Sound Off: Disney Animation's 'Tangled' - What Did You Think?

November 25, 2010


Now that you've seen it, what did you think? Arriving in theaters everywhere (in 3D too!) just in time for Thanksgiving is Disney's 50th animated motion picture titled Tangled, a retelling of the classic story of the Brothers Grimm fairytale Rapunzel. This musical may be animated by computers this time, but it has all the heart and wonderment of one of Disney's beloved hand-drawn classics. Mandy Moore voices Rapunzel and Zachary Levi voices Flynn Ryder. How is it? Does it live up to the Disney name? Better than Princess and the Frog? If you've seen it, leave us a comment and let us know what you thought of Disney's Tangled!

To fuel the fire, I absolutely adore Disney's Tangled. I've seen it twice, the second time in 3D, and it's now one of my very favorite animated Disney movies. It just has that amazingly brilliant, heart-warming classic Disney feel, complete with very catchy songs and a story that has a lot more emotional depth than most of the animated movies we see these days. It was probably those floating candle things that won me over from the start. Oh and I must mention the horse, Maximus, that horse was amazing! Such a hilarious character, the chameleon and him both steal the movie. I can truly say it's a beautiful film, especially to watch in 3D. I saw it last night again in 3D and it was just wonderful. If you love Disney at all, make sure you see this, too!

What did you think of Disney's Tangled? A wonderful new animated classic or just mediocre?

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i'll take my younger siblings only because YOU like it. hear that Disney?

boye on Nov 25, 2010


I have to say, it was enjoyable but deffinitely the worst Disney theatrical release I can remember seeing. Very pretty to look at, and some cool cinematography, but other than I have a dream, all the other songs were forgetable and pathetic by Disney standards. The story itself was a giant cop out (in the big reveal towards the end) with a lot of things not making any logical sense. Character development and relationships were sort of given 'as is' and had very little in the way of development. In short, I would describe it as a Barbie movie with production values. I'd say go watch it, but go with low expectations.

Dhruv Govil on Nov 25, 2010


you didn't find the essence of the movie dude. you were too busy criticizing almost every aspect of what you so call a "perfect movie", but hey, what makes a Disney movie a "classic" is its being "perfectly imperfect". and i guess movies like these are intended for children and other people who finds the "child-within" them when they see movies like this. Well, that's my opinion though. With all due respect to yours by the way.

Apple Worker on Feb 24, 2011


Wow Dhruv, I bit harsh, (as I do respect your opinion....because everyone has 'one') every child around me in the theater laughed and giggled their way through this movie and there were even a few sobs heard in the final scenes. My daughter (12yrs) loved it! and that's a huge stamp of approval, for a pre-teen who has very specific tastes. This was a wonderful film in true Disney fashion, a beautiful modern spunky princess and a dashing and charming rouge. The evil 'mother' was no maleficent but she was as wicked as they come (I mean come on leave a young girl locked up in a tower her whole life for your own selfish vanity, that's a pretty good definition of evil if you ask me. You say no character development? remind me what's Geppetto's back story? or say who ends up marrying Snow White or Cinderella for that matter (just some prince we know nothing about) The Seven Dwarfs, Seriously seven vertically challenged old men living in a house together in the middle of the woods, hmmm very suspect? To that point, I have to say the nuances in characters expressions and eyes (the CGI is beautifully executed) tell so much more than unnecessary exposition. Seriously, this is not Scorsese or Truffaut we're watching here. Let's not forget who the target audience is after all, it's Children and the Child within us as adults. Which is, after all, the true audience of that which is the legacy of Walt Disney himself. I for one think he would be very proud of this film.......highly, highly recommended. Alan D

Alan Douglas on Nov 25, 2010


i had tears in my eyes when all the lanterns were going up into the sky. a memorable moment.

Denis on Nov 25, 2010


I thought it was pretty reminiscent of a 50s road trip/buddy movie. Both characters played off each other nicely and the script was well written. Well, only one anachronistic catch phrase to ruin the script. The songs were sparse but Disney-satisfying (A heroine wishing, a scene chewing villain song, comedy bit in a pub, "we found love" song). Mandy Moore and Donna Murphy (channeling a Broadway-esque Bernadette Peters) does a great job. I saw it in 3D, but would love to see it again in a 2D theatre for the full colour.

DeadRobot on Nov 25, 2010


I loved it. It was cute, funny, & enjoyable. The graphics were also extremely good. I want to watch it again!

David 123 on Nov 25, 2010


I took my kids to see it last evening; it was a cute and enjoyable movie, but it wasn't Disney if you know what I mean. For me it was more like eye candy in the sense that after you see it you forget about it. Even my girls who are 8 and 10 didn't seem that impressed about it since they didn't say much about it afterwards and for that to happen, it doesn't say much about the movie.

Anne on Nov 25, 2010


I love it, my wife and my kids adore it. I think Disney and Lasseter are going the right way, it feels like the classics but with a new touch, lets see how it does at the box office. Happy Thanks Giving.

Alex Gramlich on Nov 25, 2010


@Alan D I would agree with you on most of your points. The animation and cinematography were wonderful, and 10 out of the 12 people I went with loved it, the others having similar opinions as me. I would agree you're right in that I'm not the target audience, and to that degree I would say the movie was good because it was successful with the targets you mentioned. My main complaints are again with the fact that it hit only those targets. Previous Disney movies, all had a way of hitting me even as an adult, as much as they did for me as a child. This is something Pixar movies are terrific for as well, like the married life sequence in Up. It's that ability to hit their target audience, but captivate everyone else that I feel is something Pixar has retained, but Disney has lost. it's not the backstory so much as the fact that I don't feel the characters change in the film. I definitely felt a lack of character in the two main protagonists. The beat changes are, still in my opinion, giant cop outs. THey don't so much as fall in love, as have one look and are there. She only realizes her past by a flashback, even though she goes to a city where anyone could put 2+2 together and tell her who she is. He manages to escape with incredible ease. We all know how he comes back to life long before it happens. It's just things like this, that good story writing could have made better. I guess I just miss the lack of actual hurdles the characters were given and feel any actual chalenges were forced in, rather than natural elements of the story. The same goes for most of the songs, they didn't fit in anywhere as well as in previous movies, and most are highly forgettable. That said, I'm not the target audience and I did enjoy watching it for Maximus and Pastel alone. If they made a short on those two, I would love it, the rest of the movie was definitely forgettable for me. But again, to each his own. It was a good movie, just not in my opinion anywhere near the standards Disney set back in the day

Dhruv Govil on Nov 25, 2010


This was a surprisingly fun film that I really enjoyed. I would highly recommend it.

MMH on Nov 25, 2010


I really liked this movie, and honestly I don't like princess movies very much. Plus I'm thirteen and my friend in highschool like it alot too. In the end when the one chacter got hurt and almost died, I'm glad it looks like that character was actually hurt. I know this will sound mean, violent and just cruel, but I think that caracter should have died. I think it would have made it more believable. It also would have had some more meaning to it than just another kids movie. I understand it is a kids movie though so having that character die would not have worked so well for business. And again I know this sounds mean and everything, but I think I would have liked it better if that character had died. In life I'm all for life, peace, saving the planet, and animal kindness. So please, don't think I'm a brutal person.

I'd rather be anonymous on Nov 25, 2010


I think when you get to take a look at end part of the movie again you'll notice he was dead for a while, but he was brought to life through rapuzel's tears like it is in the fairy tale.

Jasmineariel08 on Feb 5, 2011


This what Disney is about, fairy tales stories done well. Not that shit Princess and the Frog.

John on Nov 26, 2010


I wasn't planning on seeing it...BUT I am now going to watch it because of your take on it!

Philip J. Fry on Nov 26, 2010


Thanks for saving me the money I'd rather be anonymous.

Famke on Nov 26, 2010


I thought it was great, don't get me wrong it was no pixar but it was one of the best Disney movies I've seen in a while. If your a fan of the show chuck Levi humor carries over great to animation. I'd say it's worth a watch. Also I hope some one else got the tron reference

Ryn on Nov 26, 2010


My 11-year-old daughter loved it, as did many kids in the theater. HOWEVER, this was a good movie that could have been a great one if they didn't handcuff themselves to an outdated 40-year-old Disney formula -- young girl with big eyes (literally) wanting something bigger in life, has a big song about it, meets roguish handsome boy, wicked stepmother type plots evil things, lots of normally inanimate characters turn out to be lovable and have show stopping number. Think about this: the centerpiece scene in Tangled (and certainly the best one) was when all the nasty, ugly looking guys with hooks for hands and huge muscles have a wonderfully funny song and performance about their own dreams, and heck, what a bunch of nice guys they are for helping our heroes escape. Haven't we seen this same scene in Beauty and The Beast ("Be Our Guest") and The Little Mermaid ("Kiss The Girl")?

Captain Midnight on Nov 26, 2010


When I saw the first trailer for it awhile back, I was afraid Disney was retelling Rapunzel in parody--the way of Shrek (which bummed me out so much)--Thank God i was wrong. Rapunzel is not a great story to begin with but I am a sucker for good Disney reimagining of fairytales (beauty and the beast, sleeping beauty and mulan-some of my favs) maybe its the girl in me-but I want the Disneyfied feel good, good vs. evil, funny sidekicks, romantic, musical tale. Reading the reviews here alone, i decided to check it out and came away really enjoying it. Yea, i agree Captain Midnight, the eyes were really big--but it didn't bother me much and yes, some scenes did seem slightly familiar, but I took it as nods to previous releases, not being lazy. Loved Moore and Levi in their roles!..and the actress/singer who voiced the evil mother was great! Tangled is an immediate fun and engaging classic for me. Well done Disney!

cyn on Nov 27, 2010


The movie was great family movie of course. My two children loved it. The show was packed full of kids and I thought theres going to be alot of kids talking. You have to expect that with a movie like this. To my surprise I guess all the kids in there were very intrigued by the movie. Go have a great time with your family or just you and your kids.

Tomato on Nov 29, 2010


I loved it. I am a huge disney fan, so I have seen all the disney classic animated films by disney and this one I think will go to be a classic film along with the rest of the films like the little mermaid and such. I loved the songs. they were so great. The I have a dream song was so funny. I wanted to cry towards the end when Flynn came to save rapunzel. I am so looking forward to the films release on DVD and bluray. I am just really sorry I did not see the film while it was in theaters. I had to watch it through megavideo online. Thanks disney for everything!

Jasmineariel08 on Feb 5, 2011

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