Sound Off: Martin Scorsese's Shutter Island - Your Thoughts?

February 19, 2010

Martin Scorsese's Shutter Island

Now that you've seen it, what did you think? This movie was originally supposed to hit theaters last October, but it was delayed until this weekend. And as Martin Scorsese's highly anticipated follow-up to The Departed (not counting The Key to Reserva or Shine a Light), there was a lot of early excitement for it, too. Now, only four months later, Martin Scorsese's Shutter Island is in theaters. But does it deliver? Did the trailers ruin the twist? How's the story and script? How does it compare to Scorsese's other recent films? If you've seen it, sound off, leave us a comment below, and let us know what you thought of Shutter Island!

To fuel the fire, I just saw Shutter Island for my first time last night and very much enjoyed it. I was in the mood for a good Marty Scorsese flick and it was just that, nothing more nothing less. It was very well-made, shot beautifully, great soundtrack, great performances, a fantastic script with good twists and a riveting story, simple as that. But despite all of that, it's still exactly what everyone is saying it is: a B-movie directed by an A-list director. And so what? If you look at it like that, it's a damn good B-movie that's entertaining and intense and gripping. It was a little long, but I'd suggest it for those looking for their Scorsese fix, too.

What did you think of Shutter Island? Another Scorsese classic or just a mediocre thriller?

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A true classic! one of Scorsese's best.

Urban Kirk on Feb 19, 2010


I went into the movie real critical because it seemed as if the whole story may have been told in the trailers...not even close. It was great. Scorsese really did a wonderful job and the actors really were awesome. Ya'll should really see this.

The Black Guy on Feb 19, 2010


Amazing film. Having read the book I knew what would happen, but the look and tone of this film was beyond what the book couldbe described. This film stands alone in the Marty collection, But if had to compare to his other so called suspense/thriller, it's way better than Cape Fear. Great perfomances by everyone in the film. The music made this film, so eerie and nerve hitting. This film should be the resurrection of suspense in the vein of Hitchcock and Kubrick. Not since The Shining has a film been this haunting.

Cursivetheory on Feb 19, 2010


The trailers told far too much, most of the big twist could be worked out from the trailers... which was annoying. The subtle twist in the last minute was great though and really made the film much better than it truly was. Acting was good, direction was good. Not a Scorsese classic, but he took an average film made it a good one. Probably wouldn't see it again.

Ben on Feb 19, 2010


I really didn't like this film at all. It was slow paced and extremely predictable. The dream scenes were really cheesy and Leo's performance was way too noir which made it very hard to watch. You could definitely tell it was Scorsese doing the shooting though as the film had a very "old school" feel to it not unlike the tone of Cape Fear. I can say that the lighting was brilliant though (especially the scene with the match), but I just felt the rest of the story was boring. I wanted to see more of the patients/inmates interviews as that was the most interesting part. I think Marty should focus on mentoring the next generation of film makers rather than continue to produce films that feel so similar to his past work.

peloquin on Feb 19, 2010


mediocre. real disappointed. and scorsese has got to extricate himself from dicaprio. sick of seeing him in every one of scorsese's movies since the turn of the century. enough already.

xtheory on Feb 19, 2010


The only thing that this movie left me wondering is when I am going to see a Scorsese movie without DiCRAPio. It wasn't a bad movie but it wasn't a great movie either.

almartva on Feb 19, 2010


Scorcese never let's me down.

Jake the snake on Feb 19, 2010


DiCaprio just sucks... and that stupid frown- Scorsese needs to use other much better actors.

tms on Feb 19, 2010


I thought it was fantastically directed, shot and acted. Sure, it's not one of Scorsese's great works but it' still a damn fine film. I hate that many critics are faulting the film for not being up-to-par with some of his older work. This is a B-grade styled psychological thriller. If anything, blame the material. It's engrossing, and superbly acted. DiCaprio was great. I reviewed it for

Reuben on Feb 19, 2010


Honestly, I think it's a perfect film. Only complaint is that it can drag on a little bit in places, maybe a little long. But will be one of my favorites for a while to come.

Don on Feb 19, 2010


I really don't know what you naysayers were expecting, but I thought it was BRILLIANT. Beautiful direction, Scorsese's imagery of the brutal Nazi flash-backs and hallucinations made my jaw drop. And WHAT THE FUCK is with people still bashing Leo? How can any rationale movie-goer walk out of Shutter Island and say, "god I don't get what the big deal is with DiCaprio. His acting is sooo annoying." Goddammit he was amazing! The end scene when he's clutching his daughter's body and sobbing would have been his Best Actor Oscar clip is this movie was released in October like it was supposed to. Wake up people! Titanic was 13 years ago, he's not Jack Dawson anymore...

Barrett on Feb 19, 2010


Awesome movie, well written great twist and amazing direction and cinematography by Scorsese. Great performance by Leo as well.

RyanMcG on Feb 19, 2010


I agree with #12. I also thought that the WWII flashback scenes were just incredibly shot. Who needs 3D when you've got visuals like this.

Shane on Feb 19, 2010


Totally average, very forgettable film. I agree that the trailers gave away 90% of this film. Wish it were deeper, better, scarier, more unique, less predictable. Nice cinematography and tone for sure, visiually enjoyable to pass the time, I will have forgotten about it by tomorrow morning.

mic on Feb 19, 2010


I can't believe there are people on here that don't like this movie. It was great.

Dan Geer on Feb 19, 2010


I think this is a genre that is just too tired to be done anymore--it's something someone's really going to need to redefine in order to make it interesting again, and I don't think Scorsese was trying to here. It was fine, but nothing new, and certainly nothing amazing. Rufallo was great, and I thought Kingsley was back on his A-game. Didn't feel blown away by Leo, though I've really liked his last few roles.

Eli on Feb 19, 2010


Terrible film. I urges you not to see SHUT-EYE ISLAND unless you get really excited when someone says, "Let me tell you about the dream I had last night. It'll just take 2 hours and 15 minutes."

kLO on Feb 19, 2010


Irritating, contrived, ultimately pointless. Screechingly hyperbolic. Scorsese's gifted, but the script is shit, and DiCaprio's long past his expiration date; but in all fairness, no one could've made this work.

Chad on Feb 19, 2010


Just came back from seeing in Toronto. It was extraordinary!! The twist and end was not at all ruined by the trailers (at least not for me). Definitely one of Scorsese's best. As I was people were getting up, some fellas were commenting that it was better than "Goodfellas" and "Casino" - I disagree, but that just goes to show how much of an impact this is having.

Conrad on Feb 19, 2010


Reading through these comments I am officially convinced to see it in theatres. I think if anyone's bored by Scorcese's stylistic approach to film - well frankly they can go fuck themselves. Thank you Actual Film aficionados for pushing me 180 degrees in the other direction of seeing it this weekend.

Django on Feb 19, 2010


I enjoyed it. That very disctinct noise that played in some scenes was pretty cool as well.

billbybob on Feb 19, 2010


Doesn't look like Scorsese material but you can't blame the guy for trying to branch out from the gangster/tough guy genre

Zack on Feb 19, 2010


I thought this was a good film overall. It was a little long. But its Scorsese, he doesnt do many films that are short. I think his direction is great and Leo is still a good actor. I do think that a lot was given away in the trailers, I knew going in what he was but there were nice twists and turns throughout that made it a worthwhile experience.

Slingblade on Feb 19, 2010


It should have been shot in 3D! JK

Brad on Feb 20, 2010


What twist

Me on Feb 20, 2010


it was simply epic...kept me guessing and contradicting myself the whole way...the actors were intense...some scenes were incredibly artistic as well and the production and direting was ACE as youd expect with someone such as scorcesee...a must watch

Jasveet on Feb 20, 2010


I need to watch the movie and judge myself.

Fisherr on Feb 20, 2010


Great movie. It mixes old school noir with new school horror techniques. The direction is exceptional and Leo is definitely going to get an Oscar nomination for his superb performance.

SlashBeast on Feb 20, 2010


This is one of the best suspense films you will ever see. The lighting, the sound, the acting, the costumes, the sets, the pacing, everything is perfect. Scorsese's BEST work of the last 15 years. DiCaprio's best performance OF HIS CAREER. I cannot emphasize enough how much you should see this film. Hitchcock would be humbled. Absolutely humbled. To all the negative comments: you're simply wrong.

Portnow on Feb 20, 2010


I for one loved it. A little long in the middle (and that scene with Patricia Clarkson around the fire gave me a headache) but overall just a beautifully shoot and acted film.

Kevin on Feb 20, 2010


I'd watch it again

florian on Feb 20, 2010


I enjoyed every minute of it! All the perfromances were great, the cinematography was near perfect, the plot kept me hooked, and the score was perfect. I enjoy Mindfucks like this. One of DiCaprio's best and Scorsese has not lost his touch! 10/10!

Xerxex on Feb 20, 2010


How was it boring?!! It was FANTASTIC. Even today, with the advent of HDTV, Blu-ray, and 112.5 speaker systems, I still have a growing appreciation for the big screen. It's because of movies like these. If you're going to see Shutter Island, see it in theaters. Shit, I'm gonna go see it again. The cinematography, the score, and the acting was superb. I thought the trailer was pretty revealing until I actually saw the film. Trust me, it's not. ...And Scorsese climbs higher on my list of esteemed directors.

Hat on Feb 20, 2010


See this movie for the cinematography alone....the atmosphere...the dream sequences...absolutely amazing. Scorsese you are a visual genius.

Kevin on Feb 20, 2010


Outstanding. I will shake his hand for this one.

tspfeffer on Feb 21, 2010


I have to agree with Number 4. I thought overall the movie was pretty good, but its just so annoying when the "twists" in a movie are being spelled out in its commercials; they really dropped the ball on that one. Overall it was a good Scorsese movie, not great though 8/10

David on Feb 21, 2010


Good movie that revives an eerie hitchcockian style. Scorsese shot a beautiful movie that had some amazing imagery. Leo was at his best like always but when the trailer is 2:30 minutes long cut the fucking're giving too much away. Classic movie though.

Joshua Kelly on Feb 21, 2010


loved it....very good twist at the end....the movie was very much done in the style of 50s movies. It was the technique of using the music, the camera angles and motion. Some of the actors even seemed to play a bit like 40's movie stars. Mark Ruffalo was wonderful

talli on Feb 21, 2010


@37 they didnt really spill the biggest twist in the movie....the fact that he would lie because he didnt want to be alive.

talli on Feb 21, 2010


Shutter Island is the worst film ever made to date. If only money spent towards a stupid movie can be refunded. Scorsese needs a lobotomy in the lighthouse. The movie is C+ and is comparable on how Paranormal Activity was made. Shutter Island truly sucks. If you haven't seen it yet, save your well earned money for a better film!

Shutter Island Sucks on Feb 21, 2010


ok this movie was amazing! very Hitchcock-esque. maybe those who don't like this movie don't like and most likely don't understand the older films which inspired this movie... I do think that Leonardo's accent was a tad off but the intensity and passion in which he played his role was great. Some of the things I could piece together from the trailers but most of the movie was a nice surprise. the Nazi flashbacks were tear-inducing. I love this movie!

rachel on Feb 21, 2010


Scorsese get your lobotomy asap! And for you who are trying to defend this movie as great, wake up because just like Dicaprio you are just dreaming. So you want to justify the fact that you wasted your money and weekend on a stupid movie "stupid island". Stop trying to look smart and intelligent that you liked this film. Be real, because if not then you can probably go to the nearest hospital and request for an emergency lobotomy!

Shutter Island Sucks on Feb 21, 2010


"Stop trying to look smart and intelligent that you liked this film"...'s you who needs the lobotomy my friend....there are some of us who prefer cinema that offers more than just recycled comic books, 3-D spectacles and comedies featuring obnoxious lead characters and 'fart' jokes...jeeez

Wndrlst5 on May 30, 2011


@40 your right they didn't spill the biggest twist in the moive being that it happens in the last ten seconds of the film, silly me they actually saved one!

David on Feb 21, 2010


#43 - What is an example of a "good" movie then - more specifically, one that is comparable to this one in terms of story and atmosphere? I, for one, am not trying to "look smart and intelligent" by pretending to like this film. I honestly enjoyed it. This is a well-directed film, with a story that kept me interested the whole time and it had a wonderfully creepy ambiance to it. I loved it. Believe me, if you think this is a bad film, then you really have no idea what a bad film truly is. You don't have to like the movie, and perhaps one could rate it lower than someone else. But to say it is horrible is outrageous in my opinion.

Dan Geer on Feb 21, 2010


You can't censor me! You can't censor me! I have a God given right to state my opinion. I don't need your silly reasons & facts or evidence to back up my opinion. It's mine! You can't take it or have it. Mine Mine Mine! In fact - I'm taking it back... I'm takin' 'em ALL back! ***(Go see Shutter Island if you believe great films don't have to be in 3-D & Starring Sam Worthington. Those may be good movies. But Shutter Island is an excellent FILM.)

Shutter Island Sucks Blows on Feb 21, 2010


Absolutly Briiliant!!! Another Scorsese classic! Leo should get and Oscar nod. #43 - Defend/Justify? We too have an opinion. Shut up and go away. I'm curious, how old are you?

KB on Feb 21, 2010


Oh and Jackie Earle Haley was awesome and creepy as hell, for the few minutes he was on screen. Can't wait to see his take on Freddy!

KB on Feb 21, 2010


I was sorely disappointed. But my favourite Scorsese film is King of Comedy so there's no big surprise there, right? I'm really sick of screenplays that have to resort to 'Is this reality or is it fantasy?' plot-lines. I remember being told off by a teacher when I was about 8 for ending a story with '...and it was all a dream'. How was Shutter Island really that different? I must admit that I thought Di Caprio played the role brilliantly. He's certainly becoming a better actor by the minute. But I really didn't think anyone else stood out at all. Ruffalo (who I normally like) gave an especially lacklustre effort. And can someone please tell me why Scorcese - of all people - would think it a good idea to make a modern noir-thriller and not only feature CG backgrounds and effects (none of which worked IMHO) but to shoot the whole damn thing digitally?! One of the most beautiful qualities about shooting with film in the dark with minimal lighting are the accidental effects that you simply cannot manufacture. With digital, all of that just disappears. End rant.

plenihimun on Feb 21, 2010


The epic music at the beginning was STUPID and too freakin LOUD. Other than that and Michelle Williams not doig a great acting job until the very end, I was very pleased

Branden on Feb 22, 2010


Having seen the trailer I knew what to expect. I kind of figuired that Leos character was already crazy and locked up in the institution and come to find out I was right. I hate it when I figure a movie out from the trailer. No need for me to see this in the theater now.

ObiWop on Feb 22, 2010


Why do people watch movies? I'd say the biggest reason is for the experience provided. It's not just for the story (after all there are only a limited number of original general plots) or even the twists (a few really good ones here) but it's mainly about the experience. And it would be very hard to argue that this movie provides one of the best movie experiences in a while. Like others have said, the lighting/atmosphere/music are some of the best ever showcased in the big screen. As for the Leo haters, I kinda sympathize with you. At one point many years ago I hated him too. But role after role, movie after movie he shows a great ability to display emotion and I have ended up loving his work more and more. I do hope he gets a nomination at the very least next year. I'll be headed for a second viewing pretty soon.

D on Feb 22, 2010


I like matin scorzes movies. the taxi driver was a good one and so was a clock work orange. i like when leonardo dicaprio says "its a bad hospital". Im having nightmares after seeing this spook show. yowza what a hoot. the guy who plays his friend is also a very good acter.

Scott Lott on Feb 22, 2010


@ 53 FAIL.

David on Feb 22, 2010


#53 Ok. three things about your comment A. You butchered MARTIN SCORSESE's name 2. He did not have anything to do with "A Clockwork Orange" that was Stanley Kubrick and... D. Leave you '50s greaser terms out of it "spook show.....yowza...." ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME!!!!!!!!!! *SPOILER* Anyway about the film... I thought it was great eventhough i figured out it was all in his head about half way through. I also thought that the last line of the film elevated it from a good movie to a great movie. "This place has got me thinking...would it be worse to live as a monster, or to die a good man?" Did NOT see that coming!

Six Three on Feb 23, 2010


I dont know why I ever listened to any negative reviews about this movie.....ABSOLUTELY PHENOMENAL. Its hard to describe how well Scorsese nailed the atmosphere, tone and just downright creepiness of the island. The whole movie had a constant tension, a constant state of goosebumps and your hairs raising. Seriously whoever thought this film was in any way bad knows nothing about cinema, its as simple as that. I also felt that this was his best cinematography to date....I could go on and on about this movie really because I was sucked in then spit back out. Dicaprio really has come a long way since Titanic....his performance made the entire flick. *SPOILER* The lake scene where hes picking his kids up almost had me in tears...thats how good his performance was....I also thought Ruffalo did a good job standing up with the best, sometimes I felt like he was shrinking on screen but you realize thats just his character. I was wondering the whole time why Ruffalo and Kingsleys Dr. Cawley are always standing next to each other, observing his reactions. If I watched the whole thing over again It would make that much more sense. *Spoiler ended* For anyone NOT thinking about seeing this film because of listening to someones bad review...DONT LISTEN and see it for yourself. I once heard a guy next to me say "Is this bitch ever gonna stop whining?" probably not even listening to a word she says because there werent enough boobs or explosions, and that right there shows the underappreciation for good cinema these days and the utmost shallow stupidity when it comes to the typical moviegoer. Once again in terms of performances, tone, the score, the cinematography hell everything this movie is the perfect creepy thriller. Its not a horror flick instead inflicts a constant state of creepiness upon the viewer until the riveting final 20 minutes. A must see in theaters to really feel the tone of the movie.

Cody on Feb 23, 2010


i though it was an extremely enjoyable movie, loved it...everyone does have an opinion, but say you didn't enjoy the movie, or that you didn't like it, don't go out and say it was a terrible movie, because that's just bullshit...very suspenseful, and i never saw the trailer, so i can't say it ever spoiled anything for me haha.

Michael on Feb 23, 2010


So many scenes in this movie were dragged on way to long. I have been waiting along time to see this film and I was not impressed at all. I was struggling to stay in my seat and not walk out. I think the book was great, however to say the screen play was bad would be the the biggest under statement of the year. I think that people enjoyed the twist but if you read the book and knew it was coming you would have been board to death with this. I never thought I would say that one of martys movies would suck but I have to say it 100% does. No awards will be earned by this gigantic fail of of movie.

Bryan K on Feb 23, 2010


How can one die a "good man" when one is lobotomized to avoid the belief that he is a monster? Is a lobotomy a guarantee that one will forget anything before the operation? Is forced ignorance a state of goodness? No offence intended to fans of Mr. Scorsese’s work (I have seen most of his films but found them all as socially ugly as I did amusing) but I wonder what is so intelligent about a movie involving a completely ridiculous form of therapy that no hospital would ever engage in for the misguided (‘he believes that he is Jesus, so we will play along and just as we are about to crucify him we’ll pull out the rug and he will somehow be cured) sake of one patient. Then there is the equally ridiculous idea that someone will experience a tragedy and create a convoluted but well formulated alternate reality, and the self amnesia required to make it work, out the blue. This is an exploitation of mental illness by people who know nothing about it so that others can pay to be entertained or affected by its production and the simulations of actual emotional realities therein. Why is pointless depressing fantasy synonymous with intelligent/poignant art for so many people? Just another opinion for balance.

christopher on Feb 25, 2010


What a great movie, 9/10. If only it was told in reversed scenes like Momento

Dave K on Feb 27, 2010


There was NOTHING eerie nor scary like the movie - which is what I'd planned & hoped for. Just a lot of talk, events etc. Nothing scary - & I mean nothing! The main character Edward was great, but everyone else totally sucked. I'd give it a 2 or 3 out of 10. Definitely only a 2 or 3.

Jen Russell on Feb 27, 2010


***SPOILERS*** If the surprise twist was REALLY in the last ten seconds of the film -- that is, if DiCaprio's character really was Teddy Daniels -- then I agree that this was a brilliant film. Otherwise, the last half hour of the movie could just as well have been replaced by a card reading "Please disregard all plot elements, themes and character development up to this point. The management thanks you." A surprise ending that's telegraphed in the opening scene and STILL manages to make no sense is an accomplishment of some sort, I suppose...

Steambadger on Feb 27, 2010


The movie was absolute garbage. Contrast with The Ghost Writer which was brilliantly directed.

JackR on Mar 1, 2010


I thought the movie was great hands down! I don't think it is fair to the compare this movie to Martin Scorsese's other films. I seems like it is one of those flims you either love or hate. There are alot of actor's and directors that work together. Leonardo did a bang up job!

amelia on Mar 2, 2010


I just walked out of it after 1 hour and 50 minutes. Overacted and melodramatic are words I would use, and I just could not stand another minute of it. I was bored with the directing from the beginning, and kept waiting for the movie to get some traction, it never did. I's a Scorsese....and I usually love his stuff, but this one did not work for me.

George Mobley on Mar 5, 2010


I think you simply have to have seen & appreciated a Hitchcock film or two to appreciate what Scorcese has done in this film. Those expecting Scorcese to do a "Scorcese-grit" version of Lehane's novel simply don't get how essential the melodrama of his fantasy is the suspense. There were a few clumsy edits here & there, but I completely enjoyed this film from beginning to end. Even the pacing of the ending made sense - felt very literal. And the pure enjoyment of seeing Leonardo Dicaprio lose his mind on screen is what I keep reminding people, who bash his chops. 3 3/4 stars from me. A fitting balance to Avatar's lack of nuance, suspense, or directorial artistry. (Not saying Cameron didn't get emotions out, he just does it in such a calculated way so as to feel manipulative. Scorcese's masterful mood & setting taylorining is very much in exhibit throughout this flick)

Captain James Kirk Cameron on Mar 5, 2010


Tayloring. Not "taylorining". My bad.

Captain James Kirk Cameron on Mar 5, 2010


Just awful. Reminded me of Vanilla Sky a lot of hype and does not deliver.

Robert Cousy on Mar 6, 2010


Shutter Island was awesome. Haters need to get some tissues. Spoilers***************************** Does anyone know if Teddy or Andrew was the real personality? Was he crazy from the deaths of his family members or did they create his insanity on the island?

jake the snake on Mar 9, 2010


Shutter Island is another M. Knight Shyamlan movie only completely predictable. It was OK, but should focus on original stuff, even The Departed was a remake from a Japanese film. Must say that Scorsese has made good films like many other directors, hardly deserves the reverence he's had. I'm quickly liking the director of District 9 as a future star.

Stan on Mar 11, 2010


This has to be the most predictable and probably the worst Film I've seen in quite some time. never, have I heard the majority of the audience stand up afterwards, pissed about wasting their money, never. you knew within the first 10 minutes what was going on. the film dragged on, and on..and on..and on with no real hurrah or spine tingeling realization, as you already knew it! I found myself, along with everyone else, overthinking the plot as I was sure the truth could'nt be that simple. Yes, the film was shot great. great location. even the sound track made you look and wish for somthing that just did NOT happen.Leo, sorry mate, I realize you are trying to look like mature gruff dude, etc. but there are just some instances you need to shave hoss. somthing as simple as this, put him way out of context in a hand full of scenes.. overall VERY unimpressed.

Rgr on Mar 13, 2010


I hated this film, i couldnt even watch all of it. I watched over an hour, got up from my seat, and walked out. Even if i had of stuck around and waited for the unbelievably predictable ending i still would of felt like i had wasted nearly 2 1/2 hours of my life. Gone...forever! Never getting that time back. Id be like "Ohhhh yea, glad i didnt stick round for the rest of that shite " What was with the over the top dramatic suspenseful music when nothing was happening?? the worst film of the year.This film is poo!

Will on Mar 16, 2010


terrible, slow, dull, predictable..not scary, not exciting, not very interestin...great for insomnia though

dan on Mar 20, 2010


terrible, lousy! Inappropriate use of Holocaust images and disgusting scene of US soldiers murdering at Dachau. Should've walked out...

Naomi Litvin on Mar 21, 2010


??? Naomi syas:  'Inappropriate use of Holocaust images' 'disgusting scene of US soldiers murdering at Dachau' - Leo's character was supposed to have helped liberate Dachau, which left deep scars on his psyche; how can that be explained without showing images from the holocaust? - US soldiers 'murdering' (your term, not mine) prison guards at Dachau happened; read the history of the camp's liberation by the 45th Infantry Division, 7th Army. Numbers are disputed, but nobody denies that between 30 - to possibly over 100 prison guards were shot by US soldiers (and they deserved it in my opinion). Many other guards were 'dispatched' by the newly liberated prisoners, who didn't have (or need) guns to do the job...

Wndrlst5 on May 30, 2011


I caught the twist about half-way into the movie, making it seem long and dull. It would have been much more interesting if the doctors were actually experimenting on patients. This movie is one big, heaping "fail." What a waste of my tiime.

Shiggy on Mar 27, 2010


It is unfortunate that Stanley Kubrick is no longer around. I think this would have been a much better film if he had directed it. Just not really Marty's genre'.

Bluzulu on Mar 29, 2010


Pure CRAP! Right from the get go. I stopped watching it after 30 minutes. The Departed was the last Scorcese film I ever enjoyed. DiCaprio was enjoyabloe in "Catch me if You Can". Ruffalo had good films under his belt too. This one(Shutter Island) was just a heap of elephant dung. Well at least it was entertaining for others. Not every film is going to please everyone. Hopefully, the next movie project is better.

TelevisionStuffs on Apr 15, 2010


It's easy to dislike something when you don't understand it.

Jake the snake on Apr 16, 2010


Yeah pretty sub par film from Scorsese.

Me on May 15, 2010


Credit Scorsese for trying new genre, expanding his work beyond gangster genre into psychological thriller. I think somebody's right that this could be a great material for Kubrick (some elements of THE SHINING & FULL METAL JACKET in there). But for God's sake, let our "living" directors some opportunities to shine, shall we?

Zack on Jun 5, 2010


The movie was bad, it shouldn't have had a twist or the original story shouldn't have had the stupid twist. The filming and sound were good but to ruin it with the ending was stupid. Why waste the time sitting through a film with no treasure at the end only an empty meaningless fade out. Just make it into a 5 minute video and stop wasting time.

Andrew on Jun 13, 2010


i don't understand anyone who has a mediocre review or a problem with Scorsese's directing. i think when people are referring to it has "his film" they are forgetting that he isn't the one who wrote the film because i felt that the imagery of this movie was AMAZING. UNFORTUNATELY the audiance is lied to with a ridiculous elaborate conspiracy that is apparently carried out by professional staff members who are all doing an AMAZING job of acting so much so that they should be in hollywood not working in an insane asylum. for example there's that one scene where they see the women who they are suppose to be investigating the disappearance of is back in her cell and she acts all crazy and does a good job of it and even crys turns out to be a nurse working on the staff, oh really? FUCK YOU GUY WHO WROTE THE BOOK THIS MOVIE IS BASED ON. oh what a twist he's actually the crazy person. i've read another persons opinion that maybe the ending is suppose to make you think that he was tricked into thinking he's crazy. unfortunately this doesn't explain the how the "Gandhi" knew what his wife said to him in his dream "why are you all wet baby?" but he goes on to elaborate the dreams and memories may have been planted in his mind, after all the island is supposedly a surgical experimental facility dealing with mind control. also the movie is apparently suppose to be a reference to both real life psychological experiments and physical experiments done on mental patients back during ww2 both with the nazi's and our own government. (many were volunteers who were conscientious objectors who wanted to help their country men but did not want to support the war effort though i don't believe that disclosed documents say that they involved brain surgery) he goes on to

movie buff on Jun 17, 2010


the pay off is when they play the scene where Michelle Williams does what she does. The light and setting stand out so remarkably against the rest of the film. Its probably the darkest moment in the movie and it happens in broad daylight. Its also the only "real" moment in a movie told through "stained glass", whether it be the warped mind of a mental patient or the role playing of an experimental insane asylum. I thought it was a good movie, I'm lucky to be one of those people who can watch a film without trying to figure it out and then over-analyzes what he's seen thus finding layer under layer to appreciate.

AE Paulino on Jun 24, 2010


only just got round to watching it, and I didnt view any trailers, so was all without being forewarned. very atmospheric, music was scary and loud, found it quite frightening in parts, and did start to wonder if it was like a trippy type film where in the end its all a weird dream....but gotta say I was so low and depressed after watching it, that I actually sobbed for a good 5 mins...and I suppose if a film can bring out such a strong emotion its got to be good, but as I sit here in a dark and strange mood...phew could I watch it again........

janann on Jun 26, 2010


Finally watched this movie and was ready for a great thrill! Was truly disappointed. We figured out the "twist" 10 minutes into the movie and just couldn't be drawn into the film-I found myself watching the clock and wondering what time we started it and how much longer I had to sit and watch it. Maybe it would get better-after all the hype. And I agree-what was with the intense music while the characters were just driving around in a car? The trailers made it seem as though it was almost a horror film, with ghosts lurking about on an island of crazy people-but that didn't pan out either. I don't care who directed it-the plot was weak and disappointing and a waste of my 3.99 to rent the stupid thing!

sas on Jul 12, 2010


THIS MOVIE WAS DUMB. MY IQ DROPPED. was there a plot? like...what? one word:pointless. 🙂

amanda the PANDAAA on Jul 22, 2010


#59 is spot on...a pointless dark, depressing movie with a plot that leaves you with a big "so fucking what?" Now if Teddy or whatever the fuck his name was rushed the guards in order to be killed instead of the lobotomy, maybe he would die a good man. He would die a monster with a lobotomy. The whole role play thing was completely unbelievable considering every scene from the beginning of the film. I for one don't believe he was crazy or was actually a patient. I think he just lost in the end and was played by the government. However, who really gives a shit about the plot or characters?

Waste of Time on Sep 13, 2010


#5 needs to see that movie again because it is anything but predictable. Cause you really knew that he would be picking his kids up out of a lake DEAD

YOJOJO$ on Sep 18, 2010


Pretentious, overrated, contrived and way too long. Got tired of looking at DiCaprios head towards the last quarter. It started off with promise but gradually gets worse and worse, eventually leaving you with a feeling of indifference. Shut eye island sucks and so does DiCaprio.

Derek on Oct 13, 2010


Shitty movie TBH

Guest on Mar 13, 2011

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