Sound Off: Matthew Vaughn's Kick-Ass - What Did You Think?

April 16, 2010

Matthew Vaughn's Kick-Ass

Now that you've seen it, what did you think? Its been exactly 2 years, 27 days since we first learned that Matthew Vaughn would be adapting John Romita Jr and Mark Millar's ultra-violent comic book series Kick-Ass. The finished movie arrives in theaters this weekend and it's time to hear your thoughts about it. How does it compare to the comics? Is it better or worse? Is the movie as awesome as everyone is saying it is? Is Hit Girl the best character in the movie? Was Roger Ebert wrong to give it 1 star in his review? Or is it not that good? If you've seen it, then leave a comment below and let us know what you thought of Kick-Ass!

To fuel the fire, Kick-Ass is currently my favorite movie of the year so far. I've seen it twice and I completely and thoroughly love it. It packs a punch from start to finish, transcends the family friendly nature of most comic book movies in the wildest of ways, and is just the perfect bit of cinematic entertainment. My favorite scene was the strobe light fighting scene, which blew me away for being both beautifully shot and incredibly intense at the same time. I loved all of the characters, even Red Mist and especially Hit Girl and Kick-Ass, and I can't wait to see the sequel. Kick-Ass really was one of the best recent comic book movies I have seen!

What did you think of Kick-Ass? One of the best comic book movies ever or one of the worst?

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Xerxex on Apr 16, 2010


the best movie i have seen, awesome and beyond.

xanatos on Apr 16, 2010


Hell yeah Ebert was wrong! I have to admit- I had never heard of Kick-Ass or even knew there was a comic book so I am just a movie goer- not a Kick Ass nerd- but I LOVED IT!! Funny, cool fight signs, decent acting from a group that for the most part is relatively unknown. This definitely wasn't Iron Man, but it was pretty kick ass!

PK on Apr 16, 2010


This was horrible! I walk in expecting to see this awesome movie only to find out the commercials are NOTHING like the movie. It's actually about some kid who flies dragons or some shit. jk, the movie rocked.

Angry Chief on Apr 16, 2010


I went in expecting a lot. It fulfilled those expectations and then some. That movie fucking rules.

Areus on Apr 16, 2010


Great movie! Non-stop entertainment.

ville on Apr 16, 2010


Truthfully, I didn't really like it. Wasn't for me, but it's cool if others get a "kick" out of it.

graffiti bandit on Apr 16, 2010


@4 lol you had me going there for a second I loved it I didn't expect a few things but it was nice to see some new stuff. Not to mention the fight scenes were kick-ass

Duck on Apr 16, 2010


Best movie of the year thus far.

FancyMonocle on Apr 16, 2010


Oh My F'in GOD. I agree best movie of the year so far. far exceeded my expectations. I concur the strobe light scene was amazing. The movie didn't hold back at all. Hit Girl was the shit. Matthew Vaughan did an outstanding job. I'm still shaking that's how in awe I am. I haven't had a movie do this to me in a long time. HELLS YEAH!!!

Kaoz1631 on Apr 16, 2010


"Kick Ass was... well, kick ass. It was a freakin masterpiece. I'm definitely seeing it again." There ya go hun ;]

Erika on Apr 16, 2010


Having seen it just a little over three hours ago, it's purely this simple; I don't care how good Iron Man 2 is when it's released in three weeks. It won't be better than Kick-Ass. This is the comic book film of the year. End of story. It's that good. It's one of the best of the genre. And when I say genre, I mean it's up there with The Incredibles, X2, Spider-Man 2, Iron Man, Batman Begins and the Dark Knight. It's obviously different than those films but it belongs beside those without question. One of the most bizarre, twisted, and sweet coming of age stories I've seen in some time. Had only Fox trusted and not rushed X3 to the theatres. Vaughan could've capped off Singer's start beautifully. Kick-Ass is the proof.

Cory on Apr 16, 2010


Best movie of the year so far. On par with Dark Knight for best comic book movie ever made. Fantastic performances by the entire cast, editing was superb, script was fantastic changes and all, soundtrack/score was perfect. One of the most entertaining movies I've ever seen while still maintaining and incredibly dark and real tone. Ironically this movie and the comics actually made me want to suit up too even though that's the exact opposite of the message haha. Oh well. Can't wait for Balls To The Wall / Kick-Ass 2!

Rops on Apr 16, 2010


outstanding! it was better than i expected (and i expected a lot)

beavis on Apr 16, 2010


"My favorite scene was the strobe light fighting scene, which blew me away for being both beautifully shot and incredibly intense at the same time." Absolutely agreed. That entire scene was amazing.

SkaOreo on Apr 16, 2010


My Favourite Film for 2010 by a mile. I have seen it 3 times already and the audience at all 3 screenings gave it a standing ovation. Hit Girl is incredible and I felt like I was watching The Professional/Leon at times. It is going to take a lot to beat KA as a film this year in it's fresh new approach. Hi Deano and I hope that you are feeling better.

Movieman on Apr 16, 2010


How could Matthew Vaughn make a bad movie? The guy is a great director. Layer Cake and Stardust are some definitive proofs of it. And about this movie, everything is just in it's right place: tha action sequences, the characters (Hit Girl, great! EVEN Nicolas Cage delivers!), the adaptation in general is awesome. Bring the sequeeeeeeel!

leinergroove on Apr 16, 2010


That movie was great!! Big Daddy's fight scene totally rocked!

Nate on Apr 16, 2010


The first classic of the beginning of this second decade. Brilliant. On par with the first two Superman movies, The Dark Knight and The Incredibles. Literally makes everything else obsolete.

Alboone on Apr 16, 2010


Chloe Moretz in Kick Ass: 10/10 The Movie I give 9.5/10. The missing 0.5 being I really want to see it again to be sure it's the best film I have seen this year ๐Ÿ™‚

David Banner on Apr 16, 2010


Does the frame used for this article remind anyone of "Ya know somtin' Utavitch, I think just may be my masterpiece." ? I'll comment on the film in a few hours, after i've seen it. High hopes.

Al on Apr 16, 2010


Caught the Thursday advanced screening. This movie blew me away. It was great to see a more realist spin on hero-action movies. At first I thought Hollywood had finally got it right, but then I read that Vaugh financed this movie himself. Great Filmmaking from outside of mainstream Hollywood. I DEMAND a sequel.

Dr Hesten on Apr 16, 2010


Loved it. Check out my roundtable interview with the cast!

Lois on Apr 16, 2010


I'm probably in the minority here, but I literally just got out of a showing about 30 minutes ago, and I'm underwhelmed and it was overrated. Not enough Hit Girl and Big Daddy for my taste. I certainly would not compare it to a Batman Begins or The Dark Knight. Might have a good first weekend, but look for it to drop quickly.

William Mize on Apr 16, 2010


One of the most entertaining movies I have seen in a while. Laughed throughout the movie and the action sequences were incredible! Hit-girl definitely steals the show. Changed a lot from the comics but I didn't care because it was a well made movie! I love how they used the musical score to build tension just like The Dark Knight! One of the best comic book adaptions I have seen!

Dimas on Apr 16, 2010


Hahahaha lol @ #4. Lol that made my day. For some reason I just found that really funny. But yes, this movie was frickin awesome.

Chazzy O on Apr 16, 2010


same old sh*t in a different crapper...what was so AWESOME about it??? a 12 year old saying "cunt"?? how original. shoulda saved my $$$ for something good.

spanky on Apr 16, 2010


this movie was awesome and it just goes to show that the so-called "expert" reviewers don't really understand what's really good out there. on a side note this is not a kid's movie, so leave the kiddies at home if you really want to enjoy the experience

hearts4711 on Apr 16, 2010


It was decent. Good fun but with some poorly written characters, some of the action scenes were pretty well done though... The ending was terrible

J.T. on Apr 16, 2010


NERDGASM! and i actually enjoyed Nick Cage's performance for once.

Zade on Apr 16, 2010


Alex, I've noticed you don't really write reviews anymore. I would have really liked to hear your review for this.

FancyMonocle on Apr 16, 2010


I totally agree with you #12. If only Fox had been more patient with X3 and let Vaughn make the film he wanted to make the film could have ended up being a master piece. But then again if he did direct X3 he might not of ended up making Kick Ass. Kick Ass is a fantastic movie. It does what most movies fail to do and that is that it entertains you from beginning to end. This film will be going in my dvd collection for sure. And for all those out there who are offended by Roger Eberts review of the film, remember that this is the hack that loved Speed 2: Cruise Control. I remember reading how much he loved that film and ever since then I stopped reading his reviews.

last son on Apr 16, 2010


I agree with everything positive in this thread. Fucking amazing. "Best movie of the year thus far." "i actually enjoyed Nick Cage's performance for once."1

Robert Kuykendall on Apr 16, 2010



Said on Apr 16, 2010


Wow. I was amazed. Being a fan of the comic already, i expected a lot, and it did well. I wondered whether it would be as serious as the comic, and it was and still retained the comedic side of the characters and story. I approve. Thank you Matthew Vaughn (and mark Strong).

Ian Kuah on Apr 16, 2010


I think what people need to understand is besides this being the best freaking movie of the year (so far). It crossed so many hurdles just to get made. The studios didn't want it, so freakin Vaughn pieced it together himself. I think that's magnificent. For only 28 million dollars It's prolly one of the top 3 superhero movies ever, a really funny comedy and just a great well rounded film. It wraps you into it's own world. It really is a slap in the face to studios and it shows what can be done when everyone believes in something, and how it's a lot better then just making an equation and pumping it out every month and expecting people to enjoy shitty films. I'm really critical of films, but This just rocked, this was IT! Big Daddy fight sequence = the best

boye on Apr 16, 2010


This proves why sometimes a movie needs to be rated R to be good. This takes things to the extreme and doesnt let go. Kick Ass!

JimD on Apr 16, 2010


Why was this movie called Kick Ass? Should've been called Hit Girl, she was clearly the star of the movie. I didn't care much for Kick Ass, as Big Daddy said... he should've been called "Ass Kick", seems like that's what happens to him through most of the film. But great movie, action, and laughs.

The One on Apr 16, 2010


I loved the movie. It certainly earned it's R rating and I would love to see it again. One of the best superhero movies I've seen, and I've seen alot. And at least Nick Cage played a better Big Daddy then he played Ghost Rider haha.

mattchu on Apr 16, 2010


Just wanted to add, Nick Cage is back!

Xerxex on Apr 16, 2010


saw this last week when it got released here in aus and been waiting for this sound off. i loved it, however i thought it wasnt as lively as it could have been, maybe thats just because of how much i loved the comic, still it was an awesome movie 4 stars, and im disappointed in ebert who i usually agree with and respect. definetly one of the best super hero movies "that was a weird sounding bazooka"

chuck on Apr 16, 2010


Yeah... Hit Girl stole the show... unfairly... I loved this movie, but not for what I thought it was. I don't have much say having not read the comics, but Kick-Ass's story is cut short way too far. The movie starts like the trailer, showing how kick-ass decides to be a superhero, but as soon as he meets hit girl and Big Daddy, who were already super heroes before him, the whole point of the movie entirely changes to satisfy the revenge plot between Big Daddy and the main bad guy. the idea of a story revolving around an average guy becoming a "super hero" vanishes completely, and I felt tricked into being forced to follow Big Daddy and Hit Girl as the main characters... I loved what the movie was, but wanted something different, and will read the comics before seeing any sequels. This is a great super hero movie with no special plot, just another revenge story, the title of which shouldn't trick people into thinking that Kick Ass ends up being important. the story overall comes nowhere near the brilliant complexity of The Dark Knight or even Iron Man, who's hero is driven by morals to fuel a more interesting story. Love this for what it is, but don't over hype it or allow flashy action and gore and slightly refreshing action to distract you from awesome potential in other superhero movies.

Ravek018 on Apr 16, 2010



Chris on Apr 16, 2010


I really liked this movie. Not quite what i thought it would be, but it was a interesting surprise. Also I thouhgt it was the best film i've seen Nic Cage in in a very long time. I've stop seeing his movies.

dbamma on Apr 16, 2010


That movies was WOW. Seriously. That movie has some of the best action sequences that I have ever seen. I think I am in love with Hit Girl. I know that I will have to wait 6 years or so but it will totally be worth it. I need to see this movie again as soon as possible.

NamelessTed on Apr 16, 2010


Saw this the other day, as it's been out here in the UK for a while now. Yes the movie really deals with the revenge thing of Big Daddy & Hit Girl. Yes Kiss Ass does get his ass kicked all they way through (that is the point folks), but he comes to be the hero (won't say anymore for those not seen it yet). Vaughn & Goldman (Johnathan Ross's wife) have done a decent job on the screen play. Although I do feel it was lacking something. It was good to see Cage in it, but I don't agree with most comments of him being back etc: He's hardly in it, which is a good thing. That's why you all like him in it so much. It's the action sequences that make this movie as apposed to the actual storyline. Especially the ones with Mortez (Hit Girl). She put in the best performance I feel. Strong (D'Amico) puts in another scene stealing performance aswell. Mintz-Plasse (Red Mist) was not a really rounded charecter for my liking. Point to note for those that have, or got to see it. Mintz-Plasse looks like a very young Johnathan Ross. It is a good movie, and leaves you with lots of potential for a follow up. I'll finish with this quote from Big Daddy too Hit Girl "Tool up, honey bunny. It's time to get bad guys" ๐Ÿ™‚

Marty on Apr 17, 2010


Clearly you didn't actually see the movie spanky. I mean if that's all you took out of it.

kindbuddy on Apr 17, 2010


Amazing. Iron Man was my previous favourite, and this was at least as good.

Jazradel on Apr 17, 2010


This Movie KICKED ASS! (I'm only surprised that no-one else has written that yet!) Living in the UK, I saw this before most Americans did (not gloating, btw), I was blown away. I read the comic(s) some time ago, and was gratified to see the film come SO CLOSE to being faithful. As to the question; 'Was Roger Ebert wrong to give it 1 star in his review?', Yes. Yes he was. I have no idea who Roger Ebert is, but the A-Hole is wrong! The only negative comment I have is the actor who plays 'Kick Ass' (Aaron Johnson) IS JUST BORING IN REAL LIFE! He was on a chat show on BBC1 with Jonathan Ross (Husband of the movies screenwriter, Jane Goldman!) and he was so DULL! He answered every question in dull, boring monotones, monosyllables wherever he could. What a let down. This Kid SHOULD be on top of the world now...........

ultim8 on Apr 17, 2010


Here's my thing...have any of you actually read the series? @ 50...are you serious? "the film come SO CLOSE to being faithful..." no no no no no no no....the first third is pretty solid as far as following the actual series, other than that it completely fucks it all to hell. A jet pack? No. Does he get the girl let alone have alley-sex with her? No. One of my favorite things about the comic is that Big Daddy funds his whole operation by selling his classic comics. And he is in fact not some cop out for revenge but just a guy who likes comics. They even poke fun at that notion in the comic... I dont understand Mark Millar. The comic way basically made solely to be a film, yet even then it's entirely different. Wanted syndrome (well maybe not that bad...) This isnt a character where there are literally thousands of comics to draw from where the filmmakers take their own liberties. This is 8 fast issues. I'm amazed everyone likes it so much.

Dominick Puleo on Apr 17, 2010


It is my fav movie of the year by far. The whole audience was laughing, clapping and totally way into it (myself included).

johnny Crow on Apr 17, 2010


That's what i really wanted to read, Thank you Alex.

Fisherr on Apr 17, 2010


I would love to see this but can`t because no movie theater in Estonia is showing it.

mflauri on Apr 17, 2010


Ebert's biggest flaw in is article is two things. 1) Maybe I missed it but it never really tells her age an any genius knows a freshman is not 11 or 12 or 13 for that matter. Ok, there are some 13 yr olds, I was. 2) This was a movie about the origin of Kick-Ass and not the origin of Hitgirl and Big Daddy so of course there isn't going to be a whole storyline of how he raised her and that "when you kill people, they are really dead." He's never been intelligent and always missed the punch but this is beyond idiocy. It's one thing to rip a movie apart because you're not a geek/nerd/dork/etc and don't get the change but another to miss the point of the story is this...not that.

tra la la la la di da on Apr 17, 2010


@Dominick Puleo I agree with you on the comment on people liking this so much. I never read the comic, but the Jetpack in the end of the film completely went against everything the movie was about. Also what the fuck is with everyone loving the strobe effect fight scene?????? It's fucking retarded when Uwe Boll does it and its no different here!!!

shadow on Apr 17, 2010


BEST...FILM...EVER, minigun jetpacks, bazookas, awesome fight scenes and a swearing 11 year old hell of a great film.

Alex Morrison on Apr 17, 2010


Comic book nerd side of me gives it a 7.5/10. I couldn't wrap my head around the changes they made, when the source material did it way better. Normally I can deal with some changes but the jet pack was unacceptable. The bad ass movie side of me gives it a 9/10. The movie is still awesome. It's violent and fun. The reason I give it a 9 is because of the damn jet pack! WTF?

ash on Apr 17, 2010


Went in with zero expectations and I was blindsided by the intensity of this film! Perfect pace, great laughs, great action, good story, good acting, decent musical score = 8.8/10

U.G.T.F.O. on Apr 17, 2010


This is also my favorite movie this year so far. Far exceeded my expectations for action, acting, effects, soundtrac and even cinematography (hooray for no shakey-cam) I loved the writing of the comic, but feel the movie actually improved on it in some places. The story is perfect for the origin of Kick-Ass the character and I can't wait for the comic series to continue his story. Hit-Girl was made real by the acting of Chloe Moretz in a way that the comic could only briefly touch. Cage has one more good film under his belt many is that, like 3 now? Moretz already has him beat. I saw this movie with somebody who isn't as into comics or action films as I am, and she could not stop going on about how awesome Hit-Girl was. That character will stand the test of time just as many people are comparing her to Natalie Portman as Matilda in Leon: the Professional These are great times for comic fans!!

fifthbithsith on Apr 17, 2010



Nick S. on Apr 17, 2010


absolutely awesome!!! so enjoyable and such an original take on the superhero genre!!! Hit Girl stole the show by far!!!!

Voice of reason on Apr 17, 2010


Wait, sequel? Oh yea. Im going to be there.

Daniel Felts on Apr 17, 2010


What's the deal with Carmike? They are not showing Kick-Ass in their theaters, hmm...methinks Carmike is dying.

Xerxex on Apr 17, 2010


I'm not really sure why everyone is claiming that this film is 'an original take on the superhero genre.' There have been numerous films that explore the idea of a regular guy who decides to try his hand at being a comic book style hero. This film actually is most amusing when it references them, like the opening sequence which will make anyone who's seen Condorman crack up. But it's one of the few laughs in the film, and that's the biggest problem with it. It's not funny enough to be a comedy, and it's not suspenseful enough to be an action flick. Sure, there's lots of violence, but most of it is just..there. Roger Ebert wasn't right when he objected to a kid as an ultraviolent action heroine, but the flaw of this film is that there isn't enough meat around that idea to make it worth exploring. Nic Cage and Chloe Moretz are great, but whenever they aren't on screen, the film stalls, and since they are only there for about a quarter of the film, there's a lot of stalling to sit through, and very little point in doing so.

David Pirtle on Apr 17, 2010


I gotta say Cage and Moretz had great...chemistry. The two seemed to work extremely well off of each other, especially the scene where, um....uh...Big Daddy...uh....well you know, also the very first scene the two are together was great albiet a little creepy. "SWITCH TO KRYPTONITE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" WHO ELSE LOVED NIC CAGE'S "BIG DADDY" VOICE, SOUNDED LIKE SHATNER, AND IT WAS AWESOME!

Xerxex on Apr 17, 2010


To me, this is the only real comic book movie. Rather than filtering out the implausible spirit and conventions of comic books it embraced them. The mix of comedy and action was so top notch, during the bid daddy death scene, i had chills yet was laughing at his weird screams. It was stellar. Great soundtrack too. A-

Al on Apr 17, 2010


Kick Ass did not in fact kick ass. Far to much of the movie was shown in the trailers. I know, my fault for watching all of them. It was really good but not great. I still like movies like Iron Man better. It was the most violent comic book movie since Sin City but no where near as good. Ebert was wrong in his review since he based it on the violence and how that would affect young people and not on the film overall. It was trying to be realistic but then the ending just went over the top into fantasy land. Worth seeing, yes. Would I see it again, not until it's on DVD.

Moviegimp on Apr 17, 2010


XerXex said it best. this fiml is AWSOME You mention the voice of the grand Shatner, but I thought Nic Cage's "Big Daddy" voice sounded more like the Adam West Batman. Somehow in my head, I thought that helped explain the references to a guy dressed as batman. Either way, this is the most fun I've had watching Nic Cage in many years since Raising Arizona. How do you think he'll do in The Scorcerer's Apprentice? And to comment on David Pirtle's post, I don't think any real comic book fan is saying this is a new take on the genre, but you have to admit that the film hits all the right points to fully entertain a real fan. I really dig your way of pointing out that the film seems to be more about Big Daddy and Hit Girl than about Kick-Ass himself. A lot of people are noticing that. I like to think that it shows that a an average guy (aptly played by a brit actor with an inate since of what it's like to be an American geek) thinks he can just put on a suit and wish himself into being a super hero, but what he gets is a beautifully ultra sick mix of murder and mixed up priorities personified wonderfully by the father daughter team of BD & HG. It seems there are no consequences for their horrible methods until finally, both of them get their due in dramatic fashion. Luckily for us all, she survives and joins up with the 'everyman' who now has a deeper sense of purpose and a more realistic take on his abilities (I would too, if I could fly a jetpack) and she slips into mainstream society wrapping up the film rather tightly. Then comes Mutherfucker (the new persona for Red Mist in the next story arc) This should draw our heroes back into the border between real and comic once again. I can't wait. Great film!! must see it again soon.

fifthbithsith on Apr 17, 2010


we need a hit-girl sequel. this movie was so awesome.

crumb on Apr 17, 2010


#69 - "It was trying to be realistic but then the ending just went over the top into fantasy land." See, thats what I loved about it though. A lot of comic books are so completely ridiculous, and usually dive into fantasy. Most producers/directors never really respect that. Sure I love Dark Knight & Spider Man, but they didn't really capture the surreal feeling of comic book culture outside of the set up. Kick Ass, for once, respected super hero conventions. It had a real heart, a real soul, yet had bizarre humor and ludicrous situations. This was THE comic book movie, as for once the spirit of comics was there on the big screen.

Al on Apr 17, 2010


JET PACK. That is all.

LoLLerCoasterKevin on Apr 17, 2010


My comment was meant for Moviegimp by the way, I have no idea why the comment numbers always change on this site.

Al on Apr 17, 2010


can't really explain it, but i have no interest in seeing this. it's got all the things i love in movies, but can totally take it or leave it. and, i'm not the only one. it's gonna be #1 this weekend, but not by much. then, next week, it'll fall to 'the losers'. oh well, maybe i'll love it on dvd...?

BulbousLaser on Apr 17, 2010


By far the best movie I've seen this year. They kept a lot of stuff close to the comic and the changes they DID make to the film made a lot of sense. I highly recommend this movie anyone who loves comics,video games and geek chic. Definitely a keeper.

DaPoint on Apr 17, 2010


This film is so incredible. Gunna see it again Sunday.

Garrett on Apr 17, 2010


Far better than what I expected. The soundtrack was unbelievably awesome.

CLZ on Apr 17, 2010


Mark Strong stole the show.

cicool on Apr 17, 2010


Some of these comments need spoiler alerts yo! Anyway, I thought the film was very well paced and kicked quite a lot of ass. Moretz was so awesome. So many of the young 'uns in the theater were saying "bad-ass", under their breath, with each Hit-Girl kill.

Duir on Apr 17, 2010



DaftPUNKFAN on Apr 17, 2010


Yeah #79 Strong has that effect in every movie hes in it seems.

Cody w on Apr 17, 2010


Good movie. Funny and entertaining. Much better than the Dark Knight.

Crapola on Apr 17, 2010


MUST SEE, it will be one of the best movies of 2010, no doubt

harhar on Apr 17, 2010


SURREAL MOMENT: the movie theater in the Kick Ass movie IS THE SAME MOVIE THEATER that i was watching the movie at... in Toronto Canada.... INSANE!!!.... the cinema i was in, was IN the movie... my brain melted a little... and I also LOVED IT!!!! O_o

Diego on Apr 17, 2010


Saw it a second time today (gotta help the box office!) and it's still incredible. Maybe I'm just a sucker but that execution scene got me tearing up both times. It's filmed so well, it takes the movie to such a dark and serious place. Chloe's acting is beautiful to watch. And still, I'm so happy Christopher Mintz Plasse is developing as an actor. Can't wait to see what he does in the sequel. I really have nothing bad at all to say after seeing it twice. It's just phenomenal. I really hope this does well and gets recognized. It really deserves it. Let's hope other comic book movies take note and people listen to Vaughns style of film making, doing what you love and what you want! That's what makes great cinema. I plan on seeing Kick-Ass at least one more time while it's in theatres.

Rops on Apr 18, 2010


Damn, it's opening in Germany on April 22. This is bad for two reasons: 1) We see it later than anyone else and 2) it's going to be dubbed. Give my fellow citizens a few English lessons and put us on the cinematic map again, please!

Felix on Apr 18, 2010


what a bunch of sheep.

Jimbone on Apr 18, 2010


Honestly I was very underwhelemed with the film as a whole. As seperate parts it works a lot better and Kick Ass is a great character I thought the actor who played him was really good. Hit Girl seemed to be strangely inaffective, although her martial arts and gun combat techniques were pretty awesome. I loved the action sequences but as a realistically styled superhero film it is still really cartoony and unrealistic, the jetpack was completely unbelievable as a plot element and as a visual. Nicholas Cage was pretty good and I loved the combat that he was involved with, very brutal. I reccimendation seeing it but I fail to see how this is the best film of the year, it may grow on me, I actually suspect it will, but right now I prefer Watchmen over this.

Linkfx on Apr 18, 2010


Linkfx, Watchmen was last year. This might not be the greatest comic book movie ever, but I do think it's the most fun I've had in a theater so far in 2010. Maybe Scott Pilgrim Vs the World will be just as fun. Diego, that is effing awesome that you saw the film in that same theater. Was I the only one who really wanted to see the backstory for D'Amico's forhead scar? Not only was he a great scene stealer, but I think the scar stole some of each scene as well. also, Jimbone, all of these posts are from people who are expressing their opinion of the film after choosing to see it on their own. How do you think they're sheep? Your comment seems like a cheap shot from somebody who has nothing to say but wants to be heard anyway. It's ok if you didn't like the movie and it's ok to post somethign here, but, do you really have anything to say? Is there something new you would like to add to this discussion such as an actual critique of the film or perhaps a comparison to another comic book film you prefer to this one? Share your thoughts and join the discussion. Your opinion is just as valid as anybody else's and I'd like to hear it. ***who reads posts about movies on a weblog like this and doesn't expect spoilers?***

fifthbithsith on Apr 18, 2010


Yeah jimbone.....people can express their feelings on the movie without needing a fool call them obviously wanted to be different with your comment. Saw the movie with my friend on Friday ( a fellow avid movie goer )and we both agreed it was up there in our top 10 comic book movies. Going to see it again with the wifey in a couple of hours and see her take on it. She isn't a comic book nerd like me, so it will be interesting to see her reaction to it.

Jnyce on Apr 18, 2010


Best Movie of the Year!!!! (Until Iron Man 2 Comes out) ((or maybe it does one-up Iron Man 2)) (((I don't care both are awesome)))

zeldaprimed on Apr 18, 2010


i thought it sucked. :/ longest 2 hours of my life.

Jacksion on Apr 18, 2010


I've never read a comic - any comic so I never get excited when one is turned into a movie but hot damn Kick Ass was the best thing I've seen so far this year. Big Daddy and Hit Girl should go down in history as the best duo to have ever duoed. I'm seeing it again today just for the action scenes alone.

Osbourne Cox on Apr 18, 2010


Best movie of this year so far. It's no Watchmen, but it's fucking close.

danielvutran on Apr 18, 2010


Jacksion, that's because you're a fairy...

Big John on Apr 18, 2010


I was incredibly underwhelmed. If you loved the comic, chances are you'll hate the movie. If you haven't read the comic, chances are you'll love it -because you have no idea how much better it could've been. Seriously, Kick-Ass could've been par with the Dark Knight in many ways if it only followed the comic verbatim. Instead, this movie adaptation comes off as campy. Don't get me wrong, the action sequences were amazing and the casting was perfect, but, for me, its not a fair trade off to have those two things at the expense of a solid story. The film was not story driven, and that's a shame because the "original" Kick-Ass story is an amazing story. I enjoyed the first 30 or 45 minutes of the movie, but became pretty livid once it became completely out of sync with the comic. I understand that the screenplay was being written before Millar even finished the 8-issue comic, and so I guess that excuses the dramatic alterations, but the characters are far far more complex and inspiring in the comic book; for me the movie rewrote over some key moments that really watered down the whole essence of Kick-Ass. Believe it or not, I felt like the movie was too kid friendly and rewritten for a less intelligent audience. The comic is far darker, and the comedic elements are less slapstick and ironic, and far more humorous for being terribly honest about life and exposing the true character traits of man. Frankly, the movie version was dumbed down and given a hollywood happy ending. SPOIL ALERTS below (kind of) / very crucial elements of the comic book that were completely different or not even in the film: - Kick-Ass is not suppose to get the girl. His becoming a "super hero", while it does eventually give him the courage to express is true feelings to Katie Deauxma, it does not win over her over. When she finds out he isn't gay and is actually a dude with a crush. She sluts-out and blows some other kid in high school and sends Kick-Ass a picture-text of it... I honestly felt this aspect of the comic is pertinent. In many ways its a more realistic view on reality and helps develop a stronger sense of mortality and helplessness which is truthfully the core of Kick-Ass' character. Plus, in real life, you typically don't get the girl of your dreams ..and more importantly, the girl of your dreams usually turn out to be a terrible whore anyways. The whole idea of Kick-Ass is to frame the story in a more factual reality where being a hero has absolutely no glory or benefits. - Big Daddy is not actually suppose to be an ex-cop out for vengeance -that's just the self-written mythology of Damon Macready's alter-ego. In the comic you find out that he is just a fanboy like Kick-Ass and simply targeted the mob out of necessity -that his Big Daddy alter-ego needed a nemesis. I felt this was also an important element of the comic that was missing from the movie -the fact that Big Daddy wasn't a true blue "Frank Castle" and that he was deep-down exactly the same as Kick-Ass, if not even more delusional (I mean he runs away from his wife and starts a new life raising his daughter practically from infancy to be a vigilante). Also, its an added bonus to know Big Daddy and Hit Girl's operation was totally funded by Big Daddy's large and valuable comic book collection. - I really wanted to see Hit-Girl snort cocaine as her "last resort" energy boost to fight the bad guys. I'm not sure if this element of the comic book story is as crucial as Kick-Ass not achieving the hollywood fantasy of "getting the girl and winning the state championship" or Big Daddy's true identity as a nerd, but it really sealed the deal for me in making her a 3-dimensional character. By the end of the comic book, you actually feel sad for Hit-Girl's lack of a normal childhood and even though she's a fucking badass killing machine you realize she's just as fragile as Kick-Ass. - There should be no bazooka or jet-pack. I will admit that I laughed on the outside when these parts of the movie were rolling ...but I also cried on the inside too. The Kick-Ass story was suppose to be more sophisticated than that. This was not in sync with the humor of the comic book. The bazooka and jet-pack scenes were terribly gimmicky to me -something that would fit better in a movie like Tropic Thunder (which, btw, is a horrible movie). This really took me further out of the movie. - Red Mist was not suppose to have any sort of empathy or affinity with Kick-Ass -and more importantly, the audience shouldn't have known he was the son of the local drug kingpin John Genovese until after Kick-Ass was set up. You really lose the element of surprise there in the film. Yeah, so in short, it does not live up to the Comic Book AT ALL ... but the action sequences are undoubtedly cool. So if you're a total meathead and that's all your care about, you're going to absolutely love Kick-Ass the movie. But I, personally, felt cheated. Jane Goldman, you failed me.

Kyle Morris on Apr 18, 2010


Kyle Morris in regards to the changes made, I think it was a good idea, if Vaughn stayed 100% true to the comic people who are not fans would have been very depressed once the credits started rolling, the Hollywood happy ending worked for the film. But the jetpack didn't wow me, felt kinda...well kinda dumb in a small way...but I still liked the film, The whole strobe light shoot out was the third best part. Second place goes to Big Daddy clearing out the warehouse with "In The House In A Heart Beat" playing, that was for lack of a better word awesome! The #1 spot goes to Hit Girl attacking Genovese's fortress, Jason Flemyng getting shot through the cheek was amazingly awesome.

Xerxex on Apr 18, 2010


In regards Kyle Morris, considering the tone of the comic was more real and natural, I see it as fitting that the tone for the film is the opposite. The spirit of Millar's work is the opposite of most comics, and thats why I love Vaughn's idea of molding Kick Ass the opposite of most comic book movies (by making it utterly ridiculous) In regards to the jet pack haters, this is the part of the film that captures the essence of anarchy. Its spitting in the fact of comicbook film conventions and saying "ya know what, its okay to just completely go nuts and take a spill into fantasy."

Al on Apr 18, 2010


Al I didn't hate the jetpack I just didn't care for it, in my eyes it was overkill, the film is already awesome and a jetpack just seems unnecessary.

Xerxex on Apr 18, 2010


For the most part I agree with you Kyle, I've always been able to forgive movies based on novels and comics when ever they stray from some of the sub-plots, if they get it wrong they didn't ruin the book or comic. The Iron Man thing will die down, hopefully.

Xerxex on Apr 18, 2010


Xerxex: Yeah, I loved the whole scene where Big Daddy annihilates the goons at the warehouse. And like i said, the action was great. Honestly, I think I will see it again in theaters. When I say comic book lovers'll hate -that might be a bit of an exaggeration, though there will be some major disappointment. I've been waiting for this film for over a year... my high hopes were simply much higher than what the movie delivered. But I feel the need to reiterate that the movie storyline just didn't captivate me enough. Viewers never become emotionally invested in any of the characters. True, you cheer them on as they kick-ass (pun intended) during the fight scenes, but the moments between the brawls were pretty weak. Those lulls between the action were the moments to capitalize on developing the characters. You don't really get to KNOW Dave Lizewski or Mindy and Damon Macready in the film adaptation... I felt that if the omitted parts that I mentioned earlier were actually in the film, the audience would have connected with the characters even more so... and, as a result, if the characters were more developed, I don't think you would have needed that "hollywood happy ending". Additionally, the assumption that viewers need the good guy to triumph with flying colors, win the girl, save the day and have a happy ever after is terrible. You're insulting the intelligence of the general public -I feel this happens all too often. In fact, having that concern -feeling the need to put on kid gloves is kind of hypocritical of a movie that didn't want big wig movie producers fucking up the story in the first place. And I think that's why I "don't like the movie" ...not because its a bad movie, its not a bad movie, it just could've been so, so, so much more. I honestly feel it could have been supremely better, like par with the Dark Knight or something like that. It just seems like everyone is willing to "take it for what its worth" and I just feel strongly that it was worth more. I'm also getting irritated with Kick-Ass' comparison to movies like Iron Man. The whole original concept of this story was to exist in a reality similar to the actual one we live in. The Marvel and DC universes were science fiction and fantasy in the Kick-Ass reality as it is in ours --i thought that was Millar's whole concept in the first place -and that's why I wasn't a huge fan of Kick-Ass getting the girlfriend and Big Daddy actually having a Punisher-esque origin story to motivate his and his daughter's vigilantism. It mirrored the comic book world more than our actual world... Also, Kick-Ass never gets his balls electrocuted with a car battery in the movie. Which is kind of a bummer.

Kyle Morris on Apr 18, 2010


SPOILERS!!!! I was very excited to see this movie and I work at a movie theatre and everyone was just loving it in the theatre and all my managers loved it as well. My expectations went up very very high in an instant and I could not wait to see a purely Kick ass Film that could compete with the likes of other great comic book movies(The Dark Knight). Well I saw it and all i can say is that I had fun but i cant deny the fact that it was pretty disappointing. When the credits rolled I felt like i was missing something. PROS: I loved The combination of Big Daddy and Hit girl. They were very stylized and had very cool action scenes(Big daddy annihilating a whole mob crew and just about anything Hit girl does.) Mark Strong was quite the character as I completely believed someone like that could exist in the real world. Dialogue flowed nicely for the most part. The violence was out of this world crazy and at times very realistic(Torture scene) CONS: My one major problem is the main character himself. I did not feel for the guy in the slightest and he was just an ordinary person making an ass out of himself. I know that was the point of the movie but i just could not help but find him boring at many times of the movie. He worked fine in the beginning but he started to grow tiresome and unlikable in many of the scenes. particularly the end of the film. I like Christopher Mintz-Plasse and I think he is a very funny guy especially in superbad but i found him to be annoying in this film. I did not laugh at any of his lines and i did not like how it ended with him. I found it to be cheesy and stupid. quite possibly one of the most predictable movies i have ever seen. I wanted to be surprised and shocked and i surely was not. The bazooka part was kinda cool but not really and Mark Strong taking forever to kill Hit girl at the end was so not cool. He utterly destroys that Kick ass impersonator but takes his time on Hit girl. so predictable and cheesy. OVERALL: By the time this year is over I am sure that the Kick Ass hype will die down and i do not see it becoming a classic any time soon. I had plenty of fun watching the beautiful mayhem that occurred in the film but i cant help but feel it was just another fun movie that will be forgotten over time. I wanted this to be the almighty and really be the film that will change the life of comic book movies. Maybe my mind will change a second time.

Jay Selis on Apr 18, 2010


Very fun movie. I felt it needed more blood/gore (seriously!)

L on Apr 18, 2010


Total garbage. Made by people who might need to see several psychiatrists and to quote Jerry Seinfeld, "Not the 100 dollar an hour kind." It's a explotative child film whose many fans so far are "men" who refuse to grow up. An 11 year old girl who wears leather and wigs while cutting men's heads off and cusses like a Marine. Explain this character out loud to your co-workers and see if they dont think you need some time off. And remember that these people are the same one who made BatMan and Spider Man popular. This will not change the super hero movie. People still want to see heroes not fanboy fantasties. I'd show this film to prisoners at Guantanamo Bay for touture but wont recommend it to anyone with a soul.

A. Law on Apr 18, 2010


A. Law seriously man? an explotative child film? She's a fucking actress, and guess what she is acting. Also its swears like a sailor, and not many people were offended by her swearing, and she only killed bad guy who don't really deserve sympathy. Methinks you're a troll.

Xerxex on Apr 18, 2010


Not going to post a long list of points in this movie that were suckiness incarnate, because obviously this is the pat yourself on the back and try to keep up the delusion that Kick Ass was a great movie comment thread. "Dialogue flowed nicely for the most part"? Watch the scene with Mark Strong and Red Mist son in the car where they are about to go get something to eat. That dialogue was so cluttered and awkward that you can actually see both actors wincing at the lines that Strong is having to say. If you liked this movie, and it is obvious that some of you did like it a lot, then my suggestion is that each and every one of you got to the theater and just marathon buy tickets and watch it over and over again. Because unless all of you don't "love" this movie enough to buy hundreds and hundreds of movie tickets to see it in the next couple of weeks, it is going to be a confirmed bomb. Lionsgate is already looking like it has egg on its face for paying so much money for the right to distribute this movie because of the intense fanatical reaction that the trailer got from the "fanboy" and "geek" crowd. Original estimates that Kick Ass would surpass $30 million first weekend sales have been lowered to new estimates that if it gets past $22 million by the end of Sunday it will have done much better then anyone in the industry thought after it's Friday night showing. Lots of new sources are already reporting that Kick Ass didn't really kick all that much ass. Industry insiders are even saying that this blunder by Lionsgate could do serious harm to that studio's reputation. And yes the word "blunder" is being used to describe Lionsgate's purchasing of distribution rights based primarily upon geek and fanboy enthusiasm for this movie. Really the only way that Hollywood won't start making serious effort to ignore what fanboy and geek fans have to say altogether will be if Iron Man 2 is the amazing success that Marvel is predicting it will be. Outstripping the incredibly huge success that DC had with Dark Knight. Which is doubtful. Dark Knight had the free coverage and media that added to the usual pre-release hype because the guy playing the Joker died. So go and buy as many tickets as you can. Because now it is not only to for you to prove that Kick Ass really was a great movie... ...But also to prove that geek/fanboy opinions have any real value in predicting what movie will be successful, and which movies won't. Because right now a lot of people are reporting that Kick Ass disappointing ticket sales are pretty clear confirmation that geek/fanboy opinion means jack and shit... ...and Jack's already left town.

John Zee on Apr 18, 2010


i was a huge fan of the comic and i totally loved the movie. but in general their two completely different things. i thought that they made the movie totally Hollywood they got rid of all the depressing part from the comic. but the action sequences in the movie were epic beyond belief. if u liked the movie read the comic its amazing and there planing 3 volumes for it so possible 2 more movies.

comic loving guy on Apr 18, 2010


I feel all the stupid negative "reviews" on here are just people trying to rebel and havent seen the movie. I mean spanky and jimbone seriously? Can you tell us why you thought it was stupid? Also all the Child exploitation people need to stop following the Ebert wagon, he hasnt been a respectable reviewer in years. Buuuut your always gonna get the hardcore conservative and "christians" who wanna be self righteous about this shit. Enjoy the movie for what it is: The most badass action movie ever created.

Cody w on Apr 18, 2010


Cody w I know man those crazy christians ruin if for mellow christians who don't get bent outta shape while watching movies like Kick-Ass. John Zee Kick-Ass isn't be shown in Carmike Theaters, so there is a big reason why its not making all kinds of money, and just becuase it doesn't take in a lot of cash does not mean it isn't good. Save your insults for people who give a damn.

Xerxex on Apr 18, 2010


Reservoir Dogs didn't make a tenth of the money that Kick Ass has made so far, I guess that makes it a bad movie? Spiderman 3 made over 300 million, I guess that makes it a masterpiece? People please leave box office numbers out of it. They have nothing to do with the quality of the film.

Al on Apr 18, 2010


Al is 100% correct, box office numbers have nothing to do with how good a film is.

Xerxex on Apr 18, 2010


The movie was too me, absolutely awesome! I mean, I get that this isn't gonna be a movie that will suit everyone's taste, and I am the type who likes to dissect movies when giving critiques, but somehow, all the elements in the movie, the simple story telling, the stunning action sequences, the brutal truths explored, they all kinda suspended all my desire to over analyze it and just recognize the movie for what it is: an awesome, awesome movie, that, as the title implies, kicks ass. = ) I'm no fan of the comic, by the way. Haven't read it. Personally, when critiquing a movie, I'd rather people step away from the written material that a movie is supposedly based from, and just judge a movie as a movie. This is important because there are always stuff on print that will not translate well on the big screen.

Luke O on Apr 18, 2010


And by the way, about the jetpack haters, check out this site: I know it looks nothing like the jetpack in the movie, just pointing out that it isn't really that far-fetched.

Luke O on Apr 18, 2010


Oh great... Most of you love this movie and since most of you are dipshits who can't appreciate the goodness of many other great movies (ie. there's always something you find to complain about whether your complaint makes any sense or not) this means, Kick-Ass probably won't be a good movie when I see it afterall.

Supermans a chump on Apr 18, 2010


Ok: @Dominick and Kyle: I totally agree with you on liking the comic book material better. I'm usually very open minded about changes from books to film, but I feel it missed the entire point of the comic. At the end of the comic, you see why people don't become superheroes. Its not a path that ends very well. Other than that, the movie was very entertaining. @Xerxex: I heard that Cage's speech while in Big Daddy character was actually a tribute to Adam West's take on Batman.

JAPIV on Apr 18, 2010


Luke O. Comic Books should have no trouble translating to film. Films are initially scripts just like comic books. Comic Books are essentially fully rendered story boards. Kick-Ass isn't an 800 page Tolken novel -its an 8 issue comic book. Granted, franchised series like Iron Man and X-Men obviously can't mirror the written material verbatim because you've got 50 years of story to choose from... but Kick-Ass isn't some forever ongoing series. Hell, its a dramatically shorter story than the Watchmen. Mark Millar's and John Romita Jr.'s Kick-Ass comic book could have been a crystal clear blueprint to work from. They chose not to, which is fine, but their adapted story is not as well-wrought the comic book... not an epic fail, but a bummer for the true fans. Its not a bad flick, its just a shame that they had quality material to use, but chose to rewrite a mediocre alternate narrative.

Kyle Morris on Apr 18, 2010


#115 what? I think th majority of us users are pretty knowledgeable when it comes to movies, and your comment is well...invalid. JAPIV I should have realized it was West, Shatner just popped in my head the moment he started talking.

Xerxex on Apr 18, 2010


Let the deranged enjoy this movie geez. Yes, it's morally and ethically wrong IMO but I friggin enjoyed it. Yes, I know it missed some of its goals. But I found it a good movie still. TAKE COVER CHILD! NOW SWITCH TO KRYPTONITE!

Bob R on Apr 18, 2010


Couldn't agree with #86 more.

Brian Ricci on Apr 18, 2010


JAPIV, you hit the nail right on the head. The movie completely missed the underlying message of the Kick-Ass story -heroism is a pipe dream that leaves one in ruins. Additionally, the fact that the comic book is able to express this idea with subtle layers of dark humor is amazing! If that message was conveyed in the movie (even with all its flashy gore, explicit language and gratuitous violence) I think it would have had a larger appeal to a larger audience. Seriously... If that central idea was not lost in the film, Roger Ebert may have given this movie an entirely different review.

Kyle Morris on Apr 18, 2010


I just want to add that I bet that movie Defendor is probably more empathetic to Kick-Ass the comic book than Kick-Ass the movie is.

Kyle Morris on Apr 18, 2010


I've never read the comic but I thought it was great. For me its "Kill Bill Jr." It will definitely be added to my DVD collection!

DJ SID on Apr 19, 2010


I must have been suckered into the hype I didnt find it as amazing as you guys did. Hit girl stole the movie, but she wasnt in it enough to save it, I wont say it was a bad movie, but after reading all the hype and praise, my expectations werent met.

Chase on Apr 19, 2010


96, the story isn't THAT great from the comic. It's actually kind of corny. I mean I did like the comic and all but I'm glad they changed things in the film. I should actually say changed ideas because the script was already written before most of the volumes in the first book was done. 86, I agree with you too I'm going to see it again today. Oh yea and ppl thinking the comic would've translated better to film please read this...

kindbuddy on Apr 19, 2010


It was a good movie. They need to give Hit-Girl her own movie for part II of Kick-Ass. She made the movie for me.

Antonio on Apr 19, 2010


the strobe light scene was fantastic, however I liked the big daddy fight in the lumber house alot more. hit girl was awesome too, but again I kinda liked red mist character alot more. my second fav scene is probally the one with kick ass and red mist in the mistmobile dancing to Crazy.

awesomealvin on Apr 19, 2010


loved it! never read the commic but man this is good!

Juan on Apr 19, 2010


Anyone who didnt think this movie was simply fucking awesome is just plain homo...thats right I went that immature. Seriously just saw it for the 3rd time and I was hoping this would be the type of movie that everyone agrees is outrageously awesome, guess I was wrong. I still get the feeling you negative reviewers are saying it sucked simply so you can say you were the ones who said it sucked. This movie rocked my balls off from beginning to end I was entertained to the max. It may be the best action movie ever made btw. I mean Big daddys warehouse scene, HOLY SHIT!!!!. I guess you self righteous "this was morally wrong" people are just too sophisticated for us low class serfs to enjoy such an awesome piece of work. Well done Mr Vaughn....well done.

Cody w on Apr 19, 2010


kindbuddy, I read your linked article. Unfortunately, I completely disagree with that guys posting. Moreover, he just pointed out the differences and flat out said the movie revisions and omissions were superior to the comic book with out any reasoning. Apparently, they just are. I'd fiercely debate every point that he made. Fans of the comic book who think the movie adaptation is better, clearly didn't thoroughly read the 8-issue story and comprehend the underlying message. Kick-Ass (the comic) is a modern satire, half in homage to the super hero mythology and half insult. I can understand nonreaders of the comic books enthusiasm for the film, but if you indeed read the comic book and think the movie is superior you really have no idea what makes a well-wrought narrative (and more importantly, you need to retake your high school english and literature courses). The whole purpose of the Kick-Ass story is to convey the message that real life heroism and vigilantism is not all triumph and glory. It's a delusional pipe dream thats leaves people in ruins. Mark Millar wrote a dark comedy -not an action-packed anti-hero ultra violent indie spiderman 4. Bottom-line, the movie doesn't communicate the central message of the story at all. Hell, the movie doesn't even really have a central idea to express. Its just a get from point A to point B linear series of fight sequences (which, I won't lie, were very cool). Again, I will exhaust and reiterate that the movie rewrites the comic book to have the all-too cliche hollywood fantasy of the underdog getting the girl and winning the state football championship. Its insulting to think that mass audiences need that happy-go-lucky undertone in all their films. I'm not saying, Kick-Ass the movie is a terrible deserving-of-only-one-star movie (its decent enough); however, it IS dumbed down and rewritten for a younger and simpler audience. Believe it or not, they put on the kid gloves --I honestly feel the movie was TOO KID FRIENDLY. Seriously, if you feel that the viewers couldn't handle the dark and sometimes depressing story line that exists in the comic version than you're admitting that the movie script was written to allow viewers to keep their heads in the clouds and not feel the tough blows that were around every corner in the comic book. You're admitting that you're simple minded pussies who need to believe the nice guy always finishes first. In the comic book, you're constantly rooting for Kick-Ass, Big Daddy and Hit-Girl, but they always fail to fully deliver. And that's kind of the point -the odds were against them and they're only human. Kick-Ass had the potential of being much, much more and I find it a shame that many of its fans can't see or won't the room for improvement.

Kyle Morris on Apr 19, 2010


@Kyle, I completely agree with everything you have said. With all the other comic book movies coming out this summer (Hex, Pilgrim, Losers, Iron Man, etc.) that will be great popcorn flicks, it would have been nice to have one movie to fall back on that would invoke some intelligent discussion. I really was entertained by this movie, but at the same time, the nerd in me was crying. I'm not saying that every movie has to be dark to be good, but there was no way to convey the message of the story without going that direction. I don't think I've felt this let down, since I saw Topher Grace ruin Venom.

JAPIV on Apr 19, 2010



Xerxex on Apr 19, 2010


I revoke my last statement. That wasn't fair. Nothing was as bad as Grace. I was just speaking out of hurt.

JAPIV on Apr 19, 2010


The movie fuckin rocked! I actually cried during the best fight scene. Anyone who's seen it knows what I'm talking about.

cream of sumyunguy on Apr 19, 2010


Cody, People like you are the reason people like me can't have nice things. Not going to lie, the fight scenes were amazing and "legit as fuck"... but take away those fight scenes and you have nothing. Absolutely nothing. The comic book, on the other hand, had substance behind the gratuitous violence (which made the violence even better). But seriously, dip shits with your IQ are the reason film makers feel the need to retard their stories.

Kyle Morris on Apr 19, 2010


@Cody Good action scenes don't make a good film. Even in an action film you need something to ground you emotionally. The ending went completely against the tone of the rest of the film, and to have that cheezy ending after all that intense violence and realism made the film feel like a sham.

shadow on Apr 19, 2010


@Supermans a chump My favourite film is Dead Man's Shoes, it's like a super hero film without a costume. A revenge film without/and with a super hero edge. I don't have any films that you could point me to as a reference. Maybe you could name a film you count as a super costume movie add it below so I could make a comment about it.

Crapola on Apr 19, 2010


Cody W, While I agree with you that the movie was enjoyable, you don't have to make people sound insane for disagreeing with you. Personally I thought the movie was great, but If others want to hate it dont question the validity of their arguments. Maybe they truly didnt like it?

Al on Apr 19, 2010


@Kyle Morris, Thanks for your well thought out mini review. When a friend and I (both huge fans of the comic) saw the film, we were both disappointed for the very reasons you pointed out. I felt duped by the trailers and the film itself. It seemed like the trailers were indicating that the movie was going to be very close to the theme of the book, that being a hero in real life has tremendously huge costs, and could ruin your life. However once the film got past about 40 min, it just threw that out the window and embraced being a superhero (complete with flying minigun powers). It kind of disgusted me that they missed the overall theme of the book by that much. That being said, it has some incredibly sweet fight scenes...but it isn't Kick-Ass, it's Bad Boys with costumes.

Scott on Apr 19, 2010


Lol I knew someone couldnt go without trying to insult me. If you didnt notice Kyle I did say it was the fight scenes that made it and not reading the comic book probably helped me enjoy the story a lot more. You dont have to such a douche and attempt at insulting me and my IQ (which apparently you know me so well from one post). Its dipshits like you that cant enjoy something for what it is instead you look way too deep into it and expect some kind of heart touching masterpiece. I didnt read the comic and actually Im kind of glad I didnt or Id probably have the jaded attitude you do. But I do agree the last scene broke the epic tone the middle half of the film was setting but at the same time it never really took itself too seriously. @Shadow, I actually thought there was good character development and I did have something grounding me was just the song in the ending hallway scene that really broke the tone, seriously remove that song alone and it wouldve been so much better. @Al yeah I reread my post and realized how much of an asshole I sounded like but without all the vulgarity I still stand by my opinion. Heres to hoping theres a sequel, cause Red mist is still alive and I really just wanna sequel.

Cody w on Apr 19, 2010


I finally saw Kick Ass tonight and all I can say is WOW! For those of you who get literal and lofty about it being untrue to the comic book - I can't comment cause I never saw the comic book. The movie on the other hand was Kick Ass. Hit Girl is the baddest character to come down the pike in a long time and Big Daddy was a close second. These guys didn't engage their prey from long range - it was close quarters hand to hand combat. And yes, they made sure every single one of the bad guys was dead - completely! Kick Ass immediately knew he was in over his head and that added power to the story. The only corny part was the jet pack but other than that - it had some of the best fight scenes ever! 1) Black Light/Burning Daddy Fight 2) Lost Little Girl/Enter The Apartment Fight 3) Drug House Fight 4) Kick Ass' First Fight (probably most shocking for how quick) 5) Big Daddy Burning Down The Lumber Building And that's just the top 5 - there were more. For those of you who liked the Lobby scene in the Matrix, that visceral energy was repeated multiple times in the movie with lots more graphic realisms. I respect Roger Ebert and have read his reviews for many years - I think he took this movie too seriously (sorry Roger!) If you like intense (but a bit tongue in cheek) movies like Lock, Stock & Two Smoking Barrels, In Bruges, 28 Weeks Later, Reservoir Dogs, True Romance and Layer Cake - go see it!

Jason on Apr 19, 2010


great movie ๐Ÿ™‚ on Apr 19, 2010


I had no idea what to expect coming into this movie. It blew me away. It was funny and Hit Girl is probably the best character in comic book movie history. Five Star

gino on Apr 22, 2010


Jet-pack haters, or those who believe it to seem ridiculous: I felt the same way at first, and then i watched video footage of real jet-packs. After that, i was sold on the jet-pack idea. Over-the-top? sure, a little. Impossible? far from.

bigfatawesomenerd on Apr 22, 2010


@129 I was about to write my opinion on the deviation of the movie from the book... dumbed down... tralalalalaaa..... then I read your post. Curse you Kyle Morris for being so damned insightful.

Duane on Apr 24, 2010


I liked, not loved it, teetering on the "can do without it" side... IMO i didnt think there enough Kick ass 'kicking-ass' (1-part?) on his own and the movie didnt really feel like it was about him... His highschool friends were great and I cant help but think the 2nd & 3rd act were more about Hit girl. Lastly, I think this movie fell victim to its own self-generated fanboy hype; simply put, they leaked all the cool fightscenes so none of it was really a suprise. I'd see a another movie about hitgirl though. ๐Ÿ™‚ she's a bad Mo-Fo

jomba joose on Apr 26, 2010

145're welcome? ๐Ÿ˜‰

Kyle Morris on Apr 26, 2010


Best movie of the year, hands down. From start to finish, it left me wanting more.

Dirty dog on Apr 27, 2010


I found Kick-Ass to be fucking Exhilarating . Robert Ebert is a fuckin dickhead and it's a shame that idiot doesn't noe how to have fun. Kick-Ass is the #1 Movie of the year with a great cast , But Hitgirl Stole the show lol it was supposed to be more about Kick-Ass. They should make a movie about Hitgirl next !

Joshua Alvarez on May 2, 2010


Hot movie , full of energy and violence . Definitely getting this movie on Dvd and sorry Robert Ebert but your wrong , if you didnt like kick-ass you should watched a more serious movie like brokeback mountain for your gay ass.

Meyvi Baez on May 2, 2010


Hot movie , full of energy and violence . Definitely getting this movie on Dvd and sorry Robert Ebert but your wrong , if you didnt like kick-ass you should of watched a more serious movie like Brokeback Mountain for your gay ass. Ps. Kick-Ass fans its wayy better than you expect it to be .

Meyvi Baez on May 2, 2010


Hey everyone so even though im 18 years old and im not into kids movies . Kick-Ass has blown me away with its epic computer graphics and interesting fight scenes. SO FUCK ROBERT EBERT . HE'S JUST AN AWFUL CRITIC PICKING ON A EXCELLENT FILM . So everyone dont listen to him , and by the way i was thinking about becoming a superhero after watchin this success of a movie .

Cole Duran on May 2, 2010


Kick-Ass is better than all the superhero movies. Its a movie with rich energy and delight . That will keep you satisfied until the end.

Bobby Riley on May 2, 2010



Kenneth Joel Rufino on May 2, 2010


The whole point of the kick-ass 'idea' is violence and a little girl slicing a grown mans balls off and cutting them to pieces. In other words, the movie was not violent enough, was not like the comic book enough. It was much too stylised and clichรฉ. They should have really made it more violent and bloody, that was the whole point. If you take that away then you take away what the movie is about.

Bob13 on May 2, 2010


Okay, first of all I've never read the comics and don't plan to so I don't know how it compares but I am completely in love with this film. So far it stands as my favorite movie of 2010. It most definitely is as amazing and awesome as everyone says it is. The action, characters and story are incredible. I really enjoyed it and would probably see it again. Hit Girl is phenomenal. The best character of the movie seeing as she kicks the most ass. Roger Ebert was SO wrong to give it 1 star. I don't know what he was thinking. I'd give it what it deserves, 5 stars. I recommend it to anyone who can handle it. Which honestly could be even be teenagers, guys or girls, since I'm turning 14 in 3 weeks and a girl and I for one LOVE it. Can't wait for it to come out on DVD so I can watch it over and over. Also, can't wait for the sequel. To anyone who doesn't know if they want to spend their money on it, I'm telling you, as I'm sure many other people are, it's totally worth it. I'm surprised it's not doing that well at the box office so everyone hurry the hell up and get to the movie theater to see Kick-Ass!

Fac on May 2, 2010


One of or possibly The Best Comic Book Movie Ever.

Fac on May 2, 2010


"Kick-ass", in my opinion, was outstanding! Very well done in almost all genre of its creation, from the directing to acting to the screenplay. Vaughn was brilliant is his adaption and recruited the perfect cast (Cage really adding that veteran quality) and having Brad Pitt as one of the producers was an added plus! As for ROBERT EBERT, isn't he dead? I thought he died with Christopher Columbus back in the day, my mistake - apparently he is still alive... As with most of his evaluations on high-action or pure eye-candy (CGI) films, he is out-of-date. Perhaps he should locate someone to replace him that would have a more open-minded appreciation for modern films. Then again I can't imagine who would be his protege, considering he does not hold the level of respect he once did in the past. Getting back to the film Kick-ass, there is several things Vaughn has going on simultaneous, which makes the film entertaining yet brillant. This movie, in my opinion, can be viewed several times over and the viewer could find something new or comical everytime. The comedy is done well yet realistic as if looking at the evolution of becoming a 'Super Hero' and it's dangers. TWO thumbs way UP for "Kick-ass" and thumbs way down for EGGbert. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Great soundtrack selection as well!!!!!!!!!!

Dark on May 5, 2010


porfect Seriously. That movie has some of the best action sequences that I have ever seen. I think I am in love with Hit Girl. I know that I will have to wait 6 years or so but it will totally be worth it. I need to see this movie again as soon as possible.

porn on May 6, 2010


Anyone who didnt think this movie was simply fucking awesome is just plain homoโ€ฆthats right I went that immature. Seriously just saw it for the 3rd time and I was hoping this would be the type of movie that everyone agrees is outrageously awesome, guess I was wrong. I still get the feeling you negative reviewers are saying it sucked simply so you can say you were porn the ones who said it sucked. This movie rocked my balls off from beginning to end I was entertained to the max. It may be the best action movie ever made btw. I mean Big daddys warehouse scene, HOLY SHIT!!!!. I guess you self righteous "this was morally wrong" people are just too sophisticated for us low class serfs to enjoy such an awesome piece of work. Well done Mr Vaughnโ€ฆ.well done.

lio on May 6, 2010


Ive finally been able to see a decent copy (thats right copy) of Kick Ass, and I have a few comments to make. First----nothing wrong with the casting. and I mean Nick Cage too. The style is different and therefore quite refreshing. Most complaints people have seem to be simply personal tastes The bad guys looked and seemed bad. The good guys, and girls were also bad. The violence was brutal, outlandish, and comical at the same time. References to past, present, and future superheros was fun. Comments on how absurb jet packs were and not mentioning a small female slicing and dicing adults and an antitank weapon being fired inside a building seem a bit picky. I enjoyed the movie enough to purchase a blueray version when it is available. enough said-----pass the popcorn

randall on May 8, 2010


I read the comic book series over a year ago, and was concerned the movie wouldn't do the comics justice. Was I wrong! I enjoyed "Kick Ass", and wanted to stay and see it again.

RSH on May 12, 2010


Two words.....Lyndsy Fonseca

Levo on May 12, 2010


My friend said best movie ever - during the first 10 to 15 minutes I thought my friend's judgment was flawed and a bit weird and then.....hit girl arrives ..... and it just blew me away!! I had not seen any trailers or read anything about it, so everything was a surprise. The best character was of course Hit Girl - in both guises. Mark Strong was superb and Nicholas Cage was enjoyable. Music was terrific particularly during the action sequences. I have seen it numerous times and it still does not get boring!! My teenage kids and their friends have seen and thoroughly enjoy it too. Not a movie for prudes but after a hard week's work a movie that is upbeat and thoroughly enjoyable.

Nash on May 15, 2010


so heavily disappointed by the film. wasn't worth the money.

Dresden on May 17, 2010

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