Sound Off: Disney's Prince of Persia Movie - Your Thoughts?

May 28, 2010

Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time

Now that you've seen it, what did you think? In theaters worldwide this weekend is yet another video game movie, one that we thought could change video game movies forever. Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time, produced by Jerry Bruckheimer and starring Jake Gyllenhaal, is finally out in theaters after being delayed for more than a year. How is it? Is it another bad video game movie or actually entertaining? How is Gyllenhaal as Dastan? How is Gemma Arterton as Tamina? Was it entertaining to watch the parkour action and fight scenes? If you've seen it, leave a comment and let us know what you thought of Prince of Persia!

To fuel the fire, I probably enjoyed Prince of Persia more than most, but I still thought it was a forgettable, bland and ultimately a poorly crafted movie. I first saw this at ShoWest last March and I honestly was very excited to see it. Unfortunately, it's just not really that good - there's not enough parkour, the story takes way too many weird, lengthy detours, and Gemma Arterton was unbearable to watch by the end. It could've been so much better, but sadly it wasn't. Guess I should've expected that from a video game movie. The only really cool part was the overall story structure, where [spoiler] they get sent back in time all the way to the beginning, at the end. That was a great concept applied well, but the rest of this was just another let down.

So what did you think of Prince of Persia? A fun summer action movie or totally forgettable?

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Kind of sad to hear you say that :/ BUT it is usually totally expected from video game films. I was really hoping this could be like the next Pirates series. Oh well, I'll still go see it just to craft my own opinion. Thanks Alex!

SC on May 28, 2010


I'm not a big fan of Pirates of the Caribbean... actually, I don't like those movies at all. Well, this is Pirates of the Caribbean in the desert, or at least it has that vibe. It's weird to see Jake Gyllenhaal doing this after some great roles in other serious-oscar-worthy-movies. Gemma Arterton does a good job (and man, she's gorgeous), Ben Kingsley does his Ben Kinglsey very well (ha!) and Alfred Molina plays a so-so funny caricature role. The overall feeling is accurately expressed by Alex: "forgettable, bland and ultimately poorly crafted". Anyway, everyone is going to see this because is not a totally bad movie, it manages to be enjoyable and there is a chance of seeing adults and kids alike in the theaters (hopefully, the kids won't notice Alfred Molina's joke about the size of some guy's... eh... "manhood"... if Disney does it, hell everyone can!)

leinergroove on May 28, 2010


I found it to be average, there were so many annoyances. What happened to their names? Dastan and Tamina? The beginning was very cheesy, shaky cam was really annoying. The characters were bland and Dastan and Tamina's romance were weak. After saying all that, I would have to say it ranks up there as one of the better video game movies, although many things deviated from the game.

Dean on May 28, 2010


The games were awesome. I wonder if they're gonna make a trilogy.

Daniel Felts on May 28, 2010


The movie is just awesome..i watched it last week since i live in Europe and i'm waiting for it's dvd release to buy it..The cast is great,effects and music is just amazing while the plot is cool..I don't get the bad critics and the hating on this movie..a must watch for this summer and my fav movie this year with Shutter Island

john on May 28, 2010


you wouldn't be saying that when you played the games :/ sorry too say but the movie. Didn't even follow the story and secondly farah where is farah? with her bow and arrows to help the prince poorly done movie! and also the prince characteristics are not like in movie. and another let down the sand glass is not in damn hole under the city it was brought by the king and the prince was tricked to open it with dagger of time. because of the Vierza.

Aarontoner on Apr 18, 2012


a video game movie that should have not been made ... it was bad ... 1 star out of 5

scott on May 28, 2010


it was an entertaining if flawed production imo. It definantly was worth the one watch dont regret it , ranks between pirates 1 and 3 in quality, and hey if you got nothing else going on its worth a peek.

m.a.russell on May 28, 2010


i saw macgruber a second time instead of seeing this meaningless crap.

sickdoghats on May 28, 2010


It was far from being the best or worst movie I've ever seen. It was fun, sugary, and didn't take itself too seriously. That being said, only your average moviegoer would be able to overlook the awful editing techniques (and they had three editors, what is this crap) and the fact that for all of the slow-mo used in the movie, they hardly ever used a high-speed camera. Overall, a fun but forgettable way to kick off the summer. And yes, the video game references in the movie influenced my final judgment a lot.

Amber on May 28, 2010


#8 how do you know it's meaningless crap if you haven't seen it?

jebstuart on May 28, 2010


This was flat out embarassing. Fell asleep watching this crap. Will probably buy the blu-ray at discount rate in 10 years or so to add to my blu-ray collection as a shiny cover that drags the eye to the shelf.

Shige on May 28, 2010


lol like usual a dumb review but after all that's expected #8 is obviously an idiot and must've been the only person in macgruber twice in a row. #11 is another fool, hating it and going to buy it anyway, donate that $ to charity you halfwit.

no on May 28, 2010


I'll give 4 and a half stars for this was awesome...i love seeing Jake being such an adult and strong man...Prince Tamina is a was full of actions too...the scenes were captivating and so did the actions...couldn't let my eyes off the screen the whole time... i just love this movie

Savain on May 28, 2010


Savain is didn't follow the story line and tamina?! right one not her name its Farah for crying out loud If they directors watched the game more closely they would of realized how bad they messed up.

Aarontoner on Apr 18, 2012


I liked it!

Ostilad on May 28, 2010


i will not say its a bad's a good watchable movie...and that's all that matters....

Hellboy on May 28, 2010


Believe me i have seen so many movies action,comedy,scary....and much more and i think that prince of persia(and i mean everything in this movie from actors to director) was one of the best action,fantasy,comedy movie i have ever seen!

dante on May 28, 2010


I cant believe you people....what did you expect to see from this movie.....everyone complains all the time...watchable,not great,crap....then see Titanic if you realy love classics or Seven,Prince of persia rocks and i wish that they will be second and third!Much better than clash of the titans i vote 5/5

skarlas on May 28, 2010


Was Gyllenhaal any good? He probably the only reason I'll see this. I'm gonna enjoy it I know that much, I have the ability to turn my brain off and enjoy.

Xerxex on May 28, 2010


I've been waiting for it since jerry acquired the rights in 2005, I remember At one point they had michael pay attached to direct it (WTFFuF?), or it was a rumor, And In those five years I've built it up sooooooo much in my expectations, and yesterday I saw it, And I swear to god even thought my very high expectations for it I never expected it to be this AWESOME .. So I here by saying to all of you haters and the rest of you that I don't know, Go F*** your F***IN selfs ..

Moataz of egypt on May 28, 2010


SUCKED!! And I didn't even go see it. Can't you people just give a quick opinion and not write freakin books??? And yes I am the real Alec Baldwing ladies and gentlemen!!!

Alec Baldwing on May 28, 2010


#20 it's Baldwin, Alec Baldwin.

Xerxex on May 28, 2010


#20 you're a fucking idiot. You didn't go see it but it sucked? The movie was great, a killer kick-off to the summer. It wasn't Pirates but it sure wasn't Clash of the Titans. It was awesome. There, i hope that wasn't too long for you

HIM on May 28, 2010


Come on, seriously. Jake Gyllenhaal? Really? REALLY?! This should be called Prince of Scandinavia or some shit like that. I was hesitant to see this, but now I'm not even going to give it a chance. Judging by what I'm hearing, Disney pissed all over the source material and this doesn't deserve my eight bucks. And they should have left Gemma Arterton out. She's not good, not even a little bit and she grates on my nerves.

JL on May 28, 2010


JL The prince is not persian!!!!! Christ do some research, in the film he is a street urchin. The prince has always been a traveler.

Xerxex on May 28, 2010


it was awesome... there is definately going to be at least a trilogy. get ready for the prince of persia attractions at disneyworld.

Diana on May 28, 2010


QUESTION: Was it a Disney movie aimed at kids and teenagers and family nights at the movies?

kysersosai on May 28, 2010


Personally I'm not excited about this at all. Out of Brukheimers movies this summer Sorcers Apprentice seems better than this. The only movies left to look forward to are Toy Story 3, Expendables and most of all Inception.

Moon on May 28, 2010


I loved it. Great story. I didn't play the game much so don't know the story that much. But judging what i saw I must say I did love it. And to be a good story it doesn't always have to be like in the game or book. I don't say its the best movie, but its the best Game adaption movie I have ever seen. Great works and damn i loved the princess.

Digit on May 28, 2010


he was white.

Jacksion on May 28, 2010


you cant make chicken salad out of chicken sh*t....more wasted $$$ that could have gone into making a REAL movie....

blasphemer on May 28, 2010


@20 Alec Baldwing? o rly? Can I get your autograph? Wait.... nevermind... who the F is Alec BALDWING?

Ben on May 28, 2010


the first half hour of the movie was good. after that the only entertaining thing was gemma artertons cleaveage shot. no gamer will ever like this movie. If u havent played sands of time u might enjoy this. i just wanna shoot the guy who came up with HASSANSINS.

Logan on May 28, 2010


Yeah also Veriza men where in two thrones! not in sands of time Disany are not cut out for prince of perisa no damn way I would rather play the game instead of making crap movie like this -_-

Aarontoner on Apr 18, 2012


When I first read about the movie actually being made, I was excited to see one of my favorite videogames brought to the big screen. The movie that played out in my mind was awesome. Then, I began hearing tidbits about the casting; the biggest one being about Jake. I had no problem picturing him as the prince, but what bothered me is that it seemed as though they didnt even bother to get someone who already fit the ethnicity of the character. After that, scant news of the story came along although I already knew what it mainly involved. I was glad and disappointed that they gave the prince a name; good writers could have pulled off only using his name a few times in the film to set the same mood it help set in the game. And what happened to Pharah's name? Were they just permitted not to use it? One more thing, according to the previews, I havent seen the film yet and am not too eager to do so, he's fighting men and not any sand creatures. Also according to the previews, the majority of the film looked as though the CGI was what the movie was about. There was so much of it it's like, should I be paying attention to the actors or the CGI? These are my speculations gathered soley from the previews and tidbits of storyline I heard along the way. And, judging by the previews, the characters do seem a little bland but the actors sorta save them a little. That's not to say I don't trust Disney to do anything right. This, however, doesn't seem to be one of those things. Does the prince narrate like he does in the game? I know many of you will hate me for saying this but how hard was it... no, why stray so far from the videogame with such a thin yet entertaining plot?

Eli on May 28, 2010


There will undoubtedly be a sequel to this CGI packed fail of a film, but that's what we come to expect from hollwood right?

Eli on May 28, 2010


@Eli as a fan you should know that the prince is not persian. He's always described as a traveler.

Xerxex on May 28, 2010


Loved the games...refuse to see this...Videogame movies fail, the only chance at a good one is the developers of the games collaborating with the directors/writers, making sure they dont fuck anything up. Im hoping Bioware will be smart and do that with Mass effect....but I doubt it.

Cody w on May 28, 2010


Just got done watching it. It was alright. Definitely worth at least one viewing, but not much more. Nothing worthy of an award, but a fun popcorn flick, nothing more.

Denver on May 28, 2010


Same thoughts....felt like there was ALOT of slow motion, maybe it was just me tho...

Micah Wilkins on May 28, 2010


@ Xerxex Hes the son of the king (hence prince) of persia. that pretty much settles the ethnicity. there is no way one can justify a caucasian being a persian prince (although i had no problems with jake being cast). He travels TO india in the game, hence traveler, im sure he traveled to a lot of places. U cant say being called a traveler affects his ethnicity. so like.. please dont say that the prince of persia is not a persian.. lol.

Logan on May 28, 2010


It was alright. I didn't hate it and it was still better than Clash of the Titans. Thought Gyllenhaal was kinda boring and Anderton was kinda annoying, although she was pretty... Like really, really pretty. I enjoyed it enough to buy it on DVD.

Ross on May 29, 2010


This movie was AMAZING! I love you Jake <3

Lincoln on May 29, 2010


#12 Trying to insult someone on the internet is very clever. You must have a very tight schedule.

Shige on May 29, 2010


lol @ #12. You sound upset that your mommy threatened to shut off the internet unless you get a job and/or move out of her basement. Anyway, the movie was mediocre, which probably makes it one of the decent video game adaptations...

Cody M on May 29, 2010


@35 Xerxex since when the word "traveler" means the person is not Persia. "traveler" doesnt not defined someone ethnic background. Traveler refers to one who travels to distant lands.

tazz on May 29, 2010


This movie was a decent flick. I think most of you weren't hugged as children.

Brandon on May 29, 2010


Well it was not the best game adaptation on screen, it had its moments where you could say ok thats the move i did in the game 😀 but i want to say is imo it was better than Clash of Titans. i liked it more. maybe for CoT my expectation was much higher but in the end i ahd better time watching PoP

Burak "D'aequitas" on May 29, 2010


It was better than Clash of Titans but Pirates of the Caribbean are better!!

George on May 29, 2010



Carlo on May 29, 2010


it wasn't bad, the only thing that i found annoying is how they shot the parkour. they should have used a continuous shot for those scenes instead of a millions shots. that for me took away from the parkour.

n7 luigi on May 29, 2010


Hey I'm just going with the original premise that the prince is a traveler. I don't really hear any other complaints about Toby Kebbell as "Garsiv" or Richard Coyle as "Tus" both are white and were born in Europe...were are those complaints?

Xerxex on May 29, 2010


I actually liked it! I loved the fighting scenes!! (Go Bruckheimer!) And as someone above said, at least it was better than Clash of the, nothing could have been worse than that film. And also, Jake was hot, hot, hot! Did i say HOT???

monleo on May 29, 2010


I thought it was terrible. I was expecting suckiness going into and that is exactly what I got. The scenes of Gyllenhaal jumping from to roof to roof were laughably bad. And, I didn't even mention the acting yet.

billbybob on May 29, 2010


And, why the hell do they all have British accents in Persia? When is Hollywood going to realize how ridiculous that sounds?

billbybob on May 29, 2010


I love it.....better than transformers and i loved the transformers. Where can i find the ending little written saying about destiny and love? i like it!

David Pressly on May 29, 2010


I thought it was fun, but could've been much better. I liked both leads.

Darunia on May 29, 2010


come on guys. it's so easy to criticize this kind of movie, but what the hell did you expect? nothing surprising in this movie, nor was the intention, but it was entertaining as hell. just stop complaining on everything. yes it wasn't a real adaptation of the first video game, just loosely based, but it still was pretty decent and really enjoyable summer theater movie. just don't get your expectations too high.

silversurfer on May 29, 2010


The movie was much much better that what I was expecting from a movie based on a videogame license. A very good surpraise!

Dexter on May 29, 2010


THIS WAS UPSETTING! The games were amazing, this movie didn't follow the plot or even the characters AT ALL! 1 out of 5 stars only because the dagger looked so cool...

Josh on May 29, 2010


@ 39 Did you even go see the film? He is not the "son" of the persian king, he is adopted. Don't bother leaving a comment if you haven't seen it. At least I hope you haven't seen because if you have and you missed that plot point...... I just feel sorry for you. I really enjoyed it, it's not one of the great films but I think it did everything it set out to achieve. I wasn't bored once and I just enjoyed the ride. 4/5

JC1782 on May 29, 2010


Movies are created too entertain! Not to be picked apart. What do you want? A Shawshawnk shinning with dark knight reading the dam cider house rules? Seriously, you haters are the kind of people who killed Jesus lol On second thought, you "people" are probably house cats, dressed up like humans... soulless bastards

Brandon on May 30, 2010


The script is horrible but had pretty good action sequences. Its what you would expect from a Disney movie with its cheesy comedy. Jake did a good job as usual.

Tim on May 30, 2010


in all honesty, there isn't a movie out there that's going to please everyone...some will love this movie, some will hate it and some will find it average...

JL on May 30, 2010


it was really good in my opinion.. the princess was gorgeous and worth the price of admission.. but it was really good.. had a lil bit of everything romance, parkour, action, evil (spoiler alert) Uncle, and rags to riches story it was Fun

Heckyheck on May 30, 2010


This movie was actually surprisingly not horrible. It had almost no character development and the action scenes (although near constant) weren't that entertaining. But compared to other video game adaptations this looked like Citizen Kane.

James on May 30, 2010


uwe boll could have made this better

Logan on May 30, 2010


It was entertaining~ Actually quite enjoyed it and surprisingling, Jake G. totally worked in the role

Antioch on May 30, 2010


really didn't want to go and see this movie, but when your daughter 'has' to go because Jake Gyllenhaal is the lead you just have to give in. Suprisingly, I thoroughly enjoyed it from start to finish !! It's a no-nonsense action movie with good effects and a simple plot, it's a fun ride and if your looking for a good family picture to entertain go watch it. Not a classic, but a fun film ... and thats all it needs to be YNWA

tega on May 30, 2010


Hopefully the atrocity which was the editing in this movie will be remedied with a "Directors Cut" on Blu-Ray. Then we might be able to see how good this movie _could_ have been. Until then it was left on the cutting room floor.

Andrew on May 30, 2010


It was so incredibly BORING. And I'm the type of person that likes every movie I see.

feeheeheeheeny on May 30, 2010


Movie was amazing. I don't know what the hell is up with everyone else. Its like Avatar nobody likes it yet its the #1 movie.

Me. on May 31, 2010


good summer flick, i enjoyed it more than iron man 2 which turned out to be a comedy with a superhero somewhere lost inside of it. Lotsa action, okay acting and decent story. Not sure what else to expect really from a game based movie nevertheless. Actually id argue just solely being based on a game that it does deserve more praise than a regular movie. gave it 8/10 as for people prefering mcgruber or sex and the city. You have to realize that not everyone is into stupid joke movies or like watching grandmothers going shopping in new york while thiking theyre still young (although id go see it if it was a comedy). Shrek at least is explainable due to the kiddies.

buggy on May 31, 2010


for more bad it was the movie, you shouldn't count the final. bumpkin

Oldren on May 31, 2010


why does it matter, if he is persian? i dont think jesus was white yet no one made a stink about that

Marc on May 31, 2010


Considering the other movies like Max Payne & Hitman. The movie was awesome and the there was a story.I loved the movie to be honest and i don't find anything lame, upsetting or annoying about the movie.

Fisherr on May 31, 2010


@logan remember he was adopted off the streets Anyways thought it was a pretty fun ride from beginning to end.easy to follow, Arterton was gorgeous, awesome action sequences definentley one of the better disney movies that disney has made recently. must buy blu-ray just as enjoyable as iron man 2

max s. on May 31, 2010


he isnt adopted in the game, and that is what i was talking about, THE GAME. And even if it werent an adaptation, movie failed. im disappointed that sm1 wud compare this to iron man 2.

Logan on May 31, 2010


Enjoy it. It wasn't a masterpiece and god knows there were tons of editing issues. The movie should have been partly shot with a high speed camera to give those slow motion shots a nice finished feel to it. The way it was presented it just felt... unfinished, shooting wise. The story was there and I enjoyed it. Fear the Assandsins! I hope they bring all the games to life on screen, just with better cinematography.

Hedgehog on Jun 1, 2010


Pretty good movie. 7.5/10

Marc21qw on Jun 2, 2010


Scorpion King reboot. Fun, but not memorable or sequel-worthy. Not feelin jake's british accent or the wasp-y oldest brother. Didnt feel Persian or Middle eastern enough. After watching the Deadliest Warrior, thought the Zande Throwing knife guy was a nice touch though. Not sure I'd see it again, but I'm sure it'll get its $125 mil and greenlight more. To me, Best Video game adaptation by far.

Neva Evah on Jun 2, 2010


Didn't like Jake as the lead actor (his accent did suck). Alfred Molina was fun. Artertton great cleaveage! - It wasn't a great movie but can't really say it was a good one either... dunno if it's the best game adaptation... I think it lacked of tension and more action... it wasn't that good.

Chucho on Jun 3, 2010


Most people think time is like a river that flows swift and sure in one direction. But I have seen the face of time, and I can tell you: they are wrong. Time is an ocean in a storm. You may wonder who I am or why I say this. Sit down and I will tell you a tale like none you have ever heard. I so wish they had these lines in the movie.. that would have been amazing

Trevor on Jun 4, 2010


@David Pressly The opening screen lines are: "It is said some lives are linked across time. Connected by a ancient calling that echoes through the ages. Destiny." 🙂

Marie on Jun 7, 2010


this movie was troture to watch. i have no clue what kind of brainless human over 5 years old could possibly enjoy this. i never felt engrossed in the world because of the lack of characterization and over-used special effects. the cast was horrid minus alfred molina with a decent portrayl. the acting was a joke. the story was even worse. especially when that princess had to ramble on about some bullshit temple and dagger blah blah blah. it was overly americanized. there was no chemistry between the leading roles. the list goes on and on. and what really pissed me off, was the price of movie tickets plus food at the theatre. i paid almost $40 bucks in total on a terrible movie that gave me a headache and food that gave me a stomach ache. DON'T SEE THIS ATROCITY!!

Evan on Jun 9, 2010


It is a bad movie, but I liked it. (dont like Gemma Atterton; she is unexpressive at all). I agree with Evan it was all overly americanized. And for those who complain about ethnicity, Persians are white people. Not White Anglo-Saxon Protestant, but white, after all. But yes, an arab actor would be better in the role than a blue eyed one.

Daenerys Targaryen on Jun 10, 2010


good story.

jonny b on Jun 10, 2010


If i think about Avatar what's Nr 1 , then really i think how could it be ? Avatar is junk . I was in a Cinema watched Avatar 30 mins and i just left the Cinema it was BS . BUT Prince of Persia , is something else , it had Action , Romance ,stunts . I thought it would be shit like Avatar , but i was wrong . I've wathced it 3 times , with different friends and they like it even if this kind of movies aint their taste . So i'd hope the film continues .

Just a Guy on Jun 10, 2010


@86 why would you leave after 30 minutes that's when the movie is starting to develop and if you really only wait 30 minutes for a movie to actually start blowing your mind away you shouldn't be able to write a review on here

max s. on Jun 11, 2010


2 hours of ultra-gayness.

Tip on Jun 13, 2010


All I've heard about this movie is how much it sucks so when I saw it yesterday that was all I was expecting. But to me it really isn't that bad. Its not a really good and I can understand how people think its just awful. However I thought it was still entertaining, I liked the action. And thought its not a must see, its not gonna kill you to sit through it. You may even enjoy it like I did. Its a decent movie. I would go see a sequel.

Fac on Jun 13, 2010


I liked it very much. I look at the movies within the genre. If I go to see a fantasy action movie I do not expect depths or believability, I want to be taken to a different place, I want to be charmed and entertained. This movie has decent and good looking cast, it's fast paced, beautiful exotic location, fantastic CGI, interesting enough story line, lots of humor, dash of romance. Fabulous entertainment for the whole family, I think. Our family enjoyed it.

al on Jun 16, 2010


i liked it it was a great movie

john on Jun 18, 2010


I thought the performances on the whole were quite good, (though I can't decide on whether I liked Gemma Arterton or if I wanted to throttle her) and the action scenes were mostly coherent. But the script was an absolute mess. It seemed to be going around in circles for the first two acts, (he takes her captive, she turns the tables, he catches up with her, repeat). A severe edit would improve this film.

Miss Molly on Jun 19, 2010


I totally loved this movie! I think it was great, I don't understand why people are expecting "fantasy" movies to be realistic i mean seriously the name of its genre is enough to understand that its NOT going to be realistic!! i think it was an entertaining and well done movie, and i really hope there will be a sequel to it!! Jake and Gemma looked extremely good in it!

Ceril on Jun 20, 2010


SHUT UP TO EVERYONE WHO SAYS DIS MOVIE IS BLAND AND THAT! This is an amazing movie! i watched it today and it was great. It had loads of really good twists like when Dastan stabbed himself, i really wasnt expecting that. The actors were really good, and the storyline was really good too. So SHUT THE HELL UP to anyone who says it isnt! And THANK YOU to the person above me for stating that a fansty ISN'T going to be reallistic, i mean its a fansty, like made up, so its not exctly going to have poileman in blue hats chasing eveeryone with guns, cause dat would have totally whacked out the movie. This was the best movie ive seen this year so far! I cant wait for the sequel. So you better make one if your reading this disney. This movie is probably my second favourite movie of all time, and thats saying a lot cause ive watched like a million movies like most people unless you got a really sad life.This film was a hell lot better than other films which ive seen this year like Robin Hood, no offence to anyone who likes the movie but i was very confused and couldnt tell what they were saying some of the time. So screw anyone who says the movies dull or what every, have you seen how many sction sequences there are! The movies funny too, the suicidal ostrich is frickin hilarious!

darcy pinder on Jun 20, 2010


So let me get this straight ... Prince of Persia is about Donnie Darko finally being able to turn back time and save his girl?

dotcom on Jun 22, 2010


It was good. There were parts that (mostly attempts at humor) that were a little longer than they needed to be and that guy that was the promoter was kind of annoying at times but he was funny other times such as his suicidal ostrich. The action was good, the story and the scenery was great. The romance was cliche though (not that is really a bad thing, nothing would be cliche if it didn't work). Jake was really good in this IMO and it had a good ending with going back in time with the dagger and nobody remembering anything but the Prince Daston. All this bitching about white people is hilarious. I guess those people have never seen a Hollywood movie. P.S. Persia no longer exist, so where would they find a Persian actor dumbasses?

Beta Ray Bill on Jun 25, 2010


No doubts I had everything that I wanted from this movie... And more... Great movie. One of the best that I ever saw... Hope there will be second POP movie 🙂

Eima on Aug 30, 2010


All of you that are making comments about the movie leaving the source material and casting Jake in the role whom isn't even Persian to go back to the source material and see there are far more connections to the source material than you are willing to admit. Do the research and easy comparison and you will see. For all of you saying Disney screwed up the storyline, that is a really interesting statement since the one who wrote the storyline for the game wrote the movie. Also Jake uses a British accent in movie and guess what, the prince has a British accent in the game, not Persian. The movie explains why while the game never did. My only real beef with the film is the changing of the name Farah to Tamina but doing research on that, Tamina is connected more with the Persian mythology than the game is. Also that the beginning and ending line is not Time is like a river statement. Other than that, I saw the film as perhaps being a half prequel to the game and had more of The Forgotten Sands elements regarding the importance of family rather than the storyline of Prince of Persia Sands of Time game. Either way, even though the stories are dramatically different, elements of Warrior Within and Two Thrones could easily be implemented to what connection there was between the game and the movie. Will Prince of Persia Warrior Within the movie go off in a different direction than the game? Probably. But as long as it has the empress of time, the dahaka, sand creatures, the sand wraith, and perhaps whatever the black haired woman's name in it, are we really going to be that dissatisfied? Well, the whiny nitpicking critics probably will be. And the person that fell asleep and said the movie sucked and will buy it anyway in ten years or when it comes out is a dimwit. (i have another name for you but I don't think I can post it here.) And the person that said it sucked but didn't go see it reminds of the douchebags that watched ten minutes of Moulin Rouge! and said the movie sucked and had no plot when it wasn't even given a chance and probably don't understand how musicals are orchestrated anyway. Like the movies or not but don't come on a page commenting on movies you didn't see or fell asleep through and claim they sucked when it could be for the one that fell asleep is that you could have been tired prior to going and may have had nothing to do with the film but rather that you were just tired and the second lights are turned off so was your mind into dreamland. The points is the comments you leave don't rank merit and truly show how unintelligent you really are which further makes people wonder why you opened your mouth in the first place unless you really wanted people to know where your intelligence lies.

Thomas on Sep 15, 2010


Why is everyone so critical, a film is a piece of art that should admired and inspire other to express themselves in a way that is creative as well, if you don't like a piece of art you move on to the next one you don't stand there steering at it and complaining how the artist didn't make it the way you wanted it, you can't please everyone. This movie was fantastic and admirable, it brings out the curious side of people and started my imagination in a journey of wonder. 4 1/3 out of 5.

Jessica on Sep 22, 2010


This movie was awesome. I sat thru the whole movie without getting up to use the bathroom. For all those critics who think Gemma wasn't good--well shows what you know; she doesn't have to be good with those great looks. She definately kept my eyes peeled to the set. Chapter #2> LOL For the rest of the other idiots. Go somewhere where your input is appreciated. Anthow the movie kicked.

Neil on Nov 2, 2010


You know what I don't care what anyone here thinks the movie was brilliant filled With PoP acrobatics and action and Jake G played the part very well, and Ben Kingsley portrayed Nazrim briilintly 4 3/4 stars at least no arguements, and adding the Hassasins instead of adding CGI sand creatures made this movie worth watching. The only thing I noticed waz one of the Hassansins used a Dagger Tail (Dark Princes Weapon in PoPTT, and what was with the ostrich races now thats disney right there

Nash_351 on Mar 3, 2011


I LOVED this was full of action and kept you guessing till the very end!!!! Would LOVE to see another

Header_ann on May 5, 2011

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