts. I was iffy about seeing it, but well worth it.

the douche on Aug 9, 2010


My personal take: I thought this movie was great. I haven't laughed that much in theater in ages. Obviously not a comedy for eveybody's taste...but for the most part the theater I was in seemed to be rolling...

Will on Aug 9, 2010


Personally, I thought it was a great movie. Wahlberg did an excellent job with Ferrell, they had pretty good chemistry. 😀 The ending credits were really nice and informative. Good visual design! 😀

SillySil on Aug 9, 2010


Liked it alot. Farrell plays and awesome straight man. Lots of ad-libbing.

Solo Calrissian on Aug 9, 2010


Honestly? If one of you twat-waffles can name an not needed scene, or any scene, I'd be impressed. Stop quoting what the guy before you said. This movie was absolutely hilarious. There wasn't a person in the theater that didn't laugh. #26 Did you even see the movie? Did you pay attention when they went to the S.E.C.? That was the scheme. He was taking money and investing... You know what, never mind. Somehow I get the feeling that you won't even get it if I spelled out the Ponzi scheme to you anyhow. For the rest of the losers on here giving bad reviews, I can tell you haven't even seen the movie. You can't name a scene, part, or anything about the story or movie. If you're going to bash a movie, make sure you've seen the damn thing and stop copying the idiots before you. I get #10, Dee actually watched it because Dee referenced the movie. Try that sometime, Sam Shadey, Hattori Hanzo, What Are They Smoking, Anne, & justincredible. The movie was fantastic and made me laugh and had great action. One more thing, Pimps don't cry!

Ariel on Aug 10, 2010


For all of you that say this movie was great or really need to see more comedies. It was just ok and thats coming from a will ferrel and mark whalberg fan. As far as 2010 comedies I enjoyed Hot Tub Time Machine a lot better.

rblitz7 on Aug 10, 2010


#32 I understood the scheme just find, my comment was that its surprising it had one at all in a Ferrel movie. There really isn't much of a plot in most of his movies other than him acting like a giant man boy and that's what we all go to see, myself included. This movie IS worth watching, I'm not bashing it, but IMO its not near as funny as The Hearbreak Kid, Role Models, Superbad, Knocked Up, Just Friends, My Best Friend's Girl, The Hangover or even Something About Mary. Why then is it rated so high?

Aaron on Aug 10, 2010


Aaron, you're absolutely right. Most of his movies don't have any semblance of a plot. I think that's why it's rated so high. To compare it to any of the movies you just listed is unfair. Those were pure comedies. The Other Guys fits more into the Lethal Weapon area, only not as good. It's a buddy cop movie. It has funny parts and it has shootouts and explosions. I don't feel that this movie is supposed to be compared to an all out comedy, because it's not an all out comedy. Personally though, I don't like to see a grown man act like a thre year old. I like to use my brain a little while watching a movie. Elf was an absolute abortion for me to watch. I watched because of Jimmy Caan, that's it. Well, the supporting cast was great but Will Ferrel, a tall older guy acting like a fool doesn't appeal to me. I think he's funny and should really be a buddy and not the star. He was great in Old School and The Wedding Crashers. He should be more like Owen Wilson in Shanghai Noon, not the main reason to see a movie, but a perk.

Ariel on Aug 11, 2010


I agree on Ferrel's roles. I did enjoy Anchorman and T. Knights but long before Step Brothers his act is old. So long as we only see that kind of mess once every few years its OK. Blades or Glory and the basketball movie were just more of the same and should have raised a flag to someone somewhere. I suppose it is a cop buddy movie, but at the same time, calling it that should be an insult to even Chris Tucker and Chan, and certainly to Gibson and Glover. Perhaps its the start of a new sub genre which, again if not released too often, will be enjoyable on occasion.

Aaron on Aug 11, 2010


seriously i heard someone say dodgeball was funny? R U Kidding ME or are you just some next best dumb american. Cuz pretty much everything in, around and about the usa is a cliche.

dac on Nov 4, 2010

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