Sound Off: Louis Leterrier's Clash of the Titans - Thoughts?

April 2, 2010

Clash of the Titans

Now that you've seen it, what did you think? Its been 29 years since Ray Harryhausen and Desmond Davis unleashed the original Clash of the Titans upon the world and now the Greek gods are all back again for another battle. Louis Leterrier's new Clash of the Titans remake hits theaters this weekend. But is it any good? How does it compare to the original? Do the effects look better in contrast to Ray Harryhausen's work? How is the story? How are the characters and performances, including Sam Worthington and Gemma Arterton? If you've seen it, leave a comment below, and let us know what you thought of Clash of the Titans!

To fuel the fire, actually really enjoyed this Clash of the Titans remake. I don't think that it's better than the original Ray Harryhausen movie and it's not one of my favorites of this year, but I actually had a good time. There's a lot of really badass elements to it that I loved seeing. Hades looked awesome and kicked ass, the tall desert creatures (seen above - I forget their name) were awesome, one of my favorite new characters in any "fantasy" movie in a long time. However, the story felt a little dull, like it needed more to make it a little edgier. It was hard to watch this when the original is one of my all-time favorites, but I was able to still enjoy it, and I don't think it's a bad movie, despite what others may be saying. Note: I saw this in 2D, not in 3D.

What did you think of Clash of the Titans? An enjoyable action movie or just a waste of time?

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Alex member how you told me to wait till Friday to watch it, well i couldn't wait lol, so I went last night at Midnight and they were F****** sold out, i was so mad so now i have to wait till today to watch it haha

FilmsterSalty on Apr 2, 2010


Ok...........This movie was bad. It was an ok popcorn flick, but the story fell way short as long as the acting. The original still reigns as the best. I am sure people will go out to see this movie, but not in the droves you would expect from the first spring-summer blockbuster. I declare this the first flop of the summer. Not necessarily the biggest, but the first.

livingword on Apr 2, 2010


i agree with everything you said. it was a good movie and a fun time but it wasn't creative enough or edgy enough in my opinion. but i must admit after watching thiss im excited to see what Tarsem does with War of the Gods/Dawn of War and i would love to see God of War made. Two movies with greek mythology that i hope lives up to my expectations.

ben chacko on Apr 2, 2010


oh and i like Zues and Hades! The Gods were done in an interesting way.

ben chacko on Apr 2, 2010


The first two comments are spot on... I was so disappointed. I would advise people to save their money and wait to watch it on television when it is free.

Dirty Dutchman on Apr 2, 2010


I liked it alot, though I'm also excited to go back and watch the original.

Aaron on Apr 2, 2010


Agree with #5, wait to watch it on tv one sunday morning. It was so disappointing.

El Guapo on Apr 2, 2010


It was alright. I agree the visuals were pretty awesome, and there were some awesome action segments, but other than that it was a mediocre action film.

SkaOreo on Apr 2, 2010


It was an OK flick. Not as good as the trailers made it out to be but it was still OK. The Kracken in this is much cooler and badasser than the one in the Pirates movies, eventhough this one was only alive for like 2 minutes.

Six Three on Apr 2, 2010


it's got all the pieces of an epic film but somehow it just all doesn't quite come together. alot was solid and a felt I should be into it more but it failed to engage me. i missed a few beats of character and story that made it fall short of being that epic story. the first is still better, this one is a rental on a friday night at best. but please check out for yourself and decide. oh, PS, they essentially gave Perseus a lightsaber. that had me rolling my eyes and groaning.

scott on Apr 2, 2010


Cool movie. I just hate 3D so much.

Nick on Apr 2, 2010


The movie was ok. I was disappointed with how short the fight scene with the kraken was compared to the fight with the scorpions. The whole movie was a build up to that fight and it was literally nothing. The witches and Calibos reminded me too much of 300. Hades was AWESOME then again anything Ralph Fiennes does is awesome. The hunters by the way were hilarious. And Bubo. Give me more Bubo.

Diana on Apr 2, 2010


I have to agree w/ #13 for the most part. I didn't like how the kraken fight turned into (spoiler) a silly little chase scene w/ the flying minions. (/spoiler) Also thought the movie was way too short. I would have liked to seen about 45 more mins of character building and more trekking on the adventure or more training for Perseus, although demi-gods really need no training. And the (spoiler) slow kill off of every mortal person Perseus was with (/spoiler) kinda annoyed me. I wanted to see more cohesive team work and there really wasn't much.

Zac on Apr 2, 2010


never take the opinion of film students...anybody not enrolled USC film school or working as a aitress waiting for their big break that can give simple opinion without all the bullshit about the script...will i be consistently entertained?

jesus h christ on Apr 2, 2010


The character that tames the scorpions are djinns, like what wishmaster was. All in all I really enjoyed this movie, go see it if only for the medusa sequence, that was so bad ass, and I did not see her "transform" as some sites stated she would. Overall, I give this movie a 4 out of 5 stars, it had a lil bit of errthang in it.

Nyarl on Apr 2, 2010


Saw this last night at a sneak peek...and LOVED IT! I grew up watching the first one over and over on "The Superstation" (anyone remember that name for TBS?)...seemed like the only movie they had the rights to on some weekends! In the 90s, my buddies and I always wanted a killer remake with the latest special effects. Well, I wasn't disappointed all these years later. Yes, the story details were different from the original, but I didn't mind...the overall idea was still there. When's the last remake that was scene for scene anyway? It was still a good story with a great plot. The effects were great (I saw it in 2D of course...won't waste any more money on 3D), and I loved the musical score as well. I thought the action sequences were good, and I loved the interplay between Worthington and Mikkelson's characters...especially the short training sequence in the woods. In fact, I liked all the characters in the Argos band that went after Medusa. The gods were handled in a great way, and I liked the twist on the Kalibos story from the original movie. Just wished Bubo had a little more screen time! I can't wait to see it again...will take a place on my DVD shelf beside the original! Will watch it many times over! Oh, BTW, the original again and see that the Kraken fight scene in it is short and to the point as well. I must say this Kraken was much fiercer than the original though!

Gohikeone on Apr 2, 2010


All it made me want to do is rewatch the original. Think the script was a bit weak.

ken on Apr 2, 2010


I still really want to see this. The first one was too old for me to enjoy and I hated it. Rubbish acting and the effects just made me laugh through the whole thing. I know, it's been 19 years since it's release, but I just can't take a movie like that seriously. So either way, the new one will feel better for me. Probably.

Gabs on Apr 2, 2010


That's two hours of my life I want back, what a piece of S*@T. Wow, did it fail epically. I know from the reviews I shouldn't have expected much. I wasn't even going to bother and see it but a friend wanted to, he hasn't seen the original, so we went. He thought it was a epic pile as well. Why does Sam Worthington still get work? That guy has one emotion, anger. This was John Conner from T:S mixed with Transformers style fights. Throw in tired cliques and junk from several other films and make it as dark as you can. At least I knew enough not a pay for 3D. The original may be a cheese ball but it's a good cheese ball. This film needs to be sent to the underworld and never see the light of day again. This will make top ten worst film of the year lists, might be number one.

Moviegimp on Apr 2, 2010


I guess i'll have to wait and watch the movie and then judge myself.

Fisherr on Apr 2, 2010


Well, it definatley isn't the best film that's out there or anything. But, the CGI is outstanding and the cast is enough to make this movie great in my opinion. Sam Worthington did a great job at bringing on a new-age Perseus, and what more can I say about Liam Neeson's potrayal of Zeus and Ralph Fiennes potrayal of Hades. The acting, stuntwork, costume design and cinematography were outstanding, and CGI/Scenery left me awestruck. While the plot did sort of lack the 'zing' I was hoping for, I felt it was still a film worth seeing. If your going into the movie with high expectations of it being better that the original 'Clash of the Titans' then you may be disappointed. A lot was left out of this film that its predecessor had, but the new movie can't keep every little detail. It pretty much tries to summarize eveything, so that it doesn't leave many confused. Overall, I felt it was a good movie.

Mercedes on Apr 2, 2010


I didn't see it yet. But can someone please tell me if the kraken kicked ass in the movie???

Big r on Apr 2, 2010


Well, I was looking forward to this movie, and even with bad early reviews still forged ahead and saw it. Lets start with the bad. The dialog was very poor. A lot of corny lines. The story, decent, but it felt rushed and any character development, minimal as it was, felt force fed. Maybe stretching it over three hours would have been better, maybe not. The acting was par. Sam Worthington delivering the cliché pissed stoic look as seen in Terminator Salvation and Avatar. It was fitting however due to the fact that is all his character required from him. I felt in one interaction between Perseus(Worthington) and Zeus(Neeson), I saw more acting from Neeson in that minute than Worthington in the whole film. The CG was solid for most of the movie but I felt it could have been better at parts. Lastly, the 3-D. It was wasted on this movie. Some parts it looked great. Other parts felt like it was what it was, an afterthought. Now for the things I liked. Although the overall dialog was poor, the were some really good one liners, in both timing and what was said. The action sequences were, for the most part, riveting. Being a sucker for Io, I did like the very ending. The thing I like most though was the concept and portrayal of the creatures and mythic settings. For example, I liked Charon and Ferry for the river Styx. Also, it may have been over done, but I liked the look of Hades as he entered and left his scenes. In the end, I chalk this up to a fun time. It by no means was a masterpiece, but I enjoyed it. I would suggest catching a matinée(skip the 3-D) or renting it when it comes out on DVD.

Cryof1Voice on Apr 2, 2010


i thought it was bad ass

DoomCanoe on Apr 2, 2010


Terrible film....I don't know why everyone loved Liam and Ralph's charaters....seemed re-hashed like Voldemort and Aslan yelling at me...expected alot more from those guys- and Liam's armored just shining away, like he was a floating head- stupid. Kracken scene was wayyyy too short. I expected it to be a lot longer and more depth and character development. Liked how they went away from the original quite a bit- only redeeming quality.

Scorcesefan on Apr 2, 2010


#22 , the karken last for about a solid minute. on Apr 2, 2010


damn. thank goodness for reviews. will definately save my money. catch it on Netflix Instant Play in a week or so by the sound of it.

dedmanjogging on Apr 2, 2010


Naw, the kracken scene was longer then that. It was really well done and explained in the movie. It kinda reminded me of something Lovecraftian. I must admit though, after I saw COTT today I went over to best buy to check out the new 3d tv. Total gimmick for a lot more $$$

Nyarl on Apr 2, 2010


In 2D it was pretty good. Kraken was awesome and the movie reminded me of when I was a kid watching this movie.

jake the snake on Apr 2, 2010



yoshua on Apr 2, 2010


I gotta be honest. I was disappointed Overall. Plus I saw it in 3D which only made it worse.

MMH on Apr 2, 2010


I called this from day was easy to see this was gonna be a FX-fest and nothing more. Letterier isn't a good director...hell the incredible hulk wasn't nearly as amazing everyone says it was. I really hope he has nothing to do with future marvel endeavors. I mean its like everyone forgot he directed THE TRANSPORTER 2!!!

Cody w on Apr 2, 2010


I thought it was terrible. Like, Wolfman terrible. The pacing was too fast, all the scenes felt unfinished and too short. No character development at all (yeah, I know popcorn flick, but still, give me something!). Fight sequences were boring and EXTREMELY anti-climactic. Acting was wooden and very poor. Story was absolutely horrible, rancid, cliche, drivel. I burst out laughing more than once at how stupid the script was. The retarded wookie... er... cookie monster... err... "djinn" was really stupid. I actually found myself putting more hope for Prince Of Persia after seeing this and that movie looked even more stupid trailer wise. Well, at least The A-Team and The Expendables still give me some hope.

Rops on Apr 2, 2010


This movie is a C+ in my book.....But doesnt live up to the original. I agree it needed something more edgey to make it worthwhile , and I do not mean 3D....I have only seen 2 3D movies in the theatres before I saw this in 3D....Up (Animated 3D) and Avatar (Which was filmed in 3D).....I now realize what Cameron and others who say conversion 3D is shit compared to a film that will be filmed in 3D....I will never again watch a converted 3D movie and will instead opt for the 2D versions when I go the see movies in theatres.....Aside from Tron Legacy (Filmed in 3D) ...I dont see myself wasting money anymore for a minor difference If this new Clash is supposed to be a trilogy then I would say it will be dead due to bad word of mouth....O well....hopefully the rest of April has good movies...KICK ASS, THE LOSERS, AND NIGHTMARE....dont disappoint me please

True Blue Spider-man Fan on Apr 2, 2010


It was a cool fun popcorn movie. It didn't need the 3-D though. Unless studios start shooting movies in 3-D, I will only be seeing them in in 2-D.

last son on Apr 2, 2010


I really liked it but...the posts above are right. Hope part 2 is better!

CRaZY OLYPHANT on Apr 3, 2010


wow this movie was so weak it made kids fall asleep in the theater, i walked out on this one

DaftPUNKFAN on Apr 3, 2010


I don't see the fuss about 3D. Call me old-fashioned, but I think a good script, good acting and good direction are what is important to a movie or TV show. Avatar was terrible, but it looked good. But that's not enough for me. I think in 2 years, 3D will be yesterday's news. Don't believe the hype, 3D is just another gimmick.

video on Apr 3, 2010


TERRIBLE! pacing, story & worst of all bad design choices made this a terrible film. Effects were bad, Medusa was the worst & most unbelievable all cg character i have seen in awhile, just bad all round effects that looked completely out of place or where composited in a poor fashion. ta prime example of everything wrong with film making now a days,noting in the film properly fits together and things just happen so that our hero can over come any obstacle without having to try. Lazy. The first 10 pages of the fist draft of the script were better than this entire film.

Pat on Apr 3, 2010


I personally felt this version had taken the original out the back and gave it the hardest kicking it's ever had however, I didn't think the original was brilliant either. In fact it was terribly acted, poorly paced and had the worst soundtrack I have ever heard (Misplaced and choppy). There are some major differences in terms of story but the concept stays the same. I definitely preferred the acting in the new movie even if Zeus's portrayal was a little weak for me (Sorry Liam). The film jumps around a lot and leaves you wondering whether you missed anything. On top of all of this the special effects are the movies major let down. Two scenes in paticular come to mind; the Pegasus flight scene during the Kraken fight and most of Medusa. All in all it is enjoyable just not as entertaining as I would have hoped. I do contribute that to being spoilt by the unbelievable story from God Of War. That movie needs to be fast tracked!

Link1983 on Apr 3, 2010


Just as bad as the original.

Cletus on Apr 3, 2010


Some clashing. No Titans. Meh...

Kellie on Apr 3, 2010


Agree with #40, God of War is how you do epic mythology, Clash was weak. But if it came down to a hack getting their hands on G.O.W. then I'd prefer no movie at all.

Pat on Apr 3, 2010


I gree with what Alex had to say about the story it could have done with some beef in up, it was no better no worse than the original, didn't like Sam Worthington in the title role as Perseus he want's to change is acting style he is the same in every role i have seen him in from Jake Sully in Avatar, to the trerminator in Termainator Salvation. Nice to see a camero from the Owl from the first Clash of the Titans.

Cineprog on Apr 3, 2010


It wasn't what I wanted to see. I wanted to see an epic movie.... instead we got a movie that had a rushed storyline. Maybe the director wanted to stay true to the fans of the original by keeping so much from the original ... but to me that just made the story seem so lame. Instead of maybe exploring the possibilities they played it safe for the fans. Medusa was a CGI fest.... I think The Rock looked realer in that Mummy movie then Medusa did (and thats not saying much cause he looked terrible).... the Kraken looked like they borrowed the design from Gears of War... The characters were nice.. could have used more depth. I literally had no connection with Perseus' father yet I was supposed to so I too can feel why Sam Worthington wanted to fight back. The final showdown was terrible!!!!! It's 2010... we have technology that they didnt have in 1981 so they could have taken the movie to another level... Sam Worthington could have actually struggled to fight the Kraken... instead he arrives and thats the end of the movie..... I would have liked to have seen more of Mt. Olympus rather then their little round table... they are supposed to be living like Gods yet all we got to see was their little round table.

RipRoyde on Apr 3, 2010


1981 version was a thousand times better end of story. Someone said, this is 2010!! for chrissakes! Surely, there is better than could be done with the effects. Even have some scaled models man....If it weren't for Neeson and Fiennes, this would have been a complete waste of time. I meantioned in another link that Letterier's vision should be acknowledged and I stand by that, but I really meant in how Argos, Hades and Olympus looked - very well done. However, Sam Worthington needs some voice training - I realise that his accents are the same in every goddamn movie he does and its getting tired pretty quickly now........

Dan the Man on Apr 3, 2010


The 81 version of clash seriously bit the big one. it sucked. You cant sprinkle sugar on a turd and call it a brownie, and that is what everyone here is doing. Just because you hold fond memories of the movie watching it as a kid doesn't mean it was good. The only thing backing the movie was harryhausens effects and this was the only reason that that movie is still watchable. With out the special effects the movie just down right blows, due to the lame acting, harry hamlin was such a weiner. I think this new movie gave the original the kick in the pants it needed. sure the movie was a little short but that kept me wanting more... AWESOME MOVIE!!!!!!!

Arhnold Schwarzaweiner on Apr 3, 2010


The music sucked. And the pacing sucked. Everything else was good.

Sharlto on Apr 3, 2010


What the ... I'm sorry, I am NOT trolling, but seriously... those of you saying that this movie was bad need to think a little. The first movie was campy, cheesy, had the absolute crappiest acting I have ever experienced , stop motion animation effects in a world AFTER Star Wars had arrived, and such a loosely held together plot that deviated from original mythology that almost no motive can be found in any action of the film. Let me explain... The actor playing Perseus, in the moments he can unhinge his eyebrows from a confused expression asking redundant questions, "Invisible? Winged Horse? Pegasus? Kraken? Sea Monster? Medusa?," only ever has to act when being strangled by one beast or another. As for the other actors, I guess for the 1980's that was phenomenal to overact at the sight of a claymation figure, but those of you loyal to this nature of acting that wouldn't have existed with today's technology should not be giving input. In fact, due to the movies nature, It was trashed by critics when it came out and flopped in itself at the box office, only to become a cult favorite before rising to fame. I am very tired of movies like this, which are epic and satisfying with every example of a fun and entertaining film experience from the wonderful actors playing the gods to the believable hero in Sam Worthington, being trashed by stupidly faithful "fans" of the original. So much hard work was done well to make this fantastic epic, and those of you who want to shunt it bacause you want to be a crybaby about how it wasn't EXACTLY what YOU wanted can stop destroying an amazing experience for someone else. I loved the relationship between Io and Perseus way more than that of Andromeda and Perseus, and event though this deviates entirely from mythology, so did the first one, and I can therefore over look this while attempting to have a good time. The movie was epic, action filled, thoughtful, and I loved every character, It was exiting and improved on everything the first one tried to be. The sword was in the original and the way they portrayed it was a step up. The fight with Hades' minions around the Kraken gave excitement to a scene that would otherwise consisted of only Perseus running in slow motion towards the beast with Medusa's head, and this was again a step up. the pacing only moved too fast in the beginning, so it was a little harder to connect with Perseus, but the music was empowering to the aura of the movie. It was excellent in every way, nothing fell flat, just not as good as other great parts of the same movie.

Ravek018 on Apr 3, 2010


...and The Kraken was F***in EPIC!!!! There is scene after scene of his wreaking havoc on Argos (MANY SPOILERS!! BUT IF YOU WANT TO KNOW WHAT REALLY HAPPENED WITH THE KRAKEN, AS OPPOSED TO STUPID PEOPLE ABOVE, READ ON!) He kills one person that was so satisfying to see dye, and my heart was POUNDING by the time Perseus went towards it with Medusa's head. It was AWESOME... Those of you who claim that the Kraken lasted onlt for a minute . I have three things to say. 1.) It wasn't that good in the original. 2.) What did you expect, would YOU be able to last in a fight with that BADASS creature for more than ten seconds? 3.) For FIFTEEN minutes, that thing rises from the water, DESTROYING Argos, and the beautiful sequence of Perseus chasing Hades' minions gave plenty of time to show off the effects of how cool AND epic that beast was. The climax with the Kraken was MOST satisfying... That is all.

Ravek018 on Apr 3, 2010


Movie sucked terribly. follows right after the original

Jonathan Long on Apr 3, 2010


#51, you're stupid. This movie was great in every way!

LamarS on Apr 3, 2010


saw this and loved it. dont know why all the hate. its really good in every way. u can analise it all over and over but if you didnt like it move along, in line with the rest and see something else haha.

mydongleislongle on Apr 4, 2010


The movie Was absolute dreck for reals...there were good elements, but everything felt like it was pasted together, no character interactions beyond the surface and the vfx save for the Pegasus and kracken were uniformly terrible. Medusa was the worst looking thing by far...she and the harpies looked like they were stolen from The Mummy Returns...skip this.

Linkfx on Apr 4, 2010


it was awful. everyone who said it was awful is correct

sanjay on Apr 4, 2010


Anyone else think Sam Worthington is a stud? Hes got me all worked up...uuuugh

pootang on Apr 4, 2010


Looks bad. Will be bad. Will still see it next week. I think this will be one weak year for movies (Same with 2009) - only Inception looks really good. I was pumped for this first but the more I got to see the more apalled I got. The same with Iron MAn2, and I mean I watched the trailers for the first Iron Man lots... lots of times. Hopefully 2011 will be better...

ryderup on Apr 4, 2010


As a child of the original (betamax tape was worn to hell), I enjoyed it. Pretty disappointed that they just didn't do... more? Can't really put my finger on it. Bad editing and/or production maybe? Acting seemed better than expected. FX were great. Direction seemed fine. One of the greatest stories available should have translated lots better I'm afraid. Glad I saw it at the theater though, due to the epicness of the kraken. Also, agree with Ravek018 - the length of the kraken fight is technically and historically correct. Much longer and there wouldn't have been a princess/city.

bozo on Apr 4, 2010


This is the best "April" theatrical release i've seen in a long while!. I can't even remember when it was that i saw a good "April" release in theaters, thats how long it's been since i can remember!.

Sean on Apr 4, 2010


Embarrassingly bad in almost every way. Badly paced and unsettlingly edited, with a nonsensical script full of lines that were supposed to be impressive and portentous (a la Maximus in Gladiator) but ended up being laughably overblown when delivered by Sam Worthington. He comes across as a petulant lunkhead who achieves things only by way of being half god (that clumsy training scene with Mads Mikkelsen). The effects budget was far larger than that of the original yet manages to remain unimpressive (exceptions being the ferryman and the Kraken, who is wasted). Comparisons between this new Medusa and the old creaky and creepy stop-motion one are unfavourable, the confrontation in her lair completely free of tension or suspense. Calibos is like an irrelevant afterthought of a character, as if they couldn't figure out how to involve him in Perseus' new revenge plot so just threw him in as a randomly-appearing menace, like Darth Maul played by the Elephant Man. A couple of characters struggle gamely to make you care for them (Mikkelsen and the old bearded soldier) but are then carelessly thrown away when it comes time for Perseus to go solo. The rest of them (Pete Postlethwaite, Gemma Arterton) just hang around to deliver clunky gouts of exposition to try and help the audience understand what exactly is going on. The wood magicians are completely random and ludicrous, turning up and magically solving plot dead ends like the best of deus ex machinas (one of them even becomes a suicide bomber – topical!) Ralph Fiennes comes across as a paedophilic Mick Fleetwood, his balding head floating out of the screen in child-worrying 3D. Liam Neeson is good but Zeus seems capricious to the point of schizophrenic, whimsically ordering the release of the Kraken for no apparent reason other than that’s what needs to happen according to the next bit in the script. The rest of the gods are just pointless extras who stand around in the background with beards. It basically takes the original, breaks all the bits that worked then farts it out with a crusting of overripe CGI in a blast of blockbuster diarrhoea that left me feeling like a child had just charged me £10 to watch him re-enact the 1981 original with various Star Wars and Lord of the Rings action figures, with all the well-constructed and entertaining storytelling that might suggest. While I sit there looking like Roy Orbison.

eurogibbon on Apr 4, 2010


@60 thanks for the review, ill see it straight away and hope its as good as you say lol...remember its just a movie!

dealers wheel on Apr 4, 2010


Leave it to the director of Transporter 2 to fuck this up. That was the worst god damn cgi I've seen since the nineties. They destroyed the original storyline, consolidated characters and added new characters for comic relief. Fuck this flick and FUCK YOU TO EVERYONE INVOLVED IN BRINGING THIS PIECE OF SHIT TO THE THEATERS.

GIGERBRICK on Apr 4, 2010


that last commenter is an idiot. don't pay any attention. The CGI was flawless in 90% of the scenes. Best CGI to date. We all knew the story already so it was like watching a movie for the second time. Just with updated special effects. What do you really expect? It was good for the most part with some odd pacing but overall enjoyable. I didn't waste my money on 3D (3 dollars more), saw it in 2D and it was pretty cool.

jake the snake on Apr 4, 2010

64 was right think transformers 2

silver on Apr 4, 2010


This movie was fun, but if you go back & think it over, it was a FAIL.

David I. on Apr 4, 2010



Larry on Apr 4, 2010


Yeah I put in on the level as Transformers 2...It just didnt live up to the hype....and where the hell was Posiedon??? I was looking forward to the part where Zeus orders him to release the Kraken and goes underwater and makes those funny faces....LMAO

Trey M on Apr 5, 2010


Clash brought in $64 Million (domestic) over the weekend, with a budget of $125 Million. Tyler Perry's latest brought in $30 Million, with a budget of $20, and is therefore already in the black. So although Perry's movie came in second this weekend, it is the more successful film of the two.

Dave on Apr 5, 2010


This is in by no means a diss because i like both, but in all Honesty it felt like the "Scorpion King" or the 1st "Mummy" to me. Had a bad ass lead, a bunch of nameless side characters who all ate-it for no better reason and fell just short of being an expansive fantasy epic, though it definately had the potential to be. I had a great time at the movie, but I left feeling like it could have given me more. A nice Hors d'oeuvre before Iron man. Sam's a star.

jomba joose on Apr 5, 2010


I had two problems with this movie. first why is it in 3d. I saw it in 3d and felt like i wasted the extra $3.50 i paid for the 3d glasses. i should have saw it in 2d because i did not see where 3d made the movie any better. Second, they should have kept the original story and did a full on remake. I liked the new story but i just fell like the original story is better.

cHRIS on Apr 5, 2010


overhyped from when everybody was saying this was going to be great but i agree with alex, fun but didnt hav enough edge or a good enough story to make it one of the greats

max s. on Apr 5, 2010


Enjoyed the film as much as any other popcorn adventure flick of recent years, but why, why, why make this a 3D film? It was such a waste of time, as converting it seemed to involve making the credits stand out and not a lot more. This is the reason why films should only be in 3D if they were conceived to be that way from the very begining. What was worse, was that I didn't even have the option of seeing it in 2D at our local cinema, so I spent the whole film pi**ed off about the extra money i'd had to pay to sit wearing glasses that hardly did anything.

Scott S on Apr 6, 2010


Well.....I went to see it with a friend on Sunday night. Paid nearly £11 each to see it in 3D. The 3D was a waste of time. Having just come back from Florida after two weeks of seeing incredible 3D "experiences" at some of the parks, I thought I was being unfair but..... even trying to be objective....the 3D was was purely done for the money. There was no "stand out" scene that made me duck my head to avoid things popping out of the screen. I was indeed a fan of the original movie but tried very hard not to make comparisons. However, I go with the bulk of comments on this thread and say that the new movie is not a fitting remake. I would have liked a true remake with the original story being followed much closer but with all the benefits of modern techniques. After weeks of anticipation I was truly disappointed in Clash Of The titans 🙁

FOOM on Apr 6, 2010


Ok i love the orignal movie... and yes this remake is not as good as the original... However there are some things that i need to get off my chest. Sam worthington as perseus is as angry as a new born lamb. His parents are killed by gods he does not rage, he mopes around declaring that he is a man??? The worst acting in the film was done by the skinny priest who just wanted to die after three seconds of him being on the screen ... what was his point in the film why focus so much time on him? Some of the best lines in the film were from the two most underated characters of the film, which were the hunters ( please can someone tell me there character names?) "can you kill the sand beetle and skin it ..... no we are coming" It was like you soliders and think you know what you are doing, we do know what we are doing. They added great comic relief, as BUbo did in the first. Overall the film is a good lads film. or to turn your brain off for two hours of nonsensical escapisium.

Paul s uk on Apr 9, 2010


Effects: Good. Acting: From Neeson and Feinnes, awesome, from Worthington, crap as usual. The boy just can't act and has no place here in hollywood. Music, great. Historical accuracy: What's that? Costumes: cool. Dialogue: Extra cheese. Why wasn't Harry Hamlin in this, at least in a cameo? Why didn't Bubo the robot owl have a more substantial role on this? He'd act Worthington into the ground.

Steven on Apr 10, 2010


I was very skeptical after all the bad reviews, but I ended up really enjoying this (saw it in 2D). Definitely better than the original in just about every way. Anyone who says that is a "great" movie is still living in the '80s. I wouldn't call the new version great either, but it was a whole lot better. My only gripe was the lack of character development in the beginning of the film. Part of me wonders if they had to cut some important scenes and shorten others to make time for the 3D conversion... I would be interested in seeing a director's cut someday.

Pete on Apr 12, 2010


Hated it. Kept thinking of the original the entire time. No character development, everything was just "there". Things ended too fast (fights). Previews show way more action scenes.

cw on Apr 12, 2010


could've been way better than what it was. i was definitely let down since i was really looking forward to seeing it. it needed way more action. i hated how it takes 40 minutes for something actually interesting to happen besides the attack on the soldiers in the beginning. overall it was ok and did have some good parts to it. i only liked when they fought the scorpians and medusa. thats really it. im just disappointed. 5/10

Fac on Apr 12, 2010


This should have been so much better. Worthington cannot act. You people need to stop pretending he can. He needs to stop pretending he can. Stop fucking up films by putting him in them.

WaNkFiSt on Apr 16, 2010


The new clash of the titans sucked bad. I watched the old one to make sure I wasn't just being nostalgic and even though the special effects aren't even comparable... the old one is far superior. They just dumbed down the new one so much and focused on all the wrong parts. Why waste 15 minutes of my time with that stupid activist who burnt his own arm? It was useless and so was this new clash of the titan. the old one is just better.

Russell on Apr 20, 2010


The screenwriters obviously never read Greek mythology. This movie has nothing to do with the original story except to use the names of some of the characters. It was a movie made for 12 year old boys (or people with a 12 year old mentality), specializing in gruesome special effects. Bad movie, bad script, bad acting, a disgrace to the original story. Spend your money on a different movie or better yet, put it in your piggy bank. BOMB!

John on Jun 16, 2010


Jesus Christ forgive me for saying your name but give me a break already... why would the original be any better ? ... cuz it has less effects and carries the tittle original ? lol , dont make me laugh. I even heard that the kraken in this movie should have been just 2 feet taller than a man just like in the original ... to what point ? the original movie is obviously a mistake because a creature 8 feet tall can't have killed all the gods right ? or the medusa ... the woman that seduses every man with her beauty and made them look into her face just from curiousity is butt ugly in the original movie... and some of the commentators here said that the remake had no clue to the greek mythology... my opinion is that the original is full of bloopers that were released along with the movie xD xD

B1Fr0s7 on Jul 8, 2010

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