Sound Off: Stallone's The Expendables - What Did You Think?

August 14, 2010

The Expendables

Now that you've seen it, what did you think? It has been a full 646 days since we first announced that Sylvester Stallone was putting together an action movie called The Expendables with a cast full of the most badass action stars around. And after years of waiting, The Expendables finally arrives in theaters this weekend. Is it as crazy and totally badass to watch as we are all hoping? How is the team of action stars that Stallone assembled, from Jet Li to Statham to Couture to Lundgren to Austin to Crews? And we can't forget Eric Roberts! So if you've seen it, leave a comment and let us know what you thought of The Expendables!

To fuel the fire, I finally got to see The Expendables last night (sorry for the delay!) and I actually thought it was okay, not terrible, but I didn't expect much out of it except for plenty of insane action. My first thought was that this is the kind of movie I would've snuck into when I was 15 because it's just full of so much insane action and killing and explosions that I couldn't miss it. Sure, the plot is convoluted, bland and boring, and it's nothing new, it was fun to watch as just a dumb action movie. Can't say that I loved it, but I didn't hate it either and with my mind switched off I enjoyed watching just about everything blow up in nearly two hours.

What did you think of The Expendables? Another action classic or a boring mess of a movie?

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I'll be seeing this cool ass looking movie in a couple of hours. Heh heh heh ...

judasbarron on Aug 14, 2010


One Word AWESOME! If you liked the last Rambo you'll love this! Over the Top Violence at its best!

TheLOLrapist on Aug 14, 2010


Nice action movie for gentlemens only !! enjoy epic moments like the arnold appearance !! eaven if it's clichΓ© it's still a must to see without takin it to serious !! πŸ˜›

Alx on Aug 14, 2010


That was an awesome movie! I loved it! Total and complete package worthy of being called an action movie with real men not wimpy men trying to be an action star. The cameos of Arnold and Bruce just enhanced it!!!!

CCB on Aug 14, 2010


Awesome movie! Great to see stallone still blowing up the bad guys! All star cast, great cameos, all and all just a really really good action movie took me back to the 80's all over again! Hope Stallone cranks out a few more before he calls it quits!

Travis on Aug 14, 2010


Can't wait to see it. But I still think Seagal and Van Damme should have been in it and replaced some of the newer actors.

ryderup on Aug 14, 2010


#7 then turned the movie down. Van Damme wants more serious acting rolls cause you know he is so cool. Movie was great everything an action movie should be. Would have been nice to see some of the other guys with more screen time but maybe if they do a sequel we can see more of them

chirp on Aug 14, 2010


funny part was that a fifteen year old really did try sneaking into the theater while i was going to watch the movie...i thought it was ok too...

Jericho on Aug 14, 2010


^ Good, glad you didn't try to kick him out. I hope he enjoyed seeing all that!

Alex Billington on Aug 14, 2010


I agree Alex, I thought it was fun, but I think that in a few weeks' time I'll forget about it. The action kicked ass for the most part, but some of it was filmed too close to the actors and there were a few more quick cuts than necessary. Some of the cast could've been used more, e.g. Jet Li, Terry Crews, Randy Couture. Still, a little underwhelming but enjoyable nonetheless.

Gadder4311 on Aug 14, 2010


It was packed full of awesomeness

Rick on Aug 14, 2010



wrongturn687 on Aug 14, 2010


Great action, but the story was kinda lame.

Tranceghost on Aug 14, 2010


Bang Bang, splitter splutter, ooie gooie peanut butter..... sort of sums it up! A fun flick to watch after a nights rave i must say.

LV 426 on Aug 14, 2010


This is the best action movie in years, I can't remember having this much fun watching a movie in a long time! Great action, the characters were charismatic and fun to watch interact with one another, and it was perfectly nostalgic and I loved every minute of it!

Ryan on Aug 14, 2010


I have to say I was definetly impressed! Stallone still has it! His last 3 movies (Rocky Balboa, Rambo, and the Expendables kicked ass! I can't wait for the next one to come out, and yes theres going to be at least one more (that is as long as the main cast members don't die of heart attacks due to the amount of PED's used in thier lifetime!) Thinking point, I was trying to remember a classic bad ass bad guy that may have made it a little more fun. Any thoughts???

John on Aug 14, 2010


Haven't seen it yet, but so far I really don't understand all the hype. I was not impressed by the trailer at all.

Craig on Aug 14, 2010


Great Movie.... saw the midnight showing at it was well worth it. Gotta see it to believe it! Ready to see it again this weekend and ready for a sequel!!

Chris on Aug 14, 2010


BRILLIANT more respect due to Mr Stallone, well worth the watch. I must say I dont think we'll see another movie like this in a while as it sits in quite a unique place. It's very difficult to compare it to any current movie, bringing together all those stars into one movie wihtout making it cheesy. Hats off to Stallone. Would have loved to see a cameo from the likes of Chuck Norris. 5/5 for me.

Kochez on Aug 14, 2010


Van Dam and Seagal were offered roles but they turned it down because they didn't like the script. the new york post gave it a star an a half an said it was like Sex an the city 2 for dudes which isn't so cool but movie critics suck anyway and it seems like its gettin positive reviews here. i'll pretty much wait for this on cable or dvd though.

o Toxin o on Aug 14, 2010


I liked it, and loved the fact that my theatre had an enthusiastic audience, that cheered at least 5 times. I would have preferred giving each character more time to shine, maybe giving them specialties or something. Hopefully this film will convert the non believers (Norris, Segal, Van Damne, Russel) as well as bring in others (The Rock, Trejo, Vin Disel) and then we're rocking for the real film, Expendables 2.

Al on Aug 14, 2010


Who cares about the story, which was fair. But we got exactly what we expected one badass action flick. So thumbs up Sly you brought us back to that era of the summer action movie. It was great how the humor was injected in also i.e. whats his problem "oh he wants to be president". This definatly was one of the better movies of the summer, don't go to the cineplex much due to schedule so the time was well worth it. GO SEE IT.

Rory Kaddatz on Aug 14, 2010


"it was fun to watch as just a dumb action movie. Can't say that I loved it, but I didn't hate it either and with my mind switched off I enjoyed watching just about everything blow up in nearly two hours." That's a perfect explanation for this movie. It's not a great one, but it's a decent time waster. I don't really understand people who are claiming this to be the best action film they've seen in years.

SkaOreo on Aug 14, 2010


I saw this flick at midnight Thursday and it ROCKED! The story is what it needs to be and we all knew it was a slam, bang, high octane action flick to begin with. Sure, a little more screen time for Jet Li, Randy Couture, and Gary Daniels (The Brit, villain) would have been awseome. That said, I sure hope there's a sequel.....and if there is one I'd like to suggest a few actors/action stars: Jean-Claude Van Damme Steven Seagal Chuck Norris Michael Dudikoff ("American Ninja") Thomas Ian Griffith ("Karate Kid Pt 3" and many DTV flicks; would make a great villain) Scott Adkins ("Undisputed 2", DTV flicks, the recent "Ninja"; would make a great villain) Ray Park (Toad from "X-Men"; would make great villain) Ken Wahl (80s TV show "Wiseguy") Miles O' Keeffe (80s flick, 'Tarzan the Ape Man' and countless DTV flicks) Jack Scalia (80s TV show "Wolf"; senator in Wes Craven's "Red Eye"; great villain a la Eric Roberts) Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa (Shang Tsung from "Mortal Kombat"; exceptional villain) ......and a many more as I'm still brainstorming... I really enjoyed, "The Expendables". It's the best time I had at the movies in quite a long time! πŸ™‚

Spider on Aug 14, 2010


Absolutely fantastic movie. It felt like the old crazy action movies but with modern polish, which is exactly what new action movies have been missing. The plot was a bit shallow, but Stallone and Statham brought some unexpected emotion to the main characters and Rourke's speech that kicks off the third act actually made the fight mean something. I don't think any other actor could have given that simple speech such impact. As for this movie being only for the gentlemen, however, I must say there were a ton of ladies in the theater cheering right along with the guys, and the group I went with had two: my wife and her 16 year old cousin that we snuck in, and both of those girls were applauding through half of the fight scenes. I think if more big action movies have this much quality and effort put into them then the genre's appeal can widen past "big dumb dude movie." Plus it's beating Eat, Pray, Love so far, so yeah.

Chocolate Supra on Aug 14, 2010


a great 80s action movie, cheesy explosions, ridiculous bloody ways of dying, great fight scenes. I liked how Stallone couldn't fight, the only untrained guy there and that he ran kind of funky. great cameos by Willis and Arnold

Andrew on Aug 14, 2010


Can't wait to see this movie. I love a great dumb guys only film. Expecting lots of guns and blood and martial arts.

Linkfx on Aug 14, 2010


I'd suggest Michael Caine and the Guy that played "The Equalizer" in the sequel as well...just to have the 'old guys doing action' maybe even add in a cameo for Clint Eastwood.

tivdatsun on Aug 14, 2010


I would have liked it a LOT more if the action cuts lasted longer than a split second. Seriously, especially in the 2nd half of the movie, you could hardly tell what the hell was going on (except for the fact that 2 or more guys were either getting beaten, shot, or blow up, which makes it ok for some). For example, does anyone remember Ninja Assassin? Well, the action scenes were cut fast like that, only a tad bit shorter. And that 'tad' was one too much for me. I could handle Ninja Assassin, but the quick cuts in this movie brought down the enjoyment value for me considerably. With that said, it was still a good popcorn flick that could have a better viewing experience on the smaller screen (I find it easier to keep up with the action that way). The highlights of the movie for me were when the auto-shotgun was being used and the Arnold cameo (come on, who didn't enjoy that part?).

Gex on Aug 14, 2010


Daniel Craig? Gerard Butler?? Clive Owen??? That dude that beats up everyone with his knees???? Robert Downey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

zeldaprimed on Aug 14, 2010


movie was absolutely shit till the 2nd quarter of the 2nd half. i wish the writer dies. just... dies.

Logan on Aug 14, 2010


Good trashy fun. Nothing else. Nothing more. Don't go in expecting the greatest action movie ever made because you're not gonna get it. Rambo was ten times better in every department. But nevertheless I had a good time.

Alboone on Aug 14, 2010


If their is going to be a sequel the only person they better put in it is Danny Trejo

Hale18 on Aug 14, 2010


The auto shotgun scene has to be seen to be believed. That was just pure 80's carnage done right. Terry Crews is the man!!!

Alboone on Aug 14, 2010


Pure CRAP!!!

Ummm...ok on Aug 14, 2010


This movie was f@#%ing awesome. If you are a man and you do not see this movie then you can just hand over your man card now.

DJ Oni (from Colorado) on Aug 14, 2010


Alex i would have to disagree with you entirely this movie IS VERY original and fresh. Scott pilgrim vis the world? a comic book therefor not original. Expendables???? Stallones VERY own IDEA. The ending Moments should have been worked on more but all in all i know for sure im seeing this movie two more times! Best ACTION MOVIE EVER!

zach on Aug 14, 2010


AND HUGH JACKMAN!!!!! WTF how can anyone forget him for the EXPENDABLES 2??? he would be GREAT

zach on Aug 14, 2010


action was top of the lines from the 80's!!! awesome in every i wanted them to start shooting up the island for no reason just because the action was so badass, LOL....terry crews with the auto-shotty FTW!!!!

ray on Aug 14, 2010


So it's a good movie because a bunch of things blew up, a ton of people died and the storyline was just ok? I loved 80's action movies just as much as the next guy, but then I was a child in the 80's. With the exception of a mixture of 80's, 90's and current action stars, what separates this movie for the other action movies that come out yearly?

80's action movie...oh wait it's 2010 on Aug 14, 2010


@42....dude, trust me....u think u are 8 yrs old again watching this....i havent had this much fun watching a movie in a while...couldnt stop smiling

ray on Aug 14, 2010


I agree with ray!

zach on Aug 14, 2010


Action set to HIGH but the story, dialog and editing etc were all pretty sub par. This was like a glorified TNT movie. I expected more after Rambo 4. Though the action at the finale was like Avatar's 20+ minute shootout of awesomeness, all that eye candy insanity it just didn't make up for the ho-hum and mediocre events leading up to it. I LOVE Stallone but I expected more from this. If anyone's interested here's my review from seeing it on Thursday night:

Marc on Aug 14, 2010


CHEESY! but fun, i heard the original intention was to make a parody movie it just got more serious as the filming went on, believe when they do the sequel it would kick ass as long as stallone still holds the reigns.

dahmer on Aug 14, 2010


don't listen to the meatbags that tell you to skip this movie they just want you to waste your money on scott pilgrem or eat pray love. me and my girlfriend saw this last night and it was great so if your even having the slightest trouble figuring out what movie to see out of the three that came out this friday then you deserve to be blown in half like the greedy pirate in the first scene of this movie.

sickdoghats on Aug 14, 2010


Man movie of the Decade! Total badass movie in every way!

dee on Aug 14, 2010


Also , for the budget and lack of CGI this thing was just ridiculous. Good luck Scott Pilgrim with your 90 million price tag...hahahhahahah

dee on Aug 14, 2010


it was awesome.

harrison on Aug 14, 2010


Thanks for changing the picture. Kind of a spoiler before.

Angry Chief on Aug 14, 2010


Seriously what exactly was the action you guys are talking about? i hardly saw any action up until the last half hour. I think this is turning out to be a Twilight for men (who have lived in a box since the 80's) where even though the movie is absolutely horrendous, the target audience somehow loves it. I cant believe someone would even imagine comparing this to scott pilgrim. Dont get me wrong i grew up watching all these action stars and i was the first one to clap and shout when the three action gods get together in the church scene. but that was it. it was just a B-grade movie with most actions stars you know from 80's (and some from the present) trying to do something they shouldnt even try. The Only good thing about this movie? The church scene and terry crews' gun at the end. And i think you really need to watch more movies if 5 explosions make you scream like a little girl. Rambo 4 was atleast 10 times better than this movie. This is how the movie goes: Bad dialogues, Bad dialogues, Bad dialogues, Bitchslap, Explosion, Bad dialogues, Bad dialogues, Bad dialogues, Explosion, Explosion, Bad dialogues. And nothing more. Now get back to 2010.

Logan on Aug 14, 2010


Please Stallone, pull the camera back and get off the 85mm lens, also this film was LOUD, VERY LOUD! That is all I have to say

MMH on Aug 14, 2010


i'd like ti give it an "A+" but, due to the lack of Kurt Russell, it gets a solid "C-"

Astroboy3000 on Aug 14, 2010


There must be a sequel ! Me and my girlfirend enjoyed it. Micky R was as usual the best!

JC on Aug 14, 2010


Too much cgi blood and Bourne-style editing, but overall a ton of fun.

Rashad on Aug 14, 2010


"WARNING SHOT!!!" Awesome

beeseepee on Aug 14, 2010


Beast. I sure hope Stallone does decide to do a sequel...

RPD on Aug 14, 2010


Sorry no one went to see your terrible Pilgram movie. Expendables kicked major ass, Scott Pilgrams to be more specific.

Logan's tear drenched pillow on Aug 14, 2010


One question : If some one has to choose between watching : The Expendables : The old dogs making bang bang and some big explosions !!! Scott Pilgrim vs. the World : A good quality of Action, Comedy, Fantasy by Edgar Wright !!! Salt : Of course Angelina Jolie !!!! πŸ˜‰ Despicable Me : A great Animation film !!! Inception : Christopher Nolan and Leonardo DiCaprio !!! Or watching the new release of (Avatar) once more !!!! What will be your choice ?

shero on Aug 15, 2010


Yeah my mind kinda went into autopilot midway through the movie...even into the third act. Mindless fun but fun nonetheless. A few good lines (Who sent you?/Your hairdresser). Also, what the hell kinda car was Sly driving?

Jaf on Aug 15, 2010


#60 expendables about 5 times, inception 5times and the rest about once or twice lol

ces on Aug 15, 2010


I just may have Posttraumatic stress disorder after see the movie The Expendables!

Brad on Aug 15, 2010


Good ole fashioned fun for the guys at the movies which is nice considering how many movies these days are created soley for the sake of women and children. Dont get me wrong I love a lot of the animated fare that is out there these days but it is fun as a guy to once in awhile just see a bunch of stuff get blown up and awesome fight scenes. Of course many people out there will judge it harshly because it isnt an artsy movie or romantic in nature but that doesnt make it any less fun for the rest of us who just want to enjoy a good action movie with all the elements that most real men out there like. For those who do want to waste their time bashing what was a supremely enjoyable time at the movies I wish you nothing but the best and hope that you have as much fun watching Sex and The City or some other drawn out romantic comedy drivel as I did watching the non-stop action fest that was the Expendables

Eric on Aug 15, 2010


What an awesome movie. I have been waiting for Arnold and Sly to get together since the 80's. Too bad Blade(Wesley Snipes) is in trouble, I think he or Michael Jai White(Spawn) would have been better choices for the African-American character than Terry Crews. This film needed to be a little longer so everyone could have had more screen time. Loved the fight scene between the wrestler(Austin) and the MMA champ(Couture) Super Great non-stop action!!!! I definitely will have to own it. Screw all those that don't like it.

James on Aug 15, 2010


Michael Jai White would have been impressive!

dee on Aug 15, 2010


how about that french guy?i forgot his name.the sidekick in Pink Panther

hey on Aug 15, 2010


This is the perfect movie for people who want to just totally shut off their brain and watch explosions and fights. Otherwise... yeah. I was a bit let down. With all the hype, and the big names they had I guess I expected them to do more than just rehash a bunch of scripts from the 80s. Not that there's anything wrong with those movies, but I guess I expected something better. Something that made me say "now THAT'S how you do an action movie". Instead, I left the theater saying "yup. That was an action movie all right". Fun, but nothing that'll stick with me.

Pete the Geek on Aug 15, 2010


awesome... perfect!! finally .. cant believe it . Its great !!!!

more expendables pls on Aug 15, 2010


what i saw of it was awesome but the power went out in the theater so we couldnt finish it

nick on Aug 15, 2010


that auto shotgun made me jizz in my pants

Joe on Aug 15, 2010


The worst dialogue in any film ever, anything that wasn't action was tripe, massive, ludicrous turd! However the action was awesome, the AA12 was far more fun in this than in Predators, the fight scenes and some of the knife kills were brutally funny while the general gun-play was 80's over-the-top in all the right ways. I'd recommend this on Blu-Ray so you can fast-forward anything that's not action!

El on Aug 15, 2010


I can't wait for the sequel!! This movie was awesome! Now, I think the sequel should focus on Bruce Willis's own group, that he mentioned in the movie..obviously his guys or group is some badassess too! Do it Stallone! Give us a sequel in 2012!!

jah p on Aug 15, 2010


best thing these guys have ever done. easily superior to stuff like rambo, t2 etc...

Para on Aug 15, 2010


to Logan of #53, I am with you. This is a Direct-to-Video material if not because of the casts.

SowYau on Aug 16, 2010


This was the best time I have had since I saw "Salt". I say we team up Angelina with this crew next time and "It's on!" Sylvester "You da man"!

Didimoe on Aug 16, 2010


I get the feeling Sylvester and Mickey wanna just walk off into the sunset! "Well, we ain't gonna let cha!" Let me know when the sequel comes out. Mickey, "You also da man"! You touch my heart!

Didimoe on Aug 16, 2010


I enjoyed it. Storyline was as everyone here has said, nothing special. Just the same storyline that has worked for decades. Bad guys victimizing the people. Good guys come ot the rescue. This is the most succesfull storyline movies has ever known. The collection of actors and the roles they were given to play is great. Humor in the right places and more importantly, the right KIND of humor and the right amount. Only bad thing I have to say about the movie was I wished that other (more) action heros had been included. Van Damme, Segal, Norris, Diesel. Maybe in the sequal. Bottom line, I'm glad I saw it. I'm not sorry I paid $8 a ticket. I don't feel like I wasted 103 minutes of my life.

Jamie on Aug 16, 2010


Ooo, something I forgot. I do have one more thing bad to say about this movie. They ran a trailer for Green Hornet. This almost ruined the remainder of the movie going experience for me. Just imagine GH shooting himself in the face with his own gas gun. What a bafoon.

Jamie on Aug 16, 2010


So surprised at so many positive comments on here. Just because people want to see lots of big stars in one film doesn't make it a good film.

Yocke on Aug 16, 2010


@80.....just good enough to attract the masses and be successful....... We get that this is not Academy Award material, but it's a welcome return to the big screen for Sly and especially Dolph Lundgren! I can only wonder who Sly will bring in for the sequel. This was an awesome time at the movies, that most of us can agree on!!

Blue Silver on Aug 16, 2010


Great action, didnt hide from it self, it knew exactly what it was... That said, it was AWESOME to see Li, Stratham and Randy in close quarters combat and simply Crews with that Street Sweeper ('NUFF SAID)!! The Perfect Popcorn flick IMO. Never thought being so unoriginal would be so original. πŸ˜‰

Solo Calrissian on Aug 16, 2010


Best action movie statham was great when he beat the hell out of the guy on the basketball court

Justin on Aug 16, 2010



MiKe M? on Aug 16, 2010


This film totally ROCKED. This is an all out old skool action picture that doesnt take itself to seriously and totally engaging the audience to take part in nothing but pure explosive fun and action. Stallone please make this a trilogy to sit alongside Rambo and Rocky. Be good to have Arnold's and Sly's team get screwed over and team up to take on Bruce Willis. Then have a classic three way fist fight watched by all. Lol hopefull think.

Indi on Aug 16, 2010


Just saw the movie and LOVED IT. Great action, humor and non CGI enhanced action. The fight scene between Couture and Austin ranks up there with the best of them and Jet Li and Statham against "The Brit" is the stuff of legend. Stallone did a great job compiling these action stars and The only ones left out are done so due to their own choice( Segal, Van Damme, Norris, The Rock). I love how Van Damme is only looking for "Serious" roles now, even though before he would have taken any crappy non money making, direct to video role offered.( Replicant, Wake of Death, Universal Solider 3). Segal wants to be taken seriously as a lawman in New Orleans, and The Rock stopped making action movies to avoid being typecast, started making disney movies, made a goodone and two crappy ones and then promptly went back to hard core action movies( this fall's Faster). Maybe seeing the pure joy that this cast seemed to have making this movie will persuade some of the other guys to reconsider and reach out to Sly for the sequel he is planning. Of course the story had some problems and the time for each character could have been filled out more to give each guy more of a personality but overall it was a great guys action movie. Cant wait for number 2.

TWolve on Aug 16, 2010


This easily ranks as one of the greatest action flicks of all time. I thought the casting alone makes it worth it. The action scenes were filmed great, not too many cuts and no sped up actions to make them seem extreme. Loved it!

JT-Money on Aug 16, 2010


Great movie, all star kick ass cast, and I will be in line for Expendables 2 if Stallone does one-BUT what was it just me or were the CGI blood effects REALLY bad??? I mean, maybe they spent all the money on the cast and the rest on effects.

Ben1275 on Aug 17, 2010


Saw it a second time two days ago!!! its JUST AS good! : D Maybe ill see it a 3rd time next week

zach on Aug 17, 2010


Better then expected. Of course im a guy and was hyped for this movie. C+/B- rating. A few gripes. A lot of the scenes with dialogue the camera seemed to be zoomed in to much. It was just sort of strange. Imagine watching a dvd/blu ray and pressing the ZOOM button.. thats what it felt like. The rourke scene and the car/truck scenes was just too zoomed in. Also The overuse of exploding heads/body parts. spoilers. And missing subtitles where stallone rescues the girl from the 2 dudes. They said a few things to the girl but no clue what they said as no subtitles were on the screen. really strange. Overall was really cool seeing a GUYS MOVIE and even the less action scenes i thought were really good. The little one liners were funny between theh squad, even the music was pretty good at times.

filmfan111 on Aug 17, 2010


I actually thought it was pretty good, possibly not quite as homo-erotic as I had first thought. But definitely a good movie for young men with self-esteem issues who watch extreme violence as a way of empowerment. I liked the basketball court scene too. Some Ludicrous parts in it.

Crapola on Aug 18, 2010


@90. It doesn't really matter what they were saying to the girl, you were just supposed to get the idea that they were going to rape her.

Alex T. on Aug 18, 2010


I fuckin love this movie!!!! Just 2 get a cast like that was the best. Sumfin that has never been done b4 and probably wont b done again unless sly does a sequel. SLY, SCHWARZENEGGER and WILLIS together wot more could anyone ask lol. Terry crews wif that bad ass gun was so fuckin awesome everyone in the cinema was pissin themselves laughin av to give it 10/10. DONT MISS IT!!!!

Donza on Aug 19, 2010



scott on Aug 20, 2010


for.. it's just so old school, man.. very classic style movie in this modern age.. and even a RAMBO needs back-ups, a whole team.. looks like an-old-army-veteran couldn't hold himself to always get into troubles, and because his just too old now, so he needs to team-up. but for the bottom line, I like the movie too.. those old-school style of 80's movies became the very typical "taste" of this movie cinematography. hoping there will be the sequel of this movie.. but i think two will be enough, hehehe.. so for those who loves explosive-action-movies and haven't seen "The Expendables".. YOU BETTER WATCH THIS MOVIE!!! :recommended: oh ya, if you ask for rating.. for me, overall i may say "The Expendables" is about 8/10; and this is expandable.

ronsky on Aug 25, 2010


I thought this movie had great action but i was kinda dissapointed with the dialog. Ive always been big on story with lots of action to back it up. This movie had pretty good action but the story was a bit lacking. If there is a sequel i would like to see stallones expendables team up with or clash with Arnold's band of mercenaries possibly played by jean claude van damme, wesley snipes, dwayne "the rock" johnson, sam worthington, and ray park ( the guy who plays snake eyes and darth maul). Also i would like to see kurt russel as the new bad guy with steven seagal as his body gaurd. Throw in a couple attractive ladies ( lets say one young the other mature) maybe megan fox or jessica biel and teri hatcher or nicolette sheridan or even gina gershon. If i saw anything even remotely similar to this i would be siked, infact im looking forward to a sequel regaurdless.

Puma1983 on Aug 26, 2010


Stallone made a statement with this movie, You can still make action movies with real car chases, real stuntman and real EXPLOSIONS!!!. Stallone gives the fans what they want period. It's sad what people today consider action films to be. SALT?? What a bunch of bullshit. KICKASS??? Little fan boy fantasies. The expendables is the shit. Everybody in this movie was perfect. Stallone is the greatest action movie star that ever lived. Thank you Mr Stallone.

Jon Crocker on Aug 26, 2010


I definitely went into the cinema expecting nothing but RAW action and that's what I got. I didn't expect and exceptional storyline. However, an exceptional storyline and action combined is just the icing on the cake for me. But I also enjoy pure raw action. So thumbs up for Stallone and the rest of the crew for providing good solid action entertainment. The ultimate movie for all action lovers.

Dion on Aug 26, 2010



ALT1981 on Sep 3, 2010


Delivered on everything I expected to see, over the top, ultra violent, ultra rediculous scenes of shooting and explosives, funny in places too. I think machete has a awesome cast that will see these two films being the top action films of the year

Anthony on Sep 4, 2010


What I find amusing is when someone assumes to decide for everyone else whether or not they should like a particular movie (or art or music, etc.). Taste is relative and a totally personal thing. Some will love this, some will hate it. I liked it.

shpshftr on Sep 26, 2010


It was good----i like rambo too----action guy movie

jim on Jan 1, 2011


I totally liked it. Pure action, not a great story but just sit back and watch.

Dennis on Jan 18, 2011

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