Sound Off: Matt Reeves' Let Me In - What Did You Think Of It?

October 1, 2010

Matt Reeves' Let Me In

Now that you've seen it, what did you think? Yes, it was barely two years ago that Tomas Alfredson's wonderful adaptation of Let the Right One In made to theaters in the US, and yet we now have a new take on the same story. However, this time Cloverfield director Matt Reeves went back to John Ajvide Lindqvist's book to re-adapt from scratch but also use some of the same story elements in the original film. So how is it? Does it live up to the original or even surpass it? How were the two kids? Has all the negativity towards this "remake" gone to waste? If you've seen it, leave a comment and let us know what you thought of Let Me In.

To fuel the fire, I actually love Matt Reeves' Let Me In (read my original review), and I will happily say that I truly believe it's on par with Alfredson's Let the Right One In (but not necessarily better, they're both great). The two films are different and certainly unique in their own ways, despite borrowing a lot of the same style and structure, but I don't think that plays against either one. The performances from Kodi Smit-McPhee, Chloe Moretz and Richard Jenkins in Let Me In are all phenomenal, the cinematography and visuals are wonderful, Michael Giacchino's score is amazing. Overall it's a great film that I really do think lives up to the original in so many ways. It won't call it flawless, but it's a damn good film, one of my favorites of this year.

What did you think of Let Me In? A wonderful vampire thriller or just another bland remake?

Note: If you write any comments saying "I will not be watching this…" or if you try to say anything about the film without having actually seen it, your comment(s) will be removed without notification. Thank you.

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KUDOS to Mr. @mattreevesLA & @OvertureFilms, who did an excellent job to keep'n in tune with the original, "Let The Right One In". I must say it was great! The whole feel of was very g'd... I enjoyed how the score was in tune with each scene... I give it 4-1/5 out of 5 stars... 🙂

Tony on Oct 1, 2010


I've wanted to see Let the Right One In for years, but never got around to it. I'm definitely going to see the remake, but should I watch the original first? Is Let Me In good enough for a first viewing of the story? What would you reccomend?

DinoChow on Oct 1, 2010


I thought it was good but unnecessary. It almost felt like a shot for shot remake at times but I'll forgive it because it was done so well. The acting was really good as was the score but the CGI stuck out like a sore thumb considering how realistic everything else felt. My biggest disappointment though had to be the pool scene at the end which I didn't think was shot half as well as the original. Overall I'd give it a B but if I hadn't seen the original, I'd probably give it an A. The Social Network was amazing by the way. People actually cheered at the end.....for a facebook movie!!!

Dom on Oct 1, 2010


@ Alex, this movie did borrow more elements of the narrative of the novel, but in what in includes, it omits important things that both films have failed to adapt appropriately. Much of the sexual/gender theory subtext of the original is lost, and therfore much of the real meaning behind the film is lost. Vampirism in the novel was a way of showing repression of masculinity and its effects on everyone. The fact is, they also greatly changed the Vampire's backstory. There are reasons why the book was written the way it was, vampires were dealt with as they are in many films, as sexually abberant creations, representational of homosexuality or of our inner urges. The novel dealt with pedophilia, castration, bullying and alcoholism on the same level. They are emotional and identity driven fracture point that cause violence, repressed feelings, isolation and many of these things are what made oscar need a hero and what made the boygirl vampire child a perfect hero for him. I wad very let down by this remake, although technically it looked great and the acting was great. Please don't delete my comment.

LINKFX on Oct 1, 2010


I thought this was a great movie! Too me it was better than the orignal movie in alot of ways. Particularly, I felt the acting from the kids were better in this movie and made me care for them much more than the original. Also the movie seemed to be much more creepier and eerie than the original too. What I couldn't understand is why they would never show Owen's mother's face?And the CGI scenes were a bit comical with Abby moving so fast, climbing trees and whatnot..and the car crash scene with Richard Jenkins character was one of the best shot scenes I've seen in awhile, sort of reminds me of that fabolous scene from Children of Men a few years ago. But overall, it's a great film, one of the years best and I'm gonna be mad if this film is ignored by those degenerates over at the Oscars! You all know how they treat horror films! I gotta go read the novel next!

jah p on Oct 1, 2010


I thought it was such a good movie!! Definitely one of the more original movies I’ve seen in a long time. Go, Chloe!

Valerie Atherton on Oct 1, 2010


Way better than the original. Better characterization, better cgi, and a more authentic relationship

Rashad on Oct 1, 2010


So like every fan of 'Let the Right One In' I was furious when I first heard of the American remake. Obviously thinking they were going to dumb down the whole movie for mainstream moviegoers but I wholeheartedly agree that this was a wonderful remake. I suddenly decided to give it a try when I read that Chloe Moretz was on board, that little girl is a spectacular actress or she is atleast testing herself with every role she has played. Then when I realized the kid from The Road was in it I got giddy, he is just as wonderful! These kids will hopefully excel in their careers. The cinematography was on spot for the overall tone, very cold and isolated. I thought the script changes from the original movie were necessary for it to not be an exact copy. The score was up to par with the film overall as well. This movie deserves to be seen by all fans of the original because it does have a more relatable story in this perspective.

joey on Oct 1, 2010


I thoroughly enjoyed this remake. The kids did a superb job with these intense roles and I look forward to seeing more of them in the future. For a remake, it really did feel like a new film and I think it holds it's own when compared to the original. The bullies were more menacing and intimidating which made me sympathize with Owen infinitely more than Oskar. @#5. While you have a valid point, one almost has to separate the book from the original. Not everyone who saw the original read the book so they will be in the dark regarding Hakans nature or how Eli became a vampire. One can assume things about Hakan, but one could assume Eli was simply manipulating Oskar for help in the future. The original film was fairly ambiguous and I think LMI retains some of that ambiguity. Where some will see Reeves outright abandoning the androgyny angle, those of us familiar with the original can still interpret that aspect of Abby's life. I took it more of a nod to the fans of the original work. We still see a curious Owen looking in on Abby after her shower. All we see is his reaction to something he doesn't even fully understand. Another reason I see it like this is because you still have Abby saying "I'm not a girl" and later when pressed for an answer by Owen, she adds "I'm nothing. This is something the author mentioned when he created the Eli character that she wasn't a boy, or a girl, not living he was simply nothing (paraphrasing). I really would be interested to see a directors cut involving some of these missing scenes or additional backstory to Abby. I think you could add the missing elements from the original book and movie and come away with a very faithful adaptation. And again, Kodi really nailed this part =)

Tether on Oct 1, 2010


I was incredibly impressed by this remake. The acting across the board was incredible. The characters were more sincere than in the original and the movie itself is simply phenomenal. I'm normally one not to enjoy most remakes but this one was incredible!

Mountain Top Movies on Oct 1, 2010


I thought it was great! Chloe has a really good future ahead of her and that little boy did a great job as well. I thought the movie was very innocent and very heart warming at times. You pretty much had to say "ahh thats cute" sometimes. Im not going to lie, I almost cried a couple of times over some of their scenes together.

rob on Oct 1, 2010


It looks like LMI is going to finish in 6th place for the weekend. I can't believe it's opening so low when other recent horror films that were not as well reviewed opened in first place.

EJP on Oct 2, 2010


This will get a better audience in home video afterlife.

eddie munster on Oct 2, 2010


I have to say i loved it. i wanted to go in hating it but i came out wanting to clap my hands. Chloe whatsherface is looking to be the next Dakota Fanning or Natalie Portman.

The Delightful Deviant on Oct 2, 2010


Alex, please don't try to label this a 're-adaptation' while putting the word remake in quote marks, as if that was some made-up term coined by haters. If something has been filmed before, it's a remake. However technically proficient the new version may be, it was pointless, unless you're illiterate and refuse to read subtitles. Before we can heap too much praise on Let Me In, you have to consider that it's impossible to know what kind of film Matt Reeves would have made of the book if the original movie did not exist. The remake is so heavily indebted to Alfredson's film tonally and visually, how much credit does Reeves deserve? In fact, certain sections almost feel as if they were lifted shot-for-shot from the original! If some areas could be perceived as an improvement, that is probably more due to the fact that another filmmaker had already done the heavy lifting and provided Reeves with a 'dry run/first draft' to work from, to analyse and tweak, rather than any great insight or vision on Reeves' part. I'm sure most filmmakers would like to go back and have a second attempt at a movie with the benefit of hindsight to correct the mistakes they discovered the first time around. Reeves already had the benefit of someone making his mistakes for him. It's a criticism that could be levelled at any remake really - how much praise can we lavish on something that only really exists as a reaction to an earlier work? On a more positive note, let us hope that the marketing blitz for the current version serves one greater purpose - to draw attention to the original...

Mathieu on Oct 3, 2010


Does anyone know the name of the song playing that owen puts on the record when Abby showers?

BlahBlah on Oct 3, 2010


LOVED IT!!! Thought Reeves did a great job of creating the visual and psychological eerie-ness that made the original so beautiful. I also thought he did a great job of making it different enough and his own. The only thing that bummed me out (and pisses me off) is the cheesy looking CGI parts when Abby would attack and such. Humanoid CGI is sooo far off the mark in movies in general and although Avatar has gotten the closest to it, it was still way off. It just seemed so unnecessary, especially for this type of film and it was crystal clear. Other than that, Awesome film and awesome job!

Jason on Oct 3, 2010


@16 I believe it was The Breakup Song by Greg Kihn Band

Tether on Oct 3, 2010


saw it opening night. i would say its a great american re telling. although the original has better directing and more atmosphere i will say i thoroughly enjoyed the flick and glad it hit a main stream american audience.

DoomCanoe on Oct 4, 2010


I didn't think the original was all that good.

Bill in Burlington on Oct 4, 2010


Haven't gone to it yet, letting my inner buzz for the Social Network die down a little. I do have one thing I can express already that was a big mistake on part of the studio heads, giving this a release date in line with "The Social Network." If they would have just waited a week after the others realease they could have doubled their weekend earnings, making this look a little better to the consumer who looks at that sort of thing when determining a movie to go see that week. I saw and fell in love with the original which dissuaded me from seing it over "The Social Network," though I will be seeing it when I get back from a business trip. I wasn't surprised when I saw it finished at #8, feel kind of bad for Matt Reeves.

Hairu on Oct 5, 2010


Just saw it a 2nd time after viewing the original...i really enjpy the acting, and for what it's worth its a great americanized reamke of the original although i liked the adult characters in the original much more and the directing was a lot better. Kodi and Chloe did a great job giving solid performances and adding their own nuance and subtlety to pre-existing characters. I still prefer the original though, it was much more lyrical.

LINKFX on Oct 5, 2010


Btw PLEASE STOP CALLING THIS A RE-ADAPTATION, IT'S A REMAKE. If it were a re-apatation it wouldn't have stuck with almost every plot development from the swedish movie. It was shot for shot, scene for scene in some cases. It did bring a few new elements into the mix, bu those were individual american narrative flourishes that were not in the original story. RE-MAKE. Read the book. It's way different than both of these fairly similar films.

LINKFX on Oct 5, 2010


LET ME IN and remaking the right one ::

Rick Chung on Oct 17, 2010

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