Sound Off: Nimrod Antal's Predators - What Did You Think?

July 9, 2010

Nimród Antal's Predators

Now that you've seen it, what did you think? It all began back in 1987 when Arnold Schwarzenegger and John McTiernan introduced us to the badass alien species known as Predator. Now genre king Robert Rodriguez is back with Predators, which lands in theaters today, directed by Nimród Antal and starring Adrien Brody, Laurence Fishburne, Topher Grace, Alice Braga, Walton Goggins and Oleg Taktarov. So how is the movie? Is it a great reboot of a beloved sci-fi franchise or not? How was Brody in the lead and the rest of the cast as well? If you've seen it, leave a comment below and let us know what you thought of Predators!

To fuel the fire, I just saw this movie for a second time last night and I totally loved it. It's fantastic to finally have another Predators movie that is awesome to watch, fully R-rated, and doesn't come anywhere close to sucking as much as either of the AVP movies. Predators is as great of a sequel/reboot as we're going to get and I love the setup and story on it, just following these characters through a foreign jungle. It may not top the original, but not much can. That said, for a bit of summer entertainment, Predators is now at the top of my list. I thought it was an awesome and entertaining return of a great sci-fi franchise. Bring on the sequel!

What did you think of Predators? An awesome franchise reboot or another bad action flick?

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Did not live up to my expectations at all

Tom W. on Jul 9, 2010


Going tomorrow can't wait looks sick.

Nick on Jul 9, 2010


Just seen it this afternoon in Dublin, thought it was good. As is sometimes the norm in Dublin cinema's you always get a bunch of tools being assholes and today was no different. So i spent alot of the movie pissed off. Maybe in a different cinema i would have enjoyed it more cause was dying to see it.

Ryan on Jul 9, 2010


Awesome, very good premise and nice to see a worthy sequel, I think they have the right idea here, the characters were cool and the effects were good, story worked for me. Would give it a 3.5 or 4 out of 5

midas777 on Jul 9, 2010


Saves the summer (i think). *spoiler alert!!!* The Yakuza / Predator face-off was AWESOME. Worthy of deadliest warrior!

Solo Calrissian on Jul 9, 2010


@2 I take it you were expecting something to rival Citizen Kane?

Geoff on Jul 9, 2010


#7 i think they are doing an episode of deadliest warriors with the predators in it, im not sure when they will show it but i heard its happening

ces on Jul 9, 2010


Effing Awesome!!!! I have been so disappointed with movies this summer, and it felt good to finally be entertained by one!

atg2040 on Jul 9, 2010


I agree with 1 Way too much comedy for what they advertised in the trailer If the comedy wasn't intended than thats even worse

Gary M on Jul 9, 2010


@ 1 I'm glad i wasn't the only one disappointed. @ 8 I'm sure he wasn't expecting something to rival Citizen Kane, as I wasn't either. I was expecting a solid action flick, which it is for the most part. But here are my problems. *SPOILERS* If the first Predators didn't happen, I probably would have loved this film. But this film seemed more focused on duplicating the original (come on guys-the jungle, booby traps, musical score, the Yakuza's last stand with the sword, the big ass gun, Adrien Brody covering his body in mud and screaming "kill me! kill me!"), instead of turning out something fresh and original (and i don't mean just throwing out some "Predator dogs" that only show up in one scene and disappear). On the other hand the acting is great, the characters are strong, some scenes are pretty intense. And did anyone else laugh at everything Laurence Fishburn said? He had some of the dumbest lines I've ever heard.

JP on Jul 9, 2010


Ignore the trolls, this movie finally brings Predator back from death !

Falconer on Jul 9, 2010


It's a reboot. Of course it is going to be similar to the first one. Some of you are knuckleheads

Big r on Jul 9, 2010


just about to put my post up...i freakin' it. this is what monster movies are supposed to look like. woot!

Michelle on Jul 9, 2010


Come on guys, it is true. This borrowed WAAAAAAY too much from the original rather than being something of its own. At the end of the day, it's a solid action flick that is well acted with good direction but ain't nothing too great and Predator 2 AT LEAST tried to do something fresh rather than rehash the brilliance of McTieran's work. Oh, and apart from that Predator-dogs scene being a rip-off, the CG was BAAAAAAAAAAAAD! HH

Have Hope on Jul 9, 2010


Going on Sunday when the crowds die down.

VOLD on Jul 9, 2010


best movie ever! no, it wasn't too bad. decent predator flick. seemed like a tribute to the original which isn't a bad thing imo.

jake the snake on Jul 9, 2010


The first part was alright up until Laurence's character showed up. He did well with what he had but in the end the character slowed the movie down somehow. Some of the dialog, especially the one-liners and some of the killer-phrases, were ..well, not horrible, but not good. Some was good for an action flick though. The finale was alright, loved the cinematography in the Yakuza/Predator fight. The CGI-fire was absolutely horrible, what were they thinking? Besides that, a real good summer movie.

reeft on Jul 9, 2010


@13 no dude it didnt bring back anything from the dead, i noticed that some fans are satisfied for some strange reason like if they are trying to make themselves believe it was good because there hasnt been any good predator movies except for the first. it was bad, it was trying to please the fans to much. i wish there was a good predator movie so people can see the difference of a good movie and a bad one but its true thats probably as good as it gets. predator=the most realistic predator of them all (good ass movie) predator 2=expanded on who the predators are (it was alright) avp=some what better fight scences then predators (didn't suck that much) avp 2=showed more of the predators technology (sucked) predators=creature that looked cool but everyone ignored (tried but sucked)

DrCherd on Jul 9, 2010


Alright, I don't know what people are talking about when they say the CG is bad. Matrix Reloaded was bad CG - this was totally fine. Nothing looked particularly bad, but it might have if you go to a movie and look for something to make the experience worse for you. I think you need to reference a scene where the CG was bad. The only time when the CGI was noticeable was for one explosion in the middle of the movie. If you can't get over that one instance, then I think you have other issues at hand when you go to watch a movie. The predator vision, invisibility, electrical effects, ship and dogs all looked like they belonged. The predator suits were also well done, as was the blood effect. I've certainly seen better CG, but it wasn't an issue for myself [and I'll explain why I think my opinion matters]. Regarding the acting, which alot of you said was good. Personally, I thought the acting was a bit shallow though it had its moments - the ultimate problem being you didn't get to know much about the characters aside from what military outfit they were and certain superficial details. The characters are interesting, especially Lawrence Fishburn's character, but ultimately you know so little about them that its hard to build the same empathy for alot of them. The first movie was great because it revealed enough of the characters that you felt an attachment to them, and as such you have a greater stake in the outcome of the movie. For everyone critiquing the borrowing of the original, I think you need to understand that this movie was a tribute and everything it borrowed was really well done. Hell, they even brought back Long Tall Sally for this one. It also advanced the lore behind the predators in interesting and new ways, and moved them forward as actual entities beyond just being simple monsters, something the AvP movies didn't do. I also think the tribute was necessary to let fans know that they knew the source material and weren't going to fuck with it too much, which is always a danger with trying to break new ground. Instead they exposed a little more about the Predators species, gave us a familiar setting and showed us something new in the process. I mean, who here wasn't pissed off as all hell when you didn't see what happened to Sonny Landham (Billy) in the first one? In this one you have one of the coolest bits of fan service I've seen in any movie, period. The tribute was, I think, necessary to link Predator to Predators, and to overlook all of the terrible movies in between them. I grew up on Predator, Predator 2 and the Aliens series. I was obsessed with the dark horse comics and they were some of my prized collections when I was young. Both of the AvP movies were huge, terrible disappointments to me. This movie, on the other hand, was probably one of the best movies I've seen in a season of movies that has been extremely lackluster. I think that so many people believe themselves to have such rarefied tastes, stemming from their own beliefs of their own competency/intellectual chops, that they can't help but want to tear movies apart instead of enjoying them for what they are. Further, as as a life-long fan, I thought it showed a great amount of respect by not attempting to reinvent the wheel while also giving us tantalizing new bits of information regarding the cosmology. In short, I was extremely pleased with the movie both as a movie-goer and as a fan of the series. I would highly recommend everyone to go watch it.

Victor on Jul 9, 2010


#19, what would you think is a "good" predator movie aside from the 1st/2nd? What would you like to see from one of those movies? How, specifically, did this one fall short of your expectations? I don't think you said much more than "this movie sucks" and I'd like to know why you think that. #21, I totally agree.

Victor on Jul 9, 2010


20 - WHAT THE HECK? Did you see the CG on those predator-dogs? It was HORRENDOUS! Worse than Reloaded? Ha! You are trying way too hard to defend the shocking CGI. HH

Have Hope on Jul 9, 2010


I would place Predators after Predator but much before Predator 2, AVP, AVP:R. I liked how much of a throwback it was to the original, while still maintaining the core of the original. I liked the nod to Arnold's survival and the effects were top notch. I liked the inclusion of a Predator sub species and the performances were all very good (Was I the only one who was thrown by hearing the convict speak without a Southern accent?).The only things I did not like were the kills, except for the convicts, were pretty lame. We did not get to see how Danny Trejo died, the Russian was exploded, Morpheus was exploded, Venom was stabbed through his sweater, and the Yakuza barely even bled. I would have preferred a much more graphic movie, but I can understand why Antal restrained himself. Overall, I was very pleased with Predators, as it fulfilled what I expected. Strong acting, Great special effects, and some good gore.

David on Jul 9, 2010


If anybody thinks either Topher Grace or Adrien Brody could stand-up to a Predator seriously needs to consider suicide.

Strange on Jul 9, 2010


@22 good question. one that explores the world of predators, from the ending of the second one it showed that the predators have done so much and have a lot of interesting stories. i want to see something new, i want to see the predators travel to other planets fighting with other intelligent life. i know that it would be hard to make a movie without humans but im tired of seeing man vs predator.....rated Rrrr, they need to go from a different approach, like the comics. i want to see predators set their traps, how they train and interact with others. i want to seem them hunt those creatures that they had in the trophy room of the second one. they always try to revolve the story around humans. the first and second are good man vs predator movies but is that all there going to do, they can do more then that. i thought it would be cool if the predators werent only hunting the best humans, like if they had other intelligent beings from other planets that give a challenge to the predators too. predators wasnt good because it didnt bring anything new to the world of predators, it showed less then all the others, what it had most was the same old humans have to work together to survive. you see more humans then predators. the idea of a hunting preserve was cool but they didnt really expand that idea. sorry if i still havent explained myself correctly but i saw nothing new, except for the predator dogs and that badass creature that they ignored when they killed it. the cg was bad, the fights were bad compared to the others, it felt short and missing of interesting scenes.

DrCherd on Jul 9, 2010


thought it was true to a very oldschool style of sci-fi. it was fucking beautiful.

sam on Jul 9, 2010


A lot of people are saying it was supposed to be a "reboot" or a "throwback" to the original, but (correct me if I'm wrong) isn't this the script that Robert Rodriguez wrote to be the DIRECT SEQUEL to "Predator" after that film became a success?

JP on Jul 9, 2010


not as good as the first but it came damn close..sure it borrowed from the 1st predator but then if the 1st worked so well and the rest where poor then why shouldnt you borrow or get inspiration from it. lets face it the 1st predator movie wasnt perfect so its unfair to expect this to surpass it. some people are being picky and trying to pass themselves of as a know it all film critic...if you went into this movie with your brain in anything higher than 1st gear you are a fool, i went looking for a bit of action and a salute to a cult classic and i got what i wanted @25 'if anybody thinks either Topher Grace or Adrien Brody could stand-up to a Predator seriously needs to consider suicide.' - erm ok you should have issued a stupid comment warning, topher grace and adrien brody are actor and the predator is not real so why would they be considered as standing against a predator?? now if you had said how could those guys play convincing characters who have been pitted against a predator in a movie then it would have sounded intelligent. and btw topher graces character doesnt once fight anything in the movie so hes believable as a non-combant and adrien brody plays a more realistic version of an special forces soldier than arnie Think we all have a new found respect for Adrien Brody after that movie

raz on Jul 9, 2010


@27 you are absolutely right he wrote it as a project intending it as a sequel to the 1st movie, hence the reference to the the incident in guatemala the woman refers to. not a reboot but a fitting sequel

raz on Jul 9, 2010


This movie was awful...i fell asleep 3 times....Adrien Brodies acting was dull....they proved on myth busters that heat vision can see a mud covered human being so i don't understand why they brought that back. there were some good parts but overall didn't live up to my expectations.

Mortuus on Jul 9, 2010


OK fellas, for those of u who say Predators sucked and even explained why, i still dont understand why.. i myself though it was pretty good.. nothing too special but definately the best since the original... yeah it didnt have as much action as i wanted, and i wanted the fight scenes to be a bit more epic... but fact is if they did an all out fight scene, the predators wouldve killed the humans too quickly.. this was more realistic as far as the predators are concerned, they like to hunt at their own pace... the final scene wasnt bad at all.. the only scene that annoyed me was when the 2 predators faught, now that was pretty lame ill admit.. they couldve done so much more with that.. also.. they didnt use nearly as many weapons as in AvP (i didnt love the movie, but the weapons were awesome)... i like how the left it open-ended for a 2nd Predators... it wasnt the most original idea,but it was still different.. i DO want to see a movie though without humans, but i doubt they will do that... at least 1 with less emphasis on humans.. basically Rodriguez and Antal did the almost best they could do with this...nothings perfect.. now its time for them to make a follow-up for this 1

John on Jul 9, 2010


Thanks, comment police. When are you shifts at the mall, Officer Raz?

Strange on Jul 9, 2010


Predators was an awesome movie that finally gave Predator a good sequel. As for the idea of a movie without humans, it wouldn't work because the Predators can't speak English.

George on Jul 9, 2010


I liked it, I liked where it took the Predator universe and I particularly liked Brody, he acted the socks off a character other actors would have done by the numbers. I think the dialogue and cinematography could have been crisper, I also felt the deaths were telegraphed a bit too much and the CGI looked cheap at times. Overall I'd give it a 7 out of 10 and look forward to the continuation of the story.

El on Jul 9, 2010


Amazing! Loved it! Hard R and loved the music and homage's to the original Predator. Brody won me over big time! This movie should have been made after the 1st one:) The movie didn't let up and from the opening scene I knew it would get better...... Sequel should be awesome.....

dee on Jul 9, 2010


What part of "This movie is a reboot of the original." don't you dumb asses understand? It's a fucking REBOOT, that means that ALOT of the original parts will be making an appearance in this one. Pure and simple. Dumb asses. Apart from the fucking trolls who go around bad mouthing movies.. this movie was great, it's definitely a man's movie, whilst plenty of females will love it too. They finally brought out the Predator as the mean mother fucker he always was, and then some. Great summer flick, great fight scenes, great cast. Go see it, and support it.

nem on Jul 9, 2010


I saw it today and I'm going to back to see it again in a few days. It was awesome. I loved that they referenced the original movie and even borrowed some lines. I don't see anything wrong with that. They took some of the things people loved about the 1st movie and gave it to us. It made me think of wishing the Alien sequels ripped off the 1st two movies more instead of changing everything. They could have made 10 Alien movies with a similar plot to Aliens and I would have loved it. I hope future Predators movies don't change the formula a lot. Don't destroy Predator the way Hollywood destroyed Alien. Just continue Royce's story and explore the Predator culture and world.

josh on Jul 9, 2010


I wish the trailers wouldnt have given away that they were on an alien planet. It made the first 20 minutes pretty pointless. Also I kept waiting for an interesting twist, when Laurence's character showed up I was excited. Then they completely wasted him. Very dissapointing overall.

Dave on Jul 9, 2010


Really curious how MACHETE died in this movie?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

dee on Jul 9, 2010


They even borrowed a line from Aliens. "When the time comes, I'll do us both." I thought it was a 6 out of 10 -- it was never boring, referenced the original well, but still very sub-par to that one for many reasons, mostly due to it being a group of people dropped on an island like the 20 other movies just like it and fighting to survive a game. First one was great because it was a great build up... you didn't even know it was a Sci-Fi movie until like 40 minutes into it... it was pure action... then it got crazy. It had suspense. And it had the perfect midpoint like in Jaws -- when it was just Arnold vs Predator for like 30-40 minutes. It wasn't as good as Predator 2, but much much better than the horrible "vs" crap. And I love RR -- but CGI bullets and blood are the worst. Another reason the first one ruled, was like Aliens, it was all makeup and costumes and fake blood, but not computer fake. CGI still is not close to what a guy in a suit looks like. At least combine them well like in Iron Man.

Dutch on Jul 9, 2010


@30 Regarding the heat vision not being able to see someone through mud - did you happen to notice that prior to Brody starting the fire, the Predator could *still* see him, despite him being mostly covered in mud??? And yeah, as for the CG, some of it was quite poor, i.e. the fireball explosion, and the Pred-dogs, but the ship (prior to exploding? - I think this was average), and the one shot of the alien skyline were both quite well done. Oh, and while I think that Rodriguez originally wrote a sequel to Predator, and that this movie is a direct result of that script, in the end, this movie is still a reboot/homage to the original and not a sequel, in the normal sense. As I recall from recently reading an article in Empire about the movie, his original script was completely re-drafted into this movie. My two cents, for what it's worth? It was a good movie, referenced the original well, clearly made some references to Aliens, as 40 said, and the acting was mostly solid (please don't expect Oscar material from an Oscar winner in a sci-fi actioner, it's just not going to happen).

Dan on Jul 9, 2010


@10, I think he whole "kill me, kill me" was an intentional homage the original movie. Regardless... Predators was the saving grace of this summer-movie season. I actually got my adrenaline pumping. There hasn't been a good ol' sci fi like this in a while. Watch it!

Gav on Jul 10, 2010


I went into this with high hopes and was promptly rewarded. This is one of the better films I have seen this year, and is shot in a way that makes me miss the old school days. Tense in the right places, funny in the right places and most importantly visually interesting when there is not a lot on the screen. I am putting this one on the BUY list. The don't make movies like this anymore and that's a shame, because even though it's a film essentially about "sport killing"; there is a poetry to it that I think is lacking in modern films; mainly because of current editing techniques. I could have done without some of Topher Grace's lines but I forgive that. Overall I give it an A, I love the homage that it clearly pays to the first film. Side note the muzzle flash from The Yakuza guy's gun, worth every penny. Sometimes it's the little things. Most importantly, the REVEAL is done properly. Definitely worth your $ at the cineplex.

MMH on Jul 10, 2010


@33 Atleast in the original predator that one predator seemed to pick up on english pretty fast even if he was just copying what arnold said. He used the "what the hell are you" line in context all while he was bleeding glow in the dark blood out of his forehead. The predator is by far my favorite movie monster and I went to see predator 2 and the a.v.p. movies just to see the predators do what they do. This movie did what the others couldnt and recreated some of the adrenaline filled moments I had when I saw the first one so I loved it. I was 8 when I saw the first one and was scared shitless of that murdering machine known as predator. This one did a few new things but threw back to the original just enough to bring back some nostalgia, the music brought me right back, yea they could have come up with new music but that original music that played when you saw through the predators eyes and he was stalking his pray was great to hear again. Ive never heard of a guy carrying a mini gun in jungle warfare but they brought that back and gave me a laugh when I heard it fire off at trejo and brody in the beginning. When I heard brodie yelling kill me kill me I had a flash back to that original scene and maybe thats why I liked that they put it in there. Also the scene where he covered himself up in mud. But the film wasnt overwhelmed with the throwbacks. I really enjoyed it overall. I had fun watching it.

blowtorch1919 on Jul 10, 2010


it was better then the original and please save your hateful comments for somebody who cares.

sickdoghats on Jul 10, 2010


Awful. The characters were completly unlikeable (not to metion undeveloped), the script was weak, the effects looked cheap but worst of was just plain boring. Now, I loved the first film and thought the second was passable. But this film was simply abysmal on every level. I couldn't wait for it to end.

Leo on Jul 10, 2010


saw the midnight screening in melbourne, fl. was surprised to see how many hot girls decided to see it along with us nerds at midnight! hahah. thought it was a good movie. the theatre erupted with cheer and morpheus popped up on screen. then he was pretty much wasted with the worst dialogue in the whole movie. not sure why eric foreman was in this movie. he was a lame doctor with no weapon. sure wish they woulda had more of the gatling gun though!!!!!!!!!!!!!

tom jefferson on Jul 10, 2010


It did what I wanted very entertaining and escape from the real world for about 1hr. 50mins. better yet here in NY AMC movies are $6 before 12.....Movie good/Price better :-0

XXX on Jul 10, 2010


Looks awesome.

apparel boxes on Jul 10, 2010


It is what it is; a fun popcorn flick that was made with the Blu Ray market in mind; nothing more. Maybe people should overanalyzing the shit out of every movie that comes out and simply enjoy it for what it is.

Hattori Hanzo on Jul 10, 2010


Mr. Rodriguez, wtf have you been doing these last 14 years (ok, Grindhouse & that set were... passable). Thanks for saving the Predator franchise. Nimrod... welcome to the big time buddy. Nice job with Brody.

bozo on Jul 10, 2010


Umm this was just a rebadged Predator movie with awful CG. Same music, same characters just slightly tweaked, hell the Billy vs Predator scene = Yakusa vs Predator scene, it even had the same f*cking music. It referenced/rip straight out of the original WAY too much, did anyone have an original idea when they made this film. I think they just took the story boards from Predator and played with them a bit... I was suprised that someone didn't accidentally call Adrien Brody 'Dutch'. It was a good movie don't get me wrong, but I felt terribly conflicted about all the copied material... and for f*cks sake this wasn't a REBOOT or REMAKE, it was according to Robert a direct sequel to PREDATOR. Good thing it was done 23 years ago, otherwise people might have noticed it was the same damn film.

Will on Jul 10, 2010


Loved the movie. I'm pushing to see it again asap. *spoiler alert* and it's perfectly set up for a sequel. i'd love to see Brody return or a prequel involving Nolan, Laurence Fishburne's character.

Nick S. on Jul 10, 2010


53. MATE, you are telling me the end scene with "I'm here! kill me" is not a DIRECT copy? It's the same DAMN LIGHTING.

Have Hope on Jul 10, 2010


XXX -- I also saw it for $6 bucks in NYC -- had no idea we had that. 19th and Broadway -- 11am! Of course they took stuff from the original -- a lot of stuff. The gun the Russian uses same as Macs. The soundtrack. The Asian guy was Billy. Many moves were copied like how the good Predator looked at Brody the same way it looked at Arnold. The way Brody stepped over him feet like Arnold... the end music was the music they played in the helicopter on the way over there in the first one. Lead girl looked just like girl in first one as least Ethnicity wise. The whole trap set up that they ran into was obviously a nod to the end of the first one. And yes plenty of lines were exactly the same and as I pointed out, they even took one from Aliens.

Dutch on Jul 10, 2010


Saw it last night it was good but not wut i expected. Could of been better but dude its Predators so it was still awesome. Left off for a sequel so thats cool and it had a good plot as well. Jus go c it at least once.

Justin on Jul 10, 2010


Just watched it and I really enjoyed it. First off, I really liked the story, it was well written. It's an awesome setup for the sequel and loved that they reference the original. The cast was good, especially Brody, he gave an awesome performance. The action scenes were good, I liked the sword fight between Hanzo and the predator. Overall it was an exciting and entertaining movie. Can't wait for the sequel.

Chris Q. on Jul 10, 2010


Predators is complete trash....rodriguez once again proves he's a talentless hack.

Vic on Jul 10, 2010


#59 haters wanna hate... it's a summer action movie and compared to what's come out the past 5 years in that category, it's a pretty damn good one. what are you guys comparing this film to? "There Will Be Blood" and the likes? because it's a totally different class. you may as well compare Lil Wayne to Mozart...

Nick S. on Jul 10, 2010


why the fuck did I just spent 7$ to watch the original movie with out Arnold? this movie blows

DoomCanoe on Jul 10, 2010


I'm a really huge predators fan. With that being said I will take anything with predators in it even if its a crap movie like the last 3. I hated the ending in this movie. It wasn't till after I left the theater that I felt jipped for watching a Predators movie starring adrien brody. That was horrible. He was a pretty bad choice, and I give him credit for being in shape but he should have NEVER taken his shirt off in this move bc you immediately get flashbacks and compare him to the governator and you realize that that's pretty much how this movie lives up to the original Overall, a shirtless birdcage brody next to arnold. What a waste, another director, leading actor, and cgi crew may have done it justice. The story itself was a perfect layout for a predator movie, I can't knock that. Maybe in another 10 years they'll finally gett it right.

jay watts on Jul 10, 2010


i will say predators was good but not great. It was a bit slow,i don't remember any actual gore (predators dying aside) & it just confused the hell out of me. I mean what is the signifigance of those new predators & why did they have the real one tied up? They couldn't have been predators they had no honour. Last but not least of all AVP R was absolutely off the chain in my opinion it was better than the original predator.

Andrew on Jul 11, 2010


it was awesome. great build up, great premise, great action. what more can you ask for?

jt on Jul 11, 2010


I've been a long time fan of the first Predator. I did not like 2 and (try as I did) absolutely did not like either AvP movies. Now this movie comes out and I see it...and I gotta say gang, I really enjoyed it. If you're on the fence, but you liked the original Arnie flick..go check this one out. You may be surprised. Most haters here would not have liked this movie no matter what even if Jesus himself directed it. It's chic to dislike everything nowadays.

Willy Wonka Balls on Jul 11, 2010


"It's chic to dislike everything nowadays." I realize this makes me sound like a hypocrite seeing as how I disliked Predator 2 and both AvP's, but those were genuinely bad movies and this one is good. I was really talking about people disliking Jesus and good films such as Predators. Just to clarify.

Willy Wonka Balls on Jul 11, 2010


#5 I totally said to myself watching that "Preditor vs Yakuza... who is the deadliest?" and almost laughed. I held back so not to upset anyway or get weird looks. I thought the movie was decent for something I saw on a whim with a friend when we both just wanted out of our houses. I was happy there wasn't a lot of special effects weighing it down. It felt like a true action sci-fi movie, emphasis on the action. I was surprised by the cast, but I felt they did a great job. I could see this being shown in series with the first and it feeling it belongs.

SapphireD on Jul 11, 2010


I was really disappointed in Predators. I left the movie thinking wtf happened. There was nothing stand out about this movie at all. They did nothing to RE-INVENT the Predator. He had no new weapons or gadgets (except the boomerang lookin spy plane). Atleast on AVP Requiem the Predator had a small arsenal. I couldn't wait to see him fuck people up with those new weapons. I thought the predator dogs would atleast get to maul one person. It was totally pointless to put them in the movie. Also, wtf were the predator looking creatures hangin from the trees? They got one scene with Fishburne shooting one of them in the face. Another Pointless/Irrelavant creature in the film. I thought they would answer some of the questions about where the Predator is from? Why do they hunt? etc...... They had 23 years and bad AVP movies to come up with something new and fresh for this installment. I think they fell way short. I didnt care about the characters. I just wanted to see more carnage. When they got to Fishburnes crib I just wasn't feelin it anymore. I am still a fan of the Predator. I guess my expectations were to high for this movie. Now all I can do is hope they don't fuck up the Alien Prequel.

JussHaten on Jul 11, 2010


unbelievably boring to say the very least - what a waste of the talented Brody and Fishburne! A tribute to Predator??! I think not, I think this rips to shreds the fabric core of what the original meant. having the cloak and dagger style of the stalking Predators in the movie made little sense as 99.99% of the audience would have seen the original and this suspense was just not well-placed. If I had any directing skills, I would have opened the movie with the Nolan character as one of you guys said. Russian with the mini-gun - just a waste of the weapon really - Ventura owned that piece of shit and I felt it didnt revive that memory of the original for me at all.........I feel to kill fucking somone after seeing that crap to tell you the truth. And before you bandwagonists start chirping - I applaude vision and uniqueness and well aware this is a "reboot", however, there are still ways to make fresh already done movies.....this wasnt one of them! my 2 cents is just my two cents! DTM

Dan the Man on Jul 11, 2010


The movie was pretty good for the most part. The one thing I really hated about this film though was that the original predator was for most part tied up for most of the film and when he finally got cut down he was butchered by the black predator. This really pissed me off. I went to see this film because it is supposed be a movie about the original predator, not the new black predator. They should of just called the film black predators so there is no misleading.

last son on Jul 12, 2010


It's a good movie, go see it, have fun... that is all.

Fat Baby on Jul 12, 2010


It was actually pretty good and it did reference the original by using some of the sound bites to using some the same weapons. It did take it to a whole new level by putting the characters on a different planet but I think it works since there is only so much carnage and explosions you can have on planet earth without somebody noticing. Great job Robert R. you really know how to make a movie that our generation can appreciate.

DAGAME33 on Jul 12, 2010


Saw it this weekend with the wife. We both liked it a lot. I think some are saying it didn't live up to the build up because there were huge expectations. #72 I agree, movies are now assuming you could drop a nuke in part one of a movie and start part two with the cover-up of the incident. Predators 2: Maybe they escape on a ship and come to warn earth?Or the war of the two Predator races?

Mutt on Jul 12, 2010


I personally loved it... Perefect references to the past, loved how it introduced the higher Predators, and Finally it's not on Earth...

zeldaprimed on Jul 12, 2010


The savior of summer movies!

jo on Jul 12, 2010


….it was bad….not going to sugar coat it. About 15 min in I was like "oh no.." I was expecting so much more from Troublemaker and the Rodriguez clan. Nothing new brought the table except what you've already seen in the trailer. The F/X and sound were bad also. What gives? The only thing I liked about it was the yakuza character. Fishburne acting was horrible. Uber disappointed with this film.

1544K on Jul 13, 2010


It was barely worth a rental. Not much sci-fi. Seemed a little low budget. Morpheus was in the movie for about five minutes. Adrien Brody did his part though.

Cream of Sumyunguy on Jul 13, 2010


Oh yeah at #76. I agree about the sound sucking ass. Especially the song that played when the credits started. It made me wanna smack Rodriguez or Nimrod or however you spell it. Ok I'm done.

Cream of Sumyunguy on Jul 13, 2010


#76. The fact that you call it bad and then say you like the Yakuza scene is pretty hilarious. Scenes like that are made for fanboys like you who probably have a samurai sword in his basement and swing it around like the "Star Wars kid". It's a predator/summer action movie. If you were thinking that there was going to be oscar buzzworthy acting and an unreal storyline, then you really need to stop expecting so much. the movie was good for what it was. I enjoyed it. Much better than any other sequel in the franchise.

AK on Jul 13, 2010


Good action movie loved it!!

Donza on Jul 14, 2010


i say bring on AVP 3,even if it's only half as good as AVP R then we are in for a treat. In my opinion it goes AVP R in an easy 1st place then predator,AVP & then predator 2 & predators can share last place.

Andrew on Jul 14, 2010


Eh.. It was okay, but I thought the ending was pretty weak.

xCloudbox on Jul 14, 2010


Fukke disaster! This movie was the worst i have yet seen. How boring. Stupid plot. No proper ending. A total disaster. Missing the major trailer scene. What the fuk man! Made to fool the fans jsut so u can make ur $$$$. U make me sick. Put some effort u weak bastards. Too much computers and not anuf grunt these days. Where’s Arnie!

king on Jul 15, 2010


@ 79, nope, not really a fan boy but more of a fan of film. No swords in the basement. Just an honest opinion of a bad film. Wasn't expecting Oscars, just good sci-fi from TM & R. They've done good work in the past. This,....this was bad and is going to have a very short self life. It will need strong international grosses if they're going to create a new franchise. Why don't you go see it again, maybe you can get to #1 instead of #3.

1544K on Jul 16, 2010


Fucking loved the film!! I loved how they tied up ends and explained what was goin on (wich was gud 4 my missus haha) Adrien Brody pulled it off but what the hell were Laurence Fishburne and Topher Grace doin in the movie? Fishburne in paticular was laughable until he gets blown up! Also loved how they used the song from the holicopter ride in the first movie over the credits. They did arnie proud!

benito on Jul 16, 2010


It rocked my socks off!! I had high expectations for Predators, because Rodriguez, Brody and Fishburne all were involved, it did not look like your average "Michale Bay raping your childhood memories" kind of project. So i had high expectations. I just saw it the other day, and i was REALLY surprised by the outcome, its a great movie!! I think it ranks up there with Predator and predator 2 (Yes, i actually really love the second predator movie... like in REALLY like it) It was good to see a good movie based on a great franchise! 2 thumbs up!

Rune Alexandersen on Jul 17, 2010


Very good movie! It does recycle a lot from the first Predator movie, but that's not such a bad thing is it? I'd heard a detailed description of the opening of the film, yet it still exceeded my expectations. Brody is fantastic, a LOT better than anyone had reason to hope for. The rest of the cast did what they needed to do, though I felt Fishburn's talents were a bit wasted. And there is a definite drop in excitement during the last 20 minutes of so of the film, but I'm trying to think of the last time since The Matrix that I saw an action/sci-fi that film didn't have a bit of a letdown ending. Maybe The Dark Knight, or SW: Ep. 3? It's 5 o'clock, and I know what I want to do to some of these commenters here...

kevjohn on Jul 18, 2010


I'll have to say it was mediocre but ok, id give it a C+ as a report card. Im glad at least it had the original predator music in most of the last part of the movie, I thought that fishbournes gay crazy character was one of the worst written characters in scifi film ever. I also thought the predator dogs were stupid and they needed to either stick with the predators all the way through wich were cool or have alien type dogs the predators were using and tie in the alien series. this movie really needed two things: more humor that the original had with lines like my gf has a big p* and a stellar action cast like the expendables is having, with willis, stallone, etc as the predator team instead of the mediocre predator team we got. maybe an old clint eastwood as the teams leader dusting off his acting chops. as a remake i thought it was a better reboot, at least they have the original music one of the things i absolutely hate about remakes, tv to movies and sequels dropping original music. Its actualy a sequel desiguised as a reboot cleverly as they do mention the original predator happenings in it.

johnny on Jul 22, 2010


btw i think the major thing that american action movies are missing today is humor, we have all these dark action movies and terrific american action movies of the 70s and 80s all had humor and were fun, unlike most action movies of today wich are dark and depressing, something id like to see action film makers realize. humor is how you tell good guys from the bad and how you develope a rappor with actors playing heroes. Even clint eastwoods dirty harry films had tongue in cheek one liners, arnolds films especialy.

johnny on Jul 22, 2010


@30......ok dude....its your falt for going to see the movie late. and second, not everyone sees myth busters. so stop being a freeaking hater and chill dude. i loved it.

ADaytoRemember on Jul 24, 2010


This movie was average at best. At the end when the main character was saying "Kill me I'm here", that was so F-ing stupid. It made no sense in context to what was happening at the moment, not to mention it was a horrible rip off like we are gonna think that skinny douche is Arnold or anything even remotely related to him. Instead of the cliche' of the ultimate warrior bad-ass who wont die and always wins somehow, there should have been more deception and twists. I hate to say this, more Topher Grace character type twists were needed. There needed to be a couple of 'Wow' moments of action sequence that this movie had exactly none of. I expected more gore, as the 1st predator made me think of a horror film more than anything. Another rip off is the ninja going out like Billy from the 1st predator movie, I mean there is tribute, then there's rip off. Tribute is subtle, tongue in cheek, this movie does anything but. Good acting, poor script, poor action sequences, the story:average, the rip offs keep you hanging and leave you out to dry. Very unsatisfying. After the movie was over I kept thinking the main character has yet to even remotely impress me, how you gonna get anyone to buy him as the bad-ass? This movie aimed high but is made of fail. The only great predator movie remains the original, big surprise.

Snake Eyes on Jul 29, 2010


I saw Predators and I'm 50/50 while watching two predators duke it out was awesome as hell. I just wish they dedicated at least 5 minutes of the movie as to how the predators select their targets. Instead of dropping them out of the sky and homeboy saying we are the best at what we do. What I did like is the fact the animal prey they were hunting at first was the very first concept of the Predator so I thought that was pretty neat. Other than that the movie was just ok.

CJ on Aug 5, 2010


Right, the way i see it, Too much of the plot has been... shall we say... stolen from the arnie flick, why not bring it up a notch, maybe a different zone, rather than just jungle. New predators, crappy, whats the point if it aint broke dont fix it coulda been better with some story line between 2 factions of predator not a predator which had a distinctly alien-esk chin which looked rediculous under the helmet. Lawrence could have played a better part, kitted the humans up a bit before he went psycho. CGI was aweful. end of. Was an OK film for the Predfans... was shite in the area of a story line, and originality.

Rich on Aug 6, 2010


I have waited 20 years for this movie. And it was oh so worth the wait. Loved the Predators, fantastic characters. Adrian Brody rocked the lead role. The sounds, the graphics. OMG! After AVP 1 and 2 I really thought we lost the whole franchise. Robert you are my hero for saving something that I loved all my life! Predators Forever!

Andre on Aug 9, 2010


Five awesome reasons Why you would not watch Predators this week...

Vinod on Aug 11, 2010


Wow i really didn't expect sop many people hating or even just giving it an "okay" cause i thought the movie was very well directed, acted, and the cinematography was great. I really expected more people to recognize the beauty in the movie, it is a throwback to the original so anyone saying it took too much from the original shut up cause its a fucking throwback no shit it did, it took some of the fan favorite parts and he tried to incorporate that into the film for all you fans who actually enjoyed the other films(hahaha). I swear though you hardcore fan boys are just too much i mean really ridiculous complaining about things the first and this had in common like "booby traps" they are in the fucking jungle of course they are gonna set some booby traps. "Covering with mud" You and i both know that you cover the heat with mud, if that's the way too beat him then guess what that is the way to beat him......we don't complain that every vampire can die by a stake in the heart do we? no cause that's the way you kill them. but seriously you guys are too much i mean your never happy, this guy is trying to give tribute to the first but be his own also and either way you guys complain....if he would have left too much out and just made it completely his own then you guys would have been bitching that "it doesn't make sense its not like the original at all, they should have put that part in" or saying it should have stuck to some of the original material.....but then when he goes the other way and goes to much like the original you guys get pissed also its just ridiculous. Anyways the movie was great actually id say one of my favorite sci-fi movies, my only complaint is that i would have liked them to expand more on the characters. I also did like the eerie feeling that the movie gave off and i loved Lawrence Fishbourne character, that's like "real" crazy not shaking back and forth in a straight jacket crazy(hollywood crazy) it felt very realistic and he made me believe that he believed someone was there with him and i loved it. I dont know all in all i thought they put the movie together very well and it was not what i was expecting at all, i expected a cool action movie and that's it but it wasn't just that in my opinion.

Jake on Aug 24, 2010


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designer belt on Oct 28, 2010


I thought it was good. Not a glorious return to the series heights but a worthy entry. All of the performances are uniformly good with Laurence Fishburne giving a surprisingly great performance. Brody brought a lot of dedication to the role and I was invested in his character along with Alice Braga's. They make credible action heroes (except with more acting ability). The main problem with the film is that it too often plays like a rote genre piece and I know that Antal is capable of much more audacious work. However, the duel between Hanzo and the Predator was absolutely fantastic and ranks amongst the best scenes in the franchise's history. There is where Antal is strongest. The scene is expertly shot, full of tension and uncannily evokes the samurai duels of Kurosawa's films. If the film was full of more original and clever scenes such as that then it would easily be one of the year's best. The other problem is that the Predators themselves are unintersting. The film has a unique addition to the Predator lore with the concept of in-fighting and civil wars between the creatures but it's only a passing idea and never expanded upon. The film simply doesn't bring enough new material to the Predator mythos. Other minor problems are Stans death-row inmate character when the film attempts some black humour with his diatribes. However, they're simply off-putting, out of place and ugly. The ending is also a bit disappointing. Despite all of this, its a solid addition to the franchise and I'd be interested to see further entries by Antal, particularly if the main leads are still involved. I simply ask for a greater level of ambition.

SlashBeast on Nov 27, 2010

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