Sound Off: Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows: Pt 1 - Thoughts?

November 19, 2010

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1

Now that you've seen it, what did you think? This moment has been nine years in the making. Well, not entirely, as this is only Part I of an epic two part finale, but the beginning of the end has begun. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1, the seventh movie in the epic, unforgettable and beloved series of adaptations, arrives in theaters today. How is this movie in comparison to the other six? How is it as an adaptation of the final book? Did it live up to your expectations? What do you think of the split? If you've seen it, leave a comment and let us know what you thought of Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows: Part 1!

I've seen Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part I twice now, and although I expected to enjoy it more the second time, I still feel the same. I realize this is only the first half of a long four-hour epic finale, and it's hard to properly judge without the second half, but on its own, I think it's a very interesting, very different, very dark, and very "quiet" movie compared to the remaining Harry Potter franchise. Sure, the filmmaking is great as always, but its got a lot of problems involving condensing the story, feeling rushed, and simply leaving out introductions entirely and bringing in characters/story elements that have never been seen in the movies before. It was a very good movie, just not as amazing as I was expecting, but I hope when seen together, Part 1 and 2 will be impeccable.

What did you think of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1? Amazing or troubled?

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It may end up being the ONLY Harry Potter movie I like, along with it's twin movie I suppose.

Peter on Nov 19, 2010


I just want to see Daniel Ilabaca on this movie

quaked2023 on Nov 19, 2010


Honestly I thought it was flawless! Closest movie to the books by far! My Favorite out of all the Movies, the actors where impecable! I have no complaints, my own husband couldn't believe I had no complaints... SUPERB!!!!!

Krystal C on Nov 19, 2010


They definitely stuck to the book better...some stuff was changed but made sense. You can't say "Oh hey Harry..I think they knew how they knew you were the real Harry because you casted "Expelliarmus" in the movie. There would be too much explaining. Stuff like that was handled differently but worked out fine I thought. If i had not read I would have been so lost though. Stuff moved so quick..but overall it was good and Part 2 should be insane. The final shot of the movie I feel sets the pace of part 2

Wes on Nov 19, 2010


Definetely made for those of us who enjoyed the book. Makes me wonder though if it will have the same effect for those who have only seen the movies.

Hattori Hanzo on Nov 19, 2010


I enjoyed it. Very slow movie but that was to be expected. I think the pace and non introductions of certain story elements was a complete "fuck you" to non readers and I loved that. Overall, all three of the main characters are excellent actors and the chemistry is flawless. I would have liked to see certain things done closer to the book but I have the expectation part 2 will justify the choice. I cannot wait part 2 and my man, Snape, is vindicated. One of my favorite characters of all time.

Tom on Nov 19, 2010


A wonderful adaptation... but so sad...

zzz on Nov 19, 2010


And I gotta say..Emma Watson has really got her acting down

Wes on Nov 19, 2010


#6... a fuck you to non-readers? A Harry Potter story saying fuck you? Haha, what a joke! But I have to say I liked it, the part where Harry and Ron stole that cow, then Ron made it with the cow!! I wanna party with that cowboy.

Big Joe Grizzly on Nov 19, 2010


First of the harry potter movies i've walked out of after without any complaints. awesome!

T on Nov 19, 2010


Nearly flawless, it was just as violent and frightening as I imagined it. The actions scenes were fantastic and the acting above and beyond what I expected. All three obviously have acting careers ahead of them. I adored the Deathly Hallows storybook sequence. The highlight of the film for me is when Ron kills the Horcrux, incredibly intense and Emma Watson was deliciously evil as dark Hermione. Negatives: Needed one more scene with just Ron and Harry interacting as friends earlier in the film, and Dobby needed more screen time before the last ten minutes. Ginny still has 0 chemistry with Harry, and more with Hermione than Ron does.

Geoff on Nov 19, 2010


The Three Brothers' animation is ENOUGH to let you see this for $10. I've never seen anything like it.

Paulo on Nov 19, 2010


I got dragged into this by my college basketball team. I'm not really a Potter fan but after seeing this, I can say that I am. It's so fresh and I've never seen anything like it. There's something major going on every 5 minutes. I don't get why you say this is "slow". It's like a Wizarding Odyssey. I loved it. I shall be in the theaters for Part II.

Jason Schwartz on Nov 19, 2010


Loved it. Most likely my favorite potter film (need a second viewing to solidify that though). Tales of the Three Brothers was jaw-dropping. Same with the semi-climax at the end (Malfoy Manner/Elder Wand). Man, someone was chopping onions in that theater during that part.

Sam on Nov 19, 2010


never read the books, but i suppose after reading this, i should read this one huh. lol

KING on Nov 19, 2010

16 should read them all!! 🙂

t on Nov 19, 2010


I just saw this a couple hours ago. Very pleased with the end result of the first part of the Deathly Hallows films. But for fans who have read the book SPOILER: Cons: Dumbledore's back story isn't mentioned or elaborated upon, but I suspect they will take care of this in Part 2 with Aberforth Dumbledore. The Gregorvich, Grindlewald, and Elder Wand scenario is briefly alluded to, but kinda disappionting for those who have read the books and even more confusing for those who haven't. Again, I think we will see more of Grindlewald and Gregorvich in Part 2 (can't squeeze everything into Part 1 I suppose). Hermione and Ron shipper will be kinda pissed with film...I can already feel it. Pros: The action scenes are pretty intense, kicking things off with the ariel battle and them moving them to the cafe scene (which is the equivilant of a shoot out IMO) and other scenes beyond that. The humor is VERY tight in this film and pretty consistent. One liners and facial expressions had the audiences laughing. Performances were AWESOME, best part about the film. Dan, Rupert, and Emma are now given a chance to show their talent now that their characters are journeying away from Hogwarts. No scene stealing Defense against the Dark Arts teachers (Broadbent, Straton, Thewlis, I'm looking at you), no Professors hovering over the trio; just AMAZING performance from actors who've spent a decade in their character's shoes. This movie gives them time to shine. Also, I know this has already been mentioned, but the Three Brothers animation sequence was friggin' cool, nice touch to the film. I could elaborate on other things that impressed me about the movie, but that might be spoiling it (if I haven't already done that) :D. GO SEE IT P.S. Purist don't get your panties in a bundle, I'm sure whatever been omitted will be included in part 1

Julian on Nov 19, 2010


They really cut a lot of awesome gore from the Bathilda sequence. If you guys thought her transformation into Nagini felt a bit choppy, it's because they cut out a lot of fx work that I'm guessing the ratings board felt was too bloody for the teens. cuts included her head snapping back unnaturally and her skin disintegrating like mummified paper. And Hermione finding unrecognizable bloody remains absolutely caked in scurrying flies. It was awesomely grim :).

BobtheFish on Nov 19, 2010


Loved it. So much better than all the previous ones. If only all Harry Potters had been like this.

Joas on Nov 19, 2010


Well, midnight showing was soooooooooooooooo packed but me and my friends still got good seats, i wish i would have seen it in Imax just for the better experience but still my favorite harry potter movie so far i will view it in theaters at least another 2 times b4 buying it when it comes out on DVD =) Three brothers scene = Crazy, my friends didn't really seem to enjoy the movie but they had a long day at work and were really tired plus none of them have read the books like i have so they didn't understand most of what was going on but to me it was some pretty crazy stuff. Great Job and hopefully the next one is even better!! XD

jacob on Nov 19, 2010


what a let down... they should just do a 3h30 hour movie instead of 2 with 2hs each... com'on 30mins of them camping? even bear grylls beats them at that and he doesnt have a wand.

Ricardo on Nov 19, 2010


PS: did like that cameo form the minister of magic =P

Ricardo on Nov 19, 2010


10/10 being a harry potter fan was bloooody awesome always watched the harry potter movies in cinema when ever they got released and this was no exception, must see! i just got back from watching this over an hour ago it is just awesome i cant wait for part 2

A5J4DX on Nov 19, 2010



N. on Nov 19, 2010


really...really good.

Clover on Nov 19, 2010


First Harry Potter movie since the PoA that I haven't been disappointed by!

Mike on Nov 19, 2010


I did not enjoy it. Great imagery from Yates but the acting and script dragged this down pretty far.

Moon on Nov 19, 2010


Emma Watson nudity and side boob is worth price of admission. But overall the movie is really pretty good. Can't wait for the conclusion!

LINKFX on Nov 19, 2010


agree with Alex, really good but didn't meet my expectations. The completey omitted Dudley and Mrs. Dursley finally accepting Harry. Especially Dudley thanking Harry for saving his life. Would've like to have seen few brief shots in the aerial battle of the other good guys vs death eaters. Wouldn't impact the pacing at all, just another 5-10 mins at most. I did like the change on how they figured out who was Harry in mid-battle. Made much more sense. I still think fans were cheated on Half-Blood Prince when they omitted the funeral. Loved two of the new "additional" cast members: David O'Hara (Runcorn) and Nick Moran (Scabior, talkative snatcher). Look em up, they deserve your time.

Akirakorn on Nov 19, 2010


Easily my favorite HP film, I thought it was a money grab when they broke it into two parts but after seeing this one its apparent two parts were needed to get all the story in. I got to say Radcliffe, Grint and Watson do an amazing job carrying the film particularly Watson who's not just drop dead gorgeous but has become a damn good actress. This was darker and much more intense HP film than any before it and it finally had that EPICNESS that the other films just fell short of. I would of happily sat for another 2 and a half hours to finish the journey but sadly we'll all just have to wait till July for what will without question be one hell of a finale.

CLAW on Nov 19, 2010


Why is this boring mess of a story so interesting to people? I love to read but these books bore me and my son to tears, and the setting is like high fantasy-light. I just don't get it. Emma Watson is an awfully pretty young woman though.

Mark D on Nov 19, 2010


Yeah if Emma keeps it classy she'll be the next classy cutey actress of the next gen. She could be another Natalie Portman. Man you guys are really making me want to see this movie and Im not that into Harry Potter. I'm more a JRR Tolkien guy but this movie sounds awesome.

JimD on Nov 19, 2010


@Mark D Why is [insert whatever you like to read or watch] so interesting to people? It bores me to tears! Why comment on a movie if you don't care about it?

T on Nov 19, 2010


Frankly, as a Potter fan that has ACTUALLY read the all the books and seen all the movies I think DH part 1 was the best Potter movie to date. I think what made it so great for me as a fan was that they didn't spend unnecessary time on explaining plot points and characters for people who HAVEN'T read the books. There's no reason to complain that you didn't understand parts of the movie if you haven't read the books. If you don't understand the movie maybe you should try reading the book, if you don't want to read the book then don't complain. Finally with this film I feel like the people behind Potter realized that it was the needs of the long time fans they should be catering to and this film without a doubt satisfied those needs.

Alexa A. on Nov 19, 2010


First off I am a huge Harry Potter fan. Second, I was very disappointed with HP6. But saying that, I frickin LOVED this movie. I went to the midnight showing (by myself as none of my other friends are HP fans 🙁 ) and had a great time! I am sooo happy this movie lived up to my expectations and I hate the fact I have to wait until July to see the next part. The only problems I had with the movie were my purist nitpicking desires (I could sit through a literal word-for-word interpretation of the book lol) but other than that it was a great representation of the book. Other thoughts: -I really wasn't prepared for/expected some of the "adult'ish" themes that the movie took. Not sure the rest of the audience was either. -The three brothers animation sequence was mind-blowing. -The last 10 minutes brought tears to my eyes. -I could sense the loathing in the theater when Umbridge was on screen. I think the entire place would've exploded if she had a "got hers" moment in the film (crossing fingers for it in part 2). -They should've been making movies in two parts since HP4 and HP7.1 shows how much better each of them could've been. I give it 5 out of 5 stars.

Jeep-Fu on Nov 19, 2010


+1 for comment #12! And perfectly matched with the fantastic narration from Emma. My sister and I both shouted "sh*t" when it ended. It's just so darm cruel to wait 8months for the second one. And the score, omg. I knew Alexandre Desplat from Benjamin Button and the first 10minutes for the score sets the entire mood for the movie.

urgh on Nov 20, 2010


The Harry Potter series is a funny thing, we all know the acting is pretty bad (from the kids at least), The dialog is a little cheesy, and the story is tweeked but we over look these things because of how much we care about the stories and the characters and so on so forth. Not this time though. I have to say this was nbay far the most boring 2 1/2 hours i've spent in a cinema, i couldn't wait for it to end listning to Ron's appalling chat was bad enough but the film basically consists of 3, not great actors, wandering around empty places talking rubbish to each other. Despite the films amazing cast if just didn't ven nearly cut it. Also why is everyone talking about the darrk adult themes? all the darkest parts of the book were left out...

Xtian on Nov 20, 2010


shawnie on Nov 20, 2010


@ Xtian, THIS WAS THE MOST BORING 2 1/2 hours you've spent in the cinema? WOW. Do you not see a lot of movies then??? While this film was a bit slow in pace...I don't know how anyone could call it boring exactly, and it's a big stretch to say it was the most boring...I don't know there are some pretty dull boring movies out there...

LINKFX on Nov 20, 2010


I have read all of the books with my children and we raced to the end of book seven (as they became better readers). I'm elated they finally made a book that satisfies the HP fans! We have come out of many movies feeling as though parts were left out. Before anyone complains, read the books and acclimate yourself with the characters -- when you're done, then complain. The slow parts are there, (if you read the book), because that's what took place. It's really hard to speed up contemplation and the journey to discovery - what would you have in place of this unfolding of events? I agree that a few points were left out, but the second part is the last 260 some-odd pages; I'm sure it will be included or made clear then. Ron and Hermoine are at odds with each other for the first part of the book. The necklace is to blame and Ron's just weird. There was a point in the book that Harry and Hermoine "felt" as if they were on a spiritual journey to find each other - but then things turned around. The acting was superb on this! Again... read the books! I can't wait for Snape's vindication and the tables to turn on the evil ones: Voldemort, Belatrix and P Umbridge! Great movie! Emotional (for those with close ties to the characters), and great acting!

MsB on Nov 20, 2010


Best Harry Potter film yet.

Mark on Nov 20, 2010


This movie was very good. It stuck to the book the best out of all the movies in my opinion. However there were a couple things that were left out that I was disappointed not to see. The biggest ommision was the scene in Bathilda's house. They did a great job with the snake and the effects but where was Voldemort? In the book he was on his way to the house which made that part extremely suspensful and exciting. And as he was in the house after Harry and Hermione escaped he though of the night he killed the Potter's. I think it would have been extremely interesting to see that memory. I'm very disappointed that they did not put that in. But all in all I think the movie was very well made. All of the actors put there best efforts into it and it shows! And that last scene where Voldemort finally gets the Elder Wand is so intense! They really did a fine job at portraying Voldemort in this film. You really get the feeling of how evil and dangerous he is. That last scene was the perfect place to stop part 1

akroliko on Nov 20, 2010


The acting sucks in these movies. Helena Bonham Carter over acts so much it took me out of scenes. None of the kids are good especially Daniel who's stiffer than a board. The movie started out very strong but quickly became a jumbled mess as soon as they left the ministry of magic. Also this movie felt like a freaking Twilight movie with all the Ron and Hermione stuff getting shoved down our throats. I've read all the books and I've noticed that people who like the movies haven't read the books. Either that or they only see the crap everyone else is seeing. This movie is getting more unworthy praise than Avatar did last year. I thought Inception would be the most overrated movie of the year but it looks like that honor goes to Harry Potter 7.

Thegoodthebadandtheugly on Nov 20, 2010


And we're CAMPING...and CAMPING...Oh, wait...Here's another forest...let's go...CAMPING!!! But seriously: The opening chase scene was intense, great pacing, though I which they could've showed Mad Eye go down swingin! The Ministry mission to get the locket from Umbridge was great comic relief, as was Dobby & Kreature scenes. A couple things: Dursley's are in it for what, maybe 7 seconds? Would've liked that situation to come full circle (like in the book), maybe show that they felt SOME guilt for treating Harry the way they did. And also: Wormtail & Grindlewald get a free pass??? And did they actually show Harry disarm Draco? It was so fast, and it seemed like he sorta just took the wand before they apparated outta there. Other then the CAMPING this was WAY better than HP 6! Bring on Part Deux!!!

Ben1275 on Nov 20, 2010


its a movie with a lot of waiting

CCavins on Nov 20, 2010


Just watched Harry Potter and realised the cream of british acting talent have all pretty much appeared in the series, apart from that is Michael Caine, why has he never appeared in the harry potter films

Nadir on Nov 20, 2010


I don't understand why Evanna Lynch (Luna) doesn't get mentioned more. She only gets a few scenes, but she's one of my favourite casting choices. And my favourite character. All in all, one of the best. Not much omitted in comparison to the others. A good balance between darkness and humour, which was sorely lacking in many previous ones, and I'm always a fan of toothbrush-in-ear comedy (don't worry if you don't get it- very few others noticed). Not bad.

Dee on Nov 20, 2010


Haha these comments make me laugh, have any of the people actually read the books? It is supposed to be slow paced, with alot of disscusion about what they will do, that is in the book. To me it seems the same as people who complain about 'the fellowship of the ring' in the lotr trilogy. The stuff is nesicary if not crucial to the story, get over it! 🙂 Also the 'steamy twilight scenes' are nothing like the soppy pathetic excuse for intimate scenes in twilight, and again they are in the books. The horcrux scenes was actually one of my favourites! It was almost identical to the scene in the book: - 'Who wouldn't prefer him, what woman would take you? You are nothing, nothing, nothing to him,' crooned Riddle-Hermione, and she stretched like a snake and entwined herself around Riddle-Harry, wrapping him in a close embrace; their lips met.' There are many more direct quotes in the scene. Another point is I really enjoyed the acting 🙂 Bellatrix's character is SUPPOSED to be over the top and insane. I loved the torture scene, I thought Helena Bohem-Carter and Emma Watson did brilliantly :3 The biggest problem I actually had was the scene with Gellert Grindelwald. This is Dumbledore's great tradgedy, his lost love, and in the film he simply tells Voldemort where to find the wand.. In the book Grindelwald dies protecting Dumbledore and the hiding place of the wand. - 'Kill me then Voldemort, I welcome death! But my death will not bring you what you seek... there is so much you do not understand...' He felt Voldemorts fury. 'Kill me then!' demanded the old man. 'You will not win, you cannot win, that wand will never, ever be yours-' And Voldemorts fury broke: a burst of green light filled the prison room and the frail old body was lifted from its bed and then fell back, lifeless. 3: I was soo upset they didn't show that, such an important part of Dumbledores tale.

Bekah on Nov 20, 2010


Contradicting negative reviews about the movie does not help at all. Is it really necessary to negate them? It's your opinion that matters. You are making us loyal fans look bad with what you are doing @#39.

urgh on Nov 20, 2010


@Ben1275 The part with Wormtail was the only part of the film I hated. What the hell gives him the right to get a free pass, and not settle his debt to Harry? It's just one more thing they fucked up about the marauders. I did laugh when Mad-eye brushed off Lupin and Tonks in the film, pretty much admitting to the book fans that they left a ton out and saying that they were going to leave out a lot more. Kinda helped me accept the things they skipped over.

Geoff on Nov 20, 2010


Ill admit I'm not that big of a Harry Potter fan but this was total junk!!! Apparently Harry is the worst wizard ever because he can barely cast a spell without Hermoine and constantly runs away from every fight like a little p*ssy. Is that what Harry Potter is about? glad I'm not into this cr*p. So Weasly can take on a snatcher, beat him and still his wand. But all Harry can do is run (only Hermoine puts up a fight) and get caught only to get bailed out by Dobby? Yeah great wizard. Doesnt even heat up a frozen lake to grab a sword out, goes into the freezing cold. All Harry does is run away from every fight. Ill stick to movies where the hero is heroic thanks.

Jbboom on Nov 20, 2010


David Yates proves again he's a fine director. Great acting. Great story telling. Sad ending. I'm sure the last film will be brilliant as well.

ModernAmericanMan on Nov 20, 2010


Enjoyed it thoroughly, however I agree with those that say the pacing is pretty slow. Despite it being slow, I think it needed to be for the most part, or the film as a whole wouldn't have worked. @Dee - toothbrush in ear, good catch, I'm surprised no one I saw it with mentioned that. I think the "protective brother" bit wiped that little piece from most's memories though. 😉 The adult themes stuff... I actually agree. I don't go to HP to see side boob, I know the films are geared towards a younger crowd, and I personally felt it was unnecessary. It could've been just as emotionally engaging without the pseudo-nudity, and still adult-enough with the action we did see.

case on Nov 21, 2010


Harry Potter Goes Camping ... Ron's desperate laughs provide only the tiniest release from the overall boredom. Any accusations that splitting the book was a profit-making incentive appear well founded on the basis of this lacklustre drivel. Ron summed it up best in one protracted woodland scene: "we don't seem to be getting anywhere." Amen brother.

mrbobbyboy on Nov 21, 2010


Absolutely Epic...David Yates did a great, great job with this one.

Jazz on Nov 21, 2010


I was unimpressed and felt this was a painfully slow and boring flick. I am a big fan, reread deathly hallows Tuesday and that was a mistake because watching the movie just put me to sleep, literally. I am definitely not going to bother seeing it in 3D, I can't justify spending any more money on this huge disappointment.

darkstork on Nov 21, 2010


It's difficult to critic this movie, since it's really only half a film. As a first half - while a bit slow and anti-climactic with no real ending, it still plays out well. Radcliffe, Grint and Watson were able to carry the film well enough to keep me interested. But the film is really meant to be watched with the second half back-to-back.

Dan Geer on Nov 21, 2010


Loved it! I also think that this is the best adaptation from the book. I definitely wanted to see how Mad-eye got killed and the past of Dumbledore. The 3 brothers animation sequence: AWESOME! My friends and I thought the same way: we would've stayed seated the whole 5 hours to see the complete finale. It was just awesome!

Chucho on Nov 21, 2010


Agree with 56 & 57, though I came away wanting to see more and how they'll wrap this all up in the next 2.5hrs.

Solo Calrissian on Nov 21, 2010


What people need to remember is that this is half of a 5 hour long movie. Even though its all set up, it was great. The acting has improved a great deal on the side of the kids and they were surrounded by some of Britain's best. To me, both as a fan and a filmmaker, was the best Harry Potter movie so far and I can't wait for the next one.

one on Nov 21, 2010


Thought it was awesome but sometimes the director needs to draw a line between staying true to the books and making a decent film. I don't want to see the actors regurgitating so many lines straight from the book onto the screen, it just comes across as cheesy and uncomfortable. The 'saint-like' joke for example, gosh that was painful.

Yocke on Nov 22, 2010


I loved the film - I forgive them for 'Half Blood Prince' after this. I have only minor complaints of scenes that were left out of the film (Harry's goodbye moment with Dudley & when he finds the picture/letter from Lily to Sirius in Grimmauld Place), but the way they were tweaked totally helped the "flow" of the film. I absolutely loved it, I've already seen it twice. Ready for a third. ...Screw that, ready for July!

Shannon on Nov 22, 2010


I think this movie needed Scarlett Johanssen....I think all movies do.

Telltale Twin on Nov 22, 2010


it was totally the most accurate movie when compared to the books

nick on Nov 22, 2010


So it's quite apparent from everyone who "read" the book that this follows more closely than any of the previous films. However, in no way can that be the SOLE excuse for judging the actual quality of this film. There are so many biases from these comments about the book that everyone is overlooking what makes a movie successful. The books are meant to be read, movies are meant to be watched - this movie watched like it was supposed to be read. That being said, as a movie it is below average. The unbeaten Harry Potter films have achieved substantial respect from both the readers and the movie-goers. The hard-core HP fans will of course see this movie over and over in its entirety and point out all of its perfections, but will be unable to see what the average fans interpret as slow, unnecessarily drawn-out, and faulty. The movie does have a feeling of greatness and an epic quality about it, but it lacks the overall finesse and completeness the other great HP films share. Understanding this is the first part of set, the balance is thrown off; and regardless of information overload that might have been attained from a single movie, it may have been the ultimate way to go.

Sota-POP on Nov 22, 2010


guys who saw the film,does part 1 end when voldemort got the elder wand or when voldemort put the sword on harry's neck. thanx

lama on Dec 7, 2010


who cares if the movie was the closest adaptation to the book? If the freaking book is boring, the movie is boring. Harry Potter has tried to be so many things and has stolen elements from every legitimate fantasy tale ever written. There is nothing in the plot line, them, character elements, or Potter universe that is original or unique. The fact that it takes this many books to come to such an anti-climactic ending is ridiculous. Yes we know...there is a really evil bad guy who wants to kill Harry, the half-sucky wizard. Been there. Done that. Just finish the fruity shit already. Spare me the dopey animated creatures and whacky names too. The fact is this started out as a cute and simple book for young adults and the loser "real" adults of the world hijacked it and forced it to go on forever and become some pathetic epic tale of nothing to make big bucks. Much like the grown women (and gay men) running to theatres to watch Twilight. Get a freaking life and some real standards so authors and Hollywood will stop churning out piles of shit.

Waste of Time on Dec 17, 2010

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