Sound Off: The Strause Brothers' Skyline - What Did You Think?

November 12, 2010

Strause Brothers' Skyline

Now that you've seen it, what did you think? They're brothers, visual effects wizards, and filmmakers - Colin & Greg Strause - and their second feature film after AVP:R, a low budget sci-fi movie called Skyline, hits theaters today. Starring a cast of little known actors, including Eric Balfour and Donald Faison, the action takes place mostly around one apartment. How was this surprise sci-fi contender that we first learned about at Comic-Con this year? Was it worth the hype? How are the visual effects and aliens they encounter? If you've seen it, leave a comment below and let us know what you thought of the Strause Brothers' Skyline!

I finally got to see Skyline over the weekend and wanted to provide my own thoughts, as I'm updating this section with my thoughts. Everyone was right - this was painfully mediocre, completely boring, a waste of a great concept. I guess it all went wrong with the story, because some of the visual effects were pretty damn good for a low budget movie like this, but that wasn't enough. Plus, what the heck was I even watching? By the end we're just seeing some aliens suck brains out of nearly dead people. Who cares? I can definitely see Skyline being forgotten rather quickly now that its been playing in theaters. Too bad it wasn't a better flick.

What did you think of the Strause Brothers' Skyline? An awesome sci-fi movie or total mess?

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Aaron on Nov 12, 2010


Terrible. I really did not enjoy any part of the movie. It just was nonsensical.

Aaron on Nov 12, 2010



Shane on Nov 12, 2010


Fell asleep through it.

atg2040 on Nov 12, 2010


I liked parts of it...mainly the beggining, when the aliens first arrived and when the bigger tentacled beast showed up, but about an hour into it , it became very repetitive and it seemed the story kept repeating itself. As far as the characters, the only ones I actually cared for was the old man with his dog and the main character's girlfriend. As far as the effects go, I felt like they were very good, but I grew tiresome of those mid-air explosions! They looked so ametuar!I felt like that movie company Asylum had taken over the project!lol! But overall a good movie for what they had to work with, I won't give away the ending, but I do look forward to the sequal! On another note, finally saw the trailer to Battle Los Angeles, now that looks epic!!

jah p on Nov 12, 2010


They raised the bar in terms of visual and special effects, but I didn't pay $10 to see half of a movie. How could a movie that was so well done, not have an ending? Is this a trend set by movie companies to force us into seeing the sequel that won't be released for another year or so? Seems similar to how sitcoms end every episode with you wanting to tune into next week to see what happens, only difference is I just wasted a Friday night to hear half a story. As a result I will probably not see the second one, knowing that it will probably leave in you in the middle of the action as well only to have to see a third movie to find out what actually happens.

Ryan Chmielewski on Nov 12, 2010


I just saw the movie and liked it! Yeah, that's right I said it. I LIKED IT!!!!!!!! I hope they make a sequel......

Anaisa on Nov 12, 2010


this was a awesome movie the sure shock of was is happening i wish aliens come in 2012 to shut you pathic human race grect spcil effects

john on Nov 12, 2010


The effects were top notch, but the story and acting were all kinds of goofy.

Garrett on Nov 12, 2010


I too have attended a screening of this film and thought it was very good.. surprisingly so actually. Sure, there are some cheesy parts, but overall it's a very fun, epic alien invasion film. The aliens and their ships are beautifully rendered, there are enough twists in the plot to keep things interesting, and the acting is very good for a B-List cast. You'll laugh at parts, but I think it's okay for this type of film to be a little ridiculous. And contrary to what Mike said, I thought the ending really sealed this as a great film. Until that point, I wasn't sure whether I thought it was 'good' or 'great', and that was the deciding factor. Very unexpected, and I love that they weren't afraid to go there.. you'll see. I agree with Anaisa, bring on a sequel!

zzz on Nov 12, 2010


Horrible just plain HORRIBLE! You can always tell when they show a boatload of special effect, CGI stuff and rely soley upon it. Just save your money!

Jay on Nov 12, 2010


By far the worst piece of garbage I have ever seen and I have seen alot of garbage. Poor acting from a cast of "B" and "C" level actors. This film made "Cloverfield" look like a masterpiece. The special effects looked like they had been borrowed from "Independance Day" or the "Matrix" without any real surprises. I just saw it and I still can't discribe how it ended or if it did. I was not emotionally invested in any of the cast and was almost glad when they died so the movie was closer to over. The Strause brothers should be wearing skymask and holding guns to pull off this kind of daylight robbery.

Ted on Nov 12, 2010


ZZZ is a either a Moron or a cousin of the Strause Brothers.

Ted on Nov 12, 2010


Very interesting movie - nice change of pace from movies that just try to knock you down with special effects but have no character development. The movie is really about the human interaction with the backdrop of an alien invasion, and that element is developed surprisingly well. It's not Independence Day, War of the Worlds, or Cloverfield, but it's not trying to be. It's its own style of movie. Definitely worth a look.

Anthony on Nov 12, 2010


What the he'll Ted, Cloverfield was good not great but good. What did you not like that everyone died. So don't be mocking it!

Walter on Nov 12, 2010


War of the Worlds spliced with Independence Day add one episode of the Outer Limits, and a touch of Alfred Hitchkock. Worst movie of the year. No reasons for the alien attack, purpose of the characters and no closure.

bva on Nov 12, 2010


it had its parts, but it seemed like they tried to start alot of plotlines and didnt continue them. the effects and overall feel of the alien invasion i really liked but the cast and plot didnt seem to develop or have much depth. the little you learn from the beginning doesnt explain much about them and they seem to have things all of a sudden pop up and some from no where, for instance jarod and how he reacts to his first incounter. the ending seemed to develop into a sequal but im not entirely sure, i dont see where they could go from here. things that seemed to be an openning into a broader story (terry's ferrari, the truck shooting at aliens) end and dont seem to have much reason to be in it at all. i definately recommend everyone who is into scifi to see it but i dont recommend seeing it in a theater. it is worth a red box or other rental.

matt on Nov 12, 2010


My son and I walked out shaking our heads, I said "Can't wait for number 2, oh wait that was number 2" It should have been flushed down the toilet rather than be released with a lot of hype. I think this was the worse movie I've ever seen in 50 years of going to movies, surpassing Paranormal Activities for it's not even worth renting.

Nic on Nov 12, 2010


Overall, I enjoyed it, but like the popcorn I ate, it was forgotten very soon afterward. I do think this movie is an excellent example of very bad dialog writing. Every character either announced what they were doing, or what they wanted others to do. "I'm going to the roof", "I'm going to get food and water", "I'm going to turn on the tv"... it's almost as if they were writing the dialog for the blind. It really was laughable. Other than that main complaint, I thought it was pretty enjoyable.

Davie on Nov 12, 2010


Honestly, I liked it. For what the Strause brothers were given, seeing as how this was pretty much an individually developed film, I think that this is pretty dang good. The effects were incredible. The actors, give or take some parts, were definitely decent enough during the entirety of the movie. Some parts of the script could have been made less awkward and some actions of the characters did could have been discarded, but overall, very good. As for the intensity? The storyline had me on the edge of my seat, watching for what was happening next. Lots of action, tons of stuff to keep me interested. Yes, it the start of the invasion was like Independence Day and other films, but many, many, many other alien invasion movies include ships coming out of the sky to conquer the Earth. But, as the plot line went on, I honestly haven't experienced a result such as that. I enjoyed this movie. I really did. And I, like the few other people who commented here, am looking forward to the sequel.

Kayte on Nov 12, 2010


I liked parts of it but wanted more, and not just a sequel, more story more plot. It's got great special effects and set-up, but I'm in the theater now. The set up hooked me in the preview, so give me a story now. The movie mashed up a bunch of War of the Worlds, ID4, Matrix, Cloverfield, etc but it all went no where. It made the audience care about a few people a little bit, but then went no where. It's like writers couldn't think of anywhere to take the plot so they just left it out and hoped no one would notice. The whole movie is just an extended setup with the whole 'invincible' alien/monster thing, which is getting tired. Audiences love details, that's why Lord of the Rings / Star Wars type stories work so well. The lack of details is fine for the preview, but it's becoming the norm for the movie as well. That isn't entertainment, it's fluff. Flash in the pan.

Amy on Nov 12, 2010


I went and saw RED instead, and apparently, got the better end of the deal by far.

The Credenza Kid on Nov 12, 2010


guess no one here has a tech guy to ::cough:: get the movie for them, so i can spend my money on better things like food, clothes and condoms.

Happy Camper on Nov 12, 2010


@#13 Ted: I know you're shielded by a mononym, but even so, please stop embarrassing yourself. Taste in film is an aspect of identity, not a subset of intelligence. There is no objective truth to be reached about how 'good' a movie is. I suspect you know this somewhere deep down, but in your frustrated inability to come to terms with differing opinions lash out desperately, hoping your online audience will rally behind you with torches and pitchforks. Popular consensus has zero truth value. Also, ad hominems are a dead giveaway of poor reasoning and debate skills. I'm sorry you have to live like that.

zzz on Nov 13, 2010


I saw a screening the other day, and I have no idea why they allowed that to be screened. Definitely the worst movie I've ever seen in theaters. There was no real plot and the amount of unnecessary scenes was completely mind boggling. People were outright laughing at this movie. It's unfortunate that this'll probably make a ton of cash and somehow get a sequel.

Julian on Nov 13, 2010


The thought of an "aliens invading earth movie" is much like the "blue light" that attracts the humans in this movie.......yeah we get sucked in and become food. Just like we got sucked into this movie and became food for the sequel. The movie was entertaining to watch but it had some really shitty dialog. The acting was not bad but wow those actors had to put up with a crappy script. The plot needed some help also because when you realize why the aliens are grabbing humans... its just completely stupid. Horrifying but ridiculous. The effects were very cool and well done...... they looked believable. Its one of those movies that has tons of holes in the story line... for example these aliens are all organic.... except they are impervious to nuclear attacks but bullets and rockets can destroy them? WTF? its those kind of things that make a movie like this suck. oh and another thing that made this movie suck was the ending. I think the movie makers though it would be a good reason to see a sequel but it was to damn stupid and it ensured I would not go see the next one.

Sebastian on Nov 13, 2010


I knew when going to see "Skyline" it was going to be an either love it or hate it movie. I can't say I loved it but I am was impressed by the quality of the special affects. My first hint that it wasn't going to be a blockbuster was by looking at the B-list cast, sorry. However, what I liked about "Skyline" is that the action almost starts right away, there are only about maybe 15 minutes where the film tries to tell you a little about each characters. Honestly, I couldn't tell you much about any of them from the little details we were given. Once the aliens arrive the movie turns into survival in an upscale apartment complex and how-to escape. "Skyline" does have a great deal of holes in the story; viewers can expect to be left with more questions than answers. Sequel? I hope not and I seriously doubt it. I don't see how they can try to develop a sequel from this piece of garbage. If they do I wouldn't be shocked if it'll go along the same lines as District 9's upcoming sequel. I would say that this movie is like Independence Day meets District 9 meets The Matrix's Sentinels. Don't waste your time or money. Wait for Redbox or Netflix.

Christopher Sullivan on Nov 13, 2010


well, nothing like waking up with a cup of coffee and some internet hate. lol first, THE MOVIE IS NOT THE TRAINWRECK THAT HATERS ABOVE ARE MAKING IT OUT TO BE. yea, the movie wasn't perfect - BUT, i thought it was entertaining. #27 was right about the movie turning into more of a survival story at a certain point.........and i liked that aspect. i also loved the effects and the look of the aliens. #14 - well said! i agree with your overall asessment. if there is a sequel, i'd definitely expect/want more info on the aliens .........and i figure to be there watching it.

beavis on Nov 13, 2010


in an age when you have films like "Battle : Los Angeles", what the f is "Skyline"???? Seriously?

I am... on Nov 13, 2010


garbage indeed

sig on Nov 13, 2010


Save yourself some trouble and watch a preview of Green Lantern!!! Absolutely rubbish the way he turns into GL...that's so fake!! The comic tone seems lame too!

I am... on Nov 13, 2010


thank you for that link "i am"! oh and the movie was horse crap

pulp fiction 212 on Nov 13, 2010


Umm... I kinda liked it! Yes, it was corny and the acting was marginal (at best) - but the effects were cool, and it did have a few original ideas that I liked. The ending was obviously shot that way b/c of time and/or money constrains, but I thought it was an artistic way to set-up a sequel. I went in with really low expectations, so maybe that's why I wasn't disappointed and kinda enjoyed it simply for what it was.

eCAL on Nov 13, 2010


Hello, SHEESH! Why is there so much hate for this movie?! I don't get it. Honestly, I think the critics are offended that the directors chose not to have a Critics' Screening prior to the launch and they are on a mission to slander it! This move was VERY entertaining. From 1 to 10, I would give it a 7.5. If you want to have a decent time, just check it out. You won't be too disappointed. Don't let critics dissuay you in any way. I enjoyed it. Yes, it does 'borrow' stuff from other movies, but hey, it's not like TERRIBLE like others make it seem.

Lou on Nov 13, 2010


District 9 was the most alien movie just too watchable so far.Hollywood movies are lame these days. just watch next years most anticipated movie teaser-trailer if you don't believe me. totally SUCKS!

sur@z on Nov 13, 2010


AWFUL AWFUL AWFUL. it felt like an unfunny feature length version of scrubs. Turks got the mistress carla, and elliot. J.d. with pregnant brunette kim briggs. Dr Kelso and Baxter the dog feature. The todd being the first to go and finally the hispanic doctor cox. and dont even get me started on the plot. SPOILER!!!!!!!!!1 its like they put the whole budget on special effects and none on script writers for the plot. the 15 hours earlier thing was pointless and just an excuse to show of shiny cars and even shinier women. the three girls 'who i shall from now on refer to as the eye candy' though beautiful were terrible actresses, but who can say if they could do any better with decent dialogue vaya condios s.o.b's? really? earth loses, which is fine if they really made it look like they had a chance of winning and revealed the loss as a twist but it came out pretty crap. the jared/alien thing during the credits was crazy because if you watch the scene closely he loses. so there is absolutely no point in the end scene if he just loses the fight to save 'kim briggs'. there were moments where it could have been epic but it dissolved so quickly that you scarcely remember there was a moment to get excited about. And the 'red brain' thing? what.the.hell why did no one else have that? i'm sure other people captured would have resisted at first but why did only he get the red brain? plot is crazy, film is crazy it would have worked as a comedy see alternate ending by me: turk and carla manage to get to the marina and wait it out on the boat. day four and the aliens appeared to have left. turk puts on his signature lucky aviators and with carla in hand, puts the car in shift, puts on ACDC's back in black and prepares to drive down the I-405 in his luxury lambo he stored at the marina. Just as the song gets to the hey-ey-ey-ey-ey bit (56 seconds in) an alien out of nowhere squishes the car as shown in the film. cut to black conclusion: could have been awesome but is relegated to the sh*t heap 🙁

james on Nov 13, 2010


This was a popcorn flick plain and simple. What else are some of you expecting? I at least enjoyed this more then Battlefield Earth.

JimD on Nov 13, 2010


There was one good line in this movie - Donald Faison's description of the old man's death: "They took Walt!" Besides that, the movie was utter garbage. Not worth the time I spent driving to see a free screening, let alone the money people would actually PAY to see it.

Matthew on Nov 13, 2010


Aside from some very impressive visuals, this movie was absolutely terrible. The trailer really made this look like it was going to be incredible, and every part of the story just feel completely flat.

Dan Geer on Nov 13, 2010


A giant demo real. Lots of conflict without any resolution.

stove on Nov 13, 2010


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Smith Jackson on Nov 13, 2010


I went with a group of friends and we couldn't believe how bad this movie actually was. I thought I could give it some benefit here or there, but I don't think I have paid for a movie and thought it was a waste of money. I actually asked if I could get my money back, but no go. 🙁 The dialog was horrible, any person here commenting could have written it, and I'm sure most could have written it better! The acting was contrived a LOT. I could not believe these characters, and their poses made them look like they were trying to be an underwear ad all the time. I blame half the acting on them, but you have to put some of the blame on the director as well. Sure they are C lister's but I have seen that Sweet Valley High chick do better acting on that show, then in this movie. The special effects were alright I suppose, except when the humans had to touch the aliens, then it looked really bad. Would also have been neat to have a little more originality in the aliens, since they were a hybrid of the Matrix squiddies and the aliens from ID4. What made this hard to swallow was they were really trying to be serious in this movie, when if they just embraced the cheese factor, it could have been more enjoyable. But getting around the terrible acting may have still been hard.

Bauzer on Nov 13, 2010


This is exactly what I wanted to hear. Thanks guys. Battle: L.A. will dominate here.

Eli on Nov 13, 2010


Fell asleep through it. atg2040 on Nov 12, 2010 ...what? I don't even...WHAT? I mean, sure, this movie wasn't superb in any way, but how the hell could you fall asleep? In my opinion, I enjoyed the hell out of this movie. That feeling of hopelessness when you realise that there is no winning is just...terrible. I didn't find the dialog too bad, I mean these are small-time actors/actresses; what, did you go expecting fucking Tom Cruise or Frank Sinatra? Don't give me the one dimensional character bullshit either. It's a movie about an invasion that encompasses the WHOLE movie. This isn't like ID4 or Signs where the initial conflict happens either near the end or half way through the movie. Long story short, I came out of this movie feeling two ways: "Holy shit that was awesome" and "My God, I feel horrible"

Jordan on Nov 13, 2010


It was crappy. No hate here. The movie was so crappy its own crap crapped new crap that is by far way more crappy than its original crap. Great special effects?! Wow. I guess throw some explosions, blue lighted brain sucking aliens and you guys go all gaga?! And wtf is up with that ending?! Seriously?! Is that dude some mutant that his brain is immune to the alien seduction?! Were those last "stills" at the end of the flick an attempt to sell toys based on the alien mutant hero?! WTF?!!!!!! No. NO! This movie sucked in a majorly special way.

Scared S-less!!! on Nov 13, 2010


@ #8: this was NOT a awesome movie! I wish aliens come in 2012 to shut you pathetic idiot, not "pathic" and Sarah Palin.

jedibilly on Nov 13, 2010


The blue lights gleaming, flickering, beaming, just got really annoying after awhile!

jedibilly on Nov 13, 2010


I should've gone to see Megamind, I'm sure I would've enjoyed a lot more

jedibilly on Nov 13, 2010


Bad movie will go straight to DVD thank god i went to free screening I feel bad for people that paid to see it. go out see another movie leave the theater.

Michael f Jackel on Nov 13, 2010


This was the all-time epic stinker of 2010. Phewy.... The next time I want to waste $10 dollars, I'll just flush it and watch it swirl around the bowel... sort of like this giant swirler.

MichaelG on Nov 14, 2010


Imagine the year is 1996. The President, The Fly, Randy Quaid, and Will Smith are saving the world from alien invasion....making a difference....furthering a plot. I know what you're thinking, you think saving the world is all well and good, but what I want to know the story of the people watching this happen from the window of apartment 10C. Well do I have a shitty movie for This movie was a joke....On Me. There is only one person to blame for this bastard of a film, J.J Abrams. Cloverfield stared this "hey, let's ignore the origin and resolution of this earth shattering dizaster and focus on the "Joe Everyman" characters" type of plot. Attention Filmmakers: If I pay 10 bucks I want to see "Heroes" handle a situation....Not Average Joe's twittle their thumbs.

........... on Nov 14, 2010


Guess this is what you get when you let to vfx artists make there own movie, I did find it funny how the rich guy character who was living the life in this movie made all his money through vfx. 6/10

Michael Harden on Nov 14, 2010


Fun ride, but the ending was disappointing. And because everyone gets up and leaves as soon as the credits start, you may miss some follow up to the story in the artwork displayed among the credits. Effects were worth seeing on the big screen, but hit the matinee.

Buie on Nov 14, 2010


........... said "There is only one person to blame for this bastard of a film, J.J Abrams. Cloverfield started this "hey, let's ignore the origin and resolution of this earth shattering dizaster and focus on the "Joe Everyman" characters" type of plot. " I guess he never saw Night of the Living Dead....

Davie on Nov 14, 2010


i loved this damn movie, its a good thing i didnt see no reviews on this movie BEFORE i watched this, i went with my girlfriend and we both loved it, the ending was one hell of twisted ending, i give it 5/5....i dont care what people will say to this comment, but i love sci-fi stuff, paranormal genres, alien genre of movies, horror movies is completely out of the world now, but i overall loved this movie, i wouldnt mind going to see this again!

Tana on Nov 14, 2010


First off, when you advertise a movie for as long as they did and then it turns out like this your going to get alot of people on the same side of saying the movie sucked. Everyone that has seen this preview in every other movie they saw, trailers on the tv and the internet and then you waste your 10$ to go see it and then feel completely screwed out of your money, you dont understand the ending, you dont know if there will be a part 2 or even want to see it, I personally didnt care about the actors or anything else for that matter when the credits started to roll.....If your gonna advertise a movie as the second coming of Jesus Christ then it better be good or else!! Instead I felt like Damien was just born instead.....

will hunt on Nov 14, 2010


DISAPPOINTED. Total waste of time. District 9 was far better than this boring sci-fic flick.

ani on Nov 14, 2010


This was good stupid low budget B-Movie sci-fi fun. I think the major mistake made was not setting the audiences expectations correctly. If they had played on the dumb b-move dialogue more deliberately it would have come across as comical. As it was, the dialogue just fell flat. Without the comedy the pace of the movie just about came to a screeching halt right in the middle, but once the money shots start popping it picked up again. Set your expectations right and you'll enjoy it. Go in there expecting award winning hollywood and you'll hate yourself for it.

Jay on Nov 14, 2010


#49... you do realize this is in theaters and obviously has not gone straight to dvd?

Rob on Nov 14, 2010


Oscars. Grammies. Sundance Viewers Choice Awards. MTV Movie Award for Best Kiss. Best Dance Sequence. Best Hot Dog Vendor. Best Tasting Popcorn. Best Excuse for Nyquil. Best case of - if ANYBODY saw AVP:Requiem , why would you ever let these guys make a movie again? Are they like the new Ed Wood or something?

Django3000 on Nov 14, 2010


And this goes beyond the very basic question - " Do these guys even know what the word 'Requiem' means? Seriously, aside from nearly burying two much-loved franchises, what in that movie earned it that title? It opened itself up for sequels, for chrissakes!" I have to assume they don't know the meaning of the word.

Django3000 on Nov 14, 2010


Alex, it's no FREAKIN MISTAKE why they would not show it to you. "They" know how many hits your site gets and they would be deathly afraid of your honest opinion. THIS MOVIE STUNK LIKE 8 CANS OF SHARK SHIT. It's clearly one of the worst sci-fi movies of the last DECADE. A clear rip-off of 'War of the Worlds' and my $10.50. Some of the worst dialogue on the silver screen. The only man who should have put his name to this mess is Uwe Boll. If you so much as utter "It wasn't that bad..", my opinion of you as "THEE MAN" will be smashed to pieces. I'm glad studios are afraid to show you certain material. It strengthens your integrity.

Mike on Nov 14, 2010


great little film that will be revered as a masterpiece in 10 years time (ala blade runner). The story is beyond the scope of current sci fi fans but the political subtext that underpinned the whole story is what made it a classic.

Para on Nov 14, 2010


not a great movie, but good. a little cheese here and there. i personally enjoyed the lack of information(in case of an alien attack i doubt they will tell us their backstory or what they want) and i don't want a lot of character backstory/build up. their actions will speak to their character. it's a sci fi survival film, not the crying game. see it as a matinee. hope for a sequel that's just as odd. LONG LIVE THE B MOVIE !

Astroboy3000 on Nov 14, 2010


bet ya uwe boll left the cinema thinking 'finally someone who makes me look good'..seriously ive heard people say this was a war of the worlds rip off, try alone in the dark meets independance day ah i cant say anything you guys havent already said so im gona just look forward and say...GOD I HOPE BATTLE LA IS BETTER THAN THIS!!

raz on Nov 14, 2010


If Vampires Suck wasn't released this year, this would easily be the worst movie of the year.

veg on Nov 14, 2010


I think Human Centipede was a better film......Horrible movie!!!!!

MacWindu on Nov 14, 2010


I thought it was just ok. Special effects were quite good. Just a word of advice though, if your one of those people who likes to have things explained, or at least have some semblance of the greater picture YOU PROBABLY WON'T LIKE THIS MOVIE!!!! The only things you know, are the things that the characters in the movie know. I think I enjoyed it most because it was a sort of roller coaster, for a while you didn't know who was going to come out on top. It was a movie about human interaction, not really about aliens. It was about how the human spirit, in the face of overwhelming odds, will not be squelched out, not about a single person or the role he or she played. If you go to the movie expecting a cut and dry sci-fi (aliens invade, people fight back, people get beaten, people learn about aliens and begin to understand their technology/why they came to earth ,people discover hidden weakness, people defeat/are defeated by aliens in epic battle) then you'll be disappointed. If you go to the movie with the understanding that you probably won't know why the aliens invaded, or what they want, or how their tech works, or where they came from, and just go see it because it portrays the human spirit in the face of adversity, you may enjoy it (if thats your kind of thing).

Matt on Nov 14, 2010


@54 you're completely right. The only problem is that Night of The Living Dead and Cloverfield did it right and that type of plot runs the risk of not making any type of logical sense as Skyline displayed.

........... on Nov 15, 2010


Insulting. Horrid. Bad, SO SO BAD!

l.21 on Nov 15, 2010


Insulting. Horrid. Bad, SO SO BAD! BUT... I like the IDEA of the ending. Very Frankenstein & the Beauty. Just wish it wasn't surrounded by the TRUCKLOAD of bad production decisions

l.21 on Nov 15, 2010


#60... Right on. I could tell from the ads this movie was going to suck. So typical how previews always look so bad ass, then the movie completely sucks because they give you a false sense of what its really about. Then why not make the movie your giving an impression of?? I dont get it. To Alex Billington, Eric Balfour isnt really an unknown actor, I think he was kind of a big deal years back. And for anyone who hasnt seen "Lie with Me", he has a small weiner.

Sally Socks on Nov 15, 2010


Skyline had literally 1 or 2 impressive FX pieces but the story, script, acting and direction were all pretty woeful. Cliched up the arse and lacking in any form of tension.

Payne by name on Nov 15, 2010


Ok, here's my review, Aliens arrive... ZERO story, ZERO character development, decent special effects, black guy dies halfway through, no explanation for anything that's happening, ALIENS LIFTED DIRECTLY FROM THE GAME CRYSIS! Main guy gets sucked into alien ship and transformed into alien at the end. there... I just saved you from wasting 2 hours of your life on this garbage.

Lagoya on Nov 15, 2010


I got disappointed by the review, although i have to somehow see the movie myself to judge.

Fisherr on Nov 15, 2010


Wow!....this flick has been trashed above and beyond all recognition. I haven't seen it, though. The previews made it look like a semi-slick, B-grade, "Independence Day", with no big-name stars. I figured most people knew this going in. A little cheese never killed anyone, (what flick doesn't have cheesy parts, anyway). I will reserve my opinion, 'til I see it. I'm leaning towards placing this flick on my Netflix queue! 🙂

Spider on Nov 15, 2010


I Loved it! I had low expectations with no big names in it, Plus knowing it was low budget. I was very impressed with the vfx, I was very pleased to see the aliens werent like cloverfield and looked cheesy and made for scifi channel. Yes it does have some cheesy/dumb parts but what movie doesn't? I really didnt know what was going to happen next. This was exactly the type of movie i needed to see in a theatre right now. Very different from everything else out there. I agree w #55 completely, glad i didnt see reviews before movie and would like to see it again.

The Watcher on Nov 15, 2010


I would more likely believe the aliens needed a replacement penis then to take our brains. I can beleive that through long evolution thier races penis size along with the physical body size got smaller while their head and brains got bigger and now they find themselve with inadequate size penis to even reproduce let alone please their wives. So enough is enough, their leaders decided its time to searh the universe for a suitable penile replacement for everyone and they found us the human race with who are still primative compared to them and had penises way bigger then themselves.

robert ember on Nov 15, 2010


I thought it was pretty daft, what was going on with the brains? I really hope there isn't a sequel, it seemed like a losing battle most of the time with all the ridiculous tech the aliens had then pow, ninja humans.

Crapola on Nov 17, 2010


I think people didn't like it because it was different. There was not a load of explosions and things getting messed up for the sake of it. They approached the film with a logical thought about what real aliens would look like and what they would do if they wanted to invade earth. Sadly, the 'blue light' does actually exist on marine animals, so it's unfair to say that was rubbish and nonsense. If they wanted to be liked and to produce a 'good' film, then they should have blown up the white house with a laser and had a one man army save the world. unfortunantly, reality in fiction doesn't sell.

bob on Nov 18, 2010


Literally one of the worst movies I have ever seen.

billybob on Nov 20, 2010


Wow, what a suckfest, I haven't seen a suckfest of this caliber since Mortal Kombat Annihilation. I mean seriously, turn down the suck. Bright lights and explosions don't make a movie, they mean nothing if you don't care about the people in peril. On a personal note, I knew the movie was going to be a suckfest as soon as the words "Directed by The Brother Strauss" popped up. The Brothers Strauss? What are they making board games? Suckfest! SUCKFEST!

thasaltshaker on Nov 20, 2010


Dude Bob... number 80. Really? Really?

thasaltshaker on Nov 20, 2010


watched this a couple of weeks ago.. the story line is promising but by the end of the movie it give me an impression that they don't know how to end the movie, so they just simply do whatever to it...

Amika on Nov 22, 2010


Went to this with a friend a bit ago and we both felt this movie was one of the worst we had seen in quite a while. I am the type of person who is usually pretty positive about movies I see, and even if the movie isn't the best, I am able to point to a few things they did right. Prior to seeing this movie, I had a bad feeling about it because the previews were all so vague and the actors didn't seem to get a lot of face time. I tried to steer my friend in the direction of seeing "Unstoppable" instead, and after seeing this film, he agreed that we made a mistake watching it. All the previous negative responses are right on target. The most often compared film to this one is "Independence Day", and there definitely seemed to be a structuring of days within the film that was similar, but outside of that, there is absolutely no parallel between the two films. The only upside about this film was that the special effects were really good, but they ruined that by spending most of the time inside of an apartment, watching the action from afar with a telescope. Some good possibilities for character tension existed early in this film, but they killed that tension off by eliminating key characters quickly. Sure, those deaths were surprising, but it was also completely wrong for the movie. If you absolutely have to see this movie, rent it. If for some strange reason you have the opportunity to see it at a theater on this date, don't. Easily the worst movie of the year, and if it weren't for Knowing, probably the worst movie in the last 5 years.

Karadin on Nov 26, 2010


This story line was and ending of the movie was badddddd. Not cool. I don't care if they wanted to try something different. "It did not work". Great special effects though, and great on the alien's look. I agree with the people that said this movie made Cloverfield look Great. I anticipated that movie, and then I was dissapointed. Not any more though.

Rez EsQuire on Dec 3, 2010


Overdose of lens flare effect!!! (correction!)

Bob on Dec 5, 2010



Rprasheen320 on Aug 30, 2011

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