Sound Off: Joseph Kosinski's Tron Legacy - What Do You Think?

December 17, 2010

Joseph Kosinski's Tron Legacy

Now that you've seen it, what did you think? It is time. We've been waiting 2 years, 4 months and 23 days for this day; or for some, they've been waiting 28 years. Tron Legacy, the highly anticipated sequel to Steve Lisberger's techno-classic Tron from 1982, directed by first-time filmmaker Joseph Kosinski, finally hits theaters today in Disney Digital and IMAX 3D. How is it? Was it worth the wait and did it live up to all of your expectations? How is Daft Punk's score? How is Jeff Bridges back as Flynn (and CLU!)? How are the visuals and fight scenes? If you've seen it leave a comment and tell us what you thought of Tron Legacy!

To fuel the fire on this, I've seen Tron Legacy twice (the second time in IMAX 3D and holy crap was that exhilarating) and I still think it's an awesome movie. Look, I recognize that Tron Legacy has some script problems, issues with story depth and so on, but overall it's still a frickin blast to watch, pure mesmerizing entertainment. Just watching Kosinski's world actually come to life and all of the different places he takes us, it's incredible. I enjoyed it even more a second time, but I wouldn't say it surpassed my expectations. I think it lived up to them, in that it was an awesome, exciting, entertaining, visually breathtaking new Tron movie with a fantastic score, but nothing at Matrix or Blade Runner levels, which is what I was hoping for.

I think this is another case of way too high of expectations, and a screenplay with some problems, therefore resulting in a movie that just can't ever blow us away in the way we all wanted it to, but don't worry, as this doesn't mean anyone has to hate it in response. I thought Olivia Wilde did a wonderful job as Quorra, Jeff Bridges was fantastic, especially as the older Kevin Flynn and the Daft Punk score was phenomenal. One of my favorite scenes is at the end when they're on the final platform trying to reach the portal and old Flynn has to fight CLU himself to make sure they get out. That scene really hit me emotionally, a great way to end.

What did you think of Tron Legacy? A mesmerizing, mind-blowing epic or another giant flop?

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I was really disappointed. The first Tron understood how to have fun but this was taken so seriously it was ridiculous in my eyes. Disney spends so much time explaining every frickin detail that we get no depth at all. The visuals carried me for about 30 minutes but then I realized we were getting so little action because there was so much explaining. Don't get me started on how awful the special effects were for young Jeff Bridges. The acting was bland as was the writing anditdidnt help the visuals got bland eventually too. The best part was the score and I only found that above average. D+

Moon on Dec 17, 2010


Reading the reviews of the film I have to say that I am quite disappointed with the response it has received from the critic community, one even going as far as to say it is a bible parallel, the age old story of good v's evil. I have to say I whilst some way agree with the comment, also disagree with it in the same respect. Yes the film has obvious parallels with the bible story but does not every story of good v's evil in some respect? Yes the character of Jeff Bridges has god like status but being the creator of the virtual world would he not? How can you expect Disney not to go down them lines? I personally thought the film was an excellent addition to the Tron universe which slowly seems to be forming, the story that whilst simplistic in design explains the universe extremely well, right down to how and why the grid itself was formed, the history since it left off, and why certain programs have gone off and done there own thing, even adding an element which ties together why the evil character Clu is now feared and hated by those around, programs inciting revolutions. As for the way it is shot, I believe this is the way all 3D films of the future need to be heading for, the shock factor of random objects coming out of the screen has now disappeared and their needs to be substance in the effects for this new wave of shooting to survive. If your expecting to jump out of the way than this is certainly not the film for you, however if your looking for a new digital world where the effects compliment rather than the main feature of the film than I would recommend it. As for the soundtrack, simply put wow, Daft Punk have done a tremendous job and it certainly shows that they spent the full two years on the set, watching how the film progressed in front of them. There style of music though not like anything they have done before, has certainly influenced the music which hits your ears, which builds tension in such a way that you notice it, but than not notice it at the same time. It seems itself to be part of the film, as if it is a natural progression rather than something just added over the top at the end. All in all it depends on what you are going to see the film for, if your expecting a wonderful display of 3D graphics, or a ground breaking storyline which has never been seen before, than this is not for you. If your looking to progress the story of Tron, to see what this new digital world has become, and simply a great display of how the digital mixes with the real, this film I would highly recommend.

Nick Lange on Dec 17, 2010


I've never seen the first TRON. I wasn't expecting much. I was actually impressed. I'm sorry but the story sure wasn't the greatest, much like Avatar, but the visuals, action set pieces and score was just awesome. Just go watch it and have fun. That's it. Pure fun!

Alex on Dec 17, 2010


It was amazing! After reading reviews about a lackluster story/script I was expecting just fun but the story and script were very good. The characters were great. The bits between all 3 main characters were well done without being cliche or cheesy. Great ending as well. I was very impressed. If you are a fan of the original this should exceed your expectations.

Elux01 on Dec 17, 2010


I will also add if you think this movie did not have depth then you maybe need ideas force fed to you? I am not saying this is a super deep movie it is an action movie at heart but by saying it is shallow you are short changing the entire movie. There are plenty of concepts this movie harps on but it is not up front or preachy about you have to look at things from the characters perspective and actively watch the movie to catch a lot of them. It will not change your life but it should give you a few things to ponder for a bit.

Elux01 on Dec 17, 2010


I LOVED it...pure eye candy all the way through. Best looking movie of the year imo. Inception and this tied for my fave of the year. I agree with Elux01 that there are many concepts behind this movie that it seems most reviewers and a lot of movei-goers are missing. After saying that though, I went into the theatre expecting an action movie with beautiful visuals and a great soundtrack. That is what I got. Can't wait to see it again.

Jordan on Dec 17, 2010


The cast and plot are really side issues when viewing Tron Legacy. It is really not the kind of film to go to if you’re after prose or performance; instead it provides pure escapism through its creation of its own, magnificent three-dimensional world. In a way Tron Legacy is the first successful video-game movie- enveloping you in its system much the same way Avatar and The Matrix did. And while not the most outstanding film in many ways, who cares when it looks this good. Full review for Trinity News here:

Alex Towers (@Alxtowrs) on Dec 17, 2010


I like the movie a lot and I loved the style of the movie. daft Punk's scoring was amazing

Eric on Dec 17, 2010


Good story, cool characters, a setting that will blow your mind, sick fight scenes, and very beautiful girls...very beautiful...nothing more I can ask for. I agree with Alex on this one. Don't go to the movie all snooty-like expecting something super ultra redonkulous. Chill out, grab a snack, and enjoy the ride. I am 100% sure that you will at the very LEAST kind of like it for the reasons I described above.

The Black Guy on Dec 17, 2010


P.S.: Also, it's been said many times before, but just an fyi on the's pretty sick. Also a very cool cameo by Daft Punk. I bet this is the kind of world they would like to live in themselves.

The Black Guy on Dec 17, 2010


Its a great movie to watch worth the imax 3d and plus script wise is ok movie and story awesome plus its the directors first big movie and move into the filmaking industry....I give him an! Fn plus cause he did a wonderful job at making a movie he wanted to make as a continuation of an original 28 years later....Joe you did awesome tron legacy is amazing

Oh chimy mime on Dec 17, 2010


Jordan said "pure eye candy all the way through." That's exactly how I felt but it should have been sooooo much better than that. I'm glad I got a free ticket and didn't pay to get in.

Hattori Hanzo on Dec 17, 2010


Agree with MINOR script issues, and the overall lack of depth to the film. However, putting that aside and enveloping yourself into the world Kosinski presented to us, was nothing short of breathtaking. The team did a fantastic job of creating the tron universe from the intimate details of the cycles to the grid itself. The 3D was almost flawless (for what it was) and the Score from Daft Punk...... HOLY F*CK!!!! I highly recommend the IMAX experience merely for the 50,000 watts of Daft Punk electronic magnificence - your seat actual vibrates from all the base in the theater. I am going to see this again, and bringing all of my friends. It is a much worthwile experience.

Sota-POP on Dec 17, 2010


I loved it; that's all there is to it. I think the movie looked amazing and while the story wasn't Tolstoy, it could have been much worse; not nearly as derivative as Avatar. I think people need to realize, and while it shouldn't be allowed as an excuse, that the film is one part of a trilogy. At times I didn't like young Flynn's look, but I also can't deny that there were times where I was really impressed and briefly convinced that it was a real person. Visually it was incredible, and with the music holy god was is stimulating. And while I usually hate the 3D push on consumers (I really hate it), I have to admit that I couldn't hide a grin at the effect on a couple of occasions. It was great. I don't know what people are looking for with this movie. I don't blame expectations, I Think we can't help our chemistry when it comes to what makes a movie great. This movie however was stunning to the senses and absolutely deserves to be seen in a roaring theater with 3D; do not wait for DVD, it and you deserve better than that.

Tastybread on Dec 17, 2010


Wish I could edit my comment. Meant to say "not as derivative as Avatar".

Tastybread on Dec 17, 2010


After 2 years of waiting anxiously since the first hint of a new Tron movie from ComiCon '08, and waiting 28 years since the first Tron movie (yes, I'm a big fan of the original)...I have to truly say, I was completely blown away on many levels! I could go into all the eye candy, the story, the characters, etc...but after thinking about it, I wondered, "how would I describe Tron: Legacy to someone who never saw the first Tron in '82 and was curious about T:L now?". The best way I can describe it, for me was like seeing an "old friend" after many, many years. Visually...amazing! The best actual "correct use" of 3D technology to date (sorry, Mr. Cameron). 3D should never be used as a gymic to sell a film or as an afterthought to try to help a film make more money (ah, hm...Clash of the Titans?). Current 3D, IMHO, should be used as a tool to help emerse the audience into the story and to become a part of the experience...and Tron: Legacy does just that! The music, perfect! What an amazing choice to have Daft Punk on board...they first the entire "feel" of the Tron world exactly! This is the type of film deserves to be seen in the theater. Please...don't wait for DVD or Blu-Ray. Home formats will not do this film justice at all for yout first time seeing it. Go out to the theater, IMAX if you can...sit back and fall into the world of Tron!! You won't regret it!

lildivaaa on Dec 17, 2010


I have grown tired of hollywood in the last 6 or 7 years. It seems as though every director and movie studio has fallen in line with idea of packing as little information into a movie in a long a time possible. What made the original tron the cult classic that it is now was the development of the characters and the world. The MCP had a designated voice that never wavered in its ideals, and you felt like the MCP was a real villain. MINOR SPOILER ALERT!!!!!!!!!!!! I was really ticked off at the way they snubbed tron himself, just kinda making him a throw away character whose inner conflict could have been a very strong plot device, but ended up just being a quick blip on the radar in the context of the whole plot. This trend in hollywood can be seen in almost every big budget film that has come out recently, with the notable exceptions of something say The Dark Knight. It is possible, as proved by TDK and (i really hate to make this statement, but it has to be made) the lord of the rings trilogy. The tron universe has the potential to be as large as any fantasy world that has been created (middle earth, star wars, star trek), and to not allow the movie to breath and develop, we in turn get a visually stunning (no one can argue against that) film that nothing but that. Hollywood should realize that it is possible to appeal to the lowest common denominator while also appealing to those looking for a film masterpiece (which if they had done in the harry potter flicks and transformers, we might actually be saying now the megan fox and emma watson could be good actresses). last note, olivia wilde's purpose in the movie was iffy, at best.

danny on Dec 17, 2010


The plot was very predictable, but it was still a fun ride. I LOVED IT!

fem!anon on Dec 17, 2010


@8 agreed, that's why I don't listen to any reviewers its just their opinion and the only thing they know how to do is suck the fun out of everything. Tron legacy is my pick for movie of the year

Luigi on Dec 17, 2010


Saw it last night even though I was sick as hell. Liked it but felt like I missed parts. I really felt horrible. Going to see it again sometime next week. Does anyone know if there was something after the credits? I had to get out of there and knew I was going to have to go again anyway. I can tell you what I wish the after credits would be. Spoilerish: Dillinger Jr. at a computer terminal and a cprompt pops up and talk to him with some menacing comments about power and who should really be in charge. Then finishes with the words "end of line" and the screen goes orange. Then Tron coming out of the water unmasked.

Stevo on Dec 17, 2010


I don't know what other online critics are smoking but this movie was THE SHIT! Avatar has been effectively erased as the pinnacle of 3D spectacle in my minds eye. The story is there, you just have to pay attention, there's a lot of subtext, but if you pay attention enough, and I don't wanna give any spoilers, but CLU's intentions are not as cut and dry as you think, that's all I'll say about that. The performances by everyone, including Garret Hedlund are pretty damn solid. Every critic is making him sound like he's some kind of Hayden Christensen clone, which I'm sorry I know when I see bad acting on screen and this is clearly IMHO not the case, this dude's got chops. Jeff Bridges. Michael Sheen. Olivia Wilde= awesome. I can't even begin to tell you how amazing this movie is in IMAX. All I can say is wow. I will be going several times to see this. I can't get the visuals out of my head.

Alboone on Dec 17, 2010


All I expected from this movie were cool visuals and an epic soundtrack, and that is exactly what I got and more. Sure the writing and plot could be nitpicked and improved upon in some aspects, but it was still fun. SPOILER: Looking back though, the could have been a little "deeper" if the had more scene with the character Rinz-Ler. Something dramatic displaying an unexplained conflict within him that would be revealed at the end of the movie. Would've been more awesome

Phai Giron on Dec 17, 2010


I liked it. It was a beautiful movie to watch. If this was in fact the directors first big movie, I'm very impressed. Yes, the story could have used a little more "umph", but overall, I'm glad this movie was made. I'm glad this universe was brought back and hope it's not the last time we see Tron. It's a popcorn movie, and BTW, the ladies steal the show. Enjoy it.

fullyAnimated on Dec 17, 2010


i have to say i did enjoy the movie overall. but was thoroughly disappointed. it could have been so much more. like #3(Moon) said, the graphics carried it for the 1st half of the movie, the music carried the whole thing. the story was lacking in many respects, but as good as i could have expected in the end either way. i saw this in a new cineplex ultraAVX theater with rocker seats. the bass out of those seats were boss. the whole place was shaking during the loud parts.

lego on Dec 17, 2010


A fantastic visual feast for the first half of the film. The kid actually sabotaged his own company? There is a seriously loaded narrative there that does not translate into anything powerful once he is inside Tron. The writing of the dialogues is the weakest part of the film. Attempt to introduce colorful characters played Michael Sheen, kinda like rock star version of Jaba the Hut is not so well realized. The gladitorial games & the marvelous light cycle chase sequences coupled with superb Daft Punk soundtrack is very very well done. Watch out for this Krasinski dude, he can handle big action scenes. But when it comes to mythology of Tron, the film relies on very ineffective flashback sequence instead of showing, insubstantial writing. Also, it'd be nice if the Hedlund character has somekind of learning curve when it comes to surviving & navigating through the grid ala Neo in the 1st Matrix. As he is suddenly thrown in the midst of the games, he is already a master superhero. There is no sense of "wonder of discovery" throughout the movie other than Beau Garrett in that impossibly tight leather skin, what a sight to behold. Near the end, when we find out that a program can materialize into the Real World, the film opens up a whole sequel possibilities. Better than the cringe-fest like Last Airbender but no Matrix or Inception either. $150 million plus domestic, $170 million at most.

Hoya on Dec 17, 2010


This movie exceeded my already high expectations. It is solid enough to be the beginning of a great series of movies. I just hope that enough people will go see it so that we can continue the story and explore this world more. Tron the character is just begging to have a larger role in a sequel. Cillian Murphy as the young Edward Dillinger is just pure excitement for what the next movie could hold. Does the movie have flaws? Yes. Can I look past them and be completely immersed into this world? Yes! This movie also had the perfect use of 3D. There were no gimmicks or things flying at you just to show off 3D. It was used to help you become part of the story and part of the world. This is just a great movie that does what great movies do, take you from the world you are in and for two hours put you into a different world full of wonder and amazement. Going to see it again!!

Ryan on Dec 17, 2010


The new Tron was terrible. Worse than the original. A failed storyline doesn't live up to the film's music and special effects.

David Sutton on Dec 17, 2010


I read a lot of reviews before I went to see it, and when I look at the score it has on Rotten Tomatoes right now - 48% (34% from 'top' critics) - I am utterly baffled. Granted, it's not a very complex story, but it doesn't really have to be, does it? The plot doesn't have many holes that I could see on my first watch, and the story is effective enough. To be honest, I think reading the reviews actually helped me to deflate the film in my head. When I bought the ticket, I was expecting to see a catastrophe along the lines of Transformers 2 or Last Airbender. When the credits started rolling I just sat there for a minute and thought to myself "How in the fuck does this have such a low score?" The whole time driving home I was trying to pick the movie apart and think of reasons why people might hate it, and aside from some questionable one-liners on the Game Grid, I couldn't think of much. It doesn't go out of it's way to earn any kind of awards for acting or writing or anything like that, but what's there isn't bad at all. This movie is WAY more entertaining than the average hollywood blockbuster, mainly due to the fact that unlike a lot of them, it doesn't try to build a complex narrative with multiple sub-plots which it then forgets to follow up on. It lines up the story and then knocks it down. There aren't any twists or turns or anything like that. It's just a simple story told in a very visually satisfying way. So the low score is maybe because the movie doesn't try hard enough to win awards? I mean, the acting is kinda stiff from Hedlund, but if the alternative was to inject a bunch of pointless melodrama and have characters screaming and crying every other scene, then I'll take kinda stiff. TL;DR I was expecting it to be shit because of reviews, but I actually quite liked it and I think most people will as well. For once, I'm kinda glad that most people don't give a shit about critics or reviews. I'll probably see it again this weekend.

Squiggly_P on Dec 17, 2010


the first TRON wasn´t that good! the story, the pacing and the caracthers aren´t as strong as the ambient.

Elijah on Dec 17, 2010


@ #26 Stevo: There was nothing after the credits. I had to stay so I could keep listening to the music 😛

Squiggly_P on Dec 17, 2010


FInally saw this movie last night at a midnight showing I won tickets to. Glad I didnt pay for it!!! Just as I said, this movie is PURE shit. Visuals are jaw-dropping, but story killed it. Is like AVATAR but worse. At least AVATAR had a decent story albiet ripped from Pocahontastmochicans. If you want to waste your money on just visual eyecandy I guess its worth the $15 you are going to spend. Otherwise I suggest you bust out the 3D glasses you saved from before and theater hop this bad boy. There you go I saved you $15+ dollars. I knew it would be all hype from the beginning. It ain't no Dark Knight, Two Towers, Back to the Future 2, Toy Story 2 etc. Where the sequels were worthy. IMHO, SAVE YOUR MONEY OR THEATER HOP! Believe me, you will thank me later! If you saw and liked it then good for you, but like the majority of the people who saw this, its a failure.

Mike Balrog on Dec 17, 2010


I loved it!

rito on Dec 17, 2010


that movie was so fun and thats what made it a great movie it was trying to be a fun experience. and the characters were fun too, especially Michael Sheen! P.S. did anyone else notice that Jeff Bridges brought the dude into his character?

Zade on Dec 17, 2010


Agree wholeheartedly with #28.

Areus on Dec 17, 2010


Fight sequences were weak. Plot was full of holes. The score was perfect.

hitgirl on Dec 17, 2010


For those citing "plot holes": Please give some examples. I ask because I didn't notice any major holes, but I've only seen the flick once. I'll go again in the next couple of days and try to keep an eye out for them, but I'm usually pretty good at noticing them. The only one I can think of deals with Tron and CLU's relationship, and it's not really a hole so much as just ignored in the film.

Squiggly_P on Dec 17, 2010


I Liked this movie. I knew from the get go that it was not going to be the best story ever, so my expectations weren't too high. The thing is though, this movie was not advertised to be deep, intellectual, or any type of seriously moving emotional word. Honestly, for people to think that it could keep up with The Matrix or Blade Runner is giving it way to big of shoes to fill. Its made by Disney for goodness sakes! All they want to do is entertain and bring home the bacon. So with that being said, I think they did just that with Tron: Legacy. My eyes were having and orgasm the whole time, my ears were on cloud nine, and my brain was not trying to figure out why something was happening when something else was happening. The only thing that could make the movie better, In my opinion, is to get a look alike of Jeff Bridges instead of that damn CGI bull. I know there has to be SOMEONE on this planet that looks like he did when he was a young gun, so to do it CGI just seems like they didnt try hard enough. Also, this movie would be epic if the theaters it was played in EQ'd it to a better level of more Daft Punk.

Samwize on Dec 17, 2010


Damn! Here in Germany we still have to wait until January 27 (!!!), and I fear that they'll use the time to kill the last good bits of this movie completely by miserable dubbing. I guess it's time for me to move to a proper movie country.

Felix on Dec 17, 2010


Might be a good ideal to put a poll widget up so people can get a quick idea of the consensus.

Michael P. Shipley on Dec 17, 2010


I 2nd what Michael said, you guys should put up polls on your sound off articles.

Cody w on Dec 17, 2010


Visually STUNNING. Sadly I didn't feel any real deep threat or care for the characters...or at least as much I thought I should have. It wouldn't have taken much to relieve that issue either, which was frustrating to see. I never questioned whether they were gonna succeed or not. It just seemed like they matter what happened, which was sad. AMC IMAX BURBANK THEATER EXPERIENCE WAS TERRIBLE!! I WALKED OUT! I first attempted to see the film in IMAX 3D. Once again, I was proven how big of a mistake that is. IT'S RIDICULOUS. You are given 'special 3D Imax ONLY' glasses. aka the WORST 3D glasses in the nation. Flimsy and lens's that feel like they were made in a child factory in the back of some 99cent store. You watch the screen and have to look STRAIGHT at it. Turn or tilt your head the slightest and you get a serious shadowing/blurr/double exposure effect. (as if you didn't have them on to begin with). God help you if you are not sitting dead center in the theater. I was sitting near the center about 1/3 of the way up from the bottom. Not terrible seats at all. I finally got pissed and just left. Borrowed some regular 'real 3D' glasses for the other theater and walked in on that show, sat on the steps and watched the remainder of that viewing satisfied. Only bad thing...and always has been with 3D is how much light you lose with the glasses. Why can't they make glasses/3D films where you can see it 3D without losing so much of the intentionally beautiful radiant colors when you put the glasses on. The films are radiant and beautiful without the glasses in 2D. Okay...done ranting. 🙂

zejester on Dec 17, 2010


I was blown away. I loved it. I can't wait to get it on Blue Ray. Best movie I've seen all year. The story, although basic, was well paced and crisp, and unlike other goobers, I didn't notice any plot holes. The action was very nicely done. I put this movie right up there with the original Matrix Movie as one of my favorite movies of all time. Like usual, the critics are wrong, especially that NY Times Movie critic's top 10 movies of the year list...Leonard Maltin he's not. Why did I like it so much? When I was 6 years old back in the early 70's I IMAGINED light platforms and light people walking on the platforms in a black space of nothingness. When you watch TRON Legacy, that's similar to the kind of thing I imagined...but on STEROIDS. No wonder I'm a coder. The Grid, The Matrix, Virtual Reality and other 'inner spaces' are very captivating to me. I must also say, as an aside, the Animal Movie documentary narrated by Morgan Freeman in, you guessed it, IMAX 3D coming in March looks absolutely stunning.

Tron Legacy Fan on Dec 17, 2010


I saw it at a midnight show last night in IMAX/3D. DAMN!!!! Yes there was some plot issues. And ok the young Bridges/Clu face fx were not all the way there. (Personally I think that really worked for Clu and made him look creepier.) There was one MAJOR plot hole that you could fly a Recognizer through, but if no one noticed it but me I'm gonna keep my mouth shut and not ruin it for people. Visually this film is a work of pure art and it'll be a looooooooooooooooong time before I see something this stunning again. Oh yeah, Old Flynn = Surfer Jedi!

jasonmd2020 on Dec 17, 2010


HUGE fan of the first film, and LOVED the new one! It wasn't perfect - I felt the tone was a little too dark and overly-serious - but I was completely satisfied!!! Great movie!! Unfortunately, I question how much 'mass-appeal' it is going to have b/c it is VERY sci-fi heavy which certain people (like me) will ove, but I will have a hard time recommending it to everyone.

eCAL on Dec 17, 2010


I'm going to keep my opinion simple, and just say IT WAS AWESOME, saw it in IMAX 3D last night and I would go see the movie again, just for the music and the way it sounded on those gigantic speakers.

Duck on Dec 17, 2010


Good job # 1......I give it a low 3 out 5. I knew this would happen!

Clover on Dec 17, 2010


It was really cool for about 60 mins. Then I got bored with the story and the visuals became less arresting than initially, and I really was WAY less impressed by the 3D than I had expected. Though Daft Punk nailed it (I knew that from listening to the soundtrack for the past 2 weeks), It wasn't quite enough to carry the film.

MrKelly on Dec 17, 2010


I kept waiting for them to reveal the plot device where Jeff Bridges character Flynn came into the grid on the Polar Express.

Craig on Dec 17, 2010


The most beautiful plot holed filled movie I've ever seen.

Micah on Dec 17, 2010


I absolutely loved the movie. The score was fantastic and the 3D wasn't over done at all. The final chase scene stands out in my mind as amazing. It was kinda nice to see an action movie where you can understand what is going on instead of the quick editing shaky camera syndrome most studios have these days. The score was absolutely fantastic and really sells the movie, as does Micheal Sheen as Castor. Every scene he was in was pure gold. So pure I seriously want him as the Riddler now. I really wish they would have used Cillian Murphey more, perhaps in the actual bulk of the film considering he was the villain from the first films son. For those who say the story is not that deep, I ask you one question: The title is Tron Legacy. Who is the term legacy applying to? Is it Clu? Is it Quorra? Is it Sam? By the end of the movie the term suits all of these characters well at the end of the film, and all for different reasons. Aside from one or two script changes I would have made, it was a great story. For those wondering what changes I would have made, it would have been simple things like Clu saying "I am not our father" instead of "I am not your father." I think it would have allowed most viewers to see Clu and Sam as two vying powers instead of Sam as a son on a mission to find his long lost daddy.

Ryan Holt on Dec 17, 2010


Terrible dialogue, weak storyline, anti climatic, I'd say boring fight scenes but if you blinked really quick you would miss all the "intense" action.

disappointed on Dec 17, 2010


#16 said it all for me. Loved it! That could be the BEST soundtrack this year, and I LOVED Inception.

Brian on Dec 17, 2010


I freakin' loved this movie. I'm a fan of the first one, and I thought this one really hit it home as a 28-year later sequel. The visuals were stellar, the soundtrack by Daft Punk is phenomenal, and I loved that Jeff Bridges still talked like he was stuck in the 80s. Yes, parts we cheesy; yes, some of the story was silly; but that's exactly how the first one was, and that's exactly what I was hoping for in this one. So I seriously loved it. P.S. Olivia Wilde is gorgeous.

FriendlyFire on Dec 17, 2010


I would definitely recommend ignoring many of the critics who panned Tron Legacy. I felt that, while the story may have been a bit weak, it wasn't the end-all of the movie. While it is true that it was very AV heavy, for which I was profoundly grateful, the story flowed pretty well. Plain and simple, it was a fun movie to watch, and while I may be biased as I'm a fan of the original, I definitely recommend this to anyone who likes science fiction.

Brent on Dec 17, 2010


Its AVATAR with Light Cycles! Not memorable and spotty acting with bad direction and story. But hey its nice to look at:) Hot blonde but when she opens up her mouth and speaks it goes south!

dee on Dec 18, 2010


I loved it!

John on Dec 18, 2010


After reading some of the reviews and some of the comments on here, I didn't go in expecting much, but I was pleasantly surprised. No the film isn't deep by any means. It's just an action film with amazing special effects, an amazing soundtrack, decent acting, hot girls, and an okay story. I expected it to be terrible, based on reviews, but I actually liked it a lot. Sure it's not William Shakespeare, it's Tron. I never expected it to be a life changing movie, I just wanted to be entertained and I was. This wasn't a bad film at all. Fans of the first one will more than likely enjoy it. I know I did. The 3D and special effects were some of the best I've seen in a movie. Not sure why so many people are bashing this movie. It didn't disappoint me.

aaron on Dec 18, 2010


Wouldn't it be totally cool to see Daft Punk accept an Oscar for Best Score?!!!! - A lot of people are thumbs up and thumbs down about the film (personally I loved it) but the general consensus from everyone is the Music (Soundtrack) ROCKED!!!

Alan on Dec 18, 2010


The movie was supposed to be out on the 15th here, but it got postponed to the 22nd. Gonna watch the movie maybe next week.

Fisherr on Dec 18, 2010


saw it in IMAX 3D visually 10/10 music 9/10 storyline 7/10 acting 6/10 (Garrett Hedlund wasn't convincing, Cillian Murphy would of done a better job) SPOILER ALERT! is Tron really dead?

Dave on Dec 18, 2010


I loved absolutely everything until the end. Totally underwhelming-- BUT only because I was expecting so much with my geeky, anticipating mind (ie, the disk battle between Clu and Flynn that I'm sure everyone was expecting- as well as SOME use of Clu's army). The point is, I was sort of let down in the battles department, and whichever gentleman above mentioned that Disney focused on the explanation/details more than the action was dead-on. All the same, everything else was far out, man.

Cracky on Dec 18, 2010


Just wanted to throw this out anyone else hoping for a possible Daft Punk "Tron: Legacy" tour!?!

Brian on Dec 18, 2010


Pathetic waste of time. Even more than a giant flop.

David Sutton on Dec 18, 2010


I loved it from top to bottom. I had absolutely no prior expectations for this film going in and neither did I have a clue about its plot (although being a fan of the original TRON I was familiar with the concept.) I guess that's why I enjoyed it so much. Yeah, you can nitpick at the plot holes and the little things here and there, but then you'd be missing the point of TRON: Legacy. It was nothing more than a well filmed quality piece of entertainment and a giant surprise in this otherwise lackluster year at the movies. I would score it a 4/5

Icefilm on Dec 18, 2010


Weak. Biggest problem with the film is the direction -- the script is weak but serviceable, all the boxes checked for characterization, etc., with efforts to develop sympathetic characters for the audience to root for. But. The director doesn't know how to work with actors (the lead casting is just awful) and has no apparent talent for developing any kind of narrative drive. You can watch the entire movie and never be sure from an instinctive, visceral point of view, what anyone is trying to accomplish at any given moment. There's just no emotional momentum to any scene. The director is completely fixated on visuals -- static visuals, at that -- with no character context. One example -- the choice to make almost every character in a "game" battle except Sam wear a blank helmet makes it literally impossible to feel that anything's at stake in any encounter: when Sam is attacked by multiple enemies, we can't be sure which one is attacking him at any moment, which one has been destroyed, which one is showing some smarts, which one is a danger, or even which one is Tron or Clu. (Color coding doesn't really work given the speed of the cuts.) It's a mess dramatically, and fails at an action level as well for the same reasons -- we're never really sure what's going on, who it's happening to, or why it matters. That said, it sure is pretty.

Gerry Conway on Dec 18, 2010


I have never seen the first Tron, and I know a lot of people love it. I didn't really know the story of the first one until right before I saw the new one last night. I didn't have the highest of expectations..I've been a movie lover long enough to know better. I did see it in IMAX 3D, so maybe that helped things, I don't know. I'm kind of thinking my reaction would have been the same no matter what. If only because the stylization & score of the movie are things that I'm normally drawn to anyway. So Tron: Legacy? WOW! How long has it been since I've been to such a *fun* movie?! Maybe it was different for people who had seen the original, but of course I wouldn't expect some fantastic, super-amazing script! It's not like I was going to see some run-of-the-mill action movie and expecting David Mamet brilliance coming out of it. This movie was pure fun. Between the action, the visuals, the score.. anyone going to this movie looking for deep meaning in something has the wrong idea. This movie was made to be FUN. I know it's getting a lot of comparisons to Avatar for various reasons, and to that I can only say this - I enjoyed Tron: Legacy a hell of a lot more. It wasn't preaching to it's audience, it wasn't so full of itself before it ever lit the screen, and I never once got bored with it. Sure, on the technology side, Avatar was amazing. But how anyone ever thought it could be Best Picture is beyond me. And that's what I love about Tron. No one expects Best Picture awards out of it, and that leaves it free to be as enjoyable as possible. You're not watching the movie thinking, "These are some amazing effects, but can they overshadow what a fine job of movie making that The Hurt Locker was?" I was just free to enjoy the movie and take everything in. Thank god for the return of the popcorn movie & Jeff Bridges. And thank god for Daft Punk & that score...

SimplyB on Dec 18, 2010


Well, a tad disappointed, could have been legendary, but still best of the year imo. Disney... Well. Fucking. Done. Bump up the writing a bit for the sequel plx!

bozo on Dec 18, 2010


Saw it tonight and had a great time. The visuals are VERY cool, the soundtrack kicks ass and overall the movie is really entertaining. I'd give it an 8/10.

Andreas Climent on Dec 18, 2010


visually it was awesome. The story was a bit so so..

JimD on Dec 18, 2010


Great movie, I just wish there was more With the viral campaign, I was hoping at the end Sam would say "Flynn Lives." ****SPOILER**** @61 The character turned from red to light blue, remember what happened to Flynn when he drank from the water in the first movie.

IKE on Dec 18, 2010


Tron: Legacy dazzles visually, struggles dramatically ::

Rick Chung on Dec 18, 2010


The Movie was f@%#ing awesome through and through. But I knew Rezzler was actually Tron as soon as I saw the squares on his chest. Can't fool them all I guess.

Dan on Dec 18, 2010


I just watched in Real 3D. Like you said it's no Matrix. But it was worth the money in my opinion. Very solid movie. If you're into futurism, technology, and or gaming. Definitley check this out. I plan on watching again in IMAX.

BBQ BOB on Dec 18, 2010


Saw this afternoon in IMAX and thought it was awesome. I don't know where all these plot holes are that people are talking about. I guess I was too busy enjoying the visuals and music as opposed to sitting there determined to find something wrong with the film. And the POTC trailer looked spectacular on the IMAX screen.

EJP on Dec 18, 2010


I think it was visually stunning movie that needs to be seen in IMAX in 3D. The 3D is subtle and adds a layer of depth like some of the themes of the movie that I think most critics missed when they call it an incomprehensible plot. Unlike Pocohontas in space last year the plot didn't hit you over the head with the themes (Last year it was pretty easy to follow Greedy white man invades kill natives, Military bad, Ecoterrorism good) On the surface it is the typical Joesph Campbell Hero's Journey: reluctant Hero (sam) gets a message(page to Alan Bradley) to set him off on his quest, meets wise old wizard (kevin) and mythical creature (Quorra) on the way to defeat the baddie (Clu) and save the kingdom along the way a lost warrior returns to the light to redeem himself. But deeper it is the primal story mix of Lucifer trying to overthrow God and rule the kingdom of heaven and Hitler trying to rule the world with his perfect solution. Clu is not some cookie cutter mustache twirling villain at his base core he is the illegitimate son trying to win the love and respect of his father and know he did right. He does what he does fanatically because he is limited by his program, he can't think outside the box and hates the Iso because they now have God's love (who also have free will like Man) Have we solved the uncanny valley with Clu (Bridge's deaging) not completely but at the same time we know he is a program limited by that programing code so the fact he looks a little off actually works for me. definitely go see it in the theater, the acting is not Shakespeare, but did anyone compare Mark Hamill in Star Wars to Laurence Olivier? Tron has always held a special place in my heart as that is about the time I started programing (BASIC on a TRS-80) and it showed the wonders of the inside of computer. Tron Legacy is the next evolution has us question what is digital life, with all our social and virtual interactions of cyberspace these days does our cyberself represent us or something more.

mike i on Dec 18, 2010


finally got to see it, i agree with almost all the positive reviews and the 3D was in good taste. kept it 2D until he hit the Grid was like Wizard of Oz when it hit color when she hit Oz and then back to other way when they left, the ending was terrific and they even threw Tron in there perfectly...

Jericho on Dec 18, 2010


PS----i LOVED Daft Punk's Cameo in the movie...

Jericho on Dec 18, 2010


Visually and soundtrack-wise the film is an orgasm. But Dear God, otherwise, is was pretty bloody awful. The acting and "script" were abysmal. Can't tell you the last time I cringed like that listening to dialogue while watching a film. All that money that went into the production and marketing but WHERE was the writing!? It was embarrassingly bad. As was Michael Sheen's over the top through the roof performance. Just so sad. In short, the movie was flat, dull and completely lifeless. And I'm so bummed because I'm a huge fan of the original and have been looking forward to this for well over a year.

Film Fan on Dec 18, 2010


I've never left a comment but i'm a daily reader of site (think it's fantastic by the way). But i feel compelled to add my two cents because... Tron is incredible. Granted, and agreed, that some of the story is a little 2D (so to speak), but just the way the movie was shot, in addition to the perfect score from Daft Punk, made this one of the coolest films i've ever seen in the cinema. I haven't been this immersed in a film since Avatar, which had similar story issues, but if you're being honest with yourself were you really expecting an oscar winning storyline? No. I was expecting complete immersion in a digital fantasy world and that's exactly what i got... and then some. The whole light cycle scene and the end scene was just phenmenial, i too was touched on an emotional level with Flynn has to fight himself. All in all, great movie. I'm going to see it again... and again just for Olivia Wilde

Nen on Dec 18, 2010


@ 63 - I would cry with joy if they do, and I'm really hoping they do.

FriendlyFire on Dec 18, 2010


#80 you said it perfectly for me. I loved everything about this movie, and I was totally into it from start to finish (didn't care for the ending so much when they got back to the office though). The story was fun, the acting was not bad, and the visuals were amazing in IMAX 3D. For a first time director, I think he did a good job. I also loved how they set it up for a sequel. Daft Punk deserves oscar attention for their score.

blester on Dec 18, 2010


shiiiiet, you people all went to see this ?

lol on Dec 18, 2010


I wish we all wore light suits.

reborninfire on Dec 19, 2010


On Twitter a few weeks back, Alex really gushed about this movie. You would have thought Christopher Nolan directed this movie or something. As people are catching up with this movie and not liking it so much, all of the sudden Alex is saying there are flaws with the movie and that it didn't meet his expectations. Most of us had problems with the movie. But guess what? So does Alex. He is one of us! Alex seems like a nice guy but he always seems to match what the conventional wisdom is on a movie. I would like for him to stand up and say something like BATMAN BEGINS is a much better movie than THE DARK KNIGHT. (It is.) Or stand up and continue to love TRON LEGACY even if most of us don't. Unpredictability - the type of thing that keeps a movie website interesting.

Thomas on Dec 19, 2010


I saw this movie today and I thought it was incredible. The acting was superb, especially Jeff Bridges reprisal of his character. The world was immersive and breathtaking. I was wary at first to see that the film was 3D. Generally this is just used as a gimmick to get bored moviegoers into the theatre, but Tron defied this paradigm. At the beginning of the film, some text rolls that says that some scenes in the movie were shot in 2D, and that is the way they were intended to be viewed, and for this I respect the film makers immensely. The 3D is used quite well. There is a scene when Flynn is meditating in his room and he's surrounded by light rising from the ground, and I have to say that it was awesome. I also thought the story was great, despite what some goers may think. A films plot needn't be filled with convoluted twists and turns in order to work well and be well written (and I think M. Night Shyamalan has proven the the converse). It was about a sons journey to find his father, and we knew this from the beginning. I would recommend this to anyone who enjoys things that are good.

claytondora on Dec 19, 2010


oh, sorry for the double post, but holy shit, daft punk. When I saw them DJing at the end of the line, I nearly crapped myself. So awesome.

claytondora on Dec 19, 2010


I really enjoyed the new Tron. I was expecting to be overcome by the rose-tinted glasses and in a way, I was. The story was exciting and fairly fast paced there were enough nods to the past (and an awesome soundscape by Daft Punk) to keep the geek within me entertained. I thought the old Jeff Bridges/Kevin Flynn held a presence of serenity whilst chanelling 'the dude' from the Big Lebowski; meanwhile the computer generated Bridges/Clu was more convincing than I had expected. However, I did find Clu to be better suited to the more dramatic moments than the subtleties of the character. Did anybody else see the resemblance between Clu and Aphex Twins dead smile? The technical lingo seemed to be toned down compared with the first movie, but I guess that is a sign of the times with todays audiences being actually quite understanding of the concept of online avatars and virtual goods. It was almost a blessing to see a film with a character as sexy as Quorra (?) without seeing her used as a total doormat or sexual recepticle (although I totally would!),

jackal on Dec 19, 2010


I loved it and i liked that it was fast paced

jason on Dec 19, 2010


TRON was very good...before anything, the Daft Punk soundtrack is simply just wow and very unique, a must have. The movie itself was really good, not all just awesome action, a mediocre yet intricate plot (expect computer jargon) was pushed along with the beautiful cgi bits. The directing was visionary and the 3D effect was sparingly used (much like in avatar). Definitely Enjoyable...8/10

Nightshade on Dec 19, 2010


It could have been a lot better. Fake Jeff Bridges was unbearable. Olivia Wilde did a fantastic job. Sam Flynn's character was awesome, and Michael Sheen wins second best part of the film just behind Olivia Wilde being so darn cute 🙂

eric on Dec 19, 2010


I REALLY REALLY tried to like it as much as I was planning to. But, it just didn't work out.

David 123 on Dec 19, 2010


Awesome movie. pure eye candy. Don't remember much of the first one, this went above my expectations.

MassaZack on Dec 19, 2010


Loved it! Even better the second time!

John on Dec 19, 2010


just in case you bonehead dont know, this movies is just the beginning there is gonna be a sequel, obviously if u couldent tell, dillinger in the beginning(cilian murphy) and tron came back, (in the end) and sam has kevin flynn identity disk hmm..

BOB on Dec 19, 2010


ahhhh. I saw it a 2nd time. & Enjoyed it SO much more. Graphics are amazing. Story was very well put. I liked it.

David 123 on Dec 19, 2010


um.... it was Star Wars... like... literally WAS Star Wars but hey who didn't love that movie!

DoomCanoe on Dec 19, 2010


it was a park ride with great music and FX. Solid performance from Bridges and really fun character for Olivia which everyone liked. Storyline has issues, dialogue sometimes flat. Main character not likeable and gives vieweres a "meh" feeling while the villain never gets people to actually truly hate him. I liked it and disliked it for the reasons above. As a critique of sorts id give it 7/10. On a "fun" scale id give it a 8.5/10

na on Dec 19, 2010


To mirror a lot of what has been said, this movie takes 3D to a new level. You are immersed in the world and the 3D becomes natural.... not like the old days of "oops we forgot the movie is 3D, lets have a random event here that throws an item/fluid into the audience's face".... Take the 2009 CGI Christmas carol adaptation....I saw it for the first time on DVD (not 3D) last week... and although it was a really good and faithful telling of the story, all the way through the movie you are conscious of the fact that "'s another scene purely designed to make you flinch/twitch if you are watching it in 3D" Tron Legacy goes beyond that!

FOOM on Dec 20, 2010


I thought it was pretty frakkin dope to be honest. The soundtrack is fantastic and definitely doesn't go to waste in the film. The acting was great, story wasn't INCEPTION or anything but it was decent. Visuals alone are worth paying to loot to go see it. plus... OLIVIA WILDE IS GOOOORGEOUS!!!

j3p on Dec 20, 2010


so pleased with this movie, i enjoyed the ride and the father son connection really hit home with me. as an industrial designer i couldnt be more impressed with the set design, from the costumes to the vehicles, to the grid itself.

AC on Dec 20, 2010


I have to say I was more than disappointed. I knew that the story was in no way going to be great. But they couldn't even get some of the most simple things right. All of the action sequences were too short. If they WERE long, there was no build up of tension or a frame of reference for any of it. The first light cycle battle was visually cool, but they never took the time to explain the layout of the fight grid so you really had no way to tell if what the characters moves that were made were good or bad. The flying battle towards the end looked like it was fought between fat Albatrosses. It had no sense of speed or danger at all. I really enjoyed watching Jeff Bridges be Flynn again. I thought the digital version of him was impressive, but it was also distracting. He was still very obviously CGI. Especially when standing around a bunch of human characters on the grid, it made him look even worse. It was a good idea that wasn't fully thought out and executed properly. Which is what I basically thought of the whole movie. Yes, the soundtrack was mostly fitting, but there was very few times when I felt the soundtrack actually added to the momentum of the story, which is what soundtracks should do. It was neat and DID fit into the visual of the story, but I felt that it was fairly even keel and didn't heighten the experience enough to make it stand out as much as everyone says it is. Don't me wrong, it is cool music. I just thought it could have been USED better. I wouldn't have minded the movie if I didn't see so much potential in what COULD have been from what was already there. I am not saying I could have made the movie better, but I AM saying that there was so many missed opportunities to make a better movie with what they already had. It could have used a better editor and a more experience director. I think he has potential, he just wasn't ready for this big of a project. Kudos for the effort, wish it was used properly.

NateCSZ on Dec 20, 2010


"Same take the turrets" I wanted to scream "oh shit!!! It's the Millennium Falcon and Sam is Luke...lolo!!! Joe showing is respects.

LMFAO on Dec 20, 2010


Great popcorn flick, wish they would've done more with the story. I think catching 30 min of the movie at Tron Night back in Oct may have impact my experience with the full length. Great visuals and music. IMAX 3D if you can. Loved it!

1544K on Dec 20, 2010


For cripes sakes people, everyones writing a friggin book here. And way to start it off #1!! Who cares about your negative opinions? Have fun with it people, shit. "I have to say I was disappointed.." WHO CARES!!!???

Sesame Seed Sam on Dec 20, 2010


best review so far on this thread is No.76 Good call bro!

docteur baron on Dec 20, 2010


@ Sesame Seed Sam .....thank you yo, when I first got on here I was like wtf really? Keep it short ya'll damn...

j3p on Dec 20, 2010


@106 Docteur baron thanks I think a lot of folks are dismissing the plot without really thinking about the layers that are there.

mike I on Dec 20, 2010


Everyone in this planet is going insane these days! they even don't have the ability to judge whats wrong n wright straight way! I Just enjoy it! followed by Star Wars, Terminator 2, Matrix, LOTR, Avatar and then Tron:Legacy! its the phase of time we travel! Absolute Epic Man!

sur@z on Dec 20, 2010


I don't know why, but I was expecting to see a crying koala bear near the end, and it just never happened. I asked for my money back and stated the reason why, and the pimple-faced punk at the ticket counter just laughed in my face (as much as you can laugh in someone's face through bullet-resistant glass)

The Credenza Kid on Dec 21, 2010


Fell in love with this movie. Makes me want to be a user, seriously.

Big Boss on Dec 21, 2010


let me say that i've never seen the original tron and was unfamiliar with tron until this movie. I saw this with a bunch of friends and we all enjoyed it, is it oscar material? hell no. was it a fun cgi filled ride? hell yeah. and like everyone else is saying IMAX 3D all the way

max s. on Dec 21, 2010


Fun movie. An extra Tron Cycle battle or two away from being totally Epic. *spoiler* Wished there was more Tron, because the movie almost coulda been called "Flynn Legacy." I say that tongue-in-cheek, but he should have had a bigger part as the movie's name sake. The music was awesome and I hope this spawns a good franchise with better sequels. It has potential.

Solo Calrissian on Dec 21, 2010


Loved was audio/visual feast. The FX were top notch...great score by Daft Punk. The story was weak but I didn't expect much so that was fine.

Geoff on Dec 21, 2010


Sucks big time Didn't like it

Jim on Dec 21, 2010


In cannot see TRON......Disney did not approve of a tuesday discount(2 for the price of 1), so TRON is not set up in Oslo......what's odd, the same discount can be used in other towns, go figure. Guessing its close to 50000+ tickets they could have sold opening weekend up to now. So there starts my first impression of TRON.....

David Banner on Dec 21, 2010


I'll start off by saying I enjoyed the movie. Way way way to over hyped though. I guess it was my own fault but I just had it so built up after reading about it for 3 years and being a huge fan of the first one. A buddy of mine called it the Brock Lesnar of movies. Guy is a giant man and was hyped up to be this unstoppable champion. Then we saw him get man handled the first time he fights a real contender and everyone found out that yea he's good but nowhere near as good as advertised.

Blowtorch1919 on Dec 21, 2010


This is only the first movie the trilogy. Scenes that seemed out of place, unawnsered questions and characters that didn't get the screen time we feel they deserved will hopefully/likely be worked out in the sequels. As for the first film in the trilogy, for a first time director, it is nothing short of awsome/epic/beautiful. Can't wait for the next one. P.S. loveed the "End of Line" scenes.

JayC on Dec 22, 2010


The first tron movie had such a profound effect on me as a 17 year old lad just into computers, that I couldnt wait to see this film. Yes the visuals were cutting edge, the characters were well rounded and even CLU 2.0 was a good idea. But not perfect. We were given no visual indication that CLU was meant to be a computer program because they tried so valiantly to make him look real. There are an awful lot of muscles in the human face and Mo-cap cant quite capture them all using 52 points.Humans have an inbuilt ability to spot any false movements. This was a real distraction as were the souless eyes that seem to plague real characters(Beowulf) , but not NA'vi or Gollum! which still stands as the best CGI character I have seen. Of course I didnt want this to be another transformers type of movie all bang and no substance and I welcomed the narrative and lengthy dialogue but I also wanted some PERIL and there seemed no real threat all the time Flynn stayed put in his pad.The original benefited from a race against time to get to the MCP but there seemed no real threat of any kind here.This was kind of Matrix :reloaded:- familiar without a proper ending. I figured Disney would want an open ending to make another movie. I will watch it again and hope it grows on me as Im sure the next threequel will?

shaun freeman on Dec 22, 2010


This film was just so much fun. It reminded of those stories I read and the movies I watched when I was a kid....the type of story that makes you forget what is outside of the screen, and pulls you into a world that you can almost touch and a world you would want to be in. Why can't some critics step away from their college degrees, and just have fun at a movie anymore? This is an action movie for goodness sakes...The acting and writing is fine, the environment they created is spectacular and the sound and music is amazing. The action is great, there are enough jokes to make you realize it is not taking itself too seriously and the love story between Quoraa and Sam rejects all cliches and has such a great ending... I was there on opening night, everyone stayed until the very end of the credits and applauded...where were those critics then?...Relax, stop being such a smarty pants and decide to have fun; Tron kicks ass.

k.s. on Dec 25, 2010


i really liked it. i was a big fan of the original. i personally didn't think the acting in the first was enough to win any oscars and i think the second holds true but let me also say that i am not the kind of person that cares about that at all. i really like the visual appeal of both movies. i have to say i have seen the new tron 3 times already and want to go back for a 4th time. i love the effects they were incredible. i wish there was more action scenes. i really hope it becomes a trilogy like some are predicting. the new tron is something everyone should see at least once. it is well worth the money. when it is released on blu ray it will find a way into my permanent collection. thank you joseph kosinski.

Joshua Comeau on Dec 28, 2010


Great film. Loved every minute, a non forgettable sequal

Clu on Jan 7, 2011


Had an utterly fantastic time with a friend of mine at a 2D digital screening. We're both die-hard "waiting 28 years" Tron fans and we absolutely loved Kosinski's sequel. Perhaps the old "get the disk" computer plot was a bit too well-worn by this time, but for Tron Legacy I guess it kinda fits. (grin) The plot is very linear for this film, after all. It's a run and chase. But what an escape it is! Some great new characters and evolved and expanded concepts too. I also thought that along with his own style, Kosinski really wore his Kubrick and Scott influences on his sleeve in the mix. Very interesting stuff that's full of possibilities for the next film if given the chance. The original TRON was an amazing film and vision for a first-time director, and Tron Legacy follows that tradition again. Risky, but look at the result. Of course if there is another sequel, who will helm it? Will yet another director be chosen?

Tom Mitchell on Jan 16, 2011


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