Sound Off: Joe Carnahan's A-Team - So What Did You Think?

June 11, 2010

The A-Team

Now that you've seen it, what did you think? It all began back in 1983, now it's back again in 2010. In theaters this weekend is 20th Century Fox's action-packed fresh new take on The A-Team, an elite team of US Army Special Forces soldiers who basically just kick tons of ass. In the driver's seat is Joe Carnahan (of Smokin' Aces). The team is made up of: Liam Neeson as Hannibal, Bradley Cooper as Face, Sharlto Copley as Murdock, and Rampage Jackson as B.A. Baracus. So how was the movie? Was there enough of a story to compliment the action? If you've seen it, leave a comment and let us know what you thought of The A-Team!

To fuel the fire, I finally saw this movie last night and damn was it a frickin' blast! My faith in director Joe Carnahan has been completely restored. A-Team is really one of those perfectly entertaining non-stop action movies that is a true summer blockbuster. I thought the writing was solid enough to keep things moving and tell a good story, but above all, it was the absolutely absurd yet perfectly conceived action scenes that I loved watching. On top of that, Sharlto Copley as Murdock totally made the movie SO much better. Rampage Jackson was even impressive as Baracus, but Copley truly stole the show in this. Overall I really enjoyed it.

What did you think of The A-Team? A great summer action movie or pointless 80's remake?

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<Waiting for someone to say if it's worth seeing or not.

Daniel on Jun 11, 2010


I saw it last night and thought it was damn fun and definitely worth watching. For once I actually agree with Alex... 🙂

Dan on Jun 11, 2010


Come on hasn't anyone seen it yet?

Linkfx on Jun 11, 2010


Did you watch the original series at all Alex? I tried watching some episodes and really didn't like it so I'm hoping this film evolves the characters into something more contemporary.

peloquin on Jun 11, 2010


So you don't trust Alex here ? This is the kind of movie that you know how (fun) it would be, but you must forget about an impressive story or characters (it's not Nolan's Batman to reinvent the wheel).

mArS on Jun 11, 2010


Its a bang for your bucks, (literally in a scene) 🙂 This how the summer should have started. Being a fan of the Original, I'm glad it stayed close to the source but with a 'kadaboom' in a good way. Sharlto was excellent & Bradly too. Rampage was good too only he got to improve his annunciation only, even the other cast was excellent on the, glad Patrick Wilson had fun. I'll say I give this 'Full Price of admission Ticket'. Basically its the Origin of The A-Team.

WAN on Jun 11, 2010


I agree with Alex, except for the "perfectly conceived action scenes" and "good story". I didn´t find neither of those. The story was atrocious, I didn´t find anything compelling about that. The movie was at its best when it was being absurd and over the top. Sharlto Copley was indeed very good and the others too, except for the character of Hannibal, he was made too serious unlike in the original show, where he was fun to watch. The action was too incomprehensible for my tastes, half the time I couldn´t tell where anybody was or what they were doing because all of the fast editing and close camera angles. All in all the movie was so hit or miss. The movie fell totally apart when it tried to be serious.

Mart on Jun 11, 2010


Saw a screening on Wednesday in Dallas. Pretty amusing stuff. While it has over-the-top action sequences, it works better as a comedy. Wilson is on fire. Biel is boring. And the rest of the team have a great time. Pretty fun stuff, just - as with the television show - leave your brain at the door, sit back, and enjoy the ride.

Loron on Jun 11, 2010


i havent seen it, but from what ive read, its not all about the writing and stuff, more along action scenes and stuff. which to me is fine as long as its good action and has some good comedy. ima take my ticket now please

KING on Jun 11, 2010


I haven't seen it yet but if it is half as cool as the TV series than I'm sure I will love it. I have heard mixed reviews for this but I'm pretty sure I will like it, my wife and I are big A-TEAM fans so we will see it as soon as possible.

Anti-Fox on Jun 11, 2010


Saw it at a midnight showing last night and thought it was an awesome, fun action movie. Yes the scenes are over the top, but it's fun enough to just sit back and enjoy. I would recommend watching it!

xsvNRG on Jun 11, 2010


went to the cast/crew screening last night- top notch action movie, great character but no real story. super fun to watch and Sharlto Copley MADE that movie. it was hilarious and action packed, definitely worth the money to be entertained.

ONE on Jun 11, 2010


Awesome movie.

Mike McRorey on Jun 11, 2010


Awesome. Enough said.

WittyRemark23 on Jun 11, 2010


I admit wasn't going to go see it but now that a read a few of your reviews I will check it out

XXX on Jun 11, 2010


I just got back from seeing it this morning and all I can say is that I felt the same kind of disappointment afterwards as I did after seeing G.I. Joe and Fantastic 4; I felt as if I was ripped off. I should have known better.

Hattori Hanzo on Jun 11, 2010


BAD ASS MOVIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

pulp fiction212 on Jun 11, 2010


It was just a fantastically fun movie. Hilarious, great action. Loved it! If you can go to a movie and just enjoy it for the fun of it, you should go see it for sure.

nucof on Jun 11, 2010


havnt seen it yet but to be honest, im thinking more about The Expendables

dd on Jun 11, 2010


wow im surprised the review is all positve this time lol

Spider94 on Jun 11, 2010


F'ing awesome. Stay till after the credits. Murdock made the movie. I loved it. AWESOME!

Shawn Keim on Jun 11, 2010


I had a feeling this one would be good. As a fan of the TV show, I had a hard time believing it would be a good movie, especially so far removed from the 80's and the original cast. But, I felt that the casting seemed good and the preview said "come see me, you'll like me." I was bummed when Bruce Willis turned down Hannibal, as well as, Jim Carrey not playing Murdock. I thought they both would have been perfect for those roles, but the idea of Liam grew on me, and after seeing Sharlto Copley in District 9, I knew he would be good. So here's to The A-Team and hoping it doesn't get fucked in the sequel. "I love it when a plan comes together."

Average Guy on Jun 11, 2010


Go see it, if you are on the fence. Well worth the price of admisssion.

hasbro blew it on Jun 11, 2010


wow judging by nobody saying this was a pile of shit like they always say about these types of movies it must actually be pretty good

max s. on Jun 11, 2010


This movie was a lot of fun to watch. Yes it was over the top, but hey, it's the A-team. Funny, decent story & plenty of action.

Steve on Jun 11, 2010


Just got done watching this. It was certainly entertaining. I don't regret paying the money for it. It had me laughing at some scenes and going "Omg are they really doing that?" action in others, lol. "Sharlto Copley as Murdock totally made the movie SO much better." Agreed! He was awesome.

Sabes on Jun 11, 2010


Was very very good movie action and comedy totally AWESOME!!!!!!!

Lloyd on Jun 11, 2010


It was everything an action flick should be. It was surprisingly funny and had amazing actions scenes that were over the top, but kick-ass. I thought the acting was great too! You can't go wrong with Liam Neeson and Sharlto Copely did steal the show. I would absolutely reccomend this. It had something for everything and I am definitely going to see it again.

Ashley on Jun 11, 2010


i just think this movie looks sooooo stupid. not wasting my money on it.

Jason on Jun 11, 2010


Finally i saw this movie. It's very good movie with action and comedy. it's fun enough to just sit back and enjoy the movie. 🙂

azwar on Jun 12, 2010


Had my doubts, was reassured when I i saw Joe Carnahan in the opening credits. Great action AND comedy, dare I say as nearly good as Iron Man 2 (save the writing and directing, edge goes to Faverau and Theroux). Seriously. Iron Man 2 had far better expectations, and more disappointments.

Akirakorn on Jun 12, 2010


My family and I are all fans of the original series. We went to the midnight showing (I was dressed up as Murdock, my brother as Face, and my dad as Hannibal; sad to say, considering we are all white, we had no B.A.), and we all loved it. Obviously, there were some things that were changed - story line alterations; modernization; incredibly unrealistic situations - but that's what made this movie so great! Hollywood has been busy trying to boggle our mind with lots of critical thinking movies recently, and this is one that you can just sit back and really enjoy. All the actors did amazing (especially Copley and Wilson), and the movie as a whole was just cool. I won't give a full review or anything, but if you haven't seen it, I definitely recommend it. Without a doubt, this movie deserves at least a 9 out of 10. So go see it, enjoy it, don't think too heavily on it, and you'll love it.

FriendlyFire on Jun 12, 2010


you don't have to go to see this film to find out that it is fucking shit,just watch the fucking load of bollocks trailer.

deadpool 72 on Jun 12, 2010


Horrible editing and camerawork all the way threw the film. But I have to admit that the chemistry and comedy of the film saved it. Also, Sharlto Copley completely stole every scene he was in, without him I would have enjoyed the film far far less. THEY CAN TAKE OUR LAND, BUT THEY CANNOT TAKE, OUR FREEDOM!

shadow on Jun 12, 2010


THIS MOVIE WAS AMAZING!!!!! Sharlto was funny and stole many of the scenes, action was amazing, this team really was the A-Team. If there's a sequel i'm so in. You need to see it before summer's over this will be one of the summers best movies and all you haters you probobally didn't see the movie because this was freakin' awesome

max s. on Jun 12, 2010


oh, and one more thing "I love it when a plan comes together."

max s. on Jun 12, 2010


Pleasantly surprised! Was expecting your typical corny action movie and got a hugh action, funny, and entertaining summer movie! Leave your morals a the door and have a good time:) As a fan of the t.v. series when I was a kid, showing my age here, it was dead on and the characters were very spot on. Liam and Sharlto were just too damn impressive! Sharlto played crazy just a little too well:)

dee on Jun 12, 2010


One gripe was that some of the fighting was shot by the same guy who did the BAtman Begins? I mean I couldn't tell what the heck was going on, it was the Batman Begins all over again:( They did use the rising music a la the Dark Knight during one of the most impressive action scenes in the movie though:)

dee on Jun 12, 2010


#35 - max s i havnt seen it yet because im wetting my pants everyday thinking of the movie which is going to be bigger and better - THE EXPENDABLES - how can i go out of the house with wet pants???

bo bo on Jun 12, 2010


i thought the first half was way more better than the second half and i thought Bradley Cooper, Liam Neeson, Rampage Jackson, and Sharlto Copley all did a exalent job well "Aplah Mike Foxtrot= Mother F*cks" FACEMAN

jason on Jun 12, 2010


I didn't go to the cinema with very high expectations of this movie, but i loved it. I think they did a good job of modernising it from the 80's to 2010, and I particularly liked that they didn't make B.A like Mr T and didn't make him say "I pitty the foo" (the tattoos were a nice homage).

Mitch on Jun 12, 2010


have to say i had concerns before watching this but 20 minutes in those concerns were forgotten..its not a christopher nolan storyline like someone else said but it is a fun fun movie Sharlto Copley and Bradley Cooper stole the show!!

raz on Jun 13, 2010


Over all I found it to be both far more ridicules but also funny than I expected. Its a lot of fun even if you have to stop every scene and comment on the obserdity of what they are showing you. Murdock stole the show. Why is it Biel seems to like these awful roles? The pace and humor died down a bit after they go to prison with the exception of the tank scene. Also BA's struggle with violence just really didn't fit. Scene A, attempt the fly a tank through the air using the report of the cannon for thrust, scene B discuss the philosophical ideals of passivism while quoting Gandhi. ummmmmmmm really? Are they going to quote Thus Spoke Zarathustra in the next Crank movie? A strong renter at the least and a lot of fun to see with your buddies. Alcohol would probably do a good job of smoothing out those plot holes.

Aaron on Jun 13, 2010


This remake was perfect. I really enjoyed it almost forgot that it was a remake.

T. Piper on Jun 13, 2010


I still have no idea what happened during half of it b/c my adrenal glands just gave out. But I know it absolutely kicked ass.

Christopher Nolan on Jun 13, 2010


It's heavily action-packed in a good, comical sense and it's the sort of blockbuster film this summer has been lacking as of yet. If you're looking for a masterpiece film along the lines of Mozart's Requiem.. look elsewhere. This is pure entertainment that is meant to entertain just like the original.

Copperhead on Jun 13, 2010


I really like the movie, you can read my full review on my website:, if you want to, xD!

munkicloud on Jun 13, 2010


B.A is a foolllll

oot on Jun 13, 2010


WOW, just got back from seeing the A team and I think im going to have to go see it again. It was an action packed thrill ride of a movie and it was funny as hell. BEST ACTION MOVIE THIS YEAR!!!!!

dac_fan on Jun 13, 2010


Saw it over the weekend. One of the best movie for 2010, I didnt know what to expect from this movie. Nowadays movies are getting real and viewers, often we criticize when physically or physics doesnt make sense. When i watch it doesnt really matter to me , the helicopter or the tank. We all know is impossible but somehow we tend to forgive/forget it. The build up for this movie is great. And I do miss this sort of thing, alittle touch of cliche lines, actions.. the director knows how to put the scenes nicely. Overall 4/5 stars for me.

HanDsomepig on Jun 14, 2010


I liked the tv show but the love the movie even more. The funny thing is how people are like im not going to see it if Mr. T and the orginal cast is not in it. That is like the craziest thing to say when every one is like dirt old or either dead.Even though Im only 19 and seen a handful of episodes I can say the movie captured the spirit of the show and probly went beyond.There is even going to be haters out there about my man Rampages performance as B.a and thats crazy because he did great for his first film and the shoes he was trying to feel. If you are wondering rather you should see film or not i say you should and you do not have to be a fan of the original. just have to love to laugh and like action pack movies.

Kevin Robinson on Jun 14, 2010


Movie was rollicking fun to watch. While Rampage Jackson didn't do it for me as BA (noone could ever replace Mr. T, Sharlto Copley was actually a funnier Murdock than the TV series. Liam Neeson was able to pull it off as Hannibal, and Face is Face. While I am not a huge fan of TV to movie remakes, I highly recommend this.

Brent on Jun 14, 2010


I Pitty the Fool who dont like this movie! I LOVED it. Perfect combo of action & funny. Just over the top enough without jumping the shark. This was my favorite show as a kid and my expectations were HIGH (low in that movie wasn't gonna be good, and HIGH in the bar it had to jump) and it was definately up there. Murdock stole almost every scene he was in and I almost pee'd my pants when he did the hand-puppet in BA's face. I dont know why, but it was hilarious. Definately captured the essence of the show and the subleties of each character we all like. Go see it if you havent!

Neva Evah on Jun 14, 2010


Better then Iron Man 2

MiKe M? on Jun 14, 2010


I have to agree with the majority of you... This movie was a nice surprise; I don't think an A-Team movie could've been done better. All of the characters contributed; even the villains were entertaining. Biel was the only one that I could've done without; she's boring and bland. Unless you're a total douche bag there's no reason you will walk out of the theater feeling dissappointed after seeing this movie! IT'S GOOD!!! Felt like it was worth the money more than Ironman 2!!!

Rob on Jun 14, 2010

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