Sound Off: David Fincher's The Social Network - Your Thoughts?

October 1, 2010

David Fincher's The Social Network

Now that you've seen it, what did you think? Even though the famous social networking website was only founded in 2004, the unofficial "Facebook Movie" has arrived in theaters today, and it's actually a very strong contender for Best Picture. David Fincher directs this social drama from a script by Aaron Sorkin titled The Social Network, with Jesse Eisenberg starring as Facebook co-founder Mark Zuckerberg. Is it really the movie of the decade like some critics are saying? How does Eisenberg do in the pivotal lead role? If you've seen it, leave us a comment and let us know your thoughts on David Fincher's The Social Network.

To fuel the fire, The Social Network is indeed an incredible film, with fantastic performances from the cast all-around (especially Andrew Garfield and even Justin Timberlake), a brilliant script by Aaron Sorkin (which I believe will win the Oscar), and Fincher's typically beautiful direction, but even after seeing it a few times, I still can't call it my favorite film of the year. It's great, but it's not that amazing (e.g. Fight Club) and I'm not sure why I haven't been able to fall head over heels for this as much as other critics. That said, I can talk about the film hours, it touches upon so many fascinating and very thought-provoking topics, from this generation to the relationships we have and how technology has changed the lives of everyone in many ways.

One thought I do want to talk about briefly is how this is one of the first movies to pave the way in terms of being accurate with the "lingo" used with computers today, yet is still taken seriously. There's a scene or two where they actually mention things like Apache and MySQL (which are real software platforms that even we use on this site) plus all of the algorithms and hacking techniques used in the beginning are completely real. This is just one of the many ideas that The Social Network tackles without so much as flinching and it's that brilliance, that familiarity with our generation and modern society, that makes it such an extraordinary film.

What did you think of The Social Network? One of the best movies of the decade or just okay?

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Justin Timberlake should get nominated for an Oscar.

Havito on Oct 1, 2010


I've seen it twice. Inception still takes the top spot for my favorite film of the year, but I loved everything about The Social Network. Can't beat buying the score for $2.99 on amazonMP3.

first world problem on Oct 1, 2010


I thought the performance from Jesse Eisenberg was absolutely amazing and I loved the supporting actors (the more I see of Andrew Garfield, the more excited I get about the upcoming Spider-Man reboot). But I have to say, I'm not understanding why exactly it's being hailed as the "Movie of our generation" - to me, it didn't touch enough upon the actual IMPACT of Facebook or even Social Networks in general. I thought it was going to be more of a social commentary of our time - instead, it touched on age old issues like greed, treachery and deceit (which was all very well done but nonetheless, disappointing). I wanted more. Now, as far as screenwriting, direction, cinematography, acting and dialog goes: The Social Network delivers! It's hands down, one of the best movies of the year! In fact, for me, it's my second favorite this year (behind Toy Story 3 - that's right, an animated film!)

Josiah Rizzo on Oct 1, 2010


My favorite movie of the year so far. The screenplay will win an Oscar and I think this has a shot at Best Picture. The acting was great all around and David Fincher even thru in the amazing rowing sequence which was beautiful.

Moon on Oct 1, 2010


Spot on #3. I was hoping that it would define our generation more in the sense of what facebook has done to the world, but I guess that will eventually come? The acting was soooo good! Justin Timberlake didn't fail! Andrew Garfield is becoming one of my favorites. Rooney Mara's small part was my favorite! Thumbs up to Brenda Song and Rashida Jones as well. Jesse Eisenberg played the role he was meant to play!

joey on Oct 1, 2010


this is also my favorite of the year so far. I had the biggest smile during the tilt-shift rowing sequence.

Marc on Oct 1, 2010


Some great acting and the screenplay was definately very good. The movie was pretty good, a great movie for our generation i'm not so sure about... ending was a little eh too.

whoknows on Oct 1, 2010


It was a very unique experience for me to update my top ten films list on the very creation that inspired it. I thought this film was brilliant and it's definitely my favorite of the year so far which is quite the statement seeing as I don't care for Fincher's most recent work in Zodiac and Benjamin Button. I think the writing was the star of the film, but the acting, score, humor, cinematography, and overall realistic tone were all perfect. I really can't find one flaw in this film, and if you come from a networking or programming background then this is a must see.

peloquin on Oct 1, 2010


Incredible, a movie about a website that is brilliant really shows how brilliant the director and screenwriter were on this project, I would never think a concept like this would be this good. *Also a note Alex, I think it made it more poignant to me because I've watched the Facebook seminars where MZ talks and it incredible to actually see where they grabbed the character from.

Guy on Oct 1, 2010


Oh also the ending I think should have hit a little harder, but maybe this keeps us wanting to know more.. stay interested.

Guy on Oct 1, 2010


I thought Jesse Eisenberg was unbelievable at creating a personality who you grew to hate but so naturally understood him being misunderstood. Eisenberg so subtly employed small quirks in his reactions or non verbal queues that really made you wonder if Mark Zuckerberg had a form of Aspergers or any other legitimate chemical imbalance that lead to him being socially dysfunctional. I don't know about all the rave reviews of Justin Timberlake. He's a great Pop musician but I would not regard his performance with any high esteem. He at best was average. The story was what made it. Ben Mezrich has made a living and a catalog of fiction loosely based on real life characters. And this adaptation by Sorkin of Mezrich's book "Accidental Billionaires" nails it. Funny, raw, clever, and downright conniving, you can't stop gritting your teeth as the movie just drives effortlessly through this story. I found myself gritting my teeth, laughing absurdly, and really finding myself in the characters. I don't if this wins film of the year, but if it's paired against Inception, "Social Network" should definitely win.

Remoy on Oct 1, 2010


loved the movie! thought it was great and its different from any thing thats been out lately, its not action packed or full out comedy. its just a really intriguing story that you just want to keep fallowing. do i think its going to be picture of the year? I totally agree it needs to be nominated for it but i still think inception is gonna take it, but this is a must see film!

cheezy c on Oct 2, 2010


All the parts were there, but similar to this year's "inception" it is yet another's artists explorations of sociopathic creativity. It was witty and smart and clever but in the end, there was no soul, no heart, nothing human. The only human in the film was played well by Roonney Mara but as the film shows, there was no room made for humanity in the film, and it devolved into just a trickster's tale, which while very interesting is unfulfilling to me. A cold film, in my honest opinion, not a bad film though...but maybe waiting 10 more years would have given us more an fully fleshed perspective on Zuckerberg as it is he is an enigma, whose only purpose is to introduce characters that he strikes conflict with. Andrew Garfield was great.

LINKFX on Oct 2, 2010


Amazing dialogue...really natural flow from the actors especially Garfield. The constant shift in time frames worked really well in propelling the story.

Jaf on Oct 2, 2010


This is as close as i'll come to experiencing Harvard U. "I'm 6'5", 220 pounds, and there are two of me. "

MCat on Oct 2, 2010


What about non-Facebook users? I say this because from their angle it surely looks likes yet another film with a built-in audience it just wants to flatter rather than challenge. But then that's probably what its audience wants.

sleepykid on Oct 2, 2010


I loved the first scene and the dialogue but i kept thingking of Gilmore Girls speed talking. Has anybody mentioned how much the twins looked like Zach Morris?

Me on Oct 2, 2010


Great movie Loved it all the way but I dont think it will win best picture, I think True Grit will!

N. on Oct 2, 2010


@LINKFX what do you mean the movie is completely human. The stories not about the technology but how it affects the people involved.

Moon on Oct 2, 2010


I'm a non-Facebook user and have absolutely no interest in seeing this. Even if Fincher did direct it.

norm on Oct 2, 2010


I'm a non-Facebook user and I'm seeing it tomorrow. Will probably rave about it afterward.

jim1 on Oct 2, 2010


really sucks!!! really shit movie.goddamn you maniac fincher.

Alien on Oct 2, 2010


It was good, but I honestly don't understand how anyone could think it was "brilliant" or "mind-blowing". Solid, very solid, but nothing worth flipping out over.

whomever on Oct 2, 2010


Are you people serious ? I fell asleep twice during this. Unfortunately my wife woke me up both times. This could be made to a 10 minute documentary clip and be more entertaining.

Shige on Oct 2, 2010


@ moon. You completely missed my point. I didn't even mention technology in my comment. The film just left me feeling cold, because at it's narrative center was a cold calculating nervous sociopath. I'm not saying i didnt like it, it was just an unnatural experience for me. The movie was about a complete asshole who made something of great but dubious social value, something that can in many ways help humanity. My only commentary is that i can't relate to the central character, like in many a great kubrick film. Nothing inherently wrong with that, just not my favorite thing in the world. The film was good though. Even great.

LINKFX on Oct 2, 2010


The film reminded me of There Will Be Blood and Citizen Kane in tone and subject matter. That is a very good thing. Very good. I don't know how The Social Network will hold up over time but I have a feeling it will end up being a cinema classic. It perfectly encapsulated the social structure of our time and 50 years from now will be looked back on in fascination. IMO of course.

Audioout on Oct 2, 2010


@ audioout. In citizen kane you can actually relate to the central character, you see his dissapointments and failures and what drove him to succeed and ultimately to personal ruin. Fincher's Zuckerberg character is a hollow immature asshole that learns nothing and sucumbs to his own creation. He is unrelateable in the same way as daniel day lewis is in There Will Be Blood. They are inhuman assholes.

LINKFX on Oct 2, 2010


The Social Network dazzles ::

Rick Chung on Oct 3, 2010


im sorry for you fincher...departed fincher! goddamn you and your NONSENSE movie.

klain on Oct 3, 2010


Facebook is the biggest marketing scam! People should get a real life and friends.. I don't see the point in this movie.

Johan on Oct 3, 2010


justin timberlake was so amazing, and he will most definitely be getting roles thrown his way after this. WHat made this movie good was its script, its spot on portrayal of Harvard, and of course the actors. Even if this movie came too soon or if a lot of it was over exaggerated, It still had several messages that really stuck with you and that's what i think inspired people to make this movie.

Mark c. on Oct 3, 2010


@Johan I'm no user of the book of face but pleanty of my friends have reconnected with long lost realtives and romantic partners after losing touch with them, so facebook has brought many pros but twice as many cons with it arrival.

Xerxex on Oct 3, 2010


1) Yes, this is a well written and great directed movie 2) This movie is in a series of movies that have mirrored the past decade from 9/11 forward. 3) It is very prolific well publicized movie that is barely racking in $25million this opening weekend and will disappear sometime after October 22nd 4) I find it odd, delusional that Facebook won't let you "like" The social network film really Zuckerberg needs to get a grip on his idea of utopia is blasted into outerspace and reality is he's still an asshole for selling peoples information. 5) OMG Justin Timberlake does what 25 minutes of film and deserves an Oscar Nomination that is robbing Eisenberg of it how very Zuckerbergish of him. 6) Does anyone know who the lawyers are because I think I need to sue someone. 7) Spoiler alert**** The last scene with Zuckerberg refreshing the page exemplifies that person is a chromosome away from being a mass murder 8) I will buy the DVD only if it comes with Cast Commentary. 9) What The ??? with Eduardo's girlfriend SHEESH! 10) I can not wait for the 140 second film about Twitter should be just as riveting. nuff said.

Patricia on Oct 3, 2010


every thing about this movie was spot on especily the soundtrack. the only issue i think the film has is that it seems like an over exageration of what goes on every day in america. if this didnt have the facebook element to it it wouldnt have been half as interesting. and that is my only grip about the movie.

rowdy on Oct 3, 2010


i thought this was a great movie. And all you people it's about facebook and facebook only,it's not about facebook. it is about the lawssuits that went on when he created it.

max s. on Oct 3, 2010


Amazing movie...FINCHER!!!!

Geoff on Oct 3, 2010


I liked it. I don't quite see why people are saying this is the "film of the year." It was an interesting story, and well acted. In the end, I'd say it's enjoyable (and interesting if you don't know the background of Facebook), but it's not this big epic great feature that people seem to think it is.

FilmMaker2009 on Oct 3, 2010


to follow up on comment 21: I'm a non-Facebook user and I loved it. Extremely dense, epic, etc. As of now I have little to add to what the critics have said.

jim1 on Oct 3, 2010


Maybe they should have started this with Friendster, then Myspace and blogger or better yet a BBS. A story about facebook in regards to social networking is like starting the story in the middle of the book.

JimD on Oct 3, 2010


It was a well done movie, but the story just didn't engage me like it seems to have other reviews and a majority of critics. I have no specific complaints. I didn't walk out after 2 hours wanting my money back, but I really don't have any thoughts of wanting to see it again. Movie of the year? No. Good all around film? Sure.

ibleedbloo on Oct 4, 2010


TSN was truly impeccable, but I'd still give the nod to Inception because it was more ambitious and glorious, even if it had more glaring flaws. Still, I don't think any of us would have a good reason to complain if this walked away with the Oscar. One of the best written, acted and directed films of the last decade and one with no immediate peer.

Carlos D on Oct 4, 2010


The only reason this will get nominated is because there are 10 spots for nominations. It's sociopathic focus will make sure it doesn't may win best screenplay, but that's still a long shot, I have a hard time seeing the Academy old timers seeing the relevance of this particular film.

LINKFX on Oct 4, 2010


Yeah its pretty Fincher but it's pretty blockbuster. Good acting, good camera but hmmm....less intention on deepness. But heyit's okay. I'm not the FB generation but I know how it works and how to use it. Also I know the orginal story and that's less COOL and intense as it it shown but hey it's a movie. We don't want to see boring lawyers etc. so yeay it fit's well.

MFX on Oct 4, 2010


I found this movie absolutely riveting and well rounded by the performances from the actors (and actresses) all the way to Trent Reznor's score and Aaron Sorkin's sceenplay. I didnt think any movie could be released this year that would top "Inception" for me but this surely is a film that could do that. I was increasingly captivated by the dialogue that time just flew by and what was a two hour long movie raced by in what felt like an hour, all without expensive explosions or visual effects. Just good old fashioned writing and directing and some good music to go along with it. To me this is what FILM MAKING should be about, granted I loved "Inception" and have been a long time fan of Christopher Nolan which he too is a great writer and director, however Mr. Nolan's movies just seem more blockbuster-ish rather than having that independent charm I saw in "The Social Network." Which to me is the deciding factor of why I enjoy "The Social Network" slightly more than "Inception." The funny thing about this is I didnt expect at all a movie about Facebook to be as captivating as it was, and I am sure the majority of who saw it did either.

Hairu on Oct 5, 2010


Screw this film, thats all I have to say...

Mathew on Oct 5, 2010

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