Sound Off: Chris Nolan's Inception - So What Did You Think?

July 16, 2010

Christopher Nolan's Inception

Now that you've seen it, what did you think? Its now been 520 days from when it was first announced last year that Christopher Nolan's next movie would be Inception. Now finally hitting theaters everywhere today is one of this year's most highly anticipated action movies - Inception. So how is this epic, complex, awe-inspiring sci-fi action-thriller? Is it Nolan's new masterpiece or just another great movie, but not better than his others? How was the cast, lead by Leonardo DiCaprio and Joseph Gordon-Levitt? Was it too complex? If you've seen it, then leave us a comment below and let us know what you thought of Inception!

To fuel the fire, I just watched Inception again for my second time earlier tonight and holy sh*t my mind is still numb for how brilliant and complex and visually stunning that entire film is, from start to top-spinnin' finish! It's really a piece of art, it's so good. Chris Nolan is really a genius and he's crafted another amazing film here. From the story to the characters to the visuals, to the intensity and flow and emotion of DiCaprio's character, it was all perfectly put together. There were some scenes that I totally loved, like the hallway fight with JGL and anything involving Dileep Rao (because he's awesome) like the entire bridge-drop sequence.

What I also really love about Inception is that it gets your mind thinking, it starts up discussions, it's one of those movies that everyone comes out of talking about, just because there's so much to talk about. I thought Nolan ended it perfectly as well, leaving just enough to satisfy those who want to see it end happily, plus a little hint of more for those who want to ponder other possibilities. This is one movie you cannot miss, it's an experience, a true highlight of the summer. And after seeing it, you must join the discussion, right here.

What did you think of Inception? Christopher Nolan's latest masterpiece or not even close?

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Inception is as close to perfection as has ever been achieved in film. That's really all there is to say.

Jake on Jul 16, 2010


Maaaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn, fuck Christopher Nolan! Who the hell does he think he is!??!: 1) Creating, writing, directing, producing one incredible film after another. 2) Going against the typical Hollywood tide and choosing to be a true stand out instead of a sell out. 3) Making not only the best Batman film(s) ever (AND *SHOCK* PLEASING FANBOYS!!!) but (so far) the best superhero film ever and a legend out of Heath Ledger. I hate this man so much that I love him!!! And INCEPTION itself?!?: *Tony Soprano voice* Forget about it... ... I will no longer view film, especially blockbusters, the same way again. With this movie, Nolan has planted the idea in my head to no longer accept the same shit that gets shoveled out month after month, year after year. I just hope that everyone else will feel the same way...

graffiti bandit on Jul 16, 2010


After seeing this, it's easy to make the case that Nolan is the best working filmmaker in the business. This guy is putting out excellent film after excellent film, and this, his first in years based on an original idea, might be his masterpiece thus far.

Tom on Jul 16, 2010


I have a dislike for Nolan... for some reason.. but I think this movie might change my life 🙂 I have bought tickets for opening night here in Sweden (22nd). What I really love with Nolan though is that he rfuses to do DI's of his films... that is something to respect!

ryderup on Jul 16, 2010


Indescribebly amazing. And I thought Memento was my favorite film.

Jaiyson on Jul 16, 2010


Movie was awesome.....I saw it with my lady friend.....ending was great also Im going to see it again with my dad 9/10

Trey on Jul 16, 2010


A happy ending? Are you kidding?

LinkfX on Jul 16, 2010


I was amazed by the movie. The movie was smart, the CGI didn't take you out of the film, it was good enough to add to the whole experience without obviously being CGI. I really like DiCaprio in this one, and everyone else, for that matter. I'm going to see it a second time tonight, and I think I will still ponder the existence of the top. I don't know if my opinion on the ending will change. I thought it was a brilliant ending, but I don't know what would've happened if the the camera didn't cut off. Better than the Dark Knight? In my opinion (that's all it is, so please don't kill me) I would say "yes."

Kevin on Jul 16, 2010


This is definitely the first great movie of the summer. A jewel of exquisite beauty and genius amidst an ocean of suck. At least if the summer ends without any other good movies, we'll have this one to look back to...

frakkin_link on Jul 16, 2010


The top fell. End of discussion yo. *Ok, I just really really wish that the top fell. I really HOPE that it fell. :/

Reza on Jul 16, 2010


I gotta' side with #2 up there... the audacity of this Nolan feller to be so damned brilliant every time out of the gate. This could be a game changer people. This is a SMART BIG MOVIE. Never thought I'd live to see the words SMART and BIG together when describing a Hollywood film but that's what we have on our hands. Nolan has not only one-upped himself, he's one-upped EVERYBODY. I was worried about surviving a midnight screening but this film is such a remarkable puzzle box that my brain was spinning on overdrive to keep at least one step ahead of it. Every now and then a film comes along that can restore your faith in the power of cinematic storytelling. This is one of those. My God, did I just speak in blurb? Enjoy!

Jeff on Jul 16, 2010


It's probably the sign of a good movie if I have trouble falling asleep after a midnight showing at 3am because the whole movie is running through my head. I will definitely see this a second time in theaters.

Ben on Jul 16, 2010


I didn't watch one preview going into Inception and the experience took me back to seeing The Matrix for the first time. Don't miss it!

Jake the snake on Jul 16, 2010


Hate to be that guy, but I kinda thought is was lame. It was ok, but definitely overhyped. Won't watch again until Netflix maybe.

BaleHail on Jul 16, 2010


Disappointed. Very disappointed and I didn't want to be. Felt I had seen it all before and that kept pulling me out of the film - eXistenZ meets Only Forward. It did look lovely though and had some great acting.

Live for Films on Jul 16, 2010


Can't fucking wait!

Hattori Hanzo on Jul 16, 2010


One of the best sci-fi films I've ever seen. I'm definitely looking forward to owning this on Blu-Ray!

Icefilm on Jul 16, 2010


Fantastic, Brilliant, Beautiful, Intense, MIND-BLOWING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The Music was just as brilliant! A+

Brian on Jul 16, 2010


9/10 Watched the midnight screening, came out declaring it a top 3 favourite movie of mine, easily. Must. Watch. Again.

WIL on Jul 16, 2010


My favorite director has delivered once again. Chris Nolan is truly a genius. Definitely film of the year for me. Everything was perfect and I'm not gonna bother saying how because earlier comments have already explained this. But the top totally fell guys. It started wavering a bit and it the dreams it stayed up perfectly. Best Nolan film yet.

Aaron on Jul 16, 2010


It's going to be very difficult to stay online and not get spoiled on this one. Although, even if I knew a plot point or two, that might actually help!

DLM Entertainment on Jul 16, 2010


This movie was truly incredible, an instant classic!

Larry on Jul 16, 2010


I just came back from a screening a few hours ago. Have to say this is definitely one of the best movies ever made. The last few years have just been about adaptations etc. but it was so good to see a totally original made for film story that worked out so wonderfully well. I couldnt help but get the ost and ive been listening to it all day.

Logan on Jul 16, 2010


Blown away by the movie. Huge impact. Devastated by the ending. Leo's emotional intensity was superb. Tom Hardy was a scene stealer with a performance so rich with nuances and physical idiosyncracies that he reminded me of Heath Ledger. Batman Villain anyone? I only have 3 complaints. The score was too much. Ken Watanabe's english. And the little breathing room in the hopped around at a very fast pace, and the lengthy plot didnt allow room for small details to complete the scene (I.E. Standing outside the helicoper, going straight to being in flight talking to saito...basically not seeing him get in the helicoper, orient himself and ease into the conversation) little details like these add imense completetion to the scenes but there was no time made for them in this film.

talli on Jul 16, 2010


Talli, I agree with Tom Hardy being amazing, and I think I agree with pretty much everything else you said. That being said, I actually figured those things were done on purpose. If you are one of the ones that thought the top would fall at the end, then I understand your concerns, but if not.... well, that's how I took it. Maybe I was on crack, I dunno....

Kevin on Jul 16, 2010


What I also really love about Inception is that it gets your mind thinking, it starts up discussions, it's one of those movies that everyone comes out of talking about, just because there's so much to talk about. This is totally accurate! I left my midnight showing and people were standing around for a long time discussing the movie. It was totally awesome!

????? on Jul 16, 2010


@24 and 25 I'm not 100% sure till I see it again but I think it WAS done on purpose. What if the reason for the jumping around which I thought was a little annoying at first, is actually because they were dreaming from the beginning and you never remember how you got from one place to the next. Just A theory though... I have a reason for this theory but I have to watch it again and pay attention to one scene in particular to make sure.

ha1rball on Jul 16, 2010


Do I hear a Best Picture??? yea it was that fucking good

Duck on Jul 16, 2010


When the end of a movie causes people to clap because of the brilliance..I think that speaks for itself.

Wes on Jul 16, 2010


Nolan is a genius. Movie is truly amazing and original. For sure beat the hell out of that epic suckfest people call Avatar.

ONE on Jul 16, 2010


The last movie I gave a standind ovation to was ironically made by Chris. I believe i will be clapping agian.

NeoSlyfer on Jul 16, 2010


best movie of the year hands down

Philip J. Fry on Jul 16, 2010


p.s. not gunna lie, there is nothing more retarded than clapping at the end of the movie

Philip J. Fry on Jul 16, 2010


inless your actually in the theater with the director/producers at a film festival or something that is

Philip J. Fry on Jul 16, 2010


Yes there is, how about at the start of a movie?

The One on Jul 16, 2010


Hold on guys... Ive put a lot of thought into this and the whole end dream thing with wantanabe doesnt make sense unless they were all in an original dream from the beginning... What if they never left wantanbe's dream from the very beginning of the movie. Wantanabe's character was the subject for inception! it was all to get Wantanabe to make that call at the end. it was one huge dream so leo could go home.

ha1rball on Jul 16, 2010


Hold on guys… Ive put a lot of thought into this and the whole end dream thing with wantanabe doesnt make sense unless they were all in an original dream from the beginning… What if they never left wantanbe's dream from the very beginning of the movie. Wantanabe's character was the subject for inception! it was all to get Wantanabe to make that call at the end. it was one huge dream so leo could go home. They made him believe he was an innocent bystander the whole time which he said multiple times. but he was actually the subject the whole time!

ha1rball on Jul 16, 2010


Nolan is amazing! This film is a true stand-out film of the last 20 years. I'm extremely looking forward to Batman 3 more than I was after TDK!

Paul on Jul 16, 2010


incredible concept i think but it did see through to the full potential (i could feel it being good on paper but on screen it was just missing true greatness) i still think someone else should have had the lead roll in this. leo is the man but he has no sense of love to me. point and case revolutionary road. if youre cast for that role its very hard in my opinion to do this roll. that was major emotional currency loss this movie did not have enough special effects or the feeling of special effects if you ask me. it needed to be explored more. and a small side note: i felt a lot of scenes were shot for 3D and that left the 2D shots kind of amatuerish. like the exploding streets shot last but not least the top is still spinning

jont on Jul 16, 2010


thank you mr. nolan for making this film.

sickdoghats on Jul 16, 2010


ABOUT THE TOP: Nolan wants you to make the ending yourself. What is reality? Cobb just made his in the end. He got to see some erm... faces and the guilt was lifted. Even if that isn't real... he made it real. Movie was epic. Movies need to make me think like this more often.

KingOfTapWater on Jul 16, 2010


First time since The Matrix I've walked out of a film questioning perception of reality. I absolutely loved it. My biggest gripe I have with some of the reviews I've read from various sources have been about its lack of heart. Lack of tearjerking drama is what separates Kubrick from Spielberg. And Kubrick is arguably the greatest filmmaker of all time. See it again, see it 3 times, and don't be afraid to get something new out of it. Also, I saw someone say they felt like they've seen it all before. Its a movie, and unfortunately originality in basic plot principles are something you won't find anymore. Just take the movie for what it is I guess would be a suggestion. Take it or leave it.

Aceglennderz on Jul 16, 2010



HENRY on Jul 16, 2010


Nolan is in my opinion the best creative mind and Director in Hollywood today! Plan and simple!!

silentjay on Jul 16, 2010


Watched it twice in a span of 8 hours. Loved the whole experience. Loved the thinking it got me into. Will be watching it again soon. Time for a kick...

Nithin on Jul 16, 2010


Excuse me Plain and simple!

silentjay on Jul 16, 2010


it kind of had a phantasm feel to it in the way that it had a bleak and scary atmosphere.

sickdoghats on Jul 16, 2010


"I absolutely loved it. My biggest gripe I have with some of the reviews I've read from various sources have been about its lack of heart. Lack of tearjerking drama is what separates Kubrick from Spielberg. And Kubrick is arguably the greatest filmmaker of time" Inception has plenty of emotions, and often appeals to it. Kubrick's lack of emotions is because he couldn't write it and thought the worst of people. There is hardly range in that regard. Kubrick is only the greatest filmmaker visually

Rashad on Jul 16, 2010


This film will restore the publics faith in "Hollywood Blockbusters" It certainly has for me. Take notes Michael Bay, this is what a "big" film is supposed to do.

Nick Kent on Jul 16, 2010


There are no words that exist in the human language about how absolutely stunning it is.

Sroe on Jul 16, 2010


This will deffinetly win awards for cinematography, sound, score end editing. As for story, there was a little too much exposition in the dialogue for my tastes and im not fan of the ending at all. It made the whole movie pointless. Lazy writing.

Gary M on Jul 16, 2010



David D on Jul 16, 2010


I loved it...The scenes with JGL in the hotel were epic.

billbybob on Jul 16, 2010



Frank on Jul 16, 2010


To anyone who thinks the ending sucked, I disagree. I think it might just be the best ending ever, in-fact this movie might just be the my favourite movie of all time(so far). Every part of it was so good; acting, story, cinematography, visuals, editing... etc. I'll be going to see it again and again.

crimsonJackal on Jul 16, 2010


can anyone explain to me what friggin happened in the third level when fisher gets shot by the bitch and then ellen page suggested something thats where i got lost

eric on Jul 16, 2010


I agree with #27 that it was done on purpose, but not necessarily because it was a dream. I think it was done to make the truth less certain for the viewer. I think the decision about whether it was reality or a dream is supposed to be left to the audience. There certainly seemed to be enough clues left to argue either side, and I think that was the point. I definitely need to watch this again, though, because there is just too much in this movie to get everything from one screening.

Vet4Peace on Jul 16, 2010


Great always, christopher nolan brings fresh ideas to the screen. It is definitely worth seeing more than once! It was about as good as I'd expected it to be. One thing about it is, you have to have a sharp mind and really pay attention to what is going on AS THEY EXPLAIN IT...the script is very well written, but they tend to go through dialogue somewhat quickly and you can lose key plot points if you're not listening. All of the actors were on par, and (SPOILER) it was very interesting how nolan turned even some of the villains/antagonists into people that we actually cared about succeeding. All in all, 9 out of 10 for keeping you entertained and bringing a fresh take to a plot that could be somewhat cliche (ie, Dark City). The most ANNOYING thing most people will attest to is walking out of a crowded theatre and listening to girlfriends and dumb-asses walking out of it saying "WHAT??? I didn't get this or that!"...They explain it all! You just have to listen and pay attention! VERY GOOD FILM! GREAT CINEMATOGRAPHY, GREAT ACTING!! YOU ARE SO WRAPPED UP IN THE STORY, THE 2 1/2 HOUR MOVIE FLYS BYE!!

STraffan on Jul 16, 2010


i have yet to see this awzome film

DaftPUNKFAN on Jul 16, 2010


I truly believe Chris Nolan is a creative genius. Not just in storytelling but in visually communicating his idea to an audience. I seriously wonder if the guy is incapable of making a bad movie. He know's how to sell the story through dialouge and direction. I think Leo should be nominated for an Oscar for his performance. This has to be one of the hardest roles to play, mostly because it took so much emotion to pull off some of the scenes, and lets face it, the enire movie was about manipulating and controlling the mind by controlling emotions. It really was a masterpiece of storytelling and I can't wait for Nolan's future projects. Kee'em coming.

James on Jul 16, 2010


Inception will be refereed to as one of the greats, from here on out.

Brandon on Jul 16, 2010


err *referred*

Brandon on Jul 16, 2010


Was anyone suprised by how similar this was to Shutter Island? In terms of Leo being haunted by his dead wife in dream sequences, and the stuff with his kids. (I know it plays out totally differently, but it struck me as unexpectedly similar). The similarities of course end there, and man, was than an outstanding film. I need to see it again to really get my head around it though.

Square Shaped Softness on Jul 16, 2010


I dreamed a dream until the movie premiere in Brazil!

Altenir-Bolinha on Jul 16, 2010


Inception was directed well, shot by a very talented cinematographer, and cast by someone who knew how to appeal to many different demographics. No one can deny the visual spectacles and achievements that Christopher Nolan has succeeded at creating in this film. However, my qualms lie in the expectations and lack of depth and involvement that I felt with the film. Once anyone introduces the notion of shaping dreams, as the character of ellen page did at the beginning, one cannot just leave the audience hanging, as Nolan did. There was no twisting, manipulating, or reimagining of any dreamscape once it had been introduced, except for the initial sequences. You cannot introduce an idea and then only use it once or twice later simply to say that you did. Also, the depth of each dreamscape was very thin, limited to one area, a fact that all of us know to not be true. Any one dream can take you across the world, and regularly doesn't make sense (I have flown in dreams). I feel, in the end, that Nolan constricted himself in the depth that he could go in the film.

Dan on Jul 16, 2010


Great, another wannabe dark "thinker" from Nolan. Memento was fkng brilliant. It went downhill from there end ended up here. This one copied parts and pieces from some other films, mostly asian. I do not know if western movie goers get surprised or thrilled by this type of films but in China/Japan this stuff is common and gets boring. Nolan should do a plain a simple DRAMA not spice it up too much with sgi and pretentious kiddy thrillers.

Shige on Jul 16, 2010


This film will no doubt be debated for many years to come. As for me, I think it was a Monumental achievement in Film making. Chris Nolan proves once again that he has an incredible mind and incredible directing abilities. Say what you want, but this Film was PHENOMENAL in so many ways it's hard for me to critique it. I will no doubt have to see it many more time to get the full scope and depth of it. Hands down one of the best films ever made! Lets not forget Hans Zimmer and his phenomenal Score that made the film even more intense than just the visual images alone could do. Being a current film student, this movie both tremendously inspires and crushes me at the same time. I wonder if I will ever be able to make such a statement on the silver screen. The one thing for sure, is that Nolan seems to have limitless imagination and credibility. In conclusion I just want to say thanks to the entire cast and crew of this film. With all the crap that we are subjected to every year at the Cinema, Inception was like a GIANT breath of fresh air, and I want more!

MMH on Jul 16, 2010


All I gotta say is that the next Batman film has to top INCEPTION! NOT The Dark Knight!

Dapoint on Jul 16, 2010


Truth be told, I did not love this film. I enjoyed it a lot, especially because its a grand horrah for originality. Certainly a strong contender for a Best Picture nomination, which actually deserves it, unlike another mainstream success (cough* cough* Avatar)

Al on Jul 16, 2010


This is the best movie ever made. Theres nothing better. The acting in the movie was Superb by everyone, JGL, Tom Hardy, Ken, Leo, Ellen, Rao and Murphy. Just Incredible. Nolan is a Genius. I do not know how he does it one after the other but he does and this by far is His Masterpiece. I'm gonna go watch this again tomorrow because I love this movie that much. I enjoyed this movie from start to finish and I just cannot get over how exception JGL and Hardy were in this. I'm am just blew away by the whole story. I thought the Prestige was amazing but this, this is just................EPIC.

Rooney on Jul 16, 2010


@66 i guess for you, your desensitized of an enjoying those types of movies but understand what your saying and if you know more movies with the same concept comment back, im interested. seeing the trailers didn't really impress me with bending cities and shit that had hidden explosives in it. i was also hoping that the dreams were going to be as accurate as paprika and the cell were trying be but when i saw the movie today i was a little disappointed but it did not change what i thought of the movie(8.7) . the way he structured the rules of entering someones dreams was well thought out and interested me to learn more about the concept. the plot of the movie isn't really anything new(take away the dream part), the actors didn't do anything amazing but their performance was still spot on, the dream worlds and cg didn't excite me but it had a good reason for being so simple. it felt fresh and something i wanted to see more of until i get bored of it like #66 haha but it was like seeing a good time travel movie, ideas that can be explored and have great adventures and stories. sometimes it wont even be a high budget film but seeing that idea in a movie again is just nice to see and experience. i was not disappointed.

drcherd on Jul 16, 2010


@63 Definitely reminded of Shutter Island in some parts, especially when he's with his wife alone. I was expected her to turn around and have a huge gapping wound. SPOILERS Just one thing I couldn't explain, why didn't they all wake up to the plane from the second kick of when the van hit the water? I thought the kick was meant to wake them from the dream they're in i.e the one where its raining. If so then the driver should have awaken from the first kick of the van falling. But if it's meant to wake you up from the dream you're dreaming i.e the dream within a dream, then what's the point of the final kick of the two jumping off the building.

Yorick Brown on Jul 16, 2010


just rent the matrix instead.

Para on Jul 16, 2010


EPIC.. My new favorite movie of all-time.. but.. whats yall's opinion about the ending? was it all a dream or was it real?

John on Jul 16, 2010


i agree with #70

sickdoghats on Jul 16, 2010


SPOILERS @72 they didn't wake up to the plane because 1, a few were at a deeper level of subconsciousness. the kick wakes up the body that it happens to. the one with the van into the water was the first level of subconsciousness. from the first level you can die and wake up in real life no problem. the driver was already awake in this first level so he wouldn't be effected. the final kick of the two jumping was necessary because they were 1 level deeper. the 3rd level. ellen page's character actually woke up twice, going through 2 kicks if you remember.

mezdup on Jul 16, 2010


In my opinion, best film of the year thus far. Second most anticipated (right beside Tron, RIGHT beside).

ian kuah on Jul 16, 2010


If you didn't like this film then you have no imagination Period....... Top notch movie, it has my brain flowing with dream ideas. The ending was perfect. Let us choose what we think. 10/10

shanedav on Jul 16, 2010


It was such a good film that I'm planning on watching it again in theaters, something I've only done once in my life (I just never do it on my own accord). It was one of the best endings I have seen in a while, so much so that the audience applauded. I wish there was an extra scene after the credits, but it was worth it.

Jaf on Jul 16, 2010


When I Heard Chris Nolan Was Going To Make This Movie I Knew It Was Going To Be EPIC! And He Didn't Dissapoint! The Dark Knight Is The Best Superhero Movie And Inception Is The Best MOVIE Period! He Seriously Can Not Fail. I Can't Wait To See Batman 3! The Ending Was Predictable But Perfect. In My Opinion The Top Falls.(But I Would't Care If It Didn't, It Would Still Be The Best Movie Ever!)

Leto32 on Jul 16, 2010


Wow I hate to just repeat everything. But I have to. Even after waiting what seems like years to see this with a good amount of hype going into it. I Absolutely LOVED! This Movie!!! I can't wait to see it again. I'm just wondering, if all of our theories about it are even our own, or if we have just been Incepted by Nolan himself!(mindfuck!!) I totally agree with #37 that's exactly what I was thinking after it ended. I also think this movie will probably cause me to have even more fucked up dreams. only time will tell.

theotherbluth on Jul 16, 2010


omg. movies these days are so cliche. but Mr. Nolan just kills all of that and make the most killer movie out there. NO ONE compares to him or his movies.

Andante on Jul 16, 2010



max s. on Jul 16, 2010


So, Leo was pretending to be someone else in his subconscious but not who he was in reality? I thought this movie had bendy-buildings? Overall I was really impressed with Marty on this one....oh, waitasecond....

Voice of Reason on Jul 16, 2010


Early numbers suggest a sizeable opening weekend of $55 - $60 million. No, this movie is way too complex for mass audience to make more than $300 million. This is a very gripping, engrossing thriller, and the best time I had in movies so far this year. Still, Nolan is not a master magician everyone makes him out to be, but he is a very sly cinematic conman: the film is full of misdirection & showmanship. Watch his best film PRESTIGE: magic, misdirection, obsession, dead girlfriend, voice of wisdom personified by Michael Caine. And if you see Michael Caine's first appearance in INCEPTION and listen to one particular plead he makes to Leo, you kinda know where the movie is going. That line is key. Next he introduces Leo to Ellen Page character, Ariadne who helps to build maze for the dreamworld. If you read a little Greek mythology, Ariadne is a character who help a greek hero navigates out of a maze. Nolan chooses those Latin or Greek names for a reason: Eames - Anglo-Saxon origin, means "uncle" (Tom Hardy poses as " the good uncle" in the film), also means "prosperous protector" (to Leo's character?) Mal - Latin root for evil, wretched as in "malicious", "malignant", like the way Leo describes idea as being a parasite. The character seems to be unambiguously evil Miles - Latin for soldier, Leo's father figure in the movie Dom - now this sounds like dom which is Latin root for "house", but there is also another word dorm which is Latin for, yes, "to sleep" as in DORMitory or DORMant. The character's last name Cobb sounds close to Latin cub which means "to lie in" as in inCUBate. All these put the main character in a very interesting perspective.

Turok on Jul 16, 2010


This movie was absolutely mind-blowing. Everyone has to see it.

Nick on Jul 16, 2010


this movie was epic and beautifuly madei loved it, the ending was decent tho

pulp fiction212 on Jul 16, 2010


Brilliant! The audience I was in didn't clap. Instead they all gasped and screamed "no!" at the end (won't give anything away), and then laughed. It truly is a new classic.

Heather Cross on Jul 16, 2010


Loved this movie. no doubt. Great plot and complexity and all. But i just thought that the script was so...unfinished. So much unnecessarily basic banter. For a movie so's really outdone itself on the simplicity of the script...oh yeah and the parts they throw in where someone 'explains' something with like 3 words and really....just causes the 'layman' to ask more questions unrelated to the plot...i dunno. my 2-soon-to-be-out-of-circulation-canadian pennies.

Slan on Jul 16, 2010


I was really disappointed with Inception. I looked forward to seeing this movie for over a year, simply because I'm mildly obsessed with the work of Christopher Nolan. (Okay, except for maybe Following, which was a little slow.) Anyway, in my mind, Inception is Nolan's fall from grace. The plot is far too convoluted, almost--and I never thought I'd say this--TOO cerebral. To make matters worse, even though I generally believe DiCaprio is a great actor, I honestly thought his performance in the initial part of the film was uninspired. Unfortunately, the entire movie hinges upon emotional investment in DiCaprio's character. Who cares if Fischer divides his father's empire? The point is that Cobb wants to go home and see his children. The problem: nothing in the film made me care if either circumstance came to fruition. I agree that Inception had some visually stunning moments. I loved the zero gravity situation in the hotel...but not so much that I needed to watch JGL float around, fight some people, bind his team together, push his team to the elevator, position the explosives, and so on and so forth for 20-30 minutes. I also liked the circular staircase trick, the rapid changes in weather, and the parallel between what was happening in the van and the atmosphere of the lower levels, such as the avalanche. Ironically, those pesky little parasites called ideas--here in the form of a labyrinthine plot--became too overwhelming for the film to be enjoyable. In my opinion, the numerous complications that arose during the film were laughable. Nolan's meticulous attention to detail, which I would normally extol, resulted in hurried scenes where the dramatis personae spouted off explanations for increasingly complex situations that made the whole thing seem very Hemingway, steam-of-consciousness-esque, as if the storyline were being invented as the characters went along. No, can't kill yourself in THIS dream because of the particular sedative that was used. By the way, if we don't wake up in some prescribed way, we'll end up in limbo forever...until Leonardo DiCaprio washes up on shore and saves us. I hate to make this comparison, but Inception seemed far-fetched even for sci-fi, reminiscent of the moment in Wanted when Freeman reveals the Fraternity's divine orders are translated from--cue the revelatory music--a loom. *loud guffaw* What did he just say? Really? A loom? It's simply too unbelievable, even for fantasy. At least the ambiguity of Inception's conclusion was a redeeming factor. How very Brecht. I appreciate movies that inspire thought, but I'm afraid the conversations in which I will inevitably partake about this film will be interrupted by my chuckling at the plot's painful absurdity. I liked The Dark Knight and Memento much better.

Timber on Jul 16, 2010


I dunno what more to add than what's been said, but the movie was pretty brilliant and entertaining. The plot was predictable, and there were moments I was disappointed there wasn't a twist to, but it didn't detract from the movie, it was well-executed, and I fully intend to add it to my Bluray collection!

case on Jul 16, 2010


movie was perfect! I'll have to watch again to see if i liked it more then TDK but its deffinitly no Momento.

DoomCanoe on Jul 17, 2010


#90 I agree Good movie, but not the best I would even go as far to say that it didn't live up to the hype. It seems that people may just be saying it is the greatest movie ever just to be saying it. Dark Knight was a much better film and surpassed the hype, but this is definitely the best film of the year I will be watching it again. Best Nolan movie though? Not a chance.... Seems people are afraid to say they didn't like it, it's okay if Nolan doesn't top himself every time, people seem to be making him out to be a messiah.

KP on Jul 17, 2010


In all honesty, I know at this point the thread has gone on far far enough. There is a more than likely opportunity this comment will be overlooked and under appreciated, but uh ... Inception was some "mo fuckin' waka flaka flame!"

Hondo on Jul 17, 2010


It was a brilliantly scripted, shot, and acted film. It was also horridly edited in the opening hour, exposition heavy, and hallow. In addition very much lacking in emotional investment until the end, the scene of Mal's death should have been shown far earlier in the film, and the audience would have reason to be involved earlier on. All the secondary characters didn't have any stake in the story besides their own survival, which made us care far far less. 7/10

shadow on Jul 17, 2010


10/10. < - - - - PERIOD

The Observer on Jul 17, 2010


Nolan is one of the best creative directors out there...Awesome movie.

JimD on Jul 17, 2010


Don't you just love those guys that go around to movie forums and say they don't like it just cause they want to be different and sound like they have an opinion? There are one or two "negative" comments I've seen that have actually listed reasoned opinions, the rest are all attention loving non-conformists. For all those who have said they were "disappointed/thought it was lame", etc....What exactly are you comparing it too?? I'd like to know what movie in your auspicious and over-our-head opinion tops Inception? Think of movies that you like and think of the different genre aspects in them. Most movies contain several, such as action, thriller, romance, and comedy. Most movies try to fit each type in and fail at one or two of them. (Resident Evil 2 is an action, horror, thriller and although it had okay action, it failed miserably at horror). INCEPTION however, succeeded in all aspects it reached for ....thriller ...drama ...action ..fantasy ....and the element I can only describe as "mind-blower"...all SUCCEEDED, so what exactly were you "disappointed" with? Seriously, if you were expecting the movie to multiply your intelligence, cure cancer and solve violence worldwide, then I can see why it didn't live up to your hopes. Otherwise, bury your center of attention complexes in a more private forum.

James on Jul 17, 2010


Just saw it for the second time. Maybe it's because I was a little tired the first time, but it was even better the second go round. This film is a MASTERPIECE on every level. SIMPLY STUNNING! I have never been physically shaking at the end of a film but this one did it to me! Thank you to Chris Nolan and everyone involved with the making of this film, truly AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

MMH on Jul 17, 2010


Fantastic movie, and I loved the ambiguity of the ending. See it in IMAX for a great experience.

blester01 on Jul 17, 2010


People have been confused about the ending. SPOILER: It cuts away just before the top falls over, making you wonder if he's awake or still dreaming. I read on a different forum the answer, and I have no doubt it's right. He's awake he's definately awake. There's proof throughout the whole movie that he's awake. For instance in the real world, it doesn't always follow him. Hell there's a scene of Joseph Gordon Levitt training Ellen Page while he is on the other side of the world, and he has nothign to do with it. That wouldn't happen if they were all a projection in his dream. Theres others, scenes where you clearly see that the top falls over. So why cut it where he did? Because of inception. He did exactly what Leo did to his wife. Nolan Incepted into our heads the idea that maybe it isn't reality, with something as simple as a spinning top. It was fairly easy to tell that the top was about to fall over, in fact I'd say the put the cut just a split second before it did. But that was enough to put that bit of doubt in our minds. It's not about real or not real. It's about inception.

Andrew Geczy on Jul 17, 2010


When "The Dark Knight" came out I felt so out of the loop. I didn't like it, at all. I hate to be one of those people who gets on the Heath Ledger as Joker bandwagon, but truth is - it was a great role, a great character, a phenomenal actor, in a sub-par movie. When I finally convinced myself to watch it again over a year later, I was almost angry with myself for STILL not liking it. But this movie? Oh my God... It's so seamlessly beautiful - every scene in the film takes you to this place where you're so caught up in what's happening around the characters - I feel so lucky to be able to have seen this in the theatre, to really understand the magnitude of what I was looking at. I understand the comparisons people are making to "The Matrix," but to me - this goes deeper (no pun intended) into what's really going on in our own minds & our own heads (as opposed to what is going on around us), it's something that's going to stick with me & make me think about reality more than "The Matrix" ever has. [[Spoiler]] @102 - I'm not convinced that just because Arthur was training Ariadne that it was "proof" that Cobb was awake the whole time. I loved the ending. I love not really knowing - that's the whole point, isn't it? I don't know, maybe I just don't think it'd be the worst thing in the world if Cobb was really stuck in his dream. He's with his kids, he's going to spend his time with them - whether or not he's got this cloud of uncertainty hanging over him, he ultimately got what he wanted, which is why I think the ending is perfect. I can't remember the last time I got to emotionally invested into a film. Absolutely loved it.

Shannon on Jul 17, 2010


A Perfect Film.

Lewis Walker on Jul 17, 2010


umm......i just wanted to be number 100. by the way youre really dreaming...not reading this. haha

jonnyb on Jul 17, 2010


lol some of the music reminded me of mass effect. haha but it was a perfect film. loved it.

n7 on Jul 17, 2010


Everything I expected from Nolan and more. Absolutely brilliant in every way a movie can be. Nolan has restored my faith that there are still directors out there capable of telling new stories in ways no one else has dared to try. In a time full of Hollywood remakes and reboots, Nolan has given us a true blockbuster masterpiece that solidifies his spot as the best director in the world

Geoff on Jul 17, 2010


i loved how at the end of the movie, EVERYBODY went "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAWWWWWWWWWWWWWW" when it didn't show if the top fell or not and then we all just started clapping. this si not a movie, it's an experience. so go and experience it NOW! p.s. i hope all you people that didn't understand it know that i'm a 13 year old who completely understood it, you just need to pay close attention

max s. on Jul 17, 2010


1. The top is Mal's totem, so I'm not sure it can ever be guaranteed to show Cobb reality. It may mean that Mal is still alive and she is purposely confusing Cobb as to what is reality and what is a dream. But why? My memory is that Cobb sees the top falls at least 3 times. Someone says once is after the Paris training scene, meaning Ariadne is real, or Mal wants him to think that Ariadne is real. Of course, Ariadne is a Greek goddess who helped Theseus find his way out of the Minotaur's labyrinth, and in the movie Ari creates the labyrinth and then has to help Cobb get out of it. 2. Of course, there is always the chance that Mal isn't real at all. Forgers can make themselves look like other people, and someone may have invented the Mal in a dream. But why? 3. How do Cobb and Mal grow old together, but then kill each other with the train as young people? Was their limbo multi-layers deep? How did they get out of old people limbo? How did they fall into their limbo? We are told that if you are heavily sedated and you die in the dream, rather than wake up in real life, you will be lost in limbo unconsciousness for a really long "time" - and then when you wake up your brain will be mushy. The others say that Mal was lost in limbo before, which doesn't seem like the place you choose to be in (i.e. his long sleep-life with Mal).

MRC on Jul 17, 2010


I just watched a trailer/piece on "characters" in Inception, and in this trailer, Nolan calls Mal "The Shade." (I don't remember that from film, but when I looked it up, it seemed to make a lot of sense - and support the theory that Mal is not dead at all but definitely living and controlling at least something in the world(s) we saw in the movie.)

MRC on Jul 17, 2010


Nolan is not the best director working today folks, Guillermo del toro is, accept it. I will make a decision about this when I see inception later this week. Prestige was weak, insomnia I slept through it, TDK storyline is not plausible, whatever dude....find a bad del toro film, I dare you.

Vic on Jul 17, 2010


inception was like getting mind-raped by christopher nolan. haha.. awesome awesome movie. best of the year so far. visually stunning. great characters. the introduction of something new and exciting. this movie had it all. overall 10 out of 10.

superjstorm on Jul 17, 2010



Brandon on Jul 17, 2010


wow... almost 111 positive comments so far... impressive...

leinergroove on Jul 17, 2010


Okay, #36 &37 hairball, They weren't all in Watanabe's dream. If you'd been paying any attention, Saito was shot in the chest during the first level of the multi-level dream, which was Fischer's dream, and they explained that if you get killed while under the anesthesia, your mind would wind up in it's own limbo rather than waking up. They also explained that this would be a deeper state of subconscious, which is what also wound up happening to Fischer, which is why Dom and Ariandne had to go down another level to give Fischer a kick so they could get the vault open. And then remember that Dom stayed behind to look for Saito? How he wound up on the beach and they took him to Saito, who was old (remember they explained this too? how you would grow old in your dream?) So Saito needed a kick to come back up through all four levels. And then remember Dom waking up on the plane and looking across at everyone else and his eyes finally settling on Saito? It wasn't that confusing of a film. I watched it once and stayed in step with Nolan the whole time. Where you asleep or something?

JL on Jul 17, 2010


The film was an excellent high concept film, with some beautifully shot action sequences. Though I personally found a few difficulties with some of the pacing, it was generally of an extremely high standard. I thought that for a film as long as it is, there should have been more room for actual character background and developement which it seemed to slightly be lacking. And though I thought all the performances were excellent (especially Tom Hardy and the ever cool Joseph Gorden Levitt), sadly Ellen Page's character felt somewhat forced and not hugely necessary. That's meant as a slight against her performance which was otherwise strong. An interesting, thought provoking film. Chris Nolan maintains this standard, the future of hollywood isnt as grim as it would seem. Take note hollywood 8.5/10

FiendishMonkey on Jul 17, 2010


#112: I got Trolled...the link below is what you intended...I will stop trolling, I promise.

Vic on Jul 17, 2010


Also, hairball, if they were in a dream since the helicopter scene with Saito, when they carried off Lukas Haas, then how do you explain Dom using his totem successfully after that exercise with Ariadne in which she shifted up too much shit and the projections turned on her? Hmmmm?

JL on Jul 17, 2010


@85/Turok Thanks for that! I love seeing those types of connections. JK Rowling did the same thing for the Harry Potter books. BUT your way of on Cobb. (I believe) It's merely a reference to his first movie (Following) where the only character with a name was Cobb. But I think there is still a parallel there because in Following Cobb would break in to peoples houses and mess with what should be private to them without them knowing. Similar to how Dom goes into peoples dreams and gets information that should be private to them. Oh and although I've already said this, thus is the best movie ever. Although Fantastic Mr. Fox is pretty high up there. Lol I love that move. And to the guy that thinks I'm "scared" to think I didn't like it.... You're retarded and I think YOU are scared to LIKE it. So yea!

Aaron on Jul 17, 2010


The film would be better off without the horrible action sequences on the snow setting.It seemed draggy. Couldn't they just infiltrate it instead. @101 ANDREW GECSY, ur a fucking genius man, come to think of it, Nolan really did Incept the idea of Inception into our heads.

JT on Jul 17, 2010


Simply put, after his wide array of movies, Christopher Nolan Is Now Steven Spielberg...

JamiroFan2000 on Jul 17, 2010


what a great film. One of the my favorites was the hallway fight. At the end of that sequence the sold out theater let out one loud sigh of relief. I don't think anyone breathed for those 3 minutes.

dave13 on Jul 17, 2010


I thoroughly enjoyed it. It was exciting, it was complex (but not impossible to follow), the special effects were stellar (though not overdone or excessive for this type of psychological thriller) and the cast was a who's who of Nolan films (ie Michael Caine, Cillian Murphy, Raz Algul etc). It was a spectacular thrill ride, wonderfully written multi-layerd story on multiple timelines. I don't know how Nolan does it. I don't know how his mind is capable of such complex thinking and storytelling.

michaelscottmurphy on Jul 17, 2010


93! time to shut your mouth not everyone has the same opinion as you. When you make a reason why people don't have the same opinion as you you sound like a bogus nutdick.

KingOfTapWater on Jul 17, 2010


Also, the top topples over earlier in the film so if he was in limbo at the end it would be from Fischer's inception job.

KingOfTapWater on Jul 17, 2010


It's #90 again, just restating a few thoughts and adding a few more. Again, I was disappointed in Inception, partially based on the caliber of Nolan's previous movies. Also, I think Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind provided a much more captivating commentary on the ramifications of toying with the human mind. In contrast, Nolan's film capitalized primarily on the physical disorientation and reality-defying quality of dreams rather than the consequences of entering them (except with Mal and Dom, of course). While this concept could be fascinating, I still think further emotional investment in the characters is necessary to make the whole ordeal of traveling through multiple layers of dreams worth watching. I wholeheartedly believe Inception doesn't deserve the hype. I love Christopher Nolan and wouldn't rank this as one of his better movies, but I respect the opinions of everyone else. Inception certainly wasn't one of the worst films I've ever seen.

Timber on Jul 17, 2010


what are your thoughts about the ending?????????

pulp fiction212 on Jul 17, 2010


i'll let you be the judge, but here are my random thoughts. the best: - casting Ellen Page and Tom Hardy were amazing choices... totally felt authentic and was entertaining - the parallels between the recursive splash in one dream, equals rain in another or crash in one dream equals tremors in another. awesome concept. - the time thing, the deeper you go into dreams the longer it seems. this is an outstanding plot device that helps you keep track of what's going on. - i felt a little james bond influence in the skiing part of the movie, good contrast to the other dream worlds - cgi was awesome...not too forced. just great to explain how they can manipulate physics in the dream the worst: - casting Leonardo and Joseph Gordon-Levitt was a bad idea.... they only gave average+ performances. Leo in Inception is not even close as good as Pearce in Memento - changing the rules midway.... can't shoot yourself in this dream because of the sedative? say what? that's no fair - probably just me... but i missed some of watanabe's dialogue, accent was a little thick. (but nothing subtitles on the bluray won't fix 🙂 - Mal should have been more HOT in an evil looking seductress kinda way.

nolan is my hero on Jul 17, 2010


well, what can be said that hasn't already been said? I loved it plain and simple. I was immersed in the entire story, Inception kept a steady hand on my shoulder and I never once looked away. I loved the banter between Gordon-Levitt and Hardy. Murphy was a delight as always. Watanabe was great in his role. Page was brilliant. And DiCaprio was amaizing as always. It earned a place in my top films category, and implanted itself in my mind forever. Enough of my gushing! @Pulp fiction212, I can say I was really nervous during the ending...the totem kept spinning, then wobbled...seconds later cut to black, ambigious all the way. That's how you end a movie! Brilliant film, brilliant cast, brilliant story.

Xerxex on Jul 17, 2010


The movie was great, grabs you into re-thinking “reality” vs. consciousness and construct of an idea. I like DiCaprio because he chooses unique and thought-provoking roles and not trendy action money makers that doesn’t define a career.

Kevin Raffay on Jul 17, 2010


inception is the second coming of christ....inception was directed by god actually. please bow down to this movie for the rest of your life.

Vic on Jul 17, 2010


Answer to those questioning why Dom and Mal are seen as young when they kill themselves at the train tracks--- (from imdb) Part of the challenge of limbo is simply remembering where you are. Once Mal and Cobb decided to kill themselves to escape, they'd realized they were in a dream. We suspect that once they remembered everything was an illusion, their age fell away since it too was part of the illusion. Something which may support this is that if you look closely in the scene where they decide to kill themselves on the railroad tracks, though their faces are young, when they hold hands you'll see that their hands are still old and wrinkly.

Wes on Jul 17, 2010


My own personal rating of this most awesome of films is a 10. For those of you rating it 9/10, what did it lack?

MTHand on Jul 17, 2010


Saw Inception this afternoon on an IMAX screen (and there were only ten other people in the theater). I really wanted to love this film, based on the trailers, but I don't. The visuals were awesome, but the rest of the movie was meh. I actually started to fall asleep a couple of times, but luckily there was plenty of explosions and gunfire to wake me back up. I've read a lot of posts on various movie sites that this will have "legs" but I don't agree. I doubt it is going to appeal to anyone but the Nolan fanboys. Toy Story 3 is still the best movie of the year.

EJP on Jul 17, 2010


I am not one of those people who wants to pick apart a film looking for flaws. I, as I think most everyone that saw the film with me, left the theater with the same sense of being part of something exceptional, as I did. The ending was indeed "perfect" because like the movie subjects, we all were given the opportunity to participate, like on a collective trip, but with our own sense of purpose . We all dream. We all ask ourselves what do they mean. We may have, at some time in our lives, taken "drugs" to escape from a reality that we didn't like, only to wake-up to that reality. So we all have a meaningful perspective to allow ourselves to be a part of this movie. This movie was only Sci-Fi in current reality. In this movie all of us are allowed to suspend that and become part of it' more so than any movie I can think of. Each of us may have favorite movies that we love because we personaly identified with the subject matter, or a character, but I would bet that even in those movies we can not suspend the reality that they were only characters that we were watching once the movie was done. I know, I love movies because I want there to be people who are like the characters, in real life. Here we can fall in love with the movie itself, along with and/or despite the characters.

Ronmcm on Jul 17, 2010


#131 your an idiot. yes the movie was good and an outstanding success but there was too much hype and it was let down by some awful acting. movie of the year is animal kingdom

toots and the gaytels on Jul 17, 2010


a list of my qualms: 1. Everything felt...curt. - granted this may be the effect Nolan was looking to achieve as you jump between dreams before getting kicked back. However, I felt the thing that most suffered from this curtness was the character development specifically. The characters are seemingly thrown in accompanied by a brief job description but then nothing else happens - there's no further development of individual characters other than Dom. Subsequently however, at first I did find Ellen Page's character as kind of useless. She's dragged in, plays with some dreams, and then creates a maze that we never see or hear of again. Nevertheless, she does stand as an interesting foil within the film and seems to require repeat viewings to further investigate her role in the film and how she interacts/mirrors the audience. 2. The whole adventure felt rather trivial. Sure, there were a few tense moments, but once you realize that dying only results in waking up from the dream world & that Dom is basically Jesus and able to bring back people from Limbo...theres no real weight behind all the "danger" and gun battles. Furthermore, the whole plot demanding that Dom & Co. pull off this Inception is left (more or less) unexplained. He works for a faceless company, fails said faceless company's mission, is hired by another faceless company to screw over another faceless company for no other than reason than for Dom to do it for his kids & because mind-theft is completely bad ass. Really? Why the hell should I care about aforementioned companies? Oh...and the whole ethics issue...with you know...implanting an idea and changing an innocent persons whole outlook on life, depriving them of free will all for the sake of capitalistic gains...ya...what the hell is up with that? Are all of Team Dom completely callous and devoid of any morals? Ya? Sweet. I think Nolan missed out on a big opportunity there to dive in and explore those philosophical & moral dilemmas - it could have added a much needed dynamic to Tom Hardy's & Joeseph-Gordon Levitt's characters. 3. The Dream world. Ok, ok, granted - Nolan did pull off some spiffy Escher-esque effects and got to play around with some physics. (Buildings rolling in on each other? Hell ya!) But I really felt he could've made the dream world stand out more stylistically. Now I am not saying he needed it to be some bad acid trip landscape with a shit load of colors and Gaudi buildings. I just wish he explored more of the dynamic dimensions that are innately embedded within the concept of a dreamscape. The whole idea of time and rate of time was well played - so too was the dynamic shifting gravity that was influenced by the state of the Dreamer's body and environment. Well done there. I just think with the limitless capacity presented by our minds - Nolan could have dived further into inter-dimensional & spatial relationships within the manufactured dreamscapes. BOTTOMLINE I still appluad the Nolan for delivering a fantastic movie. Despite its shortcomings and missed opportunities I firmly believe that repeat viewings will only further unveil hidden nuances embedded within the film, opening up a big can of analytical rants and discussions for a long time to come. I know I am sure as hell ready to sit down and watch it again. It is a deeply intriguing film and definitely thought provoking - which I am always a fan of. In the end, Nolan's dreamscape layer cake is definitely entertaining - and by that fact alone - it stands as a successful film in my books.

swisschez on Jul 17, 2010


About why the the three levels of the the dream were as they were. The first level had to conform to reality enough to allow the person being incepted to go along. Once in the first dream level, then a second inception had to occur, before the defenses of the incepted person could interfere. The second level architecture had to conform to getting both to the third level and getting back from the second. This is why it was limited to the confined space of the hotel. The kick to get them back to reality had to account for the plan to have the van drive off the bridge, allowing the free fall time to the water to be long enough in the second level to create a kick while in zero gravity. ie the elevator, although that was a back up solution. The third level architecture had to be barren and yet focused to give a sense of purpose to the person insepted. Being the third level there was more time to carry out the task, but again everyone needed to be in close proximity when the fortress was destroyed, in order to all get kicked back to the 2nd level at the same time. As we know they all didn't make it back to reality at the same time, but soon enough to be there before the plane landed. The question is was that reality, or just the incepted idea planted in Leonardo De Caprio's character's mind, to make him think he had succeeded. This in fact is possibly a fourth level dream that was created by his father and his friends , to get him to stop doing what he was doing, in reality that was destroying him as a person, over the guilt he felt. In the end it really doesn't matter

Ronmcm on Jul 17, 2010


This movie is the poster child for mind-fucks, but I absolutely LOVED every single minute of it! Granted, I got a massive headache from watching it so late at night.... but WOW, I can't wait to go see it again!

wumbo on Jul 17, 2010


#124, if your post made sense maybe i'd be able to respond to it better.

KP on Jul 17, 2010


@137: I agree that Nolan seems to miss out on the fun way he can bend reality after he has shown how Ellen Page character, Ariadne, is capable of literally folding cities & building bridges. What Nolan does here is little different from MATRIX where there are 2 distinct realities which are separate. The various levels of dreams here are influencing one another. Also, there is that question of amorality which #137 points out. All this complex plan to rob a human being of his free will to break up a company so that Leo can see his kid's faces? In the end, the audience goes "aaww" look at those cute kids and redeemed Leo as a loving daddy while another family legacy is destroyed. Has the audience been "INCEPTED?"

Gary the Bruce on Jul 18, 2010


@138: No, in the end it is not the 4th level, it is the 5th, or even deeper than that..if you are sticking to this rationalization. The 1st level is the kidnapping of Fischer (as in "to fish?" interesting), the 2nd is all the hotel events, the 3rd is the snowy fortress, the 4th is the collapsing skyscraper world. But in the end, it doesn't really matter: What Nolan is doing here is presenting a really pessimist view of humanity which he argues, prefers a dreamworld to a dull reality. In Greek mythology, Ariadne is the hero's guide out of the maze. The second she shares dream with Dom (Leo), the Mal character always appears hostile towards her. Mal wants Dom to stay/get stuck forever & ever in a limbo of subconsciousness, or Dom creates Mal so that he can fool himself to stay with her - forever & ever. Re: actress choice. Ellen Page is a talented actress but as a heroine of the piece, she surely lacks a mature feminine quality. In a dreamscape smackdown, Marion can bitch-slap her anytime of the week. Her earlier roles kinda define her: snotty, see-through-it-all, smart-ass teenager. Warner Bros or Nolan could do better, and choose a more appropriate actress like,say, Rose Byrne.

Gary the Bruce on Jul 18, 2010


Inception truly is The Mona Lisa of film

Urian Muro on Jul 18, 2010


Inception was entertaining at three levels of dream; outstanding script that bends your mind within the walls of a maze.

maya malava gawla on Jul 18, 2010


The top has to stay up. From the time he left his kids and then finally came back at the end of the movie the kids did not age at all. It had to have been a dream.

Greg on Jul 18, 2010


@1 That was funny @143 I do not know about that. It's very good though. Frak that. It's Great. @137 "Oh…and the whole ethics issue…with you know…implanting an idea and changing an innocent persons whole outlook on life, depriving them of free will all for the sake of capitalistic gains…ya…what the hell is up with that? Are all of Team Dom completely callous and devoid of any morals? Ya? Sweet. I think Nolan missed out on a big opportunity there to dive in and explore those philosophical & moral dilemmas - it could have added a much needed dynamic to Tom Hardy's & Joeseph-Gordon Levitt's characters." I totally missed this. Thanks for bringing my attention to this. Remember though that Saito says they are doing the world a favor because Jr.'s company will have a virtual monopoly which is bad for everyone...especially his company. @145 I noticed that too. The kids had not aged and were wearing the exact same cloths from his memories. Inception COMIC BOOK PREQUEL: The Cobol Job

ProMovieBlogger on Jul 18, 2010


Everyone go and read Only Forward by Michael Marshall Smith, watch eXistenZ, The Matrix, Solaris, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Naked Lunch, Jacobs Ladder, Vanilla Sky, Ocean's 11 and a few others play Modern Warfare and there you have Inception. Inception is Nolan's ability to make us feel this is a unique concept and story. Acting was spot on though.

Live for Films on Jul 18, 2010


simply amazing cannot wait to see it again. Why can't all films be this good instead of all the Hollywood crap we keep getting. Please make more Nolan please.....

Neil on Jul 18, 2010


actually comment #101's theory explained it pretty well. i'm going with that

james on Jul 18, 2010


Awsome....little long with the wife story line but I understood that it was necessary. That you sir for the mind f*ck served with many layers.

Lazyvern on Jul 18, 2010


I am definitely going to be seeing this movie ASAP! Dark Night and Memento were such intriguing thrillers; they gave me high expectations for this movie. From what I've been reading, it looks like it is going to live up to my expectations. Can't wait to see what Christopher Nolan has done in this film!

zach on Jul 18, 2010


@ #154 they established fairly early on in the heist that if they die the MIGHT essentially go into a fucking coma - and apparently - Dom is a dreamscape Jesus and has no qualms with diving into Limbo and pulling people out - apparently its no biggie. Hence - no suspense (or very little as it were). Furthermore - to add the lack of suspense - it was hard to care about any of the characters except Dom. Ok sure, some random Asian CEO gets shot - why the fuck do I care if the guy dies or not? Oh - I remember - if the Asian dude dies...Dom doesnt get to see his kids - how sad. As for the rest of the team, all I know is that one guy is British and mimics people. Another guy is Middle Eastern and is just there to make a new sedative. Yup. I'm definitely feeling a strong connection with those two. Bottomline - I felt that there was no weight or substance behind 1) the threat of Limbo or 2) Dom's teammates. Although I still say Inception was a good film - it is flawed. It isnt some big mind-fuck philosophical film all it is a GOOD ACTION FILM. Unfortunately, when held in comparison to other big budget summer action films, Inception magically (and mistakenly) gains an infallible god-like status.

swisschez on Jul 18, 2010


I'm going out on a ledge here by declaring this film to be not only the best film of the year but any year. Nolan only gets better and better. I cannot wait to see what he does next with Batman and Superman! Spielberg was my fav filmmaker growing up and Nolan is my fav filmmaker now. The guy turns everything to gold!

last son on Jul 18, 2010


Loved it ... "life is but a dream" 🙂

Linda on Jul 18, 2010


First time I have ever wanted to get up in the middle of the movie and screen "THIS IS SO AWESOME"

Mike on Jul 18, 2010


I haven't been this excited after watching a film since, well, The Dark Knight. Flawless film. It took me a good ten minutes after the film ended before I could even speak.

Titty Roosevelt on Jul 19, 2010


@Graffiti Bandit: Haha! Well said! I completely agree. I could feel my own 4th level dream "movie top" spinning... I seriously wish Hollywood churns out more of these thought provoking stories

Luke on Jul 19, 2010


this makes me uber excited about the next superman movie..........Nolan is gold.

john on Jul 19, 2010


I honestly think the series finale of The Hills was far more confusing.

brian ricci on Jul 19, 2010


Umm, if I'm honest I was a little bemused by the film. I got it but I didn’t feel a great connection to it. When walking out with my friends we were agreeing that we thought we enjoyed it but we weren’t sure. I think for me because of it mainly existing in dream worlds, it's hard to feel any real world threat or danger in the action scenes. They are well filmed but you don't, well I didn't, feel any connection or a feeling of peril for the team. When you've people emptying handguns and machine guns into cars and only one person gets hit (and you feel that was added purely to add pace) it just feels a little hollow. When the film starts in a dream, then you think you are in reality but discover it's still a dream and then think you are in reality but it's a further dream it blurs the line so much between what is real and dream that you lose a sense of grounding. There's no real detail into Leo's life or the company orchestrating the dream walking and hence although what happening on the screen is pretty on the eye, it's not really resonating. An example (and this is in the trailer so not hugely spoilerish) is when a character is trying to take out a bad guy with a small assault rifle and then a crew member comes along and tells him he needs to think bigger and takes him out with this massive gun. Now one assumes that he just had to think of a bigger gun and it appeared as he didn't physically take it with him. Hence if you are conscious whilst in a dream, surely you could do anything. So instead of getting a bigger gun, you could drop a nuke on him or possess superhuman powers. The point I'm making is that when you say there is no rule book, it's hard to maintain tension by showing scenes played within the semi physical rule book that we know of but the director has said doesn’t exist. I don't know if that's clear. For instance The Dark Knight was a far better film for me because they placed it in the context of a real world city and location. The scenes, the setting, the characters had more impact because you could 'latch on' or 'identify' with the real world that you knew. In Batman Begins it made nods to this but then the whole Gotham City with it's overblown buildings, slums and intrusive monorail jarred against this and un-anchored it from the setting that you would normally place it in. I remember reading that Nolan had always wanted to do a Bond film and the snow sequences certainly looked like that but that was the thing. They looked like them but they felt empty and going through the motions because there wasn’t a real feeling of peril. You were constantly reminded that it was a dream, it was fantasy and as such ‘bad guys’ were despatched with the resonance of a computer game. I just feel that the film got a little carried away with it's belief in it's own cleverness. There is also a niggling thought that by saying you don't like it or 'feel' it, you will be accused of being someone who only likes the low brow, point A to point B, Michael Bay esque films. Hence I think there is a good chance of many people saying they like it for fear for not being considered a dullard. So although from a technical POV it was very good, acting was top notch, film score enjoyable I just felt it lacked something.

Payne by name on Jul 19, 2010


Good movie Real good movie. But does the guy at the end ever wake up or does he stay asleep?????

Anonymous on Jul 19, 2010


This movie made The Matrix look like an episode Mr. Roger's Neighborhood.

Baron on Jul 19, 2010


Need to see it again but my initial take was that the top may have fallen but the idea that i got was that It was still a dream, the promise Saito made was that Cobb would be with his family for the rest of his life and I think the call was to his father to take Cobb into inception because he wasnt able or just didnt get his charges dropped.. so he took him to his perfect dream with his family. update when I see it again... 🙂

Adam on Jul 19, 2010


Inception was a great movie, almost everything was perfectly done. The visuals and the story worked really well together and the actors delivered an amazing job, I loved it. I wrote a review on Inception, if you want to read it you can read it on my blog:

munkicloud on Jul 20, 2010


in the scene where they go down to the people who are sleeping together cobb goes to sleep. he has a wierd dream and then wakes up, runs to the sink, and drops his top before spinning it. Then he doesn't spin the top until the end of the movie. i think that he never woke up at all and is still dreaming in the basement.

amazing on Jul 20, 2010


The movie is out in the theater near me, i'll check if i can see it ASAP.

Fisherr on Jul 22, 2010


Spectacular. Go see it as soon as you can, worth the extra for IMAX. Really makes you think, i loved it. Me & my friends do think there will possibly be a sequel because of the ending...

Fac on Jul 22, 2010


Loved it.

Ambient on Jul 22, 2010


I thought it was more mediocre crap for 20 year old nolan fanboys personaly lol. It felt like a bad remake of shutter island, the actress playing leonardo's characters wife is revealed way too early shes a part of leo's characters imagination and basement subconscious. This would have been a stellar movie had leo's wife been revealed as a part of the team by leo's character and we find out through the movie she isnt actualy real with a love traingle as the prodigy tries to bring leo back to reality. Thiers more chemistry with his prodigy than with the scripted imaginary wife. we dont really connect because we know she isnt real through the movie. the only scene that we do is her death scene/memory of leo's character. this feels like a movie thats been modified too many times (took 10 years to tweak the script). The actress playing leo's wife comes off as wooden and has horrible chemistry with leonardo just like his wife in shutter island (although I liked that actress better). When a plot confuses even the actors playing it, thats a bad sign. Visualy the film is stunning in parts, more of a blur between reality and the dream world would have made a better thriller. the coolest part of the movie is shown in the trailer with the buildings bending . this is an overhyped film with nothing to say made for obnoxious 20 year old cokeheads. It borrows from other films like the matrix, dreamscape and even citizen kane (rosebud whisper=dissapointed whisper), is way too long with no real big payoff at the end were left wondering if he did get a big payoff or were we tricked. yeah I know Im a minority, but just like twilight, justin beiber, lady gaga (btw far more popular than nolan on facebook) and miley sirus, I dont like those people/products either and Im not going to pull punches, just because they have 20 million obnoxious fanboys. just my opinion nuff said. thiers a difference between a spielberg movie and a nolan film. spielberg makes magical films that are multigenerationaly loved, nolan makes films for 18-28 year olds that are too hyper and over opinionated and dont have much to say, just like his movies.

johnny on Jul 22, 2010


titanic had belevable romantic lead with leo and kate hudson niether shutter island nor inception had this and i think fanboys in all the fanfair miss that point. I really hope leo doesnt do another imaginary dead wife movie in his lifetime, im going to have to skip the next one. two are enough in one year lol.

johnny on Jul 22, 2010


Let me throw out this possibilty; a long shot but fun... Maybe, juuussssst maybe, the whole Inception story wasn't anything more than Cobb being an ordinary joe blow, falling alseep on his sofa one night while watching The Matrix and simply having one hell of a dream until his wife wakes up to use the bathrroom and drags him to bed so he won't a sore back the next day from sleeping on the sofa .... The movie Inception was his dream ...

Hattori Hanzo on Jul 23, 2010


#172 johnny, This movie was nothing like Shutter Island except for the fact that the main character has issues of guilt about his dead wife. That is the ONLY similarity. Shutter Island wasn't based on dreams. Bad memories, maybe, but the whole point of that movie was that he had gone insane and didn't know it. He never even quesioned his sanity until near the end, and his resolve got weaker as the film progressed. In Inception, his resolve got stronger and he was getting more and more of a grasp on reality and realized he had to put away his guilt. Perhaps if somone other than diCaprio had starred in it you wouldn't have even noticed. In my opinion, Shutter Island was okay and did a pretty good job of developing atmosphere and making you ponder whether Teddy was really on top of things, but it didn't pique my interest nearly as much as Inception did. I really like most of Scorsese's work, but Shutter Island was sort of disappointing. Inception, on the other hand, held my interest from start to finish. It exceeded my expectations. Even the dialog, which is usually cliched, boring, and stupid filler in summer action flicks, was actually interesting. I also can't imagine how you came to the conclusion that there was more chemistry between Leo and his female counterpart in Shutter Island than there was in Inception. At the moment I can't say I feel one way or the other, since both relationships were handled pretty well by diCaprio and these two actresses. Marion Cotillard is probably a better actress, and if you haven't seen La Vie en Rose, you should check it out. It might change your mind about who's better. Also, your comparison of fans of this film to cokeheads and hormone driven teenage girls who swoon over Robert Pattinson (talentless) and Taylor Laughtner (also talentless), and that weirdo hack Lady Gaga, and a wannabe poeser like Justin Beiber is way off the mark. Those people will never be in the same league as Leonardo diCaprio and Christopher Nolan. And here's a little newsflash about your hero Spielberg; he's lost his touch. Big time. Indy 4, for example, was a total suckfest that I wouldn't use to wipe my ass. Spielberg's too full of himself. He hasn't made a good movie for twelve years. Everything since Saving Private Ryan has been mediocre. Nolan may not be as prolific or as lauded, but he hasn't made a stinker yet. And probably never will. Lastly, even though this movie ran over two hours, it went by like one and a half. Too long? You're full of shit. Citizen Kane was too long when it passed the half hour mark. I didn't even finish watching it. It was the most miserably boring piece of overrated garbage I've ever seen. And that after trying to keep an open mind. It baffles me how it's been referred to as the greatest film in history. I thought the point of a film was for it to be stimulating, not dull, boring, and ass numbing. I've never squirmed so hard in my seat trying to watch a movie. I went a half hour past the point where I started to get bored trying to give the damn thing the benefit of the doubt. And yeah, maybe Inception borrowed some ideas from a few prior ventures into the depths of the mind, but let's make one thing clear, okay? There hasn't been a wholly original idea in art, literature, or film for a long time. It's all been done... and done... and done... and done... The Matrix is one of my favorite all time films, but it mimics a novel from the 80s called Neomancer. Hell, the main character's name is NEO, for crying out loud. And you know what else? It's not some fantasy story from someone's imagination. It's just hyperbole drawing parallels to shit that's really going on. No, we're not all plugged into computers, but this world sort of is a 'matrix' isn't it? Practice for what's ahead. And isnt't it true that people are being replaced by machines in the work place? So those ideas that are shared between Inception and whatever else you can think of don't really belong to the people who made those movies, do they? They are parts of our history that are reused over and over again. So get down off your high-fucking-horse and stop nitpicking like some fussy little bitch. Inception is a great movie and bound to be remembered as such even after the intial histeria wears off.

JL on Jul 23, 2010


Chris Nolan should be canonised Have seen everyone of his films he just better and better the man is a genius inception is as already said possibly the closest thing to perfection ever to be laid down on celluloid even better that DARK KNIGHT I never thought I would say that if batman 3 is better than this then I will stop going to the cinema because what will be the point everything will be utter B*&^$ If anyone out hasn't seen in IMAX format and has the opportunity do it and to hell to the cost its worth it its the only way to see a Chris Nolan film

pizza_monster on Jul 23, 2010


#175 My god, are you trying to shove your opinion down everyones throat as a 'fact'? With comments like "He hasn't made a good movie for twelve year" its obviously that you are clueless. Catch me if you can? Minority Report? Munich? Ring a bell? Yeah all these movies are great movies in fact, the last Indy Jones is the only crap fest Spielberg was ever involved in.

Brandon on Jul 24, 2010


loved it dude. haha at the end of the movie everyone was just like what?

ADaytoRemember on Jul 24, 2010


Absolutely brilliant.........I just wish it wasnt over, I havent been sucked into a movie like that in years.

Cody w on Jul 24, 2010


Inception reminded me a lot of Existenz. Remember that movie? It didn't quite connect to the movie eighter. It was good, but there was something about it. Maybe it was the dialogues, maybe some scenes were missing, I can't tell exactly. It's value for money for sure. I just don't think it can apply for the 'best film of the year' status. Not sure yet who can, to be honest.

Peter on Jul 26, 2010


I finally got to see this movie today. Visually spectacular, and quite simply, one of the best movies I have ever, EVER seen. I thought it was as close to a perfect movie as you can get. The only negative I had is that I found Ken Watanabe difficult to understand at times. Regardless of that, I couldn't have loved this movie any more. 5 out of 5 stars for me. Absolutely spectacular.

Suass on Jul 27, 2010


A brilliant movie. I was engrossed from beginning until the very last shot. I normally hate when people talk during movies, but I was there along with everyone going "Fall over...just fall...please fall...". 🙂 I loved the visuals as well as the mind-bending story, and the acting. Joseph Gordon-Levitt really stood out...his character was very entertaining and his sequence in the hotel was among the coolest in the film. I'm going to see this for a second time in a couple days, this time on an IMAX screen. I can't wait.

Court on Jul 28, 2010


It was a decent movie, but I feel that previews and movie-goers are making it seem much more complex and complicated than it actually is. I didn't leave the theater feeling confused and had no desire to talk about the movie at all. I might give it a second watch when it comes out on DVD.

xCloudbox on Jul 29, 2010


@177 I agree with you on the fact that most of Spielberg recent films have been pretty good (barring Indy 4, though I thought the first 20 minutes of that film was very strong). But saying that Indy 4 was the only shitfest he was ever involved in is crazy. You must be doing some major historical editing to forget such epic Spielberg stinkers like Empire of the Sun, that haggard romcom Always and the film that ruined Stanley Kubricks career from beyond the grave, A.I! These are all awful films. Speilberg makes misses, just like Nolan does. The Prestige, case in point.

lebowski on Jul 29, 2010


it was boring and i wish i would of seen toy story 3 instead, to much talk and a plot which was just rubbish, trying to be like the matrix failed.

andrew wilsher on Jul 30, 2010


ok. awful acting, awful script, real boring, predictable and way too long. not "confusing", not clever at all. all mistakes from The Dark Knight was there, and even more visible.

Bender on Jul 31, 2010


FIRST OFF EXCELLENT FILM... I went in without seeing any previews at all! I've NEVER done that before... needless to say THIS movie is a total MIND- FCK loved every second of it... you guys i've seen the film 3 times... HE was not it a dream the whole film... IN ALL of the dreams throughout the movie if you pay close attention he is WEARING his wedding ring *hence the fact that this is when his dead wife MAl appears* he still is married to her in the dreams because that's all he dreams about and she comes in other dreams even if he's not in his *own* dreams ...but when he is awake *When he first me ariandne , or in the hotel when he firsts speaks to his children on the phone, or the plane ride at the end, * ... NO WEDDING RING because HE WAS ACTUALLY AWAKE hello!!! =) Who all thinks the top stopped at the end??? *Raises hand* if you would have waited long enough at the end of the film...when the casts starts rolling they have two sets of characters playing the kids role(s) with two different ages listed... =) the younger ones of course when he left for 2 1/2 years earlier... then the next set of children *the older ones* when he returned... AWESOME Fkn details!!!!

Hollie Garnett on Jul 31, 2010


Loved the film... BUT I really didn't care in anyway about the characters emotionally which at the end left me feeling empty, and for a film with such a good story is a shame.

Tobie on Aug 2, 2010


It's a film that makes stupid people think they are clever. No wonder it's so popular. Nolan makes simple film-making and logical mistakes, and people are so unwilling to see those mistakes that they invent wild "it's all a dream" theories to explain them. So are all movies (including "Avatar"), and if you say that all bets are off. You can justify any idiocy. Here are just two logical weaknesses. (1) Why doesn't grandad just fly the kids to Paris? (2) Why on Earth would you need the sedation equipment in a dream within a dream within a dream? Nolan has ripped off Tarkovsky's "Solaris" and "Stalker" (for the end), pinched more from "Citizen Kane", at least nodded to "Existenz", and after initially-promising dream landscapes given us dreams out of Michael Bay movies. The simplest reading about what is reality and what is dream is the one he initially wanted us to believe. The problem is that his film-making language and logical missteps have then to be explained away, so all these theories have to be invented because fan boys don't want to acknowledge the possibility of mistakes. Incidentally, the old kids were ONLY used in the telephone sequence, so don't take cast lists as evidence to support crackpot theories. And for a dream predicated on emotion, it was all too emotionless. Nolan has admitted he couldn't come up with an emotional hook for a long time, and when he finally did, it's just there as a plot device.

Martin L on Aug 2, 2010


Anyone with me in thinking that the actual 'inception' is the idea that chris Nolan has planted in our heads as viewers as opposed to the entire plot of the film!! I think that CN has been more clever than just creating a masterpiece of work but has went further to try to mesas with our minds more than we actually think! Inception is the planting of an idea in someones mind through dreams but is this not exactly what Christopher Nolan has done through this film into our minds? Or am I simply reading far too much into this?

Irish che on Aug 2, 2010


After watching the film I felt tht I shud also once experience lucid dreaming. The film was food for brain. Thrilling ,exicting, emotional and a perfect casting. Have never watched a film like this. Good work. Congratulations 4 the sucess. Inception cast and crew deserve it.

kanica maheshwari on Aug 2, 2010


"BUT I really didn't care in any way about the characters emotionally" Characters? What characters? The people we saw were so superficial they could be explained in those short notes in "Momento". Cobb - Wants to see kids again. Guilty about wife. Fischer - Wants his dad's approval. Anyone else ..... well no-one else had even THIS much character. And I wish people would realize that if you say it's all a dream it does not matter EVER what the Totem does because there are no rules for it to follow. Or for anything else either for that matter. Maybe Cobb isn't even Cobb. Maybe he doesn't have kids or a wife. I agree with post 189. We come back to these explanations because of things Nolan has not thought through, and because we're so wowed by the concept we don't want to admit the working out of the concept lacks internal logic.

Michael Hoag on Aug 3, 2010


why does the top fall over at the beginning? i thought they were supposed to be in limbo??

hmmmm on Aug 3, 2010


I think it's time LDC wins a best actor for christsakes! The movie was very very good. I dont think his acting was better or worse than Shutter Island or the Departed - but there is certainly less competition than those years. ....and while we're on it - let's give Ellen Page the best supporting actress as well! She was great - a role tailored to her acting skills. DtM

Dan the Man on Aug 9, 2010


One of the best movies I have ever seen Leonardo De Caprio's did some great acting, and I would like to see him in another movie but, I am sure it wont beat this one. Excellent movie....I give it the best rating possible. I was blown away by the end.

Jenny Meade on Aug 10, 2010


i think Christopher Nolan is a freaking genius! And even though De Caprio was great i have to give it all to Joseph Gordon-Levitt he was amazing, so was Ellen Page, they totally surprised me! I was expecting a "Juno" kind of character to be in it but Ellen showed Hollywood she isn't some actress going to be in pointless comedies for the rest of her career. I really think Joseph Gordon-Levitt could get nominated for Best Supporting Actor at The Oscars. I really think he is a great actor with a ton of potential, but sadly a very under appreciated. But 5 stars for the film! OSCARS AND GOLDEN GLOBES ARE COMING THIER WAY! 😀

Ani on Aug 10, 2010


TOTALLY MIND BLOWING MOVIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ronsky on Aug 25, 2010


I saw the movie for the 4th time yesterday, and will go see it most likely, one more time before it leaves theaters. Loved the men in the film, the ladies were superb, music beautiful and diabolical all in one, the concept---perfection. I LOVED it and hate it, in that I am obsessed and even possessed with this piece of cinema. Nolan, I am a fan! Keep it coming, raise the bar in Hollywood....please!

Robyn on Sep 9, 2010


just saw inception today, bout 5 minutes ago... wtf wow. i mean the ending itself is worth an entire review, the movie as a whole....WOW. ok so as for the movie, it was amazing. weird thing is i started being able to guess at how things would turn out (like how the beginning of the movie was actually an end) and normally i hate that, but this movie actually made it work perfectly and although i guessed it i had to second guess myself about how it tied in...the movie wasnt hard at all for me to follow, yet my mind was always thinking...freaking amazing. as for the end...holy hell...i mean it can go both ways. A.- the top fell, he is back in reality, his wife was wrong... now my parents and i argue this but here is proof that it fell- in our world, if a top starts to wiggle it will fall...also in the end he was able to see his kid's faces, while before he wast B.-the top didnt fall, he is still trapped, his wife was our world the top would have fell, but had it been a dream, the top could wiggle all it wanted but it doesnt mean it would have fallen, dreams are just weird that way.. next, just because he saw his kids faces doesnt mean anything. in the middle when the girl went into his dream and was told that in the MEMORY he couldnt see the faces....thats because it was just that, a memory which he admitted he could not change. next, throughout the movie when the kids are seen (besides the memory) they are running away, so no reason to have seen their faces at that time..also, nowhere in the movie did it say he couldnt see them in his dreams, because we never entered his dreams, because he couldnt dream other then inducing his sleep, and while he did that he only focused on keeping his memories, not creating a new dream. in conclusion....see inception damn movie i have seen in a long time, and you will be wondering about the end until you die

Chris on Oct 25, 2010


I've watched the movie 2 times before, and I just finished watching it the 3rd time. It's amazing how Nolan could put together the ideas in this movie. My mind was really filled with questions. While I agree with #199, it's good to take into account the events in the start of the movie: when Cob meets the old Saito. In that scene they somehow knew each other again, but then Saito spins the top - Cob's totem - which as 'was' the rule: never let anyone touch or feel your totem, as they can manipulate your perception of reality! Another thing I would like to point out, Cob and Saito were trapped in the van (already) underwater. They needed a kick to get back from the multiple levels of dreams they were in, but simply isn't possible, because all the guys who were supposed to wake them up from the deeper levels were already awake. And I doubt how long they can save them from underwater... The movie clearly draws a lot of questions - but not in the negative way. It only makes me want to watch it again, because maybe, just maybe, I missed some other details which could answer my questions, or add to the tons of questions that I (we) already have.

Edgy on Dec 3, 2010


I thought this was a very good move, loved it. Did anyone else get the same impression that I had? When waking up in the plane at the end, I immediately thought that Cob (DiCaprio) was on a 10 hr flight home from who knows where, possibly taken some kind of sleeping aid and the whole move was his personal dream. Prior to take off, he saw the other passengers on the plane and incorporated them into his personal dream. That was the whole movie. Very well done but not rocket science.

logical on Jan 2, 2011

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